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There has been a lot of pet!Loki, but how about: contender Loki, who lost his memories after the Void. He is found on Sakaar, is put in the arena and quickly becomes the champion. He has the showmanship, the skills, the looks: he is a star. The GM hasn't been so interested in one contender in quite some time, and quickly starts showing his champion some favors. Sakaar ships it, ships it HARD, and if anyone (aka some thunder lord) tries to get in the way of the OTP, there will be hell to pay.

You had me at “Sakaar ships it.” 

it’s a love story, baby

Silar rushed to take his seat. He waved at those he knew, but didn’t stop until he plonked down upon the cushioned surface.

“Thought you were going to be late,” his friend, Brao, greeted him.

“Not tonight. Not when our champion is fighting.” So what if he had to hurry a few lingering customers out the door of his shop. Arriving to the games on time when the champion was making an appearance was more than worth earning their displeasure.

Brao already had his sign imprinted with the champion’s likeness held aloft and waving. Silar was quick to hoist his own sign in the air.

They were not alone.

Sakaar’s arena held an air of anticipation as throngs of people jammed into the stands. Yelling and laughing and cheering, many holding up signs and dolls and other trinkets paying homage to their favourites. Most were for Sakaar’s reigning champion.

These were exciting times for Sakaar. Their champion was a wonder. A rather unimpressive, unassuming specimen at first glance. Silar was present when the champion first made his appearance. He was always quick to tell people so, not that they believed him.

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While it would be nice to see Dark tomorrow, I don’t think he will show up.

There’s the possibility that Mark MAY upload something tomorrow, but it is a holiday, so. I doubt he’ll even stream tonight or tomorrow. Maybe, who knows! I’m not him lol

I honestly think that he’s pulling a slow progression kinda thing that MAY fit my hhhnghhh winter horror aesthetic lol, maybe having the conclusion of the slow build end next month, or possibly on Christmas/Christmas Eve? With what he’s done so far, the build doesn’t seem tense enough, you know?

I could be wrong, but hey. Best not to get your hopes up for either scenario. Just try to be excited for what may come! and uhhh rip mark.

Also for those of you celebrating, hope it goes well! ya quiet socializing bastards lol <3


Nico Jr: Okay. Fine. I’ll see you later on tonight.

Maxine: So you’re going to apologize?

Nico Jr snaps: No. What do I look like? But we’re not going to stop being friends or hanging out. I like spending time with you, Max. And I plan on doing so for the time I’m here. So let’s stop with this little show of power, because we both know I’m going to be in your room tonight, on top of you,  kissing you until you can’t breathe.

Maxine gets up, frustrated. He was right. She didn’t think she had the will power to really stop being with him. 

Maxine softly: I had to let you know how I felt. It hurt my feelings, seeing how cruel you can be. Throwing it in my Mom’s face that she works for you. I’m gonna go now. I don’t want to talk anymore. And I have a phone call to make.

She’s about to leave the room when she hears him sigh.

Nico Jr: Stop, Max. Stay here with me.

Maxine: I can’t right now. I’ll see you later.

Nico Jr softly:  I’ll apologize.

Maxine: What? 

Nico Jr: Did I stutter? I said I’ll apologize. To Teresa. But not for her. For you.

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80. "Do you have your seatbelt on?"

80. “Do you have your seatbelt on?”

Dan was sitting silently, staring out the window of the tour van, and Phil climbed in excitedly. “I can’t wait for tonight’s show,” he said. “People are really loving TATINOF, Dan, isn’t that amazing?”


Phil frowned slightly. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I mean… not nothing, just… I’m not in the mood to talk. Is that okay?”

“Yeah,” said Phil after a moment of hesitation. “Yeah, of course.”

There was some time before they left, in which Phil was drinking tea out of a thermos, and Dan was still sitting silently, listening to music and staring at his hands. The silence was uncomfortable, and Phil eventually just reached over and pulled one of the earbuds in Dan’s ears out. Dan frowned, looking over, but relaxed slightly when Phil put the earbud in his own ear. “Going back to the classics?” he asked, as ‘Time is Running Out’ played in his ear. Dan smiled slightly, nodding, and looking back at his hands.

“Do you think-” he blurted suddenly, then paused. “D-Do you think- do you think this tour is even- like- is it even worth anything?”

Phil cocked his head to the side. “What do you mean, bear?”

“I- I mean- like, consider that- y’know, people like this tour and everything, and the book exists, whatever, but- but what about… I dunno.”

“Did someone say something?”

“No. I mean… I was reading comments on the internet the other day, they were discussing… they were saying it was just a ploy to get money, and I kinda thought, y’know, it kind of is-”

“Dan, this is all our hard work from the past, what, seven years? They’re all proud of us. I’m proud of us.”

He just shrugged slightly. “I just… I feel like what we’re doing doesn’t matter, sometimes. Like everything is just a ploy to make us feel like what we do is meaningful, but really, we just talk at cameras.”


“I just don’t know if what I do is even worth shit, Phil. I’m a fucking mess.”

Phil took Dan’s hand on his lap. “Have you had your medicine today?”

“I haven’t had it for a couple of weeks,” he muttered. “With all the rushing around, I just… I couldn’t.”

“Did you think you were getting better?”

“I guess.”

