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Only one can come back.

i'm glad i married you (m)

part one: marry me.

pairing: taehyung x reader 
word count: 5.8k 
genre: fluff & smut 

prompt: I know you not taking requests but can u pleassseeee write a continuation for the Tae fluff you’ve posted?? 💕😫 only if you want to and got time, if not just ignore please maybe one where they got married and are on honeymoon and you can add smut since you don’t have any Taehyung smut 😉😉 thank you fighting 🎀 

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“Meet Me” Part Two

It’s here! Part 2 is fluffy as ever :) Let me know what you think!

Read Part 1 here!

“The Living Room”

Those words haunted your mind, echoing in your ears for moments after.

“Love you.”

The soft glow of string lights in your room hung around you as you sat on your bed, confused. It was as if your heart was beating too quickly or not at all. Time was frozen as you tried to make sense of his words and your feelings.

The feelings that came on … suddenly

How did you not see this coming? You and Harry had been roommates for a while now, and friends for even longer. People always said that friends of the opposite sex never stayed ‘just friends’ for long. Was that true? Were you falling for him? Your best friend?

The invitation he’d extended earlier still lingered freshly in your mind, interrupting your rather pathetic attempts to sort out your newly discovered feelings. It felt awkward to stay in your room all night, it wasn’t even that late. And for all you know, those words could have been a complete figment of your imagination. 

In a rush of confidence, you pushed off of your bed and walked over to your door which was still slightly cracked open from when Harry had last left. Taking a deep breath and willing yourself to calm down, you stepped into the dark hallway and padded off to the living room. 

The TV was on softly in the background and as you made your way down the hall, you saw Harry’s lanky silhouette curled up on the couch. He wasn’t paying attention to whatever sitcom was on, and instead was looking disinterestedly at his phone. The floor creaked under your feet and he looked up suddenly, confused at first, and then his face broke into a warm grin.

“Decided to come out after all, huh?” he spoke quietly, breaking the silence.

Nodding your head, you answered, “It’s early, and I think eating something helped my stomach; I’m feeling much better.

You slowly moved forward, trying not to trip over the rug that had curled up at the corner, and almost sat in the armchair halfway across the room. A soft ‘pat’ on the couch made you look up, and Harry had his hand on the cushion next to him. His eyes met yours after a second, holding your gaze. A rosy blush soon covered your cheeks, your face warm.

It wasn’t unusual for the two of you to end up together on the couch late at night, trying to finish a movie (you’d made a list and were both slowly checking them off), so you were unsure of why you hesitated so much. Something just felt so different about this. 

You were nervous.

The butterflies only flapped their wings faster in your stomach as you swallowed, trying to sink the light-headed feeling that was rushing to your brain.

“C’mere, y/n,” he said, patting his hand again, “S’jus’ me, I won’t bite.”

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Stupid tapes (part 2)

requested? yes! (thank you for doing so!)

pairing: Zach x reader

Summary: Zach takes his girlfriend home from the party and tried to help her with what Bryce did to her

warnings: mention of rape i guess, dealing with the feeling of being raped

words: over 1.3k


masterlist | request

With Hannah’s death Zach knew things can get really bad pretty quickly. One day you see someone in the school hallway, the next day you find out they’re dead.

But it never even crossed his mind that, first of all, his girlfriend would break up with him and that the next day he would have to save her from Bryce.

Now he was driving them away from the party, from all the drubk people, from Bryce. It was late at night,  streets were mostly empty, lights turned off in the houses. Zach’s hands were tightly gripping the steering wheel, his eyes focused on the road ahead though every five seconds his eyes were going back to the girl sitting in the seat next to him. 

Y/N was sitting with her knees up, feet on the edge of her seat. She was hugging her legs, chin propped on her knees. She was practically drowning in Zach’s jacket. If it wasn’t for the fact that his scent calmed her down, she would’ve given it back to him. She inhaled deeply, her hand brushing through her hair, getting them away from her face. Y/N has stopped sobbing but had silent tears running down her already wet cheeks. Her mind was slightly less intoxicated now, yet the feeling of disgust was still present. 

She hasn’t even realised the car stopped until Zach quietly said “we’re here”. She furrowed her eyebrows, looking at the house they were stopped in front of, “I thought you were taking me home.”

He bit his lip feeling nervous, “I didn’t want you to be alone right now,” he told her truthfully. He only saw her nod her head before she undid the seatbelt.

Zach quickly got out of the car and went to the opposite side to help Y/N get out. She quietly followed him up to his door, it took him only a few seconds to unlock them and let her inside. 

“My parents are out of town and my sister is having a sleepover at her friend’s house so…,” he was glad noone was home, he hoped Y/N would feel more comfortable with just the two of them, without anyone asking any questions or giving them looks of worry.

They stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, both not really knowing what to do or say. 

Zach wanted so badly to take her into his arms and protect her from everything but he wasn’t sure whether she wanted him to touch her, so he did nothing. What he didn’t know was that Y/N did want him to do just that, but she also wanted to hide somewhere and don’t talk to anyone.

After a few seconds they eyes met, them looking into each other’s eyes, keeping the eye contact, trying to communicate without saying anything. 

Suddenly a sob break out from Y/N’s lips and she brought her hands to her mouth, trying to muffle the sounds. Within a second Zach was by her side, taking her much smaller body into his arms and hugging tightly, afraid she would collapse. His hand was gently moving up and down her back, his lips pressed to the top of her head, leaving small kisses. Zach had his eyes closed, he was breathing deeply, his heart breaking at the state of his, well, ex-girlfriend.

“Do you want to go upstairs and change?” his worlds were muffled by her hair and the sound of her crying but she pulled back and nodded, Zach’s hands cupping her cheeks and wiping off the tears from them with his thumbs. 

When they stepped into his room Y/N sat on the edge of his bed while Zach took out a T-shirt he knew Y/N loved to wear whenever she was spending the night at his house. She didn’t even need anything else, as the shirt almost reached her knees.

She would normally change with him in the room, but this time Zach opened the door to his own bathroom and left the clothes on the counter, next to the sink. 

“You can go and change in the bathroom-”

“Can I, uh, take a shower too? I feel kind of… dirty,” she didn’t look at him but kept her eyes on her hands, playing with her fingers.

“Yeah, you know where clean towels are,” he smiled sadly at her. 

Before she went into the bathroom she stopped in front of him, “can I leave the door open? I don’t want to be locked there.”

“Of course! Do you want me to, you know-”

“Please,” she finally looked up at him and this time he was the one to nod. Zach sat by the door, his back pressed against the wall as he watched Y/N taking a shower behind the almost see-through glass. 

But his mind wasn’t focused on her naked body, God, he wouldn’t even think about looking at her like in that moment. His mind was trying to understand how Bryce could even try to do something to her. He truly wanted to beat the shit out of him, not even caring if he would kill the guy. Zach didn’t even know what happened exactly, and he wasn’t entirely sure if he wanted to hear, but he had to ask Y/N about it. Nothing he prepared in his head seemed to be good enough to be said to the poor girl. 

