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house-mate vibes // (k.l imagine)

Anonymous said: Can you do an imagine of you and kians first kiss. Where you and kian are really close friends (maybe roommates idk) and everybody kinda knows you have a thing for each other. Can you make it quite detailed and cute/fluffy but not too much that it’s cringy?

lmk if it’s cringey, I feel like sometimes i write cringy shit unintentionally so lmk

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Fandom:  Star Trek AOS
Pairing: implied Reader x Leonard
Summary:  Reader breaks out a vintage board game during a slow night in med bay.
Word Count: 1604
Tag List: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @stormsnevercometostay @southernbellestatues  @feelmyroarrrr  @lurkch @yourtropegirl @answer-the-sirens  @alwaysinnarnia @mccoymostly @dolamrothianlady  @bkwrm523
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Author’s Note:  Inspired by my own learning to play Operation just the other day.,  Enjoy! 😊 ❤

             You yawn and check your comm out habit for what seems like the hundredth time in the last half an hour, sighing when you see that only five minutes have passed since the last time you checked.  You usually love working in Med Bay, except for days like today, where you haven’t had a patient in hours and there is literally nothing left to do.  Every single surface has been scrubbed until it shines, every bit of equipment has been neatly organized and any remaining filework has been completed. You and Christine Chapel are lying on adjacent biobeds, occasionally talking but mostly just staring at the ceiling, bored out of your ever-loving minds.

              Leonard approaches and stands at the foot of your bio bed, crooking an eyebrow at you and looking vaguely irritated.

              “Is there really nothing you two can be doing right now?” he asks, crossing his arms loosely over his chest.

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He was the kind of man
who saw closed legs and thought,
wishbone. Private damage; some
kind of train wreck, some
kind of blood spatter
pattern I’d study if only
I knew his name. Ten shrinks
couldn’t stop me from burning
down his door. See,
I’ve got a bone to pick
with the skeleton in our
forcibly shared closet. See,
there’s a child-sized coffin—
small enough for one
to carry—and I think
the wrong person’s spine
has been cracking matchstick
underneath its weight
for so many years too long.

© Adira Bennett

nyc baby // (j.c imagine)

Request// can you make a Jc caylen imagine where you guys are in a Long distance relationship he lives in cali and you live in NY and paparazzi and fans took pictures of him with lia & u gets super jealous and he flys all the way to New York to apologize and make it up to you // can you make it supppeerrrrr cute lol add some fluff

(author’s note lol I noticed you used your first name as a part of the request and I hope it’s alright with you but I don’t usually do personal imagines so I made it pretty generic with the classic [Y/n] situation haha, hope it’s alright, gonna start personal imagines at some point but for right now I wanna build my writing up to be a lil better :) )

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47. Heat of the Moment - Asia

And now you find yourself in 82…

Released: April 1982
Song history: Singer John Wetton began writing this song in 1980, when he was part of the band Wishbone Ash. It was credited to Wetton and keyboardist Geoff Downes, and released as the debut single of their debut album Asia. So you could say it was “beginner’s luck,” although knowing the group’s powerhouse lineup, these are hardly “beginners.”
Highest chart position in Canada: #4
Fun fact: In doing the research for this album, I found out that Asia have a fondness for one-word, four-to-five-letter album titles in which the first and final letters are “A”. To wit: Asia, Alpha, Astra, Aqua, Aria, Arena, Aura…it’s themed album naming!
Bonus fun fact: The music video was directed by Godley & Creme. You might recognize those names as the ones behind the Tune of 1985 “Cry,” or as their previous band 10cc.

My take: Full disclosure here: my primary association with this song is with the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin, where the main character goes flying into a billboard while it plays.  

There’s definitely more to it than just that, though. Asia is a supergroup whose members came from several notable prog rock bands, and there are a couple of nice touches that hint at the songwriters’ backgrounds. The verses are in 10/4 time, which adds some tension to the words and allows them to fall against the melody in an interesting way. I always give props to music that does that. (See also Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill,” which wouldn’t be nearly as brilliant and moving if it were in standard 4/4 time.) There’s also a dual guitar/organ breakdown around the midway point, along with some interesting drumming near the end–both of which are skilfully adapted into the typical mainstream rock template.

