he was lovely omg thank you dan

Shit Disturber

Hello, Love bugs! 

 Dan X Reader 

Warnings- Adult themes. swears but duh I always swear. No real smut 

omg omg omg could you please do a fan fiction where you give Dan a massive hickey and then he has to video with it and he gets loads of comments about it and you just laugh at him.- Anonymous

 Love bites. Love bites all over the base of Dan’s neck and chest. You loved to give him hickeys. He was also a huge fan of giving and receiving them himself. The night before you had been a bit wound up and had been playing around with Dan. The two of you couldn’t have sex because all thanks are given to the woman body. That doesn’t mean the two of you couldn’t have fun like a couple of teens trying not to get caught by your parents. In this case, your parents would be Phil. This evening seemed like a regular Monday to you. 

On Tuesday’s you stay late at school with a study group while Dan does his live show. The group had already dispersed for the evening so it was just you and your laptop in the library. You decided it would probably fine to turn on Dan’s You-Now while you continued working. As you stuck your headphone’s in you tuned into the show to find Dan in the same place as always. In his room on his big Mac talking about ascetics, kinks and loads of other shit.  Everything seemed pretty normal until you noticed something just above the collar of his t-shirt. There in clear red-purple colour was one of the hickeys you had given Dan the evening before. You couldn’t text fast enough to Dan to let him know to try and shift so it wouldn’t be so noticeable. You waited what felt like forever before you could hear Dan’s Phone go off in the live feed. You watched as his happy little smile went to wonder as he peered at his phone a little harder, he had to make sure he was reading your words right. Once you knew he had read the message you decided that you were at a safe enough distance away from him to tease a little by sending over a kiss face emoji. Again you waited as Dan tried to shift and look normal before looking down at your newest text. The biggest shit eating grin was placed on both of your faces. You decided to go home and deal with what you could only assume will be a crazy Dan.  

Once you got home you could hear the sound of absolutely nothing. That was strange. The apartment was always filled with music or some TV show on in the background.You made your way up the stairs to see Phil’s bedroom closed. Dan’s room, however, had the soft glow of his lamps on. You quietly enter the room to see Dan surfing on Tumblr. There on his screen, you can see every single post about his one visible hickey. If people were freaking out about that one that was noticeable they should see his collar bones. poor things. You made your presence known buy dropping your bag in the doorway with a soft thump. Dan hears the thump turning your way and looking your way, he smiles seeing you recreating the same smile.

 “Well, you did it, love. The internet is broken with pictures of a hickey on my neck. Everyone is absolutely positive that this is the doing of Phil. Little do they know there is someone else in my life that happens to be quite a little shit disturber. ” you make your way over to Dan’s desk to sit on his lap.

 “So how are you going to deal with all of this, hmm let’s say mess.” You place a kiss to Dan’s love bite that caused all of the problems.

“I’m probably not going to do a single thing. Let them assume what they want. I don’t play well with others so I, not sharing you with the world yet.” You smile against his lips as place lots of little kisses to them. “Just so you know my next few months are going to be filled with comments about it so when I bitch to you it’s your job to let me.

 "If you bitch I will just add a few more to your skin.” A laugh leaving you from the thought of All the jokes that are going to be coming his way.

“Oh, that’s it.” Before you knew it Dan as picking you up and tossing you onto the bed. You couldn’t help but giggle the entire time. “I’m going to repay ten fold my pet.” That was the last thing you heard before Dan started to place the similar love bites along your jaw, neck, and chest.

anonymous asked:

your theory was quite funny lmao but you know when dan said 'the older you get, the more you’re like what the hell i’m so uncomfortable i wish i was just asleep right now' it kinda sound like he's talking about sex and that's what that stare was about

ohhhhh omg. oMG. this is probably right. like it’s just an innuendo about how sex gets boring the older you get…. wtf .. i’m dumb……  lmao is it too forward of me to point out that that is yet another example of peak married/long-term-monogamy humor lmao,,, i love it. thank you dear god this would’ve bothered me for another three weeks but i am v satisfied w this explanation you r an angel

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Hi! I was wondering if you guys knew that one fanfic where Phil had an abusive boyfriend named leo (?) And he went on a trip with a few other youtubers and the two of them had a fight. It was a slow burn, and Phil broke up with him and kissed Dan? Thank you omg

Love is Just an Empty Word You Say - (tw) Phil had gotten so used to being single, but that didn’t mean he wanted it that way forever. Insert Leo, who sweeps Phil off of his feet and steals his heart, and it doesn’t take long for Phil to come to the conclusion that his new boyfriend is an angel. But Leo’s halo and wings aren’t a good enough disguise for the devil inside.

