he was off to rescue

  • simon: [drinks from a rat]
  • elaine: what the- [calls doctor]
  • also elaine: raphael sweet boy i need you to come here asap and check on your bf, my beautiful angel son, i know you love him and he'll listen to you pls
  • raphael: [drops everything and arrives in 2min flat]
  • elaine: let me just [closes the door]
  • also raphael: i ain't no delivery man amigo

right so i was thinking earlier about what if Peter Ashe had sent Flint and Vane to savannah instead of finishing the trial. it might not make sense but just imagine:

  • peter coming along to talk to james about miranda and thomas before sending them off
  • only he’s not exactly talking to james, is he. nah, he’s talking to Captain Flint. who’s immediate reaction is 'don’t even sAY THEIR NAMES YOU AS GOOD AS KILLED THEM BOTH’
  • and vane is sitting there like ‘i came out to attack people and im honestly not having fun right now’
  • vane and flint being taken to the field and then thomas is there and the reunion happens and vane is like. wait whats happening here
  • flint. flint what are you doing. where are you going. what - flint come back wE’RE A TEAM DON’T LEAVE A BROTHER BEHIND. WHO’S THAT.
  • thomas being able to comfort james after miranda’s death and stopping him from going Full Flint™
  • vane trying to discuss their plan and having to remind james and thomas look he’s not going to disappear if you look away 
  • they leave savannah within three days. they only stay so long because thomas wouldn’t leave the other prisoners and james wouldn’t leave thomas and vane wouldn’t leave Captain Flint. I’m only here for the good of nassau
  • honestly. i don’t want you to take this as a sign that i like you 
  • james: you think i care about that right now
  • ^^ he really doesn’t 

Okay so hockey is like, rife with superstitions and ritual.  

Each player has their own pre-game rituals, which are honestly on par with religious sacraments. You do not fuck with a man’s pre-game ritual.  Also, the inability to practice one’s pre-game ritual is deeply emotionally destabilizing.  Like, we’re talking serious repercussions here.  If a player is unable to complete their sacred ritual, there will be hell to pay.

Just as famous as Crosby’s famous pre-game plate of spaghetti, or Jack Zimmerman’s pre-game PB&J, is Snowy’s pre-game application of eyeliner.  It is not only essential to his game play; it is essential to the current alignment of our space-time continuum.  

Which brings us to Snowy, currently in the throes of an emotional breakdown, in seat 15C on the Falc’s bus, clutching desperately to his last remaining tube of La Nuit, Nior de Nior eyeliner as though it were the cooling body of his only son.

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You know another thing I love about the Guardians of the Galaxy movies?

The teamwork fights.

Peter does get to have a number of typically stand-up heroey moments (leaping out of the pod to save Gamora, grabbing the Infinity Stone, powering through Ego’s manipulation and fighting him to a standstill), but he never wins all on his own. Typically, going it alone only gets him part of the way, and then he needs to be rescued. Neither movie’s climax would’ve gone off at ALL well if the other characters hadn’t been there, doing their part. And not just in the typical “the supporting cast fights the lesser baddies so the hero can do the big boss fight” kind of way.

In the first movie, it takes all of them to keep Peter from being destroyed by the Infinity Stone; in the second movie, it’s Rocket and Groot’s bomb that actually kills Ego, while Peter’s overall function in the fight is mainly to hold off the enemy and distract Ego long enough for the bomb to do its thing. And then he would’ve died in the resulting inferno if Yondu hadn’t pulled him out of it.

The point that comes up again and again with Peter is that he can’t do it all on his own. He’s brave and he’s a good fighter, but (aside from the whole Celestial thing) he’s basically a badass normal fighting people who have him badly outclassed. The main way he wins fights is by attracting and inspiring other people who want to help him. It’s just a really lovely, unusual vibe for a superhero movie.

Peter Quill’s superpower is his heart.

Cynco is botching so many romance tropes and I love it so much. 

