he was obviously enjoying that make out

Mac got to be SO GAY in this episode!!!! He had gay dreams and wasn’t embarassed by that ! He got to sit in the audience and very obviously enjoy a male stripper show!! HE GOT TO HAVE A MALE STRIPPER GIVE HIM A LAP DANCE and even make it clear to his friends that he was having the time of his life!! Gay mac is going from zero to 100 to make up for all the years ago he should have been out and i am THRIVING

Third Date, First Kiss

Steve smiled to himself as he watched Peter empty out his closet to find the perfect outfit for his date. He wanted something “nice, but not trying too hard.”

“Isn’t he adorable? I can remember being that young, innocent and excited.”, Steve leaned his head onto Tony’s shoulder wistfully.

Tony took a sip of his coffee and scoffed, “’Innocent’ my ass. That little boyfriend of his is gonna pull something soon, I can tell.”

“What makes you think that?”

“It’s their third date.”

Steve frowned a little and glanced up at his husband, “What’s significant about that?”

“The third date is when most people deem it acceptable to sleep with their partner. Some might even say you’re a prude if you don’t.”

Steve thought about this for a moment. Wade was a little bit older than Peter, and Peter was so naïve, he probably didn’t even know what he was in for. He needed to protect his son from this horn-dog, disgusting pervert that Peter calls his boyfriend.

There was a knock on the door and Peter peaked out his door at his parents, “Dad, can you get the door?”

“Why don’t you get it, you’re right there?”, Tony said with disinterest as he took another sip of coffee.

“I can’t just open it, I have to make him wait a while.”

Tony rolled his eyes, “He can wait outside.”

Peter turned his attention to Steve, “Pop, pleeeaaase?”

Steve chuckled as he walked over to the door and let Wade in. Wade stood awkwardly in the kitchen as Tony stared into his soul, enjoying Wade’s discomfort. Peter walked out a few minutes later to greet Wade, who immediately handed over the bouquet of wildflowers he had been holding.

“Flowers? For me? Oh, you shouldn’t have!”, Peter gushed, obviously flattered and embarrassed.

“Can you believe it?”, Tony deadpanned as Peter rushed to put the flowers in a vase on the table.

“Okay, well, we’re on our way to the movies. I’ll text you guys so you know where we are so if I die you’ll know where to start looking for my body.”

“Okay, sweetie, have fun.”, Steve smiled as the couple walked out. The door closed and he immediately whipped around to face his husband and frantically stage whispered, “We have to put a stop to this.”

Tony’s face lit up for the first time all day.

~             ~             ~

Peter and Wade sat down in the theater, quietly giggling amongst themselves. Steve and Tony sat several rows behind them in terrible make-shift disguises. Steve kept pulling his baseball cap down over his face in an attempt to avoid eye contact while Tony adjusted the scarf warped around his head and refused to take off his excessively large sunglasses.

Peter sat with the popcorn bucket in his lap, mindlessly eating as he watched the movie. Because of this he almost didn’t notice Wade slipping an arm around him. Peter didn’t realize that it was possible to simultaneously melt and tense up, but here he is.

Tony started to slap Steve’s thigh quietly but frantically at the sight of Wade’s arm around his son.

“What?!”, Steve hissed, afraid that Tony would attract attention to them and get them kicked out of the theater.

Tony dramatically pointed to Wade and Peter and in a moment of pure silence Steve gave an audible gasp. The two ducked down just in time to avoid Peter turning around and seeing that they’re spying on his date. They slowly rose back into their seats and intently watched as Wade inched closer and closer to Peter, who was staring straight ahead at the big screen. Right as Wade was about to lean in for a kiss, a bucket of popcorn came mysteriously flying towards him and hit him in the face.

Wade and Peter turned and looked around but saw nothing suspicious.

“Huh. That was weird. Are you okay?”, Peter asked.

“Yeah, of course. I wonder who threw that.”

~             ~             ~

Wade and Peter walked arm in arm into the restaurant with Tony and Steve walking several feet behind them. Peter laughed and talked with his boyfriend as his parents hid behind their menus a few tables away. Tony nonchalantly peered over his menu to see the boys as they talked and laughed while Steve worked on constructing a menu fort on the table.

They sat like this for quite some time, watching the boys and repeatedly asking the waiter for more time to look at the menu and water refills. The waiter arrived with Wade and Peter’s food and Tony groaned to see that they were sharing a plate of spaghetti.

“It’s like that kids movie with the dogs,” Steve murmured, excited to be able to make a movie reference that Tony would get.

“I would tell you to be more specific because dog-themed-kids-movies is probably its own genre at this point, but yes. It is like that kids movie with the dogs.”

“Oh, uh… you’ve got a little something right there. On your lip,” Wade chuckled as he motioned to his own face.

Peter blushed slightly and tried to wipe it off, “Better?”

“No, other side. Here, lemme just…” Wade leaned across the table and gently wiped some sauce off of Peter’s bottom lip. He couldn’t help but smile as he looked into Peter’s eyes and let his hand rise to caress his cheek. Wade’s voice fell to a low whisper, “There. Perfect as usual.”

Peter’s heart skipped a beat as Wade started to lean in closer. What if he had garlic breath? What if he still had spaghetti sauce on his lips? What if Wade thinks he’s a horrible kisser and he pretends not to notice but he never calls again and when he drops him off later it will be the last time he ever sees him and oh my god-

Suddenly some man in a headscarf dramatically bumped into a waiter carrying a tray of drinks that toppled over onto Peter and Wade.

~             ~             ~

Tony and Steve were rushing to get home before Wade and Peter did and realized that they had been gone this whole time. They got into the house just in time to see Wade’s car pull up from the window.

“Okay, they’re home.” Steve let out a sigh of relief. “They aren’t going to do anything sexual, everything is going to be okay.”

“Unless they decide to have a quickie in the backseat,” Tony said before taking a sip of his now cold coffee.

“…unless they WHAT?!”

“I had a really great time tonight, thanks for taking me out,” Peter said as he smiled shyly at Wade from the passenger seat.

“Yeah, no, totally, thanks for coming. Everything’s always more fun when you’re around anyways. Here, uh, let me walk you to the door. Don’t move,” Wade flashed a smile at his new boyfriend and ran around to open his car door for him.

They slowly walked in silence up to the front door and turned to face each other.

“Sooo… I’ll call you later. When I get home, if you want,” Wade glanced down and shuffled his feet a bit.

“Yeah, uh, I’d like that. You know, if you want to. But it’s almost curfew so I should probably head inside.”

“Oh, yeah, okay. So, uhh. Goodnight,” Wade turned around and started heading back towards his car.


He immediately spun around, “Yeah, Pete?”

Peter took a few steps forward, grabbed the collar of Wade’s t-shirt and smashed his lips into his boyfriend’s. Wade stood stunned for a second before melting into it and placing one hand on Peter’s neck and the other on his cheek. They finally broke apart and Peter took a few steps backwards towards the front door. He opened it and stepped inside as Wade stood with a happy, stunned look on his face.

“Goodnight, Wade”, Peter smiled flirtatiously as he closed the door.

Wade couldn’t wipe the huge smile off his face as he slid over the hood of his car and hopped back into the driver’s seat. He leaned his back and just stared at the ceiling for a while, soaking up the best feeling he’s had in a long time.

~hope y’all aren’t lactose intolerant bc this is CHEESY~


Summary: When Meg possesses Sam, she lets a couple of his secrets out.

Warnings: Wincest, dirty talk (I guess?)

Word Count: 1800

A/N: I love me some desperate first time Wincest. Enjoy! XOXO

Sam’s still in the bathroom.

It’s become Sam’s habit to stay in the bathroom until he thinks Dean’s fallen asleep. Or to stay out, needing to grab some food or something. Or to just not say anything at all, just disappear from the room and come sneaking in once the lights are off.

Anything to keep from talking about it.

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content: After hearing some suspicious noises coming out of Dean’s bedroom the night before, Sam decides to confront his brother.

word count: 2,088

“Dean, we need to talk.”

Sam’s voice sounds very serious while he leans against the kitchen counter and folds his stupidly long arms in front of his chest, glaring at his older brother with the familiar I-don’t-support-your-life-choices look. He doesn’t even waste his time with a “Good morning” or something similar and that’s always a bad sign.