He was brought back from his thoughts when the water stopped and when the glass door opened to reveal Y/N wrapped in a fluffy towel, some make-up sill left on her face. 

Zach stood up from where he was sitting on the floor and grabbed the t-shirt he prepared for her and helped her put it on.

“Zach?” with her broken and quiet voice she seemed even smaller than she already was.


“I, I can’t wash this off of me. I can still feel his hands on my body and his lips on my neck,” her voice was shaking and the hand she brought up to her neck scratched the side of it hardly, hoping the awful feeling would go away.

“It will go away, I promise. He will never touch you again, fuck, he will never even look at you after I’m done with him,” he didn’t know how else he could help her.

“You were friends, I don’t want to cause-”

“Don’t, don’t even say it. He never was my friend, and he will never be. You’re all that matters to me, alright?” he cupped her face once again, looking straight into her eyes, “I love you so much, I’m gonna do everything I can to protect you, okay?” she bit her lip when she felt her eyes watering again, nodding. “But I need to ask you about one thing first, is that alright?”

“He only kissed and touched me, nothing more,” she answered before he could even ask, Zach let out a sigh of relief, glad his girlfriend’s story wasn’t the same as Jessica’s.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get there earlier-” Y/N stood on her tippy toes and kissed his lips softly, her hands wrapping around his neck. 

“I just needed to know you’re really here,” she mumbled after she pulled away, “I wanted to feel your lips and not… his…”

“I will always be here, I love you, baby,” Zach had tears in his own eyes, finally letting them fall down. 

He pulled her closer to his body, arms securely wrapped around her, shielding her from the world. 

They then spent the whole night cuddling in Zach’s bed, not talking much but just letting Y/N know he will be there for her, whatever happens. 

And the next day, when he dropped Y/N off at her house, he made sure to have a small talk with Walker, breaking his nose even more.


Can you do a reaction to them getting massaged by you. Like you being really good at it

[A/N: Quick note, since I am getting request for reactions I’ll be now opening those up as well so feel free to request them ☺
Much love~💖]

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Originally posted by jungkook-e

Ah namjoon. He would just love the fact that your hands can do fucking wonders. He’ll probably keep asking you to give him a nice back rub every now and then because he just can’t get enough. “BABE,” his loud voice calls out to you. “What do you want!?” you call back. You entered the bedroom with namjoon already laying on his stomach. “Can you give me a massage?” “I just gave you one an hour ago,” you said. “PLEAAAASE,” he’d whine making you laugh. “Alright, alright but this is the last one for today.”


Jin really likes the fact that you know how work your hands to please him ;) the way you massage his back sends him to heaven. So after a long day of doing whatever tired him out he’ll straight to you, grab your hands and tell you to work your magic. “Y/n I could really use one of your massages,” he plops down by you on the bed already tugging at your sleeve. “Long day?” you ask and he hums back tiredly. He’s still tugging a bit at your sleeve and you giggle. “Was it dance practice?” jin nods, “three awful hours of horrible dance practice, so please make me feel better.”


He really appreciates your wonderful talented hands. He really does. Although he probably wound’t ask for them very often no matter how much he loves your massages. When yoongi feels like he’s very stressed he would most definitely come to you to relieve his stress. And he just really enjoys your touch in general. “Ok, how about here,” you press your hands onto his back with just a bit more pressure and he groans a bit too loudly with pleasure. “That feels great.” You continue to give him a massage and listening to him hum happily to the feeling making you grin. “You’re really loving this aren’t you?” “Sooooo freaking much, god you have no idea.”


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

So knowing hobi he probably wouldn’t really ask for your wonderful massages but instead plop down in front of you at random times to give his shoulders a good rub down. “Really hobi?” “Yes,” he reaches behind him to grab your hands “please you give really good massages.” He’d win you over with his cute antics and have you work your hands on him. “Ah, that feels really nice,” he sighs happily and let’s his head fall back. “You’re hands are wonder full,” “just my hands?” you gave his shoulders a tight squeeze. “N-no you to- don’t be so rough.” You giggle and continued on to massage your boyfriend.


Originally posted by bangtaninspired

Like hobi, jimin would want your massages at random times because he loves them so much and it’s like his only other excuse to have you touch him. Whenever you give him one of your famous massages he’ll honestly just praise you while you do so. “You really know what you’re doing,” he groans into his pillow. “You act like I’ve never done this to you,” you dig your hands into his back earning another groan from him. “You’re too good at this,” he laughs a little. “I’m never going to get tired of this.”


Originally posted by hellosarang

Taehyung is all for your massages. He’ll even call you the goddess of them because he thinks you’re just that great. This boy would literally do anything just to have one from you. Well maybe not anything but he just really likes them. Once your hands are on him he’s a happy puppy. “I feel like I’m in heaven,” he mutters to himself. “Are my massages that great tae?” “Their magical,” he’d moan little when you hit the right spot his back and mumble thank you over and over again.


This bunny right here loves your massages so much that he just kinda commands them now. Not in a rude way of course, he’s just trying to funny or whatever. He likes the way your hands feel on him. He sometimes would tell you how it makes him feel relaxed and all good inside. “Is this ok?” you ask him as your hands work on his back. “Perfect,” he hums and nuzzles his face into the pillow he hugged. “How much are you enjoying this?” “Way too much,” he admits laughing a bit. “I live for this.”

I hope you liked it☺
Much love~💖

daintyfamiliar  asked:

Sole being pretty insecure about their body and the companions reactions + comfort. (love your blog btw the writing is spot on 💜)

Cait: “You?” She stares at them. “You’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met,” she states, blunt as ever. It doesn’t even seem like she’s giving a compliment. It’s more like she’s stating a fact. “You picked me up out of the gutter and saw somethin’ in me I’d never seen in myself. If that doesn’t make you gorgeous, heart and soul, I don’t fuckin’ know what will.”

Codsworth: “Mx. Sole,” he assures them, with a delicate pat of his claw on their shoulder. “You are the most lovely person I have had the pleasure of meeting. And I mean that. That’s not just my programming.” He chuckles heartily. “You are kind, and lovely, and have done so much for me. I’d hate to see you fuss over something already wonderful.”

Curie: She claps her hands to her cheeks, looking distraught. “Sole!” she exclaims, and reaches for them. “Do not say such things! You are- you are so good, inside and out. Healthy, and strong, and beautiful in my eyes. Perhaps my opinion means little, for I am not human. But you are my greatest friend, and my heart sings for you.”

Danse: “You-” He sets his jaw, stifling some kind of emotion that tints his cheeks pink. “… You look lovely,” he says at last. He ruffles a hand through his hair, looking embarrassed, but presses on. “It is unfair and unkind to say otherwise, regardless of what anyone else thinks. There is no reason to be insecure about who you are. You are you, and that is enough.”