Love at first sight? No first date. Trial by combat.

She won’t admit her feelings? No romantic set-up and leading her into a kiss. She grabs his squishy face in her own two hands and macks on him. The scene set-up is Justice. 

She decides she’s not in the place for flirting right now? No trails of “oh, come ooon” or “but last time”. He steps off like a gentleman and verbally admits his own potential fault.

A rescues B from near-death and they fall off/into something? No landing on each other for a sexy set-up (this time). He falls down a freaking stair case and is given the cinematographic low-ground when he doesn’t thank her right away.

Please explain to me why Sakura’s feelings are romantic and Naruto’s are not.


- Wanted Sasuke to come back to the village

- Cried over Sasuke

- Talked about how much they cared for Sasuke

- Missed Sasuke


- GAVE UP trying to save him because she didn’t get his point of view

- Tried to kill him

- Acted more like a fangirl than a love interest

- Wasn’t really willing to sacrifice much for him. Although, to be fair, she did help him in the Forest of Death and maybe attempted to help a couple times. 


- Literally never gave up on Sasuke, even after he had made his intentions clear. 

- Never tried to kill Sasuke, fought to protect himself when necessary. 

- Saw Sasuke as a real human being, versus a trophy, and actually cared about him feeling lonely. 

- Was willing to die with Sasuke, let himself get beaten up over Sasuke, fight dangerous enemies like Orochimaru, go against the wishes of his beloved village, etc. 

- Spent FIVE hours straight thinking about Sasuke.

- Left his home for three years to become stronger, for the purpose of rescuing Sasuke. When he got home he brushed off their team photo and said, “Sasuke, I’m home.” Uh..gay. 

- Clutched his heart and whispered Sasuke’s name when he saw a shooting star…nothing more needs to be said about that.

- Released Karuma’s power for the first time because of Sasuke.

- Had a panic attack at the thought of Sasuke dying.

- Was the one whose feelings had the most impact on Sasuke.

Please, tell me what I’m missing here. The only advantage Sakura seems to have is a vagina, which Sasuke has shown no interest in. 

Waving through a window (a bit of Draco x reader)

[Y/N has invited Draco, Harry, Hermione, Ron, George, Fred, Ginny, Luna and Neville]

[Y/N has logged on]

[Harry had logged on]

[Draco has logged on]



[Hermione has logged on]

Hermione: Can you guys not fight for once?

Harry: NO

Draco: NO

Hermione: You guys are like old couple.

[Ron has logged on]

Ron: Hell NO, Hermione!

Hermione: But look at them! They are like those quarrelsome lovers in the romance comedy!

Harry: EW NO

Draco: My breakfast… They are wasted BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU SAID, MUDBLOOD!



Ron: Wut

Hermione: Seriously

Harry: Did I say something?

[George has logged on]

[Fred has logged on]

[Ginny has logged on]

Ginny: What is this? Wtf is wrong with that conversation!?


Fred: Are you thinking what I am thinking now, George? *evil grin*

George: Absolutely *evil grin*

Hermione: I hope this chat room can be normal. Just for once.

[Neville has logged on]

Neville: Hi guys!

[Luna has logged on]

Luna: Good Afternoon everyone :D

Luna: I hope there’s pudding for dinner.

Neville: Hi Luna :DDDD

Ginny: What did I just witness *evil smirk*

Ron: What?

Hermione: Ron, I don’t want to be rude but sometimes you’re really an idiot. Can’t you see akdosneoejf9wjdofjs


Ginny: No worries, I just tackled her on the ground :D

Draco: Why did Y/N invite me here? With all these people


Hermione: Don’t, Harry. You don’t know how to make sarcastic comment.

Harry: I do know how to make sarcastic comment!

Luna: I just scrolled up to the read all the messages.

Luna: Harry said slippery snake.

Luna: Does that slippery snake means Draco?


