he was not thinking 'we were married once'

                                         Reasons I love AvAc! Stony

1. The first conversation that Tony and Steve ever have, they admit they like each other. Steve is just recruited and he wants to run for class president. Tony suggests he just take it but Steve says, “I like you Tony, but don’t ever disrespect the election process.” And Tony smiles and replies, “I like you too Cap, but by now you should know that I pretty much disrespect everything.” Then Tony campaigns for Cap anyway ;)

2. During the Civil War event, Tony made a Capsuit to put on a show for Steve. It was a cute ordeal more than anything, and Tony asks for a hug from Steve. Steve says no, and Tony apparently has a simulator where he’s hugging Steve in it. After, there’s a picture during the news announcement of Steve and Tony side hugging, smiling, and Tony is giving Steve bunny ears. (X

3. Once Tony told Steve that he was his “favorite field commander.” (X)

4. Steve is talking to Natasha about Tony and Natasha tells him, “You two should just get married.” (X)

5. When Ronan came to the Academy for the first GoTG event, Steve said, “I got your back, Tony.”

6. Once Tony told Steve, “What if I told you the internet thought we were the perfect couple?”

7. Tony offers to upgrades Steve’s shield to make it lighter, stronger, and capable of firing energy blasts and Steve replies with, “Thanks, but I think you’re fancy enough for the both of us.” While smiling happily and Tony is shocked.

8. During the Halloween event, Tony had to do a last minute cardboard Iron Man costume because Baron Zemo bought the last Captain America costume. He was going to be Cap! And he’s mentioned dressing up as Cap as a kid more than once. (X)

9. Tony said once, “I mock because I love. Ask Cap, I’ve been mocking him for months.” So….he’s loved him for months.

10. Tony asked Steve for girl advice, and said he was absurdly handsome. So they go working out together at the gym…clearly showing off for each other, and not a girl. Tony thinks he did a good workout, which Steve took as a joke. So he went to the gym with Tony again…I wonder why… (X)

11. They bicker like a married couple.

12. Tony always goes to Cap at the beginning of an event to plan out how to protect the Academy (because they’re leaders and work best together).

13. When recruiting Mockingbird Tony tells her she can trust Steve. Once she tells Steve that, he looks shocked and SO happy about it. (X)

14. Tony makes a blacksmith Iron Man outfit that is pretty revealing, which leaves Steve speechless. Once Tony says he’s a blacksmith, Steve tells him that was his second guess. Steve, what was your first guess you naughty guy? (X)

15. When you get Pepper she asks Steve, “will you keep an eye on Tony?” To which Steve smiles and replies, “I always do.” (X)

16. Tony Stark is such a Cap fanboy. He’s dressed up as Cap, he had Cap action figures, and he even had Jarvis make him Capcakes for breakfast as a kid. (X) (X)

17. When Ultron attacked, who has the mind of Tony, the first thing he did was make a Captain America robot and he calls the Capbot his greatest creation. (X)

18. When Tony finds out about RoboCap he’s shocked and disappointed he didn’t think to make a RoboCap first. (X)

19. When Ultron attacks Tony thinks Steve is going to blame him, but Steve doesn’t. He just encourages Tony and says they’ll defeat him together. (X)

20. During the Ultron event Tony mocks Steve by trying to do an impression of him and he says, “I told you not to build those robots, Tony. We should have been teaching bald eagles how to do the Charleston while balancing apple pies on our bulging biceps.” So Tony was checking Steve and his biceps out. Steve takes it as a joke and says just reassures Tony that they can fix the problem. (X)

21. Tony makes Cap an energy shield but when Steve uses it, it turns into a giant energy ball where Steve runs around in it. Steve knows Tony so well that he tells Tony to get his joke over with. Tony calls him Hamster America, and Steve would be more mad but he said it was a good workout. (X) (X) (X)

22. When Tony encounters RoboCap he says “sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect robot teeth.” He says he’s thought about saying that to Steve sometimes, but RoboCap says it’s too far. Tony then agrees and talks about how Cap is his friend and how polite he is. (X)

23. Tony’s wanted to make upgrades to Steve’s shield for better protection, but eventually he makes him an energy shield instead when Steve is in his Commander America uniform. (X)

24. During the Ultron event while Tony is working on Steve’s energy shield Steve tells Tony that he’s been having a recurring dream about a red dinosaur. Tony smiles and says he wishes Steve was that weird more often. (X)

25. Tony asks Steve, “How do you like my mancave?” (X)

26. Steve tells Tony that he’s more than just his tech. (X)

27. Tony loves Steve’s biceps. He’s commented on them more than once. Telling Steve about his “bulging biceps” and when Gladiator Cap showed up, Tony said he’s seen Steve checking out his own biceps. Steve says he hasn’t and asked Tony if HE’S been checking out his biceps…Tony then says he’s a scientist (which means yes, he’s been checking Steve out). (X)

28. Tony is talking to Peter Quill and Peter doesn’t understand some of the scientific terms Tony’s using. Steve steps in and DEFINES the word, Tony is shocked, and Steve is so proud and says “futurism!” (X)

29. Tony confides in Steve at the beginning of an event and Steve wants to hear it. Tony refuses to tell him cause he doesn’t want Steve to change his plans and says he can’t make all of Steve’s life choices for him. (Tony definitely wants to be a part of Steve’s life decisions). (X

30. During the GoTG2 event Steve’s costume is “Ravager Captain America” and he has a great outfit made of leather with leather straps and he has a mohawk. This leaves Tony speechless, and Tony has never been speechless before. (I’m pretty sure Tony loved the leather, and rock ‘n roll look). (X)

“God, you always look so hot” Harry Styles Smut.

Part one

This wasn’t requested, this was just another random creation inspired by the idea of Harry getting turned on by watching you get ready.

Includes: A tiny bit of fluff(?), a tiny bit of frustrated horny Harry, and smut ;)

I don’t know how many parts this will be and I think this part is bad but this will probably be two parts.


please enjoy!

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Two Nights Stand Part 6

Summary: (Modern Au) After a bad breakup, your roommate insists that you need to a one night stand to end your dry spell. Following her advice, you have a bad one night stand with Bucky Barnes, but what happened when you are forced to spend time with him?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1758

Warnings: This is vaguely inspired by a movie of the same name. In the future, the series will be having smut so be warned. This chapter has taks about bad sex and bad puns.

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Credits to the gifs owners

Bucky leads you to his bedroom, he sits on his bed before saying “Okay, so here we are. Be honest, but don’t be cruel and then I can give you, my feedback.” You arch your eyebrows, your feedback? If you remember correctly he was having a really good time.

 You sit by his side, not believing that he could have any tips for you, not that you were a sex goddess, but come on, he had an orgasm.

“Your feedback? Please, you first. I’m very curious.” You say trying not to sound sarcastic, the way he smiles at you shows you that you failed “Yes, don’t get me wrong you were pretty good but there are a few things that… you might wanna improve.”  You can see that he is teasing you and you really hate that you are falling for it.

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The Arrangement (pt 4)

The Monday after the party, Jimin sat at his desk, typing away on his computer. After what seemed like hours, the ringing of his desk phone took his attention off of his computer. He was expecting his assistant to call, but instead he hears the familiar voice of his mother. 

“Sonnnnn” she sang out. “How are you?”.

“Omma!” Jimin said with a smile on his face. No matter what the job, Jimin would always put it on pause if it meant he was talking to his mother. “I’m good. How are you and Appa?” he asks, relaxing into his chair. 

“We’re good sweetheart. How is Y/n?” she asks. He could practically hear the smile on her face, but upon hearing your name, his own smile faltered. 

“good good” he says, half heartedly. Since the day of the party, he had started seeing you in a somewhat different light. Sure, he still hated being married to you and he was pretty sure he didn’t have any positive feelings about you, but once he realized that you too were most likely suffering and also missed your parents, he took his coldness down a notch. Or so he thought. 

“Well son, I have a favor to ask of you and Y/N” his mom said.

“Anything for you omma, what do you need?” Jimin said, thinking nothing of what was about to be asked. Anything for his mother meant quite literally anything. 

“Well you see, we’re having repairs done at the house and we thought we might as well go ahead and redecorate the house while we were at it. But you see, a lot of dust is flying around the house with all the work going around and pretty soon, we’re having work done in our bedroom and bathroom so it seems like me and your father don’t really have a place to stay for a few weeks. Do you think we can stay at your place till the repairs are done? I promise, you two lovebirds won’t even notice we are there!” She said, excitedly.

