he was looking at her during this line

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If you're still doing those prompts how about nessian #29 "does that line ever work?"

I am indeed still doing those prompts! I’ve still got one in the works, since I plan to do a long fic for it, but this one spawned a drabble it seems. Hope you enjoy some engaged!Nessian fluff :3

“Oh no,” Cassian said from atop the nest of pillows, beanbags, cushions, and blankets he had assembled, “It appears I have fallen and can’t get up.” 
“Does that line ever work?” Nesta asked, crossing her arms over her chest and looking down at the dishevelled moron she was, for some reason, engaged to. 

“You’d be surprised,” Cassian said, smirking. “I’ve avoided many a black eye during fights with Rhysand with this little trick.” 

Rolling her eyes, Nesta sighed. It was a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon, and she had a mountain of work to do. Of course, the human incarnation of a labrador retriever that she called her fiancee had informed her she would do no such thing. Instead, she had been forced to watch from her desk as he carried in comfortable squishy thing upon comfortable squishy thing, constructing what he deemed to be ‘The Best Pillow Fort Ever’. To his credit, it did look damn comfortable. 

Sprawled amongst it all, he held a hand out to her. “Come here, my Ice Queen,” he said, his voice soft, warm, inviting; everything her work and the weather wasn’t. “You’ve worked hard enough all week. Let me take care of you for once.”

It had taken months, well over a year, even, for Nesta to let down her walls enough to allow Cas in. Longer still to be vulnerable enough to let him take some of the burden from her shoulders. Many nights of gentle back rubs and loving kisses had proven it to be the right choice, however. He knew, in the coldest of times, how to keep her warm. 

“Five minutes,” she agreed, not meaning a word of it as she threaded his large fingers with her small, manicured ones. She fell into the cocoon of warmth and cuddles, embraced amongst his strong arms. They both knew they’d awake in the exact same position come dawn. 

After everything they’d been through together, she wouldn’t change a thing.

some observations on 3.13
  • did they tell the tadpoles? tango was in the background of their snowball fight when bitty is talking about the team knowing
  • that’s incredible that jak is an a his first season. definitely blurring some realism lines, but he’s a wonderful young man and only deserves good things
  • not over jack wearing rubber gloves, sudsin’ it up in the sink. please imagine the tadpoles just standing there, watching him with fascination because nhl star jack zimmermann is hand washing dishes in their frat house sink
  • george looks so proud (as she should be)! she’s his mom away from home <3 
  • suzanne is such a sweetheart, trying to be interested in what interests her son, getting as passionate about it as he is
  • speaking of, get. it. suzanne.
  • bittersweet little reminder during their walk that they can’t be out to everyone, but i’m so happy they can be out to the people who matter
  • the zimmermanns love bitty, love that they are together, want to have dinner with him as jack’s boyfriend, and bob is looking out for jack. what a glorious direction of events ☀️
  • very interesting the insinuation that bob knows other closeted players and that maybe players were dating each other. i think that’s probably the last we will hear of it, but it’s so good to know this isn’t unknown to good guys like bob in the league
  • maybe i’m wrong and maybe it’s wishful thinking, but if bob and alicia knew about kent, maybe it was a little more than “hooking up a few times”. it just has never sat right with me that that’s all it was to jack. i’ve made my peace with the fact he wasn’t in LOVE with kent, but i just can’t deal with him not caring at ALL
  • god jack and bitty are so fucking sweet. jack is literally going to spend thousands of dollars on their fines omg

im JUST SAYIN!!! BUT!!! PJO/HoO/ToA makeup artist au!!! Just throwin it out there!!! All of them as makeup artists!!!