Fred: IKR

Ginny: Guys, do you even realize how quiet Y/N is?

Hermione: Yea, this is not good

Ron: Y/N, said something before this conversation becomes awkward

Y/N: I’ve learned to slam on the brake

Draco: What is brake?


Hermione: Stop, Harry

Y/N: Before I even turn the key

Draco: Key to my heart?

Fred: WUT

George: WAT

Harry: WTF

Hermione: What is this!?


Ginny: OMG

Y/N: Before I make a mistake

Hermione: What did you do?

Y/N: Before I lead with the worst of me

Harry: You’re not that bad, Y/N

Y/N: Give them no reason to stare


Ginny: You’re embarrassing yourself

Y/N: No slipping up if you slip away

Luna: Do you need help, Y/N?

Y/N: Oh I got nothing to share

Harry: We are best friend! WE SHOULD SHARE EVERYTHING!

Hermione: Not everything, like-

Ron: Hermione, don’t.

Y/N: So I got nothing to say

Neville: Are you in trouble?

Y/N: Step out, step out of the sun, if you keep getting burned

Ginny: We’re in the castle, Y/N

Y/N: Step: out, step out of the sun, because you’ve learned, because you’ve learned


Y/N: On the outside, always looking in. Will I ever be more than I’ve always been?

Draco: We will, Y/N

Harry: How can I unsee this

Ron: Mental that one, I’m telling you

George: I think I know what is she doing

Y/N: Cause I’m tap, tap, tapping on the glass. I am waving through a window

Luna: Did wrackspruts manage to get out to the window? That’s awesome.

Ron: What is wrackspurt?

Hermione: You don’t want to know.

Fred: Yea, Georgie , me too

Y/N: I try to speak but nobody can hear so I wait around for an answer to appear.

Neville: If you want someone to talk to, you can talk to me. I will try to help you

Hermione: That’s true. Even though sometimes you’re annoying but you’re still our friend.

Draco: You can tell me, Y/N. I SHALL CRASH THOSE WHO HURTS YOU

Y/N: While I’m watch, watch, watching people pass. Waving through a window.


Y/N: Can anybody see? Is anybody waving back at me?

Draco: I will wave back at you.

Harry: OMG

Ron: IKR


Hermione: She’s just sad.

Ginny: She’s sensitive, you know

George: She is quoting a song

Draco: WAT


Fred: Didn’t you guys pay attention to her this whole week?

George: She’s been singing this song for a whole week.





Fred: Yea, whatever.

Fred: George and I need to plan a prank. So, bye.

[Fred has logged off]

George: Bye

[George has logged off]


[Ginny has logged off]

Hermione: Ginny and I were going to bring you some gummy bears. But I don’t think you need them now.


[Hermione has logged off]


[Ron has logged off]

Y/N: I think I should put spider on his bed again

Luna: I think I should go now. Goodbye.

Neville: Yea, me too. See you later.

[Luna has logged off]

[Neville has logged off]

Draco: You want some gummy bears, Y/N?


Draco: I’m in front of your common room’s door now. With gummy bears.


[Y/N has logged off]


[Draco has logged off]

Harry: NO



Harry: Although gummy bears are yummy.


[Harry has logged off]

anonymous asked:

Coming off the Lance post, what unique skills DOES Lance bring to the team? ...if any?

Weapon/technology abilities:


> Alongside Hunk, only member of the team with a ranged weapon.

> Quite possibly, longest-range bayard.

> Bayard that affords itself the most to precision attacks. 

Blue Lion:

> Specialty terrain advantage in water and icy environments (far more common than, say, an environment that is on fire)

> No exploitable weaknesses- good speed, good firepower, good armor.

> Ice cannon

> Sonic cannon, can be used as a weapon and as a scanner.

> Third largest Lion, and more agile than the Yellow Lion. 