- Eliza

matthewmaryforever  asked:

Hiiiiiii!!!!! Can you please do a Top 5 (or 10. Or 100.) Dan Stevens' Red Carpet Looks (you can do it whenever, or after all the premieres are done)? OMG, he is totally slaying it! 😍😍😍Thank you for all of your drool-worthy posts! 😍😍

Hi @matthewmaryforever

Lol…. I could go on and on about this particular topic…

I have lots of favorites. He’s been killing it recently on all the Legion and Beauty and the Beast events for sure…

But i didn’t expect anything less… he loves his suits almost as much as he loves his  shoes… he’s never met a pair of brogues he won’t wear…

Here are some of my favorites…

Olivier awards..or baby Dan

London launch

BAFTA Downton

Shanghai Disney red carpet

This might be my favorite…GQ Man of Style award

Summer in February NYC

I must put in a plug for the green however…. TIFF


L.A. Beauty and the Beast red carpet…I love him in green

And no it’s not just because i saw him in person in green….er… ok it might be that.. :)

Check him out…our boy’s got style

anonymous asked:

I have no idea when you posted that rlly angsty fic where Dan was dead but didn't know and Phil was depressed because of it but Dan thought he fell out of love. BUT DAMN THAT WAS SO GOOD

OMG thanks man i’m glad you liked it!! i can’t remember when i posted it either but it was forever ago

More Wit, A Better Kiss


genre: smut

warnings: swearing, threesome, overstimulation, blowjobs, anal

word count: 2247

link on ao3!

a/n: help it’s 2 in the morning and i can barely keep my eyes open omg i’m sorry if this disappoints. i loved this prompt okay and this is my first smut fic in three weeks so pls don’t judge too harshly lol. okay but yes here’s a fic, i’m super tired, and i reached my next hundred thank. also i know the title sucks i spent like 10 minutes coming up with one but i don’t have anything so here. okay i hope you enjoy <3

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What do you mean Rupert has a full song? OMG! Is music a required class in Hogwarts? Seems the HP trio can all carry a tune. This is too perfect. Thanks all the Rupert info, would you know if he plays any musical instruments?

Well… that’s debatable. lol!! Rupert sung on the Postman Pat soundtrack and while I personally think it’s adorable, it was definitely auto-tuned within an inch of it’s life. Emma sounded lovely in Beauty in the Beast AND was far superior to anything I could manage but it was hard to not notice the auto-tuning in the first few songs. 

I’ve never heard Dan sing… but he seems to be good at most things he tries.

Rupert has mentioned in the past that he mucks about a bit with a guitar and likes the idea of being in a band but isn’t really good at it. (Isn’t he adorable?) Here’s the full ‘Struck by Lightning’ song from the Postman Pat soundtrack.

Shy Boy

Hi there! As I said before, thank you for following my blog and taking time to read all my phanfics, it means a lot.

I bring you another phanfic this time, hope you like it!

prompt: dan is the famous youtuber and shy!phil joins him for his liveshow

summary: Dan is making a liveshow when his boyfriend Phil arrives home, will Phil agree to join him this time so he can see how much his audience loves him?

word count: 1.5k

no trigger warnings

Dan was halfway his liveshow already. He had already covered a few topics like his new video, a recent series he had started watching, some more serious issues concerning politics… Usual Dan to be honest.

He was now explaining a post he had read on Tumblr earlier when he heard the front door close. ‘That must be Phil’ he thought. You see? Phil was Dan’s boyfriend but he wasn’t a Youtuber like him, he worked at the BBC headquarters as a technician, where they actually met.

“Daaaaaaan” Phil shouted downstairs, his steps coming closer to the lounge, where Dan was actually duing his liveshow.

“What? I’m in the lounge!” Dan shouted back, a smile appearing on his face “As you can guess that’s Phil” he explained to his viewers, the chat quickly filling with messages of 'Bring Phil!’ or 'Tell Phil to join!’

“Oh hey” Phil said. He rapidly noticed that Dan was doing a liveshow so he made a sign indicating that he was going to leave, since he was really shy and didn’t really want to appear in his boyfriends’ liveshow.

Dan really wanted to take Phil out of his confort zone (only if he wanted) so he could also see how much his followers loved him too, even though they hadn’t seen him much, just on a couple of photos from Dan’s Instagram.

“Wait a minute, I’m not leaving yet, just gonna get something” Dan mentioned to his followers, standing up and going to find Phil, who was pouring himself a cup of tea on the kitchen.

“Hello Phil, tired?” Dan happily said, pecking him on his lips.

“Hey again” Phil answered, continuing to make his cup of tea. “No, just thinking about reading a bit so you can finish the liveshow without distractions.”

“About that…” Dan was sure it wouldn’t hurt to ask so he gave it a go “would you maybe want to join me?”

Phil was about to speak when his boyfriend cut him off “Phil, I know you are shy but I want them to meet you. They will love you I promise, who couldn’t love you, eh?” Dan saw Phil was thinking this too much so he spoke again, “I want to be able to share this part of me too, only if you are comfortable sure, but please, do it for me.” He put his best puppy eyes, knowing Phil couldn’t resist to those.

Phil, seeing how important this was to Dan, decided to say yes. He wanted to support Dan and if this was a way he could do it, he would, even if he wasn’t 100% comfortable.

Dan let out a little scream when he heard Phil say yes, so before he could change his mind, grabbed his hand and led him to the lounge where he made him stand up so he could mention he had a  'surprise’.

“So, I’m back and I brought a surprise!” Dan reached for Phil’s hand and made him sit down next to him “It’s Phil! Say hi Phil!”

Phil was still a bit uncomfortable with this, so he murmured a little 'hi’ and waved to the camera before grabbing Dan’s hand again, out of the camera vision.

“Isn’t he handsome? Look at him, he could be a model with those cheekbones, am I right?” he heard Dan ask his audience.

“Daaaaaan” he said, now his cheeks red as a tomato, before hugging Dan from the back so he could hide his face on the crook of Dan’s neck, his chest and Dan’s back now flushed together.