- Jason’s eyeshadow is blended to perfection always. Eyeshadow god.
- Leo and Nico fight over the title for best eyeliner
- Piper is actually the contour queen
- Percy and Hazel are both highlight hoes
- Annabeth has her own line of foundation
- Leo doesn’t wear foundation much because he has freckles and doesn’t want to hide them, but wears everything else really dramatic and loud and bold
- Hazel rocks metallics better than anyone else ever and has a really perfect lip shape
- Percy cried during a video tutorial one time because it was a first impressions video for a highlighter and it was so blinding that he actually got emotional
- Frank is the king of “natural” or “nude” looks and also lashes for YEARS
- Reyna is the actual queen. She slays everything and everybody accepts that as fact
- Get Ready With Me/Us videos
- Piper and Leo doing challenge videos always
- Jason and Percy are the kings of “first impressions”
- Nico does SFX makeup, leaning more towards the style of Glam And Gore
- Will is on the “I can’t hide my freckles I like them too much” boat with Leo
- Tbh Will doesn’t really need foundation much regardless because his skin is really good
- Apollo/Lester is a drag queen

Edit: feel free to add more to this!!
Carl’s Sister|Negan x Reader

A/N- This was a request from well they didn’t put there name, Either way the reader is Carl’s sister. Carl is older around 26
Summary: Negan has a thing for Ricks daughter and Carl’s sister, he learns that shes been a naughty little sister
Warning(s): Under Age Sex, Unprotected Sex,  Dirty Talk, Swearing, Big Age Gaps, Mention Of Death(s), Negan being Negan, Smut


I looked around the people in the line up. “Do you understand how not cool it was to killmy men. Not cool, not cool, it was really really not cool Rick.” I said. I looked at the people, one girl caught my eyes. I walked over to her Lucile over my shoulder. I bent down on my knees “Well hi there sweetheart. Whats your name?"I asked the girl. She looked up to me, "Y/N."She stated. "Thats a pretty name…do you have any friends in this group?” I asked her glacing at everyone else. She nodded to me “Yes…” “Who darling?"I sat Luicile behind me tonot scare her as much. "M-My brother and a few other people. Please don’t hurt them…"She whimpered out. "Aww…have they made Negan out to be the Big Bad Wolf? Whos your brother I promise I won’t hurt him okay…and by the way I never break my promises."I said smiling at her. I could feel her calm down a little "Carl"I started laughing. "Your ricks daughter?! Wow…wow…didn’t know he had more kids. Okay I won’t hurt your little brother.”      I grabbed Luicile and started to walk away “Hes not older then me."I heard Y/N speak. "Hmm really? Simon Dwight! Take little Y/N here to the RV, fucking touch her in anyway other then helping her get in. I will iron your faces again” They both nodded helping her stand up and walking her over to the RV. “Okay then…didn’t need the little cutie around to see whats gonna happen.”


I was playing with Judith, just messing around laughing and smiling. I heard the door open looking over I saw Carl and Negan. He looked to me “Well I don’t know which one is cuter."He started walking over to me. I gave him Judith with no problems, you may find it weird. But I trusted him, he talked to me. Told me he wouldn’t hurt me and Judith, when I asked about Carl he just said ‘I’ll try my best to if it keeps you happy dear’. Honestly I found him very attractive…hot even. Despite the huge age gap I mean hes in his late 40 early 50s and I’m 20. Still I thought he was very good looking sometimes even nice, with all the things he told me I wasn’t sure if I could be mad at him for killing our men. Of course I will most likely never get over Glenn and Aberhams death…but he told me his side. Its sound weird…he didn’t need to bash Glenns and Aberhams head in front of everyone but my dad didn’t need to shoot Negans men. "Hey darling why don’t you join us on the patio."Negan said smiling, he was always smiling. "Okay."I got up following him,I hadn’t really talked to Carl. We got out on the patio and sat down he was cuddling Judith

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It was very cute, he seemed to like kids or maybe just babies.”Y/N how old are you?”He asked rocking Judith in her arms. “I’m 20..”You said. “Good your nice and legal…means you can have sex with anyone you know.” “Oh I know I can Negan” He chuckled. “Y/N do you have a boyfriend or you for takes. I’m just wondering.” “I’m free…” He chuckled once again. “Good..So Y/N I need to talk to you. Alone.”He said sternly. “Okay, when do you want to talk”I asked. He smiled at me “How about I take you to my sanctuary and we can talk there.”He said smirking. “Okay” I got up from the chair I was sitting in. “Well here you go Carl, me and your sister are gonna have a little chat.”He gave Judith a quick kiss and gave her to Carl.

