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Preferences- Insecurity

Preference for how they make a very very insecure reader feel beautiful,with: Sam,Castiel,Dean,Gabriel,Lucifer,Balthazar,Garth,Charlie and Crowley,please! 💕

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Sam would leave you little note cards to find. Each one would say something sweet, or have a funny memory. He would put how your smile was the most beautiful one he’d ever seen, how your eyes sparkled when fire light hit them just right, and so much more. You’d be finding them for days, each one making you smile.

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Why do you think Avery is guilty?

Well, he specifically asked for Teresa to come to his house but did so pretending to be his sister and the reason he did this was because Teresa was scared of him. He opened the door to her naked previously and had creeped her out so much that she said she would never return. The documentary didn’t acknowledge that he kept calling her on the day of her murder but withheld his number each time. However, after she was killed, he rang her again but didn’t withhold his number, and it’s assumed because he knew she wouldn’t be answering, regardless of who was on the end of the line. 

A number of her belongings were found burnt in his barrel and two witnesses at his trial testified seeing him putting things into the barrel. A number of barrels containing human remains were also discovered on his property. Ballistic evidence showed that the bullet containing Teresa’s DNA was fired from Avery’s rifle. Had the bullet been planted, how did it get her DNA on it and how could it have been shot from his gun when it was confiscated at the beginning of the investigation? 

The documentary makers knew what would sell and ran with it regardless of how bias and one-sided it was. Virtually no evidence against him was put forward in the documentary even though there was a profusion.

The show is finally back, I’ve hated this stupid hiatus. Whoever came up with that, needs to be fired. #SayNoToHiatus

Oh well, happy The 100 is back and happy Bellarke reunion day! As internet folks say, it’s gonna be lit! (Also, Bellamy and Clarke need to bang before I lose it. Okay. And we all need to vote for Bob in the final round in a few days and make sure he wins. Show our love and support).

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OK I dunno if this has been asked, but headcanons for Link wanting a pet and bring home an orphaned dragon hatchling. I would think he would train it like a dog and it would have a goron built "dog house" over a hearth to keep it toasty. What would Zelda's reaction be?

There’s another one like this, but this one is more in depth, so it’ll be the one I answer.

-He doesn’t even question why it’s there, it looks cold so he just picks it up and runs to his house. It looks cold, so he sets it by the fire and bundles it in blankets

-He wakes up the next day with something warm and heavy on his chest, and he looks and the dragon is curled up there, blanket still kinda wrapped around it, asleep

-He just rolls over, arms wrapped around it, and it snuggles into him

-He brings it to Daruk and asks for a place to be built in his house where it can sleep. Daruk doesn’t question it much, and quickly gets it built. While it’s built over the fireplace, more often than not Link wakes up with a warmth on his chest or against his side or draped over him

-As it gets bigger, it starts flying, rather than walking on its four little legs. Then one day, Link’s watching it and suddenly there’s water shooting from its mouth. The mouth snaps shut and it rushes back to him, wrapping around him, eyes wide. He just chuckles and pets it

-When Zelda first sees it, he’s at the castle, and then the alarm goes off. A couple second later, of Link being extremely on guard, a red and black head peers into the room. Zelda freezes, and Link just sighs and walks over. He rests a hand on its snout, and tells it to go home. It looks at him for a minute before noticing Zelda and pushing into the room more, ignoring Link’s protests. Its head stops in front of her, and she nearly screams. Then it lays down and rolls over, back legs still holding onto the outside wall, and looks at her expectantly. She just stares

-When the guards rush in, they find Link hugging the head of a dragon that’s coiled up on the floor, seeming amused, Zelda quickly looking through a book. Link waves them out of the room as the dragon rolls over in his arms, scratching under its chin

-Zelda insists on coming back home with him, and watches as the people in Hateno just wave, not seeming disturbed by the dragon. The dragon, Link calls him Rusty, curls up in the pond, and when Zelda touches the water, it’s pleasantly warm. Then she gets a stream of warm water spit in her face, and Link starts laughing as Zelda slowly lifts her head to look at Rusty, who already has another mouthful of water. She splashes him and ducks as he spits. They play fight for a good twenty minutes