Phil kissed his temple gently, and squeezed his hand. “It’s okay to not be feeling great, Dan. Do you have your seatbelt on?”

“Not yet.”

“Put it on, I don’t want you getting hurt.”


“Everything you do means something to someone. Even if it’s not someone out there… it means something to me. Please, listen to me, okay? Our work, all our hard work, it went into this thing, and I can promise you, it’s helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world.”

Dan smiled slightly, and kissed Phil’s nose. “Love you.”

“Love you more.”

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Time’s Tickin’ Darlin’

RATING: SMUTTY (not really smutty more really descriptive make outs then smut)

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Idk if you saw daveed on the late show tonight but he described his experince as a ki. (4 years old) going to see Godzilla for the first time and I literally almost cried because it was so cute. Literally imagining him standing up in a seat at the movie theater holding a sword and shouting "My mom told me if I get scared I can leave" in front of everyone is too fucking adorable i love him.


come back, be here || (AO3)

He’s tired of the constant invasion of their privacy, of seeing scathing rumours about the man he loves, and about himself, circulate until almost everyone thinks they’re true; he’s tired of Enjolras never being home, always being in London or New York for a show or an interview or a shoot.

He calls, when he can, and they facetime when schedules and timezones allow it. That doesn’t make the apartment any less empty, though, or the bed any less cold.

( another pop star/backup dancer au fic, this time with added angst! )

Michael After Midnight: Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Michael’s Note: Tonight’s review is not brought to you by me. Tonight’s review is done by my friend @unadulteratedpiratepizza. I can’t watch everything after all, so it’s nice to get some help when I need something reviewed I’m unfamiliar with. Let’s not have me hold this up any longer; dive right in to this review and see things done a little different for a change.

When Michael said he was doing a “Disnovember” review block, I felt like maybe I could help out with a review or two. The only problem, he’s already covering most of the big Disney stuff worth going over, so, I had to sit and think “What could I do?”

Then, It hit me, since I’m a huge Power Rangers fan, maybe I could review some of the Disney Era Power Rangers! Before the conclusion of Power Rangers Wild Force, Saban Company was in some financial trouble, so they sold off a number of their properties and assets to other companies, this included Power Ranger, which was sold along with the Fox Kids Franchise block to Disney. Disney had planned to cancel the show after the conclusion of Wild Force, but when they learned that they could slash down the production costs by moving everything to New Zealand, they decided to keep it up and running.

Disney’s First foray into rainbow coded spandex karate men was Power Rangers Ninja Storm, an adaptation of the Super Sentai series “Ninpū Sentai Hurricaneger”. This series follows a skateboarder named Shane, a surfer named Tori, and a dirt biker named Dustin, three friends who happen to be training at a super secret Ninja school (because why not), when they end up as the only survivors after an evil Ninja lord from space destroys their school and all of the students, and turns their Sensi into a guinea pig. They must come together and become the Wind Ninja Power Rangers, and master their new powers, along with giant robots built by the Sensi’s son, to defeat space monsters and save their Ninja school. Will they be able to save the day and Power Ranger series? Or will this be a dark omen for the future?

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I wish...

Mulder and Scully were coming round for dinner on  my deck tonight. I’ve made enough bolognese to serve them and the Gunmen and Skinner and even Krycek if he showed his pretty face. The wine is chilling in the fridge, the parmesan is ready to be grated, the garlic bread would be perfectly golden. 

The breeze would take the heat out of the day, the aroma of the roses would be all around us. We could talk about cryptids and life out there while watching the alpacas in the paddocks and the kookaburra would laugh at Mulder as he tells stories about drop bears and bunyips. 

Scully would roll her eyes at me and we’d exchange knowing looks as we pour each other more wine; Skinner would keep pushing his glasses up his nose because the heat - from the evening sun and from Mulder’s stories - would prickle at his skin,;The Gunmen would show me their Australian edition and point out the number of strange light phenomenon in Victoria and Krycek would be lounging on a chair with his feet on the table sighing and laughing to himself. My dogs would sit at Mulder’s feet, enthralled by his voice and begging for pats.

They’d be great dinner guests. I’d have so much fun. When will this happen?

🎶 Guess who got an art commission??? 🎶

My mum has apparently been showing my Inktober stuff to everyone she knows, and one of her colleagues has commissioned me to draw the JL line-up from the movie for him. They have horribly complicated costumes and there’s six of them, which is four more people than I’ve ever drawn in the one image, but go big or go home I guess!

This is all very exciting.


Once he stepped inside the apartment,Kivan was greeted by his dog,Woofers.

Kivan: Hey Woofy,hey boy. Did you miss me?

Woofers wagged his tail,licking Kivan’s hands and face. Kivan looked over at the couch and saw his father,Skyler,sitting there watching a show…

Kivan: Where’s mom at?

Skyler: Work.

Kivan: Thought she was getting home at 5:30 tonight?

Skyler: Picked up another shift. She’ll be home late.

Kivan bit the inside of his cheek to keep himself from saying what he was thinking.

The funniest thing to me is that moment in a show when a character has just died in some tragic way, and it’s just like the saddest thing ever and everyone is bawling

Then you go backstage and they’re just sitting there scrolling through their phone because now they have nothing to do for the rest of Act 2