he was making all kinds of loud mouth noises that were making my skin crawl

My All

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Pairing: MingyuxReader
Genere: Smut/Fluff
Summary: You and Mingyu have been dating for a while. He has been very patient, and on your 6 month anniversary you decide to give your all to him. ;))

Kim Mingyu. Everything about him is so perfect… The way he smiles, his laugh, his heart, everything. After being his friend for years, you realized that he is the man you want to be with for the rest of your life, and you knew that for a fact. He loves you with everything his heart has, and you love him right back. He cares for you, makes sure you are safe, and always knows how to make you happy. 

“What are you staring at love?” He said from the kitchen, digging in the fridge for some milk. He was everything that you had ever wanted in a partner. He was kind, he was affectionate, he genuinely cared about you.  He was unlike anyone else you had ever been with, and you were forever grateful that you ended up with him.

“My sexy chef.” You said, admiring his backside as he reached deeper into the messy fridge. The air began to smell of creamy Italian food and vegetables as Mingyu’s recipe began to heat up on the stovetop. 

“Were you thinking naughty things, ____?” He said jokingly, turning his head to raise a suspicious eyebrow at you.

“No, I was just thinking about how much I love you.” You stated, getting up from your spot at the couch to go hug him. He stood up straight and wrapped his arms around you.

“I love you, Jagi.” He said, pressing a kiss to your forehead. 

“I love you too, Mingyu.” You said, loosing yourself in his embrace. He finally unwrapped his arms from your body, he flashed you a cheeky smile and continued making dinner. 

“Alright, dinner is served!” Mingyu said, setting your plate down in front of you. He had prepared Fettuccini Alfredo with a side of steamed carrots and broccoli.

“Mingyu this looks amazing…” You said. Not only was your mouth watering at the sight of the food that was in front of you, but Mingyu had decided to get dressed up for this special occasion. He had a form-fitting white button up dress shirt on that was tucked into black slacks that were tight in all the right places. His hair was gelled back and god did it look so good. 

“____, you are staring again. Is something wrong?” He said, setting down his fork.

“Ah, no….sorry…” You said, cheeks turning red. 

“You are so weird, I love you.” He said with a chuckle. He continued eating his pasta, and in that moment you made a decision: you wanted to love him with every part of you. You wanted him to be your first and your last. You wanted to light the flame of passion and burn it all through the night, you wanted nothing else but to hear the erotic sounds of skin slapping, low grunts and loud moans through the night, you wanted to make him feel good, you wanted him to make you feel good. All you needed was to get him on board, and you knew exactly how to do that.

“Mmh, this pasta is so good…” You said, slurping up a noodle while making eye contact with Mingyu. The white sauce gathered around your lips, and Mingyu choked a little. You then took the longest piece of carrot on your plate and stuck the whole thing in your mouth. 

“Ah, is it hot in here? I think it’s hot in here. Let me open a window.” Mingyu nervously said, unbuttoning the top two buttons on his shirt while walking across the room to crack the window. He rushed back to his seat and sat down, a bead of sweat dripping down his face.

“Babe are you feeling well? Your face is so red and you are sweating!” You said, getting up from your seat.

“No no, I’m fine. Really! Sit down and eat your dinner.” He insisted, but you continued walking over to his side of the table. You bent down to be level with his sitting position, giving him a good look at your cleavage.

“Let me take that plate for you.” You stated seductively, grabbing his unfinished plate of food.

“Yah I was still eating….” He said as you walked over to the counter to set the plate down. You strolled back towards him and assumed your previous position. You leaned in close to him, the scent of his cologne making your mouth water.

“But what if I want you to eat something else.” You whispered in his ear as you dragged your finger down his toned clothed chest.

“Are you sure?” he said, his voice deep and raspy. You pulled him into a passionate kiss to cement your answer. His hands went to your hips, pulling you into his lap. You ran your fingers through his hair, making it a sexy mess. His hands explored you like your body was new unknown land, and you ground into his hips with lust. You began unbuttoning his shirt, you could feel his hard-on pressing against your thigh. Mingyu began leaving trails of kisses down your neck, his lips were so soft.

“Mmh…Mingyu….Should we–ah– take this into the bedroom?” You stuttered. He unlatched his lips from your neck and picked you up bridal style. Once he got into your guy’s bedroom, he tossed you on the bed and kicked the door shut.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this.” He growled as he crawled on top of you. Once again, you two were tangled in a passionate kiss. He threw off his shirt and proceeded to rip yours off. His mouth ravished the newly exposed skin, making sure to kiss every bit of it. You frantically unbuttoned his pants, you needed him now

“Someone’s eager,” Mingyu said, “But I want you to wait for that. I know this is your first time so I want to make it special for you.” He said, trailing a hand down your side. His fingers hooked your jeans, tugging them down a little. You got the hint and exposed of your pants and underwear, excited to see what he had in store for you.

“Lay down,” He instructed. You followed his directions and fell back on the bed.   You felt his large hands grip your thighs and pull them apart, revealing your womanhood. You blushed and tried to close them, but his grip was too strong. His head disappeared between your legs, and a shock of pleasure jolted through your body as you felt what his mouth was doing. Erotic noises emerged from your core as he worked his magic. You let out a loud moan as encouragement for Mingyu to keep going, but he abruptly lifted his head from between your legs.

“Babbbbeee” You whined in protest. He ignored you and reached over to the nightstand. He pulled out the drawer and grabbed a condom, glancing over at you. He discarded his pants and underwear, revealing his large throbbing member. He opened the condom and rolled it onto his length, making subtle eye contact with you as he did so.

“Are you ready babe?” He said once the condom was on properly.

“Yeah, but I don’t think it is going to fit….” You said, staring down at his cock. 

“It will, trust me.” He said with a wink. He got down in a laying position and you straddled him. There was no way that Mingyu would be able to make love with you in missionary position….he was just too damn tall. So instead, you two opted for you on top. You rubbed his length in between your folds, you didn’t know it was possible to get any wetter than you had been, but it happened. At last, you positioned his tip at your entrance and slowly sunk down. Mingyu let out a long pent-up sigh and you took in a sharp breath of air. You had never had anything this big inside of you, and to be honest it kind of hurt. With some pain you finally reached the base of his cock, you needed to take a breather and adjust to his size. You collapsed on top of him, waiting for the stinging pain to vanish. 

“Don’t worry babe, just give it a little longer and all of the pain will be gone.” He said, wrapping his arms around you as a tear escaped your eye. It hurt like hell right now but you knew that in 5 minutes you would be on cloud 9 and every bit of suffering would have been worth it. 

A few moments had passed, but you were ready to move now. You regained your composure and slowly lifted yourself off of his dick. Mingyu closed his eyes and let out a small groan of pleasure. Your hand went to your clit, you needed everything to help subside the little amount of pain that was lingering around your core.  

You sped up your pace. His hands were at your hips, his hips were thrusting up to meet yours, Sweat formed on both of your bodies, covering you in the scent of lust. The air smelled of sex, and the noises that were emitting from the sexual activities were absolutely sinful

“M-Mingyu…I’m–” You shouted as you came. It was like a wave of pleasure and confusion suddenly crashed into you, you felt so peaceful, so tranquil, so utterly happy. Your body felt like a feather floating with the breeze, so light and elegant. Your mind was blank with happiness, your cheeks were rosy, eyes full of joy. Small beads of sweat formed on your skin with the new feeling, and not long after you, Mingyu came in in the condom. The sounds that came from his mouth were beautiful, all the deep grunts of pleasure, the shaky breaths, the pleased hums. All of it. You loved all of it. You loved him, you loved every single part of him, and nothing in this world could change that.

You hopped off of him and let him dispose of the filthy condom. As he walked into the bathroom, you snuggled into your sheets and slowly began to feel the weight of slumber pulling at your eyelids. Mingyu got into bed next to you, pulling you close.

“Happy 6 months, ___. I couldn’t ask for a better gift. I love you so much.” He said, pecking your forehead, strong arms once again wrapped around your frame.

“I love you too.” You said in almost a whisper, drifting off into a deep, blissful sleep.

Mine~{Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine 

Part II of here

Author: Joi A. Wade 

Requested: YEP,  Is there going to be a continuation of mine?, The imagine Mine was amazing !!!😍would it be a part 2? Can I have a Mine Peter Pan part 2,  I know request are closed for right now but I was thinking r u making a pt 2 for your latest inagine Mine?!, Could you maybe do a part two to “mine”??? It’s such an interesting concept!! 😃 , So will there be a continuation to the imagine, Mine? 

Warnings: SMUTTY, swearing, dirty talk

The sound of that loud door echoed around the room, violently waking me up from my deep sleep. I didn’t even realize I fell asleep. Must have been from all that aggressive pulling of the chains and my screaming for help…it can really take a lot out of a girl. My body hurt way worse than it did before; my wrists and feet burning from the tight shackles, and the bruising on my thighs getting worse and worse; even my tears would no longer come out.

“Get up.”  He growled, grabbing my hair and yanking me up to my feet. I groaned, biting my lip to lessen the pain a little. “I am so sick of the disrespect and the uncooperative attitude.” He pushed me into the wall, his eyes dark and unreadable. They showed no more light, just hatred and venom. That only sent a chill down my spine. 

“P-Please…let me go-”

“No! You aren’t going anywhere. And I am done with playing nice, sweetheart. Tonight, your demons come out and they stay out. Permanently.” With a wave of his hand he unlocked the shackles from limbs, picking me up and cradling me like a baby. 

“Where are we going..?” I weakly asked, my body suddenly growing tired. My eyelids became heavy, my thoughts slurring, everything around me getting darker than before.

“My tent.”

My eyes shot open, my body jolting upward as my breathing was rapid and choppy. I looked around me, my surroundings different than I remember. I’m no longer in that dark cell, but now I seemed to be…in a room. A well lit room, that was…warm and comforting. Like I belonged in this room. I noticed that I was sitting on a bed, looking at my now clean attire and well groomed…everything. 

It was as if my whole being was cleaned to perfection. Like all of before never happened. But, these clothes that I had on seemed too…revealing to be my clothes. My hair was pulled away from my face, the bruising on my hands and ankles were gone. The marks and scratches on my thighs and hips? Gone. Sitting up a little more straighter, I took a look around. Where am I? 

‘My tent.’ 

It echoed in my head, sudden realization hitting me. I was in his tent. But why, is the real question. I don’t have a very clear memory on what he was talking about before I passed out, but the only thing I could remember was that he was angry. 

Something in the corner of my eye caught my attention. Looking over in the direction, I saw that it was a wardrobe of some sort. I stood to walk over to it slowly and cautiously, only to fall forward onto my face, an alarmed squeak escaping my mouth.

“What the..?” I groaned, looking down at my feet. I’m in heels. Perfect. 

Shaking my head, I struggled to pull myself back to stand, but succeeded no less. Carefully making my way over to the large wardrobe, I finally made it to the two large doors of it. Examining it closely, I saw that it held no locks, no chains, nothing. It seemed to be just an ordinary wardrobe. But my mind told me otherwise, something inside of me told me to open it and find out what was inside. 

Gulping down nothing but dry air, my shaking hands reach up toward the handles. Tugging on them, they creaked ever so slightly as the magnetic latch that held them together let them go, the first door swinging open slowly. I reach to pull it open, but immediately regret it afterwards. Upon shelves and latched onto the sides of the door were…things. Handcuffs, gags, whips, blindfolds, you name it…it’s there. I gasped loudly, backing up too quickly to where I tripped over my own feet and fell right on my ass. The sound of someone entering the tent could be heard, as my head snapped in the direction of the noise. 

“Well, I see that curiosity indeed killed the cat.” He grinned, with a wave of his hand it became slightly dim in the room, nothing but candles lighting the way. Pan trudged over, his smirk shining on his face as he stared within the depths of the wardrobe, rubbing his hands together. “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

I was at loss for words, my breathing returning to its rapid state as my heart beats a million miles an hour. “What the hell is this for?” 

The next words he spoke made my blood run cold. “For you, darling.” 

I looked up at him quickly, my mouth open in shock. Shaking my head at him, I crawl away as fast as I could, only he was much faster. Once he grabbed a hold of my forearms, he pulled me to my feet. I struggled against him, but all he did was chuckle at my attempt…like the first time.

“Let go of me! There is no way in hell I am doing ANYTHING with you, you bastard! Let me-AH!” I was strongly tossed backward. Lucky for me, his aim was toward the bed as I landed with a thud, the soft mattress welcoming my sore backside. 

“You know…I’m done with this negative attitude of yours, Y/n. When I first met you, you were more fun.” He chuckles darkly to himself, making his way over to the now fully open wardrobe. 

“We’ve never met before! You kidnapped me!” I spat, sitting up only to be pushed back down by an unseen force, the wind practically being knocked out of me. 

“Well not you. But, the real you.” He replied while pulling out handcuffs, along with what seemed to be a blindfold. “The you that you are hiding away. And tonight, we are going to bring her back. The real you that’s keeping you alive, the real you that made me get rid of Wendy…the real you…that I fell in love with.” Once he got what he needed, he shut the wardrobe, the sound of him walking toward me was now the only thing in the tent. 

“Listen, I don’t know what kind of sick game you think this is, but let me tell you this. You will get nothing from me, not a damn thing, you hear me? I will not go down without a fight!” I struggled against nothing, the force pushing me even further into the bed, my will to breathe becoming slim. 

His laugh filled the air, dimming the candle light even more to where it was almost dark. “A game? I like games, how about we play one right now actually.” 

He was now at the foot of the bed, his cold hands gripped onto my waist, twisting me around to where I was now laying on my stomach. They traveled from my waist down to my hips, and straight to my ass. “How bout a game called… ‘How Many Spankings Does it Take?’” 

A loud crack filled the room, my eyes bulging out of my head as a tingling pain arose on my backside. Did he just…? 


This time I cried out in shock, tears prickling my eyes as the tingling pain became even worse. “W-What are you doing?!”

“Oh, come on, darling. That was only two, I know you can take more than that,” He massaged the flesh for only a second, then landed another one harder than the first two. A cry fell from my lips as tears slowly cascade down my face. “Now, I want you to count as I do this. If you refuse…well, let’s just say you’re not gonna want to refuse. Understand?” 

“G-Go to hell…” I cried, only to be smacked once again; I bit my lip hard, trying to keep the screams in. 