-She ends up helping him take care of him, until he goes and takes up residence on the mountain. Link sometimes hikes up to see him, and there’s a legend in Hateno, of a dragon that watches over the town. Link claims he doesn’t know how he started, but Zelda knows better. She can’t blame him for wanting Rusty to be safe


it starts with an earthquake, pt 3

The world ends on a Thursday, comes crashing down in smoke and fire and ruin. And then it keeps going, and Vox Machina figures out how to make do in the aftermath. [ a post-apocalyptic au for cr ladies week ]

day three: keyleth [previously: pike, vex]


Dad always said they were going to ruin the world one of these days, but Keyleth’s pretty sure this isn’t what he meant. More pollution and corporate greed, fewer unholy creatures of nightmare and shadow.

(The earthquakes and floods were probably about what he was imagining, at least. There’s a sick sense of vindication about that, that the hippies and environmentalists were right, sort of.)

Sometimes Keyleth wonders how Ashari Inc. fared, if everyone survived. If anyone survived.

On the good days, she’s sure they must have.

There aren’t too many good days, after the end of the world.

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Hcs for Sam and Dean fighting over who gets to light the bodies on fire when they were hunting with their dad as kids

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“DEAN!” Sam yelled, making a face at his older brother. “It’s my turn!” He half whined.

Dean shook his head, holding the matches out of Sam’s hand. “Nope.” He smirked. “You’re too short, and babies shouldn’t play with fire.” He teased.

Sam glared at him. “I’ll be tall one day!” He snapped. “And I’m not a baby!” He yelled right before both boys took off running. Sam was chasing Dean around, not gaining too much ground, but not falling back, either.

Walking out, John got Dean around the waist with one arm, and Sam with the other moments later. “I leave you out here for 2 minutes, and you’re already fighting.” He chuckled, letting them go. “Let me guess, you’re fighting over who gets to light the pyre.” Both boys glanced at each other, earning a sigh from John. “Why don’t you both do it? There are two sides.” He pointed out.

Dean shrugged, looking at Sam. “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Fire: it’s fun to stay at the- YYYYYYYY-M-C-AAA. 

Papa: nonononono noNONONONONO!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING. 

Fire: what?? 

Papa: stop that!! 

Fire: ….we gonn’ be praisin’ some SAAAAATAN- TO-DAY. 

Papa: NO. 

Fire: Oi, just lemme have some fun yeah? 

Papa: but that’s not our song! COPYRIGHT!!! 

Fire: that’s why I changed the lyrics. like this- 

Papa: *near tears* PLEASE STOP. 






Papa: *headesk*

Spring Sunrise

In the early rays of the wakening sun Zanarian bit down into another one of his prized fruit. Watching the orb crest the horizon from atop the Legion Ship brought little comfort to the Overseer. As the blue skin gave way and the jolt of mana coursed through him again, he couldn’t help but feel the goosebumps, frozen jolts, and burning fire that surged through his veins. This morning more than any other he was hungry, it felt like he hadn’t eaten in months, even with Mara’s help he still felt unsettled.

Winter had passed, Spring had arrived, he was awake and back to the place called home. Zanarian reveled in being free from the wardens, he had spent every free moment indulging in anything possible. The chill of just a few nights ago still clung to his bones, a pleasant reminder of his dance partner. The ache of the day before caving away at his insides, he could still feel his pulse in his throat. A talk with the Dread Commander, and her Brother, Another with the Spectre and Felclaw. The last few weeks had seen a great amount of change and upheaval in his world.

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Bossy Boots

Madara & Tobirama
Words: 2,617
A/N: The Kid!Tobirama fic that no one asked for. Here it is anyway! Possible sequel in the works. Betaed by the shameless enabler, @redhothollyberries. Set in IzunaIsAlive!AU because no Izuna = no me.