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He drove you to the sanctuary, once there he practically dragged you to his house. “So you live here?” “Yep..its fucking great huh!”He said gleefully. “So what were your questions for me?”You asked sitting down on the couch. “Well, are you a virgin?”He said smirking “I have had sex before.”I gasped. “How old were you, how old was the guy?” “I was 15 and so was he..”I said calmly. “Oh so he wasn’t a man…Mmm. I think you need to be fucked by a man Y/N”He jerked me off the couch toward his body. I gasped at the sudden movement, “Oh yeah and who’s gonna do that?”I said looking at him. “Me.”He chuckled. “Really? I didn’t know you were even a man.”I teased. He growled, dragging me into his bedroom I was thrown onto his bed. “Your being a bad girl…bad girls get punished.”He crawled onto the bed sitting on his knees, he bent you over them. “Now I’m gonna spank you, and your gonna count everytime.” *SMACK* before you can even say anything your ass was smack hard. Really hard. “Count bitch.”Negan barked out. “O-One..” *SMACK* “Two..” You said. He paused for a second. “Do you like being spanked?”He asked. You didn’t respond pissing him off even more. *SMACK* “Yes!”you moaned out. He laughed giving you another smack “Four..”You moaned again. He pushed you off him, “Undress me.”He ordered. You nodded your hands moved from his cheeks down the his leather jacket. You simple slipped it off letting it fall to the ground, your hands traveled down his white T-Shirt you could feel that he was fit while his shirt was still on.  You tugged the edge of his shirt slowly bringing it up. You finally go tit over his head, you could see he was fit and well built. You ran your hands down his chest staring at him. Finally they reached they reached Negans belt and pants, you slowly undid his belt setting it aside. “I can’t take off your pants unless you stand up.”He stood up taking his pants off himself. He was only now wearing his boxers you could see his bulge. Even without his boxers off you could tell he was big, “Like something you see?”Negan asked licking his lips. “Can I-I..um..” “Suck it? Hahaha! Do you think your worthy enough to suck me off?”He said laughing. You really wanted to…”But Negan.”You whined. He started walking toward you, “Take off your clothes.”He growled. You did as told, standing in front off him completely nude. “Lay down.”He demand. You did as s told again. As soon as your ass he the mattress he pushed your legs apart. Licking his lips as he stared at your pussy “Such a pretty little pink pussy? And so wet for me!”He chuckled. He hands trailed up your thieghs finally reaching your throbbing pussy, you didn’t want foreplay but you know you’d get spanked again if you asked him to skip it. One of his fingers slid up and down your slit, finally pushing one finger in. You moaned as he moved it back and fourth fast and hard, his thumb began massaging your clit making you moan more. “H-Harder Negan please…”You begged. You heard him chuckle before he began to harder and faster. Suddenly though he pulled out, “What? Why did you stop?”You whined. He laughed “Well I figured I’d stick my dick into your tight cunt but if you’d rather me finger you..”His sentence trailed. You shook your head quickly “No! No! Please Negan!”You begged. He laughed again “Well then shut your pretty fucking mouth and then I’ll fuck you.”He said. He hovered over you, taking his dick in hand and rolling your clit in circle making you moan and beg. “Negan please hurry…”You whispered. “Y/N tell me how would your dad fell about this. You letting me destroy your tight cunt? making you scream my name, huh? Hows he gonna feel when I tell him?”Negan whispered into your ear. Your eyes widened you had forgot about that…was he really gonna tell your father “I-I..I don’t think h-he’d like–”A scream interrupted your sentence when Negan slammed inside you. Wasting no time to start pounding you into his mattress, he wasn’t lying when he said he was gonna destroy your cunt.  He was going hard and fast…so hard. You felt him start kissing your neck and sucking on it. Leaving a big hickey, You were screaming and moaning so much. Your dad would definitely not approve this . He thrusted into you hard stay like that for  a moment. “Negan!”You screamed his name out. “Thats right baby you scream my name. You let your father and everyone else hear it!”He said pounding into you harder. At this point you didn’t care, you loved what was happening. He brought his lips to yours into a sloppy yet passionate kiss. His thrust were getting sloppier and a knot in your stomach was forming. It was tightening, and tightening, “N-Negan I’m gonna cum!”You shouted. “No! I’ll tell you when to come you whore!”He said roughly. Usually you’d slap someone if they called you that but you wanted him to say those things. To degrade you.. His thrust were becoming sloppy but rough “Fuck I’m gonna cum…Mm. Ah, so tight. I’m gonna com inside your nice pussy.” “Yes!”I moaned “Cum, cum for me Y/N!”He gabbed my face making me look at him. I came, making the sweetest ‘O’ shape with my mouth. I clawed his back ”Negan!”I screamed.I felt him thrust deep inside me. He emptied his hot think liquid feel me inside. He let out a groan coming inside me. He rolled off me, both of us breathless.After a few minutes I felt Negan pull the covers over us. He pulled me into his chest “Your mine now. I don’t give a shit if your Ricks daughter or your Carl’s sister. You mine. I own you, I own your great tits. I own your fucking lips, and I specifically own that great pink pussy you got there.” I nodded, looking up at him. “I know..you own me Negan.” He smiled at me kissing my lips. He got out of bed ”Well lets hope in the shower..” He started walking to the master bathroom. I got up but as son as I stood up my legs started shaking and i let out a moan.. I sat back down. “I don’t think I can walk…” He let out a long gleeful laugh. “I bet you can’t…that happens when a man fucks a little girl.” He walked away into the bathroom. Yeah now I know Negan is definitely the biggest man out there…

