he was my first anime crush okay

Marichat May Day 8 - Fashion

For the one year anniversary of Ladybug and Chat Noir’s first appearance, the school is having a Ladybug and Chat themed day where students get to dress in outfits inspired by the heroes. Of course, Marinette decides to implement one of her many Chat Noir inspired designs. How will he react seeing Marinette in a handmade outfit that he inspired.

Rated G || 4,511 Words

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Hand Embroidered

It was the one year anniversary of Ladybug and Chat Noir’s first appearance. Alya, with the help of Chloe surprisingly enough, was able to convince Principle Damocles to let students have a themed day around the heroes. It was set on a Friday, a few days after the official anniversary. Classes would continue as usual but students would be able to dress in Ladybug and Chat inspired outfits and there would be an extravagant lunch paid for by the Mayor himself.

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My weeby ex
  I’m willing to admit that I went through my own weeb phase (anime was almost the only thing I would watch, collected manga, got my undies in a wad over pronouncing, wanted to learn the language, crushes on characters), but at least I’ve never been crazy crazy with it.  My ex on the other hand… 

  At the time, I was just happy that someone was interested in me (gross and weeby, remember?).  Everything went okay for the first month or so. 

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