Deacon: “Aw, no, Sole, look.” He takes their hands and brings them to a mirror. “Don’t be like that, come on. Look here.” He takes Sole’s hands and makes them touch each embarrassing imperfection. “See that? Beautiful. And that? Beautiful. And that? Well, that’s just frickin’ fantastic. Trust me, pal, you got nothing to worry about in the looks department.”

Dogmeat: What kind of pupper would he be if he didn’t love Sole with all his little doggy heart? There is no inch of Sole not worth licking and snuggling and smiling at. Sole is flawless in his eyes. No question.

Hancock: “Sole, look at me.” He points to his dry, peeling skin, his all-black eyes, and wiry form. “If I can be a wasteland sex symbol, you have gotta be at least second place.” He grins. “You got nothin’ to worry about, doll. Whatever shit they told you Pre-War, it’s all lies. Here.” His grin widens. “Let me kiss it better, to prove it.”

Nick Valentine: “I’m not sure what it is you think you’ve gotta be insecure about,” he says, very solemnly, “but look at me. I’m a sentient mannequin. How could you think you’re less beautiful than I am?” He takes one of Sole’s hands in his. “If you can live with being around my ugly mug, then you’ve got no reason not to smile at the mirror every morning.”

MacCready: His eyes nearly bug out of his skull. “You think you’re…?” He shakes his head. “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I mean- uh- sorry. But, just-” He gestures to Sole in frustration, cheeks coloring. “Look at you! You’re like- I don’t even know. I grew up in a cave living on wall fungus, for crap’s sake. Compared to me, you’re…”

Piper: “Oh my god.” She takes it as a personal offense. Her idea of helping is to have a ‘fashion show,’ and forces Sole into all kinds of outfits. “Beautiful,” she says, no matter how silly the clothes are. “All of it. Gorgeous. Can’t find fault. You’re a supermodel, Sole, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” She doesn’t stop until Sole is blushing and smiling and finally admits they look nice.

Preston: “Oh, Sole. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.” The first thing he does is hug them, gently stroking their hair and offering comfort. “You’re one of the strongest, bravest people I’ve ever met. Maybe you don’t look perfect - though I’d definitely argue otherwise - but you deserve all the happiness in the world. Don’t let your worries to get to you.” 

Strong: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH BODY?” He glowers fiercely. “CAN FIGHT. WHY SAD?” He lifts up his arms, flexing, making Sole mimic him. “HUMAN STRONG. HUMAN IS BEST FIGHTER. STRONG KILL OTHER HUMANS WHO SAY HUMAN WEAK.”

X6-88: He gives them a once-over that seems cold at first. Then, it’s almost like he’s seeing Sole for the first time. “You are fine,” he says, as if that’s enough. But it isn’t, not quite, so reluctantly he takes a breath and mumbles under his breath. “You’re… physically capable, and… not, physically, ah. Not physically unattractive. I suppose. In my opinion.”

Don't Leave Me Again

Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings - blood, lanuage and fluff

It’s been 3 months since you first started dating Jack, son of Dr Facilicer the shadow man. As you walked to Jack’s house you noticed his bedroom light was off but green lights flicked throu his window. Once you climbed up his fire escape you saw him performing some sort of voodoo.

Your knocking on the window grabbed Jack’s attention. “(Y/N) your here early” he mumbled placing a soft kiss to your cheek.

“I know I’m sorry I just wanted to know if after we do this can we go out on a date? It’s been weeks since our last one” you tried to make sure that you where carefull with how you worded it to prevent him from getting angry. Everyone knows that has a short temper when it comes to what he wants.

He sighed “only if you brought the stuff and I finish this potion” letting a smile spread over your face you grab your shoulder bag and tip out it’s contents.

“One frog, a glass of sea water, a bottle of whisky and a lock of a young girls hair.” Smilling in joy at what you achieved, Jack picks up the items and carefully place them into the potion following his farthers book.

“(Y/N) Thankyou for getting this stuff for me babe but before we go on our date I have to get something else.”

Nodding your head Jack grabs your hand and pulls you out the window. As he interlocks your fingers he leads you to Ursula’s fish a Chip shop.

“Stay here please. I’ll be back in a moment” as he gives you another kiss on the cheek, he leaves you out side the chip shop sitting on the edge of the dock.

You slowly swing your legs back and forth looking at the black cloud over you. You shiver at the cold air that nips at your skin as the sun sets. After twenty minutes you start to get impatient.

Going against his wishes you walk into the chip shop. Looking around you can’t see the short hair boy in dark leather clothing anywhere. You spot Gil your childhood friend and hug him. “Gil! It’s been forever” Gil returns the hug and smiles down at you “have you seen Jack? He came in here about twenty minutes ago.”

Gil sighs and shakes his head “he was here talking to Uma but they disappeared out the back. You know he doesn’t deserve you right?” Gil has always been like an older brother to you. He never liked Jack and wished to kill him but couldn’t because he didn’t want to hurt you.

You let out a sigh “Thanks Gil. I better go look for him. See you later.” As you drag your feet along the ground you hear voices coming from behind the back door.

“Why do you stay with her? She’s useless and she can’t please you like I can.”

“I know but she’s the only one who knows where to get the special pixie dust that I need. Once I’m done with this potion we’ll get rid of her. And we’ll control Auradon together! The stupid girl is still sitting at the dock waiting for me.” The voices started to laugh.

You peek through the small circular window in the door and your heart breaks. Jack has his arms around Uma and is kissing her. You take a deep breath before slamming the door open.

“So your a lier, asshole, user and a cheat. I can’t believe I fell for you and I believed you!” You stomped over to Jack and kicked him in the shin. “I hope you rot in hell.” Just before you walked out the door you turned around and held up a small glass flask of glowing gold powder. “I’m sure you know what this is Jack. Pixie dust. I’ve had it the whole time and I was going to give it to you. But you know what I’m going to keep it for myself. See you in hell… babe.”

As you slam the door behind you, Uma laughs “How pathetic. Who needs her?” Jack chases after you calling out your name.

You see Gil and grab his shoulders “please buy me some time I have to hide the pixie dust” Gil doesn’t question why your crying and shoves Jack away from you. While Jack is on the ground you slip the dust into Gil’s pocket and nod at him before running off.

“(Y/N) RUN!” Gil struggles to hold Jack back.

You make it if of the Chip shop before one of Jack’s shadow men grab you. “Let me go! Please” they all laugh and pull you towards the edge of the dock.

“Well, well, well. Getting rid of that oaf was easier then I thought.” Jack appears from out of the shadows and whipes blood of his knuckles. “Did you honestly think that a monster like me would love someone like you” he lets out a low chuckle as he takes a step towards you.