Ok…anything but that.

“Uh…but what about your vacation homes?” Jimin tried.

“Oh don’t be silly darling. Those are all either out of the city or out of the country. Your father still has to go to work! We don’t really want to stay at a hotel but if you insist…” She said. She knew her son was going to say yes. But it was fun teasing him anyways. 

“What, no no don’t stay at at hotel. Of course you can stay over at our place mom” Jimin said, suddenly nervous. 

“Oh perfect! This will be fun darling, I promise. Now I can spend some time with both my son and daughter! I can’t wait to tell your father. We’ll be there tomorrow night then, darling!” She said, hanging up the phone immediately. 

“Uh..bye?” Jimin said, still pretty shocked. 

Great. Just Great. Now I have to run this by Y/N and put on an act for a few weeks. I guess mom and dad can sleep in the guest room downstairs next to Y/N’s room…SHIT! Jimin suddenly realized that his parents expected them to be sharing a room, not be living like complete strangers. But that would mean they had to move all of your things from your room to the master bedroom where he slept. 


Your day went about as it usually did. You packed your things and headed home after a long work day and as you were driving, you were thinking about what to cook for dinner. Over a period of months, you started to pick up on Jimin’s eating habits and made mental notes to avoid certain foods after noticing him pick out certain foods or not eat a dish altogether. 

You entered the quiet house and went to your room to change. You changed into your favorite silk purple night gown, expecting the house empty. Some of your friends brought you the nightgown as a joke to “seduce Jimin with your incredible bod” but jokes on them, because there was no seducing done. But you loved how the silk felt on your skin and who cares if your husband didn’t admire you in the dress, you admired yourself. “You are one sexy lady” you told yourself as you stared at the mirror. You let out a little giggle and went to the kitchen to make food. You looked at the time and realized it was only 6pm, giving you hours before Jimin would return home. 

You grabbed your phone and connected your bluetooth to the small speakers in the kitchen. You weren’t incredibly fond of cooking, but you rather have a home cooked meal instead of eating out all the time. You were never there to see if and when Jimin at what you made for dinner, but you made some for him anyways without fail. 

You scrolled through all your playlists and decided you were in the mood for dance music. The music filled the room and soon filled the entire house as you began cooking a simple meal. Before you knew it, you were singing along at the top of your lungs and your hips swayed to the music. Sure, you were kind of making a mess in the kitchen, but you always cleaned up after yourself. 

Jimin had made it home directly from work for the first time since the wedding. He didn’t know what time you came home usually, but he always knew you were home before he was. There was always a meal waiting for him. As the months went on, he realized he was less and less picky with his food. He had to admit, your food was quite delicious, but he never made any effort to let you know that. 

He was pacing back and forth in his room, wondering how to break the news to you and put on an act to convince his parents. He wasn’t even sure how long his parents were going to stay. He thought he heard the door open, but he dismissed it. 

But moments later, he heard music coursing through the house and to say he was surprised was an understatement. “Talk Dirty” started echoing through the house and while he was familiar with the song, he was surprised it playing at his own house. Surely it wasn’t you listening to the song, right? Some stranger just walked in and started playing it??

Out of curiosity, Jimin quietly walked out of his room and in the direction of the music. To his huge surprise, he found you in the kitchen. Dancing and singing at the top of your lungs, all the while trying to cut up some vegetables with your back facing him. What surprised him the most was what you were wearing though. 

The purple night dress was moving along with you and the music and revealed…quite a bit. Jimin realized you were beautiful but damn…this was a whole new level. He’s never seen so much of your bare skin, and he felt a little embarrassed standing there. Realizing that he was just staring at this point and it would be 10x more embarrassing if you found him just staring, he decided to make his presence known. He cleared his throat a little, but you still couldn’t hear him over the music. He tried a few more times, but failing a little more. 

Realizing he was never going to get your attention this way, he just walked straight up behind you and tapped on your shoulder.

You literally screamed when you felt the contact. Not once has someone been home at this time other than you and your first instinct was to think that some thief walked in and had the audacity to come tap on your shoulder. So in your defense, you screamed and turned around with the knife held in both your hands.

But to your surprise, you found your husband with his eyes wide in shock and hands up in the air as if to say he surrenders. 

“Woah calm down, it’s just me” he said.

“Oh my god, Jimin what the hell! You scared me!” you said as you turned down the music. You mentally scolded yourself for your choice in music. Of course, today was the day you decided to play this song and dance along. 

“Sorry sorry” Jimin said, placing his arms back down to his sides. He couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

You eyed him funny, signaling him to stop. 

“What are you doing home..?” you asked, slowly. 

“What, I can’t come home?” he asks.

“No, it’s just you’re never here at this time…” you say, not meeting his eyes.

“That’s what you think…for all you know I could have just been in my room” he says, teasing you. He doesn’t know why he did it, but he was glad when he saw the shock hit your face and a deep red blush creep up on your cheeks. It was rather cute, he thought.

“O-Oh..I-I never thought about that” you say, in all honesty.

“I’m just kidding. But I actually had something to run by you” he says, suddenly turning serious again. You were a little sad once his smile faded.

“Yeah?” you asked.

“So, my parents having repairs done at their house and my mom asked if her and my dad could stay over till the repairs are done” he said. 

“Of course!” you say, smiling brightly. You may not love her son, but you certainly loved Jimin’s mom. You treated her like your own mother. And the same went for her father. They were such lovely people. “How long are the repairs going to take?” you asked. You were expecting a day or two but…

“A few weeks” he said, running his hands through his hair nervously.

“A few weeks?!” you say, slightly louder than you wanted. 

“Why? Is that a problem?” he asked

“oh, no. I just wasn’t expecting that.” you said. “Wait so that means….” you started.

“We’re going to have keep up the act of a happy marriage” he finished. You could only nod. 

“That also means…we’re going to have to move your things into my room if we’re going to make this believable” he continued. Your eyes widened in shock. Of course you had to do that, how could you forget?

“Oh…right” you said nervously. 

“It’s fine, I have a couch in my room that I can sleep on. You can take the bed” Jimin offered. He didn’t especially like sleeping on the couch, but with the situation on hand, he didn’t really have much of a choice. 

“Oh..ok. That should be fine I guess. When are they coming?” you asked, already making notes in your head of what to prepare beforehand.

“Tomorrow night” Jimin says. 

“Oh, that doesn’t give us much time at all!” you say. 

“Yeah, so I was planning on taking the day off from work tomorrow move some of your things from your room to mine. If you can tell me what to move beforehand, I can have that ready by the time you’re home and then you can just move all the smaller things?” he offered again. You were slightly shocked by his kind offer, but you realized he was only doing this because his parents were staying. 

“Don’t be silly. I’ll take the day off too and we can do that together. I have some things I’d like to prepare for their stay as well” you say. 

“oh..ok then” Jimin said, not really knowing what else to say. 

“Well…I guess that’s it then? I still have quite a bit left to cook for dinner. I’ll let you know when it’s done?” you asked with sudden confidence. 

“Oh sure. That’s fine” Jimin says as he begins to walk away. You turn back around to finish cutting your vegetables when you hear “Hey Y/n?” you turn to face Jimin once again, “Thank you” he says. 

You give him a small smile and nod and turn back to your veggies. You realized that this was the longest conversation you have ever had with your husband. And why were you so excited about it?

You didn’t have much time to think about it though because you had lots to prepare for the upcoming weeks. If only you knew how much your life was going to change. 

A/n: Awh I actually liked this part. Hope y’all liked it. Let me know what you think? want a part 5? 

Previous parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Why is Jon/Sansa endgame?

Hello to all, once again. Of course, I’ve decided to do another small, well, LARGE meta on why I personally think Jonsa is endgame. Now, these are my points, and my views, if you don’t agree, you’re free to do so. On we go now.

Now, since season 6, I’ve started shipping Jon and Sansa. Believe me, before season 6, I never thought they would even meet each other. But, I was surprised, and was also very surprised by the chemistry they had with each other. From the get go, from the scene where they discuss home and from there, I was very…suspicious of their interactions with each other. Now, personally, I have no brothers. I do have sisters though. I would never act with them the way Sansa and Jon act with each other. The stares, the heavy breathing after arguing, the protection speech. 