“What Phil? I’m just stating the facts here! See…” Dan commented, making him lift his gaze, and resting his chin on his boyfriend’s shoulder so he could read the messages on the chat. Most of them being 'OMG he is so adorable!’ 'Dan where can I get one?’ and 'Phil thank you for making Dan happy, we love you!’.

Dan bumped his head lightly against Phil’s, “see? I told you they would love you”

Phil could only nod and smile at that. He had been worried about the opinion Dan’s followers would have of him. He didn’t want to be seen as a burden to Dan, but apparently they loved the fact that he was making Dan happy so he would take that.

“Should we answer some questions, Phil? Let’s see…” Dan scanned the messages rapidly, searching for an appropiate one they could answer on camera “Olivia asks 'How did you two meet?”’

“It’s a bit of a long story. I went to the BBC to do an interview, and they were having some problems with the microphones, especially mine, so they called Phil in to see if he could solve the problem.” Dan was telling his audience while Phil looked at him with a little smile, also remembering their first encounter.

“Long story short, Phil here was stuggling to fix the microphone because apparently I was one of his favourite youtubers and he was nervous, isn’t that right Phil?” Dan teased him, girating his body a bit so he could poke him in the ribs, making Phil squirm and laugh a bit. “I saw how nervous he was, so I decided to engage him in a small talk which led to me asking him out for a coffee later to thank him for fixing the microphone. And here we are.” Dan finished his tale, happy now his followers knew a bit more about him.

“Okay next question from Sam, 'what’s the favourite thing to do together?’, nice question.” Dan started to think, he and Phil did a lot of things together to be honest so it was difficult to choose just one. He was about to speak when he heard his boyfriend’s shy voice say “Probably dancing to 2000’s songs on the kitchen while we make dinner.”

Oh Phil, he finally decided to get out of his shell. “Yeah, that probably.” Dan agreeded, “Or maybe some other things that are not appropriate for this PG13 liveshow.”

That’s when he heard another “Daaaaaaan” from Phil, who was hiding again on his shoulder.

“Umm let’s see what more are you asking… Alex wonders if we have any habits that annoy eachother” Dan didn’t miss a beat when he shouted “Phil constantly leaves his socks everywhere, LIKE EVERYWHERE” he gesticulated exageratedly with his hands.

“Hey! Not fair!” Phil’s whiny voice said “You tap on every surface possible, even when we are silently watching a movie and it distracts me!” Dan laughed at this. It was true, he had the annoying habit of tapping and it often drove Phil mad.

Dan looked at the clock and he decided to answer one last question before ending his liveshow. He saw an interesting one and decided that this was it, “Okay, one last question from Kayla 'This might be a bit personal but have you said I love you to each other yet? And if you have who said it first?”’

Dan didn’t even have time to think when he heard Phil’s soft voice, as the same time he brought Dan’s body closer to him “It was actually me. I told Dan I loved him after an argument.”

They both remembered it. It had been a horrible argument for them both, shouting at each other and crying, ending it with Dan storming out the apartment.

Phil rememebrs going to bed crying, not even trying to sleep when he felt cold hands embracing him from the back. He jumped at the sensation, turning around and not leting the other person speak.

“Please Dan, forgive me, what I said to you was horrible and I understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore but I don’t want to lose you. I love you Dan. I…” Phil realized what he had said, “Oh, Dan I…” he couldn’t speak anymore, since a pair of wet and salty lips from tears kissed him hard and fast, making him lay on his back.

Once their lips parted Dan looked at him, eyes red from crying, “Phil, I’m sorry too. We both said horrible things to eachother I know, but hey, we will deal with it, okay?”

He kissed him again, now more camly before moving his body a bit higher so his mouth was near Phil’s ear “You know? I love you too Phil.” was all he could say before Phil’s hands grabbed his cheeks, giving him an open mouthed kiss as he straddled him, making his back touch the soft matress beneath. Only grunts, sighs, moans and 'I love you’s’ were heard that night.

“It was an accident really but… I said it first and then he said it back and here we are” Phil continued his sentence from earlier.

Dan pecked him on the cheek before whispering a soft “I’m proud of you and I love you” into his ear so only Phil could hear.

Dan looked his liveshow chat once again before reading a request “'Kiss Phil (on the lips this time) please!’, well, what a better way to end the liveshow, right?”

He grabbed Phil by the back of his neck before kissing him not very appropiately in front of his audience, leaning onto his boyfriend so he would lay on the couch as he closed the laptop with his free hand, not wanting to let his audience see what he intended to do to his boyfriend now that the liveshow had ended.

anonymous asked:

I just want you to know that you're my favorite fic writer! Do you have any phanfic recs? I'm looking for things to read after finally recovering from your fic Birthday Sex

omg really??? im speechless thank you!

i DO! 

so, my favourite phanfic of all time is So Many Stars by transdimensional_void which is an AU about them becoming schoolteachers in Japan, it’s a slow burn and hella long but it’s AMAZING I cannot recommend it enough. 