Understand?” He growled, pulling me further down the bed. I whimpered, nodding my head this time. “Use your words, love.”

“Yes..” I whispered, getting smacked once more, a miniature scream escaping my mouth before I could stop it. “Yes m-master..!” 

“Good girl,” He cooed, rubbing the burning flesh, letting me catch my breath. “How many was that so far?” 


He hummed in satisfaction, landing five more to my possibly red, and sore backside. Once he finished, I inhaled a deep breath, relieved that it was over.          Or so I thought.

He flipped me over right on my back, I hissed at the cool feeling of the sheets on his bed pressing against the irritated skin. I could see the evil glint in his eyes, his maleficent grin as he stared down at me like I was a piece of meat. But, also…he stared at me with something else. Something I can’t really read at the moment.

“I see you’re starting to get angry, love. I can see it in your eyes,” He caressed my left cheek, tracing my cheekbone, straight down to my jaw. “Let it out, Y/n…you’ll feel much better once you do.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“You know you love this,” He taunted, his hands moving up and down my sides until he stopped at the waistband of my underwear-bottoms, slowly pulling them downward. When he fully got them off, a small gasp I released. The cool breeze that passed my lower region was surprising and unpredictable. Pan took one of his fingers and swiped at the area, making me clench my legs together in embarrassment. “Just look at that, sweetheart.”

I drew my attention to his now glistening finger, my face burning in shame that my body was reacting to this at all. I closed my eyes the second I saw him place that digit in his mouth, practically moaning at the taste. 

“You taste marvelous, my sweet Y/n,” He roughly pulled my legs open again, a whine at the stretch of my legs he mistook for impatience. “Oh, don’t worry. I’m going to take good care of you.” He snapped his fingers. And the next thing I knew, my hands were bound together above my head. 

“S-Stop, please…” I whimpered out, tears threatening to fall, only for him to lean in close and kiss my temple. I cringe at the contact, trying to wiggle out of the cuffs, but it was no use. I looked up at him, my eyes pleading to him one last time before everything went dark. He blindfolded me.

There were no words exchanged, no warnings given. What happened next caught me completely off guard. That same finger he used before traced the outside parts of my heat, my lower half squirming at the sudden feeling. It inched closer and closer to that one spot of nerves, barely touching it but enough pressure to get a reaction from me. I moaned softly, biting my lip after the sound escaped to stop myself from doing it again. But, of course, it wasn’t going to be that easy. 

He started out with slow circles to the nub, I could feel his eyes watching me intensely as his other hand roamed my upper body, groping at one of my breasts. Out of nowhere, his hand sped up, my response was too noticeable to cover up or pretend didn’t happen, and he knew it. I tried with all my might not to give him the satisfaction that I was enjoying this, trying to picture Henry in his place, only for Pan’s face to return to my mind; The hand that was groping my breast left for a moment to remove the blindfold, making eye contact with him again. 

“Ah, there she is. She’s slowly coming out, but not yet strong enough to take over. We’ll just have to fix that, won’t we?” Moving the finger away from my jewel, he road down my slit before entering that single digit inside of me, thrusting it at a quick pace. 

I choked on a moan, keeping my mouth closed. That only seemed to aggravate him more as he added another one inside of me, this time going harder and much deeper. 

“Fuck!” I let out accidentally, biting my lip so hard to the point where I started drawing blood. Seeing the crimson liquid, he leaned in quickly to collect it himself. Our lips mushed together perfectly, might I say. Though it was sort of rough and hungry…it still felt nice. 

Once he pulled away, he stared deeply into my eyes, the intense gaze hard to break away from as my euphoria was close to being reached at the pace his fingers were going. “I feel it, love…you’re so close, aren’t you? About to come just from my fingers..you like this, don’t you?” He slowed down just a tad, a slight smirk forming on his as I mewled in protest. “Answer me, babygirl.” 

I shook my head, refusing to give in so easily. With slight falter in his smirk, he pulled his fingers out slowly to the tip, leaving them there. “Still stubborn, I see. Not for long.” He shoved them right back in, hitting the one spot perfectly, a high pitched moan escaping my mouth in appreciation. Not slowing down, he leaned his head downward to face my center, his warm breath fanning over me. I gasped loudly at his next action, as his tongue decided to play along as well. 

The muscle swirled over the bud in short, quick circles, stopping a few times to flick over it at a rapid pace, sending my toes to curl. His fingers never faltered, still keeping a harsh speed, his tongue following the same path.

Pan slowed to a stop on for a moment once he felt that was close again, looking up at me with a sadistic look in his eyes. “Speak, baby…tell me how good it feels…” He purred, curling them upward, hitting that spot over and over again. I whined at the slow pace, my eyes nearly rolling to the back of my head as he kept hitting that same spot, driving me crazy. But, I held my ground.


Sighing loudly, he stopped, pulling the fingers out without hesitation. I whimpered at the loss of contact again, something inside of me cursing at me to stop being this way, to just give in. 

He lifted the fingers to my mouth, tapping them gently onto my lips. “Come on, open up, Y/n. Just one little taste.” He taunted, but I refused again by clamping my mouth shut. Rolling his eyes, he reached up with his other hand to plug my nose. 

Holding my breath in for only a moment, I opened my mouth to inhale, giving him the opportunity to stick them into my mouth. The sudden taste kind of grossed me out for a second, I was tasting myself for God’s sake. But, the bitter taste started to swirl in my mouth, and suddenly became…sweeter. Confusion was evident on my face, and Pan’s chuckle told me that he saw. 

“Taste familiar?” He pulled the fingers out, wiping them on the bed. I didn’t answer as more and more things didn’t make sense. Suddenly, he pulled me up to where I was sitting and facing him. Backing up a bit, he discarded his shirt, my mouth dropping ever so slightly at the sight before me. He had a nice built. Not too bulky and not too skinny…just the sight alone started to make my mouth water…what the fuck is happening? 

Without warning, he went for his trousers, pulling them downward until they pooled at his ankles. My breath nearly caught in my throat, as I quickly turned my head to avoid his bare…well…everything. With a slight chuckle, he walked closer to me, taking my chin and directing my attention back on him. With every ounce of willpower I had, I kept my eyes closed. This was wrong…this was so wrong. 

“Love, open your eyes,” He roughly shook me, my eyes snapping open instantly. “Look at me. All of me.” He stood up straight, making sure that my eyes stayed open. I couldn’t close them anyway. I suddenly didn’t want to. 

My eyes traveled up and down his tall figure, taking in all of what he offered. His member stood as tall as him, the size intimidating enough to set a blaze to my lower region. My rejection of release from before still lingered inside of me, begging to be satisfied. My breathing became heavier than usual, my mind filling with such vulgar things I want to do him, and him to me. Things I’ve never thought to do with anyone. Seeing that I wasn’t saying anything, he moved back over to me, making me stand to my feet. 

“Off.” He instructed, gesturing to my top half. He waved one hand, freeing mine from their binds. I rubbed at my wrists for a minute, nodding my head that I understood. There was no fighting it anymore. I needed him. I needed him now. 

I unfasten the hook of the top, the straps slowly sliding off my shoulders, and finally down to the floor. I heard a groan come deep from his throat, as his hands came up to touch all over me, stopping at my hips. “ You’re so beautiful. Now, be a good girl and lay on the bed for me.” 

“Yes, master.” I said through gritted teeth, becoming more and more annoyed that I wasn’t given release yet. He saw that I was getting frustrated, and he loved every bit of it. 

Once I was laying on the bed, I was given no time to prepare for what happened next. He pounced on me, pinning my arms down and resting himself in between my legs. I felt him poking me, his warm flesh sending delicious chills through my body, making my head spin. 

“You’ve not said a word, my love. How do you want me?” He shifted his hips up and down, rubbing himself onto me, coating his member in my arousal. The tip only played with my entrance, barely going in multiple times, just to tease me. 

Becoming more and more irritated, I struggled against his hold on me, my mind starting to cloud over by a darkness I couldn’t explain. I wrapped my legs around his waist to pull him closer, digging my heels into his back, but he refused to give me what I wanted. That stupid grin on his face only fueled the fire, an animalistic growl escaping my mouth as I flipped us over. I was now straddling his waist, my hands perched on his chest, with nails digging deeply into his skin.  I couldn’t hold it any longer…

“There’s my Y/n.”

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shameless [a reddie fic] ch 2

Richie Tozier, 17, lead guitarist of your resident small town alt-rock band Gifted just wants to make it big as a musician.
Eddie Kaspbrak, also 17, resident pretty boy of Derry High School just wants to live for once in his fucking life.

(tag list is literally 1 as in one person - @toopunktolivetooemotodie thank u love for asking, i hope you like this nkdffkf - if you would like to be on the tag list message me he he)
will also post on AO3, i swear im not plagiarizing myself
find CH1 here

Chapter Two

This is it, Eddie thinks. This is how I die.

Currently he is being held down while Henry Bowers kicks him with his dirty shoes wherever he can and pleases. Eddie is trying his best to assume the fetal position and protect his head, but Belch Huggins and Victor Criss are doing a great job at keeping his arms and legs away from his torso. Henry is going all out, not holding back any force whatsoever and it hurts. It hurts like a bitch, it’s unlike anything Eddie has ever seen or felt before. Eddie has wondered before what he will feel like in his last minutes on Earth, what will go through his head. He didn’t quite imagine it like this. On an otherwise nice Friday too, of all things.

This guy is not normal, he thinks, he’s fucked up in the head, get away, break free, escape, GET AWAY—

Keep reading

Chocolate Drunk | Valentine

A/N:  Yuri on Ice!!! (Victuuri, lee Victor) -  20. “I may have had…hehe…just a bit too much to drink…?” // Valentine-ized.

Seeing this prompt and linking it to Valentine, I just couldn’t help making it sort of sequel-ish to my other drunk Yuuri fic: Chocolate DrunkHappy Valentine’s Day!

Summary: Yuuri and Victor are out on their romantic Valentine’s dinner date. Things turn out a lot different though, when a bunch of Victor’s fangirls show up and disturb their date… and Yuuri gets jealous. Oh, and drunk. Let’s not forget drunk.

Word Count: 2013

“Cheeers!” Pleasant background music, candlelights and clinking glasses. Yuuri couldn’t have been happier that both of them could take their hands off their busy training schedule for a romantic Valentine’s Date. 

“To the best Valentine’s Day ever,” Victor told him with that attractive smile, and Yuuri nodded with a blush and took a few sips from his wine. 

“Yes, the best!” he agreed. This was their first Valentine’s Day together as a couple, so of course he was happy. Before, Valentine’s Day didn’t really have much meaning to him. He didn’t date, he didn’t really love. But now with Victor in his life…. He sighed dreamily.

“So, what do you want to eat? I’m starving,” Yuuri said, and he took a look at the menu.

“Me too. Hmm, how about….hm?” Both of them looked up when the sound of squealing girls’ voices disturbed the peace.

“V-Victor Nikiforov? Kyaaaa!” Yuuri rolled his eyes with a smirk. It was quite a regular thing to have girls fangirl over his boyfriend. It was all fine.

“To meet you on Valentine’s Day. I’m like, the luckiest woman in the world!” Yuuri did an inner choking move. Alright, maybe he could get a bit salty about fangirls after all. They were just… gross. Victor was his boyfriend. But it was all fine, they’d go away soon.

“Right? Do you want a picture?” Yuuri’s eyes snapped open, and he glared at Victor. Was he in his right mind? Accepting picture offers was one thing but… Offering them by himself was something else. 

Yuuri frowned in annoyment. He sure was enjoying his moment of fame hm? Pouting, he returned his attention to the menu, doing his best to ignore the mess around his table of Instagramming and Snapchatting girls about their miraculous encounter with Russia’s famous dreamy figure skater.

“Sorry about that!” Victor finally said after numerous of private photo snaps, and Yuuri tried his best to hide his annoyment. It was fine, they were gone now.

“So. What do you wanna eat?” They finally ordered their first course, and Yuuri was starting to relax again. He wanted to treasure today’s Valentine’s Date with Victor. He just wanted–

“KYAaaa it’s true!” Oh no. Not only Yuuri but also other guests and restaurant staff looked up when an unwanted crowd of females entered the place. Shit, the damn curse of social media. Yuuri jolted in shock when a pile of heartshaped Valentine’s chocolate boxes ended up on their table, and Victor got dragged in another moment of fame. 

There were no big camera’s or media - thank God - but the current crowd sure did their job with:

“How are you enjoying your Valentine’s Day?” “Do you have a Valentine?” 

-while shoving phone camera’s in his face. Yes, right here, Yuuri thought as he munched on his food with a frustrated expression. Victor was very extravagant in his replies, but he didn’t mention he was on a romantic date with his student. He didn’t mention Yuuri was his Valentine..

Yuuri sighed and stared at the chocolate boxes. Fuck it, Victor. He angrily snatched away one of the boxes, opened it violently and ate the chocolates. Hmm yum. Not even anyone noticed. He was that important of a factor in here. It was all Victor this, Victor that. 

A sip of his wine, chocolates. More wine, more chocolates. Yuuri wanted Victor to notice him. To get frustrated as a coach or boyfriend or whatever - for going on an eating rampage, and eating the sweets that were meant for him. Ha. He’d see Yuuri didn’t like him being like this. 

He would definitely– Yuuri finished stuffing chocolate bonbons in his mouth from the third box like a pig, and with his cheeks round and filled like a hamster he suddenly smiled when the fangirls got finally successfully chased out of the restaurant by the waiters. 

Ahhh. Life was good. They were gone. Yuuri was surprised how much of a difference it made.

“Yuuri?” Victor asked him, and he nodded, swallowing the chocolates. He could vaguely register how one of the waiters cleaned up the pile of empty chocolate boxes and he ordered another wine. What a beautiful place to be. Was this what happiness felt like? Wait, what were they doing again?

Yuuri?” Yuuri smiled at Victor, feeling a little bit dizzy.

“Sorry Vitya. I may have had…hehe…just a bit too much to drink…? This is good stuff!” Holding up his wine glass, Yuuri licked his chocolate lips.

“Drink? That was only your first! Don’t tell me you seriously ate all those bonbons? Didn’t last Christmas teach you there’s alcohol in those as well?” Victor lectured as he looked at the pile of empty boxes in disbelief, and Yuuri lifted his head dreamily.

“Christma- bonbons? Wha?” he blurted out in confusion, and he took a thirsty sip from his new wine when it arrived at the table, yay!