Moving on…

Point 1: They look like Ned and Cat reborn. Even book wise, Jon is said to look the MOST like Ned, even Cat says so. Sansa herself is compared to Catelyn numerous times. By Petyr, by Lysa, etc. Now even though Sansa is compared to Cat, she doesn’t treat Jon the same way Catelyn did. After meeting him again, she becomes very close with Jon. She learned from  her mistakes. Anyway…

At the wall, after his death, when Jon came back, he started to wear his hair in a man-bun, and it matched Ned’s perfectly, almost eerily. Sansa also started to wear her hair in ‘northern’ braids. Much like her mother did. Even in season 7 now, she wears her hair a lot like her mothers, with a touch of Cersei in it. 

Jon/Ned- Honorable, broody, tries to do the right thing all the time, protective, etc. 

Sansa/Cat: Red hair, has the ‘tully’ look about her. Sansa also has the gift of observation, a lot like Cat did. Etc.

Now, this relationship. Cat and Ned’s. They were not married for love, they were married because Catelyn was engaged to Ned’s brother, Brandon. He however, met his end in Kings Landing when the mad king Aerys invited him and his father, for a peace summoning. He was burned alive. To join the two houses, Catelyn and Ned then married. Over the years, Catelyn said their marriage was built up, ‘stone by stone.’ They also had the most loving, healthy relationships on the show. 

In Season 7 Jon and Sansa have had so many parallels to Ned and Cat. Their looks, and now their actions. 

Point 2: Their chemistry!!

Like I said in the introduction to this meta, their scenes in season 6 were so…tense. This scene specifically. They just ooze sexual tension. Like…their are so many unspoken words between them. So many things they want to unleash, all the anger they have pent up, not exactly at each other, but just in general. 

Hell, Kit said himself. “Sansa twists him in ways no one else can. She gets under his skin.” We’ve seen this before, with Ygritte. When they were together, Jon and Ygritte argued a lot. It came to a boiling point when they fucked in a cave. Jon and Sansa’s chemistry has yet to come to the ‘boiling’ point. In the tent though, with all the heavy breathing, the lighting, and the intense eye contact, I was halfway expecting Jon to throw Sansa on the table and fuck her senseless. 

If they weren’t ‘brother and sister’ no doubt that would have happened.

I’ve also said before that they have this unspoken thing to their relationship. They can communicate without words. Like when they were meeting with Lyanna Mormont, Jon knew when to jump in when Sansa needed him, and Sansa knew when to jump in when Jon needed her too. 

I love that.

Point 3: Their compatibility.

Now, at the moment they do consider themselves ‘brother and sister.’ Even though they don’t act like it.

Now, season 6 and 7 has shown us that Jon needs help when it comes to political aspects of ruling. And Sansa, well, she admits that he’s the ‘military man.’ Sansa knows the south, because she was experienced it, she’s tasted the betrayal, the death, the hypocrisy. She’s been flung into it, the only thing that protected her was her ladylike facade. 

Also, in the books, Jon and Sansa dream of having children that look like their deceased siblings. And have their names. They dream of returning to Winterfell, they think about it constantly. Also, the books show the parallel journey that they both take. It isn’t as noticeable in the show, but book-wise, it is very plainly seen. 

Also, my last meta was about redheads, and why Jon seems so drawn to them. He’s drawn to them because of two women he couldn’t get to notice him. Cat especially. I also mentioned that he ‘detested’ ladies, but that’s just a front because of the wounded pride aspect of it. He knows he’ll never be with a lady of a great house. He ‘hates’ them, but begins to love Ygritte because of her stories, and singing. Now, Jon himself, for Sansa, is her hero. 

In the books, she dreams of someone beheading Janos Slynt. Well, someone does…Jon Snow. 

He’s brave, gentle, and strong.

Point 4: The Stark name..

I wrote a comment on a video a long time ago, stating that Jon and Sansa are the only two who can rebuild house Stark. If Sansa were to marry another, her children would not have the name Stark. Arya herself, has never wanted that life. Bran, he can’t procreate, because his ‘anatomy’ does not work. He says it himself, he’ll never be Lord of anything, he’s the three-eyed raven. 

This is where Starkbowl threw me. They said at the end of season 6, Sansa was pissed because she wasn’t crowned Queen. I didn’t believe that then, didn’t believe it between seasons, and I sure as hell don’t believe it now. Sansa knows if she were Queen, she would be forced to marry a random Northern Lord. Or Baelish would try to get his hooks in her again. She would be sold like cattle once more. I think Sansa was very glad that that wasn’t what happened. 

Now Jon: Yes, it is true that Jon is basically a Targaryen. However, if he were to marry a Stark, he could take her name. If he so chose to do so. She could legitimize him as :Stark: by the only way really…marriage. 

When Jon’s parentage becomes a known fact, and it will, probably in season 8. We saw the way the Northern Lord’s reacted when they heard Daenerys was in Westeros. How will they feel knowing that Jon, their KING, is a Targaryen? They only put him that spot because they thought he was Ned Starks son. Well, he isn’t. He’s Rhaegar Targaryens. They won’t bend the knee to a dragon. But, if Jon were to marry a Stark, his claim would stay strong, and the Stark claim would stay even stronger. Their children would be Starks, the name carrying on. 

Point 5: Their blood relations..

“But, they’re siblings!” False. They are NOT siblings, they are first cousins. And yes, in TODAY’S TIMES, I repeat TODAY’S TIMES, it is seen as taboo, but, back in medieval times, it was considered normal. Even in civil war times, for those who have seen Gone with the Wind, the Wilkes married their cousins. They always did. Melanie was Ashley’s cousin. Also, Sansa was going to marry Robyn Arryn, he is also her first cousin. 

Now, looking at blood logistics here:

Siblings share 50% blood relations.

Aunt/Nephew share 25% blood relations.

1st cousins share between 7-12% blood relations.

Also, the Stark line has married cousin/cousin before. Even uncle/niece before. It was not common, but it did happen. It has happened in the Stark line. Ned’s mother and father were cousins. Tywin and his wife were first cousins. 

“Were will you go?” 

“Where will we go?”

“I won’t ever let him touch you again, I’ll protect you, I promise.”

“We need to trust each other, we can’t fight a war amongst ourselves, we have so many enemies now.”

“Do you think I’m Joffrey?”

“You’re as far from Joffrey then anyone I’ve ever met.”

“You’re good at this, you know?”

“You are. You are.”

“Would that be so terrible?”

“You know him better than anyone, what do you think?”

“You’re abandoning your people! You’re abandoning your home!”

“Until I return, the north is yours.”

“I love Sansa..”

“As I loved her mother…”

Touch my sister, and I’ll kill you myself.”

^^^^^^(NOT MY PIC!!!)

What does LF know?

“Does she miss me terribly?”

Jon’s expression: =.= bitch please. I will throw your little ass off here.

“I didn’t ask.”

And more to come with Theon, and the Hound later this season.

I think I’ve made my point, loud and clear. 

Also, one last thing:

Reggie x Reader: Fingers and thumbs, baby. (Part V)

A/N: The end.

Plot: When Reggie and (Y/N) have been bestfriends their whole lives but the universe had other plans.

Originally posted by ivanxna

It has been three days, you were nowhere to be seen and Reggie is about to lose his goddamn mind. He tried everything from calling you (which resulted to a lot of voicemails), going to your house (only to be greeted with an empty one),going to Cheryl’s house (a man can only be kicked out too many times before he learned his lesson), and even going to every single one of your classes to see if you attended but you always weren’t.

“Hey Reggie, coach asked for –“

“Fuck off.” Reggie muttered, getting his bag and going to your next class. Just to check.

The new kid nearly pissed himself when Reggie snapped at him, a glare that was all too familiar but still somehow managed to scared the shit out of him. Smith patted him in the shoulders and shook his head.

“What got his knickers in a twist? A fight with Veronica or something?”

“Or something.” Smith responded which the new kid, who was learning fast, got immediately.


Reggie was jogging towards (Y/N)’s third period when she saw the all-too familiar red hair of Cheryl Blossom. He couldn’t explain it but a mixture of anger and relief was filling up his system. Anger by the fact that she was probably the main reason why you have completely disappeared out of his life and relief because he also knew that if somebody knew where you are right now, it would be Cheryl.

“Blossom!” his booming voice catching the attention of about fifty students and one Cheryl in particular.

He expected a lot from Cheryl: anger, complete silent treatment, ‘i-will-murder-your-sorry-ass’ glare but he was not expecting a smile.

“Hello, Reggie,” her smile turned into a smirk as she saw his intimidating figure stomping towards her. Oh, she is so ready for this.“Missed me?”