Toxic by mangothatismelancholy (Stripper!Dan AU! So SO good omfg, Explicit)

The Next Best Thing by interrupted-by-fireworks (enemies to lovers soulmate AU - amazing, Explicit)

Venom by RamonaSpeaks (Phil kinda hatefucking Dan because he’s convinced Dan doesnt love him anymore but HAPPY ENDING i swear, Explicit)

Roll The Dice And Swear by RamonaSpeaks (a what happened in Vegas fic, Mature)

Anchor by the wonderful Nova aka Manchesterz (This will MAKE YOU WEEP YOUR SOUL OUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, angst angst angst MCD!!, BUT AMAZING)

The Blind Boy by jilliancares (very realistic and heartwrenching story about Blind!Dan ummmm fluff mainly with angst too i guess)


The Friends With Benefits Verse by definitelythor (esp the Glass Around Your Heart) which was a huge inspiration for Birthday Sex ngl!! Really love this one, I think it captures Dan’s pain really well.

That’s a few off the top of my head I hope that gives you something to go on! Thank you so much again, you’re lovely <3

You can protect me

So here is another imagine requested by annoymous!

Hope you enjoy! :)


“Okay Y/N, please come this way” A man said as he lead me down the big corridor doors. Today, my training had just finished and I was now ready to become a fully professional security guard. Now, I know what your thinking, “Oh my god, why in the hell would you want to be a body guard?” Well truth is, I’ve always wanted to be one. Ever since I was fourteen, I felt like it was my duty to protect people and to stop them from any type of physical harm. Or even mental harm for what its worth. Me and the man turned into the room at the end of the hallway and I could feel myself getting nervous already. I was about to embark on the next stage of my career. 

As we entered, a woman was sat down on a lovely white sofa, typing away at her laptop. She had brown hair which was pinned up in what looked like a very tight bun and was wearing a white blouse with a navy blazer and black trousers. She looked very formal indeed. 

“Ah, you must be Y/N!” She looked up and immediately smiled. I nodded nervously. “Well, welcome to the team! I’m Jennifer but you can call me Jen!” I suddenly felt a burst of confidence escape me as I started to explain how excited I was to be here. Turns out, I was taking a place as a security guard for two internet stars called Dan and Phil. I didn’t really know who they were but they sure sounded quite interesting and I couldn’t wait to meet them. Jen told me all the info about them being on tour and that they head off to Orlando (I’m not exactly sure if they go here so forgive me) in two days. 

Once I had all my Information about the trip, I rushed off home to start packing. This was going to be a adventure of a lifetime. 

**Dan’s POV**

I groaned loudly as I dragged my suitcase toward the front entrance of the airport. Our flight was at 3:40 but Phil being Phil, he got us up, out the door and in the taxi by 11 O,clock. What a freak. 

Don’t get me wrong, I was really excited to meet everyone on our tour but nothing really special happens and everything just gets a bit boring travelling from place to place. I just wish something different to happen.

Once we got through security, me and Phil headed towards the nearest restaurant as we didn’t have breakfast . Once we were sat down, Phil started talking.

“Hey, we have to meet the new security guard near the gates at three, what do you think she will be like?” 

“I’m not sure, but she better have a sense of humour, the last one was like a statue!” I laughed. Maybe this one was completely different. You never know, they could turn out to be my one of my best friends 

Me and Phil sat there for a little bit more before we realized that it was time to head to our gate. Time to meet the new Body guard..

**Y/N’s POV**

I ran through millions of isles before I got to the right gate. I had slept in until one meaning I had only two hours to get to the airport. Luckily though, I made it..barely.

Just as I expected, two young looking boys were waiting just outside. One was blacked haired with lovely blue eyes and the other one was brown haired with gorgeous chocolate eyes.  

“Dan and Phil?” I asked, a hopeful expression on my face. 

“That’s us!” The black haired one announced, “I’m Phil and this is Dan”

Phil beckoned over to him as if to say “Say hello Dan!” However, Dan was just staring at me as if I was an angel sent from heaven. I stared back just to be polite even though I was starting to get slightly uncomfortable. But to my relief, he finally started talking.

“H-hi, I’m D-Dan” He said slightly stuttering. “N-nice to m-meet y-you” I chuckled at his awkwardness and he smiled. I think I was going to get along with theses guys. Especially Dan. 

Once I had introduced myself to them, It was time to board the plane. My seat was right in the middle of Dan and Phil but they didn’t seem to mind to be honest, neither did I. This was going to be amazing. 

*****Time skip******

Its been a week since I’ve met Dan and Phil and never in my life have I laughed so hard. Every day, we would make up a new inside joke and laugh about for ages. As for me and Dan, we also became closer. I may or may not have started to develop a tiny crush on him but I wouldn’t take any action for obvious reasons. One of them being that he wouldn’t like me in that way and the other being that it was very unprofessional. 

However, today everything changed. it was the last day of TATINOF  in Orlando and the crowd was busier then ever before. I nearly went deaf when Dan and Phil entered the room due to millions of girls screams. It was like a fan girl meetup. 

As we went through to backstage, I had to be quite patient while the boys both got ready. In that process, a group of girls came up to me. 

“Who the hell are you?” One of them spat. I can tell theses were proper fan girls. The way they dressed and how they acted, definitely something you should keep aware of. However, keeping in someone’s way was my job.

“I’m Dan and Phil’s security, I’m sure they are all excited to meet you all but your not aloud back here so get back to your seats. The show will begin in 5 minu-” I was interrupted by another one of the girls 

“We’re not going anywhere until you get the message!” 

“Excuse me?”

“STAY AWAY FROM DAN AND PHIL!” They shouted as one of them punched me in the nose. I could feel the blood drip down and I fell to the ground. Suddenly,a voice appeared out of no where.