“That’s it Yuuri. No more, geez. Why did you have to eat all the chocolates those girls brought?” Victor leaned over the table to take his wine and also reached out to wipe his mouth, but no.

Girls. Now he remembered why he was feelings so shitty. Triggered, Yuuri slammed the table with both hands- or well, his hand landed flat in his unfinished first course, and he hiccupped.

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the devil in me, part i

This is what you might call an instalment of ‘Ol’s not actually dead, just buried by life.’ I do have other works in progress and continuations of my current multi-chapters, but this one wouldn’t leave me alone so I caved because I’m weak.

pairing: Marcus Flint x Oliver Wood

premise: Legilimency becomes the thing that he fears the most, because even inside his own head there’s nowhere to hide any more, no place of safety. Marcus was forced into becoming a Death Eater. He played both sides to keep one person alive who doesn’t even know how Marcus feels about him, and he wouldn’t choose differently given the chance a second time. The war is supposed to be over. Try telling the inside of his head that. Oliver stays with him, and he doesn’t know how to reach out without pushing him away. [possible triggers: severe PTSD, hospitals, battle situations, Legilimency]

Marcus was once and is still a lot of things; Quidditch player, pureblood, danger addicted, too quick with sharp words and too permanently angry with the world for gentleness to move him. Liar, liar, liar (it merits repeating), very rarely a lover, mostly a fighter because he doesn’t know any other way to be. It takes years for anyone to teach him that it can be different.

But the one thing he is that no one knows about, that no one else can know about, holds one of the most bitter ironies of all.


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Damien - Peter Parker

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It’s confirmed; Peter Parker is, in fact, the biggest idiot to ever roam the planet.

That was the conclusion I had come up with after an argument we had had after I was out with my friend, Damien, who stopped a man from taking my bag. Damien had ended up having to go to the hospital, and after my third time this week visiting him, Peter got jealous, beginning to accuse me of a number of things like loving Damien and abandoning him and Ned. It was ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous, I had thought, considering Damien was nothing more than a friend and the only reason I visited him (other than because Peter was giving me a shoulder so cold you’d think I was in Antartica) was because he saved my life.

After the second day of school, dealing with Ned staring at me like some kicked puppy on the street and Peter ignoring me so much you’d think I was nothing more than empty space, I slammed my locker door shut, making my way to the hospital to visit Damien. 

“Ridiculous,” I muttered, so much emotion in my voice you’d almost think I was directing it at a Boggart. “Absolutely ridiculous. When will that boy ever get it through that thick skull of his that I don’t have eyes for anybody but him?” I grumbled to myself as one of my hands played with the strap on my bag. “Me? In love with Damien?” I asked before scoffing shaking my head and repeating the word again, “Ridiculous.”

My hair whipped back as I turned a sharp corner to make my way to the hospital via a shortcut I had found. I walked into an alleyway, completely unaware of the people staring at me as I continued complaining about Peter under my breath.

“Hello sexy,” a man catcalled as I walked passed him. I rolled my eyes in response, crossing my arms as I kept walking. “Hey! Did you hear me? I’m talking to you!” He yelled. I stopped in my tracks and looked at him.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I had no idea that awful noise was coming from you. If I did, I definitely would have stopped to talk to you. I mean,” I chuckled bitterly, “I thought that it came from the trashcan or the broken toilet you’re standing next to because of all of the shit that, apparently, just came out of your mouth.” I tilted my head to the side. “I mean, that’s what it sounded like, anyways. Now, excuse me, I’ve got to run,” I pardoned myself before continuing on my way to the hospital.

I felt somebody grab my arm, practically throwing me against the wall before stepping uncomfortably close to me. I widened my eyes for a second, looking into the eyes of the man who just called me.

“Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?” He asked, tilting his head. He put his hand on my waist and my skin crawled as I felt his hand beneath my shirt.

“A disappointment?” I suggested, trying not to seem fazed by his actions. “I mean seriously, what would your mother say?”

“You don’t––”

You don’t get to talk about mummy –– boohoo. I just did. Now, if you would be so kind as to let me go, I would very much appreciate––” The man pressed his lips against mine and I found myself preoccupied with the disgusting bitter taste of smoke and alcohol. I bit his lip, causing him to pull away cursing. He let go of me and stepped back and I made my way to run when his posse cornered me, making me step back in retreat. I bumped into the man, making me turn around to look at him as he glared at me. I gulped.

“Look at you. You’re just like a puppy, aren’t you? All bark, no bite,” he taunted. I glared at him.

“I’m not a puppy,” I growled, making him laugh as I realised I only proved his point. There was no way I could fight him and three other men.

“Okay then, little girl. What are you going to do now? No more empty threats. Do something!” He prompted, making me flinch slightly. He laughed at me, making my face flush with fear and embarrassment. “Don’t you just wish your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man were here to fight for you now?” I scoffed, almost involuntarily at the mention of my best friend. “Oh? Too good for him too?”

“I never said that,” I barked, almost too quickly. I gulped again as the man laughed. “I can scream,” I thought aloud, mentally cursing as I realised I said it. The man looked at me with a raised eyebrow. “I can. I mean, I’ve been told I’ve got a pretty strong diaphragm. I could scream so loud, I could rival the volume of your ego.”

“The only scream I want to hear come out of you––” began the thug, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me toward him. I bit my lips and closed my eyes for a moment, finding myself unable to do any different.

“You kiss your mother with that mouth?” A familiar voice remarked. I nearly sighed in relief as the man let me go, turning to face none other than Peter Parker, who was all suited up, of course.

I had never seen Peter fight before, but it wasn’t like I ever wanted to. I would be lying, though, if I said I wasn’t even the least bit proud as he swiftly took care of the thug’s posse and himself. I stood frozen in shock, both at my best friend’s skills and at what had happened, what could have happened if he wasn’t there. “Y/N, are you––” Peter began. The man, however, stood back up, preparing to hit Peter.

“Peter!” I screamed to warn him. Peter turned around, but was unable to do anything. Finally finding myself being able to do something, I looked around before grabbing a pipe as I saw my best friend on the ground. I swung the pipe as hard as I could at the man’s head, prompting a loud clank to echo down the alley. The man fell to the side, unconscious as I looked at Peter, wide-eyed.

I cleared my throat, tossing the pipe to the side as I extended an arm to Peter. Peter took it, standing up.

“Thanks,” he muttered, putting a hand on his head.

“Likewise,” I answered. I furrowed my eyebrows as he groaned, my overall look softening as I put my hand on his arm. “Right, let’s get you some place where you could change before getting you to my place. I should take a look at that––”

“Y/N, I’m fine,” he intercepted. I rolled my eyes and huffed.

“Now, Peter, don’t be ridiculous. You got hit in the head by some guy’s… knuckle ring or whatever it’s called. You may be a hero, but that probably still hurts like a bitch,” I told him.


“If you say that you’re fine one more time, Parker, I will kill you,” I threatened, staring him in the eye. “Now, if this is about Damien––”

“It’s not––”

“God, P– Spider-Man!” I yelled, making sure nobody heard me say his name (after I screamed it just a few moments before). “You and I both know this isn’t about me abandoning you because you know I’d never do that. So, whatever grudge you’ve got against Damien, you’ve got to suck it up because, newsflash, you’re my––” I stopped myself, “…friend, too, Peter,” I glared at him. He sighed, looking to the side before nodding to me. I nodded.

“Good. Where did you put your clothes?” I asked. Peter only pointed up and I huffed. “I’ll ask whoever it is if I could go onto their roof then,” I sighed.

“I could just––”

“Peter Parker, you likely have a concussion. Now, you may not drink and drive but you better not…” I thought about how I could phrase my words, “Climb on walls and swing on buildings whilst concussed, so… just let me get your backpack, would you?” I asked, earning a chuckle. I began walking to the building, and then to the person’s roof. I sighed, cursing the fact they didn’t have an elevator as I began climbing the many, many flights of stairs.

By the time I got up, I saw Peter, fully changed and ready to go as he zipped up his backpack.

“Peter!” I scolded.

“You were taking forever!” He laughed.

“There were, like, a hundred flights of stairs!” I answered, only making him laugh more. I chuckled, rolling my eyes as I stepped closer to him. 

I hugged him tightly, surprising him and shutting him up. He hugged me back. “Thank you,” I murmured into the crook of his neck.

“Of course,” he replied. I smiled weakly before pulling away. I moved a strand of hair away from his face before sighing.

“We should go,” I said, beginning to walk away before I felt him tug on my arm, forcing me to look back at him.

“Y/N,” Peter began, “I… I do have something to… to say. I… You… you were right. About Damien. You were right, I… I do have something against him.” I furrowed my eyebrows at him.

“What on Earth did he do?” I asked.

“I… Nothing. I mean, nothing wrong, I mean… he saved you.” I tilted my head and squinted my eyes at him, perplexed. “He saved you before I did and I’m mad, not really at him––”

“Peter,” I began softly, “there was nothing you could’ve done. Like you said, you were on the other side of town––”

“But I should have been able to do something, Y/N!”

“Peter,” I began again, “you can’t save everybody. There are over a million people in New York, and there’s only one you,” I told him, taking his hand and meeting his desperate, brown eyes. “If you ask me, Peter, I wouldn’t have it any other way because––”

“Because you love him?” Peter asked. I straightened up, completely dumbfounded.

“Love who?”

“Love Damien,” Peter elaborated, “and hims saving you just made you realise that––”

“That I’m an incredibly lucky girl to be friends with two heroes,” I completed his sentence. He opened his mouth to protest but I beat him to it, “Peter, if you were there that meant you wouldn’t be able to save whoever it was you were saving. I’m so, so proud of you, do you know that?” I asked. “You’re so smart, so brave, so golden-hearted, Peter, that…” I sighed, unable to complete my sentence. “What I’m trying to say, Peter, is that I didn’t need you there, but the person you were saving did need you. They needed you more than I did. I had Damien to save me, and while he wasn’t my favourite superhero, he did the job, and I… I am so grateful to have the two of you to protect me and this city, even though, you know, Damien doesn’t go off every night saving people, to my knowledge,” I chuckled, making Peter chuckle too. “You did nothing wrong by not saving me that night. I didn’t need you to save me that night, Peter. You did the right thing staying away.”

“Y/N, I––”

“There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You did nothing wrong,” I told him, playing with his hair again. “Peter, I know you’re upset about me visiting Damien so much, but you have to understand, he did save my life, and quite frankly, my laptop and my phone, so of course I feel like I have to visit him while he’s in the hospital––”

“I… I get it. I mean, of course I do. I just… I guess I was just…” Peter trailed off.

“Just… what?” I asked.

“Jealous?” He shrugged.

“Peter,” I chuckled, “I already told you that you didn’t have to save––”

“No, no, no. Not about that, but…” Peter sighed, looking down before meeting my eyes. “You’ve been spending so much time with him, and I… I miss you.”


“No. No, Y/N, you had your time to talk, now it’s my turn,” he cut me off. “Y/N, I… I love you, and not in the way you love me. I love you in a big, big way. In a get-trapped-in-another-dimension-Rose-Tyler-I love you kind of way. In a let you eat the last pint of Ben & Jerry’s love you, or even in a let you have the last slice of pizza and borrow my Star Wars DVD collection love you kind of way.” I felt the corner of my lips tug upward. “And I know, I know, that you don’t love me like that because why would you after I’ve been so terrible and––why–why are you grinning?” He asked. I giggled, shaking my head before putting my hand on the nape of his neck.

“Peter, you’re possibly as dense as a black hole,” I told him. “I love you too.”

Peter grinned at my confession and his lips crashed onto mine in a wonderful collision, bringing about a cassiopeia. His lips, unlike the taste of bitter smoke and alcohol, tasted much better. A little like pizza and chocolate, but I wasn’t one to complain about that. 

He and I pulled away together, nearly out of breath as my forehead rested against mine. We both giggled, our eyes still closed as we both just enjoyed the moment.

“I really am an idiot, aren’t I?” Peter asked after a moment, making me laugh before opening my eyes to meet his brown ones.

“The biggest idiot I’ve ever met. That’s another reason why there can’t be two of you. God, one of you is enough of a handful––” I joked, making him nudge me. “Let’s go home, Peter. I still have to take a look at your head. I have to make sure you won’t forget any of this in a few hours, you know,” I chuckled.

“Me? Forget this? Never!”

love me harder

anonymous  asked:

one request: ivar, oral, hands everywhere. Now it’s up to you ;)

alright!! here we go! i hope you like it and i hope i bring it to justice!

Originally posted by into-the-subconscious

running, that is what you were doing, running. running so fast you thought your legs were going to give out any moment, you had to get away, and fast.

your eyes were burning from the wind causing them to water, your legs were aching but you didn’t care you had to get away, now was your only chance. 

you gasped loudly when an axe flew past your head and hit the tree next to you, making you almost lose balance, but thankfully you didn’t. you glanced behind you but seen nothing, you jumped over a log careful not to trip over your ripped and muddy dress.

you could hear everything in that moment, the sound of the trees blowing in the soft breeze chilling the air in kattegat, the birds flying in different directions desperately not wanting to cross your path.

was this it?, is this what you’d resort to?, your heart was beating mad in your chest you knew you’d have to stop, but when?.

that question was answered when a root caught hold of your foot causing your body to fall to the hard earth, knocking the air from your tiered body. 

you raised your head to cough, gasping for air, your sides thumping with pain,

that stupid prick” you thought laying your head down on the ground not wanting to get up and not caring whether your hair got muddy or not.

you could hear the horse come to a stop, it breathing deeply through it’s nostrils, and heard the soft laughter come from his mouth, but you could say nothing, your breathing was to unsettled to talk.

you heard a soft dragging sound coming close to you, that is when you raised your head opening your eyes.

ivar was sat on the ground staring at you clearly trying to bite his laughter, finally, you let out a loud laugh yourself, your chest feeling even tighter with each chuckle that escaped your mouth.

you truly looked radiant, your (h/l) (h/c) hair fanned out on the ground, the soft mushy green colored earth complimenting your (s/t) beautifully, it made him feel more excited then he already was.