“Missed you, my ass,” Reggie spat. “Where the hell is (Y/N)?”

She rolled her eyes.“Safe from you, if that’s what you’re wondering.” She answered making Reggie flinch. Was she always this annoying?

Reggie refused to give in to the temptation of making Cheryl talk, one way or another because he might be an asshole but he will never touch another girl like that. He sighed. “Stop playing games, Cheryl. Where is she?

Cheryl was about to open her mouth when the a door on their right suddenly opened.“Oh, Ms. Blossom,” Reggie looked at their principal as he went out of his office. Wait, what the hell was Cheryl doing outside Principal Brown’s office?

“Is there any problem regarding your documents for the early transfer?”

Reggie’s blood froze. “Transfer?” he asked but he was ignored by Cheryl.

“Yes, Mr. Mantle.” Principal Brown stated quite proudly. “It is quite a proud moment for Riverdale High to have two of their students attend the prestigious New York University. Unfortunately they will have to leave us early this school year to prepare.”

Two students? No way. “Cheryl?” he nearly pleaded. Begging her to tell him it was Betty or some random chick he couldn’t care to give two fucks about that was the other student.

Not his (Y/N).

“Yes, Mr. Brown,” Cheryl beamed, looking at Reggie straight in the eyes. Me and (Y/N) will not let you down. When did we ever?”  

The chill Reggie felt in his spine could not compare to anything he has ever felt before. It was like all of his nightmares came true all at once. Everything was white noise after that. He barely even remembered running, could barely comprehend the shouts of the principal as he ran outside the gates of Riverdale High and to your house.

There was no way. Just no fucking way you would leave him. You had a plan. Reggie was going to work hard to win the championship to get his scholarship and you would attend the same university as him. Reggie and you have saved nearly your whole highschool life so you can get a shitty apartment near your future school and live together with Reggie.

You had a plan. You wouldn’t leave Reggie. You couldn’t.

He nearly broke down your door from knocking too hard.

“(Y/N)?! MRS. (Y/L/N)?! (Y/N) OPEN UP!”


He looked so fast he swore his neck snapped to see your mom getting out of her car. “What are you doing here?”

“Mrs. (Y/L/N) thank God! Do you know where (Y/N) is? I just can’t seem to get a hold of her these days and Cheryl was talking about – about New York and I thought that’s impossible cause –“

“Reggie—Reggie, darling!” Your mom shook him to calm him down. When Reggie looked at your mother he could swore his heart broke from the pity that filled her eyes. “I thought she told you.”

No. This is a dream, a goddamn nightmare. Reggie couldn’t breathe. It was as if some force removed any oxygen around him and his head was spinning so fast he could barely comprehend what your mom was saying or maybe he just didn’t want to hear it.

Reggie didn’t want to accept the fact that you left him all alone. It was supposed to be you and him towards the end. You were supposed to be together.

He wasn’t even given the chance to give you your bracelet. He took a glance at the watch you gave him and realized it was blurry because his eyes were filled with unshed tears.

“I knew I’d find you here.” He straightened up and blinked out his tears only to see Cheryl already sitting at the bench at their little park. He didn’t even realize he was walking down here. He rolled his eyes at Cheryl, she’s probably here to brag all about New York and he really isn’t in the mood for banter right now.

He just lost his hold on this world and now everything in his life is fucked up. He wasn’t even able to say a goodbye. Didn’t he at least deserve a goodbye?

Cheryl sighed patting the space next to her and Reggie gave in. “Remember when we used to play here when we were kids and the three of us and Jason had a whole sandbox for ourselves because even as we were kids we were three assholes that didn’t want anyone but (Y/N) to play with us?”

Reggie looked at the place where their sandbox used to lay which was now turned into a small pond “Yeah,” he sniffed. “But to be fair you were the only asshole in that sandbox.”

“You once pushed Archie from the slide because he gave (Y/N) a flower.” Cheryl squinted, to prove her point.

Reggie rolled his eyes.”He was gonna ask her to marry him.”

“And then you asked her to marry you, in his place.” Cheryl said. Reggie sadly cracked a smile.

“And she laughed saying we were too young but said yes anyway,” Reggie finished the story and closed his eyes. “I remember thinking to myself that maybe if I was the one who get to marry her then we would never have to be apart.”

“Little Reggie would be pissed if he saw you now, wouldn’t he?”

“I’d let Little Reggie beat my ass any day if it means I’ll have her back.”

Cheryl stayed silent looking around. “I wished our world remained as big as this playground. In our little sandbox.Cheryl muttered and Reggie couldn’t help but glare at her.

“That’s rich, Cheryl,” he snapped, shocking Cheryl. “What are you doing here anyway? Don’t you get it?! You won! You have (Y/N)!”

“You think I wanted this, Reggie?!” Cheryl screamed at him, standing up. “Hell, do you think she wanted this?! She was willing to give up New York for you! She declined my offer every goddamn time because she just couldn’t drop your sorry ass but you somehow managed to fuck that up too!”

“I made one mistake, Cheryl.” Reggie stood up too. “One.”

“And if you think you’re mistake was ditching her for seven hours at Pop’s then you’re an even bigger moron than I assumed.” Reggie was confused. “You didn’t just ditch her at Pop’s, Reg. You showed her her place in your life and made her realize that if you weren’t gonna make her the priority then she will make herself a priority.”

Reggie shook his head in disbelief. “She is my priority and you know it, Cheryl.”

“What I know and do not know doesn’t matter. I warned you, Reggie because, unlike you, I actually saw it coming and was not blinded by some false sense of security that nothing will ever change and that (Y/N) will always be waiting silently behind me.” Cheryl sighed one last time before fixing herself. Reggie slumped at the bench, again , head running ten thousand miles per second. “The world is cruel and unfair, Reggie. People grow, they change, and they start wondering what the world outside their comfort zone will look like. Let’s just say we both learned that the hard way.”

“Just go, Cheryl!” Reggie screamed, hating the truth that was coming out of her mouth. He didn’t need the truth right now. He needed you back. Cheryl shook her head and started walking away but turned back.

“Oh, and Reggie.”

He spared her one more glance and saw her handing out an envelope. “Here’s your goodbye.”

Reggie stared at the white envelope long enough for Cheryl to get in her limo and leave.

To Reggie

He teared up when he saw your handwriting, the one you always hated but Reggie thought was beautiful. He opened the envelope with shaking hands.

Hey there big boy,

Reggie couldn’t help the chuckle that went out of his mouth. God, he’s gonna miss you.

Did that make you laugh? You laughed didn’t you? I’m sorry I suck at writing letters but I’m an even bigger idiot when I speak so let’s go to the lesser of two evil.

I’m so sorry, Reg. I know you probably hate me and I’m going to admit it right now that I’m a coward because I am.  I am scared to face you because I knew if I told you that I was leaving for New York you would’ve stopped me and I would’ve let you but I can’t do that anymore, Reg. I’m sorry. I needed to grow up and I can’t do that if I am always with you, if you are always there to protect me.

I have been keeping a secret from you, Reg. You see, I’m not that great of a friend. You might object (I hope you do, you ass) and tell me that I’m the best friend you have ever had but that’s where everything will go to shit, Reg. I’m not a good friend because I didn’t want to be just a good friend to you. I didn’t even realize it then but I have been using our friendship as an excuse for my affections towards you but now I’m letting it all out: I love you, Reg. And I meant that in the most non-platonic way possible. I thought I could keep it, I thought it would disappear and I can just pretend that everything is fine and dandy but clearly I was wrong.

I love you, Reggie Mantle and you have no idea how sorry I am for that. I did not leave as payback or to make you feel bad. I left because I need to. I need this. I need to see a life outside of you, Reggie because due to recent events I saw just how impossible it would be for me to remain in yours forever. The world doesn’t work that way and sooner than later we would have been ripped apart and I would be left with nothing.

None of this is your fault, my love. This was my decision to make and I’m sorry if I hurt you in any way. Despite it all, I hope we meet again some time in the future where we will be who we are supposed to be and we can rebuild this relationship that was never supposed to end. Somewhere, someday we will cross again, how and when it will happen will not matter, what matters is that, at that time, we will be right for each other. We will already be a better version of who we are today and we need to separate for us to reach that point.

I wish you nothing but the best, Reggie, because you deserve it. And I hope you too will find happiness beyond our little town in Riverdale. I’ll see you on the outside, it’s a date.



