he was literally in his shorts and tank before

BTS Reactions~ Sleeping with JK for the first time:

Jungkook Oneshot | smut

Flopping yourself onto your bed, you sighed at the terrible weather outside. Rain, rain and more rain. Why, on this day of all days? Today was Saturday, Date day, or whatever it’s name really was. It was basically the day where you could drag Jungkook away from his console and get him to go and do whatever you wanted.

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Under the stars - Yoongi (M)

An anon requested this a while ago, so here it is!

- Admin Mati :)

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“The stars are so beautiful” you looked at the sky, as you were sitting around the fire. “Not as beautiful as you” Yoongi said and placed feathery kisses on your neck. “We’re here too!” Tae whined as he covered his eyes with his big sleeves. You chuckled and lightly pushed Yoongi away. He pouted but instead pulled you back, so you were laying in his lap. You sighed while smiling and turned to look at the fire. “I’m tired” you said as you yawned. “You’ve literally done nothing all day” Namjoon joked as took off his jacket. “It can be exhausting to be outside” you replied and sat up.

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Inevitable Injury

Pairing: Rafael Casal x Reader

Requested by Anon: “Are you still open to writing a Rafa fic? I dunno… Maybe you twist your ankle jumping around at a clipping show and when you hobble off to the back you run into Rafa and start talking and he’s concerned he helps you out? I dunno??? There’s just a serious lack in a good Rafa fic market!”

Word Count: 1,794

TW: injury, sexual innuendos, literally just protective Rafa fluff

Originally posted by daveeddiggsit

“Honey, I’m home!”

“Raf, this is not the sixties.” You told him, approaching the front door in shorts and a tank top.

“Thank God.” He chuckled. “Guess what came in the mail today?”

You shrugged as you plopped down on the couch. Raf lifted your legs and sat down next to you before pulling you closer. “Was it my new phone case? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure it’s late.” You chuckled as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“It was actually the VIP passes for the clipping. show next month.”



“Like plural?”

“That’s what the ‘e’ and ‘s’ are for.”

“So, I’m going, right?”

Rafael let out a hearty laugh as you inspected the passes with care. Ever since you started listening to clipping., you were dying to go to a show. You almost never got the chance to between work and traveling. Plus, whenever you did have the chance, Rafa, or even Diggs, told you to wait till the next one. This one’s gonna be a bit wild, they’d say, how ‘bout the one next month?

You’d heeded their advice for a long time, but your curiosity was starting to get the better of you. You had to go to a show, and this was your chance. “Why are you laughing?” You asked him.

“Oh, you were serious?”


“I’m kidding.” He chuckled, lightly pressing his lips to your forehead. “There’s a reason why Diggs and I always make you wait till the next one. His concerts can get a little crazy.”

“I’m aware.”

“And I’m not gonna be in the crowd to protect you.”

“Who said I needed protecting? I’ve been to concerts before.”

“Not a clipping. concert.”

You rolled your eyes at his persistence. He was always doing this, trying to protect you from the inevitable. You understood and loved him for it, but he couldn’t protect you from everything. You weren’t a child anymore. “Raf, I’ve been in a mosh pit before.”

“You broke your ankle.”

“And I lived.”

“Baby,” He chuckled, taking your hands in his, “I know I can’t tell you what to do, but I’d feel a lot better if you stayed home, where you’re safe.”

“Baby,” You imitated, “I’m going to this concert.”


“Ah! I’m going.”

“Please don’t go to the show tonight.”

“Come on, Rafa, why not?”

“Clipping. shows can get wild,” He said, pressing a kiss to your temple, “And you, my love, were not built for the wilderness.”

After a month of pleading with you, Rafa realized you weren’t going to listen. However, that didn’t stop him from trying. You knew he meant the best, but he needed to understand that he can’t protect you from everything. Not even your parents could do that. If going to this clipping. show was going to be a mistake, you’d have to find for yourself.

“Raf, I’m a grown woman.”

“You’re younger than me though.”

“I like how you think that’s an argument.” You chuckled as his shoulders began to drop in defeat. “I know you don’t want me to get hurt, but I live in the real world. It’s going to happen eventually.”