Approachable and gregarious. A quick study of people and cultures. Has the most initiative out of the team in terms of engaging with new things, as shown in that he was the first one to bond with a Lion. Out of the team, would probably make a good diplomat alongside Shiro and Allura. Intrinsically motivated to understand people.

As a leg pilot, a supporting pillar of the team. Someone who connects with peers and checks in with them.

More or less the “heart” of the team- compassionate, open, trusting. The friend who will catch coins in his teeth doing a dolphin impression in a public fountain to buy you a video game.

An effective think-on-his-feet strategist (see: when he and Keith split off from the team during the Balmera rescue in s1e7) In particular, his adaptability and propensity for unorthodox maneuvers allows him to react to situations with an element of finesse when full-power assaults don’t work- consider s2e10, rescuing Slav by targeting a joint on the warden’s mechanical arm, and s2e2, where he was able to fight, and neutralize a mind-controlled Hunk when Hunk had him physically overpowered rather badly, without Lance being able to draw his bayard on Hunk, and while being beset by other attackers (Luxia’s guards). Also even when his trust leads him into a bad situation, he was the first to raise the alarm and call for help, even working his way around his restraints to do so. 

Perceptive. Literally nobody could sneak an impostor onto the team past Lance. Don’t believe me? S1e4, AKA the time Lance, within five seconds, was able to tell one literally identical robot from another, when said robot does not have either body language or facial expressions, and he had known it for maybe days, tops, during which it mostly just followed Pidge around- and Lance was still able to tell the bomb drone was not Rover, realize it was going to explode, and tackle Coran out of the way.

On that note- diligent, intelligent, and tenacious (as he would have to be, in order to make it in not only a space exploration program but making the more prestigious class.) Has shown the capacity to catch his second wind and fight through grievous internal injuries ( “yeah, after I emerged from a coma and shot his arm off,” )

In a more or less direct confrontation of wills, Shiro definitely blinked first. (s2e8) Let’s clarify that a bit: Lance, when sufficiently motivated, can stare down the person whose specific paladin virtues are control and force of personality.

anonymous asked:

Hey hey~ I was wondering if you could write a scenario in which MC works in the same field as RFA+V & Saeran and is v good, even to the point they're rivals? At first nobody has a clue, but the truth comes out eventually 😏 Thank you so very much for this blog! You guys are amazing ❤️

Anon said: Hi! HCs for 707 after finding out that his s/o is an agent too? )^o^( request are open so I immediately took the chance since i love this blog so muuuch 

Awww, you all are sweet! Hope you like these~


  • You actually had a crush on him when you two starred in your first musical together
  • He inspired you to work hard after that
  • You both ended up becoming very popular, and always tried your best to outshine the other
  • Whether or not you were acting together
  • When the whole thing with the messenger happened, you thought he would hate you with your little rivalry going on
  • So you kept your identity secret
  • Things go on and you two flirt a little and get to know each other on a personal level
  • But then you go to his house
  • There’s no hiding who you are now, and when he opens the door, he’s stunned for a good five minutes
  • You thought he hated you, but he’s just really confused
  • He admits when you first worked together, he too kinda felt attracted to you
  • It gets a little complicated when you start dating, because there’s the possibilities of scandals and also the company contracts
  • So, you two decide to keep your relationship secret from everyone but Seven and Yoosung for a long time, just to be on the safe side
  • Thankfully, things work out and Zen is able to work independently from any company
  • You two are able to go public in your relationship while still chasing your dreams in acting


  • You attend the same university as Yoosung but you don’t know
  • You start complaining about a certain professor, which kind of clues him off
  • But then one day he’s in class and you’re in the chat talking excited about getting an A on a test you failed
  • He looks to the side and saw you taking a picture…a few moments later, a picture appears in the chat
  • Instead of coming over and talking to you, he felt like you inspired him a bit
  • He starts working hard again at school, bringing his grades back up quickly
  • It’s amusing seeing you work harder to beat him, sometimes complaining about some random student throwing off your grading curve
  • When a big test rolls around, he’s finally ready to reveal himself
  • He logs into the chat after its over and starts asking how the test went
  • You’re so absorbed in talking with him that you don’t realize you two are discussing detailed questions
  • You stop half way when it hits you
  • You look up and he shoots finger guns at you from across the hall
  • On the bright side, you two can combine your smarts for finals


