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Gongmyung congratulating his brother 

I don’t think I mentioned this but my boss gave me a book to read which was written over a hundred years ago and ended up being about the power of your thoughts and vaguely similar to the law of attraction (which I was reading at the time) but a little more business oriented but still really neat!! 🙊

ok like even if ppl r saying dan is going to come out in his video, saying that it’s “offensive” to him is offensive to me as a gay person. assuming he’s straight is the same thing as assuming he’s gay. except for the fact that u hav no proof :)

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Hi, Mama Octopus! What's your name?

Hi~ My name is Juliette, is nice to meet you all… I’m aware that all you, ‘anon’ fishes right?, have been with my son, and I’m grateful for that.

And for Allistor, don’t mind him…it really isn’t a… nice view… but Arthur is with him right now

((See dead merpeople 8/10))

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Thoughts on Amami??

We’ve been hanging out more and more lately~

Honestly, I really enjoy his company, even though he finds my lies and pranks to be very….’troublesome’…nishishi~..He was however a bit curious at to why I lie so much, of course that made me lie to him even more nishishi~

He told me I must have huge ‘trust issues’ and said other things to me……I didn’t want his pity, he then told me that he knows what it feels like to think the world as your enemy……….he must be lying to me. There’s no way he would know that.

After the awkward silence, he told me I should depend on him a little more since we are friends and he didn’t care at all if I was evil or not.

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i feel like part of why the shovel talk was so weird is because the episode right before this one jace treated alec like shit? and also across the entire series jace lowkey treated alec like shit/ignores him in favor of clary so to see him be like "i would never let anyone hurt him" when he himself was being a giant dickwad while magnus as literally been perfect in his treatment of alec is like???????????

Yeah, this made the whole “shovel talk” also kinda problematic, true. I mean I do get that Jace may be in a weird place right now with everything that is going on. But honestly? I really hoped that at least we would see more parabatai moments now with him being back and all. Like that they would sit down and talk and all that. But then 2x07 happened and I was like…whyyyy? Siiiigh.

So yeah, Jace now being a guest at Magnus and telling him not to hurt Alec is… yeah…kinda ridiculous. Especially since Magnus is one of the main reasons why Alec is still alive when you think about 2x03. And he has proven himself more than once how careful he treats Alec, how hurting him is not even an option here. So seriously…. what the hell, Jace? You are a guest there, stop treating Magnus like an idiot and acting like you know it all. Jfc…

I’m chatting with this guy who was in one of my classes last semester, and he’s nice and all, but I’m kinda worried he’s gonna ask me out and put me on the spot soon