“Not if I can help it.”

“You can’t!” You laughed incredulously. “Geez, I feel like I’m talking to my mother.”

“Please don’t compare me to your mother.”

“If it makes you feel better, I’m pretty sure she loathes you too.” You said, evoking a small laugh from your boyfriend’s chest. “Look,” He started, “I know I can’t force you to stay home, but I seriously think you shouldn’t go. You’re small and adorable and easily excitable. You might end up hurting yourself before anyone else can.”

You smacked his chest with a giggle as he held his hands up in defense. “You are!” He laughed.

“Well, I’m definitely going now.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” He said as he trailed behind you. You’d finally arrived at the venue and were headed towards the green room when you threw your head back in laughter.

“What are you babbling about now?” You joked.

“First, you come to the show where you could most definitely get hurt. Next, you dress like a fucking sex goddess?”

“Raf!” You pulled your dress down a bit as he draped his arm over your shoulders.

“How do you expect me to control myself? I only have oh so much will power.” He grinned as your familiar blush fanned over your cheeks.

“Guess you’ll have to suffer.” You patted his cheek lightly.

Not a second later, you burst into the green room and gave a happy shout. You were filled with excitement as your now close friends echoed your sound. “Y/N, it’s been too long!” Bill said, pulling you into a hug.

“It’s been, like, a week.”

“Too long.” Jonathan laughed.

When you arrived to Daveed, you both gave each other knowing smiles as the other two men groaned, Rafa still not having reached the room. You opened your arms dramatically, “Diggs, old buddy!”

“Y/N, old pal!”

You laughed as he spun you in a circle. You hadn’t seen him a few weeks (“Can you tell Raf I’m missing the meeting?” He said to you earlier that month. “He’ll strangle me through the phone if I do it.”). You considered him one of your best friends; he had introduced you to Rafael, after all.

Following you and Daveed’s traditional greeting, and the boys’ mockery of it, you sat with them on one of the couches. “So, does Rafa know you’re here, short stuff?” Bill asked.

“Yes, he does.” Rafael answered as he walked in. “But he does not approve.”

“Ooh, Y/N’s in trouble.” Jonathan chuckled. You glared at Daveed when he let out a laugh, but quickly covered it with a cough and sip of water. “First of all, I can go where I want.” You said defiantly. “Rafael is not the boss of me.”

Raf shrugged, letting out a small, “Eh, debatable.”

As the others laughed, you threw a pillow at his face while your cheeks burned red at the innuendo. “I hate you all.”

“C’mon, babe. I never tried to forbid you from going.” He reasoned. “I just think you’d be safer at home is all.”

“I’m not a child.”

“You might as well be.” Jonathan chimed in.

“Just because y'all are unnecessarily tall doesn’t mean I’m short.”

“Rafael’s right.” Daveed said. “These shows can get kinda crazy. I can’t stop you from going-”

“This is literally your show. Yes, you can.” Raf interrupted.

“But be careful, yeah?”

“Diggs! You’re supposed to be on my side!” 

“I’m not not on your side.” Diggs shrugged with a smirk.

“And I won’t not hurt you.”

“Okay, settle down there.” You laughed, placing a hand on Raf’s knee. “You guys don’t have to worry. I’ll be in the front row, rapping all the songs with you. I’ll be fine.”

“If you come out with any injuries, I hope you know I’m saying I told you so.”

“Gee thanks, Rafa. I love you, too.”

When it came time for the show, you were not disappointed. It was everything you imagined and more. Watching Daveed in his element as he rapped about everything from sex to the Bay Area was just mesmerizing, and Rafa right beside him, his biggest hype man. He was bouncing and vibing along to every song, of course, checking on you every minute or so.

Diggs was performing his last song as you jumping up and down, rapping along with him. He’d occasionally stop and let Rafa rap, laughing because he didn’t know nearly as many of the lyrics as he should have. Rafa was still glancing at you, especially as the crowd started to bump into each other.