“Oi, back off!” It yelled, running up to comfort me. The group of girls gasped before running away quickly. I was relived but still in pain. I looked up to see who my hero was and to my surprise, it was Dan.

“Are you okay?” he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my back as his hot breath touched my skin. I nodded being totally speechless, 

“Thank you” I managed to get out “How could I possibly repay you?”

He smirked before reaching for my hand “Let me take you out?” 

“Deal” I said, trying to cover my blushes with my hair. Then I felt Dan lean in slowly and a rush went through my body as his lips touched mine. 


So what do you guys think? :)

anonymous asked:

this might be the wrong place to ask, but I was wondering if there's such thing as phil/pj or phil/chris out there? or is everyone too set on dan/phil pj/chris?

Other Fantastic Foursome pairings

(Kickthefire tag)

Kickthefire (pure)

Friends to Lovers Dan has a massive crush on PJ and doesn’t know what to do about it because it’s driving him crazy, he talks to Phil and Phil suggests that he takes PJ to a party that’s happening.

Big Boy PJ and Dan’s son is struggling with bed wetting and just comforting cuteness

Love is a Crazy Thing Prompt: Could you do a mpreg fic with kickthefire? Like Dan’s pregnant and not only having to explain it to PJ, but to Phil and then BOTH males have to put up with hormonal Dan due to PJ dating Dan and Phil living with Dan? I don’t know why I want this, but I do.

Love is Our Resistance - One - Two - Three (songfic, smut)

Wedding Date  Pj has no one to take to a wedding with, apart from Dan. So when they get there, they’re expected to dance and everyone thinks they’re together by the way they act.

Helping a Friend Pj is in the hospital so Dan comes to spend the night and help him out. (smut)

Feeling Poorly Dan is sick and PJ wants to help him feel better.

Smut Kickthefire smut in BBC studio please? Like, PJ comes to pick Dan up after their radio show, blah blah blah, they end up in a closet which then Phil finds them after. With Dan as top please ;p

Highschool Life Prompt: KickTheFire smut plz :3 (Phil walks in on Dan and PJ doin’ it and feels awkard when they’re all in the same room) if ya don’t do smut, could you do High School AU KickTheFire plz? Thank you~

Unexpected Surprise KickTheFire smut plz :3 (Phil walks in on Dan and PJ doin’ it and feels awkard when they’re all in the same room) if ya don’t do smut, could you do High School AU KickTheFire plz? Thank you~

The Ghost Train

Winter’s Heart 

AmazingPJ (pure)

The Misconceptions Of Fangirls drabble

Rome is the New City of Love (AmazingPJ) There’s one special day that everyone must share together, and today is that day for Phil and Peej.

Snowfall (amazingPJ) This was the most fun I’d had in years, just running around outside with one of my best friends.

FireStickz (pure)

Christmas Disaster (firestickz) Prompt: Hey! No-one I know has ever seemed to write a good FireStickz (Dan Howell and Chris Kendall) fanfiction, so I was wondering if you could write one? I don’t have any ideas what it could be about but there are a few scenes in Dan’s ‘CHRISTMAS DISASTER’ video which may help.

AmazingStickz) (pure)

Amazingstickz smut

Combination: kickthefire/amazingstickz

Ticklish Prompt: kickthefire and amazingstickz where they all play the rousing game of “i bet my boyfriend is more ticklish than yours” :D (omg this would be so cute plz)

Movie Night Prompt: Could you please write some KickTheFire with some background AmazingStickz please? Like, it’s a little movie night but Dan and PJ keep making out which disturbs Phil and Chris from the film. Thanks if you do! :3

Crossover  AmazingStickz & kickthetifire smut

Firestickz/kickthestickz fic

Chaptered fic (kickthestickz/firestickz)

Combination: misc

Why didn’t you tell me? Prompt: Can u please do a PhanFic where Dan writes a journal about how much he loves Phil but then Chris finds it under his pillow and he uses it to destory Dan by telling Phil that Dan loves him because he loves Phil but then it all back fires when Phil admits his love for Dan and Dan and Phil get together…

Happy Anniversary (AmazingPJ + Firestickz) Prompt: Firestickz please :3 PJ and Phil like to tease Dan and Chris whenever they have cutesy moments and they don’t know they’re watching. You can even put in some PJ/Phil if you want ;p (idk what they are called, please don’t hate me D:)

Just Friends (kickthestickz (and mentions of firestickz)) Dan and PJ are both in love with Chris but Chris only wants PJ but Dan doesn’t understand that and still tries to get with Chris.

It was Always About Phil foursome 

Hobbit Hair (Kickthefire & Phan) fluff & smut

You’re the Straw to my Berry (mostly phan) + sequel Refound Love

I’M CRYING AND SHAKING AND FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW AND I’M SO SO HAPPY OMG GUYS like this means so much to me. The fact that Dan not only saw my artwork but he actually decided to use in the video ??? like WHAAAT I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. I’m just very happy and i love Dan and Phil so much and the videos are simply amazing and they are such good ppl and i love them both so much i-
Thank you thank you thank you

An Unlikely Matchmaker-Phan

Genre: Fluff, pure fluff

Words:  1527

Warnings:  Will make you puke glitter its so cute 

Summary: Pastel!Dan never knew that a little eight legged creature could bring him together with the cutie next door, Punk!Phil. 