Reggie was a mess. Your confession was something he never expected but has been crawling at the back of his mind for a long time now. He knew that what he had with you was something special and he didn’t need Cheryl or Archie or Veronica to say that for him to notice. What you had with him was different because you were special. It was sick, the way he loved it when girls would whine at him on how he always spends time with you like they had any right because they didn’t. they were nothing compared to you, to his girl, and just like you he had been banking on the fact that you two have always been like that to suppress his feelings, to use it as an excuse for the one thing he was so afraid of: love. He was so afraid to love you because in his eyes you were you and he was Reggie and being just Reggie gave him no right to even dream of loving you. You were smart and beautiful and so fucking perfect and he was just some clueless jock who got you in his life by some dumb luck. When it comes to you he didn’t want to risk anything and in turn that was what caused you to leave.

He knew you were right but he couldn’t help but still want you back. There should’ve been another way where he didn’t have to lose you but he knew it was useless. Cheryl was right, he is a moron. He was so blinded by the fact that you were always there on his side that he did not even try to prospect the possibility of you leaving and now he is slapped by the reality of it. He should’ve said those three little words you wanted to hear a long, long time ago. God knows he loved you too, so much, too much. But he had no time to mourn because just as you said you will meet again. What happened cannot be undone and if he wants to have a face to show you when the time comes, if he really want to earn the right to ask you to become officially his then there was only one thing to do left:

He needed to fucking win this Championship

A/N: Or is it?






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Prompt! Jon & Sansa have married for political reasons. After the war, Sansa starts to become frustrated with Jon bc he won't do the do with her even tho he'll hold her in his arms & cuddle, etc. So one night she confronts him & tells him she'll take a lover if he won't make their marriage true. Jon gets protective of her & growly & telling her she's his & only his and starts touching her & they make love in the dirtiest best way possible. Basically Dom!Jon restraining himself until he can't

Hi Anon!

I am liking all the dom!Jon prompts coming our way and I can’t say I’m not tempted! But well, here I am filling another dom!Jon prompt we all love so much LOL so I hope you like this one Anon!

Unbeta’d so pardon the mistakes and typos if any!

Rated E for explicit.

Mood music inspired by Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly ft Camila Cabello

~ Mod Elle

My Undoing

The wedding was all a blur as Sansa was in a daze for the most part. There wasn’t even a kiss between the both of them as Jon cloaked her with his white as snow fur cloak, one that he had commissioned for their nuptials. Next thing she knew, they were both seated side by side, watching their guests eat and drink merrily as the food and wine kept coming. 

Sansa could only manage a few bites and took a few sips of the wine that was so generously gifted by King Tyrion from Kings Landing. She liked how it tasted and she understood why kings and queens drank so much. Perhaps a little more would numb her to what was coming next.

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Prompt List

These are a bunch of prompts from different lists and books.

Leave the number(s) and the person/character

1.“You can’t solve your problems by hiding in bed all day”

2.“Okay, but first, kiss me.”

3.“This is gonna sound cheesy but… I love when you’re half asleep and talking nonsense.”

4. “Can I hold your hand?”

5. “Is that my hoodie?”

6. “Bite me.”

7. “I forgot to mention that i’m… i’m completely in love with you.”

8. “What are you doing here?”

9. “I’m sorry. I can’t help but stare.”

10. “I can’t sleep when you’re not beside me.”

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Marriage Material - Part 1 - Jim Kirk

Summary: in this chapter, you’re aren’t asked. you’re told.

Warnings: alcohol, language

A/N: this should be interesting to write. that drunk friends gettin’ married trope.

Street upon street lined with lights brighter than you’d ever seen. Reds, yellows, greens, blues— colors you’d never encountered in your life stung your eyes as they flashed over the building-sized television screens, the bulbs lining each tower, and the clothes of every creature stumbling along every sidewalk just like you were.

You imagined that’s what Las Vegas looked like back on Earth— you’d heard stories from the old bitties in your family and you’d seen pictures of its heyday, but the sight of such excess, of such unnecessary glitz was nearly overwhelming in person.

Your eyes were hooded and foggy from the drunkenness that warmed you to the tips of your toes while your steps managed a certain degree of stability, your arm looped through that of one of your closest friends.

You let your arm fall from his, catching his hand instead and pulling him closer into your side. His hip bumped against yours and you took a deep breath, feeling the cold air burn your nostrils as you inhaled. “Remind me to never go to another Chekov party. I swear the boy wants me hospitalized with alcohol poisoning.”

Jim laughed through his nose, his glassy blue eyes sliding shut for a moment. “He didn’t force the shots down your throat, starlight.”

You mouthed his words imitatively and laughed loudly when he shot you a dirty look. “You know, Nyota said she and Spock might get married.”

“What, like in the future?” he asked, pulling you along the sidewalk until he came to a brief stop before a large white marble fountain.

You sighed at the feeling of the cold mist splashing against your warm skin, shutting your eyes as he continued walking to let him guide you blindly. “No, like, soon. Like before we leave the base.”

His steps halted and you opened your eyes, nodding upwards as he stared at you with his head tilted. There was a soft red tint spreading over the tip of his nose and the highpoints of his cheeks, his blonde hair sticking up every which way from the ongoing breeze.

You were tempted to smile and pinch his cheek adoringly but stopped yourself when you read his confusion and mild shock. “What? This place is loaded with little wedding halls probably for every religious faith and culture in the Federation. We even passed one for atheists, like, fourteen feet from the junior officer barracks.” You pointed ahead of you at a plain white building which looked misplaced amongst all the excess. “There’s one for Vulcan atheists right there.”

He blew a raspberry, the sound childish and inspiring another one of your smiles. “Them getting married would be a mistake.”

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What is the wife gate?

Oh, wife gate. Only my fave gates of all times. Let me tell you about that day. One of those days when this fandom went down in flames…

The year was 2015 (10th/11th October). A regular day, where David, Mitch, CC and Kumail attended a screening of My Struggle in New York and had a Q&A after the episode. Gillian was shooting Viceroy’s House in India. We expected nothing much to happen, but whoo boy, were we wrong…

  1. The Q&A was boring af, except when a girl from the audience called out CC on his “Mulder and Scully hit a bump, they are separated” bullshit. I think her comment was like: DON’T YOU THINK THEY ARE STRONGER THAN THAT?! So yeah, she was our hero on that day.
  2. Gillian Anderson sent a video from India, how sorry she is that she can’t be there. Her accent was hilarious. That was the highlight of the event.

It wall all nice and all but then…THEN…

David Duchovny started giving interviews and wife gate was born;

First, we thought it must have been a mistake “by his wife” *VIDEO*

But he went on and said it once again: Mulder had been diagnosed depressive by his wife, doctor Scully. *VIDEO*

So there we were, losing our shit because Mulder & Scully are married and CC just separated them! We spent months, after this, to look for clues which could support this theory–> ring-gate was born. It was a crazy ride, and if you ask me no one contradicted David’s theory, yet so yeah. MULDER AND SCULLY ARE MARRIED.

Oh, and if just this wouldn’t have been enough for our little shipper heart, it was also the day when Gillian decided to tweet this while the Q&A…

The fandom went down in flames. “ESPECIALLY ONE OF YOU” We lost it. Everyone was spiralling about Gillovny, MSR and that everything they made us believe might not be the truth😂👽😂👽 It was a good day. 

Oh yeah, and as we learnt it from Mitch like a month later “As soon as we walked off the stage (after the panel), Gillian had texted David about his flow because when we were on the panel he was talking about the flow.”  

And while the panel was on, we also suspected David low-key checking his phone and this story “confirmed” that Gillian was laying in bed India, watching the panel live and messaging David…–>phone-gate was born!

Sorry, I got carried away but so many things happened on this one, tiny day. Check out #wifegate or that day on your faves blog’s archive, it’s gonna be a crazy ride… 😉

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The reader eloping with the Gladio and the chocobros as best men? Maybe her parents didn't want them married?

This is so cuuuuuuuute omg. I hope this is okay, I think it’s a little rushed but I hope you enjoy in any case. Just a small drabble to tide you guys over, maybe I’ll revisit this idea some day. ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

“Where are we going?” Prompto whined from the back seat. “And how come I can’t drive shotgun?”

“Pipe down,” Gladio ordered from behind the wheel, shooting him an irate glance in the rearview mirror. You gently patted his arm from the seat beside him, a small smile on your face. You and Gladio had told your friends that you wanted to take them on a small road trip, but didn’t tell them where you were going. You loaded them up in the back of the Regalia, and started off down the road.