“are you finished, wife?” he asked amusement full in his voice.

but while he was feeling so amused, he hadn’t noticed your hand reach down and under your dress, grasping the hidden blade that always clung to your thigh.

you smirked to him with a nod acting as if you accepted defeat 

“why yes, husband. after this” you hadn’t gave him time to respond, you had thrown your blade aiming right for his head.

he moved to the left easily dodging it turning to you with a glare “you will regret that, my love” ivar growled reaching behind him grasping his other axe slamming it  down missing your foot by an inch. 

you laughed and jumped up running to the tree to your right grabbing your hidden sword twirling it easily in your hands “come on, ivar. you must try a little harder” you said knowing full well what it did to him when you teased him like this.

he looked up at you a harsh look in his beautiful blue eyes and swiped his axe going for your legs.

you yelped and fell back down when it had made contact with your shin, you looked down and sen blood dripping into the dirt making harsh red lines from your calf to your ankles. you looked at him feeling anger seep into your veins, feeling more mad at yourself for being so un guarded.

you rolled on to your back and blocked the attack of his axe holding the blade up with all the strength you had left in your body.

he leaned in close, his lips rubbing the top of your head “come on, my love. you must try a little harder” he whispered using your words making you growl and spit in his eye making his grip loosen, now was your chance.

you turned over and hit him in the cheek with the handle of your sword kncoking him back.

the way you both moved was completely savage, and utterly viking.

but it was also like you both were dancing, your movements were almost elegant with the way you moved, it was beautiful.

you crawled over to him and punched him when he went to get back up, you raised your fist again but this time he caught it and flipped you over, crawling on top of your body.

you raised your sword but he pinned your arms by your head, making you completely useless under him, which you kind of liked.

you took in small gasps trying to make your heartbeat slow, ivar stared at you with a dark smirk rubbing his hard toned chest against yours.

“i don’t like it when you embarrass me around my brothers, love” he muttered rubbing his lips against your cheek.

it was true, you had been teasing him all morning at breakfast, teasing him about how easy it was for him to…….cum when you two first had sex, of course you hadn’t meant to hurt him, it made you feel warm and loved when he released with you and not margrethe, but he took it in a bad way, like he always did.

your hard eyes softened and you leaned up rubbing your nose against his

“you know i didn’t mean anything by it, love.” you whispered your voice low and seductive, he looked in your eyes and shook your head “you need to be punished, wife” he whispered, you didn’t want him to know how much that had excited you, so you clenched your jaw and rammed your head against his, causing a loud crack to echo out in the forest.

he groaned out and slightly rolled off of you, you went to get up but he gripped your ankle and pulled you back down, still clutching his forehead.

but before you were pulled back into his arms, you grabbed his abandoned axe and swung at his wrist, missing.

you then kicked your other leg up and kicked at his head and of course missed. you both stayed still staring at each other in rage.

neither of you liked to lose, in fact you both hated it more then anything, you both hated it more when you lost to each other. the thing was, you both liked to be the strong ones, you both never wanted to be the weaker lover, so after every fight you both came out to the woods and worked it out here, by proving who was the stronger lover.

as you went to move his grip tightened making you hiss in pain but never left each others eyes. he drug you forewards until you were on your back, you let him do this, you had to stop, or you’d both kill each other.

he dropped your hand and ankle and crawled over your body again

“let me ask again, are you finished now, wife?” his voice softer but still intimidating, you resisted the urge to growl and connected your lips passionately. you reached your tired hands and wound them in his hair, both of you sighing into each others mouths.

you both have been married for sometime now, never once have you ever gotten tired of each other, you both silently feared that you’d get bored soon after you’d gotten married like most other married people, but that never happened. you would never admit it, but the both of you loved each other more then anyone else. 

you moaned when his hand gripped your hip, softly grinding his crotch against yours making your body tingle and shiver “ivar” you gasped running your right hand down his clothed back, he grinded just a bit harder and that was your breaking point.

you pushed your hips harshly against his making him fly off of you and on to the ground, you on top of him. you smirked at his slightly shocked face.

you leaned down and pressed a hot kiss to his neck, making him sigh out shakily,you nipped and sucked at his soft warm flesh smiling every time he moaned and whined out.as you assaulted his neck with your mouth, your hands slowly slipped between the both of you and untied his pants pushing them down his hips gently 

“love?-”  you cut him off by pressing your wet, swollen lips to his and whispered hotly against them “shh, just enjoy my touch ivar, let me apologize for breakfast”

he took in a deep breath and was about ot say something else, but his words were cut off by you grabbing his prick making him moan.

you smiled down at him and sighed when his hands reached up and ran them down your back squeezing your flesh along the way causing you too feel even more hot.

you ran the tip of your pointer finger along his pulsing head, he was bigger then any man you’d ever been with, you gave his prick a soft squeeze and pressed one last kiss to his lips and moved down his body

as you moved down his body you pressed a kiss to any revealed skin along the way and pushed his pants down just a bit lower, allowing his prick to slap against his stomach, grunting when the cold air hit him.

you leaned forewards and pressed a kiss to the skin of his hip., then to the underside of his dick. his head flew back against the ground and bit his lip.

you then decided it a step further and licked around his head, he moaned so loud that the birds in the trees above us flew quickly away at the noise.

“fuck, love” he groaned and reached down tangling his fist in your hair wrapping it around his hand, you kitten licked all over his dick enjoying the heavenly noises leaving his mouth, you smirked then finally took him gently in your mouth.

he shouted out softly making sure to keep his voice lowered so no one would find us, his hips raised lightly forcing his dick a little more in my mouth making me moan around him, making him shiver and pulsate in my mouth.

your hand reached up and ran along his testicles rubbing them and massaging them “so fucking good” he whimpered yanking on your hair gently making your core start to drip. 

he loved feeling your hot wet mouth surrounding his dick, your tongue flattening against his shaft stroking the thumping vein that was just underneath his skin.

your head bobbing up and down just right made him feel like a god being treated by his goddess of a wife, he looked down at you and could’ve cum right there…..if he hadn’t remembered what you did to him in the hall earlier.

he pulled your hair and made your lips disconnect from his cock with a pop

“you still need to be punished” he whispered, his voice low and rough making you feel wetter, you gave his cock a slow lick still keeping eye contact,hiding your smirk when he grunted.

what is my punishment going to be?” you asked faking your innocence, he rolled you over back on to your back and gripped your thigh forcing it away from the other one “let’s see how long you can last” he said making your eyes slightly widen, denying your orgasem was something you had tried before and it had never worked, ivar always knew how to make you cum, once in two minutes flat.

he smirked and reached his hand up cupping and kneading at your breast making you moan and arch into his warm and rough touch, he knew your body like a map, he knew what made you shiver, what made you moan, what made you sob with pleasure, this was going to be hard.

his other hand reached down and moved your dress up grabbing at your lovely thigh, hiking it up higher, he then reached his hand down and ran his finger along your slit running his fingers in your wetness.

the smell of him along with his hands and lips on your body made your eyes roll back into your head and cling to ivar “please, ivar!” you cried burying your head into the crook of his neck.

he nipped at your neck and licked along your pulse blowing hot air against the wet strip “hush, my wife. no talking” he whispered rubbing his tongue against your neck once more, then repeated what you did to him and crawled down your body, not kissing your revealed skin but biting instead.

normally you would have pushed him off and continued to suck him off until he came, but deep down you knew that ivar was hurt and that if you were to push him away he would be even more hurt, so you let him carry out his punishment.

when he made it to your unclothed core he licked along your lips making you moan and move closer to his mouth, but his hands grabbed your hips preventing you from moving closer “if you try to hurry this up i will stop completely, do you understand?” he asked his eyes dark as night, not the bright intense blue you had come to love, you nodded and bit your lip, stopping you from yelling at him to just suck at you already.

he ran his large hands along your thighs and hips making you close your eyes enjoying your husbands touch, he then leaned foreward again and nipped at the inner of your thighs.

just little things like this made you fall even more in love with him, and want to have children with him, though you’d never tell him that.

he then traced your folds with his tongue following each curve of your delicate pussy lips making you whimper, moan and sigh out with pleasure, he gripped your hips and finally sucked on your clit.

you cried out gripping on his hair your toes digging into the dirt, a hot strike of lightning shooting through you as he finally touched you down there. 

he even decided to bite at your clit making you start to tremble and shake, never had you felt like this with anyone before.

he lifted your dress higher and rubbed his hands along your ribs and stomach squeezing and pinching at the skin in the process.

you clenched down on his tongue when he stuck it inside of you, your back arching off the ground, your mouth forming a perfect o shape as you were too pleasured to say anything.

ivar reached a hand down and took out his prick rubbing over it, moaning into your pussy making you clench again, it was coming, oh the delicious fast approaching orgasem coming to take you away and into euphoria.

“gods!” you groaned feeling your thighs tremble, oh how you wanted your release, but you wanted…..needed to wait, for him.

he reached his left hand up and intertwined it with yours giving it a gentle squeeze as his mouth worked wonders on you, he loved having you express the pleasure he was giving you.

he looked up at you from in between your legs and smirked when your head flew back, your hips rubbing against his chin begging for his tongue to go deeper “so beautiful, my wife” he whispered his tongue flicking against your core with each word.

was he trying to make you cum?, did he want to punish you further?, to you this wasn’t even considered punishment.

oh how his stubble felt so good against your core, everything he was doing was forcing your orgasem to come faster “i-ivar!” you cried thrusting your hips against him harder, he grunted as he rubbed his prick faster feeling his own release coming on.

he knew you couldn’t hold it no matter how hard you tried making him feel even more cocky about pleasuring you

“it’s okay” you looked down at him when he gasped out the words, seeing him touching himself made you cry out louder then before “cum my love, cum on my tongue. i wanna taste you” as the words left his mouth you clenched down on his tongue and came.

you sobbed out his name pushing his head into your pussy deeper, allowing the juices to leak into his willing mouth. 

waves of pleasure causing your body to tremble and quake against the ground still keeping a light grip on his hair, you moaned again when he moaned loudly finally coming to orgasem, and licked at your core once more.

you gasped trying to get air into your empty lungs trying to calm your heart rate, you looked down at ivar and seen his head thrown back against your stomach, his white fluid running down the hand that was so tightly wrapped around his cock.

you reached a hand down and brushed his hair back making him look at you and turn over hovering over top of you again, he was about to wipe the cum off of his hand but you stopped him, bringing the hand to your mouth slowly sucking the cum off of his fingers making him moan lowly while staring into your eyes as you did so.

he leaned down gently pressing his lips to yours allowing both of you to taste yourselves on each others tongues when you parted with a mall smack of lips you smiled lightly at him 

“you should have let me suck you off longer, ivar”  you said running your lips against his jaw, he hummed and made you look at him “i’m not done with you yet, woman. i plan on taking you to bed and never letting you leave” he said making you laugh gently at him and kiss him deeper then before allowing his teeth to nip at your bottom lip.

it always amazed you how you both could go from fighting to fucking, but you honestly would never change the way things were.

you parted from him and looked at him through the thicket of your lashes

“if you plan on taking me too bed, then you’d better catch me” you whispered sliding out from under him and stood trying to hide your weak knees and picked up your knife and his axe, you turned to look at him and winked wiggling your finger at him in a come hither motion 

“come and get me, husband”.

well, here ya go!! i hope i did good and that it was everything you wanted and more, let me know if it sucked (no pun intended) thanks for reading this horrible shit!! lots of love from me <3

ps, thank you too all who reads my imagines, you guys are the bomb!

These Stones We Skip | Chapter One

next part ►

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[Read at AO3.]

Summary: Ochako, as a newcomer to the most powerful guild in this forsaken village, had not only one, two; but three responsibilities: grow stronger until she was able to pin the world down, untangle the mystery that her past was and survive under the eyes of a crowd that watched over her as night chased the sun’s tail, the charade going on and on until the thread… suddenly snaps.

Rating: T because it’s Bakugou and BNHA. the MEDIEVAL AU no one asked for except you guys ajnsnhjzlm

Word count: you know it’s long me we’re talking about, just move on.

Author’s note: I’m dead, AND HELLO WHO EVER HEARD OF SILLY ADVENTUREPLOTS HAHAH SILLY RIGHT maybe would have worked better that’s cute /eats myself alive, so this should be like a 4-5 chapter thingy? I’ll see you around sorry it kinda sucked, it’ll get better from now on /swings off, will probably edit later, ok bye /dies FORGIVE ME THIS IS TOO BAD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

So like I have so many people to thank for this, so, so many. Just know that all guys who asked, commented on this to happen made it happen and my ask is free for you to send hate! ♥SEND IN ALL HATE because you guys have been so supportive and I don’t know why you guys are so amazing and nice, I am so thankful LIKE WORDS WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Warnings: it’s long, it’s messy, just how you guys like it, I think??? And it’ll be impossible to reblog/read sometimes on mobile, so be warned. Also, bits of blood? just bits tho.

I just hope Mic. Word hasn’t munched nothing of this fic or left words out.

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thesickficsideblog  asked:

This is more of a narrative suggestion X) After who knows how long in the Castle of Lions, the paladins are DONE with the food goo. Hunk and Lance dig through the kitchen to make dinner. They find old Altean recipes to follow, and Allura and Cora insist they did a wonderful job and it tastes just like home! But the paladins start to feel not so good, and the very confused and concerned Alteans have to deal with pukey and miserable humans as best they can.

Ask and ye shall receive!

(Send me more Voltron prompts!)

A loud clatter sounds from one end of the kitchen.