A/N Ugh , this sucks ass but whatever i’m posting it anyways

It was a beautiful London afternoon in the middle of April. The birds were chirping, children were laughing , and Dan Howell was screaming.

“NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE” The young boy yelled as he backed up to the tiled wall. No there wasn’t an axe murderer in the bathtub. No there wasn’t a wild bear ready to attack. It was something much smaller. The size of an american penny in fact. It was a completely harmless house spider.

Dan, in fact,  had arachnophobia. This meant pretty much that spiders scared the living shit out of him. Only living on his own for about three months now, he had never encountered a spider in till now.

Shrieking , Dan runs out of his bathroom into the living room. He grabs his keys and exits his apartment, walking to the apartment next door. Dan reluctantly knocks, fixing his flower crown that lies on top of his head. After a minute, a ebony haired man answers the door. The man was wearing a muse t-shirt , had tattoo sleeves, a blue streak in his fringe, and piercings: canine bites and a nose ring. Dan was intrigued by the older man, wanting to get to know him better.

“Hey… aren’t you new to the complex?” The man asked, arms crossed. His blue eyes sparkled in the fluorescent lights of the hallway. Dan becomes lost in the tattooed mans eyes, almost hypnotized by the sight. After realizing he was staring, he answers the man’s question.

“Yeah… I moved here about 3 months ago. My name is Dan.  Dan Howell.” The younger boy bites his lip and looks down at his own pastel doc martens.

“Cool. My name is Phil. Phil Lester” Dan looks up at Phil, their eyes meeting for a couple seconds. Phil soon breaks the silence.

“Well…what brings you to my doorstep Dan?” The brunette takes a deep breath.  

Fuck, I am going to make myself look like a total loser in front of a potential boyfriend.

“Well… thereisabigassspiderinmybathtubandIhaveabadcaseofararacnophobiaandIwaswonderingifyoucouldkillitforme?”

Phil lets out a little chuckle, blushing a little bit.

“Slow down cutie, all I could understand from that was ‘ kill it for me’ so… “

Dans eyes open wide

Did he just call me cutie?

“Pretty much I am scared of spiders and I want you to kill the little shit”

Phil bites his lip and raises an eyebrow.

“Sure, cutie. Lead me their.”

Phil puts his hand out for Dan to hold. Dan hesitates but he soon grasps the man’s hand and leads him to his apartment. As they enter, Phil gasps in awe.

“Your apartment is beautiful, Dan! I love it”

Dan smiles a hundred miles wide

Dan drags the older man to the bathroom, letting go of his hand and hiding behind the door.

“Its in the bathtub. Just… PLEASE KILL THE FUCKING THING!”

“Okay cutie, whatever you say”

Phil takes off his black combat boot and inches toward the bathtub. When he gets to the porcelynn tub, he sees the eight legged creature crawling all around.

“Die yah lil fuck”

With that, he slams the shoe on the spider, causing Dan to jump. Phil lifts up the boot and throws the dead arachnid into the trash.

“Is it dead?”

“Yes , my love.”

Dan slowly creeps out from behind the door, seeing Phil as he puts his shoe back on. The boy walks over to the man, who is now  standing up, and looks up at him.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

Phil clears his throat.

“So… I was thinking… would you like to go to starbucks with me?”

Dan blushes


“So… lets go!”


They walk into the crowded coffee shop and walk up to counter, hand in hand.

“Hi! What would you boys like today?”

Dan smiles and looks at Phil.

“Well we would like two venti caramel macchiatos, extra sugar in his.”

“What are your names?

“My names Phil and his is Dan”

“Will that be all for you today?”


“Your total will be €5.95”

Phil goes to take his wallet out of his pocket, but Dan stops his hand.

“I got it.”

He takes out his pink leather wallet and takes out 6 pounds, handing the money to the cashier.

“Keep the change”

Phil wraps his arm around Dan’s slim waist and leads them to a table.

“So… what type of things do you like ,Dan?”

“Lets see…I like tumblr, My Chemical Romance,Muse, Attack On Titan…you know, normal things.”

Phil grins.

“You like muse too? Whats your favourite album? Mines ‘Origin Of Symmetry’.”

“Same, oh my fucking god!”

“What’s your tumblr, Dan?”


“Cool, i’ll follow you. Mines amazingphil”

The two boys talk for a couple more minutes until they are interrupted by the lady at the counter.

“Two caramel macchiatos for Dan and Phil!”

They both grab their drinks and walk out of the glass doors of Starbucks.

“So… where do you want to go?”

“Well there is this water fountain two blocks away we can go to if you want?”

“That sounds like fun! So lets go!”

They both walk to the fountain , still holding hands, talking about the random shit they were talking about before.

“So that was the time when Chris accidentally asked out a girl when he was drunk, even though he is gay as fuck” As Phil finishes his story, the couple gets to the white fountain.

“Hey, maybe we should get my friend PJ with him? They would be perfect together to be honest”

“That would be fun”

The two sit down on the edge of the fountain, Dan cuddling into Phils shoulder.

“Hey, do you want to take a selfie?”

“Sure babe.”

Phil pecks Dan on the lips and puts his arm around his shoulder,

Dan grabs his iphone from his pocket and goes to his camera.

“Say cheese!”

They both smile and the camera shutter goes off.
“Ugh, we are too perfect for eachother”

“I know right?”