“I must admit,” Ignis chimed in from the back seat. “I’m rather curious as to our destination. We seem to be heading south—what business could the two of you possibly have south of the Crown City?”

“Just enjoy the ride, Iggy,” you replied coyly, turning to wink at him. “You’ll see soon enough.”

The drive was long, and the sun beat down from the sky. But Prompto kept asking where you were going and if you were there yet, and Gladio kept barking at him that you were getting close.

Eventually, the Regalia pulled into the parking lot and Gladio stopped the car.

Noctis peered around, and saw nothing but ocean, a blue horizon for as far as the eye could see. “Are we in Galdin Quay?”

“Galdin Quay?” Prompto repeated. “What are we doing here?”

“Fishing trip?” Noctis asked, his voice carrying a hopeful tone.

“No,” you answered, stepping out of the car and pulling out a duffel bag from the trunk. You looked over at Gladio, whose face was rosy as he bit back a smile. “Gladdy and I are getting married.”

Noctis and Prompto almost fell out of the car, while Ignis gracefully exited on the other side.

“You’re getting WHAT?”

“Fill them in, would you, hon?” you rose to your tip toes to give Gladio a peck on the lips. “I’m going to check into our rooms.”

He nodded and swatted your ass as you walked away, earning a yelp and a playful glare as you headed towards the reception desk. Gladio turned to see his three friends staring impatiently at him, demanding an explanation.

“Well?” Prompto asked, tapping his foot against the ground with his arms folded over his chest. “When were you gonna tell us, Big Guy?”

Gladio scratched at the back of his head. “We didn’t want to make a big deal of it,” he admitted. “You know how her parents are. They don’t really approve of our relationship.”

“Have they ever offered you an explanation as to why, aside from the fact that your profession keeps you tied to the Crown?” Ignis inquired, his hands on his hips.

Gladio shook his head. “No. I think maybe they just don’t like me. Can’t say that us eloping is going to do me any favours, but…” he sighed, looking off at where you were. “I love her. And I want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Noctis punched Gladio on the bicep, and then recoiled, shaking out his hand. Gladio snorted. “I’m happy for you, Gladio,” he said once he recovered. “I remember when you met her. You told me and the guys that you wanted to marry her right then and there.”

Gladio shrugged. “That hasn’t changed. Clearly.”

“Come,” Ignis led his friends in the direction of the hotel. “I think it’s best that we get the groom ready for his own wedding.”

The sun was starting to set at the end of the dock as Gladio stood there next to the pastor, waiting for you to arrive. He’d changed into white pants and a white button-down shirt, opting to actually wear it properly this time. His friends stood alongside him in a row, and Prompto had his camera at the ready.

Small white twinkle lights lined the railings of the dock, and little candles were on each side, creating an aisle that led to the groom.

When Gladio saw you, his jaw slowly dropped.

You were dressed in a simple white gown, spaghetti-strapped and flowing around your frame, your hair curled neatly over one shoulder. You wore a bird-cage veil that was pinned to the side of your head, and in your hand you held a bouquet of light pink gladioli.

You smiled when you reached him, and could have sworn you saw tears in his eyes. Ignis took the flowers from you and you gripped onto Gladio’s hands, which were clammy and shaking. You were sure that yours were the same.

The pastor made his speech. He turned to Gladio, and he turned to you. He had you repeat each other’s names, and then Gladio pulled the rings out of his pocket. He put yours on your finger, whispering his vows in your ear with a trembling voice. You put the ring on his, trying to get the words out past the tears pricking the corners of your eyes and the tightness of your throat.

Finally, you heard the words. “You may kiss the bride.”

Gladio wasted no time, pulling you against him and pressing his lips against yours. He dipped you down low as your arms came to wrap around his neck. The guys cheered and Prompto snapped away with his camera, blubbering at how romantic it was.

“I love you,” Gladio whispered into your ear. “Until my dying breath, I love you.”

You looked up at your new husband and smiled so wide that your cheeks hurt, never wanting the moment to end. You rose to your toes and kissed him again as the sun dipped below the horizon, signalling the start of your new life together.


Gotta tell you, one of my favorite parts of being married is being able to shut down idiots who say this to me with two words and a sardonic smile. Granted, I did that before, but “I’m married” carries more weight than “Not interested.” Which, I think, says something about the kind of guys who use this pickup line.

One day, maybe- when we have the money for the wedding it’ll happen. 

At work I have more problems with meddling moms and aunts. I took my ring off ONCE because my hands were swelling and this woman literally grabbed my hand to see if I had a ring because ‘you’re so nice and my nephew- he’s a sweet boy but he needs to meet a nice girl like you.’ One woman literally tried to set me up with one of the framers (the one who makes Nazi jokes) while looking at my ring and asking if it was a marriage band. 


Quit it. 

Heathens // Draco Malfoy


Draco Malfoy X Female Reader (also Slytherin, sorry I couldn’t do something more house neutral)

Summary: The request I got was rather long and detailed, but it’s basically being betrothed to Draco Malfoy as well as carrying the next Malfoy heir is already a lot of pressure, You Know Who only makes it better. Requested by @hunger-thoughts

Warning(s): implied smut, death, pregnancy ‘problems’

A/N: More writing from me! Sorry, this might be long, I extended the Hogwarts school year (only by one week) and I was also too scared to write smut because I’m still decently new to writing, but, I hope you enjoy this! P.S - This writing piece might be a little sad, so, before you read, here’s a joke for you: Where do wizards eat cheese at Hogwarts? THE GRATE HALL! Hahahahahaha… I’m so lonely :’)

Originally posted by daisiesanddraco

Reader’s POV

August 16, 1996

The only thing worse than being a Death Eater yourself, is your kid being one.

My dark mark had appeared a few days ago, and my parents told me we’re to go to Malfoy Manor and speak to Lucius, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy about a “private manner”.

When we arrived, Narcissa kindly greeted us first, Lucius greeted us coldly, and Draco seemed rather low and depressed. I would be, too, if I were a member of one of the most powerful wizard families to ever exist. Under so much pressure.

We sat down at their long dining room table with plates in front of us, containing various foods I couldn’t pronounce. We sat in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes.

Lucius cleared his voice, Draco (Y/N), I think we should let you in on why our families have been communicating for that past three months.“

I stopped chewing and began to listen.

Lucius continued, "We have decided that, to keep with our pure-blooded family, it would be best for you two to marry.”

I assumed he wasn’t finished talking, but, Draco had interjected, “But, father-”

“And you are expected to carry the next Malfoy heir, in case something is to happen to Draco.” Lucius finished.

The rest of dinner was filled with thick and uncomfortable silence. No one had anything to say, except for Draco. He looked like he had so much to say, but, stayed silent. Draco excused himself and went to his room for the rest of the night, and my parents forced conversation upon me, telling Lucius and Narcissa about my grades, until we left.


When we arrived home, I slammed my bedroom door shut and looked at myself in the mirror. I became everything I was afraid of being.

A knock came to my door, and my mother entered. I thought she came in to talk to me and listen to my feelings on the situation.

“I know you’re unhappy.” She said, sitting down on the reading chair near my bed.

I avoided eye contact with her, and kept my gaze on myself in the mirror, “Unhappy doesn’t begin to describe how I feel.”

“Then describe it.”

I turned around, “I’m angry! You know how I disagree with arranged marriages! You didn’t even bother mentioning it to me before setting it in stone with the Malfoy’s.”

“I thought your opinion on betrothals was temporary. I thought you would’ve changed your mind!” Mom said.

“When I asked you and dad if I had to get married someday, I was relieved when you told me no, because I knew from a young age that I didn’t want to fight with someone for the rest of my life with one person!” I raised my voice.

Mom stood up and walked over to me, “Well, get used to it! This is your life now!” I stayed silent as she walked closer to me, “Everything I did was to protect you.”

She was a few inches away from my face and I said through clenched teeth, “I don’t believe you.” I cut her off just as she opened her mouth to respond, “Now, get the hell out of my room.”

September 1, 1996

I sat beside Draco at the Slytherin table on the first day back at Hogwarts. I kept flashing him apologetic looks, but, he didn’t seem at all interested in anything at all and appeared on edge. I understand him not wanting to acknowledge me, I still feel awkward around him. Someone I’ve known and connected with on a friendship level, I’m now expected to marry and have children with.

September 20, 1996

After a few weeks at school, I pulled Draco to the side of an empty hallway, near Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.

“What do you want?” He snapped.

“Are you okay? You look really tense.”