Dean, however, isn’t really impressed by that. He places the bacon onto the hot pan at a leisurely pace, ignoring Sam completely, until he finally shoots a quick glance over his shoulder.

“And what’s so important at 7 a.m.?”

Sam huffs impatiently. “You know!”

Dean rolls his eyes. “No, I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking.”

Sam fidgets uncomfortably as if he’d rather be somewhere else and doesn’t want to have this discussion at all. And then he starts to gesticulate, flailing his limbs in Dean’s vague direction, and performs a very complicated dance with his eyebrows.

“How about we talk about last night?”

Quite suddenly Dean’s attention is grabbed, but he keeps himself from acting like a deer in the headlights. Instead he clears his throat and asks, a bit croaky, “What do you mean?”

“Well, just look at you!” Sam says, pointing at Dean’s face with an accusatory expression. “There is that stupid grin I’ve seen so many times and I think it’s even worse than ever before. And let’s not even mention that huge hickey on your neck.”

Dean ducks his head and tries forcefully – and highly unsuccessfully – to fight back a blush.


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“My parents are gross...ly in love” - Bruce Wayne x Reader (x batfam)

Hi ! I see you all the time in my notifications, liking my stuff, so thank you very much for that @xsxaxjxax, and thank you for the compliment as well !! Here’s your request, I don’t know if it’s any good but hope you’ll like it ! (Oh also, #3.being sickeningly affectionate with each other SOMEWHAT A BIT NSFW) : 

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


You heard them coming in, but you couldn’t care less. And given the fact that your Bruce was still kissing you, he obviously didn’t give a damn either. 

It was too perfect to stop. You rarely had time where things could be like that. 

Your husband had a day off, and you called in sick just to stay with him, the occasion too good to pass on. You had a wonderful morning together, staying in bed late, enjoying each other’s presence, talking about anything and everything, making love a lot. When you finally got out of bed, you didn’t bother to dress nicely as usual. You both just put on sweat pants and a hoodie, and, hands in hands, went to get your late breakfast. 

Your sons were there, and when they saw the both of you coming in, giggling like idiots because their father was tickling your sides lovingly, they all sighed. Oh, that was one of those days uh ? One of those very rare days where you and Bruce didn’t have to worry about anything because things for once went alright, one of those very rare days where you’d almost turn into conjoined twins because you wouldn’t let go of each other for a seconds. One of those days where you grossed out your children on a regular basis. 

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TITLE -  Neighbours - Part 1 

WARNINGS - SMUT , orgasm denial , choking , NSFW GIFS 

WORDS -  2.5 k +

A/N -   Taw @supersoldierslover as always you are amazing . Thank you so very much for the corrections and changes . 


Bucky Fucking Barnes , your neighbour who fucks every other girl almost everyday . You’d have no  problem with peoples sex life since you have a  quite active one too, but it becomes a problem when you share a wall and can’t help but hear  “BUCKY BUCKY BUCKY  YEAH BUCKY” every other day form the mouth of a high pitched lady who is obviously faking it . Who screams like that? It boasts his ego to such an extent that he walks around completely cocksure of himself with a smirk on his face 24/7 . 

You just want to slap it off his beautiful , pretty , fuckable face . Yep . You did have a crush on him when he moved in . He was nice to people around him , he helped out old ladies and was pretty good with kids . Why is that he was so arrogant when it came to you ? Well, you dodged his advances every single time . And every single time he just got even more unbearable.

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Profile Analysis - Mark

Taeil  -  Mark

Originally posted by minhyunq

  • mark is an eccentric & energetic little thing
  • with those he’s not familiar with he’s friendly, only turning a tad awkward if they are also
  • he loves meeting new people and is very sociable
  • however, he does get a bit nervous and flustered if he finds the person to be intimidating
  • with those close to him, friends and family, mark is also very friendly
  • he is your average teenage boy, poking fun at his friends as he’s pulled into a headlock
  • he does try to give respect to those older and more experienced than him by doing little things such as offering his seat to taeil or staying behind to thank the stylists for all their work
  • he’s very mannered and on occasion can be awkwardly too polite when he’s unsure
  • he still has trouble with completely fitting into korea and can be awkward with their customs since he didn’t grow up with all of them

Originally posted by onceagainnct

  • he treats girls differently than boys; usually retaining more of his manners in the company of girls
  • that being said, he’s easily able to befriend both genders
  • he finds it very easy to click with other north americans such as johnny or henry, etc… and bonds with them almost instantaneously because he feels he can relate to them easily
  • he loves pointing out the odd or comical things his friends do; it doesn’t take much to make him laugh or smile
  • to make those around him laugh or smile, he does so himself, finds it to be contagious, occasionally making corny jokes to point out the irony of a situation or bad puns
  • mark also has a wild streak
  • when very excited, he can act hyperactive, letting his maniacal laughter loose
  • he loves roast sessions; he’ll laugh whether it’s him roasting or him getting roasted
  • his face is cute, but he’s awkward with acting intentionally cute; his aegyo usually comes across as cringey as a result
  • mark loves music, obviously…
  • he’s heavily involved in SM and many projects and has said he enjoys actively promoting as much as he can
  • he spends a lot of his time immersed in music, searching for new music, etc…
  • he looks up to more american rappers than korean musicians
  • he’s utterly adorable without knowing it on a daily basis

Originally posted by exoticnctlife

  • he has difficulty accepting praise and compliments, muttering a thank you as he dips his head while he smiles bashfully
  • mark is a very grateful person, he’s content with his life and his little heart swells with adoration as he thinks of all those who helped him get to where he is now, his parents, god, sm, etc…
  • he’s also a very emotional person
  • he’s always there to comfort and console his friends, listening to their tales as he offers advice on their situation
  • he’s both empathetic and sympathetic, with both strangers and friends/family
  • he can be too considerate and too kind for his own good on occasion, putting others before himself when he should think of himself first
  • if he’s able to help, he will

Originally posted by yutangenuh

  • with a lover, he’d be a bit awkward with expression his feelings initially, thinking about their comfort first
  • he doesn’t get upset often
  • johnny has said when mark gets upset he becomes quiet, keeping to himself
  • he keeps most of his issues to himself because he doesn’t want to burden others by venting to them [tho those very close to him, such as johnny have convinced him it’s okay to talk to him in private]
  • he thinks a lot and can overanalyze things or completely be oblivious to certain things, his mind trained on something else
  • whenever he finds he’s oblivious or someone points it out he always sheepishly laughs, apologizing

Originally posted by littlechloverstar

A/N: Again, idk how to end this
- Admin Finn

Pietro Maximoff supporting his children at sporting events would include...

Requested by anon
“Pietro supporting his children at sporting events fluffiness”

If I’m being honest, I had no idea how to put this into a full one shot, and thought a headcanon would have been easier and sometimes they’re just as good :)

Headcanon / Full Masterlists

small authors note: i gave you and pietro three kids. gender/names are not specified so that is all how your mind picks it up; for the kids i used their ages to specify which one i was talking about and use “they/them” pronouns 