They just sit there for hours, talking about their lives. Before they knew it, their drinks were gone and it was pitch black outside.

“Phil, I had a really fun time. This is actually the first time I have been out in months.”  

“Me too.”

Phil then does the unthinkable. He connects their lips together. Dan is filled with shock for a second, but soon complies and places his arms around Phil’s neck. They disconnect after a moment and just stare at eachother.

“How bout you stay the night at my place? It will be really fun.”

Dan smiles


Phil then calls a cab.  As they were waiting, they just stared into eachothers eyes. Sooner or later, it gets their.

“Get in the cab , you lovebirds” the cabbie playfully yells out the window. The voice was very familiar to Phil. It almost sounded like his friend Chris.

Phil pushes that thought aside and gets in the cab with Dan.

“Hey Phil.” the cabbie says . Phil looks at him and what does he know. It was the one and only Chris Kendall

“I see that Phil ‘ im too cool for love’ Lester has found a cute little boy toy”

“Shut the fuck up Chris”


“Okay, so Dan this is Chris, Chris this is Dan.”

Dan smirks

“So I heard about your accidental girlfriend from last year”

“Fucking hell Phil” Chris mumbles under his breath.

“ What? Am I not allowed to embarrass my best friend for the entertainment for my boyfriend” Phil makes sure to emphasize on ‘boyfriend’

“Whatever, so do you want me to drive you guys to your apartment?”

“That would be great”

The whole ride , Dan , Phil , and Chris just talked about everything from embarrassing experiences to hot guys.

Sadly, their chat came to an end when they pulled up to Dan and Phil’s apartment building.

“Oh no. We are here” Chris says “I guess I will just message you Phil in the morning”

“Okay , Chris”

Phil pops the door open and steps out, holding it open for Dan.

“My majesty.”

Dan giggles and steps out of the cab, immediately being picked up by Phil bridal style.

“Use protection!” Chris screams out the window. Phil just rolls his eyes and continues to carry Dan to his flat. When they get inside , Phil brings Dan to his bed room, setting him down on the bed.

“ Do you want a shirt you can sleep in?”


Phil grabs a MCR shirt and throws it to Dan. Dan immediately takes off his clothes, except his boxers, and pulls on the shirt Phil gave him.

“You look hella cute in my clothes omg”

“Thank you Phil.”

The older boy does the same as Dan, except putting on a shirt with cats, and lays down in his bed.

“Come over and cuddle with me, don’t be shy.”

Dan crawls over and buries his head into Phils chest, feeling him breathe in and out.

“You know I love you , right?”

“Yep. I do too Phil”

“I know.”

And right then,  Dan drifts off into sleep, with all of he wonderful memories of that day.

Who knew that a pesky little house spider could bring two people together?


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Phan fiction masterpost

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A Little Bit of Magic ~Phan~

Oneshot. It’s Dan’s eleventh birthday, and he’s looking forward to getting his Hogwarts letter. There’s just one problem- Hogwarts isn’t real, so he won’t get one, right? Wrong, if your best friend is Phil Lester, apparently. Kid!AU. Fluff.

Rating: K, no warnings (This is fluff just pure fluffy fluff yay)

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dana watches lucifer (2x09)

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  • let’s do this folks
  • ooh linda is on the previously on that means more linda!!!
  • based on the previously on this episode looks lit
  • im the guy in the hot dog suit
  • nvm i’m the tour guide
  • lol lucifer just takes over
  • lucifer EXPOSE HIM
  • lol amenadiel just fuckin left
  • “a literal goddess of all creation” for a sec i thought she was just praising charlotte and i was like same
  • “running or looking” is it a coincidence we hear chloe’s voice immediately after i don’t think so
  • ELLA
  • “someone really popped his cork” SHE EXPLAINS THE JOKE I LOVE HER
  • “fascinating” he looks fascinated tho
  • “unless you wanna be blamed for a four-toed brittany”
  • of course cue the theme song
  • i love when he uses his magic powers
  • maze call him out drag him
  • “dangerous duplicitous” i love alliteration
  • charlotte i got mixed feelings on ya
  • “she thinks she’s smart” UM SHE IS SHE’S LITERALLY THE BEST
  • amenadiel has some mixed feelings it looks like
  • “i cannot have you terrorize them” “i would never” 
  • i honestly love this banter and i love hearing abt all their antics aw
  • “just to be clear that wasn’t me”
  • “potentially homeless and definitely nauseated”
  • like dumbledore did to ron remember that
  • did she just kill that guy for like no reason
  • jeez this woman is hardcore
  • i kind of love her why am i like this
  • “she’s good” she IS good i love her
  • damn he just like closes the door in her face
  • DAN ESPINOZA i was hoping we could go an episode without you
  • although… he’s kinda growing on me
  • don’t tell anybody tho
  • ew were dan and charlotte flirting that’s lucifer’s mom
  • night club is back in full swing
  • charlotte please stop lying it’ll kill me when he finds out
  • “i prefer not to be defined by him” 
  • “thank you for all this… existence” charlotte is a lil too threatening stop linda is being pure and sweet
  • “i’m not telling you anything abt our sessions” YOU GET EM GIRL
  • et tu chloe?
  • “turn the music back on” OMG I LOVE HER LAEJNFIAOHI SP MUCH FEWJIAO
  • what is this stranger things “should i stay or should i go” this song is a bop though
  • oh no oh no oh no oh no 
  • no[e noepofajo no 
  • charlotte NO
  • this lucifer monologue is giving me life
  • “eva gardner threw a champagne glass at frank sinatra’s head” NICE
  • “this may disturb and titillate you”
  • “i really need your help here” “really?”
  • um lucifer ur kinda third wheeling
  • lucifer is literally ready for murder 
  • chloe is the only one who can reel him back i love her
  • “he’s so dumb” -my dad about dan 
  • he ain’t wrong tho
  • “i don’t know if it’s reciprocated” um it definitely is have you seen the wAY SHE LOOKS AT HIM
  • “no let this play out” she’s rly enjoying this part
  • amenadiel is me 
  • maze literally takes pics of his face instead of them making out
  • “they’re gonna AH AH” “I KNOW WHAT THEY’RE GONNA DO MAZE”
  • “please don’t make me explain this anymore”
  • i am sorry you come here for quality reviews and this is just me spouting quotes at you lol
  • honestly tho i ship the hell outta linzikeen but this sexual tension i mean
  • lol eric is not a good liar lol
  • “i think he did it” lucifer is so petty
  • “idk if it’s reciprocated” my ass do you see what she just did for him
  • “friends help each other out” friends? okay if that’s what ur going with
  • of COURSE he goes to linda
  • “why is it i’m the only human who knows who you really are” bc she literally won’t believe him lol
  • ohhhhh i see what she means now
  • NO DON’T STAND HER UP :(((((((((((( 
  • um that almost kiss got me like ready for death
  • guys this rly stressed me out i don’t think u realize 