“Do I?” He said sarcastically.

“You just look stressed is all.”

“Of course I’m stressed out!” He grabbed onto his cloak’s sleeve, “You’d be stressed out, too, if you had this!” He yanked up his sleeve, revealing the dark mark.

“You think I’m not stressed?” I slowly pulled up my sleeve, showing him my dark mark.

He stared at it for a few seconds before saying, “You have it, too?”

“Both of my parents are Death Eaters, what did you expect? A tattoo of Madam Hooch?” I snapped.

He didn’t respond.

“I’m sorry for getting angry.” He whispered after a few seconds.

“It’s okay. I understand. We are supposed to get married as well. And have a child. And-”

He cut me off, “No offense, but, you’re not really making the stress any better.”

I reached into my schoolbag and pulled out my flask. It was a gift from my mother for my sixteenth birthday. It was silver with my initials in green engraved on the bottom of it. I unscrewed the top and took a sip of the fire whiskey inside it. I offered it to Draco, and he took it from me.

He took a long sip and uttered, “Thank you.”


By the end of the night, we were both seemingly tipsy, the strong fire whiskey coming through with us both being lightweights.

Draco and I had spent the past two hours sharing stories of our families, how we grew up, what we think about classes and other students, favourite books, everything.

I began to stand up, “It’s eleven; we should be heading to bed now.”

Draco began to stand, but, stopped while he was on one knee.

“Before I get up, I’m only going to ask you this once, and you have to say yes.”

“What would that be, Draco?” I answered sarcastically.

“Will you marry me?”

I pretended to think for a second, before saying, “Really? No speech? Not even a tear?”


“I thought when I get proposed to, there’d be a speech about how funny and smart and attractive you think I am.” I teased.

Draco laughed, starting over, “(Y/N), you are the funniest, smartest, most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Will you marry me?”

I pretended to think more, “Hmm, I still don’t know-”

Draco joked, “Will you marry me already?”

I laughed as Draco stood up, “Yes.”

We walked back to the common room back together, and before we separated to go to our dorms, he kissed me goodnight. I fell asleep that night, peacefully for the first time in weeks.

January 14, 1997

After all classes, Draco and I began walking towards the Great Hall for dinner, but, I turned left into a different corridor, leading Draco with me.

Once we were alone Draco said, “Love, what’s the matter? You look knackered.”

I said sarcastically, “Thanks a lot.”

“Sorry. What’s the matter?”

I looked down, “I got a letter from my parents.”


I didn’t say anything, I took it out of my pocket, unfolded it and handed it to Draco.

He read it over and over again and finally said, “Your parents want us to…”

I finished his sentence, “Start? Yeah. Soon.”

“Are you sure  you’re ready to… try?”

“We don’t have much of a choice, do we?” I said.

“I know, but, I don’t want to do this if you don’t.”

“Well, I don’t want to start tonight, but… very soon.” I looked at my feet.

Draco lifted up my chin in his hand, “Saturday there’s a choir show. Everyone will be gone for the evening.” I didn’t say anything. He wrapped his arms around me and whispered, “I’ll make it nice and romantic for us.”

February 27, 1997

Why haven’t I been sick yet?

Where are the cravings?

Why is my period still occuring?

This isn’t what’s supposed to be happening. I’m supposed to be excited and looking down at my stomach every five minutes to see if I’ve grown at all and being conscious of things around me and visiting the hospital wing more often.

I sat down on the side of my bed and crossed my legs. I started to cry into my hands.

Will I ever be able to do this?

Will I let my parents and Draco down?

Is something wrong with me?

March 30, 1997

I walked down the hallway holding Draco’s hand, and pulled him into a deserted corridor. The same one where he read my parent’s letter. I wanted to start pacing around in panic, but, instead I leaned my side against the wall and began silently crying.

Draco stood in front of me, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m scared.”

“Of what?”

I let out a quiet sob, “Nothing’s happened yet.”

“What do you mean?”

“I haven’t even felt nauseous at all yet.” I wiped my eyes.

He wrapped his arms around me, “We’ve been trying for two months, not two years. These things take time.”

I took a breath and wiped my face, “Sorry. I’m going mad.”

He whispered, “Yeah, you are.”

I laughed and said, “You’re supposed to say that I’m not, you twit.”

“But you are mad.” I rolled my eyes at him and began walking away. He caught up with me and said, “That doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re still lovely.” He kissed me while I smiled.

April 13, 1997

Why am I so sick?

Why am I so hungry all the time?

Where is my period?


“Are you really?” Draco stood up from the couch in the common room. I nodded my head and he wrapped his arms around me tightly.

June 2, 1997

I stood next to Draco, making a potion to change your eye colour temporarily, and watched Draco stirring in dragon blood, when I notice a missing ingredient.

“Draco, you forgot the asphodel.” I said.

“Did I?”

I began walking from the table, “I’ll go grab some.”

He took my hand and said, “No, I will.” I looked at him confused and he looked down at my stomach, “I’ll do it.”

“Draco, relax, I’m not even two months in yet.”


“Draco, seriously. I got this.” I said sternly and walked away.

June 23, 1997 (Third Person POV)

Professor Snape strutted down the hallway, but, stopped when he reached the corner of a usually deserted hallway. He overheard Malfoy’s voice, in a more of a whisper, as if he were afraid of being caught for something.

Malfoy whispered, “So, what do you think it is?”

Another voice he recognized as (Y/L/N)’s voice whispered back, “Well, your mother wrote me saying that if I crave a lot of red meat, it’s a sign of having a boy, and I’ve been having very vegetarian cravings, so, I think it’s a girl.”

Malfoy responded, “Well, then I bet it’s a boy.”

(Y/L/N) quietly laughed, “You’re on. What does the winner get?”

Malfoy said, “The winner gets to name the baby.”

“Alright. Deal.”

“Shall we kiss on it?”

Snape heard what he assumed was the sound of two people sharing a kiss, but, overheard Malfoy whisper, “I love you.” before he walked off in the opposite direction.


Later that day, in the Great Hall, (Y/N) and Draco engaged in their own conversation. Draco seemed to be dazed and distracted by something, not in the room, but, in his head.

(Y/N) said, “So, when we have our girl, I’m calling her (Insert Girl’s Name That You Like Here). That okay?”

Draco nodded, “Yeah, sure. That’s fine.”

She added, “I also thought, when she’s born, you can choose her middle name. And if vise versa, I choose our son’s middle name.”


“So, what would you name  our son?”

“Scorpius. What about his middle name?” He answered quickly.

“Thomas. My father’s name. What would you choose for a middle name?”


“After your mother? Lovely.”

Draco snapped, “What? You just said our son would be named after you father! What’s the difference here?”

“Relax, I didn’t mean that in a bad way, I love your mother.”

Draco sighed and stormed out of the room.

(Y/N) followed him into the  deserted hallway and yelled, “Draco, what’s the matter with you?”

Draco turned around and angrily snapped, “Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Would you drop it?”

She stepped back, startled. She approached him, slower and quieter, “Draco?” He stayed where he was and leaned against the wall, “What’s wrong?”

He started to cry, wrapping his arms around (Y/N), tighter than ever.

“I have to kill Dumbledore.” He quietly sobbed.

She whispered, “What? Draco, no. You don’t.”

“Yes I do. He told me to.”

She pulled away from him, “Who?”

He sobbed louder than before, “You-Know-Who!” He took a breath and said quieter, “The Dark Lord said that if… I don’t kill him… he’s gonna kill you… and…” He put his hand on (Y/N)’s stomach.

“But, what about us?”

“He said I’ll be betrothed to Astoria instead.”

June 30, 1997

“Draco, you are no assassin.” Dumbledore said, his robes blowing around with the breeze in the Astronomy Tower.

Draco stood still, his wand shaking, “How do you know what I am? I’ve done things that would shock you!”


“Draco, years ago I knew a boy who made all the wrong choices. Please let me help you.” Dumbledore remained calm.

Tears fogged up Draco’s vision, “I don’t want your help! Don’t you understand? I have to do this; I have to kill you… or he’s gonna kill me…” He lied, though, it’s what he’d rather have happen than having (Y/N) and his unborn child die.

The other Death Eater’s arrived at the top of the steps as Draco prepared himself to inflict the killing curse.

Bellatrix strolled over to her nephew, “Look what we have here.” She whispered in his ear, “Well done, Draco.”


“Severus… please.” Dumbledore said.

Avada Kedavra.” Snape inflicted the cure.