You weren’t sure how it happened, someone bumped into you and almost knocked you over. The girl helped steady you and apologized profusely as a sharp pain shot up your leg. “It’s okay,” You told her with a smile. The pain went away as the adrenaline increased, the best part of the song coming.

When it was over, you walked toward the stage door, your limp barely noticeable. Of course, Rafael noticed. Before you could even get to the green room, Rafa and Daveed were waiting for you. Rafa saw that it was a serious limp and met you halfway. “Are you okay? What happened? Why are you limping?”

Diggs opened the door to the green room as you chuckled, “I’m fine. Just landed the wrong way.”

Rafa set you down on the couch with a concerned look in his eyes. You knew he wasn’t gonna let this go as he placed his hands on the sides of your cheeks, tilting your head every which way in a search for more injuries. “Rafa, I’m fine! This is nothing. Remember? Mosh pit?”

“You’ve been in a mosh pit?” Daveed asked.

“Not the issue here.” Rafael interrupted. “This is the same ankle you broke, Y/N.”


“We’re taking you to the hospital.”

“I don’t need to go to the hospital, I’m fine!”

“He’s right.” Diggs said. “You might have sprained it.”

“Then it’s settled.” Rafael picked you as you rolled your eyes. He carried you all the way to the car, telling that this was exactly what he was worried about. You winced as he slid you into the backseat, causing him to freeze in his tracks. “I’m fine.” You said through gritted teeth. “Y'all are just babies.”

“Tell the doctor that when you need a splint.” Diggs chuckled, starting the engine.

Two hours later, Rafa was holding the front door open for you as you used your new crutches to hobble into the room. “This is so unnecessary.” You said.

“The doctor with a PhD said otherwise.” Rafa laughed. “It’s only three weeks, you’ll survive.”

“You say ‘only’ like that’s little bit of time.” You pouted as you approached the bedroom. You threw the crutches on the bed and proceeded to limp around, looking for a T-shirt to wear to bed. Rafael chuckled and pulled out one of his own. “Here,” He tossed it to you. “It’s not that long. And I will be here the entire time.”

Your head snapped towards as he stood with a grin on his face. “Don’t get whiplash, too.” He joked.

“I thought you were leaving for that new project on Sunday.”

“Change of plans.” You both crawled into bed and pulled you closer, his chest pressed against your back. “Turns out, if a loved one happens to sprain their ankle and needs medical assistance, they’ll postpone the first meeting.”

“That’s good to know.” You placed your hands over his as you giggled at your own thoughts. “I’ll have to sprain my ankle more often.”

“That’s not funny.”

“It was a little funny.”



‘’It’s not a real thing’’


‘’Neither this’’





You jumped on your bed laughing. Red and gold scarf almost completely fell down your arms when you moved Harry’s wand in the air. Your boyfriend rolled his eyes walking towards you an taking a hold on your waist pulling you down what was accompanied by your delightful shriek when your body ended up under his. ‘’Are you done?’’ he smiled slightly.

‘’Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo’’ you whispered playfully and immediately regretted your decision when Harry’s fingers started dancing up and down your sides. Your antics were interrupted when you heard the front door to your house opening and it was quickly filled with your parents voices. You put your finger on your lips and listened closely if they were coming to your room but soon you heard a patter of mugs and pans and the unmistakable sound of TV news.

You took a deep breath when Harry sat up on your bed helping you in the same position. Your parents didn’t know you had a boyfriend. Well, they definitely suspected something when they heard your hushed voice talking on a phone or they saw pieces of ripped envelopes in the trashcan with your name and address written on them or the amount of your ‘’studying’’ in the library increased even though it was summer. But they never mentioned anything and you never said anything to them. It wasn’t because you didn’t trust them but because having a boyfriend who was a wizard wasn’t exactly the easiest situation but having a boyfriend who was THE wizard was even harder. Especially when you found out how dark and dangerous this magical world Harry loved so much could be.

Harry scratched the back of his neck and looked at you over his round glasses. A small smirk was plastered on his features when you moved your finger to push them further on his nose ‘’I’m your secret lover aren’t I?’’

‘’Well of course - sneaking out the window, leaving love letters, serenading whole package’’ you whispered.