(AU where she opens the cafe without meeting you at the party)

  • You both owned cafes that were right next to each other
  • You always had this healthy rivalry going, and some customers even swore loyalty to one or the other
  • You two had never met though with all the busyness
  • Then the whole thing with the RFA happened
  • Jaehee noticed that the cafe next to hers had been shut down for the same amount of time you were told not to leave the apartment
  • She put two and two together and asked if it was you
  • It was odd speaking in the cafe since you had always been an unknown rival this whole time
  • But Jaehee ends the rivalry and keeps your cafe afloat while you’re dealing with the RFA
  • Once you’re allowed to leave the apartment again, you two get even closer
  • After a few months, you start planning a new project
  • You combine your skills and resources and break down the wall in between our cafes
  • A little renovation later, and you two become partners at a bigger and better cafe


  • His father wanted Jumin to marry this other young CEO from another company to combine companies
  • He was completely against the idea
  • You happened to be that brilliant CEO of another large company, so it happened
  • But you were also against the idea
  • You and Jumin’s first meeting was really rocky and he was really cold towards you
  • So, when you first entered the chatroom, you didn’t say who you were because you didn’t want it to be awkward
  • He acted a little different than from your first meeting
  • He was nicer and actually kind and you found youself actually falling for him
  • But you were still scared to tell him who you were
  • Seven wasn’t so reticent, so he told Jumin who you were after the background check
  • Suddenly Jumin started opening up to you more and more
  • Eventually it slips out that he knows
  • He starts inviting to you house and on outings
  • It works out really well as he’s happy, you’re happy, and your parents are happy
  • But you two still have a healthy competition when it comes to business idea


  • When you got caught up in the apartment thing, it was the least of your worries
  • You could handle hiding your identity, appearing as an innocent whirled into this mess
  • You were more worried that your rival at the agency was in this chat with you
  • You were a bit nervous at first, but you just went along with it
  • You found he was actually kind of nice when he wasn’t hacking against you
  • You would blush whenever he would make comments that 606 was his girlfriend, because that happened to be your agency number
  • Little did you know, he actually had the biggest crush on you from agency work…since you two did end up talking a few times before
  • It was a mess for both of you when he abandoned work at the agency to come and rescue from the bomb–despite your protests
  • When he started pushing you away because of the stress of not being able to finish his project at the agency, you were getting sick of his crap
  • You pull out your own equipment and finish the project for him
  • He gets a notification from Vanderwood that the project was carried out perfectly and the client was happy
  • He knows there’s only one person who was as good as he was…and when he finally notices the equipment in front of you, your identity is out
  • There’s a weird mix of him yelling at you and confessing to you at the same time
  • You guys have a long discussion about the agency and all the stuff you two put up with
  • You both come to conclusion that you needed to leave together, and with the skills of you both, it would be much easier


  • You were another unfortunate who got dragged into Mint Eye
  • You were just as good a hacker as he, so you two competed for Rika’s approval
  • When you found out about his plan with infiltrating the RFA, you did what you could to stop it
  • Even if it meant helping 707 and whoever he chose to go into the apartment
  • He took you helping his brother as an absolute betrayal to Mint Eye
  • So when you two were rescued, he cut himself off from you completely
  • Unfortunately, your healing process wasn’t overseen with loving family like he was
  • You got the psychological treatment, but you were still bitter
  • You ran into him at some public place much, much later and you can tell he’s different and…softer
  • But you still feel tense and on edge and try to avoid him
  • He already sees you though and comes to talk to you
  • He starts talking about starting new and ending the hostility between you two
  • You’re skeptical, but something about how calm he is intrigues you
  • You agree every once in awhile and talk about what happened
  • These sessions become addicting, just as his presence becomes addicting to you
  • Without the rivalry, you find Saeran is very similar to you
  • Neither of you had a moment where you established a relationship
  • Your bond was just something that came naturally and was something that was understood


We couldn’t really see him getting competitive in a rivalry. So instead of making him OOC, we’re omitting him for now.