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A/N- There it is I hope you liked it, remember guys request are always open!

Home from my 11th viewing of TFA and y’all…

Finn is so force sensitive it hurts

  1. When Slip marks Finn with the blood there’s DEFINITELY a force sound and then Finn stands up and seems overwhelmed. I’m convinced that moment is his awakening. 
  2. Kylo looks at Finn bc he FEELS it. Bottom line.
  3. Snoke and Kylo have their “there’s been an awakening. have you felt it” convo BEFORE Rey even gets close to the saber. Also, during the assault on Starkiller Kylo is like “she’s JUST beginning to test her powers” - Rey’s powers awoke when she was resisting Kylo - AFTER Snoke feels the (Finn’s) awakening. 
  4. Maz tries to get Rey to take the lightsaber and says “take it.” Rey runs. When Finn, Han and Chewie find Maz when the FO is attacking, Maz offers the saber to *Finn* and says “take it.” Not “take it to Rey” or “give this to Rey.” THE EXACT SAME PHRASE. Maz considers Finn JUST AS WORTHY and CAPABLE of wielding the saber as Rey. Then, force sensitive Maz tells a frantic Finn “you have a weapon [the saber]” and tells him “Rey and BB8 need you.”
  5. Finn DEFINITELY *hears* the cries of the people on the planets that were destroyed. It’s those cries that make him turn and he knows IMMEDIATELY that it’s the Republic. 
  6. Finn actually injurs Kylo in their duel, something Rey is only able to do AFTER she stops to download the force. 

The Finnrey of the whole movies is NOT subtle

  1. Rey def gives Finn the up down look when she turns around to ask his name for the first time on the Falcon. It happened.
  2. God bless John Boyega’s acting because he SOLD it in that cantina spilling Finn’s truth to Rey. All the feels tbh.
  3. Rey runs from the fight, tells BB8 to dip, but totes runs back into the fray when she sees the FO attacking and knows Finn is in danger. 
  4. When they get to the Resistance base, Finn is DEFINITELY out where the pilots are landing looking for someone who can take him to the FO base bc he HAS to get to Rey.
  5. The hug. THE. HUG. Rey just THROWS HERSELF into his arms and refuses to let go like SWEET LORD!
  6. Rey runs back to Finn’s unconscious body and is legit prepared to die there with him but then Chewie shows up with the Falcon and we see the hope in her eyes and then SHE CLUTCHES FINN’S HAND & then my soul left my body.
  7. Rey literally reaches out for Finn as they take him away and put him on the vehicle to get him to the medbay and then she just stands there so lost and then is embraced by Leia–Leia who just lost Han and Rey’s afraid she’ll lose Finn THE PARALLELS PEOPLE THE HAN/LEIA PARALLELS!
  8. The forehead kiss tho

Rey & Finn are clearly CO-LEADS. This is BOTH of their stories. They BOTH are on a hero’s journey. TOGETHER. I’ll be sobbing for two years bye.