‘’I don’t remember the serenading part’’ Harry smiled.

‘’Just an idea for a future’’ you shrugged and closed your eyes when a soft kiss was pressed on your lips.

‘’Will think about it’’ Harry said still close to you, his breath warming up the skin on your cheeks. ‘’But I have to go now’’ his smile faded a little.

‘’Ow’’ you cleared your throat ‘’Okay’’

‘’Y/N…’’ Harry started.

‘’But you can visit me more often now right? As you will be an adult in your magical world soon’’ you smiled and raised your eyebrows expectantly.

‘’I will’’ Harry responded, he looked down fidgeting with his fingers before connecting his eyes with yours once again. He let out an embarrassed laugh and bit the inside of his cheek before closing his eyes for a second ‘’I have one more question to you though’’

‘’Are you proposing?’’ you joked looking at his nervous self.

‘’No not yet’’ he laughed ‘’But we’re in the subject. Will you go on a wedding with me?’’

‘’What? Whose wedding?’’ you asked, corners of your lips going slightly up.

‘’My friend’s brother is getting married and I’m invited with plus one and I would love it if you would be the one’’

‘’Any other candidates on this place?’’ you nudged him playfully.

‘’Well Hedwig obviously but she’s recently loosing feathers and bit me so I don’t think she’s in a mood or Dobby although I don’t think he would look good in official dress’’ he said seriously rasing his fingers.

You laughed a little bit too loud and quickly covered your lips listening to any sound from downstairs. ‘’Tough crowd’’ you said when you were sure your parents weren’t going to pay you a visit.

‘’I know it’s so hard to choose. But what a boy can do’’ Harry said dramatically leaning against the pillows pile on your bed.

‘’I think I can save you from this misery’’ you said leaning over him.

‘’With both mood and dress?’’ he asked smiling when you pushed his glasses up once more.

‘’Mood and dress’’ you responded ‘’It’s a big yes, Harry Potter’’


‘’Whatever happens remember they’re gonna love you’’ Harry said pushing a strand of your hair behind your ear ‘’And don’t freak out’’ he looked you up and down with his hand on a door knob before he turned it and let you in first. 

Immediately you were surrounded by a choir of cheerful voices, smell of baked pie and sound of feet running around. But what brought your attention was magic. Dishes that washed itself, jumpers that knitted itself, broom that swept floor on its own. 

‘’You may want to raise that’’ Harry whispered to you chuckling.

You closed your opened mouth before delightful laughter bubbled its way out of it. You looked at your boyfriend with shining eyes. 

‘’I know’’ he said simply before taking your hand in his and leading you further into the house. ‘’Molly? Ron? Anyone?’’ 

‘’Harry!’’ you heard a soft voice followed quickly by a figure of an lady with huge smile and ginger hair. She run towards Harry quickly enveloping him in a hug. ‘’Oh I’m so glad you’re here!’’ she shouted squishing him. ‘’And you must be Y/N!’’ she said happily letting black-haired boy go. ‘’It’s so lovely to finally meet you I’m Molly’’ she opened her arms silently asking you if it was okay to give you a hug. You nodded smiling brightly and a second later two arms caged you within a warm embrace. 

‘’Yeah he wasn’t shutting up about you’’ you looked over Molly’s arm when another voice joined you in the room. A tall boy smirked at you before giving Harry a small hug. 

‘’It’s Ron’’ Harry said and the moment Molly let you go you shook his hand.

‘’I could say the same about you’’ you smiled. 

‘’Ron show them the room they will be staying in. I hope you don’t mind sharing bed?’’ Molly asked concerned ‘’If so you can always sleep in Ginny’s room’’ she looked at you. You ducked your head a little bit before looking at Harry to see him already watching you. He bit his lip before answering ‘’Nope. We’ll be fine right?’’ he smiled taking your free hand in his. You nodded moving a little bit closer to him. 

‘’Wonderful’’ Molly exclaimed clapping her hands. ‘’Now go, go’’ she laughed ‘’Dinner will be ready soon’’ 

You thanked her before Harry led you up the stairs. 