Sherlock Holmes on Elementary is definitely a jerk. But he’s also a good person with a deep sense of empathy. Let’s explore how Elementary fits into the legacy of Holmes Adaptions, and how the character is depicted in these complex, contradictory ways.

Transcript below the cut

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Imagine Person A finding a large bug in the house and screaming. Person B runs to the rescue, picks up the bug, and puts it outside. Person B comes back inside and comforts a very scared Person A.

Awkward Funny Dance Headcanon /Fic Prompt

I’ve got the whole crew here so it got pretty long (and I also used the word “like” a lot but it’s 1am I don’t care anymore)

•Matt and Pidge are reminiscing about the good old days back with the fam
•One of them brings up how they used to dance around the kitchen on their parents feet
•Matt’s like “come on let’s do this”
•Pidge doesn’t want to but ends up on Matt’s feet anyways
•Maybe there’s music maybe not
•They’re giggling when Allura and Lance walk in
•Allura’s like “what are you doing” and Lance is all like “oh my God I remember doing that!”
•Pidge goes “he’s forcing me to dance with him”
•So Matt’s like “i’ll teach you get over here” but Lance is like “you already have a partner I’ll take Allura” looks over at her and she’s already speed walking to Matt
•Shiro walks in while Pidge is getting off Matt and goes “what’s going on here” “Matt’s going to teach Allura how to dance. Like Earth dancing” “oh cool”
•BUT THEN MATT’S LIKE “Hey Lance” “yeah” “Shiro doesn’t know how to dance either you can teach him”
•Shiro is all internally like “oh no” and so is Lance but externally Lance is all like “now teacher becomes the student” or something like that
•So last ditch effort Shiro goes “i know how to dance Matt” “you learning how to step dance off YouTube and then forcing Keith to do it doesn’t count” Lance and Pidge are cracking up “how doesn’t that count that’s dancing” “that’s not partner dancing. We’re talking like ballroom dancing here”
•So Shiro ends up with Lance
•Allura’s like “how do I stand” “well you’re much bigger than my sister so you’re not going to stand on my feet. Here face me and stand in front of me. So first you’re going to put one of your hands on my shoulder and I’m going to put one on your waist on the same side. Okay now you put your other one in my other one. Now when I step forward you’re going to move the foot that mirrors me backwards. If not I’ll end up stepping on you. Good.”
•Allura picks it up pretty fast and now he’s letting her lead.
•Lance and Shiro are having less luck
•It’s just a mess because Lance is trying to show off, Shiro doesn’t want to be there, and they both keep looking over at Matt and Allura
•They give up after they hear giggling and see Matt spining Allura around
•Matt goes “i’ll come help you Shiro just let me teach Allura how to dip first” while coming out of a spin Allura puts him in
•Coran comes in then and Allura tells him what’s going on
•Matt and Lance switch partners now
•Matt and Shiro have more of a height difference so it’s awkward
•Matt teaches Shiro the way he taught Allura and then they switch hand placements so Shiro is in the “guy” position once he’s comfortable not looking at his feet
•Lance and Allura are laughing and having fun on the other side of the room
•Pidge bolted as soon as she could so Coran is just standing there before offering to teach Lance how to dance Altean
•Shiro is finally starting to get it down when Hunk and Keith show up
•Hunk heard there was dancing and Keith just decided to follow him
•Allura asks Hunk to dance with her because “it’s actually quite fun”
•Keith is just watching whatever Coran and Lance are doing
•Matt goes “Lance if you can get Keith to slow dance with you I’ll owe you $20 when we get back to Earth” so Lance is all like #ChallengeAccepted while Keith and Allura are like “what’s slow dancing” and Hunk actually facepalms
•Lance and Keith are having problems. First of all being “i’m not stranding that close to you” and “you’re putting your hands where!!?!”
•Keith realizes he’s in the “girl” position and another argument happens
•Matt drops Shiro (who just got comfortable and loosed up a bit but now get tense again) off with partnerless Coran so he can come rescue Keith
•Lance sulks off in defeat and go dances with Hunk
•Pidge comes back in thinking they had all stopped by now and gets stuck dancing with Allura
•Matt teaches Keith with Keith in the “guy” position instead of the “girl” position he taught Allura and Shiro in bc the argument with Lance
•Keith picks it up faster than Shiro. Probably bc he wants to get out of there or show up Lance who’s dancing away with Hunk and Coran
•Hunk yells “SWITCH” and everyone ends up changing partners to humor him
•Once Lance and Matt get paired up it turns into actual good dancing and no one can compete
•They do some other dances they didn’t teach the others so especially the Alteans stop and watch
•They have to stop to drink water after like 4 dances in tho because they’re going so hard
•"Well that wasn’t professional dancing but you guys definitely beat us all"
•Matt and Pidge dance one more time with her on his feet and laugh at the new memories they’re making
•Lance does somehow end up teaching Keith how to slow dance by the end. Probably through bribery or edging him on