So you know how the curse of Achilles makes you really sleepy and even Chiron tells Percy that when Achilles wasn’t fighting he was sleeping? Like that must mean lots of sleeping percy after tlo so consider this:

  • annabeth leaning against a tree, drawing blueprints and percy falling asleep on her shoulder accidentally and her staying there till he wakes up
  • percy going to the beach laying down for one sec and falling asleep with the sounds of the wave (and waking up w/ an awkward tan) 
  • sally finding percy asleep on the couch even though it’s early and throwing a blanket over him 
  • annabeth coming over to study and percy just laying his head on her lap and falling asleep for the entirety of it 
  • percy constantly denying he’s sleepy in between a yawn
  • percy taking a seat after sword fighting to cool off only to be found sleeping with his head bent and drool coming out of his mouth 
  • annabeth studying the soft lines of his face when he falls asleep on him b/c he looks so peaceful and adorable
  • percy literally falling asleep during every movie night w/ annabeth ever 
  • bedhead hair forever
  • paul giving percy a pass to sleep in his class b/c he knows why 
  • percy falling asleep in the strawberry fields only to realize someone’s drawn something on his face 
  • puffy sleep filled eyes
  • waking up confused and like oh shit sorry annabeth 
  • adamantly claiming to everyone he’s not sleepy at all only to have his eyes half closed and in a perpetual state of dozing
  • sleepy percy 
Let’s talk about Barton

-Constable Barton, who barely says a word during Diabolical Box. He just follows Inspector Chelmey around, quiet but loyal.

-Constable Barton, who finally gets a voiced line or two during Unwound Future. He gets transported to a futuristic London and his first major concern is when his next meal will be. But in the end, he helps evacuate the citizens from the city. And he’s seen gently leading Clive away when he gets arrested.  

-Constable Barton, who meets Emmy during Spectre’s Call and helps her find some files. 

-Wasn’t his dad Chelmey’s superior? Then he died, so Chelmey looks out for Barton now.

-By the time Mystery Room rolls around try telling me it’s not canon he’s become the COMMISSIONER OF SCOTLAND YARD. That clumsy constable became a commissioner. And now Barton’s looking out for Alfendi, as Professor Layton often looked out for him, and he’s employing eager new recruits like Lucy because he seems something in her.

-I know we’ve already seen this new police dude, but we should also see Inspector Barton during Lady Layton.  

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“Who did this to you?” WESTALLEN

no grave could hold my body down; i’ll crawl home to her 

You would never think it to look at him, but Barry is covered in scars. Fine, thin, almost invisible ones, almost impossible to see–unless you knew where to look. Before the lightning, before the Flash, Iris could tell you where and how he’d gotten every one of his scars–the one on his knee, from when they were ten and his disastrous attempt at skateboarding. The thin line on his right index finger, when he lost a fight with a can opener when they were thirteen. The one through his left eyebrow, a fist from Tony Woodward during sophomore year (afterward Barry had taken her advice and nailed him with a solid kick in nuts, she’d never been prouder). And then, after the lightning, the star shaped marks on the soles of his feet, where the energy from the lightning left his body (she did research, during those nine interminable months, on what happened to lightning coma patients, what changes they might have, when they woke, when they awoke, always when never if). Now, two years later, lying besides him on his bed in his (brand new, just furnished) apartment, Iris traces lines on his body she can only tell are there by the tips of her fingers.

Barry stirs besides her, sleepily, but not without a certain amount of pleasure under her touch. “What’re you doing? Drawing a map?”

Yes, she wants to say, wants to keep it playful, light, but can’t quite manage it. “You never had quite so many scars before.” Her voice is not quite as steady as she would like it, when faced with the evidence that she could’ve lost him so many times. 

