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Seek And Reform

Pairings: Billy Hargrove x Reader
Words: 754
Warnings: Mention of abuse, sexual content, angst
A/N: As requested, part two of my story! I would really love to hear what you think about it because I’ve been planning to make it a five-part mini-series.  

Summary: Billy shows up in your bedroom in the middle of the night in a desperate attempt to forget about his demons.


Sunlight peeked through your window, scattering the lingering shadows of the night. You hesitantly opened one eye to check the time. There was something about those extra few minutes of staying in bed that’d never failed to fill you with unspeakable bliss. With a grin, you shoved your face back into the pillow, enjoying its soft fabric.

As you were trying to ease your mind into a quick nap, something in the corner of your memory was making it hard to fall asleep. You frowned when the pictures of the last one started to slowly flood your head, changing the peaceful morning into a migraine-inducing one.

You reached out behind your back to check if someone was still laying on the other side of your bed. The spot was empty and cold. Was it only a dream?

“Looking for someone?” you heard an amused voice and immediately got up, turning your face towards its source.

Billy was leaning on the window ledge, taking a drag on a cigarette. You couldn’t even scold him for that since the half of his body was outside. The sunshine was enhancing his features and you would undoubtedly stare at his handsome profile for a moment if it wasn’t for the red marks on his face.

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bring your good times and your laughter

amy santiago is the youngest captain in nypd history, and a freakout of corresponding magnitude ensues (feat: mentions of peraltiago babies, husband of the year detective jake peralta, and a ref to kokomo). title from celebration. as always, i owe my life and all my worldly possessions to @jakelovesamy and @elsaclack. also on ao3

The door shuts behind Captain Amy Santiago (she’s been in official possession of that title for a full three hours, and she has every intention to use it on even her takeout orders, just to hear the sound). The click of the doorknob is louder than expected, and she pauses for a moment, hand hovering, to see if anyone outside noticed, but the chorus of “Celebration” is blasting so loudly that the blinds are rattling against the windows. She shuts them, suppressing a reflexive sigh at the thought of the confetti littering the bullpen - her bullpen - and focusing on the overwhelming joy of this moment.

She moves behind her desk, savoring the feel of the new, heavy medals against her shoulder and the hat resting atop her perfectly smooth bun (she’d spent at least an hour ensuring every hair was in place. It could’ve been half that time, but Rae and Ana, nothing short of tornadoes, had spun through their bathroom halfway through the preparations, already in their pajamas for the babysitter, to grab Amy by the bun and plant large toddler kisses on her forehead, leaving bumps in Amy’s ponytail that refused to settle). Her desk is nearly bare, with only two framed photos perched below her desktop. There hasn’t been time for case files to accumulate, for her detectives and beat cops to need signatures or approvals or second opinions. The thought of the work excites her and terrifies her simultaneously, and it’s only as she’s sitting at this desk, so similar to that of her mentor’s, two precincts over, that the gravity of her situation hits her.

She, Captain Amy Santiago, is the youngest captain in NYPD history.

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Malec – Sick!Magnus

I know I have a lot of requests to do but since I have to type this on mobile, it’s going to be really short and I prefer doing longer fics for requests unless it’s specified as a drabble. Once I get back to my school, I’ll fill a request on my computer. Since this is also posted on mobile, sorry for any formatting issues. I’ll fix it later haha

Though Alec was standing right outside the bathroom door, he was sure he would have been able to hear Magnus’ heaving blocks blocks away. Though he knew it was futile, he tried the door once again, only to curse when he found it was still locked. “Magnus, come on,” he called out. “You know I can get in if I really want to. Just let me in.”

Alec heard his boyfriend spit into the toilet before answering him. “There’s absolutely no reason for you to come in here, Alexander. I’m perfectly-” Magnus stopped speaking and another heave echoed through the bathroom. “I’m fine. Please just… you don’t need to see this.”