  • Pietro would be so happy his kids like sports
  • It’s even better if they like to run track/cross country
  • let’s say you and pietro have three kids 
  • And, obviously, he is all about the running and making sure to work out because running!is!fun!!!!
  • even if you don’t like it, somehow it get’s passed down to your kids
  • but you don’t argue
  • at least they’re outside being active
  • and not staying inside watching tv shows excessively and on the computer for hours at a time
  • (HAHA who am i kidding my kids will have a tumblr from day one)
  • but they’re making friends from it
  • and they enjoy it
  • and they’re very hyperactive i mean look at pietro he’s hyper in itself of course your kids are like him, too.
  • so it’s getting all that energy out
  • FORGET “SOCCER MOM” he is the ultimate soccer dad
  • because nearly every kid starts out playing soccer (even i did…and now look at me)
  • he will volunteer to bring all the snacks and water for the kids
  • then after the season ends he will throw a huge party 
    • sometimes he gets to have it at stark tower if tony is out of town
    • dont tell tony
    • he cant know
  • he wishes he were the coach but with this superspeed thing it would be hard for the children to understand and he kinda has this whole “saving the world” thing on his shoulders so its probably not the best idea for him to do that
  • but damn
  • he is standing on the sidelines at every game
  • he is screaming for your kids team to get the ball
  • “pietro please don’t swear in front of the kids.”
  • pietro has gotten so into he’s sworn so much that he’s been asked to leave
  • pietro would be so hype to go to every. single. game.
  • Stark needed him for something? It can wait until after the game.
  • Cap needs him on a mission? He’ll be there once the game is over.
    • “Pietro, your kids will have a million games. You can miss this one.”
    • “They aren’t going to be this small ever again, I’m not missing the game. You are not my top priority, my kids are.’
  • fast forward a few years so we can talk about other sports than soccer
  • all throughout elementary school the eldest kid decides to stick with soccer and is really good at it
  • the middle kid ends up deciding soccer is not for them and picks up a bat ready to frickin hit that ball out of the park even if they are super small they still get home runs, and the youngest decides they like basketball.
  • and just because pietro is getting older does not mean he is getting any less hype. he will be hype all his life. he is pietro maximoff.
  • more years pass because there are more sports options as you get older so:
  • lets say now you and pietro have a sophomore (15-16 y/o), a eighth grader (13/14 y/o), and a seventh grader (like 12?)
  • in highschool the eldest is still sticking with soccer because they’re a fast runner and are really good, plus a bunch of their friends are still on the team and its really fun
  • pietro almost cries when they come home saying they want to join the team
    • “I’ve been waiting for this day to come”
    • “dad, are you crying?”
    • “He’s just happy, dear, you know he loves to run.”
    • “but it’s…it’s just cross country…I’m not even on the team yet.”
    • “Let him have this…it’s better that way”
    • “yn i am so fucking happy they like running wE CAN ENTER MARATHONS TOGETHER BABE”
    • “im happy for you pietro”
  • and when the middle child is in 8th grade (13/14 y/o) they make the baseball/softball team 
  • so now they’re not in a random team outside of school this one is with the school
  • pietro loves to help throw the ball for them to hit back and run around the backyard
  • yes, the child and pietro have broken so many windows you have found non shattering glass
  • they still break it
  • but hey thats how the kid hits the home runs
  • the amount of balls on your roof though
  • there are so many
  • one day it gets to window out and everyone is at the table eating dinner and all the sudden like fifteen balls go past the window
    • “please stop hitting them on the roof”
  • there is no stopping pietro
  • okay and your youngest child is not as into sports as the other two, but really likes basketball
  • they don’t want to be on the school team, they like the community team better and have more friends there
  • the youngest is more introverted and quiet and at school, very shy, so they like to do a lot of reading and writing and you best bet they have a wattpad and a tumblr and an ao3
  • so when people from school hear that the youngest maximoff will literally scream on the court, no one believes it because no one from the school is on the community team and doesn’t think young maximoff is capable of screaming
  • one day they’re invited to play at recess 
  • and damn, young maximoff makes everyone’s eyes go wide when they get on the court
  • because they have skills
  • young maximoff knows what they’re doing
  • young maximoff will call someone out if something is wrong
  • young maximoff is not afraid to yell
  • young maximoff is a really good shot
  • but dang when recess is over and they go back to being their shy selves, people still want to talk to them and get to know them
  • and before they know it, young maximoff is asked to play basketball everyday
  • to wrap this up pietro loves his kids and is so so so so so so supportive and loves to watch them run around the field (or on a track) and is very pleased.
  • now he’s just waiting for the day one of them comes home saying “uh, mom, dad, i can run…really fast…like dad…”
  • because bruce told them since the power is in pietro’s dna it’s a possibility that the kids could have the power, too
  • but until then, you and pietro will watch from the sidelines with big smiles on your faces
  • pietro is soccer mom™

Here it isssss! Part 2 to “Before”. Hope you enjoy the ending, and let me know what you think! <3


There wasn’t much more you could do; the longer you stood there as the room emptied out, the stranger you would look. Obviously, you would have to leave before Harry, and you were beginning to realize that he wasn’t going to leave his spot next to the door.

Finally, the crowd around him trickled out and Harry was left by himself. He caught your eye and your heart started to pound. There was no escape now. You couldn’t make up an excuse as to why you were still standing there, seemingly waiting for him to come talk to you. Maybe that was part of the reason your body hadn’t willed you to move for the past few hours; perhaps you wanted him to come talk to you.

He started to walk toward you and you found yourself glued to the spot. You couldn’t have moved, even if you wanted to. There were a million things running through your mind in the few short seconds between Harry spotting you and being right in front of you. But when he stopped and smiled at you, there was only one word that came out of your mouth.




The silence that followed felt incredibly long to you, but it was really only a few seconds. You cleared your throat and motioned toward the door.

“I was, uh, just on my way out, actually.”

Harry pursed his lips and nodded.

“M’sorry I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to you,” he said, “S’more people here than I was expectin’ and some of them never shut up.”

You stifled a laugh and nodded in understanding. You were familiar with some of his more talkative friends and how they could carry on a conversation with him for hours if he let them. There had been a few instances where the two of you had been out on a date and Harry had run into one of these friends; needless to say, your date had been put on hold until Harry could finally find the right way to politely indicate that he was finished the conversation and ready to move on.

“It’s okay,” you assured him, “I didn’t expect you to drop everything and come talk to me; you didn’t even really want me here, after all.”

Harry frowned then, looking directly at you.

“What are you talkin’ about? Of course I wanted yeh here.”

“You didn’t invite me,” you reminded him, “You only did it because Jeff has a big mouth and you didn’t want to be rude.”

He paused for a moment, knowing that you were right about that, but trying to figure out some way to make it sound better.

“I wanted to invite you,” he said, softly, “Didn’t think you’d want to come.”

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Boyfriend! Yoongi
External image

How You Two Met

-probably while walking through the park, or in a flower garden; anywhere you can hear your own thoughts

-you were just chilling and had nothing better to do but admire the scenery of mid-autumn

-and like from a movie, yoongi emerges from the falling leaves

-you stare at him

-and he stares back

-the two of you stare at each other

-and stare at each other

-and stare at each other

-tick tock

-nobody actually goes there except for you two weirdos

-to break the tension you give an awkward half-wave and he just nods back

-basically the two of you just go your separate ways and ignore one another


-so it’s becoming an usual routine on bumping  purposely  into the cute boy who always had on red headphones

-and you develop a small crush on him ever since you caught him humming to can’t stop by cnblue they’re your favorite kpop band and fanboys are so FRICKIN rare in the fandom

-he has an excellent music taste marry him

-but whenever you try to initiate a conversation between the two of you about cnblue’s music you chicken out and he just brushes past you

-one day he doesn’t show up at the park

-”maybe he just didn’t want to come today” you don’t give it much thought

-the following day he doesn’t show up either

“Something probably came up”

-and the next day after that

-yoongi’s been missing for a week


-he still doesn’t show up for a great deal of time

-so you’re roaming around the area by yourself everyday (with the occasional creepy old man that does morning walks) and you regret never catching his name nor his phone number because what a cutie you’ll never get that chance again

-you guys meet again three months later coincidentally on the street

-and you’re staring at the black-haired boy in S H O C K

-god has given you a second chance to prove yourself

-growing increasingly bold, you step up and look him straight in the eye, sticking out your hand

-”hey, i’m y/n… that girl from the park you used to go to??”

-”oh hi, yes, from the park? i’m yoongi. Min yoongi. Nice to meet you”


-unfortunately, you couldn’t even look at him properly to speak since the two of you were shoved around by the crowd from blocking the sidewalk

-yoongi, unfazed by the pushing, tucks his hands into his hoodie pocket

- ”we shouldn’t stand here; there’s people trying to pass by. Do you have something to tell me?”


-”y-yes i do! Would you care for an americano?”

-it’s three in the afternoon who drinks americano at late noon honestly

-but surprisingly he agrees??

-what a weirdo

-the waiter sets down your drinks at the cafe; the aroma of coffee is the BEST

-lost in each other’s words, you guys chat about music, music, and more music

-HE’S ONE OF CNBLUE’S TOP FANS husband material right there

-Yoongi tells you that he’s part of a boy band, called BTS, though they haven’t debuted yet. To your surprise -how? he’s been oozing swag and confidence from day one-, he’s a rapper, not a singer

-after spending almost an hour with him, you fall in love with his taste in music, taste in fashion, and taste in everything in general. How do boys like him still exist??

