he was number wan!


The Stormtrooper and The Skywalker … and their alternate names.

(And yes, these are the outtakes for my other set)

Vader: [text message] omfg tarkin is so boring this meeting sucks it’s sooo tempting to just fall asleep 😴 😴 😴 
Vader: they’d never know lol 
Obi-Wan: I’ve been very clear that I don’t think we should still be texting each other, Anakin. 
Vader: well……..if you’d prefer you could come here and we could chat in person 😘
Vader: Oops that was supposed to be 😈
Obi-Wan: 🙄 Sure it was.  
Vader: lol u love it 💕 
Obi-Wan: I am going to meditate. And block your number. 
Vader: yeah yeah u said that 5 years ago old man
Vader: who drunk-dialed me from a cantina last week??? hmmm???
Vader: i know youre making that face right now lol
Obi-Wan: I am not making any sort of face, thank you.
Obi-Wan: I have to go now.  
Vader: talk to you soon 😚
Obi-Wan: Ugh.


How Obi-Wan inadvertently ‘helped’ Anakin build his first lightsaber. (Like I know in the EU it happened in a badass kind of way where Anakin had to battle a specter Maul and all that…I’m headcanoning he just sat in his room, came up with 100 lightsaber designs and didn’t know which one to pick so he just asked Obi-Wan to pick a number at random pfff..).

Darth Vader, before he was DARTH VADER

Indulge my ramblings about Anakin and Darth Vader, for a moment:

When I first watched Revenge of the Sith when it came out in theatres (I was about eight) I wondered how Anakin managed to kill so many Jedi during Order 66. Like, sure, he’s arguably the most Force-sensitive of Force-sensitives in existence, and when he immersed himself completely in the Dark side that gave him a power hard to match - but he was up against thousands of Knights and Masters in the Temple, even with half (and it was only half, we now know, since the rest were given to Ahsoka) of the 501st at his back.

So, how did it happen?

The name Darth Vader immediately conjures up the silhouette of the cloak and helmet, the sound of mechanised breathing, slow, deliberate words. It’s easy to forget Darth Vader wore Anakin’s Skywalker’s flesh and bones for something like two days before he was put in the suit.

The Darth Vader of respirator, vocoder and helmet, as strong as he was in the darkness, was always impeded by his injuries and his mechanised limbs. As Matthew Stover puts it, he can only ever be a shadow of what he was before - because he was barely alive enough to tune himself to the Force.

The Vader that slaughtered hundreds of Rebels in Vader Down and in Rogue one is a shadow of what Darth Vader, newly named, was. A Vader that had three flesh limbs and one metal, who could probably have killed all ten thousand Jedi by himself if they were all there.

Anakin/Vader wasn’t lying or really even overstating things when he told Padme on Mustafar that he could overthrow Palpatine and rule the galaxy. At that point in time, he very possibly could.

This brings up two very important things.

1. At that point in time, Anakin was possibly the most powerful individual sentient in the galaxy. It was only after he became Vader proper that he descended to number 2.

2. And yet, despite all this, Obi-Wan defeated him on Mustafar.

(This is the part where you sit back and go, Stars. Obi-Wan Kenobi.)

And lastly, 3. If Anakin hadn’t turned because he wanted to keep his family (the same trait, though flawed in execution, that allowed him to bring back balance in ROTJ) he would have been the Sith to end all Sith; an Emperor so terrifying that Palpatine would have seemed a faint, almost-desirable memory.

Now, isn’t that something?

Day 24- Forgiven

Anakin wakes after death to a familiar voice calling his name.

rating: g

pairing: none

word count: 2077

(read on ao3)

So technically I’m behind but I said in my opening Fictober post that it was okay to post late so I figure that applies to myself too.

There were masks dancing all around him in the darkness.

“He is not worthy.” That was the angry mask.

“Nonsense.” The serene mask.

“He is still too angry.” This was the sad mask.

“No, can you not feel it? He has done it. He has finally achieved balance.” The joyful mask had a voice to match.

“Why, have you brought him before us? Why?” Confusion peered down at him.

“Because he has brought balance to the Force at last.” That voice. That voice was familiar. He could not remember his own name, but he knew that voice.

“He has faced his great trials,” said the serene mask. “He has defeated the evil, both within and around him. He died knowing who he truly was.”

“This is his destiny!” exclaimed the joyful one.

“He does not deserve this,” said anger.

“That,” said the serene one, “is why it is called the Great Gift.”

Anakin awoke into darkness with someone calling his name.

His real name, not the Sith name he had used for over twenty years. And this voice was not speaking his name with malice, or fear, or anger, or any of the emotions he was used to hearing directed towards himself, but with the air of… an old friend.


The voice was familiar. Lilting, rough with age like he’d never heard outside his helmet, but light all the same.

His helmet. He wasn’t wearing his helmet. There were no mechanical body parts weighing him down, no life support forcing air into his lungs, no pain.

There was no pain.

Luke, was his next thought, and then Anakin remembered.

He had killed Palpatine. His son was safe. He was free.

He was also dead.

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Being walked by Ichimatsu-niisan is great!! =DD He didn’t feed me dog biscuits, but he gave me that SUPER-TASTY kebab that was like the best thing ever!! NUMBER WAN!! =D

Plus he had one of those smiles he usually only gives to his cats, when he fed me. I guess that means we’re not only brothers but also friends? =D

…But yeah we never DID find out what kind of meat it was… o= I wonder.