he was obviously taught by justin

Jontlex Smut

Request: what are your hc for alex/monty/justin smut?? like, i think alex would be more of a submissive bottom and monty would be mostly a power top and then justin would be like, vers, depending with who? he would 100% love having control over alex but would hand it over to monty in a heartbeat


A/N: I hope I did okay with these, I’m not great at smut sorry hahaha


Warnings: Sexual themes.


Jontlex Smut…

  • Okay so Monty is an absolute dominant, but a caring one. He’s definitely the one that likes to be in control and do some pleasuring

  • Hickeys are like his favourite thing in the world. He likes to mark Alex and Justin so that the other kids in school notice
  • He’s hella patient surprisingly, so he takes his time. He’s a full tease while he’s nipping at their necks. He likes to make the boys beg for more

  • He’s also insanely good with his hands
  • And his hips

  • Justin and Alex drive him crazy, and he can never keep his focus on just one
  • If they’re all in the room he has to switch from teasing one of them to the other constantly, he can’t help himself

  • He also doesn’t like it when they squirm under him, which is literally all Justin does. He likes to pin their hips down and force them to just let him do the work
  • This sometimes leaves little bruises that he comes back and softly kisses and tends to afterward

  • Justin on the other-hand couldn’t tease, nor could he deal with being teased- he wasn’t one to last long like that
  • He was also incredibly vocal. He was always muttering incomprehensibly and groaning

  • He was also a squirmer, he never kept still, hence why Monty had to pin him down so much
  • He was also definitely a kisser during sex, he just loves to kiss full stop

  • And his hands are always roaming Monty’s back when Monty tops him, and occasionally he’ll leave scratches across his skin too
  • He actually really liked to be bottom, which surprised even him. But he did like to top too

  • When he topped Alex he was just entirely focused on the task at hand
  • He’d pant and growl into Alex’s neck, and he loved when Alex pulled on his hair

  • Alex on the other hand had a lot more self-control than Justin did
  • Alex was not nearly as vocal or squirmy, aside from the constant arches in his back to get closer to Justin

  • Like Monty, Alex also didn’t like to let Justin get away too quickly, but that usually just ended up with Justin going full dominant and taking over
  • Which Alex loved

  • And then there was that day that Monty and Alex had been home all day by themselves, and when Justin walked in the door Alex literally jumped him and used everything Monty had taught him to try topping for Justin
  • Then Alex really liked it and so he set his sights to Monty. Of course Monty was not going to give in to being bottom easily. Absolutely not. He’d never done it before and never, never intended to, but Alex had those stupid bambi eyes and after a few months he just gave in

  • It was not at all like Monty expected, and he obviously didn’t like the lack of control, but it didn’t go horrible, he just absolutely preferred to top
  • And so Monty was pretty routine, while Alex and Justin switched it up more, but it was okay, because they all got what they wanted in the end


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One More Time

“Just one more time for me Sash”.

“One more, that’s all I’m asking, one more time, with everything you got, I know you can do it, give me one more punch”, beads of sweat trickled down my body, I felt exhausted, worn down, I couldn’t stand up for another 5 minutes. My muscles burned and contracted, my heart pounded, and my eyes blurred. As I gave one last punch into my coach’s pad I collapsed to the floor catching the breath I desperately needed, soon everything around me faded to black.

I woke up to bright lights surrounding my every move, who let the paps in I thought. Ever since I won the title for women’s UFC, the media seemed to follow me wherever I went.

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Macdeau teacher AU. I can’t believe I am only thinking of this now.

Justin obviously was a teacher for a short while. The slightly dorky, funny, yet still confident type.

And Emmanuel… well, if he was a teacher, he’d probably teach small children, if he would be anything like in Au Tableau.

Justin obviously taught teenagers.

Maybe Emmanuel is forced to teach at high school… even though he is pretty unhappy at first and always thinks back to his time teaching at elementary school.

Justin notices that Emmanuel is kind of unhappy because Justin is always in tune with his environment and notices even the slightest changes in behaviour.

Emmanuel doesn’t want to talk about it at first, but one day he feels so down he starts crying a little and Justin has to comfort him.

Of course Justin takes Emmanuel home and Emmanuel invites him into his house. They listen to music and talk some more.