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we also have the whole dress code in France too if you’re in too short shorts and tank tops, and it’s still fucked up it basically only concerns girls but 1) if you actually break the dress code then you just have to wear a lab coat all day, or you have to go home but certainly not during class time (generally during lunch time), and 2) we never have been told ever that it’s distracting for boys, just about ‘dressing appropriately’ for work, like they expect you to do in a real job

Also, I’d like to point out to the phandom an important aspect of Vlad’s character:

“…Eventually you will join me by choice, you and you’re mother…”

By choice.

Not to undermine all the horrible shit that Vlad does, or the hypocrisy of his actions, but a common theme for him is that he doesn’t want to force Danny or Maddie to be with him. He wants them to come to him, for lack of a better word, ‘willingly’.

Vlad does manipulate them into coming to him, yet he also does nothing to force them to stay when he could have easily done so. He asks Maddie to stay, despite said asking being and incredibly disgusting thing to do.Nor does he do anything to stop her from storming out, also despite the fact that she’s choosing the woods over his chalet in the middle of the night.

Vlad could have controlled both Danny and Maddie so fuckin easily, and yet he never did.

He manipulated, lied, cheated and influenced, but he never outright controlled. All he would have needed to do was to overshadow them, make them give their “i hate you, goodbye”’s to Jack and come to him, where keeping them from leaving would have been child’s play for that ghost-sheild-that-also-blocks-humans-too from Secret Weapons. It wouldn’t have mattered if they didn’t want to be there, he would have had them, and they wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it.

But they would have hated him. It wouldn’t have been the 'perfect family’ he wanted.

Vlad wanted them to want to come to him because he wanted their affections towards him to be genuine. He wanted their love to be real.

And I think that’s the saddest part of his character tbh


Rod Knight as Charlotte’s secondary class surprised me since I kinda had expected that something like Mercenary would be fitting her more. But, dang she looks very good as Rod Knight and Maid. Probably because of her hair and big ribbon match these outfits well.

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Once damian gets older cass will be the only one that can go toe to toe with him

He’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with, based on his dad’s weight/hight. I’m not sure there’ll ever be a time when the rest of the family can’t hold their own, but that’ll tip the scales in his direction. RIP Timothy Drake.

i love in fics whenever maya is all angsty about not being able to be with lucas and she’s all for protecting riley by sparing her own feelings and there’s a conversation with lucas where she tells him and he’s like, “well don’t i have a say in this?” because YES OF COURSE YOU HAVE A SAY IN THIS BBY
just because maya chooses not to be with him for riley’s sake does not mean he will want to be with riley and it can go the other way around as well

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Yeah but it's fucked up that she doesn't really care for Tsukiyama

why though?

she hasn’t been keeping contact with him these past few years.

she doesn’t know what happened to him after kaneki ‘died’.

she remembers him being a nuisance. that was it. she didn’t see what tsukiyama went through with kaneki and his group, so honestly what reason does she have to care??

i love both tsukiyama and touka, but touka doesn’t have to care about him.