Days-off are a scarce, sacred thing. Everyone knows better than to disrupt Madara’s routine of sleep, eat, train and read when it’s his day off, on the threat of having their head bitten off. Like most things in life, however, Hashirama is the exception.

Or Hashirama just doesn’t care. Most likely both. Senjus seem to be immune to his scare tactics.

Hashirama knocks on his door, an hour earlier than Madara had planned to wake up. Irate, Madara opens the door ready to breathe fire - only to halt and blink his bleariness away.

Madara stares at Hashirama. Then he stares harder at the child in his arms. A very familiar-looking child with white spiky hair, red streaks down his cheeks and chin and the most fearsome glower to be ever paired with such chubby cheeks.  

“What is that?” Madara blurts out.

Lord, the way the child is glaring at him makes him feel as skewered and spit roasted as a hunted boar. It’s ridiculous. This teeny tiny child shouldn’t be able to exude so much malicious intent.

Hashirama sighs. “Don’t be mean, Madara. This is Tobi. There was an accident when Tobi was field testing his jutsu.” Hashirama pauses. “Again.”

Whether Hashirama realised his wording or not, Madara snickers. “Isn’t he too old to be having accidents around the place?”

Tobirama sneers, all squeaky and squinty and evil. “You’re an accident.”

Madara gapes. “Excuse you?”

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The morning she had snuck into Raos’ tent calmed her heart enough to take her work seriously. He was going to be mad at her no matter what, but knowing that if she really needed him, if she came to him while he was sleeping because she needed to be held, he would be there and that put her anxiety to rest. 

Still, the days weren’t at all that better, concerning their relations. He was going to be stubborn about it, giving her the cold shoulder all because she refused to tell him the secret Y’nala had entrusted her with. There wasn’t anything Portia could do about it, not only did she understand why it would be difficult to tell him, but she didn’t want to cross the shamaness. She scared her.

Having Luna trail her put her on edge throughout the day. She couldn’t help but catch every single dirty glance, and it set off a fire in her that was difficult beyond all reason to control. Seeing her daughter be looked at as if she were a snake that had wandered its way into the village made her want to lash out, but both of them were under the care of the tribe for the time being. So Portia bit her tongue and turned Luna away so that she wouldn’t see. Not that the young girl noticed at all. She was completely oblivious to dirty looks, and didn’t even understand what bullying was, let alone that she could be the reason for instilling hatred and distrust.

To her relief, Y’nala agreed to look after Luna at times during the day. Portia knew that at least she would be safe from glances when following her around. No one would dare touch Luna while she was under the care of the elder. And Luna seemed to really enjoy it too. She would tell Portia at the end of the day all the little things the elder asked her to do, and how she was able to help. Meanwhile, Portia spent much of her days helping with the manual labor around the village. Much of it still had to be put together, while they had a few solid buildings, things still looked as if they were temporary. Many of the younger children were learning new skills, and there weren’t enough people around to both gather food and supplies as well as cook and look over babies and craft necissary tools.

Portia offered to help with most of the cooking, since that was what she knew most about, and it was quite the feat to make so much food for the whole village. At least there was enough to go around, she thought. Plenty of fish and water, unlike what Y’raos had told her life was like back in the Sagolii. Seeing everyone eating, especially the children, and watching them get full gave her extreme satisfaction.

There wasn’t enough time in the day left for studying. So, she didn’t do it during the day. Portia made time by taking to her books in the evening, while Luna slept.

She fought exaustion, sleeping only a handfull of hours in the night, curled up on some pillows by the fire, never quite making it to the temporary bed. It began to show in her appearance. The lack of sleep took a toll on the woman’s usually perfected look. No make-up, hair barely brushed in the morning before being tied up, dark circles under her eyes. She Portia very nearly cut one of her fingers while dicing vegetables, and the more it went on the less she noticed Y’raos. The less she was able to hide the harm she was doing to herself. Days began to blur together, and even in her exhaustion sleep was too much for her worried mind.