‘’Oh my God I love them so much’’ you said leaning your back against the wooden doors and closing them in the process. 

You both had just said goodnight to the entire Weasley family after spending one of the best and most cheerful evenings of your life. 

Harry giggled fluffing your pillows ‘’They’re amazing’’ 

‘’I totally get it why you love spending so much time here’’  you laughed wrapping your arms around Harry’s waist and bringing your chest to his back. ‘’Hello’’ you said putting your head on his shoulder. Harry smiled kissing your forehead before shifting around and putting his arm around your waist so you were hugging him from the side. ‘’You’re alright with it?’’ he asked looking pointedly at the bed. 

‘’Why not?’’ you asked.

‘’It’s the first time’’ Harry responded playing with the hem of your shirt.

‘’Yeah’’ you breathed out ‘’But there always is this first time right? And I’m cool with it. Are you?’’ you raised your eyebrow at him. 

The only answer you got was a big smile before Harry moved away from your embrace and took off his shirt with his pants following close after. He reached to his bag taking out an old T-shirt and putting it on before he literally jumped on the bed and covered himself with the sheet looking at you expectantly. You chuckled shaking your head. ‘’Turn around’’ your laughter increased when your boyfriend’s pink lips turned into a pout. ‘’Come on’’ you added and watched amused when he covered his eyes. 

‘’I won’t look’’ he promised giggling. 

‘’I don’t trust this giggle’’ you said but you were already halfway up with your T-shirt. You got rid off it and your jeans before reaching for a pair of shorts and tank top. 

‘’Can I look?’’ Harry asked but it was quickly followed by a gasp when you jumped on him. You stopped his playful complaints before they even started with a soft kiss. You pulled away from him taking his glasses in your hands gently and putting them on the shelf. ‘’Now I can’t see at all’ 

‘’I know you were looking before’’ You laughed gently when his cheeks tinted a little bit pink and moved on your side getting comfortable with your head on his chest. 

‘’I like it’’ you heard Harry’s soft voice after couple of minutes. It was already getting thick with sleepiness.

You hummed softly cuddling into him even more.    


‘’Fleur’s the most beautiful bride I have ever seen’’ Ginny said holding door for you.

‘’She’s stunning’’ you nodded putting your earring on. ‘’Ginny could you zip my dress’’ you asked turning around.

‘’Sure’’ the ginger girl replied touching the dark blue material that softly hugged your body ‘’Is this wedding much different than your Muggle one?’’ she asked when you looked at her. 

‘’Well there is definitely less self-making tents and glasses that clean itself with a flick of your wrist’’ you smiled ‘’Thank you’’ 

Ginny looked at you looking you up and down ‘’He’s gonna love it’’ she said excitedly before moving downstairs. ‘’Come on’’ 

The murmur of voices became louder the lower you went. Harry was standing in the kitchen with George and Charlie laughing at a story said by one of the them. When Ginny walked down he looked at her with a smiled but the moment he caught the glimpse of you he seemed not to hear anything said by his friends. You saw his eyes widened a little bit when you stood at the last step and smoothed your dress. 

‘’Is it okay?’’ you asked turning around with a giggle. 

Harry didn’t answer until he felt an elbow on his ribs ‘’Perfect’’ he choked out what was accompanied by the Weasley’s laughter.

‘’Told you!’’ Ginny exclaimed winking at you. 


Everything went to hell in couple of minutes. You were just asked about Muggle world by a group of old, inquisitive wizards and saved by Harry just in time for him to twirl you to the rhythm of the song accompanied by your laughter when he dipped you down when a ball of light appeared in the middle of the tent stopping all of the chatter. The booming voice came from it and dreadful pictures started making their ways among guests as shadows. You didn’t understand much but from what you did and from Harry’s rigid posture and his arm keeping you securely by his side you knew bad things were about to happen.

‘’Harry’’ you whispered and his eyes met yours just in time before a black figure moved above you setting top of the tent on fire. People started shouting and running around. Many of them took out their wands starting to fight. 