-obviously you could talk to him for the whole day without running out of anything to converse about, but Yoongi, apologetically tells you he has somewhere to be although he enjoyed chatting with you

-you guys part ways, but not before exchanging numbers

-AND YOU JUST COULDN’T WAIT TO SEE HIM AGAIN so you call him every other two days just to chit-chat about nothing

-he doesn’t decline your offers unless he has to go to work and even then he promises to make up for the missed ‘date’

-what a respectful cutie 

The Confession

-you guys spend most of your time together, and he eventually he looks forward to your incoming calls

-”y/n? Yeah i didn’t leave the house yet i’ll take a few minutes to get there” and he gets out of the bed so quickly jin would’ve thought the house was on fire to get him to move like that

-and one day…

-you confess accidentally over the phone; jokingly saying “i love you” to him after he does a favor for you

-cue the awkwardness in the call i’m shocked you didn’t hang up

-”oh you do? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

-”yoongi what that was a-”

-”no i’m serious, don’t you like me?”


-”… you do don’t you”

-”it’s not like you’ll be my boyfriend anyways idiot”

-”i’ll be your boyfriend”



-”w HAT”

-”i said i’ll be your-”

-”i swear to god if you’re playing a prank on me i will personally march over to your studio and beat the living daylights out of you”

-”( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i always knew you liked me why didn’t you confess earlier”


-”when’s the date beautiful”

-and that’s how the confession went in very simple words


-definitely no pda between you or him

-like he would hold your hands once or twice in public but that’s it

-he must be the one to initiate snuggling, or else he gets annoyed/uncomfortable

-busy most of the time with comebacks and writing new songs especially with BTS’s thriving popularity… you would get extremely worried if he sleeps at the studio and forgets to call you to tell you he’s coming home late because he’s pulled that multiple times already -not on purpose tho he would never want to worry you like that-

-so many reminders from you to him to eat/breathe a little

-contrary to what yoongi usually acts like, he’s very, very hardworking when it comes to his passions. The only breaks he take is when he sleeps and when he uses the toilet you’re so proud of him for being so dedicated to his career

-he’s committed to his idol duties even his s/o can’t convince him otherwise

-you thank the LORD FOR SLOW ALBUM SALES because you two never spend time together as a couple anymore

-one positive thing after the hectic schedules he has as an idol however is that CUDDLING. POSSIBILITIES. ARE. STRONGER. THAN. EVER.

-yoongi always buries his face in your neck whenever he hugs you from the back -it sends butterflies down to your stomach hE NEEDS TO STOP BREATHING ON YOUR COLLARBONE- and acknowledges the new shampoo/conditioner/body lotion/perfume you’re using -you don’t have to ask him if he notices your new haircut he notices even if he doesn’t say anything trust me-

-absolutely adorable in his sleep?? How can such an evil person look like an angel when sleeping that’s your question

-insults come on a daily basis -they’re lighthearted yoongi wouldn’t actually hurt you with his words-

-although he ruthlessly gives opinions, you always know he loves you

-take his kisses for example

-i see him as a person who likes to give their s/o lazy pecks on their forehead, cheek or lips~ it’s sweet and intimate, and it doesn’t require him to put much effort into it

-however, this does NOT mean he’s a bad kisser!! Once in he’s in the mood, he’ll bruise your lips to the point where they become so swollen that you’re having trouble communicating with other humans

-you two will be a spontaneous couple; planned dates aren’t really his thing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing tho! It’ll make you both treasure memories more

-the first date would be to the arcade or maybe somewhere not exactly quiet, but where you guys can really feel connected as a couple and discuss deep topics about life -and music-

-once bts’s popularity expands internationally and domestically, yoongi starts being burdened about how fans would take your relationship with him

-”will they react kindly to y/n?? Will saesangs target her? Should i even reveal our level of intimacy or insist we’re friends??”

-just know that he’ll protect you at all costs

-and you couldn’t wish for a better boyfriend

Preference "How they react to you giving them a lap dance" (NSFW)

(Wooooo 😏 our favs being fanboys and fangirls XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d be lost in a trance and wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of you. As he’d get a hard on, he’d take a good look of every part of you, only to whistle, turn you around as he wants and grin as he suddenly grips your hips to make you grind against him even harder.

Daryl-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d be flustered and wouldn’t be too sure of what he should be doing but knew he liked the view. However, slowly he’d go from stealing glances at you to being unable to keep his eyes off of you and would just love the fact that you kept bringing his hands to you.

Rick-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d smirk, finding it amusing and wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you. He’d love to just feel your body in such movements and definitely find himself getting hard rather quick, making him stop you mid-dance as he turns you towards the bed.

Merle-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d get into it and just compliment you on every part of you. He’d just love that you were giving him a show and wouldn’t stop himself from touching you all over, even going as far as to help you undress before making you feel his hard on for you.

Glenn-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d find you more adorable than anything, only to gradually get turned on by you. He’d find himself smiling to you a lot, only to tease you while at it before suddenly grabbing you to him and turn you to the bed as you’d both giggle.

The Governor-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d be in disbelief and would just playfully hate that you were playing around with him. He’d lustfully beg you to stop as he stares at you, only for you to notice his own hand creeping up his thigh a few times before doing the same over his crotch.

Abraham-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d put up a front of trying to resist you, wanting you to work hard for him. He’d want you to give it your all and just cross his arms, looking and smirking at you, before grabbing you closer as he had enough of you playing around like that.

Eugene-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d tense and would try to distract himself and you with odd facts about the act. He’d get hard but wouldn’t want to admit it, trying to avoid your gaze, only to not be able to as he’d feel your ass pressed up against him even more, making him lose his train of thought.

Jesus-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d be playfully confused and would just chuckle to see you. He’d grow to think you were being adorable and would just keep reminding you of how cute you looked, only to wait for you to sit on his lap and be able to hold you tightly to him.

Dwight-The moment you’d start to tease him with a lap dance, he’d just seem to feel better about himself and wouldn’t be able to deny that he loved looking at you working it and feel you rub yourself against him. He’d love it even more as you’d tell him that he wasn’t allowed to touch you, making him hold it in until he just has to grab you.

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EXO’s Reaction to Their S/O’s Parents Walking in on Them Having Sex


Xiumin would be mid-thrust when your mom burst through the door, stopping in her tracks when she saw what was going on.  There was obviously no way to cover up what was happening, so Xiumin would keep going, enjoying the pleasure too much to care or stop. Next time he saw her, he’d make sure to apologize and move on. 


As soon as Chen heard the door squeak open, he’d fall off of you, desperately trying to cover himself up.  Your parents quickly left, and Chen would let out a groan of exasperation. “Your parents are going to kill me,” he’d exaggerate, burying his face in a pillow. He’d apologize awkwardly to them, trying to cover his awkwardness with humor.


Baekhyun would be too “in the moment” to realize your dad had peeked into the room, only to quickly leave. It wasn’t until after that you told him what had happened, and his face flushed with embarrassment. “Jagi! Why didn’t you tell me! I”m gonna diiieeee,” he’d say, smacking himself in the forehead. He’d avoid eye contact with them until the incident was eventually forgotten.


Always wanting to be on your parents’ good side, Chanyeol would freeze, half-way in you, when he heard the door creak. After your parents slammed the door shut, he’d hastily put his clothing on, ready to race out and apologize. You physically restrained him from going however, because he literally still had a full boner that was obvious. After “taking care” of the problem, he’d redress, run out, and dramatically apologize to your parents, begging for forgiveness.


Like Baekhyun, Lay would be a bit busy, and wouldn’t realize that your parents had come in and almost fallen over each other to get out. When you told him what had happened, he was seriously confused. “Your parents were here? But we were having sex–oh,” the reality of the situation would hit him, and he’d sheepishly apologize for the incident when he saw them.


D.O would be…terrified, to say the least. As soon as he heard your mom gasp, he’d roll off you and onto the floor, hiding his naked body with a pillow. Once she left, he’d stand up, petrified. “Oh my gosh..Jagi..I’m dead,” he’d whisper, staring into the abyss. He’d eventually gather his courage and confront your parents about it, seriously apologizing and buying them a gift as well.