He reached out to touch your face but you take a step back. “Awe why are you running from me (Y/N). You love my touch.” Jack grabs your wrists. “Now tell me where is the Pixie Dust!” You smirk and whisper in his ear “I don’t have it anymore. Your so stupid to think I’d keep it on myself”

Jack let’s out a deep growl as he digs his fingers into your arms “Where is it! TELL ME NOW (Y/N)!” You smile at him but before he can say anything else foot steps approach you.

“Now tell me what have we h'er?” Harry Hook smirks at you as he approaches you. His accent filled with mischief along with his smirk. Jack pulls out his sword and puts you infront of him with his sword to your throat.

“I wouldn’t do that if I where you Harry.” Jack challenged Harry and held the sword closer to your neck. “Ye'r always been so hot headed Jack. I’m h'er because ye beat up my best matey.”

You and Harry haven’t spoken to each other since you where eleven. He was a quiet boy who always stole your toys and flirted with you. He’s so much different to the Harry you knew.

“You mean Gil? That air head had it coming. He didn’t even put up a fight.” You see Harry clench his jaw and let out a growl. “He isn’t an airhead like ye!” Harry attacks Jack pushing him to the ground. He punches Jack multiple times. You stumble back with new tears falling from your eyes “sstop.” You try to pull Harry of Jack before he kills him. “No Harry stop he’s not worth it.” He stops and steps away from Jack who is now coughing up blood.

You feel something dripping down your arm. You look down at your shoulder to see a giant gash running from the base of your neck to your shoulder. You try to stop the bleeding with your hand but start to feel light headed.

Grabbing Harry’s hand you pull him away from Jack “common lets go” Harry refuses to move. You sigh realsing your arm. Blood covers your hand and you try to wipe it off. Before you realize Jack is up again and pushes you off the dock into the water.

As your falling you hear Harry yelling and a loud thud. Your body sinks into the water and the pain in your arm intensifies.

Living on the Isle you were to afraid of the water to learn how to swim. You slowly start to feel your body go numb when a pair of arms wrap around your waist pulling you up to the surface.

You wrap your arms around your savour as you take big breaths. You lay your head in the crook of there neck as they carry you to shore. Once your feet are on the ground you look at your savior “Harry? You saved me?” Harry looks down at you with a smirk “The one and only Princess.”

He bows at you before walking away. “Wait” you grab his hand to stop him “How did you know that I couldn’t swim?” Before he could reply pain shot through your arm making you fall to your knees.

You grab your shoulder trying to stop the now bigger cut on your arm from bleeding, holding back tears.

Harry sits infront of you and takes off his blue headscarf. “Let me help” you flinch away from his touch but let him look at the cut. “I’m gonna have to wrap it up to stop the bleeding so I can treat it back at me ship.” You nod your head and he starts wrapping his scarf around your shoulder.

Once he’s finished he picks you up and carries you to his farthers ship. “What about Jack?” Harry stops for a second “I beat him up. He will never threaten ye again love” you blush at him calling you love and lay your head on his chest.

Once he sneaked you past Uma’s crew and got you to his chamber he layed you down on his bed. Still soaking wet from the ocean you protested, but he wouldn’t listen “I’ll be back I have to get the first aid kit. I promise” nodding your head you watched him leave his room locking it on his way out.

After a few minutes he returned holding a dusty wooden box and a glass of water. “Drink this” taking the drink from his hands you watch him arrange medical supplies next to you.

“Thankyou for all this” Harry stoped what he was doing to look at you. “I saw what he did, what me Captain did. I’m sorry.” He looks away from you and continues to gather medical supplies.

You place a hand on Harry’s shoulder “It’s okay” he sighs and nodds his head. Inspecting your arm again he let out another sigh.

“For me to be able to clean this wound properly your going to have to take your shirt off” Harry’s cheeks turn a light pink as he looks away from you. You carefull remove your shirt leaving you in your bra.

He tries not to stare at you but couldn’t help himself. He mumbled “Wow” before he started to clean the wound. You flinch before he applyed a bandage being careful not to hurt you.

“Try not to get it wet or apply pressure” he wouldn’t stop looking at you. A cold breeze comes throu the window making you shiver. He walks over to his cardboard and grabs a black singlet and a pair of track pants.

“I’m sorry it’s not much” he walks out the door letting you get changed.

Once your done you open the door letting him back in. You look to the ground digging your feet into the floor “Harry can I stay here please? Just for tonight. I..I.. don’t have anywhere to go. It’s ok if yo…” He cuts you off by pulling you into a hug being careful of your injury “I’d love ye to”.

He lays down in his bed patting the space beside him. “No it’s ok I’ll sleep on the coach.” Before you can protest he pulled you under the covers wrapping his arms around your waist. “Please don’t leave me again.”

Noding your head you start to drift of with a smile on your face.

You finally got your best friend back…Your crush

anonymous asked:

Jess, do you think Harry and Louis (this applies to both of them) sometimes get naked or walk around the house only in a tiny underwear, or some panties, when the other is doing ordinary stuff? Like, Harry's sitting on their couch reading a book, then suddenly Louis comes and walks around (doing nothing really just trying to catch Harry's attention) in some black-lacy-pants and then when Harry sees it, he moans like "Loouis!!!! I'm trying to read!" I think about this a lot..

Okay first of all this is the best ask anyone’s ever sent me.  Second of all, do you understand what you’ve just asked me for????

You want to know if these two fools like to tease one another???

Does this guy:

tease this guy??

And does this guy

tease this guy?

I can tell you that the answer is YES but I’m gonna put my scientific research under the cut.

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request:  27,36

hello loves! this honestly broke my heart to write :-( keep sending in requests from this writing list, or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

Harry had been acting very strange for the past couple weeks. He was avoiding you and keeping his distance from you. There was no explanation that you could think of, seeing as the time that he started avoiding you was when he had gotten back from NYC. At first you figured that he was upset over the whole fan debacle that he had to encounter, but after a couple of days he was still acting off. He had texted you from the airport saying he was going to be late because he missed his flight. You were fine with that, but could tell he was annoyed with it all, and would be in a bad mood when he got home from the airport. So when he arrived home, he kissed you with a quick peck, went to unpack, and was very distant from then on.

It was now three weeks since he got back, and you had had enough. He made another trip to New York for a short while, claiming he had to do some last minute business. You didn’t mind, it wasn’t much of a difference having him gone rather than being in your flat. He was coming home today, and you were going to confront him about all of it. You weren’t expecting what he had told you.

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When you tell him he accidentally got you pregnant


You told him over lunch- well, after when you vomited it all up. You had taken the test earlier in the day and didn’t think that the burgers wouldn’t agree with you. He was concerned when you walked out of the bathroom and sat back at the table, he begged you to go home to rest incase it was food poisoning.

“It’s not that, Jin!” you yelled and got a few looks from people around you. Then you lowered your voice. “I’m pregnant.”