‘’We gotta go!’’ Harry shouted reaching for your hand and pulling you towards Hermione and Ron. His arms made way through the crowd pushing people aside and dogging colorful lights of spells. ‘’It’s gonna be alright’’ he shouted looking at you. You nodded quickly, your eyes moving around in fear. The next thing you felt was Harry’s arm on your waist and suddenly you were standing in front of red bus. You were pulled by Harry and a feeling of cold crash barrier on your back brought you back to reality.

Harry’s hands immediately moved to your face and arms examining every inch of you. ‘’Are you okay?’’ he asked frantically. 

‘’Yeah’’ you choked ‘’What about you? What happened to the rest?’’

‘’They’ll be fine. Don’t worry. We have to move’’ Hermione said pointing at a small crowd of surprised people. Harry nodded gripping your hand even more tight and pulling you on the sidewalk. 

The four of you made your way to the empty street where Harry stopped. ‘’We have to get you home’’ he said trying to remain calm but you saw his shaking hands, the way he was loosening up his tie and how he was adjusting his glasses even though he didn’t need to. He was as far from calm as possible. 

‘’We will but first we need to find shelter’’ Ron said ‘’We cannot parade through streets like that’’ he added pointing at his robe.

‘’I don’t care’’ Harry shook his head ‘’We’re getting her home now’’ 

‘’Harry we have to make sure no one was following us’’ Hermione said looking around to check if you were really alone. Harry opened his mouth but was quickly stopped by her raised hand ‘’Spell won’t work. There is lots of people not even 10 meters away’’ 

‘’We have to get her home’’ Harry insisted moving his hand through his hair.

‘’We will but in a moment-’’ Ron started.

‘’No!’’ Harry shouted ‘’They gonna follow us! They might already know about her! They might be here any minute!’’

‘’Hey, hey’’ you said softly reaching for both of his hands ‘’It’s okay. We’re safe for now’ right?’’ you looked quickly at Hermione who nodded her head. ‘’You’re gonna make up a plan and then you will send me home. I’ll be alright don’t worry’’ you added giving him a sweet kiss.

‘’You don’t know what they can do’’ Harry whispered swallowing hard ‘’We’re getting you out of this now’’ he pulled out his wand and looked expectantly at his friends. They looked at each other before reaching for his other hand that wasn’t touching you. The moment you blinked you were back in your bedroom. 

You all stood in silence for couple of seconds listening any other noise.

‘’Are your parents home?’’ Ron asked looking around your bedroom. 

‘’They went on holiday. Will be back in couple of days’ you said looking at Harry. He nodded before letting you go and started looking for his wand. His friends quickly did the same and you heard unknown words leaving their mouth when they moved their wrists softly. Ron and Hermione quickly left to repeat the action in other rooms but you caught Harry’s wrist before he could follow them.

‘’Harry…’’ you whispered and his hand immediately touched your cheek when his lips lingered on your forehead. 

‘’It will be alright. It’s protection spell. You’ll be okay’’ he said bringing you closer to him. ‘’They don’t know about you it’s only a precaution’’ 

‘’Where will you go?’’ 

‘’We have to stop it Y/N’’ he choked out ‘’I have to stop it’’ 

You blinked rapidly when you felt wetness pricking your eyes. You knew why it was Harry who had to do it but it didn’t help you accept it. ‘’Be careful I’m begging you’’ you hugged him to you as much as you could.

He held you just as close making it harder to breath but neither of you cared. ‘’Return to me okay?’’ you looked up at him. He nodded bringing you closer once again. 

It wasn’t until you heard his name being called by Ron that you slowly parted. 

He didn’t rush in letting you go with his red eyes and laboured breaths. He was next to door when your voice made him turn around quickly.

‘’I love you Harry’’ it wasn’t louder than soft rustle of wind behind your closed windows but enough for the boy to hear. He rushed towards you and the next second his lips were on yours kissing you with all power and love he held in his entire being. You ignored another call from his friends as you were holding each other as it might have been the last time you did it. And you knew it could be the possibility. But approaching footsteps made you move away from each other. 

‘’I love you Y/N’’ he breathed and connected his lips with yours one more time but this time it was short and sweet. A goodbye. 

Ron knocked in your door frame bringing your attention to him.