A life was at stake. His sister’s.

eruri untitled au

Levi doesn’t care about his targets. If they are not just as bad as his clients, they are worse. Drug lords, corrupt politicians, amoral businessmen… he has his pick of the worst of the humanity. He only has two rules, not involving children and not killing lovers or ex-lovers, he doesn’t really care about bed business of people.

This new mission is kinda unusual. The target this time is not one of the typical kind of criminal he is used targeting. The guy is a plain office worker, an accountant. The assignment is to find some important files the guy stole from the office before being fired. Important enough to be killed for it.

Levi spends days checking the target movements. The guy has a sad life, and that’s saying something if even Levi thinks that. He doesn’t have any visits, not a trace of a partner or lover, not friends, not a pet. He only goes out to buy some groceries every once in a while and even then his trips to the shops are short and fast.

It’s quite usual that when someone is selling trade secrets the first sign of something going fishy is when people is spending way more money than they earn. A low level employee who suddenly wears a pricey watch, a middle manager with a Jaguar car… But this guy isn’t even profitting from his theft, living in a flat in a part of the city that while not bad, is far from being good.

In the end it doesn’t matter to Levi. His curiosity is piqued, but his work is to go there, kill the guy and recover the documents. It’s not his problem if instead flying away to the Maldives the guy decided to remain in his sad, empty apartment.

A couple of days more of observation don’t bring anything new. Sleep. Eat. Work. Home. Eat. Sleep. And repeat. Killing someone like that is almost a waste of talent, but work is work.

Levi picks a night like any other, a week after he picks the job. It’s easy, there are no alarms, not even a doorman at the building. When someone does something that brings a contract killer to their doorstep, they usually sorround them with protection: bodyguards, dogs, state of art alarms, and so on.

A quick shot is the fastest way to kill someone in this situation. Quick and swift. It’s almost a pity the target is asleep, because there is a seed of curiosity in Levi. Why? Why has this lonely sad man stolen something that put him in a hit list? Why he is still living like an average person?

“You have been sent to kill me” a voice startles Levi. It’s not really a question, so he doesn’t offer an answer.

The man is still on the bed, his eyes are open but he isn’t moving, just waiting for Levi to finish his job.

“Why?” talking to a target when it is not needed is stupid but curiosity is pushing him to ask.

“I stole some documentation” the blond man is calm, talking as if a gun wasn’t pointed at his head.

“No shit” growls Levi “Why are you still living in a shitty flat like a hermit when selling that information would pay enough to live in a tropical island like a rich fuck”

“You don’t know what is in those papers” another affirmation.

“Obviously something big enough to be killed for it” he snorts.

It’s not strange, when faced with the prospect of dying that the victim tries to fight. Some others beg or try to pay Levi to call the hit off. But this man, his victim today, is just there on his bed with a calm face. As if expecting this development.

“What is your name?”

“Levi” what does it matter if the man is going to be dead soon?

“Levi, do you know about Rentech Pharma. About their clinical trials for a new antibiotic?”

“I don’t ask more questions than I need to finish a job”

“This drug just entered into the Phase I, the first trial using people. The tests have been done on children, orphans, from 3rd world countries. Already 15 children and 10 adults died. They didn’t even know they were part of a drug trial and it’s still ongoing”

“And what can you do about it? You are just a man about to be dead” Levi is unnerved.

“Everything is set in motion, even if I die the information will reach the goverment, several newspapers and some TV stations”

Levi never paid much attention to the value of good and bad, but there is something interesting in this man, on how he is willing to go to such extreme with nothing to gain beyond doing what he thinks is right.


The hit is already taking too long. Erwin should have been death ten minutes ago and Levi doesn’t have a reason to stall. Kill the target quick and clean.



“Help me fight against Rentech”

“Are you crazy?” Levi can’t believe what he is hearing.

“Everything is set in motion, but that’s not the end of it. There is a possibility that there will be a cover up.“

This man is crazy. And Levi should shot him in the head.