He rolls on his side to face her, looking through those long, extravagant lashes of his, but there is no sleepiness in his gaze now. “Scars you mean?”

She nods, traces his chest and shoulders as carefully as she can. “You got a lot of them–here.”

“General Eiling,” he says. “Turned me into a pincushion once. Not fun.”

Iris inwardly resolves to write a scathing editorial on the General soon and how his less than successful attempts at creating soldiers spawned a giant telepathic gorilla–then see if he gets anywhere ever again. 

She moves to his back, rolling closer to him, taking a primal, instinctual pleasure at the feel of him under her hands, strong muscles, broad shoulders. “And here?” she asks, feeling marks under his shoulder blades. “Who did this to you?”

“Oliver did,” he says matter-of-factly, like it’s no big deal that the Arrow of Star City apparently shot him. “Shot me with two arrows.”

Iris blinks, feeling some of the shine of her habitual crush on Oliver Queen rub off. “He did? Why?” 

Barry shrugs and Iris makes a valiant effort not to get distracted by the rolling of muscles under her palms. “He was trying to teach me to be aware of my surroundings.” He gives Iris a wry look. “I don’t exactly agree with his methods, but it worked.” 

“I don’t agree with any methods that hurt you,” Iris says indignantly and Barry kisses the very tip of her nose. 

“If he ever tries it again, I’ll sic you on him,” he promises and Iris huffs, equal parts exasperation and amusement. “I mean it,” he insists, grinning. “You’d eviscerate him.” 

Iris smiles, but doesn’t let herself get distracted, running her hands further down his spine, coming to rest in the center of his back. “I know what did this.”

Barry nods, but lets his face rest against her neck. “Zoom.” 

Iris pulls him to her, letting one leg go over his hip, one of his legs slip between hers–not starting anything else (not yet) but just seeking closeness, comfort. “I thought I’d die,” she says faintly into his shoulder, hands pressed to his spine, against warm, rough skin. “Seeing you swing from his hands. I thought I’d been the one to get my spine broken.” 

It was one of the few places on Barry’s body that did have a visible scar, so great had been the damage. Other times, not even bruises from receiving a harder hit than usual lasted more than a few moments. Even serrations or broken ribs were gone in a matter of hours, leaving behind untouched skin–to the naked eye at least. Touching him told another story. 

“I’m here,” he murmurs now, placing a light kiss to the place where her neck meets her shoulder. “I’m still on my feet.” 

Iris nods, presses her own kiss to his shoulder, a faint pinprick of a scar there from a needle. She moves forward, rolling them over so she’s lying on top of him, looking him in the face, that dear, beloved face she knows like her own. He looks back at her, his heart in his eyes, because Barry Allen has a face like a pane of glass, looks at her like she’s light and he wants to take more of her into him. 

She moves down, kiss the place where his heart beats, feels him stir underneath her, but doesn’t shift. “You can’t leave,” she says, not sure where this is coming from, but it must be said, after everything, monsters and demons and false gods and invaders from the sky, coming to take her boy from her. “You can’t–don’t ever just go, okay? Or if you go, come back.”

Barry sighs underneath the touch of her lips, tangling his hands in her hair. “What else could I do?” he asks her softly. “You’re where I live. Even if I have to crawl to make it back to you.”

“I’m holding you to that,” she vows and kisses him then, greedily and without restraint, he rolls them over and covers her with himself like a blanket, like a wall between her and every other dark thing out there, waiting for them outside this small sanctuary of four brick walls, a bed and his body, scarred and warm and healed.