And that, ultimately, is what this song is: a solid arena rock tune with a catchy chorus. And pretty darned good lyrics, too. They were inspired by the bare first-person honesty of Joni Mitchell’s songwriting, and lead right off the gate with an apology: “I never meant to be so bad to you.” The rest of the song proceeds this way–a frank examination of the narrator’s guilt, then more broadly a couple’s history together and what the future holds for them. Actually, the line “And now you find yourself in 82″ doesn’t refer to the year, but to a concert venue, but I always find it packs an emotional punch. It brings me back to ‘82, and I was -10 years old! All joking aside, the lyrics are very well-written. The music and melody are also unobjectionable, but in a good way, if that makes any sense? I have no complaints. It’s a song that’s pretty nice on the ears.

My main issue with it, actually, is one that was pointed out for me by the group’s drummer, Carl Palmer. “I’m still amazed that the song never actually gathers momentum. It stops and starts and stops and starts, but it really connected with people.” That 10/4 rhythm, while initially unique and compelling, loses steam around the third verse, sounding tired. Even the final attempts to drum some life back into the song fail to give it any vigor. This is a song that leans hard on its chorus to make it good. It’s probably why I don’t ever seek the song out–I think I just get sick of waiting several beats for the next bar to kick in, and when I do get to the chorus, the lifelessness of the verses has drained much of the energy.

My rating: 7/10. A competent rock song whose unusual sense rhythm is at once its best strength and its worst weakness.

You're the Ocean in a Drop. (One Shot)

  I was super excited for spring break I was going to bring my best friend and go visit my boyfriend in LA. I had been planning this for a couple months I would be leaving early in the morning to fly out of North Dakota. We left the dorms at about 4 in the morning to go to the airport, and take a 2 hour flight to land in the the gorgeous city; LA.

  “You’re lucky I love you..” my best friend groaned while setting her bags down for bag check. “oh, shut up. It’s a perfect time to go, its cold as shit here anyway.” I retorted. “Ya, I guess that is true.” she said under her breath. “That’s what I thought.” I said with a sarcastic tone in my voice. After bag check we waited for about 20 minutes to board the plane.

  As soon as we boarded it only took a matter of minutes for my friend to pass out, she laid her head on my shoulder. With her asleep I put my headphones in and slowly drifted to sleep as well.

  When we awoke we were about 10 minutes from landing in LA. The excitement was getting to me, this was going to be the best week and a half, with my bestfriend and boyfriend. 

  I let my friend exit the plane first so that she could feel how hot it would be walking off. We went and got our bags from baggage claim and walked out the front of the airport and there he was standing there. 

 I ran up to him giving him the biggest hug, I hadn’t seen him in about a month and a half. After he let me go from my embrace he stared at me and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. “Hey, Hunter how’s it going?” he said. “Oh ya know, it’s pretty great. Excited to be spending time here on my break.” she responded. He gave her a smile and looked at me. “I missed you so much.” he said to me staring at my eyes. “I missed you more.” I said whispering into his ear. He picked up my bags and Hunter’s and put them in his trunk.

  “Are you excited to see the new house?” he asked me. “Oh ya! I forgot you moved.” I exclaimed. “Ya, how could you forget?” he said poking me in the side. “What are we going to do today?” my friend asked popping her head in between the two front seats. “Well, Kian what is there to do in town?” I asked with a smirk. “Well there is the beach, boardwalk, mall, downtown, amusement park, waterpark.” he rambles on. “Any of those suggestions sound fun?” I ask her. “Yes, we should go to the beach, before the spring break bash.” she says with a smile. “Beach it is than, but hey I think Jc is going to come.” he said looking at Hunter with a sly smile.

  We arrived to the house and the outside was gorgeous, I was super excited to see what the inside was like. “It’s gorgeous.” I said with a small gasp. “Thank you, Ricky was the one who spotted it in the adds.” he stated. “Hunter, I will show you were you can stay.” he says nodding his head towards the hallway.

  I went and laid on the big fluffy rug in the living room. I heard wishbone running towards me, he started to growl so I stood up. “Hey (Y/N), I’ve missed you.” Jc said picking up wishbone. “I know seems like forever that I have seen you guys.” I said. 