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You're Raped

“I think I should dump you out now before I get caught, now shouldn’t I?” the man’s raspy voice questioned, watching her every move without taking a blink. Shivers crawled down y/n’s spine as she backed her more into the corner of the wall, a way of hiding from him. His body kneeled right in front of hers, and the closeness of his body to hers was the most unsafe feeling she could ever feel.
“Oh how I’m going to miss fucking this pretty lil’ body of yours” he sighed, grazing his finger tips over her bare legs.
She fliched away from him, sobbing as she tried to back away more, but the cold wall prevented her, making her have no escape. The man chuckled as his body came closer, hovering over her as y/n’s body began to shake vigorously.
“One last taste, and I’ll dump you out. How does that sound?” he questioned, lowering his face so he can smell her, smell the vulnerability and fear that had become such a drug to him.
She whimpered, shaking her head so she didn’t have to feel him there—feel him crawling on her skin and his rough skin against hers. His fingers caught her chin so that he could harshly turn her face toward his, taking a look into her gray, dull eyes.
“You fucking look at me, you dirty little whore!” he barked at her, making her eyes widen, but her body obey.
He smiled, his hand running along her face as he admired how well he’s taught her these passed few days.
“Good girl” he smiled before planting a wet, sloppy, hungry kiss on her lips, trying to pry her mouth open with the hold of her chin, but she put her lips together and squeezed them shut.
“Come on, give it to me. Give it to me or you’ll stay here” he threatned.
She couldn’t imagine staying in here longer, not even for a minute. She was so trapped in complete darkness, preventing her from finding any exit to escape. Her clothes were in threads, and he would repeatedly hurt her if she made any kind of noise. The thought made her stomach churn, sending her to release a gag. The man took the opportunity to slip his tongue in her mouth, something that made her nearly puke onto him, but she held it in. It was too risky to make him mad. Way too risky.
The man lasted one last second before he ripped away from her. She gasped for air, throwing up as she exhaled the disgusting taste of his siliva.
Moments later, she felt herself being dragged by her hair outside of the unknown building. She put her hands on his, trying with all the strength she had left to make him let go, but fighting to her was something so energy taking now. She couldn’t do it even if she tried. Exhaustion taking over so much of her body, that everything made her so unbelieveably numb.
“Look outside the fucking window and I’ll kill you before you can blink” he seethed at her, throwing her in the passanger seat aimlessly. She lay how she landed, not finding any motivation to move. She coughed, feeling a reactant to the taste of this disgusting man that took away something so special to her. Something so special to her boyfriend, she felt like it was all her fault. If she had just listened to Harry to not walk home, none of this would of happened.
Harry. His name was enough to make her crave him. She missed him more she ever thought her heart could miss somebody. She just wanted to hear him—to know he was still existing.
Within twenty minutes, the car came ro a hault. The man took her face in his hand, squeezing her face as he pulled her head up harshly.
“You didn’t obey me the first night. All your fucking screaming and kicking, and after a thosand fucking times you still disobeyed me. You’re a little whore, letting me touch you like that. A little fucking whore who deserves to be lost!” he screamed at her.
He lifted her body up, opening the car door and flung her out on the grass, making her roll before stopping perfectly on her stomach. He turned around and drove back to the direction they have come from, leaving her, here, in the middle of no where. It was just a lane of road, and the rest was all grass.
She felt no hope. No hope that anybody could ever find her here, no hope that she could ever go back to Harry. Her Harry, the Harry that she loved and had lived with for so long. She did the only thing she knew was left to do, pray.
She let out a loud sob, feeling so disgusting and dirty and so broken, she didn’t even feel like the person she knew she was.
“Please God, oh please God, please. Give me my Harry. I need my Harry. I will do anything, God. I’m s—so sorry for all I had done t—to deserve this. B—but please, God, please, give me my Harry. Please have him find me”.
She took a second to listen, listen for anything. A car, a horn, a voice, Harry, anything.
“Come on!” she screamed, punching the grass. “Come on please please please!”.
She weeped, feeling so lost without Harry. The way he held her when she felt lost, or the way he kissed her when she knew things were going bad. All she needed was him, to be there, holding her. She needed him more than she needed anything right now. He was the only reason she held on. Without him, she would have let herself die the many times she was so close to death.
The whole world seemed to stop when she saw a cop car comming towards her. For a moment, she just looked at it, blinking tightly, praying that this wasn’t her imagination. There was no way that there was somebody comming here, in a place like this.
“H-help!” she screamed, crawling toward the road.
Whether she was imagining it or not, she couldn’t stop. Her legs seemed so broken, just being dragged behind her, but nothing stopped her from crawling towards the road once more.
“Please help me!”.
The cop car came to a stop, and moments later, a tall man in his mid fourty’s with a police uniform came running to her.
“Please help me get back to my Harry. Please. I haven’t seen him in days and I’ve been raped and I need my Harry please help me oh please, oh please help me”
“Ma’am. Ma’am. Please calm down. We know exactly who you are I just need you to relax” the cop earged, unclipping the walkie talkie from his shirt pocket swiftly.
“This is Officer Ryan, I found her” he spoke in it fast.
“How do you know me? Is Harry here? Where’s my Harry? Did Harry look for me?”.
“Ma’am. Harry called everyone to help find you, okay? But please for right now I need you to answer questions for me while I drive you to the police station, okay?”.
She nodded her head, and knowing that walking was hard with her injuries, she started to crawl toward the car.
“Come on, I’ve got you” the officer said, reaching for her.
She flinched, backing away from him. She wanted to trust him, she did, but she started reacting so strange to him now. She felt like he was just like the man. She felt like anybody that wasn’t Harry was going to harm her the way he did.
“Ma’am, I won’t hurt you. You have to trust me so that I can get you to Harry. Harry’s been calling all these cops and all these people to look for you. He’s been all around London running on no sleep looking for you. Now let me bring you back so you can see him. Would you like that? To see Harry?” he asked quietly.
Harry truly was running on no sleep, panicked as to why someone would take Y/n away from him like that. He couldn’t bring himself to live life without her, and he’s been going absolutely crazy without her.
She stuck out her hand, waiting for him to take it. He grabbed onto it, lifting her up so that he could carry her to the car without hurting her. He gentley placed her in the passanger seat, putting on her seatbelt. As he bent over, he realized how bad condition her body was in. Swells, cuts, bruises, and burns ran endlessly through her skin.
He felt so digusted, so disgusted that a human being could ever do this to someone, especially to such a young girl. She was 18, but just looked so weak and vulnerable, and that’s when he knew he couldn’t leave without looking for the man who caused this.
“You know what, Y/n, I’m going to have Harry pick you up. Does that sound alright?” he sniffled, feeling tears well up in his eyes.
He took a moment to be in her position, how someone forces another to do these terrible things so that they can fufill their pleasure. It was so sickening to him that a man could ever look at a girl, so scared and sad, and beat her so that he could get something he wanted.
“Please, oh please, please do”.
The eargency and the desperation in her voice was so tough for him to hear. This was miles and miles away from London, but he couldn’t let her go. He had to get this man. He had to.
He nodded, half-heartedly walking away from the car. He needed his privacy as tears slowly flooded his eyes, blocking his veiw to dial Harry’s number.
The ringing noise felt like years, he just wanted to tell Harry that y/n was alive. He was the one who wanted to deliver the news. The thought of finding her made his heart race. It took him days, nearly 90 hours to figure out where she was, and he knew now that the lack of sleep was finally worth it.
“What happened? Is everything okay?” Harry immediatly asked once he picked up the phone.
The officer sniffled, but smiled as he was about to say the words Harry has been hoping for for days.
“I found her, Harry”.
The line fell silent for a moment until a strong cry escaped Harry’s lips.
“Oh God. Oh God. Where is she? Is she okay? What happened to her?”.
“We’re 76 miles East of London, Harry. I know it’s a long drive but half of it is one stra—”
“I’m on my way” Harry said before hanging up.
The officer sighed, closing his eyes as he took in one big breath.
“It’s over now. She’s fine. It’s over now” he whispered to himself, trying to calm himself down.
The officer shook his body, snapping himself back to reality as he slowly made his way back to the cop car. He had one more stop to take, and he knew exactly what to do.
“Harry’s on his way” The officer said quietly, not able to look at y/n condition any longer.
He slowly sunk into the front seat, closing the door shut as he started to write down information. He looked over at y/n every once in a while, whom was staring blankly out the window. He knew she was tramatized, but he didn’t know what to do about it. He couldn’t ask her questions for his information, not now, not when she’s like this.
So he just sat there, joining her. He knew she was asking why a world that looked so beautiful had to be so cruel, and the question wrapped around his head. He couldn’t answer it, and he wished so desperatly that he could answer it for her. But he couldn’t, and it made him more upset. He quickly grapped his keys and gun, and made his way out of the car.
“Stay here until Harry comes,” he said to y/n, “I’m going to find that son of a bitch”.
Y/n nodded, and with all the quietness and the sound of the wind blowing itself onto the window, she slowly started to disapear.

Harry finally made it to the cop car, and he’s never ran so fast in his entire life. He was scared, so scared to see the damage that had been done, but he wanted to feel her skin on his. He needed it before he lost himself.
At the cop car, he couldn’t believe what he had seen. He looked at her, so beaten and small, and he could feel his heart break. He could feel it being squeezed tighter and tighter by the moment, seeing his princess look like that.
“Princess,” he shook her, crying, desperate to feel her, “wake up. Baby, I’m here now”.
“Harry?” she whispered, opening her eyes with so much hope.
“Yes, baby. I’m here. I’ve got you now”.
All her emotions finally gave out on her as she started to cry uncontrolably. She was so happy he was there with her now, to hold her and to love her. It was all she’d been waiting for, and it all seemed like a lifetime without him.
“Harry, I—I’m so happy that you’re here. I n—needed you so much and I held on for you, Harry. I held on for you. I knew I would see you again so I held on” she said, almost like a child.
He looked at her, almost like the first time he met her. After days without her, he felt like he was without himself. Knowing that somebody had the nerve to take you away was almost enough to kill him. Harry wanted to actually see the man suffer in front of him. But looking at her now, with the joy on her face because he was there made him fall in love with her all over again. He has never seen her so happy, and he, himself, has never felt so happy to see her.
This was definitely not how he wanted to see her. A black eye, swollen lips, cuts and burns upon her skin, because he knew what had happened. She didn’t have to say it, he knew, and it made him want to throw up.
But she was here with him now, with so much joy in her, that he almost couldn’t think of anything bad upon anybody. The exctacy she brought him was something so overpowering, and he missed her. He missed her more than he could miss anything else.
He brought his hand down to her cheek, feeling her, confirming that he wasn’t imagining her again. She was alive, and she was in front of him, and the thought made him completely break down in front of her.
“Oh God, y/n, I’ve missed you so much. I couldn’t—I couldn’t—”.
The cries were so strong that he couldn’t continue. He completely collapsed into her, almost like he still couldn’t believe she was here.
But the feel of her, feeling her barely strong enough to pit her arms around him made him angry. She was so hurt, she could barely even move.
“I’m going to kill him. I’m going to fucking kill him” he sobbed, truly meaning what he said.
He ripped out of her loose grip, storming into the front of the cop car. He didn’t know what he was doing, and he didn’t want to. He knew what it was going to lead to, and the way he knew it was going to end was what he wanted.
“Harry, baby, what are you doing” y/n asked, wanting him to return to her again; to hold her.
Harry couldn’t turn around, not now. He opened up to police car, jumping in, making a mess looking for anything. Anything to satisfy him.
“There’s got to be a fucking gun in here” Harry cursed, taking out everything in the compartments and throwing them in the back.
“Yes” he whispered, getting his hands on a handgun.
He quickly exited the car, holding the gun up into the air, as his mind was completely lost. His body was working too fast for him to know what he was doing, but he didn’t care, and he couldn’t stop.
“Who the fuck do you think you are you asshole?” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs into the night sky.
He didn’t know what was going on, his entire adrenaline was taking over, and all he saw was one big blur.
“You’re a fucking prick and I will fucking find you and I’ll kill you! How do you like that? A bullet to your fucking fucked up brain?”.
Harry was in a range he’s never been in before. He wasn’t even himself anymore. He was turning into a monster before he could stop himself. He was just so angry. Angry that someone dared to touch her like that. Angry that he wasn’t there. Angry that people could be so fucked up, and he wanted to be angry at y/n. She didn’t listen to him, and if she did none of this would had happened. But he couldn’t be mad at her, because it was her voice was what brough him back, it was the gentle tone she carried with her everytime she talked. It made him realize what he should be focusing on. It made him come back to the way he was before.
“Harry, come back to me”.
Harry looked at her, almost right through her, not fully back in reality. He dropped the gun, stumbling to her. Whatever he just did wiped him out, and all he could think about was holding her until slumber hits.
Once he reached her, he didn’t hesitate to hold her so close to his body.
“We have to wait for Ryan” she mumbled in his chest, running her fingers gentley along his back.
“Lets go to sleep, baby” Harry whispered to her, kissing the top of her head, “You look like you haven’t slept in days”.
She nodded, resting her chin upon his chest as she slowly closed her eyes.
“C’mon” he mumbled as he picked her up so he can bring her into the back seat his car.
Harry slid her body ontop of his, holding her as if this was the first night he had fallen in love with her. He felt a drop fall upon his shirt, and he subsonciously held her tighter.
“This will all be better in the morning, baby, I promise. He’ll be gone and we’ll be continuing on the way we were before, okay? I promise” he whispered, kissing the top of her head.
“Can you sing me to sleep?” she asked, another tear slipping out of her eye as she stared blankly at his chest.
“A drop in the ocean,
A change in the weather.
I was praying that you and me might end up together”

Cake by the Ocean (Cake threesome)

Summary: A night in with Luke and Calum spirals into something you never could’ve imagined

Warnings: smut. pure, dirty smut. so umm.. sex, ass fucking, teasing and other sexual acts

Word Count: 3k

Pairing: y/n x calum x luke

A/N: I couldn’t resist the title okay I know I’m cheesy also my cake feels got way out of hand so I apologise in advance

Originally posted by justinsnebula

Masterlist | Have any feedback?

The gentle sea breeze slowly wafts through your hair as you inhale the salty residue. In the distance you can hear the waves crashing against the hardened rocks, mighty clashes disturbing the otherwise serene area.

When Michael proposed the idea for a simple beach retreat with some of his closest friends, you’d been beyond thrilled. You grew up as his next door neighbour and you’ve managed to remain steadfast best friends ever since, so naturally you were invited. 

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The First Move

Requested by anon

Summary: You wake up with the ability to read minds. You hear some interesting thoughts that could change your life and relationship with the Winchesters forever.
Words: 1,381
Dean x Reader
Warnings: Implied smut, nothing described, Language

Your name: submit What is this?

You sighed as the water ran over your body, washing away the grime you had collected from one night in this motel room.

You squeezed a generous dollop of shower gel into your palm before taking your time to wash thoroughly.

Dean knocked you out of your relaxed state by rapping angrily on the door.

“Hurry up in there, Y/N,” he bellowed, “You’ve been in there for ages!”

“Two minutes!” you called back, adjusting the shower head to rinse the suds from your skin.

“It better be, you cheeky shit,” he mumbled.

“Hey! No need to be rude!”

“Sorry,” replied, “Did I say that out loud?”

“Yes,” you laughed, stepping out of the booth and wrapping a towel around yourself, “But it doesn’t matter, the shower’s free now.”