Suho would be about to get things started when your dad burst into the room, and then quickly left, slamming the door on his way out. Suho’s expression would change from lust to pure horror and disgust at what had just happened. Without saying anything, he’d slowly crawl off of you and get dressed, leaving with his head down. Later, he’d take your parents out to dinner and formally apologize.


Kai would be stunned as he heard your door open and close instantly. “Jagi…was that your..” when you nodded, he’d slowly get off of the bed and stare briefly at the wall, unsure of how to proceed. When he went downstairs to eat dinner with you and your family, he’d stare numbly at nothing, until he finally gathered the courage to make a short apology.


Preoccupied with thrusting into you, Sehun wouldn’t hear your parents peek into your room, and then immediately flee the scene.  Afterwards, as you were getting dressed, you told him what had happened. Instead of being shocked or disgusted, Sehun broke out into laughter, causing you to scold him. “I’m sorry, jagi,” he’d laugh. “How much do you think they saw?” He’d apologize to them, but wouldn’t feel much remorse.

You Are In Love - Jack Maynard Imagine

Summary: “Mornings, his place, burnt toast, Sunday’s, you keep his shirt and he keeps his word … strange look on his face pauses and says ‘you’re my best friend’ and you knew what it was, you are in love”

Word Count: 861

Author’s Note: Just a cute little Jack story I wrote yesterday before work, inspired by countless chats with Tanis and me listening to 1989 on repeat over the past week.

Originally posted by iheartmyyoutubers

The trickle of warm sunlight streamed into the bedroom that you occasionally shared with your boyfriend, the warmth on your skin rousing you from your sleep as you rolled over away from the direct stream of sunlight, your fingers reaching out to skim your fingertips across the warm and sun freckled skin of your bed mate’s back.

Your bleary eyes snapped open when your hands connected with emptiness, peering around the room, you noticed that it was only barely past ten and that your boyfriend was nowhere to be seen. Also, where had your panties wound up last night?

Running a hand through your hair and gently tugging the knots apart, you sat up in bed, your eyes studying the room around you. Noticing a flannel hanging off the bedside lamp, you tugged it over your body with a sleepy smile, buttoning it halfway in an attempt at modesty.

 As you padded your way across the room, you bent down to pick up the panties that had been slingshotted across the room the night before and yanked them up over your bare legs.

The muffled sounds of your boyfriend cursing were the first to greet you as you stepped out of his room, his voice still thickly accented and husky from sleep. His voice got louder as you approached the kitchen, wondering what he could possibly be doing at this time of the morning in that particular room of the flat.

He never got up earlier than noon and even then, only got up after some heavy persuasion from you, and he was never found in the kitchen, that boy could set cereal on fire. So what on earth was he doing away and in the kitchen before you had even risen? 

Something wasn’t adding up and you could only hope he hadn’t broken anything. Turning the corner into the kitchen area of his flat, you couldn’t help the adoring smile that spread across your face at the sight of him.

He was standing in the corner of the kitchen with his hair pushed out of his face by a bandana that you were fairly sure belonged to you and the only item of clothing on his body was a pair of boxers that hung off his little hips.

Leaning against the door frame, you crossed your arms over your chest lightly, a small giggle bubbling out of your lips as you watched him shake the toaster in his hands vigorously, swearing under his breath about 'fucking piece of shit machinery’ and 'you had one bloody job and you fucked it’ not to mention 'all I wanted to do was make my girl toast and tea so we could have a nice Sunday breakfast in bed and now all I have is black tea and burnt toast’.

He spun around at the sound of your giggle, inadvertently ripping the toaster cord out of the wall and blushing slightly when he saw you standing there. You raised an eyebrow at him and pushed yourself off of the wall, “Need some help in here babe?” you questioned him teasingly as you crossed the kitchen, enjoying the way his eyes very obviously roamed their way down your body and back up, meeting your expectant eyes with a bashful grin. 

Rolling his eyes at you, he pulled your body into his as soon as you were within hands reach, his arms wrapping around your hips and holding you close to him. “Oh hardy ha ha, let’s all make fun of Jack because he got beaten by a toaster,” he mocked, despite the loving smile that was on his face.

Wrapping your own arms around his neck, you pulled yourself up to his height and pressed your lips against his lightly, humming against his lips as he pressed your body against the kitchen counter gently, his lips moving against yours lazily while your fingertips danced across the back of his shoulders. 

Pulling back, you looked up at him with a soft smile, “I love you for wanting to make me breakfast, even though I’m gluten and lactose intolerant and can’t eat bread or white tea, but it’s okay,” You murmur to him, your skin prickling at the adoring look in his bright eyes.

Chuckling slightly, he bends down to press a gentle kiss to the corner of your mouth, “You do realize you just told me you love me, right?” he grinned against your skin as you giggled and buried your face into his neck.

“And I do,” you mumble against his warm skin, tightening your arms around him, “You’re my best friend and I am so lucky to have my best friend love me back,” you mumble as you feel his arms hook underneath your upper thighs and pick you up, placing you onto the kitchen counter. 

Tugging back slightly, he presses a gentle kiss to your forehead, “And I do love you so much more,” He whispers against your skin before pulling you into a heated kiss.

Maybe he wasn’t the best cook and you tripped over too much, but if the rest of your Sundays were like this, you’d die happy.

Harry Styles’ Vocals on Graham Norton

You guys.  YOU GUYS.  HOW FUN WAS THAT PERFORMANCE TO WATCH.  Everyone’s  been saying how much more relaxed he was, how happy he was and yes there’s definitely that, but you know what I love more than anything in the world?  A performer who loves to perform.  Someone who just dives right inside the music and lives there.  Someone who gets out of their head and just enjoys the fuck out of what’s being played around them and coming out of their mouths and THAT, my friends, is what Harry did in this performance.  

I would much rather have something like this than something technically perfect with 0 emotion behind it.  

Were there some problems with his technique?  Sure.  absolutely.  Obviously the biggest concern is the ending…I do hear harmonic distortion again on the high notes (SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET THEE TO AN ENT BEFORE YOU START TOURING!!!).  He needs some work on his breathing.  it would make his falsetto SO MUCH easier to sing and stay on pitch (it’s a little sloppy and there are a few moments where he gets dangerously close to losing it.  Good breath support would clean this up SO easily).  although I’m still very in love with his vibrato on his falsetto.  It’s straight from the diaphragm.   It would also help support his belt in both the bridge and the end. 

Here’s the thing.  I’d much rather watch a performance like this than one that’s technically perfect.  This is also perfectly fine for a one off performance.  Am I still a little concerned? Sure.  If he keeps this up on tour he will undoubtedly have problems.  But it’s getting better and hopefully he’ll continue to take this seriously and improve.  

But please, again, I beg you.  Just get scoped by an ENT and get that looked at to be safe, son! 

I watched Joe’s live stream so you don’t have to (play by play reactions)

- announcement is a 24 hour livestream on ThatcherJoeVlogs on Friday starting at 6:00pm UK time (1:00pm EST) ft guests and Joe signing a lot of Username:Uprising

- I wish I had friends I could have a sleepover with and watch the livestream dude that would be so fun

- throwback to #1Dday I couldn’t even last seven hours with One Direction how the hell am I gonna do 24 hours with YouTubers

- just kidding I’m about to be dedicated as fuck

- Jack and Joe from 12:00-3:00 am

- #unpopularopinion I like Joe’s mustache

- my poor baby and his infected gums he was so ill he almost passed out whenever he ate cuz the pain as so bad fuck I want to hug him

- Joe speaking foreign languages is my aesthetic (and it reminds me that I really need to brush up on my spanish)

- “I’m trying to set up other things for the future cuz, you know, you never know how long this whole YouTube thing is gonna last before I’m back on the ol’ roof”

- “it’s getting to the point where I really do want a girlfriend”

- well I’ve always been at the point where I want to be your girlfriend so I don’t understand why this is such a predicament for you when I’m always available so quit complaining and hit me up

- no but really I want him to be happy and I think he would be so happy in a relationship so he’s just gotta get someone awesome

- (like I wasn’t mad when Caspar got with Maddie cuz she’s great so Joe needs someone great)