  Kian came skipping out of the hallway and came up to me and planted a sweet firm kiss on my lips. “Let me change and than we can head to the beach?” I said. “I will change too.” Kian said showing me to his room so that we could change. He grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs to his room. “Aw, Kian I love it.” I said smiling at him. “I especially like the blown up picture of us on your wall.” I said nudging him with my elbow. “Ya, your mom sent it to me as a house warming gift kind of thing.” he said blushing.

  I went and grabbed my pink floral suit and a cute cover up. Kian switched to his swimming trunks and a tool tank and we walked down stairs together and waited for Hunter and Jc. 

  They finally came and we got into Kian’s car again. We arrived at the beach and it was a little bit busy, but I mean it is a beach. We parked and I grabbed my lifeproof case so I could take pictures in the water. I had Kian and Jc be our photographer for a couple minutes and than I took over and was Hunter and Jc’s photographer and than Hunter took over and was mine and Kians. 

  Eventually we got tired of being in the water and went to go lay in the sand, Hunter and Jc walked off to the beach store to get a snack and drink. Kian leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, “You aren’t just a drop in the ocean, but the whole ocean in a drop.” A big grin grew on my face and I gave him a big kiss and took a picture to remember the moment that Kian single handily was able to steal my heart for the second time.

brie & maclean

starter for @deejaysindie:

“Uh…it’s not as bad as it looks…he just…I mean…he pissed off Wishbone and was running because he was trying to bite his ankles…and yeah, long story short he fell over Leighton’s skateboard and hit his head and like…there was blood everywhere, but I SWEAR IT WASN’T AS BAD AS YOU THINK…we’re at the hospital, so yeah, when you get this…come down…and don’t hurt me.”

Brie stopped Roman’s message and slipped her phone back into her pocket. She remained silent, staring down her fiance as he sat in the hospital bed in front of her. She pursed her red lips and raised an eyebrow. “Why?” she asked plainly, shaking her head. She edged closer to the boy to get a better look at his wound, running a hand through his hair, using her other hand to take his with a sigh. 

“What in the hell were you guys doing?” she said, “I mean, besides pissing off Wishbone, which I mean…you should know by now is an A1 mistake, but…like…I leave the house for what…two hours…to go to Ulta and pick up new stuff to film a haul with Rydel, and this is what happens?”

She let out a longer sigh, “When are you guys going to start being more careful. This time you got yourself into a hospital. I think that’s a sign.”

Strangers- Michael Clifford

tbh idk how i feel about this I hate not ending things happy (spoiler alert?) so feedback would be gr8!

“So you’re really just going to miss the party of the year because you’re afraid of a two second encounter with your ex-boyfriend?” Your friend Haley drew herself up to her full height, about four inches taller than normal in her stiletto heels and placed her hands on her hips, trying to look at intimidating as possible.

“I told you guys to go without me.” You protested.

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Lavender Bones

Jaehwan/Sanghyuk | PG-13 | wc. 9934

Summary: Once upon a time, somewhere in a magical, faraway land, trader Sanghyuk accidentally ends up with a talking skull.

Notes: more magic!AUs. If you’re not comfortable with a brief description of an aged skull, perhaps skip this fic over!

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Dear Mrs. Reagan,

And you are Mrs. Reagan because Mr. Reagan loves you with all his heart. Every time Mr. Reagan sees the evening star or blows out the birthday candles or gets the big end of the wishbone he thinks the same wish—a prayer really—that so much happiness will go on and somehow be deserved by him.

It is true sometimes that Mr. Reagan loses his temper and slams a door but that’s because he can’t cry or stamp his foot—(he isn’t really the type.) But mad or glad Mr. Reagan is head over heels in love with Mrs. Reagan and can’t even imagine a world without her—

He loves her.

