he was off his face

After reading so many theories, I’m still thinking Ink Bendy may end up being the (confused?) good guy, even though he’s scary as all hell chasing Henry’s ass down the hallway and grabbing at your face at the Ink Machine. His death screen is different (you don’t drown in ink, like with the Searchers) and even when he bangs on the door after it slams in his face, he sighs before stomping off and moaning.

Something isn’t sitting right with me in all this.

jace/simon, post 2x14 scene

“Simon,” Jace says, pounding at the door, “Simon, come on.” 

The door actually opens, and Jace takes a step back at the fury carved into the lines of Simon’s face. 

You - “ Simon begins, and he cuts himself off, his voice thick, before he starts again. “More than anyone else I don’t want to see you. Get out.” 

“It wasn’t - it’s not like that.” Jace mutters, and he looks intently at Simon, willing him to figure it out through sheer force. 

“Then what was it like? Huh, Jace?” Simon steps forward now, his eyes red rimmed and glittering with anger. He pushes, hard and sudden, and Jace is flying back, hitting the containers on the dock with a clang. He grunts, a sharp pain lancing up his back, and opens his eyes to see Simon bearing down on him. 

Simon is beautiful. Jace doesn’t know how to express it, how to untangle the mess his heart’s become. Clary is fierce and gorgeous and looks at him with a challenge in her eyes and a spring in her step that he’s never seen before - but Simon. He makes Jace feel like he’s lost complete control of the situation, his heart beating out an irregular, confused staccato. Simon unbalances him like nothing before. 

“I love her, and it’s all - you both humiliated me!” Simon shouts, the words echoing around them in the cool night air, and Jace flinches back at the anguish in Simon’s eyes as he slams his forearm across Jace’s chest. “And after all that, you want to come back here and - and what, tell me it wasn’t like that?” 

“It isn’t - Simon.” Jace says, low, and Simon shakes his head, and Jace is - Jace hates it. He’s never seen Simon like this before, a combination of fury and sorrow that Jace is intimately familiar with from his own past; it’s heartbreaking. 

“Clary showed up a while ago to say that she loves me.” Simon spits the words out, trembling, and he laughs bitterly. “And now you want to tell me this. All you guys do is lie to me, right? Poor Simon, always the stupid mundane, running behind Clary and thinking he had a chance when Jace has always been in love with her - “

“Simon,” Jace interrupts harshly, a wild feeling in his chest, “I love her, I do, but that’s not all, and you can’t pin this on me. You can’t.” 

“Can’t I?” Simon asks, shoving harder. “Can’t I? She desires you the most, Jace! You!”

“She loves you too - “

Loving me too makes me a second choice - “

“It doesn’t.” And then Jace is surging up, pressing back against Simon, his hands going to cradle Simon’s face as he kisses him, fast and hard and messy. He’s desperate, swiping his tongue against Simon’s parted lips as Simon groans, surprised, and if this is the only thing he gets he’ll take it. Jace wants Simon, needs him with a confusing ferocity that wars with the ever present ache for Clary that’s settled into his heart and he doesn’t know which one is more real, just knows that Simon is here and under him - 

And Simon is suddenly kissing back for a wild, glorious second, the sound of their lips sliding together slick in the night air, a molten heat pouring in between the two of them and cementing into something real and dangerous, hopeless in the way that anything Jace touches becomes. Simon’s arms slide to Jace’s hips for just a moment, thumb smoothing under the hem of Jace’s shirt, until he jumps back like he’s been burned. 

“You love Clary.” Simon says accusingly, his voice cracking and his eyes pleading. Jace is panting, flushed, his hands clenched into fists, wanting nothing more than to run his fingers across Simon’s skin and see what kind of sounds he can draw out. 

“I did. I do. I don’t know.” Jace says hoarsely. 

“She wants you.” Simon says, shaking his head, and he looks so lost, suddenly small in the vast, empty night. 

“She wants you too.” Jace manages to get out past the lump in the throat. “And to be honest, I know the feeling. Of wanting you.” 

“The kiss you most desire.” Simon repeats helplessly. “The kiss you - Clary kissed you.” 

“It’s very easy to love you, Simon Lewis.” Jace says quietly, finally pushing off the container and running a hand through his hair. “I don’t know what I’m doing either, but - you’re breaking my heart a little too, you know.” 