‘’We have to go’’ Hermione’s voice came from behind her ginger friend. 

You nodded squeezing Harry’s body once again and then untangling yourself from him. ‘’Take care of him’’ you said trying to contain wavering of your voice. 

They gave you small smiles taking a hold on Harry’s arms. The last thing you saw were his green eyes. 

You covered your mouth with your hand when a sob torn its way from your throat. You didn’t know if you would ever see him again and if you had a chance to say those three words that you had just exchanged with him for the first time once again.


It’d been two months since you last saw Harry and you didn’t get any information from him. 

You knew it was dangerous for him and for you to send an owl or to let you know any other way about his safety because it was very easy to track it but still you waited everyday. 

You wanted to see him even for a little bit, know if he was alright and how the situation looked like in his world. 

You just didn’t want it to happen like this.

You were walking back home from short run to the store two streets away from your house when warm evening summer air was cut by a cold breeze making you shiver slightly. The next thing you saw was a silver mask swallowed by a black cape and your world went dark. 


You groaned slowly opening your eyes and blinking couple of times to get rid off the fog covering them. The moment your vision cleared you saw a wooden floor. Its rotten parts were falling off creating a mosaic of holes. Next thing was a smell. A decaying strong scent that made you want to throw up. You raised your head trying to find out where you were but the only thing you saw was a door in front of you with tiny window protected by bars. The light from outside was covered by a human head startling you before a sickening, mad laughter echoed in the tiny room you were in.

‘’She’s awake!’’ a male voice squealed. ‘’Awake, awake, awake’’ the human singsong jumping slightly before his giggling was heard once again ‘’Not for long, not for long’’ he added scratching the bars and moving his head from side to side ‘‘We’ll call master. He’ll praise us. We’ll catch Potter’’ he laughed once again. ‘’He’ll die, die, die’’ you saw his round, crazy eyes before he moved away from the door and his footsteps were getting quieter and quieter.


Harry had quite a few photos of you two. He remembered exactly the moment when he had shown you the magic photos and how excited you were. 

The photo he just received was also moving and, like all of his favourites, it had you in it. But Harry had never wanted to see you this way. 

Your were on your knees with your hands chained, your head pulled harshly back by an unknown for him person. The said person held his wand to your throat at the same time showing the Dark Mark on his forearm.  Even though the photo wasn’t bigger than Harry’s palm he could clearly see the trembling of your body and fear in your eyes. 

He also could see the marble fireplace and richly ornamented chairs in front of it which indicated a high status of your kidnappers. The Malfoys. At lest it was what told him Molly and Arthur after telling him about the photo an owl had brought to their house. It was the easiest way to possibly reach him through them and Death Eaters knew it. They knew the Weasleys would contact him immediately and they wouldn’t be disappointed. 

‘’Harry’’ Hermione’s soft voice teared through his clouded thoughts as he stared at the photo in his hand. ‘’What is the plan?’’ 

Harry pinched the bridge of his nose taking a couple of deep breaths before he looked at her ‘’You don’t have to do anything. I don’t expect you to. But I’m going there’’ he answered collecting essential things from around the small tent they were currently living in. 

‘’You’ve got to be kidding…’’ Ron started but was quickly interrupted by his black-haired friend. 

‘’I don’t need lecture Ron! I’m going I-’’

‘’Oh please you idiot!’’ Ron barked crossing his arms over his chest ‘’I’m saying that you’re mental if you think we let you do it on your own’’

‘’Of course we’re going with you’’ Hermione added putting on her jacket ‘’So what’s the plan?’’


The entire plan went to hell the moment they appeared in a garden surrounding the mansion. It was weirdly quite with only a sound of pouring water coming from the fountain nearby. Not a single guardian. Not a single spell. 

‘’They expected us’’ Ron said quietly as the three of them moved cautiously towards the main door.

‘’Of course they did. That’s why they had kidnapped her in the first place’’ Harry spoke, his hand clenching even tighter on the wand he was holding. 

Suddenly the big, black main door swung open and house elf stood in them. He didn’t say a word before quickly disappearing in a long, dark hall. 