“Levi, you can do something to change the world for good”


“Shit” Levi places his gun back in the holder on his side “You fucker. You better pack fast and pack light”

Levi sits on a nearby chair. In less than an hour his life has been rearanged by this deranged man who thinks he can win against one of the biggest corporations in the world.

And he accepted to offer his help.

Crazy. He smiles.

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Hey, Brazil, darling. Please, talk about "Guerra das toninhas". :)

Br: People say that this story ran all over Europe until the Germans heard it. AND THEY GOT SO SCARED WITH WHAT THE BRAZILIANS DID WITH THE PORPOISES THAT THEY DIDN’T WANT TO FACE THEM!

Guerra das Toninhas (War of the Porpoises):

In the First World War the Brazilian ships went to the Strait of Gibraltar to fight the submarines. However, the ships had no sonar or anything. It was a man who was watching. One day, this man identified what he thought was a submarine. Judging it to be a German attack, the sailors opened fire in the water, blindly, to try to defend themselves from the “supposed submarine.” However, it only was a school of porpoises (an animal similar to the dolphin).

If you want to red more about it click HERE ( I only found it in Portuguese, but you can use the translator ^^)

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch 

My Rating: 3.8

Goodreads Rating: 3.92

Pages: 390

Published:  2011 by Gollanz

Goodreads Summary: 

Meet DC Peter Grant. He will show you his city. But it’s not the capital that you see as you make your way from tube to bus, from Elephant to Castle. It’s a city that under its dark surface is packed full of crime. And of magic. A city that you never suspected…

Gran’t story starts when he tries to take a witness statement from a man who was already dead. And take him down a twisting, turning centuries’ old mystery that reckons to set London on fire…

My Review: 

Constable Peter Grant is still on probation and about to be assigned a post where his days will be filled with paper. It is only by happenstance, that he stumbles on a murder scene and an eyewitness who happens to be a ghost. This unusual situation brings results in his being assigned to assist Det. CI Thomas Nightingale, head of—in fact, the only member of—a unit which investigates the unusual.

I have never read anything else like this. I am actually a bit shocked about how unique it is :D With having said that, I probably won’t read the other books in the series, I can’t see myself reading more cases by them because I have the feeling I might get bored. This does in no way mean that I didn’t enjoy this book, on the contrary. The world-building is just amazing and I liked how I got introduced to it by someone who’s also new to this (it’s told in the first person by Peter Grant). Also, if you love action, there’s plenty of it. However, the plot sometimes slowed down a bit, which is one of the reasons why I don’t want to read the other books. The other reason is that I just don’t really want to know more about this world.

I could identify with the main character Peter a lot though. He kinda stumbles through life and doesn’t take himself very seriously, which I loved. I also loved the writing in this. The narrative voice of Peter Grant, the young London police constable, is wonderful - rich, realistic, funny, with some slang thrown into it. The story is very modern with an old touch to it and while it seems chaotically at first, it all comes together nicely at the end. Additionally, this is one of those fantasy books that feels very realistic, which is a nice fresh change to what fantasy books I normally tend to read. Overall, the book is very fun, amusing,  and full of adventure. If you like realistic fantasy, British cops, magic and a huge mystery, then Rivers of London is a “must read” for you.

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Hey bby 💕 congrats on that sweet sweet 500 👌 I mean you know me pretty well. Who would you ship me with? I'm kind of interested in a next gen, and voyager ship. Mostly because I haven't watched much of either, but I'm slowly watching Voyager. But uh... If you wanna throw in Enterprise you know I'm not gonna complain, but you don't have to 💕

For Voyager, I ship you with Tom Paris

Tom needs somebody who will keep him on the straight and narrow. Someone who matches his fire and energy. And someone who understands what it’s like to be the outsider. And that’s definitely you. I can see you both being pretty much best friends before it hits Tom one day that wow, he’s kinda in love with you?? Dumb, stupid dates on the holodeck that are a lot of fun and leave room for you two just just laugh and enjoy each others company.