Dumbledore toppled out of the window and fell for what seemed like forever, until he hit the cold ground.

July 6, 1997 (Reader’s POV)

I shot up out of my bed, breathing heavily. This is the sixth nightmare I’ve had since Dumbledore’s assassination. I stood up and put on my shoes, and decided to walk around the school and clear my head.

I walked towards the entrance of the Room of Requirement. The door appeared and I stepped inside. The first thing I saw was the Vanishing Cabinet. It wasn’t gone yet. They were supposed to get rid of it before the last day of school tomorrow. I grazed my hand over the large bureau and touched the handle. I pulled it open to look at its empty contents.

But, it was not empty.

Bellatrix LeStrange stomped out and circled me.

I stuttered, “H-How did you know know I was in here?”

She giggled disgustingly, “Someone’s been keeping a little eye on you tonight.” She looked behind my head. I slowly turned around, not knowing who could be there.

Did Draco betray me?

Did Pansy have it out for me that bad?

Did Astoria really want Draco?

It was Snape.

“What is this? Why’s this happening? Draco killed Dumbledore.” I couldn’t move.

Snape uttered, “Draco didn’t kill him. I did.” Before I could speak again, Snape cut me off, “And The Dark Lord said if Draco doesn’t fulfill his task, then kill his lover and unborn child.”

Tears blurred my vision, “How did you know I’m-”

“Your robes hid your secret rather well, I overheard you talking about it. Should’ve learned to keep your mouth shut, (Y/L/N).” Snape said.

I sobbed, “No, please don’t-”

Avada Kedavra!”

whisperingshade22  asked:

Hey hey hey. I just read a bunch of your Saeyoung writings and I just can't get enough lol~ If you're taking requests, do you think you could write either number 71 or 49 from the prompt list for Saeyoung? (I live for the moments in your writing where there's lots of kisses and MC and Saeyoung just being SO in love with each other ahsjhdjs, so if you wanna put that in haha~) As always, endless praise for your talented writing and I can't wait for your future works!!! Have a nice day/night~❤️❤️❤️

Haha, thank you so much! I hope this is okay! If you want something less fluffy, let me know, but I hope you like this all the same:D

49.)  “I have to tell you something”

The wind combed its fingers through your hair, sending pleasant shivers down your neck. The air was cool and crisp and absolutely delicious. Across the horizon, tall buildings loomed in the distance, a few lights glittering the city like stars in a night sky. All of your senses were engaged, and you would’ve have been thoroughly enjoying it–you know, if you weren’t dangling over sixty feet off the ground.

You weren’t sure how you ended up in the rickety seat of a Ferris Wheel, but you blamed the red-head sitting beside you. That’s right. It was your stupid boyfriend who had asked if you wanted to go, and you had stupidly agreed because he gave you that stupid grin that made it against your very nature to refuse.

“Are you trying to crush my bones?” Saeyoung yelped, stretching out his fingers from your death grip. Without his hold to anchor you, your stomach took a steep plunge, and for a moment, you thought the rest of your body had too. You gasped at the gust that rocked the small passenger car. Instinctively, you clutched onto Saeyoung’s jacket and shut your eyes.

The warmth of his fingertips across your lower back bid you to open them again. Resisting the urge to look down, you fixated your gaze on the man in front of you. He surveyed your face, brows quirking inquisitively. “Are you okay? You’re really pale.”

You swallowed hard as that cotton candy from earlier burned at the back of your throat. “I have something to tell you, Saeyoung,” you said. You would’ve laughed at how dramatic that sounded if your stomach didn’t keep trying to get back to the ground without you.

He grabbed both of your hands, his eyes glimmering in the bright lights of the amusement park below. “Are you going to ask me to marry you?” he said. “I’ve been waiting for this day, you know.”

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Marriage Material - Part 2 - Jim Kirk

Part 1

Summary: in this chapter, you make your first decision as a married couple.

Warnings: language

A/N: good god.

A pulsating pain seemed to expand and contract your skull uncomfortably, your limbs tired, sore, and wrapped in something much warmer than the clothes you could vaguely recall wearing just the night before. You twisted in the bed, pulling a cloud-like white comforter around your body tightly.

You almost moaned at the plushness of the mattress— it was softer than you remembered it being every other night for the previous week. Your pillow even smelled different— saturated with the scent of tea tree shampoo, icy peppermint, and refreshing citrus. You inhaled it deeply, exhaling a sighed breath.

You opened your eyes halfway, using your hand to shield your aching forehead from the light pouring in from windows that were actually larger than you thought they were. Your eyebrows came together at that, sending another wave of discomfort across the crown of your head.

You opened your eyes wider when you noticed the size and lack of cleanliness of the boots strewn before the windows and closet. You then noticed the watch on the nightstand, the wallet beside it— you could have screamed when you recognized both.

You were suddenly overwhelmingly aware of the weight over your waist, the warmth so close to you that you thought you might burn. A wave of nausea washed over you and made you shut your eyes when you perceived the light blue sweater you wore.

You turned slowly after a few deep breaths. You tried to prepare yourself for what you might see, what you knew you would see.

His eyes were open when you faced him. The blue matched your sweater— or, rather, his sweater that you were wearing. That blue could have consumed you entirely as he watched you cautiously, as if you’d disappear into thin air if he moved even a little, if he touched you even with feathery lightness, if he acknowledged you being there with something other than his stagnant gaze.

You took a breath and glanced at his bare chest. It was so, so bare and so, so close to you. Your thoughts were an endless train of “No’s” and your gut twisted.

You wouldn’t forget sleeping with him. It was Jim, after all! It wasn’t a casual one night stand, it wasn’t a cheap hook-up. It was Jim.

It was Jim. You could have vomited.

He just watched you. He watched as your features changed from worried, to shocked, to mortified. He watched as you scowled, he watched as your lips fell open. Of course, he’d gone through a similar progression— but he was considerate enough not to go through it in front of you. “S’real rude.”

You closed your mouth immediately and shook your head with shut eyes. “Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“No need to be sorry, you weren’t bad.”

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Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 13

Summary: Jensen tells the truth of what he thinks it happened in Rome.

Author: sleepywinchester {prev; deanwinchester-af}

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Gen and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader (Nina Dobrev = Faceclaim)

Words: 1.5k

Warnings: Hella Angst. 


Note: Guys… Don’t hate me? ITALICS IS FLASHBACK.

Title: It’s All Too Much. 


After having another successful and fun weekend with the fans in Rome, the cast decided to go out one last time to celebrate. Jus In Bello was everyone’s favorite convention of the year, they let them sing, curse and even drink booze as they spent quality time with their fans.

“I have to do a toast,” Jensen stood up from his seat, raising the glass of bourbon to the sky.

Everyone turned remained silence as they heard him speak.

“We had a blast,” he said, “thank you for being such an awesome group of people to work. I love y’all!” Jensen shouted.

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Auston Matthews #2 - My Day

Originally posted by glovesdropped

You were a strong woman who didn’t let your period stop you from kicking ass and taking names. But, some days, the pain of cramps just got to be too much and you sat your butt in bed, watching TV and being an emotional wreck.

Also, you needed it considering the amount of stress your boyfriend and his friends were causing you at the moment.

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Not Letting Go - fic

Characters: Jon Kent, Damian Wayne, Ra’s al Ghul, bits of everybody else.
Pairing: jondami
Summary: Jon didn’t care that Ra’s was family. That the situation was complicated. He would not let that bastard hurt Damian again.
A/N: Jon’s like, 27 and Damian’s around 30. I love making people save Damian. Love IT. Jon literally starts wedding planning on the jet on the way back to Gotham. He’s also sappy as hell and like, reproposes every day, and likes to tell the story that he proposed in the midst of battle and saving his lover etc. Damian thinks he’s a huge loser (but he’s thrilled that Jon is his huge loser).


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anonymous asked:

Lord!!!' I am so in love with The Gateway!!! Thank you for this AU. It is so magnificent. I cannot wait for the next installment. Thank you. This blog is my jam. You all rock!

anonymous asked:

I am eagerly waiting for The Getaway! I love it!

anonymous asked:

Loved the latest Getaway. Those crazy kids.

diversemediums asked:

Could we get another installment of The Getaway please?

anonymous asked:

Any plans to continue The Getaway?

Wrapping her large scarf around her neck, Claire waited in the draughty bus station walking from end to end as she tried to decipher the local routes. Hungry and cold, it’d been just over two days of heavy travelling and the extended journey was beginning to take its toll on poor Claire.

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