- main channel might become a lower priority in the future

- “And I’ll see you in the future with a Sugg Sunday Special. Who knows when it’ll be. I don’t wanna say that there’s gonna be an end to Sugg Sunday but… I don’t know. I’m not as fussed about that channel as much, which is a shame cuz that’s my main channel. I don’t know it’s been so nice to have a week […] where I haven’t thought about that kind of stuff”

- obviously the idea of irregular Sugg Sunday Specials is sad but the idea of Joe putting out things because he feels obligated to and not because he enjoys them is even more sad

- “Wow that was deep whoa I went off! That’s what happens when Harry Styles starts playing music I start talking about proper stuff that I don’t normally speak about”

- yes, Harry Styles’ album was playing in the background throughout the entire livestream

- Kiwi is his favorite song (I shit you not that’s my favorite too it’s such a bop)

- serious Joe makes my heart feel warm

- he wants to raise a family in the countryside omg raising kids in the countryside he’s a country boy at heart

- “No iPads, no YouTube, no YouTube until you’re 12″

- “The dream is be able to have a lake and my dad can live in a little cave in the garden and look after the lake”

- honestly I love Joe wow


- “We started it as like a little internal thing that we called ourselves and it spread and people call us the buttercream squad and I’m just like ugh it makes me like cringe out a bit whenever I hear it even though it’s what we call ourselves I guess. I don’t really call it that anymore”

- he starts the story of how they started to call themselves that at 28:38 of the video I’m not even going to try and summarize it ya’ll should just watch that bit

- okay but him, Conor, Caspar, and Mikey were the original four and that is so fucking random to me

- for some reason I just got really bummed out that he doesn’t like that name like okay Joe I literally have a blog dedicated to it so what the fuck am I supposed to do now

- he said none of them expected anyone else to start calling it that

- literally you’re all Internet sensations you should’ve known it was gonna get blown up when you gave yourself a name so honestly you brought this upon yourself lmao


- also Byron is a member of their squad and literally none of us even talk about him/know him

- (side not Byron is hot as hell)

- I’m dead at how we all cling to whatever they say like the SECOND they tagged #buttercream on a photo we all went off

- I’m have an existential crisis wow

- “I just miss Jaspoli. That was my favorite, back in those days”



- he wants a pet pig ??

- he’s gonna hang out with Brit soon !

- I ship him and Brit I have since the Jaspoli Coachella days (#unpopularopinion ??)

- literally the second I typed that he made a comment about it oh sorry sorry didn’t know that was a touchy subject

- reminder once again that I am single and available

- okay but they FaceTime every week for hours and that’s goals ???

- my jaw dropped at this bit he said he wants to stop going on nights out and start going to dinner parties and such, that he’s done with the night scene

- I thought he was joking but he was dead ass serious oh my god he’s growing up that felt weird to hear him say that

- “when the time’s right and it’s the right person” he’s a romantic person

- 52:58 through 53:05 is a joy

- “I’m a giver, not a receiver, take that as you will”

- he keeps getting shaky and he thinks it’s because he hasn’t eaten all day and it really worries me

- he’d like to live with both Oli and Josh (separately) and says that they’re both very mature

- his favorite YouTubers are the Sidemen and Caspar

- someone told him to collab with Kian and JC and he completely ignored it lmao


- “I feel like I’ve watched him grow from like a little baby seed to like an oak tree. To see him do so well for himself now and he’s in a position where he’s just loving it and I’m so proud of him. I feel like a proud older brother and he’s said he sees me as like an older brother. We’ve had a lot of heart to hearts and stuff and he’s so good for advice. Even though he’s like my younger brother I go to him for advice a lot of the time cuz he’s been doing YouTube longer than I have and he’s just very knowledgeable about everything and he’s very sincere he cares about people a lot he puts others before him a lot of the time and he’s a genuine friend for life”


- it takes him a long time to open up to people, he’s usually quite shy when he meets people for the first time unless there’s that instant “chemical spark”

- he talked about being nice to people and compared life to climbing up a tree and how you should be nice to everyone you pass on your way up because if you’re not and then you start to drop, the people you pass won’t be there to grab your hand and stop you from falling

- in girls he looks for someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, not too obsessed about themselves

- obviously first attraction is important but ultimately it’s about the personality (said every guy ever tbh) and then mentioned how if looks are that important to you it means you probably care more about how other people perceive you and your girlfriend than how you feel about your girlfriend herself

- “I want to find someone who can only add something to my life. Someone who improves my life and makes me a happier person. At the moment I’m a really happy person so anyone who has that affect to make it better is the one for me”

- reminder once again that I am single

- like I’m not drop dead gorgeous but I’ve got some stuff to offer I have nice eyes and good hair and my personality is great aside from the occasional down periods due to mental illness but you know we all have our flaws

- he talked seriously quite a bit in the stream and I’m really digging it I like serious Joe

- someone asked for advice on having a crush on your ex and he talked about moving on because it’s probably not good for you but then he said “unless you think they were the one”

- one of the best relationships he’s ever been in has been with someone older than him

- “Maybe I need to go for a cougar. Any 40 year old ladies?”

- *awkward laugh* “I’ve just admitted to a live stream that I’m after a mum. No I’m only joking. Imagine that I could end up being your dad”

- Poop Scoop with Brit on Friday

- he’s in no rush to have children

- “I’m fortunate enough to act like an immature child and get away with it a lot of the time”

- he doesn’t really want to settle down/get married anytime soon because he meets new people everyday and the idea of getting really settled down scares him because he never knows who he’s going to meet the next day

- “that’s why I’ve never- well not that you know of- had any public relationships”

- what the hell does that mean Joseph

- “I’m very good at keeping it all under wraps”


- he’s literally so hungry he’s shaking Josh hurry up he needs food

- “I hope Caspar’s there cuz I haven’t seen him in bloody ages and I miss the ol’ boy. I miss the bloody weirdo”

- he loves livestreams because it’s the closest we can get to all sitting in a room together and “having a good ol’ standard chit chat”

- reminder of the 24 hour live stream on ThatcherJoeVlogs starting at 6:00pm UK time (1:00pm EST)

- “New vlog soon. New gaming video soon. I’m back. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. I’m still loving life. And more importantly, you’re all bloody legends.”

that was a lot there you go (or you could just watch the live stream idk)

also I wish I knew people who lived near me 😭 I would so fucking love to have a sleepover and make good friends and watch Joe

One Strange Night // Jay Park & Im Jaebum College AU!(M)

Originally posted by ohsexyguys

Originally posted by morkeutuan

Pairing: Jay Park x Reader x Im Jaebum

Genre: Smut, threesome

Summary: You live with Jay and Jaebum in a student house near to your university, and things get very interesting one night that you all decide to watch a movie instead of going out partying.

A/N: Please note that this scenario is rated mature and contains content of a sexual nature including threesomes, oral, orgasm denail, begging, lots of dirty talk. (Also, sorry for using two GIFs but there are no GIFs with these two boys together to my knowledge!)

They say that your days at college are the most stressful and crazy days of your life – and this was true. Not only did you have mountains of work to hand in and make near impossible deadlines, you had seen some pretty crazy shit, both on and off campus.

You lived in a student share house; you and two other boys. The first was Jay Park, born and raised in Seattle who was majoring in music production – and if he could put full time party boy down on his resume, that would be applicable too. The second was Im Jaebum, a study abroad student from South Korea who moved in around the same time as you and Jay. When you first met him, his English was barely coherent thus him keeping to himself most of the time – but now, 2 years down the line, you and Jay had him talking like he was from down the road, causing the three of you becoming close; even though your personalities differed greatly.

Living with 2 handsome men wasn’t easy. Actually, most of the time, living with men wasn’t easy; period. More than often, they left things lying at their backside for you to clean up, and not one of them knew how to work a cooker or washing machine to save their lives. You wondered how they survived up until this point, and then it clicked with you that these boys had lived with their Mothers all their lives – and now living with you, you took it upon yourself to mother them when and if so necessary. Not only because you wanted to help them; you also had a huge crush on both of them too.