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Voltron fanfic: Scar Tissue

I’m mildly obsessed with Shiro’s nose scar.

Rated: PG
Characters:  Shidge friendship fic. Pidge, Keith, Hunk, & Shiro.
Warnings: mild mentions of violence, Sheith hints if you squint.
Summary: Shiro snores.   Pidge isn’t sure how their family made it to Kerberos without killing him in his sleep for it, but Hunk and Keith are awake to talk about it.

(You can also read this fic on AO3!)

“I thought maybe the Galra did something to him so he didn’t have to sleep or … I dunno,” she trailed off at the looks Hunk and Keith were giving her.  “Look, it was a valid theory! We didn’t have any evidence he sleeps!”

“Except that he’s human ,” Keith said, incredulous.

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Twilight Moments

Anonymous Requested:

Can you make one where you and Andy are just in the bedroom having a giggly time smut please


This one is for all the Twihards ;)

Warnings: Smut


 “Andy, stop!” You screamed, kicking lightly at your boyfriend as he tickled you mercilessly.

“What’s the magic word?” He asked, and you gasped for air.

“P-Please!” You yelled, and he chuckled.

“Actually, the magic word was sex, but that works too.” He said, pulling you against his bare chest, nuzzling your neck.

“Andy, stop.” You giggled.

“No.” He smirked, biting your neck. “I get to bite you whenever I want, I’m a scary vampire, and you’re stupid teen girl who is massively in love with my looks, and pretty much nothing else.” He laughed, kissing the spot he’d bit.

“I’m not a Bella!” You yelled indignantly. “Take it back.”

“Why? We both know it’s true. I’m so beautiful I’m irresistible.”

“It’s not true at all.” You told him, turning to face him. “I think you’re hideous. I only love your personality.” You giggled, and he frowned.

“Don’t say that.”

“Then don’t say I’m a Bella.”

“But that’s different, you are a Bella, and I’m not hideous.”

You glared at him and then reached forward and bit his nose.

“Who’s the vampire now, Biersack?” You asked, giving him a death glare, and a smirk crawled across his face, the kind that said he was ready to play a game. In only a few seconds he had you pinned to the bed and was hovering over you.

“Still me.” He said, smiling and showing his full teeth. His beautiful eyes glinted with that childlike mischief that still held adult intentions, and you had to suppress a smile. His lips connected to your neck, teasingly biting and he made snuffling noises that you assumed were supposed to be vampire noises, but were actually just really funny.

You laughed and he growled.

“Do you think this is funny, puny human?” He asked with feigned anger, and you laughed.

“Yeah, kind of.” You said, and he bit down hard.

“Fuck, Andy, that hurt.” You cried out, and he smirked.

“The hickey it’ll leave will remind you not to laugh at me though.” He assured you, and you growled at him.

“Andy, you fucking prick.”

“Now now.” He said, “We both know I’m not a prick.” He smirked at you. “I’m more like a stab, or a thrust.” He said, suggestively, thrusting his hips against yours.

“No, you’re definitely more like a prick.”

“Quit putting me down.” He whined, and you laughed.

“Then quit calling me a Bella.”

He glared at you.

“How old are you?”

“Nobody gives a fuck.”

“How long has nobody given a fuck?”

“A while.” You smirked. “Thus proving that I am the Edward, and you are the Bella.”

“Oh hell nah!” He said, doing his best attempt at a racist impression, and you just rolled your eyes until he bit you again.

“You can be Jacob, and I can be Edward, because you have to be inferior to me, but you can be slightly more superior than Bella.”

“So in other words you hate me.” You challenged him.

“You know what, I don’t think I like this game. Let’s stop.” He said, trying to kiss your lips and change the subject, but you turned your head, deciding not to allow him to.

“No, no. I want to hear the rest of this argument. Are you admitting that you’re gay, Andy, and that you would rather be in bed with Taylor Launter?” You asked, a smirk blazoned across your face, and he flushed slightly.

“Shut up.” He said, and you giggled.

“Gay.” You whispered and he growled.

“Stop that.” He glared at you.

“I always wanted a gay best friend.” You smirked, and he growled, burying his head in your neck.

“Stop it.” He said, and you could feel the heat of his cheeks against you.

“You know, a straight man wouldn’t be so embarrassed about this.” You reminded him, and he bit you.

“Oww, Andy!” You laughed, swatting at his chest, and he laughed.

“Shut up.” He said in a low menacing growl. “Or I’ll make you.” His hand traveled suggestively down your body.

“You wouldn’t, because you’re gay, love.” You smirked, and he grasped your thigh, pulling it up over his hip.

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12x01: Keep Calm and Carry On

Aubrey’s Challenge: Write a fic about each episode in season 12.

Word Count: 1597

Version en Español

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Your mother had chosen the absolute worst time to call with a family emergency that you couldn’t gracefully get out of. Dean had just left, loaded with a soul bomb, and everyone else was headed into town for a last drink before the world ended, or Dean killed the Darkness.

Then your mom called, sobbing. You had to leave everyone and drive over three states to comfort her.

Now you were on your way back to Kansas, anxious to get to Sam. The world was still around, and the sun was back to normal which meant that Dean had gone through with the plan and he was dead. Sam needed you. After three years of dating, you knew him well enough to know that he wasn’t going to be in a good place.

You were at the Colorado/Kansas border when your phone rang. Glancing at the screen, you nearly drove right off the road.

“Dean?” Disbelief and hesitant hope filled your voice as you pulled off to the side of the road to answer.

“It’s me.” His gruff, familiar voice brought tears to your eyes. Sam wasn’t the only Winchester you’d grown to love.

“Oh my god, Dean. What happened? How are you still alive?”

“I’ll explain later. Have you heard from Sam?” Dean asked, the worry in his voice carrying over the phone.

“Not since I left Lawrence,” you replied, heart skipping a beat. “Why? What’s wrong?”

Dean made a disappointed noise and spoke to whoever was in the room with him. “Y/N hasn’t heard from him.” Then he was back to talking to you. “Some chick was waiting in the bunker. She blasted Cas away and there was blood on the floor when I got back to the bunker. I hacked the traffic cams and saw a black SUV. I was just hoping that you knew where he was.”

“Did you get the license plate?” Panic filled you and you pulled back onto the road. Sam was in trouble and you needed to get to Dean so you could help find him.

“I’m running it now. I’ll call you back when we have a plan. And if he calls you—“

“I’ll let you know. I’m three hours away. I’ll be at the bunker soon.” You hung up just as a freezing cold sensation coated your skin.

Sam had to be alive.


“Hello, Y/N,” Cas greeted when you found him at the coffee cart Dean texted you directions to.

You nodded a greeting at Cas and pulled your jacket closer around you. You’d been freezing ever since you first phone call with Dean. “Hey. What’s going on? Find anything new?”

The angel shook his head, but then he glanced behind to the tables where people were seated. “Not with Sam. But, uh… There’s something that Dean didn’t tell you on the phone.”

“Which is…?” You prompted.

“Their mother. Mary. Amara brought her back.”

It was like your brain stopped working. Cas’s words didn’t make any sense. “Their… mother?”

You looked over his shoulder and searched the faces of the crowd until you landed on a blonde woman, watching everyone around her with a lost look on her face. She looked exactly as she had in the pictures that Dean had shown you once.

“That’s Mary,” you said in disbelief. “Sam’s mom. She’s alive.”

“Yes,” Cas confirmed. “That’s what I just said.”

“Here’s your coffee, sir,” the employee at the cash register broke in, sliding two coffees toward Cas. He took the cups and led you over to Mary. At your arrival, she looked over from where she had been watching a family playing on their phones. “You must be Y/N.”

She was even more beautiful up close. “Yeah-yes. I’m Y/N. And you’re… Mary. Sam’s mom.”

Cas slid one of the coffees toward Mary and sat down. You slowly settled into the chair opposite of her, unable to look away. This was the woman that Sam often talked to you about. He had told you how he wished that he could know her. Dean had memories with their mother, but Sam had only been six months old when she died.

And now she was sitting right in front of you.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized when you realized that a minute had passed and you’d been staring at her the whole time. “I don’t mean to—it’s just this is… unexpected.”

“For me too.”

“Right,” you hurriedly agreed. After taking a moment to glance around the world, you could see how much had changed in the thirty-some years that she’d been gone. “This must be really weird for you.”

She just lifted her coffee to her mouth and took a sip.

“I remember my first moments on Earth,” Cas filled the silence. “It’s jarring.”

Mary scoffed lightly. “One word for it.”

You weren’t good with people. It had taken weeks before you felt comfortable with the Winchesters. And your people skills, while slightly better than Cas’s, still weren’t the best. You had no idea what to say to your boyfriend’s mother who had been dead for the last thirty-three years.

This wasn’t exactly a situation that you planned for.

Thankfully, Dean came over then. He patted your shoulder lightly in greeting, knowing how much you hated to be touched, but also knowing that he was an exception to a certain degree. Sam was the only person that could touch you constantly without making you want to crawl out of your skin. Hugs from Dean were acceptable in small doses, but you could never seem to get enough of Sam.

“Good to see you, Y/N. I see you’ve met my mom,” he stuttered on the last word, still getting used to it.

“Yeah. Uh, did you find anything?” A slight breeze kicked up, sending a chill over your skin. The sooner you found Sam, the sooner everything would start feeling right again.

Dean explained about the sealed flight plans just before you saw the veterinarian’s car drive by. In the next minute, the four of you were on the move.


Mary had strong hunter’s instincts and ended up saving your lives when she killed the British woman who had crashed into Baby on purpose. After everyone was cleaned up from that fight and back on the road, the car was filled with an uncomfortable, heavy silence. Dean and Cas were up front, since Mary had elected to sit in the back with you.

After half an hour where the only noise was the radio playing quietly in the background, Mary’s voice seemed extra loud, even though she was speaking in hushed tones. “You’ve been with Sam for three years?”

“Yeah.” You weren’t sure where she was going with this, but you turned to face her nonetheless. If she was alive, that meant Sam was going to want her in his life when you found him. So you had to learn how to get along with her. She was family.

“What’s he like? Dean’s told me some, but I want to hear what Sam’s like from your point of view.”

Your eyes caught Dean’s in the rear view mirror for a brief second. That small glance reassured you and gave you the strength you needed in order to open up to this virtual stranger.

“Sam… he’s strong. He’s a fighter for sure. But he’s also really sweet. I know, that’s a weird way to describe a hunter. But it’s true.” Mary’s expression was shielded in the darkness of the night. Maybe that was what gave you the courage to open up more. Mary didn’t want to know shallow things about Sam. She wanted to know why you loved him. What kind of a man her son had grown up to be.

“He’s kind of a health nut, which really sucks when all that I want is some chocolate and we have to run into town to get some. But it’s also a good thing, because he takes care of himself, and he takes care of me. When he hugs you, you just know that there’s going to be a happy ending, no matter what’s going on. That’s not something that we get a lot of in this life.”

Cas shifted in the front seat, and you knew that everyone was tuned into your words. You were sharing very private thoughts with everyone in the car. This was so out of character for you, but now that you were thinking about why you loved Sam, you couldn’t stop.

“When you’re talking to Sam, he listens. He really listens. He cares about every single thing that you say.” Emotions started bubbling over in the form of tears. Wherever Sam was, you had to find him. You had to bring him home. A life without Sam was no life at all.

“Mary.” You turned to fully face her. After a moment’s hesitation, you reached across the seat and grabbed her hand, lightly squeezing her fingers. “I love your son. Sam grew up into one of the best people I’ve ever met. He’s the kind of person that you would die for. But… but Sam’s the kind of person that you want to live for. That’s hard to find.”

There was a pregnant pause as everyone let your words settle into their bodies. Your skin started tingling where you were touching Mary, so you carefully extracted your hands and retreated to your side of the car.

Finally, Mary cleared her throat. Her voice was thick with unshed tears. “Thank you, Y/N. And I swear, we’ll find him.”

“I know we will.”


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so me and kcvnsky were talking abt dream pack blue and i kind of got carried away w blue and proko being bffs ((half of these are his and for the rest u can still blame him bc he didnt stop me)) also this got rly long just letting u know in advance (also also this would not be possible w out kiohne‘s headcanons starting this all)