He smiled and couldn’t help, but to giggle to himself in disbelief. “Yeah? How are you gonna handle being with two very beautiful people at once?”


The moment you had found out you ran to the studio he was filming at for the day. You were excited, even if it was by accident. They let you in because you ran to the studio in sweatpants and curlers in your hair, forgetting your pass to even enter the building. You ran to hair and makeup- out of breath. He was confused.

“Yoong- Yoongi.” You gasped for hair.

“Breathe, baby. Why are you here?”

“I’m pregnant!” you screamed, waving the test around. The look on his face was priceless, but it was followed by a smile. He jumped to his feet and just held you, not saying a word at first.

“We’ll go to the doctors soon.” Typical. 


Hobi almost knew before you did. He could sense something was off with the way you were carrying yourself so he made you take a pregnancy test. Well, 5 different ones. Your boyfriend was so extra. The second it was positive, he was blasting “MAMA” and dancing around you.

“Hell yeah!” he exclaimed and grabbed your hands, having you dance around with him. You couldn’t help but to smile at his face. 

This wasn’t planned, but for some reason he acted like it was. Well, he was your sunshine. 


“Joon-” you led with and he automatically knew something was off. It wasn’t like you to not call him a nickname. He came up and began to rub your back in the bedroom you two had shared for three years.

“What’s wrong? Are you sick? Are you pregnant?”

“I am.” You cut him off before he could continue. His eyebrows furrowed. “I’m pregnant, yeah.” 

His face lit up like the first time you told him you loved him. “I’m- I’m sorry, but is this okay? Can we ke-”

“Of course. Yes, yes, yes.” He spent the rest of the day smiling.


“So, I can pinch it’s cheeks?” Was the first thing that left Jimin’s mouth when you slipped in that you were pregnant right before bed. He quickly shot up and looked over at you with a huff of breath. He was just so in awe. Slowly, he reached out and touched your belly. “We’re in here? A little me. A little you? Us?”

“Yeah, Jiminie, that’s how babies work.” You teased.

“Ahh!” He put his head against you. “Amazing how surprises happen. This is life changing, amazing…”


The two of you were sitting at your table, eating breakfast about a week after you’d discovered you were pregnant. It was hard finding the time or the moment to tell V, he was such a busy guy and even when he wasn’t busy, he was always buzzing. On this morning in particular, he was sleepy. Lazy even. 

“Hey, Tae?” he looked up with half a piece of bacon in his mouth and nodded while chowing down. “I’m pregnant, love.”

He almost choked. Then he calmed himself. “A baby…” his whispered, his energy not finding him til about 10 minutes later when he was in full swing. “I’m having a baby!” 

Suddenly, you were in his arms and covered in sweet kisses. “Our baby…” you whispered against him,


“I’m pregnant!” you yelled as you saw him walking towards your car outside of the airport. He thought he heard you wrong at and cupped his ear to signal you to say it again as he got closer. Then he was there.

“Did I hear you right?!” He was shook, but happy. 

“Yes, Jungshook. I’m pregnant.” he lifted you into his arms and spun you around, leaving you with a big kiss.

“I gotta tell Hyungs!” Was the first thing he said to you. Sigh. “I’m so happy, baby! Baby! I shouldn’t call you baby anymore should I? Or can I? Will that confuse the baby?” There was his nervous rambling. 

“Call me whatever you want, hook up your phone to the bluetooth on the way home. I wanna hear their reactions.”  


there’s so much amazing development going on in this new chapter, especially with misawa. like damn, Miyuki personally wants Sawamura to learn curveballs and sliders. like he could have said for the team Sawamura should also learn these new pitches but he it’s something Miyuki would like to see from Sawamura. plus Sawamura worrying about the condition of Miyuki’s body since his injury was a nice touch. i love the looks on everyone’s faces when Sawamura hits and gets the run, they look so awed and that they can rely on Sawamura, like he’s shaping up to be the Ace. (also the combination of Miyuki’s smile and his concern is just… im speechless.) Sawamura’s silent declaration of “never forget you have me” is so strong that it’s displayed in his body language in a way that screams “LOOK AT ME, I WILL BE YOUR ACE”.

one i want

A/N: here’s the follow up to good for you! the title comes from one i want by majid jordan, and i highly recommend giving it a listen. finally, please please always use condoms always PLEASE do as i say, not as i write.
warning: smutty smut smut

His voice is wrecked as he speaks. By this point, he’s nearly dying for you, his need to be buried deep inside of you itching under his skin.

But still, he holds off. He wants to make this good for you, to be good for you. He knows it’ll be so good, later, when you’re finally giving him what he wants, if he’s good now.

He strips. He stays on his knees at first, crossing his arms to grip the edge of his shirt with his fingers before pulling the garment up and over his head. He doesn’t milk it, doesn’t want to be too ridiculous for you, but he does go slow enough to tease you.

He drops his shirt and lets his arms fall to his sides, hands slowly curling in and out of clenched fists. He’s watching you, waiting for your approval.

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anonymous asked:

Could you write a jealous!Betty fic where Jughead befriends a tough girl who's basically the girl version of him at south side high so Betty feels insecure and tries to be more like the girl (short skirts, dark makeup, messy hair,etc.)? Thank you!!!

She was tucked into their normal booth at pops, sandwiched between Kevin and Veronica as she stared longingly at her boyfriend a few booths away, he was laughing and his arm was slung lazily over River Lewis. The one girl in the entire town who was sure to make Betty dig her nails into her palms and tighten her ponytail.

River was one of Jugheads new friends from the Southside, she was moody and sexy and she was everything Betty wished she could be, the girl had made it very clear she wasn’t interested in being Betty’s friend and seemed to be monopolizing all of Jugheads time as of lately. Of course Betty was happy he was making friends and it made her heart lighter to see him laughing and enjoying himself, but the tug in her heart was inevitable when he chose to sit with his new friends instead of her, the way he leaned into River would have any girlfriend feeling a little sick.

“She’s nothing compared to you B, she’s nasty and she’s a brat.” Veronica spoke quietly into her ear as she squeezed her shoulder. Betty looked up gratefully and sighed

“I just feel like he keeps pulling away.. like I’m not enough anymore. Like.. maybe this isn’t what he wants.” She gestured to her cheerleading uniform and dropped her head to Kevin’s shoulder, sighing miserably.

Kevin and Veronica shared a glance over their forlorn best friends head

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Kevin asked with a wicked smile

Veronica nodded and smirked
“You’re the one that I want Grease Makeover?” She asked.

Kevin nodded

Betty looked up a confused look in her eyes as he friends dragged her out of the booth
“What?” She asked, daring a glance in Jugheads direction, he was staring at her,a curious look in his eyes as he moved to stand, River slapped a hand to his thigh dragging him back down.

Something hardened in Betty’s eyes before she turned away from the scene, smiling at her friends
“What are we waiting for?”