Ok so seeing as dazai zoomed off to atsushi’s group’s rescue as soon as he learned higuchi was part of the port mafia, I think it’s safe to assume he did not mean for akutagawa and atsushi to meet the way they did. But for shin soukoku to work they’d have had to meet eventually. So now I’m curious: how on earth was he planning on introduce the two in a way that didn’t involve lots of death? And seeing as dazai clearly did not plan the guild war–if that hadn’t happened, what was the plan for getting them to work together gonna be? Dazai also dead ass didn’t know about the mafia hunting atsushi, the bounty, or the guild when he took atsushi in. He had to infiltrate the mafia to find out. He didn’t even know atsushi could regenerate until the accidental meeting with akutagawa. He knew essentially nothing about atsushi when he brought him back. His mouth says “I’ve been planning this” but his actions say “I might have adopted a sad baby tiger with half a formed thought in mind and am lucky I was able to bullshit it so well thus far”. Which tbh I’m pretty sure 99% of his “plans” are just that. Like you’re a mess stop trying to look cool.

So here's a question

How did Sherlock still have Adler’s moan-tone on his phone (that’s very lyrical innit)?

He threw his phone away before he jumped off Bart’s. So:

- Did Mycroft rescue the old phone and transfer everything to an untraceable phone for Sherlock’s hiatus? (I STG I actually wrote this in a fic). And did Sherlock later pass that tone on to his new phone?

- Did Sherlock never throw the original phone, using the (unsecured and well-known) number while he was supposed to be dead? And later transfer the tone to his new phone?

- Did Sherlock throw the old phone and nothing was saved, but–as John suggested–he’s seen Adler in the interim and had her re-record her breathy moan for him?

I don’t like any of these options. I despise the idea of “reformed” lesbians and I can’t fucking stand continuity errors and plot holes.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

If someone had told me two years ago that Daryl would chase another man on foot through a field, I would've called them nuts. Or: How I realized Desus was an actual thing

A fact about me: I have loved every single moment between Daryl and Jesus. I have shipped it since 610, no ifs ands or buts, and the ship has only gotten stronger since its inception.

The thing is, the vast majority of the moments between desus are not necessary to the plot at all and ONLY serve to develop their relationship. And it makes me really happy. All these little interactions they have are only there for the two of them and really have nothing to do with the overall story line.

But it also makes me question: what are they doing, if this is going nowhere?