Alec rolled his eyes but complied, knowing that if Magnus truly needed space, it was best to give it to him. The last time he had annoyed his warlock boyfriend, all of his Shadowhunter gear had been covered in glitter. Not wanting to have to deal with that mess again, Alec decided against breaking the door down. Instead, he just folded his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall, patiently waiting for his boyfriend to stop puking his guts out. Truthfully, he was worried; he had never heard of a warlock getting sick before. Or any Downworlder for that matter, excluding werewolves. Alec was wracking his brain, trying to figure out what might be wrong with Magus, when the toilet finally flushed. Finally, after ten minutes of throwing up, Magnus seemed to be finished. Alec moved away from the wall and looked at his boyfriend once the door was opened and immediately felt more concerned, which he hadn’t thought would be possible. However, looking at Magnus, he could tell how sick the warlock was. Magnus very rarely allowed himself to look casual, however while he was getting sick, he must have zapped different clothes on because his Victorian-style suit had been replaced with a black T-shirt and black, silk pajama pants. Not to mention, Magnus’ makeup was smeared around his eyes, and his hair lacked glitter and was sticking to his forehead.

“By the angel, Mags,” Alec said with a shake of his head. “What’s going on with you?”

Magnus grimaced and wrapped his arm around his middle and audibly swallowed. “I’m perfectly fine. Don’t worry about me, Alexander.”

“Yeah, too late for that,” Alec said, shaking his head. Placed the back of his hand on the warlock’s cheek. “You don’t feel warm.”

Magnus waved away Alec’s hand. “I’m not ill,” he explained with a small hiccup. He brought his hand to his mouth and swallowed.

“Convincing,” Alec said, raising an eyebrow. “Because you totally don’t look like you’re about to hurl.”

Magnus’ cat-eyes narrowed in annoyance and Alec couldn’t help but wonder why his boyfriend was getting so defensive about this. Something else was definitely going on. “I’m not ill,” Magnus repeated again with emphasis. “It’s no illness.”

Alec frowned, confused. This wasn’t Magnus just waving away concern by lying about how he felt – he was telling the truth. “If you’re not sick, why did you just spend the past ten minutes in the bathroom, heaving up what sounded like your internal organs? Seriously, Magnus, what’s going on? You’re starting to scare me.”

Magnus was quiet for a moment before his stomach audibly groaned. Wincing, Magnus put his hand to it, sighing softly. “I may or may not have filled the High Warlock of Boston’s apartment with water and fish. There also might have been a shark involved. You know, I can’t be too sure about these things.”

Alec blinked, feeling his lips slowly part in surprise. “I mean… that raises more questions than answers. What does that have to do with-”

“He’s a very powerful, very vindictive warlock,” Magnus interrupted quickly. He hiccuped again and ran his hand across his stomach. Even though his T-shirt was loose, Alec could see how bloated Magnus’ stomach was. “He cursed me.”

The words ‘cursed’ immediately caught Alec’s attention. His eyes widened and he felt panic course through his entire body. “Curse? Will it… can it kill you?”

Magnus shook his head. “Unfortunately, not,” he mumbled. “But I will be expelling quite a bit of water out of my stomach. I would rather he kill me, truthfully.”

Though the situation certainly sucked, Alec relaxed. At least Magnus wasn’t in danger; he couldn’t stand the idea of losing him. Especially not over a stupid prank. “Well, why did you do it?” he couldn’t help but ask. “If you knew he was going to get you back.”

Magnus sighed. “Because I was getting him back for turning all of my clothing a hideous shade of green. We’ve been going back and forth for at least two centuries. Really, it’s not the worst that has happened. You know me, I’m a tad dramatic.”

Alec ran a hand down his face and sighed. “Anything we can do? Or are you just going to ride it out?” Alec hated the idea of Magnus being this miserable for much longer. “How long will it last?”

Magnus shrugged. “However long he sees fit, I’m afraid.” A wet burp escaped Magnus and he put his hand to his mouth again. “Excuse me for a moment.” Magnus disappeared into the bathroom again, though this time, he didn’t shut the door. Alec stepped in the doorway and watched as his boyfriend kneeled himself down in front of the toilet once again. At first, he was going to stay out of Magnus’ way, however, when Magnus heaved painfully, bringing up nothing, Alec decided to approach the warlock and kneel beside him.

“Anything I can do?” he asked, putting a hand on Magnus’ back.