memeboydaniel  asked:

I AM CRYING I AM SHAKING I AM GOING TO DIE THAT WAS SO CUTE I HAVE TO TYPE THIS IN ALL CAPS BC I LOVE IT SO MUCH. the part where Dan was crying bc he didn't say I love you KILLED me inside omg

omg hahaha, thank you so much!!! i’m so glad I made people so emotional if I’m being honest, I’m glad you liked it!!!!

@evillnc  ► Tienes Wattpad? 7v7

Claro que tengo~~. Es una de las cosas que más uso pero pss, nadie debe saber mi usuario.

✿ ✿ ✿  

@sofy-shy  ►  Bueno~ Hola! (≧◡≦)ノprimero que todo… me encanta tus dibujos! tu estilo! como los pintas son tan lindos! (*ノ▽ノ) Kyaaaa! oh n//w//n eres unos de mis artistas favoritos de MikaYuu y YuuMika (//▽//)♡ ademas~ hablas español! *-* y eres un chico y chileno! (tambien lo soy ^^)(*♡∀♡)ノ lo adoro Yukio! >//u//

Espera, dame tiempo para dejar de gritar como estúpido pero…pERO AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 

¡Estoy feliz que te gusten, eso es un logro para mí! Y sonara repetitivo pero es un gran honor ser el artista favorito de alguien ;/////; Me inspira a seguir y a seguir gritando.Además, eres chilena :’3 Estoy tan feliz de que me hubieras enviado esto. Dan ganas de abrazar a personitas como usted ;w; ¡Y espero lo mismo! Gracias por todo ♥

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Anonymous ► Hey did you see Osomatsu-san? o ³ o??

I did not see all the anime, sorry;;

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Anonymous ► i love you

*flush* T…Thank you and…I love you much more, anon ♥

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@crazygirl-daaw  ►  Creo que me he enamorado XD

oh por todos los cielos ///

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@hoippu  ►  ayyyyy tu arte me hace tan feliz omg it makes me want to cry of joy

I have wanted to mourn for messages like this, tHAAAAAAAAANK ♥ ♥ ♥

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@saby-rod  ►oidecjdsllsakns~ me encanta tu estilo! eres de los pocos artistas de habla en español que hacen arte MikaYuu tan lindo n.n (se ingles pero es lindo ver eso xD) no soy la unica al menos ;u; ♥ pd. Saludos .3. 

omg sENPAI ME HA NOTICEADO *grita* Sé que ya había enviado eso por privado, plox. No soy el unico, @miilily Habla español y sus dibujos son demasiado adorables~~. También esta @azucar-pat ~~. 

Y otra cosa, sus dibujos e historias me encantan

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Anonymous ► Heard of a song in the soundtrack called “1hundredknight M” ?

course if and jkhfkshrkwerwr *cries* 

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@crestfallensnowhite    You’re amazing! chu~

You are amazing.

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@mallu-u  ►  Aaa thanks for the follow, your art is amazing! •w•


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@always-allonsy-at221b  ►  Your art is just so pretty haaaaaa; soy encantada (does that sound okay?) :333

Oh, I think I’m going to die ///// THANK YOU!

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Anonymous ► I’m hypnotized by your yuucifer. There’s something about him that I can’t bear to look away from. And Mika looks so darn adorable. But I just want to say that your art is very cute and i love them so much! 

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OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@yolopau  ► Hello, I really like your work. Would you let me translated and post it on my page?

Hey♥ Thank you very much and of course, no problem~.

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Anonymous ► How do you think will end Owari In Seraph? Please draw …I Love Your Art!!!

One where they both die …

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Thank you very much to all!! I am very happy with all these messages, You brighten up my days and motivate me to follow. 

Thank you very much for your support, I love you!