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Sexually Confident Evan; Headcannons

pretty heavily requested, so here it is. I am SO open to making an actual fic out of this, just lemme know.


here we gooOoO;

-sexually confident Evan did not appear overnight

-the boy was so scared and timid the first few times you had sex

-he literally could barley find the words to ask you

-but we’re not doing ‘first time’ headcannons, so let’s get to it

-when you guys started having sex more regularly, you would always praise him and tell him how good he made you feel, because you knew he was insecure about it

-‘are they actually enjoying this or are they  faking, god I’m probably awful and they just do  this because they pity me’

- but you would always tell him how great he was and how much you loved him

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Bucky Barnes Series
-Your attraction to the brooding Winter Soldier is instant, but when you overhear him talking badly about your appearance those feelings of desire quickly turn to hate. 

Part OnePart Two, Part Four

Part Three

DVD movie in hand, cell in the other you traipsed into the shared living room in your “Oh, I look good in these pyjamas? Wow I didn’t even make any effort. Steve, stop staring!” Clothes and smirked when you saw the room to be empty. This meant first choice of the movie, you jumped over the sofa and rammed the disk into the player, smiling to yourself. Success.

You checked your watch; 8:42pm. You were rather early, and you did kinda need to pee. So you paused the movie a second into it and retired to the bathroom to ensure minimal pee-related disturbances during the flick.

You could practically sense Barnes’ annoying presence on the other side of the door. Grabbing a towel and twisting it you slammed the door open and whipped him with it where he stood, behind the corner waiting to scare you.

“Amateur.” You scowled, going to whip him once more. He somehow managed to grab the towel with his metal arm and yank it from your grip, which annoyed you more than it should’ve. “Oh! And a thief!” You laughed nastily, backing up as you watched him twist the towel up, preparing to whip you back.

“Ironic coming from you!” Bucky laughed, circling you as you moved backwards into the living room, away from the sting of the towel.

You stared at him with cold eyes, “Is that so, towel thief?” He laughed once more. “Yes it is, shirt thief!” You blanched at this. “What are you talking about? I would never wear one of your disgusting, stinking shirts.”

“The red Terminator shirt? Yeah that’s mine.”

You shook your head slowly, picturing it clearly in your head. You had been wearing that for the past week but thought it to be Steve’s or Tony’s, purposefully wearing it to taunt Bucky and your nickname for him. “No it’s not. It’s Steve’s.” You snapped, jumping up onto the couch as Bucky smirked.

“Steve’s never watched the Terminator.”

“I meant Tony’s!” You yelped, dodging one of his attempted whips. “Don’t you dare.” You warned as he retwisted the material.

“Oh no don’t worry, I thought you looked cute in it. You obviously really liked it as well, wearing my clothes.” Bucky taunted, meeting you on the sofa, his feet padding towards you.

That really set you off, you launched yourself at him, your thighs straddling his neck as you tackled him down to the couch. You sat yourself down on his chest, having trapped his hands beneath the underside of your legs and smirked. “You wish.” You hissed, snatching the bunched up towel from his grasp as he grunted in annoyance, watching you prepare to assault him with it.

“What is going on here?” Steve deadpanned, both your heads snapping simultaneously to where he was stood, popcorn in hand, jaw on the floor. Then you moved back to look at each other and realised how it must’ve seemed to him.

You were sat with your thighs around his head, your ass on his chest and your legs either side of him. You opened your mouth to explain, but then Bucky thrust his hips up and flipped you over, catching the towel mid air as you let go in your confusion.

“Whipping fight.” Bucky grinned, pulling back to smack you with the towel- but not before Steve ripped it from his grip whilst striding over to the couch. “You two are honestly insufferable.”

With a huff you pushed Bucky off you and snatched up the remote before he could even think about taking it. “Pizza should be here soon.” Steve said to no one in particular. “I ordered a bit more than usual, I thought maybe more people would be joining us tonight.”

“Hey!” Bucky grunted indignantly.

“Oh- I meant other than you, Buck. My bad.” Steve laughed, handing him some popcorn as you plopped yourself down in the corner of the sofa. You watched Steve playfully ruffle Bucky’s hair and his attempts to swat away his best friends big, invasive hands. The sight was endearing to anybody and you couldn’t help but laugh, thus further deepening Bucky’s scowl. The doorbell sounded, the universal symbol for pizza. A quick glance at the pair of boys told you that they hadn’t even noticed the sound during their play fighting which was verging on an all-out brawl, so you hopped up from your spot and made a beeline to the comms. After two minutes FRIDAY had arranged for one of Tony’s interns to bring it straight to your hands and you thanked them with a note and a smile, shuffling your way back into the living room.

“Pizza!” Bucky yelped from two doors away, apparently smelling the scent of fresh dough and barrelling towards you.

“Get away!” You screeched, the boxes balanced precariously in your two hands. Bucky licked his lips and darted a hand out to snatch the top three. As you jumped back you felt them wobble dangerously so you kicked out at him with your legs, though on the third kick to the abdominal he caught it, forcing you to hop the rest of the way to the living room, pizzas still in hand. Steve obviously found this hilarious, but his laughter was nothing compared to the raucous cackles of your nemesis.

“Bucky let go!” You demanded, slowly attempting to lower the boxes to the floor so you could free yourself. Steve appeared to be offering no help, entirely content with enjoying the show. “If you drop those pizzas I’ll-”

“You’ll what?” You snapped, egging him on. You jutted your jaw out and bugged your eyes, making a point of showcasing the pizzas dangling solely on the tips of your fingers. “I’ll throw them at the goddamn wall if you don’t let go of my leg!” Bucky winced at the threat but narrowed his eyes, breathing in through his teeth. “You wouldn’t dare.” He spat, becoming overly intense over the pizzas. But it was in those moments that his eyes drifted over to the pizzas that he loosened his grip, just for the slightest second. But it allowed you to jerk back and kick upwards at him, knocking his chin and face backwards as you and Steve laughed your asses off.

It took about seven minutes for you to demolish the six full pizzas between the three of you, then you were settling down to finally watch the movie you’d picked out, Bucky nursing a sore chin as you fought to keep a grin from splaying across your features. Settling back into the crux of the sofa you felt your side sink to the left as the weight of another body threw of your centre of gravity. A small side glance was all it took for you to acknowledge Steve settling in next to you, with Bucky five spaces away bitterly muttering about his betrayal. You smothered a smile with your hand and directed your attention to the movie ahead.

“What we watching?” He asked, placing an arm over your shoulder. Your head swirled at the move of intimacy and Bucky made a gagging sound at the sight which made you smile.

“The Terminator.” You said innocently. Steve seemed pleased crying out, “I’ve never seen that one! It’s on my-”

His little proclamation of delight, however, was interrupted by Bucky’s raucous laughter which you soon joined in on, recalling your previous conversation with the metal armed man and only just realising the irony. Steve’s brow was raised in questioning and you waved him off, “Something I said earlier.” You offered as explanation for your odd outburst. Steve looked between the pair of you two, pulling a face. “You two have.. inside jokes?” He probed, growing hesitant, as if just realising something for the first time. His eyes didn’t leave Bucky’s face for a solid minute, and for some reason his closest friend refused to return the look, suddenly finding great interest in the wall opposite him. Even you were confused by his actions.

“It’s funny because he’s half robot too.” You snickered, launching a pillow at Barnes which he swatted away instantly. With a shake of the head Steve smiled at you and pressed play on the movie. You couldn’t help but wonder what was on his mind and found the constant flitting glances of Barnes at your figure disorientating and confusing. You shot him a perplexed look after a while of purposefully ignoring him, which for some reason caused him to jerk his head back and not acknowledge you for the rest of the movie.

Had you just stepped into some odd non-eye contact holding dimension or something? But not all was bad, the pizza was tasty, the movie fulfilling and the kiss Steve pressed to your forehead when you retired to your room tender. Living in the compound wasn’t so bad.


Part Four



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“A Terran not knowing how to dance, well that’s a lie if ever I’ve heard one,” Peter cocked a smirk at you, it was obvious he thought you were lying. The twinkle in his eyes however told you that he wasn’t willing to let this conversation go, especially not with you. He hadn’t seen a Terran for a number of years and for you to show up and join the Guardians, well that was just a blessing from the heavens for him.