Magnus shuddered as saliva dripped into the bowl and hung off his lips. “Kill me,” he suggested, pulling the string off of his lips. His face contorted and he wrapped an arm around his middle, gagging softly. Alec could hear him swallow thickly, clearly trying to stop the inevitable. A bubble of air began to rise up his throat and Magnus released it with a grimace.

“Well maybe now you’ll put this stupid prank war behind you.” Alec wordlessly waved Magnus’ arm from his stomach, ignoring the weak protests. He replaced it with his own hand, gently rubbing in smooth circles over the T-shirt.

Magnus didn’t protest to the touch, even getting his own arm out of the way to give Alec easier access, and instead rested his arm on top of the toilet seat. “Far too stubborn for that, I’m afraid. Besides, I promised Chairman Meow I wouldn’t give up after his fur was turned pink. I’m not sure why that was supposed to be revenge on me; I thought it looked lovely.”

Alec rolled his eyes but remained silent. He instead focused on comforting Magnus, hoping to make this process a bit less miserable. By rubbing Magnus’ stomach, he could feel how bloated he was and his stomach was fluttering underneath his hand. Alec slipped his hand underneath Magnus’ T-shirt and rested it on his boyfriend’s bare belly, hoping the coolness of his palm would help with the evident cramping. Without warning, the stomach contract underneath his touch and Magnus heaved loudly, bringing up a large mouthful of water. Gently, Alec rubbed the swollen belly as it continued to contact while Magnus threw up.

“It hurts,” Magnus hissed between his teeth. He gagged emptily and spat into the toilet again.

Alec gently began to knead, hoping to loosen up the cramps. Magnus belched again, though this time it was more airy than wet. “Are you empty?”

“Angel, no,” Magnus answered with a hiccup. “He’s not going to let it all come up at once. He wants me to suffer.”

Alec flushed the toilet for Magnus and pulled away, apologizing when Magnus protested. “Come on, you should lay down or something. At least until the next wave hits.”

Magnus placed his own hand on his belly again, shaking his head. He scooted away from the toilet and leaned against the bathtub as he rubbed his stomach. “No use. I’ll throw up again soon.”

Alec nodded and stood up, leaving the bathroom to grab a blanket off of their bed. He returned and sat back down on the floor, gesturing for Magnus to come closer. To his surprise, his boyfriend inched himself away from the tub, though their was a quizzical look on his face. When Magnus was close enough, Alec gently lowered the warlock’s head in his lap and threw the blanket over him. “Guess we’ll have to make do in here,” he said with a small smile. He resumed rubbing Magnus’ stomach as that seemed to be the only thing that helped with the cramping.

“Thank you,” Magnus said softly, closing his eyes.

Alec smiled. “Just be careful who you start prank wars with.”


Don’t laugh Bakugou, it’s a serious struggle


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.


some things NEVER change

scars add up - rips pull at thread - three organizations … SAME ATTITUDE


Definitely hugely inspired by @segadores-y-soldados and @coelasquid. THANK YOU to both of you for your AMAZING ideas and for sharing them!

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“[American Assassin] is an origin tale that portrays Mitch Rapp as a young spook for the first time. The counter-terrorist agent is also O'Brien’s first lead role since a vehicular stunt went awry on Maze Runner: The Death Cure in March 2016, leaving him seriously injured with concussion, facial fractures and lacerations. Eight months later, he’s back and undertaking a six-week crash course in mixed martial arts and intensive weapons training. ‘I was worried about being able to pull this off,’ he concedes of the strenuous action beats. ‘It was a challenge to find my feet in the training. Funnily enough, I did get into the knife-throwing. It gets really addictive trying to find your distance, find your rotations and get it down.’” | Empire Magazine August 2017


Even, your Henrik is showing

so oak as pierre is an Experience


My God. The number of times I have followed you blindly, backed you with the men blindly, put men in the fucking ground… good men, friends… because you said, “I know the way. Don’t ask me how. Just do as I say.” I may not have understood it, I may not have supported it, but I did it! And God damn it, right now you’re going to return the favor!


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘The Return’


Peter Cushing + That sexy neck thing he always does after getting choked out


i know i havent posted much in a long time, but have some tododekus + a very good boy for ur troubles thank u


Luna: “…But yes, he’s my boyfriend too”

Nyx: U dead