Let the darkness of the world just try to take him from her, let them howl from outside the walls, she knows he’d tear apart time and space and the Speed Force to make it back from wherever he was, and she’d be on the other side, taking it apart o her end, calling him home.   

cute things about nadim namaan’s raoul:

  • raoul was so cute and smiley watching christine perform in ‘think of me’ and someone had to tap him to sit down after his lines 
  • he hugged her a LOT, lots of small arm rubs and cuddles and general supportiveness 
  • kissed her hand tenderly after the ‘five minutes….little lotte’ line (aww)
  • called out to christine ‘i’m with you’ (or something similar) when it was announced that she would be playing the role of the countess and she looked up at him in the box all worried
  • cutely tilted her chin up during the roof scene
  • smiled and nodded when she said ‘you’ll guard me and you’ll guide me’ 
  • literally saved christine’s life and pulled her out of the way of the falling chandelier 
  • dove off a bridge into the lake to swim to the lair (you see him actually jump and disappear and i can’t remember if this is a normal thing or only for the west end??)
  • looked away when christine kisses and comforts the phantom (i felt like it was him watching her sacrifice her freedom for him and he just looked so heartbroken)
  • walked out of the lair with christine’s support and didn’t stupidly try and fight the phantom again (probably because he had just almost died ofc) and still found the strength to be the one to row the boat away from the lair afterwards.

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How aware do you think Star is of her crush on Marco as of the last ep?

Personal opinion: I think that she’s fully aware that her feelings for Marco are different, that she proves things she never noticed before, but she might still, uncounsciously, hide them behind the pain for having lost the book and Glossaryck. Look at Marco’s face during the hug: I might be wrong, but I think he’s thinking something along the lines of “Is it normal for Star to be THIS desperate just for the book and Glossaryck, or something else is going on?”.

Marco is dorky, but definitely not oblivious or stupid. I might be wrong but I think he definitely understood, on the spot, that Star is not like this only due to the battle. And I hope he’s going to question her about this, in future episodes, trying to understand what’s hurting his bestie.
Truly the most perfect man in the universe.

I’d quite like a go at Macbeth because it’s an amazing play. I just love that line “so full of scorpions is my wife…My Wife???” Shit, and she’s here as well, *looks over to her* Susie, I’m really sorry. “My mind, dear wife” he says. *wipes his brow* Shit.
—  “If there was any role you could play, what would it be and why?“ Rupert Graves at his Sunday talk at Sherlocked 2016 - (From notes taken during the talk, so there might be slight errors in wording)
Akagami no Shirayukihime
  • Zen: "Shirayuki is my friend."
  • Zen: *blushes and stutters whenever Shirayuki's name is mentioned*
  • Zen: *nearly kills any guy who looks interested in Shirayuki*
  • Shirayuki: "Zen is my friend."
  • Shirayuki: *literally can't walk in a straight line around Zen*
  • Shirayuki: *internally monologues about Zen and how great he is during her daily tasks*
  • Literally Everyone Else: Yes. They are Just Friends™.
HP Fanon Peeves
  • Tom Riddle was not incapable of love because of Amortentia; if Merope had lived, he would’ve turned out fine.
  • If Harry is arrogant, Hermione is an idiot. 
  • Snape is not handsome. You may adore him and ship him with your person of choice, but you have to accept he’s a skulking, greasy, big-nosed bat to truly appreciate his character.
  • Cho Chang is NOT a crybaby: her boyfriend died, you would be sobbing, too. 
  • Hermione is not a sex symbol either (no matter what the internet may think). However, she had more important things to be worried about, say…fighting Voldemort. 
  • Speaking of Dark Lords, Grindelwald may be a bastard but is no psychopath: he showed remorse during incarceration, and decided laughing in Voldemort’s face was better than selling out his old friend. 
  • Harry can’t be Snape’s kid: just look at him. 
  • If Draco is nice, Hermione is an idiot. 
  • Harry does not regret naming his children after loved ones (neither does George, Percy, or Tonks).
  • Abeforth can read (that line by Albus was probably said in jest).
  • Andromeda was likely as racist and prejudiced as her family, but that was until she met Ted.
  • Any character who did not get over another character does not imply they died a virgin.
  • Ron is not useless. Period.

Last night, the husband and I went to see “The Mads” from MST3K riffing on a truly horrible movie. Waiting in line for their autograph, I thought of the pic I posted last year of Trace Beaulieu and Noel Fielding and how that was almost a starting point for a conversation but not quite. Anout 10 mins later, I hear the girl in front of us mention seeing Noel Fielding at the Wilbur and of course my ears perked up. She said her Noel had seen her boyfriend in a Hawaiian shirt during the Boombox audience interaction and said, “Look at this guy. He doesn’t give a fuck!”. I just leaned into her conversation and told her and her bf I was there and remembered that bit. It was a fannish bonding moment. Birds of a feather nerd out together.