“Yeah well, dancing was never my thing. It was something that took my focus off training and then I got taken here. I never had any time for it,” You shrugged, a crest fallen look on your face. You folded your arms over your chest and looked away, embarrassed. In mere seconds’ music filled your ears, ‘Hooked on a feeling’ to be exact. Peter had already come over and taken your arms away from your chest, taken both your hands in his. A blush formed on your face at this contact, but before long he started you on a small swing, before you got into a basic waltz.

“Peter are you sure this is a good idea? I’m going to break your toes or something,” You muttered, watching your feet intently.

“This is a great idea (Y/N), can’t have my Star Lady not knowing how to dance,” Peter smirked, pulling you into a spin, causing you to squeak in surprise. You smiled as Peter started to dance on his own, inviting you to do the same. Cautiously, you moved to the beat, unaware of the rest of the Guardians watching you. Peter went back to pull you into a waltz again before Rocket scurried in front of him.

“Mind if I cut in?” Rocket asked, holding onto your hands. You laughed at him lightly, before enclosing his small paws in your hands and nodding. You a rocket went for a basic dance, with Peter and Drax watching you both intently.

“It seems you’ve taught her how to dance, not very well obviously,” Drax taunted at Peter as you stumble a little before regaining your balance and breaking away from Rocket.

“Well, at least she’s having fun,” Peter grinned as he watched you continue to dance.

In Honor of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 coming out I thought I’d make an imagine for it. I hope you all enjoy!

Dealing With The Fall Out

Pairing: Josh/Reader Rating: Mature Warnings: Smut, Rough Sex, Spanking, Angry Josh, Bondage A/N: Comeback Queen.

Originally posted by odetotop

Today was finally here. You and your boyfriend, Josh, were on your way to a Fall Out Boy concert. Since Josh was, well, Josh, he was granted backstage passes and the two of you were going to watch the show from there as well. Josh knew how much you liked them which is why he bought the tickets in the first place. He also knew about your little crushes on Pete and Patrick, but you knew you would choose Josh over them any day. But that didn’t stop the jealousy that flickered in him every now and then. Your cat pulled into the back, away from all the commotion up front. The two of you were rushed inside and started walking to the area the band was practicing at. “Josh! Hey!” Pete says, walking over and hugging him. “And you must be the lovely girlfriend we’ve heard a lot about” He says, smiling at you. You were completely starstruck. You just smiled and nodded, suddenly not able to form any of your words. “Is she okay?” Patrick asks, seeming genuinely concerned. You felt your face flush, suddenly realized you were just staring at them and not moving or speaking. “Oh, yeah, no. I’m fine” you say, reassuringly. “She’s a big fan of you guys” Josh says, a bit of salt behind his words. “Josh!” You say, feeling even more embarrassed. “It’s okay, I’d rather you be like this then screaming in my face” Pete jokes, obviously trying to lighten the mood. You all talk for a bit longer, until the time comes for them to go on stage. “Hope you guys enjoy the show!” They tell the both of you, before heading out. You and Josh go and stand on the side stave, and jam out to the music. Mostly you, Josh was seemingly mad. You both don’t say anything for a while, but Josh finally speaks. “So are you trying to make me jealous?” He asks, leaning down to your ear so you could hear him. “No, what? I barely said anything to them anyway” You reply. “But your actions spoke for you” he said. And that was the end of the conversation. The set continues on, and Josh seems to lighten up and start having a better time. As the set nears to a close, you and Josh go back to the area you had started in and sit down to cool off. You sit in an uncomfortable silence until Josh grabs your hand. “Listen, I’m sorry for going off on you, I just know you like them so much” he says, rubbing circles on your hand with his thumb. “Josh, it’s fine.” You reply reassuringly. You had thought it was incredibly hot when he got mad, the dark look in his eyes, his building brings, his clenched jaw, everything. But of course, you’d never admit that. The two of you stood up when they came back to the backstage area and congratulated the boys for their performance. “It was so good. It was great being here and watching you guys. Thanks for having me.” You say, hugging each of them. “Don’t worry about it. We loved having you here. Josh as well, always” Pete says. Josh nods and wraps an arm around your waist. “What are you two doing now?” Patrick asks. Josh opens his mouth, but you’re quick to cut him off. “Nothing. What are you guys doing?” You say, probably a bit too excitedly. “We usually just hang out around here for a bit, you guys are welcome to stay” Patrick says, sitting down on a couch. You nod and look at Josh pleadingly, before he sighs and sits down with all of you. You remember how riled Josh had been, so you decide to take it a step further. You were very openly flirting with them, but not too much to the point they would notice or where it would be crossing a line. But just enough so Josh would know. “Yeah, you guys are probably my favorite band. I’ve loved listening to you ever since you started, honestly” you say, leaning towards the other boys, sure to be showing off cleavage. Pete looked down, and smiled to himself. “That means a lot” he says, cheeks turning a bit red. “Of course” you say, placing a hand on his knee. Almost immediately, Josh stands up and pulls you with him. “Okay, hate to cut this short, but we should probably get back to our hotel” he says. You rush your goodbyes to the men, before fallowing closely behind Josh, with his tight grip on you. Once you’re outside the area and there’s no one around, Josh pushes you against the wall and blocks you in with his arms. He pushes his hips into yours and looks deep into your eyes. “I bet you thought you were being so fucking cute in there.” He says, searching for a reaction. “Josh. It’s not a big deal. It was just friendly” You say. Josh chuckles darkly. “Just friendly, huh?” He says. He moves his hips away from yours slightly, but is quick to slide his hand down the front of your pants, fingers finding their way to your wetness almost immediately. You gasp at the sudden movements and grab Josh’s shoulders. “Josh, someone could come out any minute, just-” you start, but he cuts you off. “Then who got you this wet?” He asks, fingers sliding between your folds. You hit the wall with your head before sucking in a shaky breath. “It’s you..” you say. He looks deep in your eyes once more, before pulling his hands out, sliding them in his mouth. Without saying a word, he walks off, heading to the car. You stand there for a moment, not sure what just happened, but quickly run after him, getting in the car after he does. You two weren’t alone in the car, so it was silent the entire way back. Once they drop you off, the two of you get out, heading to your room without a word shared. Josh opens the door and shuts it, quick to pick you up, wrapping your legs around him, and attaching his lips to yours. He carries you over to the bed, the kiss passionate as ever. He lays lays you down gently on the bed, but stands back up straight. He stares at you for a moment, before speaking. “Strip” he says. You stare at him for a moment, before beginning to take off everything. Once you’re completely naked, he takes off his belt, tying it to your hands then the bed. He takes off his own shirt and pants, before crawling onto the bed, stoping at your hips, and places one if your legs over his shoulder. He latches his mouth onto your clit sucking and licking fast. You let out a string of moans, followed by your hips bucking to him. “Add your fingers.” You say softly. After a moment of him continuing on without doing as you asked. “Josh, I said-” “I fucking heard you. But you’re not in control” he said, continuing what he was doing once again. He eventually stops what he was doing all together, moving up to where your head was, and kissing you, letting you taste yourself. Josh sits up on his knees, taking off his underwear and positioning himself between your legs, resting them on his thighs. He rubs himself along your folds, before immediately diving into the hilt, causing you to groan and arch your back. “Say my name” He says, picking up his pace. “Josh, fuck” you say between groans. “That’s right. Who’s making you feel this good?” He says, grabbing onto your hips to push you further down onto him. “You are Josh. Only you.” You say. Josh reaches up and undoes the belt, letting your hands free. You go to touch him, but he’s quick in flipping you onto your hands and knees. He brings a hand down hard on your butt, earning a gasp from you. “For flirting with Patrick” Smack. “Pete” Smack. “And especially doing it in front of me” he says, giving you one final hit, before slipping himself back inside you. Your hands gripped at the sheets, as he was going harder and faster, as if he had something to prove. He grabs your thighs and pulls you with each thrust to match his, hitting you in a new area. You moan loudly with each thrust, the soft groans coming from Josh turning you on more. Josh reaches a hand around to your clit, rubbing hard and fast to help get you off. “Josh!” You scream out as your orgasm is in full throttle, shaking your whole body. He finishes soon after you, helping to ride both out. He slides himself out, before resting on his back and breathing heavily. You lay next to him, and he wraps an arm around you, as you listen to the silence. “That was amazing” you say. “Really? I didn’t go too hard?” He asks. “No, I love when you go hard like that. ” You say. You know both of you were smiling intensely.