The next day at school went by excruciatingly slow, she had been assured by Archie that Jughead would be at Pops today and part two of her plan would come into play. Part one had been ignoring all of his text messages and having Alice send him away when he came to her door last night. Veronica had held her hand as her boyfriend begged her mother to let him speak to her.

“He’s been taking advantage of you B, you need to show him what he’s going to lose if he doesn’t fix this.”

She stood outside Pops, her fingers shaking as Veronica ran the lipgloss over her already fairly glossy lips.

“Alright Sandra dee. I think we’re ready, how do you feel?” Veronica asked.

Betty took a deep breath

“I’m ready.” She smiled taking one final glance at the reflection in Veronica’s car, she didn’t even recognize herself.

Betty had on a short, tight leather skirt and loose white crop top that perfectly showed her toned stomach and tan skin. Her feet were tucked into tall wedges and her long blonde hair was left loose and messy, looking perfectly wind blown. Her bright green eyes looked even brighter under the dark black eyeliner and heavy mascara, her perfect heart shaped lips were cherry red and she smacked the gum between her lips.

“A masterpiece, if I wasn’t gay..” Kevin trailed off causing Betty to giggle and straighten her shoulders.

“Let’s do this.” She slung the old leather jacket she had borrowed from her mother overhear shoulder and followed Veronica into the Diner. The diner went silent as soon as the group stepped foot on the marble floor.

Jughead hopped up when he saw Veronica his eyes instantly looking for Betty, he started walking towards the group but stopped dead when he saw Betty his jaw dropping.

“Betty?” He whispered

At his unfamiliar look Betty instantly felt all of those insecurities build up again, she struggled to keep her arms at her side, her natural instinct to hide in herself was bubbling to the surface, but when a boy in a serpents jacket let out the first low wolf whistle, she let out a relived breath. Suddenly it seemed every member from the Southside was drawn to her and she giggled as they tripped over themselves to get a better look.

Veronica winked and led Betty to a booth, Kevin shaking his fingers in a few boys faces to back them off.

Just as she was about to settle into the booth, she felt a warm hand grip her upper arm, his fingers familiar even under the leather. Looking up she swallowed at the intensity in her boyfriend eyes.

“Can we talk?” He asked quietly, his eyes running over her body as he licked his lips, she turned to go with him but Veronica kicked her under the table and Kevin shook his head.
Pulling her arm free Betty sat down in the seat

“I’m staying here, we can talk later. I think River is waiting for you.” She nodded her head to the dark haired girl shooting daggers in their direction.

Understanding instantly dawned in Jugheads eyes and he reached a hand out to Betty’s cheek


She turned her face quickly, blinking away the tears that threatened to fall
“Not now Jughead.” She whispered.

He stared at her completely heartbroken

“Elizabeth Cooper right?” Jughead whipped around to see Noah, a prominent member of the serpents, leaning casually against Betty’s booth

“That’s my name” she smiled at the boy and jughead stumbled back.

“I dig your look.” He said dropping down into the empty space Jughead had just left.

Oh absolutely not.

Jughead straightened his Serpent jacket and reached for Betty’s hand, pulling her out of the booth and towards the door, as she stomped indignantly.

“Jughead Jones! Let me go!” He swung her around as soon as they hit outside.

His lips attacked her as she gasped, her fingers instinctively digging into his dark waves as he ran his hands over the bare skin of her legs before sliding under her shirt.

She pulled away abruptly

“No!” She said shoving him away and adjusting her top her hands trembling

“Betty?” Jughead asked moving towards her

“No. this isn’t me, if this is what you want… if this is who I have to be to get you to pay me attention… maybe I’m not the right girl for you.” Her eyes filled with tears and he shook his head frantically

“No! I love you. I love you, I love who you are. You never have to change for me. I cannot lose you. You look amazing but you’re right this isn’t you.” His hands tugged on the short skirt as he trailed his fingers over her thighs, his breathe close to her face.

“But.. River.. ” she whispered, her nose touching his as he nuzzled it gently

“She’s funny and she reminds me of me, but she’s no Betty Cooper, I’m so sorry I made you feel like you had to be something else, I would never want that. I love you for who you are, I know I’ve been an awful boyfriend, it’s this whole balancing act. Consider me properly aware, I’m not letting you out of my sight.. especially dressed like this.” His eyes hungrily scanned her face as he dropped a kiss to her lips.

Betty giggled, dropping her forehead to his
“I want you to spend time with your friends, but.. maybe spend some time with me too okay?” She smiled

He nodded aggressively
“You can count on it.”

Betty grabbed his hand and headed into Pops
“Okay let’s go show them who your girlfriend really is.” She beamed as Jughead laughed tightening an arm around her waist

“It’s a damn honor”

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I have a request?? Would you write a sequel fic to the one about Simon deliriously confessing his love for jace & have it be them like talking about it (maybe a first kiss ??) like jace leaves before Simon wakes & Simon confronts him or something????? I would love you forever that fic was so cute I just wanted it to never end

part one

Jace blinked his eyes open and was met with a face full of fluffy, brown hair and a heavy weight across his chest. He moved confusedly, his hands feeling around until he realized that it was a person on top of him.

Suddenly, the events from last night came flooding back to him and he froze.

Simon getting absolutely wasted, and Maia calling Jace to come pick him up.

Simon accidentally telling Jace he was in love with him.

Simon crying.

Jace’s heart clenching every time Simon called him “Jace Herondale.”

Jace remembered everything all at once and then immediately wished he hadn’t. He knew Simon had no real feelings for him, and that anything he had said the night before wasn’t true. Jace nearly laughed at the stupidity of his own hopes, that maybe, just maybe, Simon loved him back. It was foolish and naive and Jace couldn’t take this any longer. He needed to leave, get out of here, get away from Simon before everything Jace had ever wanted came crashing down around him when Simon woke up. He soaked up one last, blissful moment in the life he knew he could never have before beginning to ease his way off of the bed.

Jace regretfully untangled their legs, and slowly pulled away so Simon’s head was no longer pillowed on his chest. He ran his hand through Simon’s hair gently, trying to ignore the way his throat began to close. He closed his eyes, trying to burn this moment in his memory forever. He should’ve known it would end like this. Jace was never this lucky.

It was when Jace began to lift Simon’s arm off of his chest that Simon sighed, and his eyes fluttered open. He stretched, not seeming to realize that there was someone else in the bed with him, and winced.

Jace laid frozen, his hand in midair, and half of his body off of the bed, waiting for Simon to come to his senses. His heart was racing so fast that he felt like he was going to pass out. This type of fear was so foreign to him, and the fact that this scrawny, talkative, unknowing vampire was the cause of it, made Jace furious.

“Woah,” Simon groaned, bringing his hand to his head, but he recoiled when he brushed Jace’s arm. Simon instantly stilled, not looking up to see who was in bed with him. Not wanting to know what mistake he had made.