Why are they making Daryl chase a beautiful boy through the meadows? It’s funny? I mean yeah it’s funny but really? When it actually happened on my screen, I didn’t know how to react. Because on the one hand I would never consider it in character for Daryl to do something like that. And if Jesus were a random villain or random ally I would stick by that. But on the other hand, I squeed. I squeed hard. Because in a shipping context, it made total and complete sense. More than that, it was in character.

Why the incessant staring in knots untie? Why do the stories continue to parallel each other once they’re in different places (Daryl with Denise and Rosita, Jesus with Tara and Father G)?

How about the sanctuary? No reason for Jesus to be there. No reason to stay.

And we know that Sherry was the one who wrote the letter. So why was it a necessary plot choice to have Jesus be there too? Why did he need to stay behind? Why did he need to be with Daryl when Daryl reunited with the family? I mean seriously! He didn’t help the man escape, but he still escaped with him?

There was 100% no need for Jesus to be there in the first place there. Look at it this way: he didn’t even DO anything in 707 OR 708. The most ninja thing we saw him do was disappearing from the top of the truck at the end of 707. But he dove off the truck at the beginning of 707 when he’s with Carl. Having him back again at the end and showing him deciding to get off his rescue ride bc he knows for sure Daryl is there is ONLY important for the Jesus/Daryl dynamic and nothing else. And Daryl knows Jesus is there too bc of the glance to the truck roof. So once again it’s only for the two of them.

Jesus reappears at the end for the sole purpose of meeting up with Daryl and riding off with him. SUPER necessary. And we know for sure they rode away together on the bike, even though we didn’t see it, which is kinda funny after all we HAVE seen, but I digress. We also know Jesus gave Daryl clothing and a place to shower-and isn’t that interesting that Daryl showers for the first time in like a year when he had plenty of opportunity for that in Alexandria? You may say he was washing the sanctuary off, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but he’s kept clean since then. Or way cleaner than normal. More than that, he has actually kept his hair out of his face instead of the forward-combing thing he always does. And once again, why is Jesus taking care of Daryl? Or more so, why are tptb making a point to have us seen it? Cuz that’s kind of what it comes down to. All these things happen that mean nothing to the plot itself and just exist for desus development.

There so much damn more like richonne parallels. Or the moments in 610 and 714 leading to potential desus convos. 610 we get Daryl and Jesus meeting. Then 611 Abe asks Daryl (in the SPECIFIC context of thinking about his own romantic life) if Daryl ever thinks about settling down. 714 has Jesus come out to Maggie and her encouraging him to open himself up to a romantic relationship even if it doesn’t last. 715 has Jesus opening up to Daryl of all people. I’m not saying it’s gonna end up actually going somewhere. But the content between Daryl and Jesus is obviously deliberate and about nothing but the two of them and I do wonder tptb’s ultimate motivation or goal there if not desus.

Everything Changes

 Pairing: Stiles x Little!Sister!Reader

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A mother was someone who was there to protect, cherish and love their child; even if it was an unborn one. You stood there, staring into the full length mirror in your bedroom, your hand circled around the bump that showed up last night. Tears brimmed at the end of your eyes, but you sniffed them back; trying to be strong.

Scott could hear you from downstairs crying, he could feel the sadness radiating off you ever since they rescued you from the dread doctors the night before. “She’s crying,” He whispered to your brother and his best friend. Stiles looked up the staircase, before nodding towards it; indicating that they should go up to you. “You go up,” Scott said, “She needs you more than me right now.”

Stiles forced a smile to your boyfriend, and patted his back. Stiles couldn’t understand the pain that Scott was going through; you two were together for nearly two years ever since you were fourteen and he was sixteen. Everyone looked down on it at first, thinking it was only going to last a week or so; like most teenage relationships but you two were different. You stood by him when he first got bit and now he was going to stand by you, but he understand that you only needed your brother now.

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