  • ok so proko and blue drawing w markers on kavinsky’s face when he falls asleep
  • they try to make jiang a cake for his birthday and its a total fail and they almost burn the house down
  • proko and blue making hearts w their hands around swan and skov
  • more on this: they would def make fun of the two of them constantly when they act all domestic and shit
  • if they see any kind of affection between the two of them blue and proko would exaggerate it and make rly obnoxious kissy noises or if swan and skov hold hands, blue and proko would hold hands and skip and swing their arms around them oh man
  • OK SO one night they are listening to weird music in the car and they do this little head bop and they are blasting the music rly loud and they just sit there for hours dancing in the car and swan is yelling at them but they cant hear him
  • when they come inside swan is like “blue the sad part is ur completely sober i can understand if u were drunk like proko over here but ur NOT” and they continue to bop their head as they walk through the house
  • plAtoNIC kIssiNG ((but lbr they have all made out w each other at least once))
  • man oh man do i love this idea 
  • do u want to hear a little story i think u do ok SO 
  • blue notices proko’s lingering stares towards k and tentively asks him abt it one day and at first hes like “no wtf” but then he opens up to her and shes the first person hes talked to abt this and he also listens to her whenever she needs to rant or just talk 
  • so anyway back to my story: proko staring at k one afternoon while he’s on his phone and he gets a text and immediately gets up to leave and proko curling his fist and staring at the floor and clenching his jaw bc he knows who k is texting and is gonna go meet and blue notices and goes over and tries to distract him and he appreciate the effort but nothing will ease the ache in his heart and the pit in his stomach so she pulls him away and they drive up in the mountains and they’re sitting on the hood of the car and proko has a bottle of vodka in his hand and he goes from anger to sadness to desperation back to anger and then finally to acceptance that k will never love him back he will never be someone’s first choice and blue says “hey u will always be my first choice” and he looks down at her and kissed her temple and says “I know little one” and she looks up and full on kisses him on the mouth and she doesn’t mind that she’s not the person on his mind bc that’s not what this is anyway
  • and blue drives proko back to the house bc hes took drunk to even walk straight and bc of that reason she has to help him in the house and blue puts him in his bed and he mumbles from under the covers “pls don’t leave” so blue ends up putting on a pair of prokos sweatpants and one of his t shirts and crawls into bed w him and puts her arm around his waist and they fall asleep like that and in the morning proko is like “I know I got sad abt k and don’t take this the wrong way but ur not rly my type and if we did anything or if u got the wrong idea-” and blue smacks him w a pillow and says “nothing happened dumbass u didn’t want to sleep alone. besides u would be lucky to get a piece of this ass” and proko laughs and he feels a little better and they go downstairs and blue eats yogurt while sitting on the counter and proko is trying, key word trying, to make pancakes and I’m gonna stop right there
  • ALSO ok so whenever the six of them are hangin out/theres a party, for a lot of that time they are always together like its always either proko draped over blue in the chair or blue lounging in prokos lap and theyre ALWAYS absent-mindedly touching like proko running his fingers through her hair or blue tapping her foot against prokos legs and theres nothing romantic they’re just best buds kill me now pls
  • THEY BET ON EVERYTHING! THEY BET ON EVERY SINGLE THING and its not even w money its like “i’ll bet u ur left shoe that i can make k mad before u do” and thats why proko had to walk around w only one shoe all day bc blue can get under k’s skin like no other
  • one day blue comes over and is exhausted helping her mom so she goes up to prokos room and she has her head in his lap and shes talking to proko abt how maybe she doesnt want to be used all the time what if she didnt want to help amplify her moms psychic abilities has anyone ever considered that and proko is stroking her hair and she falls asleep so proko carries her to his car bc as much as he hates to admit it, she cant constantly be over their house so he takes her home and he doesnt wake her up he just carries her inside ((these boys have come and go throughout that house they ladies that live there arent even fazed)) and he goes upstairs and lays her on her bed and tucks her in and everything and he gives her a cute lil forhead kiss goodnight 
  • prokopenko and blue holding hands platonically everywhere and taking 3000 selfies and they’re the kind that take pics of everything and everyone and blue is the one that prints them and puts them on the fridge they don’t use for anything else than milk and ice cream 
  • one whole wall of prokos room is full of the pictures him and blue took. there’s some of them together and separately (blues favorite on the wall is one of proko laughing w his eyes squeezed shut and his head thrown back) (prokos fav is of blue flipping off swan and jiang who are in the background) and there’s a bunch of the pack all together and of each of their cars and blue and proko make it a point to take a picture of each party they have and there’s some of jiang and declan together and some of k and ronan ((but most of the pictures involving ronan have him flipping off the camera or scowling at them)) and there’s some of swan and skov being all gross and domestic and there’s even some of dick gansey and his crew ((quite a few of that one adam guy bc hot damn)) theres some of the sunset from their favorite spot in the mountains
  • when proko is gone blue can’t step inside his room bc she cant bear to look at their wall of memories together

Prompt: Taehyung × Jimin × reader (dom)


Warning:Threesome and a bunch of kinky stuff

Word count: 4.8k (I’m sorry it’s long. I feel like I need to drown myself in holy water 😂)

You heard the light ring of the doorbell of your apartment. You had been expecting company. Specifically it was your partner from the company. You were assigned to create a design for a new upcoming house. A rich man desired it to be extremely glamorous and filled with the best materials. It was quite frustrating because you didn’t know how much was too much for a rich man. He constantly flaunted his money at you and treated you like shit. It was super annoying but money was money and he had a lot of it.

You trudged to the door of your apartment passing by your room and kitchen to get to your living room. Your heels clacked against the marble floor. Another ring of the bell had you speeding up your way to the door and you shouted through the door “I’ll be right there. Just wait” in no time you arrived at your door, and gripped the cold doorknob, applying little force for it to open. You were greeted with your incredibly exuberant and energetic partner in this project already trying to halt a groan that was about to leave your lips by the prospect of a long day.
“Hey, y/n! You ready to make some money!”
The strong urge to blurt out a ‘no shit bitch’ emerged in your mind, but all you did was force out a fake smile and excited voice when you said “Of course, I do. Let’s get to it”

As you passed by as certain closet, your friend halted your actions.
“Did you hear a muffle or something from there. It sounds like something is going on”
“Oh, don’t worry. It’s just my little cat probably rummaging around in there. Usually when he hear someone else’s voice, he starts getting antsy”
“Shouldn’t you probably check on him then. He sounded really hurt.“, she said with a slightly obvious tone.
“Oh don’t worry about him, he does that all the time” you assured with a smug grin tugging at your lips.

You slowly guided her to the brown wooden desk in your room. Scattered above the table where floor plans that you had begun designing. You both sat down together inspecting the designs again.
“Okay, so I was thinking about adding a jacuzzi in the inside rooms since he’s always complaining about having leaves in his pool. I was also thinking of adding some large screens that he can change images on like a screensaver. If he ever gets bored of a view, he could change it to be something more refreshing.” You said, as you pointed out the designated areas you wished each extra piece of furniture you wanted.
“Hmmm, maybe we should add in a walk in closet. He said he didn’t have enough room for his shoes and dress shirts anymore”, she said in a slight questioning voice asking for consent.

“Yeah, that’s good. He was nonstop complaining about it to me the first time we met. Maybe we should get rid of some of the space of the bathroom for it?”
You slowly moved your hands into the pocket of your business jacket. You wrapped your finger around a small controller. Your thumb found a rigid edge of the controller and slid the notches up. You could hear a faint moan from your closet, but not loud enough for it to be recognized unless you wanted to hear it. A smirk graced your lips, but your attention was brought back to the lay out after your partner looked at you expectantly.
“Yeah, we should include that, but where are we gonna put it”
“Oh, I was thinking of adding the movie theater in the basement”
‘Hmm, so she suggested a movie theater. That’s fucking stupid, but I said yes so I guess the basement is the best place for that shit’
“Yeah, I think that’s perfectly fine”
You turned the notch slightly higher, but this time a long dragged out moan came out.
“Uhm, hey y/n, did you just hear that. Are you sure everything’s alright? Is your cat really all good? It sounded pretty bad this time”
“Don’t worry, he just wants attention right now. Whenever you hear something like that, just ignore it okay. It’s usual for me, that’s why I keep him in the closet. He make a mess everywhere he goes, so it’s easier to just-
“Uhm, are you sure. It sounded like something fell or hit something.”
“Everything is all good, now let’s go back to the planning okay. We need to milk out the rest of this guys money”
“Alright, but only if you check on your cat. He’s probably suffocating in there”, she said worry painted on her face.
“Okay, but he doesn’t like strangers and might get scared when you are around. Can you wait and sit on the couch in the living room for me?”
“Okay. We should just work there for the rest of the time anyways, I’ll take the plans alright”
“yeah sounds like a good idea”

Your partner collected the materials and made it out the door in a hurry. You swiftly closed and locked the door of your room and made your way to the closet. You heard muffled and ragged breathes through the door. As you got closer to the door, more noises came from the closet. The slight sounds of your hangers shifting and the boxes being slightly shaken. You opened the door and were greeted by the sight of your beautiful kitten. His black hair matched the small charcoal kitty ears he wore. His arms were cuffed behind his back and his chest heaved up and down from excitement. His beautiful eyes were covered by a black blindfold and on his pink and plump lips lied a ball gag.
“Jimin, you make too much noise. Our guest had me check up on you, you know. I was only helping you too. It was a reward for not masturbating for such a long time. The vibrator was too much for you wasn’t it baby?”, you cooed into his ear. You were slightly bent over his frame and he was in his knees sitting on the ground. He looked up to you, with flush cheeks. He aggressively shook his head left and right, desperately trying to get you not to turn off the vibrator.

You turned your head to the right, greeted by the sight of Taehyung. His hands were tied to a lamp post. His knees on the ground and his ass in the air. His tail buttplug secured as he wagged his tail back and forth. His doggy ears snug on his head and his mouth covered in a black cloth. You could hear the slight moaning and groaning from the porn audio that was playing through Taehyung’s earphones. The both of them were in all their naked glory. Tae’s golden skin covered in a thin layer of sweat and Jimin’s porcelain like skin seemed to glow.
You bent down and ran your hand over Taehyung’s back. His body sinking lower to the ground, his back arching and a small whine ripped through his throat. Jimin’s body tensed at the low sound. Your finger curled at wire and pulled the earphones from his ears. You finally kneeled on the floor tugging at the black collar that hung around Taehyung’s neck. His head shifted as close as he could towards you with his hands cuffed, and you whispered in his ear “ Tae-tae, I’m gonna let you go okay. But you can’t do anything to yourself. Feel free to do whatever to Jimin, he was disobeying my command of silence so you can do as you wish. I’m going to go back to work and I better not hear a peep from this room okay.”

His head nodded in confirmation and you slowly peeled off the cloth from his face revealing his big dilated chocolate brown eyes. He crawled close to Jimin and ran a finger up his cock, causing Jimin’s hips to jerk up. You scooted closer to Jimin and said “ now, I better not hear you in the living room, I don’t want to have to reschedule this meeting with this annoying ass bitch okay.”
Jimin responded with a small whine but nodded his head anyways. You turned towards Taehyung and said “now, no one cums okay. You can tease but nothing else, I don’t want to have a mess that I need to clean up later. Okay, I’m leaving now, bye”
And with that, you closed your closet door, locking the it and made your way to the living room.
“Oh, good. You’re still here, how about we talk about colors. He said that he liked the color brown right, maybe we should paint the walls a badge color”, you said as you walked towards your seat.

Your partner fidgeted in her seat and looked up at you with a questioning gaze.
“Oh, don’t worry, the kitten is doing well. I let him play with my dog. He was just really lonely, there shouldn’t be anything bothering us now.”
She looked at you with worry etching her face “ But aren’t cats and dogs enemies. They would be fighting now wouldn’t they”
Her constant nagging was starting to piss you off. “ Uhm, excuse me. Are you saying that you know my pets better than I do? I treat them kindly and they love being together. Just because it’s stereotypical for cats and dogs to fight, doesn’t mean they do. I’ve disciplined my pets well. They love each others company. Now let’s get back to work, okay. We just have a couple more things to discuss.”
Your little outburst shook her core. She sat stiffly on the couch and fiddled with her hands as a distraction. She couldn’t bring herself to look you in the eyes and her voice quivered when she gave a small “okay”
With that, the issue was resolved. You decided to turn the notches higher for a little bit of a more satisfactory kind of feeling, instead of the tense atmosphere. You could hear a faint moan from the other room as well as a small slurping noise. It was undeniably loud considering they were at least 2 rooms away. You were pulled out of your thoughts by your partner clearing her voice “ahem, uhm……can you check again. Just in case. It sounds like the dog is chewing at the cat.”
Your eyebrows furrowed and your lips formed into a straight line, “ are you fucking kidding me” she looked up at you in surprise and looked down in shame. “my dog is probably just drinking water. Why are you so hell bent on me releasing my pets from the closet. They are there for a reason, to prevent distraction yet you keep on persisting I check on them. They are independent animals, they are just fine. If you are too distracted then maybe we should reschedule for now. Maybe this time at your place”, you growled out at her. She nodded her head, too afraid to voice out a yes and gathered her things to leave. She passed by the closet one last time, hearing a growl and hurried to the exit. Once she left you gathered the building plans and returned them to your desk. You sat down on your queen sized bed and gave a deep sigh.
“Tae-tae, why don’t you come out. I need to relax and we haven’t played in awhile”, you cooed.

You heard a small shuffle from your closet and saw your doggy crawl to the foot of your bed. He sat on his legs, waiting for another command.

You shifted your eyes to the now open closet, and there was Jimin, sweat running down his chest. His hands struggling to break free from the cuffs and his hard cock standing up, an angry red from the amount of times he was so close to cumming. You got up and walked towards the closet, Taehyung staying where you had left him. You slowly ran your fingers through Jimin’s black hair and his head pushed towards your hand searching for as much contact as he could get. You snatched your hand away, and Jimin whined at the loss of contact. You ran your fingers over his plump lips, wet from the amount of saliva he was drooling out from the ball gag.

“Aw, my poor little kitten must have been teased so much. But you like it don’t you?”

A small high pitched whine came from his lips as he struggled to get closer to the heat of your body.

“Seems like you still haven’t came yet, but you made such a mess. There is so much drool on the floor that I’m going to have to clean up later”, you said with a slight wicked tone to your voice.

You grabbed the key from your pockets and maneuvered around his trembling form and uncuffed him. His whole body came crashing down the floor and he struggled to get on his hands and knees. You grabbed the leash from his collar and tugged him closer to the bed. His legs were so numb from kneeling down for a long period of time that they trembled from the strain. He suddenly stopped moving and you asked “ Jimin, what’s wrong. Do you want to see?”
He nodded his head and brought his head up so that you wouldn’t have to bend over as much. Your finger tugged at the blindfold revealing his lustful eyes that gazed at you with longing.
You tugged on his leash more and soon you were at the bed. He sat on his legs next to Taehyung and rubbed his head on his arm. A small purr came from his mouth as he eagerly snuggled close to Taehyung.
“Tae-tae, why don’t you tell me what you were doing in the closet while I was gone?”
He looked down in embarrassment as he fiddled with his hands, a small blush coating his cheeks as he gained the courage to look up at you.
“Master, I was giving Jimin a blowjob. He kept on wanting to fuck my mouth, but I had to keep his hips down. Then I made him listen to the porn audio, because I thought it’ll be fun”, you pat his head and he gave you a bashful smile.
“Good boy, come here.”
He slowly crawled up to you, and laid his head on your lap, you ran your fingers through his pinkish locks. He snuggled deeper into your lap as you played with his tail. You pushed his tail more inside his hole, and he gave a small whine. You continued to thrust his tail inside and out of him until he was moaning and groaning at the feeling. His flushed cheeks became redder and his hair stuck to his face. He looked up at you, his eyes dilated and his mouth half open. You gave him a small smile, completely opposite as to the fact that you were fucking him with his butt plug.
You looked up, and saw jimin intensely looking at the butt plug. You were then reminded of the vibrator.
You bent down, close to Tae’s ear and whispered.
“Look, my kitty want attention too, here hold this. You can change the setting whenever you want. He really wants you to fuck him. Just look at the way he’s looking at me getting you off, he wants my doggy to drill into him”
A low growl ripped through his throat as he reached out for the small controller. His fingers turned up the notches up, until you could hear a faint vibrating noise from the toy.
Jimin mewled at the new tingling sensation, and he went on his hands and knees. His ass in the air as he relished in his own pleasure. He struggled to keep his eye focus on Taehyung, and lost himself in an endless sound of moans that left his lips. His ball gag, still secured muffled some of his cries.