They both remained absolutely motionless, not even daring to breathe, for at least 30 seconds before Jace couldn’t take the torturous silence anymore. “Simon?” He whispered, sitting up so he was sitting on the edge of the bed.

Simon still didn’t look up, but Jace’s jaw clenched when he saw Simon flinch. “Jace?” His voice was soft, and barely audible.

“Yeah,” Jace breathed, silently damning the Angel for making him forget his entire vocabulary every time Simon was in the same room. He felt awkward and large and completely unsure of the position of his body and he hated that Simon Lewis did this to him. He was used to being aware of his entire body, feeling confident while training and fighting, being the most intimidating person in any room. It was like Simon had unwittingly stripped Jace of his angelic powers and left him…human.

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Monsta X: dating Shownu would include

▪ dang he’d be such a gentleman when you first start dating  

▪ always asking for your permission before he does anything that you might be uncomfortable with

 ▪ “y/n, I was wondering…can I hold your hand?“ 

▪ "is it ok if I scoot closer next to you?”

 ▪ “You can have my jacket if you want, it’s too cold." 

▪ "I don’t know if this is too soon, and you can totally stop me if you want…but is it ok if I kiss you?" 

▪ ofc you can’t say no, he’s all fidgety and nervously smiling at you 

▪ and all his nerves would disappear when his soft lips touch yours, he feels like he’s in heaven

 ▪ the others absolutely fawning over you two 

▪ bc wow their dad finally found someone who’s gonna love him and care for him and aw hi new mom

 ▪ esp Minhyuk tho, that boy is something else 

 ▪ he’d scream every time you lean in to kiss Shownu’s cheek or if he compliments you on something 

 ▪ gym dates

 ▪ where 99% of the time your attention is focused on him and his muscles and his arms and his focused face and oops, he just caught you staring

 ▪ he’d just smirk tbh, he knows he looks good 

▪ I don’t think he’d be the jealous type 

 ▪ mostly bc he’s confident in your relationship and doesn’t have any doubts about whether you love him or not 

 ▪ but if he sees someone obviously trying to flirt with you, activate alpha mode 

▪ he’d give them a stern look that clearly says that you’re with him

 ▪ might flex his muscles just to show them who’s the man 

▪ then after they leave he’d go back to being a squishy puppy 

▪ late night phone calls just bc he wants to hear your voice 

 ▪ you hugging him super tight after spraying on perfume, just to mark your territory

 ▪ aaaaand cue teasing from the other boys

 ▪ he’s very fond of your hands and often plays with them unconsciously 

 ▪ mostly when he’s laying his head on your lap as you two binge watch TV shows 

 ▪ you try cooking with him, but it never beats late night take outs

 ▪ loves feeding you desert 

 ▪ loves feeding you in general tbh 

 ▪ collarbone kisses will make him weak 

▪ he hates how you’re so subtle about kissing him there, even in public bc he’ll start squirming

 ▪ matching everything

 ▪ cups, shoes, shirts, hats, you name it, he’s already ordered it 

▪ leaving lipstick marks on his neck when hes sleeping

 ▪ him getting you back by leaving dark love bites on your neck 

▪ which are harder to get rid of yikes 

 ▪ but you never mind 

 ▪ the best husband material, he needs to wife you asap 😻

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Lava Cake

GuanShan: *puts an apron on* this is bullshit, why do I have to cook for you again?

He Tian: Aw c’mon Don’t close mountain, I told you I’ll pay you well

GuanShan: *muttering* don’t care about your fuckin’ money

He Tian: *smiles, hugs GuanShan from behind* You’re not doing it for money?


He Tian: You know, I’d love to see you wearing nothing under this apron…*kisses his ear*

GuanShan: !! *accidentally kicks the trash, revealing a box of precooked meal* …you already ate, didn’t you?

He Tian: Well, technically you’re supposed to be the dessert so…

GuanShan: I fucking skipped work, you dumbass!

Roll The Dice


“So what’s your plan?” Veronica asks, raising an eyebrow. “Fake date someone so you can learn how to be a good girlfriend for him?”

Betty looks at her in wonder. “Actually… actually that’s a great idea, V.”

or Betty is oblivious, Jughead pines, Veronica spills the tea, and Reggie finds his One True Bro™.

This is from a prompt I saw a looooong time ago on Tumblr. I even have a Malec fic based on it, but I decided to give it a go with Bughead. :)

As always, thanks to the bae @itstenafterfour for being the best beta and friend ever. Love you!

PS. One Tree Hill is my favorite show so Juggie/Reggie roasting it is just a joke, don’t hate me lmao. 

Also this is freaking 13,005 words so it might crash on you. In case of that, here’s the link to it over on AO3.      

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sheithfromvoltron  asked:

*Rocky voice* Yo Cathrel! Have you ever considered doing any writing swapping Keith and Shiro's sexualities in the family AU (like so Shiro would be the Ace one?) You write Ace!Keith so well, I was just wondering about your take on Ace!Shiro. (Unless you've already that, cuz now I'm remembering that you made an art of Shiro wearing his Ace shirt.) Anyway ILY, ur writing, ur arts, and ur ships. Hope u has a lovely day ^^

Ace Shiro (I love the idea but never really got a chance to write it)

Shiro was at the hospital doing his night shift when he called Keith.

“Can you please drive by even for a few minutes? I know it’s late but—,” Shiro started, sounding a little bit guilty pulling Keith out of the house from the kids.

“I’m on my way. I’ll drop the kids at the Zarkon’s. ETA 15 minutes.” Keith answered without asking any questions.

“Thank you,” Shiro sighed in relief. “Drive safely. Love you.”

“Love you, too.” Then Keith ended the call.

Fourteen minutes later, Keith was rushing in Shiro’s office looking worried. He saw Shiro sitting on his chair with his hands clasped together and he instantly made his way to him, cupping his face.

“What’s wrong, Takashi?” Keith asked softly.

Shiro leaned in to Keith’s touch, trying to breathe normally.

“Did someone say something awful again?” his husband frowned, hoping he would say something.

Closing his eyes, he nodded slowly. “It was… it was a woman,” he paused to swallow a lump in his throat. “And she just started saying… sexual stuff about me and…”

He didn’t get to finished as Keith pulled him in towards his chest, his chin on top of Shiro’s head. He could hear Keith let out a heavy sigh. 

Keith knew. Keith knew how uncomfortable it made Shiro feel every time people reminded him that his body was a sexual object. He couldn’t do anything about it because to some people, Shiro was just attractive in ways he didn’t want to be. 

“I’m sorry,” Keith whispered, kissing Shiro’s head. “I’m so sorry. I wish I was here to do something about that woman.”

“It’s okay,” Shiro smiled as he embraced Keith. “You’re here now and that’s all I really needed.”

“Yeah?” Keith titled his head as he placed a finger under Shiro’s chin to lift it.

“Yeah,” Shiro replied pulling Keith in for a sweet kiss.