He turns and walks away then, because he can’t be here anymore. He can’t - he can’t deal with this, can’t figure out when he started to let go of Clary and instead fall into Simon’s orbit. 

“Jace.” Simon calls out after him, his voice anguished. “Jace.” 

“If you and Clary had been trapped,” Jace says into the night, not bothering to turn back, “I don’t know who I would kiss.” 


Long after Jace is gone, Simon slumps against the door of the boathouse and runs his thumb across his lower lip, remembering the rasp of Jace’s stubble against his cheek. He thinks about vines twisting around Clary and Jace, pinning them to the spot and demanding he lay his heart out in the open for everyone to see.

“I don’t know either.” He whispers. “I don’t know either.” 


some things NEVER change

scars add up - rips pull at thread - three organizations … SAME ATTITUDE


Definitely hugely inspired by @segadores-y-soldados and @coelasquid. THANK YOU to both of you for your AMAZING ideas and for sharing them!

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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

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okay but imagine that Yuuri forgot to take his glasses off while skating one time and just as Viktor goes to remind him he does this epic spin and they fly off his face and whack Viktor idk it just makes me laugh

omg that is horrible!!? … but it would totally happen!

yuuri is a little off his game, and really nervous at his first days here in Sct. Petersburg 

  • Chat Noir: Knock knock
  • Marinette: Chat, what are you doing outside my room this time of night?
  • Chat Noir: *makes extended eye contact and leaves a banana on her windowsill, then flees into the night*
  • Marinette, very confused and concerned: What the fuck.
  • Chat Noir, the very next night: Knock knock
  • Marinette: Chat, you're back! What was up with the banana last night??
  • Chat Noir: *says nothing, pulls another banana out of a pocket and leaves it on her windowsill, then flees into the night*
  • Marinette, whisper yelling: Chat, what the fuck? I don't need this much potassium??
  • Chat Noir, the next night: Knock knock
  • Marinette: *staring him down, arms crossed*
  • Chat Noir: *slowly pulls a banana out of a pocket*
  • Marinette: Don't. You. Dare.
  • Chat Noir, dares: *places the third banana onto her windowsill, then flees into the night*
  • Marinette, throwing the banana after him: I swear to god if this is some kind of weird courting ritual!!
  • Chat Noir, the fourth night: Knock knock
  • Marinette: What.
  • Chat Noir: *smiles and holds out an orange for her*
  • Marinette: *looking at him suspiciously but takes the orange*
  • Marinette: Why an orange tonight?
  • Chat Noir: Orange you glad it isn't a banana?
  • Marinette: *punts the orange so hard into his face that he falls off the balcony*

Peter Cushing + That sexy neck thing he always does after getting choked out

hoseok: [puts his arm around jimin]

jungkook: my jimin senses are tingling


Luna: “…But yes, he’s my boyfriend too”

Nyx: U dead


nº 1 Mark Lee’s fan: Kim Doyoung  ♡ (he has Mark’s poster above his bed)

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Concept- Victor gets a concussion from a skating accident and is more than a little loopy on pain meds at the hospital. He switches between dozing off, crying over his messed up face, and staring at Yuuri like he's an angel sent from heaven. "Who are you?" "I'm your fiance Victor, remember?" "No you're not! You're too pretty to be engaged to a hideous beast like me!... So so pretty. Like a little angel here to take me to heaven." *starts crying* You can bet Yuuri recorded all of it for blackmail


They’ve been passing a joint back and forth for the last hour when Even speaks up.

“Did you know I can hold the whole world in the palm of my hands?” He declares proudly, his voice raspy with smoke.

“Even, your hands - big as they are - are not that big, the Earth is-” Isak breaks off when he feels Even’s warm hands cup his face.

“See.” Even whispers, lying so close to Isak that their noses are almost touching.  “The whole world, right here.” He shakes Isak’s head gently to emphasise his point before leaning in and kissing him gently.

“Oh.” is all Isak can say.  His voice definitely doesn’t crack.

“It’s cute that you were gonna talk science to me though, babe.” Even winks and Isak rolls his eyes.

He wonders sometimes how he can be so in love with Even.

Then Even goes and does shit like that and Isak remembers exactly how.