Taehyung started pushing his hips to meet your thrusts as he continued to stare down at Jimin’s doubled over body struggling to maintain a small pinch of dominance he once had with the boy in the closet.

You were being affected by the sight. Your legs squeezed shut as you heard the symphony of moans from the two boys. Your panties starting to get soaked over as the smell of sex started to fill the room.
You stopped your movements and heard a small groan of displeasure from Taehyung.
Jimin was still in his own world, overwhelmed by his own pleasure. Taehyung nudged at your hand in hopes of continuing your movements but you didn’t move a muscle.
“Tae-tae it’s about time you paid attention to my kitty, he’s been wanting you for awhile now. Go ahead”
Taehyung got up from his laid down position, still hazy from the pleasure he just felt and crawled down from the bed. He raised the vibrator levels a bit more causing Jimin to moan even louder. You watched as he crawled close to Jimin’s body and took off his ball gag. Rough pants of breath came from the catboy, as he struggle to get onto a seated position. Taehyung carried his upper body so that Jimin was leaning on him and gave a slow sensual kiss. Their mouths melded perfectly together in sync as Taehyung gripped on Jimin’s hair bringing him closer to his body. His tongue slid over the other’s and their tastes mixed together. Taehyung snaked his hands to Jimin’s cock, roughly tugging at it. You could visually see Jimin’s own body tremble at the feeling . You started to rub yourself through your panties at the sight. Slowly along your folds as a wave of pleasure came crashing through you.

Jimin and Taehyung started jerking each other off as they gave each other opened mouth kisses. Both of them looking at you in the eyes as you slowly rubbed your fingers around your clit for relief. You saw Jimin shake visibly and his body tense.
“Stop, Taehyung. You’re going to make my kitten cum. He still has to hold out for awhile”
Jimin whined in frustration at the loss of contact as he struggled to get to his high. You swiftly got up from your seated position and gripped his cock until he stopped shaking. His arms harshly tugged at your jacket, small tear drops fell on his face. You cradled his face close to your and licked his salty tears off his face. His erection still painfully hard. You stroked his cock slowly seeing his face scrunch up in both pain and pleasure.

Taehyung had moved to Jimin’s back side and took the vibrator off of Jimin. Jimin gave a shaky sigh as he crumpled to the floor. You gazed at Taehyung and called out to him with your hand. He came close to you immediately and you pushed your lips onto his. Your tongues slid past one another in a heat of passion and you moaned at the feeling. His hot tongue seared into yours as he sucked on it in an attempt to permanently engrave the taste of you on his tongue. You tugged on his hair as you bit his lower lips, slightly sucking on it. A low groan came from his lips as you sucked on his collarbone that will surely turn into a bruise. You slightly tugged on his dick and heard a faint hitch in his voice. He started to slowly fuck your hands, timing his thrusts with your strokes.
The kiss became more heated, your tongues clashed sloppily together as Taehyung desperately tried to lick up all of your saliva from your tongue. You slowly inched your way closer to Jimin’s body straddling his chest.You moved closer to his face, and Jimin understanding your intentions hooked his arms over your thighs pulling you closer to his face. He slowly removed your panties and skirt amd slowly lowered yourself onto his mouth when you felt a wet muscle dart to your core. Your hips rocked back and forth on his flat tongue as he gave small flicks to your clit.
“Good, kitty, you’re such a good kitty Jimin”, you gasped out. He hummed in glee and started to flick his tongue on your folds more quickly trying to gather all of your juices on his tongue. Your body started to heat up as you grinded on his tongue.
Meanwhile Taehyung had stopped kissing you as he tried to fuck your hand faster. His grip on your arm tightened as he tried to find balance with every thrust. You halted your hand movement and let him thrust into your imaginary hole. His breaths were heavy and hot on your skin as Jimin sucked hard on your clit. A loud moan escaped your lips, making them moan in response. Jimin’s tongue had licked off all the juices that came out and darted into your heat. Your pussy contracted on his tongue, squeezing it as to make it stay inside. A mewled escaped Jimin’s lips causing vibrations to stimulate your core. You grinded more on his tongue, pulling his hair to bring his face closer to your pussy.
Taehyung started to sloppily thrust into your hand indicating he was close, but you tighten your grip to the point of it being painful. He stopped his thrusts as a small painful whine left his lips. You stroked his hair to calm him down as you continued grinding down on Jimin. Once he calmed down, he returned to french kiss you. Always slurping up all of your saliva because he was addicted to the taste. You slowly backed out of both of them.
“ Taehyung, why don’t you finally fuck the kitty. He’s so thirsty for you. It’s about time right. I mean, he’s hole is closing just at the thought”
Taehyung, intensely gazed at the black haired cat and brought his dick closer to his mouth.
“Lick it, I need to be able to go in right?”, Taehyung said in a cocky voice.
You saw Jimin lower his mouth to the head, liking his cock from the base to the head and sucking at the tip. You could hear the slurs of his saliva as he continued to harshly sick on his cock. Taehyung pulled out of his mouth and started inserting himself into Jimin. A loud moan escaped his lips and a small hiss came from Taehyung.
“Aww, is my kitty too tight for you tae-tae?”
He gave a small nod and pushed his full cock into Jimin. Jimin gripped Taehyung’s shoulders as he continued to fuck him senseless. His eyes became cloudy and unfocused. He kept mewling small words of encouragement to Taehyung as he moaned. Taehyung bent lower, close to his face and gave small sloppy kisses. Their bodies were covered In sweat as you looked on in amusement. That amusement didn’t last as you started to get really hot from your own arousal that still had yet to be taken care of.
“Taehyung, turn Jimin around. He’s gonna fuck me in the missionary position and doggy style suites you well anyways Tae-tae”.
The tan boy swiftly pulled out and Jimin whined from the lack of pleasure, but it was cut off when Taehyung entered him from behind. Jimin was on his hands and knees struggling to crawl closer to your body as he shivered from the brushes of Taehyung’s cock. Taehyung was getting impatient and picked up the catboy and brought him to you. As Jimin entered your core, a small sigh escaped your lips. Jimin was trembling from overstimulation when he felt your walls contract around him. Taehyung felt Jimin tighten when he entered your heat. He struggled to keep still, but didn’t move until you gave the go.
Jimin’s heated pants warmed your skin. You gripped his leash and tugged it closer to your body as you kissed his lips sloppily. Jimin tweaked your nipple as you kissed him, causing a chain reaction in moans.
You gripped Taehyung’s hand as an indication to move.
His hands tightened around Jimin’s hips as he thrusted roughly into him. His body pushing Jimin’s back towards you where Jimin licked at your nipples. Small shock waves of pleasure ran through you as Jimin thrusted into you as Taehyung fucked him. Jimin’s and Taehyung’s moans harmonized into the best thing you ever heard as they struggled to maintain what little composure they had. Your grip tightened on Jimin’s leash slightly restricting the amount of air he could take in. His head lulled towards you as he tried desperately to not lay all of his weight on your body. His black hair stick on his face and his cheeks became a beautiful shade of bright red. His eyes were completely glazed over from and his mind was overwhelmed by the lack of oxygen and pleasure.
You could feel his cock twitch inside of you. You gave a warning glance at Jimin and he gave you a small whine. He strained to hold off his ejaculation but Taehyung was struggling to keep his rhythm steady. Jimin was tightening so much that it was difficult to continue thrusting in. Before Jimin came, he pulled out. His cum all over your stomach as he completely collapsed on you. Taehyung looked at you desperation, wanting to cum.
You slowly slid from under Jimin’s body and got on you hands and knees.
“I’m only letting you fuck me doggy style this time tae-tae. Only because you’ve been a goodboy.”
You tightened his collar to restrict some of his airways and let him go into you. Taehyung didn’t wait for permission and started fucking you in an unbelievably fast pace.
“Master, you feel so good. I can’t stop. It’s too addicting” he groaned into your ear. His voice was sore from a of the moaning he did, but it was worth it. His voice was deep and husky from the amount of time he had to hold it in the closet. You involuntarily tightened around him, contracting around his dick. He stopped moving to get used to the new feeling and you slowly got up from your hands. Your knees still planted to the bed as your reached being him to push his tail deeper inside.
A low whine graced your ears as he continued. You looked over at Jimin and seeming to know what you were asking, took over the job of fucking tae with his butt plug.
You returned onto your hands and knees as Taehyung started thrusting even faster hitting that spot inside of you eveytime. Surges of pleasure filled you until you tightened around his cock. Taehyung struggling to breathe as he became more light headed. He pushed you down and pushed his warm chest onto your back trying to get off as fast as he could. Jimin continued moving his tail in and out staring half dazed as you slowly unraveled.
Taehyung sneaked his hands between your legs, rubbing your clit in rough circles. The wave of pleasure was too strong as you slowly came undone. Your core became unbearably hot as you tightened around Taehyung. Your juices covered his cock as a long string of curses left your mouth.
The tighten sensation was too much and Taehyung pulled out cumming all over your back.
You slowy came down from your high and laid on your bed. Jimin and Taehyung following suit.
“Since you’re a cat, my jimin. Why don’t you clean me from all of this cum you ended up dirtying me with. I thought I told you guys to not make a mess, you guys never listen.” you gasped out. Taehyung snuggled close to your form.
“I’m sorry master, we got a little bit too excited. We’re sorry, right Jimin?”, Taehyung said in a tired voice.
Jimin who had more time to collect himself chirped “ yeah, we promise not to do it again. Please don’t punish us, please”
With a defeated sigh you said, “ fine, but you still have to clean me”
With that Jimin licked off all of the cum on your back and stomach before laying down. All three of you fell asleep in a mess of blankets, exhausted from the amount of physical activity.

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Warnings: Reader isn’t made for city life. Overwehlmed mess. Smut. Slight self-consciousness. Only if you squint though. Cursing.

You weren’t made for city life. All the noises and the people. You didn’t have to work too much, a part time job was enough to pay for yours and Barry’s apartment, which was a good thing. You worked in the back of a restaurant, making food and giving it to the servers so interacting with people wasn’t the biggest part of your job and for that, you were grateful.

But sometimes the world can get a little overwhelming. And on days like today, the world was seriously loud. You were starting to freak out a little.

“Hey, babe.” You look up when Barry leans down to kiss your cheek from behind.

“Everything okay?” He asks as he sits next to you. You shake your head and lift his arm to around your shoulders, leaning into his chest.

“What’s wrong?” You bring your legs up to curl under you and hold his hand.

“The world’s kind of loud right now. I just, I need to calm down.” You take a deep breath and press your ear to his chest. You can hear his heartbeat, steady and loud, thumping rapidly against your ear.

“It’s okay. I get it.” He rubs your arm and takes slow deep breaths, keeping you calm just by holding you.

“I love you.” You mumble as the weight of freaking out finally settles on you. Your eyelids grow heavy.

“I love you too.” He whispers in reply, brushing your hair away from your face and kissing your forehead as you start to fall asleep.


You woke up and tried to sit up to look at Barry but decided not to. You reach for you phone and look at the time, 5:30 AM, too early. You lay your head back on Barry’s chest and get a little more comfy when you feel it, pressed against your side is Barry’s full on boner. Not the first time it’s happened but each time is kind of a shock, you know?

‘Uhm..“ You trail off as you shift just barely to bring your leg over his waist.

“Barr. Hey, Barr. Wake up.” He groans and rubs his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” He asks. You straddle his waist and smile at him.

“Oh. That’s why you woke me up.” He states in realization, staring up at you as you takes his hands in yours. You nod and smirk.

“Hey, you started it.” He chuckles and tosses his head back.

“You just woke up and you want to get it on?” He pauses to look at you. “I love you.”

“Love you too, Barr.” You lean down to kiss him and his hands splay across your shoulder blades running down your back to the back of your thighs.

You press his shoulders down and kiss down his neck, pulling his shirt over his head. He unbuttons your pants but leaves your shirt on, knowing that you would want to leave it on.

You stand up and pull him with you pushing both of your pants and underwear to the floor before falling back on the couch. You laugh and Barry laughs, the mood lifts as he flips you over.

“Quite the strength you have, Barry Allen.” He smirks as he kisses you again and you smile when he backs away, crawling down your body to in between your legs.

He spreads your legs and rubs your inner thighs with his thumbs. He kisses your thighs and sucks a few marks into them as you start to squirm.

“Barry, come on…” You whine, shifting your hips closer. He chuckles before licking up your lips to your clit. You whimper and bring your hands down to grab his hair.

He repeats the motion, flicking his tongue and teasing your entrance, trying to rile you up. It was working. He lets you buck you hips into his mouth and he moans with you as you get closer.

“Fuck. I don’t want to cum without you inside me. Barry, come on.” You try to pull him up and you kiss him deeply.

He’s gone in a second and back the next, a condom on him already. You giggle and kiss him again, holding him tightly.

Your nails dig into his skin slightly when he pushes in. You gasp and go still, he kisses your neck and rubs your clit, trying to distract you as you adjust to him. You steady your heartbeat and move your hips, moaning with him when he moves with you. Your legs wrap around his waist and you grip at his shoulders.

“Barry, fuck, Barry. You’re so good.” You moan and whimper through your sentence as he moves his hips shallowly.

“Y/n, oh god.” He vobrates slightly and you know he’s close. He always loses control a little when he’s close.

“Barry, fuck, you feel so good. Are you close?” He vibrates again and nods into your neck, whimpering as his thrusts get sharper.

“I’m so- so close.” He groans and you reach between your bodies to rub your clit, making yourself get closer and closer.

“Fuck, I’m close too. Come on, baby, cum with me.” You rub your clit faster and start to arch your back going still as your orgasm hits you. Barry’s hands grip the couch cushions behind your head and he starts to vibrate.

You let out a cry of pleasure and scramble at his back for something to grip on as his vibrates and moans into your neck.

When he finally comes down and you come down he pulls out of you and throws away the condom before sitting beside you. You are positively sated, deep breaths and a lazy smile as you curl into his side. He holds you close to him, his own breathing deep and steady.

“I fucking love you.” You hear him laugh above you and your head bounces on his chest with his laugh.

“I fucking love you too, baby.” He kisses your head, still breathing deeply and smiling as he tilts his head back against the couch.

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