“Why don’t we go out for a late dinner to keep things off your mind?” Keith suggested as they separated. “My treat.”

“I’m kinda craving for kani salad right now.”

“You are so Japanese,” Keith rolled his eyes fondly, making Shiro laugh. 

As soon as they were out of the restaurant to head back home, Shiro pulled Keith to his side and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you for coming.”

“Anything for you, bro.” Keith winked.

Keith,” Shiro whined. “You need to stop this ‘bro’ thing. We’ve been married for 8 years. Oh my god.” 

Jared Leto Imagine -Please Don’t Go

Anonymous said:Jared Leto imagine where the reader finds out that jared only used her for publicity at first but jared tries to get her back and say sorry and that he had fallen in love with herr 😋❤️️

Your P.O.V.

Everything that surrounded felt like a perfect surface to punch and kick at. I was so angry but at the same time I was absolutely devastated. After feeling happy for the first time in months, everything came crashing down. My home didn’t even feel like my home. It’s like the past year had been a fucking lie.

My ‘boyfriend’ had used me for publicity. He had been fooling me for a year! One fucking year, 52 weeks you get it.

I had thrown the magazine that had written a full two sided article about me and Jared away and I had managed to break a flower vase. Now it was on the bedroom floor completely shattered and dirt was everywhere. I didn’t care. I was fighting my tears hard as I tried to pack a suitcase.

Jared was supposed to be at the studio for two more hours so I thought I could leave without him interrupting me. I didn’t know what I’d do if I saw him. Surprise surprise he came home early. I heard his heavy footsteps because he was running. They were approaching. ‘’Y/N! Y/N?’’ He called out for me worriedly. He sounded really jittery.

The door opened and I knew he saw me by the end of the bed, packing my belongings. ‘’Jesus’’ He breathed out and came over. My emotions took over me easily and I knew I was going to break down. I turned around with teary eyed and I saw him. Jared’s hair was a mess and his eyes were really glossy like he was on the verge of tears. 

‘’Fuck you!’’ I spat angrily and then felt my own hot tears smudging my make up even more. ‘’Baby..listen to me. I-I can explain everything’’ He promised me. Jared tried to walk closer to me and he tried to touch my shoulder, but I slapped his hand away. ‘’Don’t touch me Jared! I hate you!’’ I swore with fire in my veins. It caused his mouth to gape.

Silence fell upon us. I guess it was easy to notice that we were both shocked. I just said that and honestly I wasn’t sure what to feel. Could I be sorry? Was he really sad? Or was this an act too?

I groaned and looked away from him. The look on his face was just too much for me to handle. I was going to grab a shirt but Jared grabbed my wrist. ‘’Y/N please listen to me okay?’’ He begged and then stepped closer. I took a deep shaky breath and that’s when I smelled his sweet cologne. It just made me even more emotionally confused. ‘’I see that you saw those articles’’ He started with a small voice. Damn right I did.

‘’And I admit it’s true but they’ve twisted so many things. Can we please just take a seat and talk?’’ He requested wistfully. That’s when I pulled my hand away from him and raised them up. ‘’Jared there’s nothing to talk about! You lied to me. You used me. How the hell am I supposed to believe anything if all we’ve had has been a big fat lie?’’ I hollered furiously, but at the same time crying. Jared was crying too now and I hated this sight but I wouldn’t comfort him. No matter how much I wanted to.

Suddenly he put his hands together and kneeled down so he was literally in a begging position. It made me shut up and my heart started beating harder. What was he doing? ‘’Y/N please..I’m begging you. Give me one chance’’ He pleaded. Then he came a little closer to me. I looked into his pretty blue eyes and it caused my heart to throb painfully.

‘’Y/N please I love you’’ he added and that was too much. ‘’Fine’’ I gave in and then I took a deep breath. Jared’s lips were trembling. He stood up and grabbed my hands, leading me to the right side of the bed. I forced myself to follow and then sit down next to him. This was his one chance. 

‘’First of all I’m not expecting you to forgive me for anything just let me explain’’ Jared started as he still held my hands. I didn’t bother to pull them back. I just nodded and let him explain. ‘’In the beginning over a year ago my managers got angry because I had been single for so long. They said that the band needed more articles and interviews. So they came up with a solution. I had to find a girlfriend’’ He began and honestly I felt so stupid. Why didn’t I see through his lies?

‘’I saw you. Once we started talking I felt like you were perfect. The managers said that you had to be younger so we’d be the center of spotlight. I admit that first I didn’t think this was going to be important but the more I got to know you the better things got. I was happy because I actually liked you. It didn’t feel like a job anymore. This what we have felt real. I thought I could just forget the reason why we got together. I wanted to forget the past and actually be with you like a normal couple’’ Jared promised me and he ignored his tears that silently rolled down his face.

I was speechless. I wanted to believe him but I didn’t know how. This was really hard and truly overwhelming. Jared looked at me sadly but with a little hope. He probably expected some sort of a reaction but I was as quiet as a rock.

‘’Please say something’’ He whispered and snapped me out of my little bubble. Our eyes met and I could feel his sorrow. It was genuine. But I didn’t know if I could trust my senses. After all I never doubted him. Could it be because he wasn’t acting? Could it really be that he had actually fallen in love with me?

‘’I don’t know what to say Jared’’ I whimpered and blinked away more tears. Damn I swear I was crying a river. ‘’Just please don’t leave me’’ He begged and cupped my cheek. His thumb wiped away my tears and it caused me to close my eyes. I just tried to relax as his hand touched me so closely. I just remembered all the times we had been closer. All our dates, happy memories, sad memories, everything. I truly wanted them to be real.

The feeling of being emotionally overwhelmed was awful. I was sick of this feeling so for once I did the right thing and I pushed my thoughts away. Then for a little moment I just wanted to be with him without thinking. I leaned closer to Jared and I wrapped my arms around him. First he tensed up but it didn’t take long until he pulled me closer so my legs were in his lap and his strong arms were around me. Then I lost it.

Tears kept rolling down my face and I was sobbing uncontrollably. Jared’s hand was running up and down my back like he always did when he was comforting me. Then he rocked us gently, letting me weep. I could tell that he was crying too.’’I’m sorry’’ He kept telling me over and over again. ‘’I don’t w-want to go away Jared’’ I stuttered with a lump in my throat. Speaking felt really hard.

‘’I’m not going anywhere as long as you stay. Okay?’’ He whispered and tried to make a deal. I just nodded and melted into his arms. I could think later when I calmed down. We could talk things through but for now I just wanted to close my eyes and be here with him. My head ached way too much for it to think. ‘’I love you Y/N please just..know that I mean it’’ He reminded me. His voice was hoarse but the way he spoke sounded very reassuring.

I love you too, I thought in my head. Right now I couldn’t bring myself to the point where I could say that but I knew he knew my feelings were mutual. If not, I would be long gone already.