For Enterprise, I ship you with Trip Tucker

You guys would definitely be two peas in a pod. Always together. Always having each others backs. Sometimes, it’s like you two are best friends, rather than a couple. It’s so EASY for Trip to notice when you’re in a low mood. And he can make you laugh. Bring you into that perfect hug and say everything will be okay because he knows you so well and he knows what just to say. Yeah, you both are stubborn and that can cause friction. But at the end of the day, you’re still best friends.

AU in which the Dingles are a family of florists instead of mechanics and Robert ends up in their shop one day. He needs an arrangement that can convey the idea of “I’m sorry I cheated on you and destroyed our marriage, but if your dad fires me I’m suing for wrongful termination.” It’s a very involved message, but Aaron is skilled.

Except Robert keeps coming back, at least once a week, always needing something weird and expensive and Aaron is like, impressed by just how much Robert manages to fuck up on a daily basis. It’s inspirational.

In the meantime, only the first two arrangements were real and now everyone in Robert’s life has received bouquets. Vic has received three. Diane is using them to decorate the B&B. In one unforgettable occasion Adam has received one because Robert is bad at panic decisions.


When I was 16 I swallowed 3 bottles of extra strength pills in my school bathroom because I simply didn’t want to live anymore and I was tired, just so very tired. I couldn’t walk down the halls without being stared at and talked about because the school football team posted things about me online and eventually the rest of the bystanders joined in the harassment. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about, I’m here to talk about how the aftermath of your suicide will affect others in a way that you would never understand. Because you thought no one cared, but they did. So, here’s my story.
 I will never forget the look on my parents faces when they had to sit back and watch their little girl almost die from uncontrollable seizures. They had tear stained eyes and puffy cheeks. But what fucks me up the most was seeing my dad cry. I’ve only ever seen my dad cry twice. The first time was at his mothers funeral, and the second time was when I tried to end my life.
One of the responding fire fighters was a coach from one of my sport teams. And for a fearless man who ran into burning homes as a job, he couldn’t move from the corner of the room because the successful athlete he watched grow up was dying in front of his eyes.
My 2 best friends experienced the hardest part. They were the ones who found my limp unconscious body slouched up against the bathroom stall. They were the ones who had to be physically torn from my side because they didn’t want to let go of my hand. And to this day, they still have nightmares about that morning like it was yesterday.
A girl from my school who had also tried to take her own life earlier in the year showed up at hospital bed and gave me the biggest hug. She cried as she tried to explain how great life is, that image is still stuck in my head.

You see, it’s not about how many people will give a shit if you die. It’s about the ones who would, and how bad it would fuck them up for the rest of their lives. People care, and they always will. Suicide isn’t the cure to sadness. 

i didn’t know where to go with this comic (i had a whole draft drawn but it didn’t feel right to me), so i’m just gonna post my fave part ok. *dies*


South Dakota transgender woman denied entrance to soup kitchen for wearing a dress

  • On Saturday morning, Isabella Red Cloud, a transgender woman, drove with a friend to Union Gospel Mission in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, hoping to get some breakfast. 
  • She says was refused service because she was wearing a dress. She fired up Facebook Live and recorded her being kicked off the premises.
  • The video, viewed over 13,000 times, shows an unnamed employee escorting Red Cloud out the building’s entrance. 
  • When she asks the employee on camera if she’s being asked to leave because of her dress, he seems to answer affirmatively. 
  • The employee repeatedly tells Red Cloud she’s “trespassing.”
  • Red Cloud told KDLT, “I cried, I contemplated suicide, I felt sad, I felt weak.” However, she returned the next day to attend church service. 
  • Red Cloud was once again told she could not be on the church’s property. A friend documented the second incident on Facebook Live.
  • Union Gospel Mission director Fran Stenberg told the Argus Leader that Red Cloud’s case is not exceptional: She’s asked trans people to leave for wearing dresses on multiple occasions. Read more (4/25/17)

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