Part Ten:

Patrizio got up and went to the kitchen – Contessa followed.

Why? Why would you do this to me? To US?

For the first time during their conversation he thought he saw a hint of emotion in her eyes.

Look, we’ve had our fun. Bu-but this was never meant to last. I mean, I was just a number in a long line of girls. Don’t fool yourself, Patrizio”. Her revelation shocked him and although there was some truth in it, her words hurt.

What about the business then? What about your investment? Did you stop believing in me?!

I still believe in you, Patrizio. But…. I believe in him more.”


He figured something of this sort might happen to the city, if past so-called events were to go by. Holidays of any kind seemed to be targets for such events and he saw Valentine’s Day having this sort of thing happen to it coming from a mile away. While he thought himself prepared, it didn’t exactly prepare him from seeing actual cupids flying around town and shooting people at random with arrows that made people feel absolutely infatuated with anyone within their immediate line of sight.

    “Oliver would be so mad at all of this.” Didn’t he had a run in with a villain with the same name back in Star City? Except… her arrows were lethal. These arrows looked harmless enough but Barry wouldn’t want to be hit with one. Luckily, he was fast enough to catch or dodge oncoming arrows.

    “Doing good so far?” he asked, turning to his friend and fellow superhero, Shayera. They thought to patrol the town during this festive day seeing as how arrows were raining down on people at random. “They don’t look like they hurt but, y’know, just be careful around–” his arm snaps forward, catching an arrow meant for him just in time. “–these things.” 

anonymous asked:

Imagine if Anakin and Ahsoka played Pokemom Go during the clone wars. "MASTER!" shouts Ahsoka. Anakin turns to her fearing that she's injured. "There is a Mew nearby," she says. Anakin looks around shocked "where?" He asks her urgently. "Behind enemy lines" she says dejectedly. "REX! You're in charge, Ahsoka and I are going to charge them. Ahsoka, ready your pokeballs."

Sorry, is this not already canon? 

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Ok but during Matt's livestream someone asked him how Alec would react to Izzy's addiction and he said something along the lines of he's either gonna talk to her or he's gonna react violently and he said that he thinks he'll react violently and all I can think of is Alec trying to beat up aldertree especially after Jace got kicked out too

you know, it is a very possible scenario. alec is a very protective brother.

but then i also think about those stills where it looks like alec is arguing with izzy so i just don’t know anymore i just hope he won’t yell at her for starting using yin fen because she’s gonna need a lot of support to beat this addiction. she’s gonna need both alec and jace to deal with it. cause i don’t think she could beat it on her own, unfortunately :(

I rewatched Orphan Black recently, 1x06 actually, and during Leekie’s lecture about Neolution, he approaches Cosima and talks about her glasses. He goes “Within the very near future I’ll be able to offer you the ability to see into a spectrum never before seen by the naked eye; Infrared, X-rays, ultravaiolet.”

I think that line alone was talked about, fairly so, but when you take a closer look at the screens around him you see this:

Looks familiar?

It’s the exact design of Rachel’s eye! We see it more clearly in the S4 teaser from few months back too:

Leekie’s “near future” was even nearer than we thought, which brings me back to the S3 finale: “Wherever you think the science is at, I guarantee you’re wrong.” What else might be waiting for us?

It’s one of the little details that make Orphan Black such an epic show. 

things you notice during the 1000th rewatch of The Schuyler Sisters Tony performance

okay so at the beginning of the song Lin is in the background with Groff and Rory and the other guys, literally jumping around (in this screenshot: airborne Lin)

at the beginning of Pippa’s line the guys come forward, and after the second “Look around”, and as the credits begin to roll, Renée and Jonathan are totally jamming in the foreground, while Lin goes to Pippa and kisses her cheek

and then Lin starts to head toward the steps, but before that he finds Leslie

and they do a hip bump