Mr. Reagan

—  Ronald Reagan, a letter to Nancy Reagan

The smell of popcorn, corn dogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy filled the air as you walked hand in hand with Jc. You messed with the necklace Jc had gotten you for your birthday a few months ago, and watched how you walked in sync with yours and Jc vans. As you looked up to Jc, he was already looking down at you.
 "Whatcha doing babe?“ He said looking around the food stands.
 "Watching our shoes be in sync. Our vans.” Jc peered down at his dirty vans, then at your black glittery leopard print.
 "Ahh. I see.“ The smell of the food mixed, made your stomach growl.
 "COTTON CANDY!” A man yelled waving the sticks for the cotton candy around.
 "GET YOUR FREE COTTON CANDY.“ At the same time, you and Jc looked at each other, and both knew exactly what you were thinking. You both ran torwards the machine. The man nicely handed you both a stick, and started up the machine. Jc wrapped his stick around the big bowl.
 "It looks like webs.” You said tapping your stick on the side.
 "It does doesn’t it? But, that means it’s good webs.“ Jc was so cheesy, but that’s one thing you loved about him. Finally, Jc was done and it was your turn. Jc stood behind you as you started to twirl your wand. He shook your hand, messing you up.
 "Jc. quit.” You barked.
 "You get angry when it comes to your food. You’re like Wishbone.“ He laughed at you. You finally finished and you took an instagram picture of it. You pulled a piece off and popped it in your mouth, feeling it melt.
 "Mm.” You said looking at Jc who had done the same. You pulled another piece off and Jc opened his mouth. You threw it in.  With each others hand, and your cotton candy in the other, you felt like little kids again, and you roamed the place as if it was your palace.
 "Ferris Wheel?“ Jc pointed torwards the wheel that was infront of a beautiful sunset.
 "Of course!” You both took off to the ride, and couldn’t wait to snuggle on it, and look at the sunset as you rode in a circle.


Emma Watson on auditioning for her role in Harry Potter:

“I loved the Harry Potter books—I was a massive fan. I just felt like that part belonged to me. I know that sounds crazy, but from that first audition, I always knew. 

"At the beginning, they were casting the other characters as well—but I always knew I was going out for Hermione. She came so naturally to me. Maybe so much of myself at the time was similar to her. 

"Of course, all this terrified my parents—there were literally thousands and thousands of girls going out for the audition, and my parents were anxious about what I would do if I didn’t get it. They were trying to make me stay realistic—but I wasn’t having any of it. I was going to get that part. 

"This is a sweet thing: My dad did a roast on a Sunday, and he gave me the wishbone, and I obviously made the wish that I would get this role. I still have that wishbone upstairs in my jewelry box.”

Jc Caylen imagine! For @caylenfreedom (Chachi)

You and your long time boyfriend, Jc, were sitting at the o2l house. You were visiting him while your parents were on a business trip. It had been a while since he had gotten back from tour. So while your parents were gone is when you planned the trip to California to visit him.

Although, your parents have never met him before because your parents are always embarrassing you where ever and when ever the feel like it. You haven’t even told them about JC so while your home alone one night, you called him up and told him to clean up his place because you were coming over that weekend.
It’s almost too hard to keep the house clean because he lives with Kian, Connor and Ricky. They’re such slobs. But when you got to his place it was a total pig sty. Dirty plates, cups everywhere, and rugs thrown against the wall.

“Jc!” You screamed. Wishbone came and met you at the doorway. Jc was probably sleeping. “Hi Wishbone. Where’s Jc? Where is he?” You said playfully. He ran towards the stairs and barked. Kian came out of his room, “Wishbone shut the hell up!” He screamed as he walked toward the staircase. He saw you and screamed. You just giggle, shook your head and smirked.

“Chachi, I didn’t know you were coming this weekend!” He shouted. “Oh my god, kian you are such a goof.” You said in return.“I know.” He said with a cheeky smile. “So, where’s Jc?” You asked. “He’s making a video in his room.” He said. You rolled your eyes, took your bags upstairs and walked through Jc’s door.

“And here is my beautiful girlfriend, Chachi.” He cheekily smiled at the camera. He waved you over to sit next to him. “Isn’t she beautiful? I think she beautiful.” He soon finished his video and gave you a hug. “Hi sweetie, how are you?” He asked and kissed your cheek. “Well, I was hoping for the house to be clean but that didn’t happen.” You said. He giggled and smirked at you. In return you stuck your tung out at him, he smile and you rolled your eyes. “You’re such a goof Jc.” You told him. “I know, but not as goofy as Kian!” He said enthusiasticly. “But I’m yours”