Harry started moving much faster, almost running through the door that closed as soon as Ron and Hermione stepped through them. Young wizard looked around trying to find any kind of clue in which of the rooms of the massive house you could be. He didn’t have to look for a long time when the murmur of various voices came through the doors in the middle of hallway. 

‘’Harry’’ Hermione whispered but he didn’t even turn around as his legs carried him towards the door.

‘’Mr. Potter. What an honour’’  a sleek voice made the blood in his veins run cold ‘’We waited for you. Impatiently’’  

Lucius Malfoy changed. His robe was dirty, complexion sickeningly pale, hair tangled but one thing stayed the same - pure hatred in his eyes directed both at the raven-haired wizard and the girl held in a solid grip by one of his servants. 

‘’Y/N’’ Harry whispered walking closer.

‘’A-a-a-a’’ Bellatrix moved her wand in front of him ‘’Stay where you are’’ she said, her dark eyes twinkling from behind the curtain of curls. 

‘’What do you want from her?’’ Harry asked. He could only look at you. At how petrified you were and at how much blood stained your shirt. It all came from a cut on your cheek but it was enough to dye your garments crimson. 

‘’Oh she is useless now’’ Bellatrix said looking at Lucius who only nodded and the servant holding you pushed you roughly on the floor. ‘’We got our little gift’’ she whispered walking closer to Harry and softly moving the tip of her wand under his chin and up his cheek. 

‘’I didn’t expect even you to fall that low’’ Lucius spoke. ‘’A muggle’’ he spit next to you. ‘’I know you’re fond of mudbloods but you exceeded yourself’’ he hit your hand with his cane making you let out a scream of pain and bring it even closer to your laying body.

‘’You’ve got what you want’’ Harry exclaimed desperately spreading his arms ‘’I will not fight. Just let her go’’ 

‘’You’re pathetic. Now even more than usual’’ Bellatrix responded reaching towards Harry’s palm ‘’I’ll take that if you really insist’ he chuckled madly taking Potter’s wand and twirling it in the air.  

You raised your head swallowing hard. Your mouth fell open when you tried to call his name but nothing came out. It didn’t have to. You were the only thing Harry could focus on. 

‘’Call him’’ Bellatrix ordered ‘’Now’’ she turned towards Lucius who started pulling his sleeve up. 

‘’Let her go I’m begging you. You don’t need her!’’ Harry shouted at them knowing fully well that the moment Voldemort appeared you would end up dead.

They just exchanged glances a cold, taunting laughter leaving both their throats. ‘’Well you won’t need her either. And it’s just a little more fun’’ the witch said. ‘’Let’s invite your friends from the hall shall we? Being alone might give them some stupid ideas’’ her words made two of Malfoy’s servants leave the room but not even thirty seconds later they were flying back into the room hitting the walls on its opposite side. 

‘’Expelliarmus!’’ Hermione’s voice boomed inside when she pointed her wand at Bellatrix. Ron quickly following with stunning spell. 

Harry immediately used the distraction and run towards you bringing you to the sitting position. ‘’Come on show me’’ he urged touching your faces and looking at the cuts. The main ones were on the forehead and cheek but your face was also covered with smaller ones and held a bruise on your other cheek. ‘’It’s gonna be a-’’

‘’Harry!’’ Hermione shouted making Potter turn around quickly. She pointed at something on the ground couple of meters from both of you. His wand. Harry jumped immediately taking a hold of it as lights shone over his head. He returned to you just as quickly helping you stand up with one hand and with the other started shooting spells. 

A loud crash and broken glass flying around stopped the fight giving Harry a window to run with you towards his friends. 

‘’You stupid elf! You could have killed me!’’ Bellatrix shirked and just then you noticed a small, dressed in rags creature standing proudly next to all of you. 

‘’Dobby never meant to kill! Dobby only meant to maim, or seriously injure!’’ Dobby said slowly. 

‘’How dare you defy your master!’’

‘’Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf, and Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends!’’ Dobby screeched pointing his finger at her.  

‘’Hold on’’ Harry said to your ear bringing you even closer to his body as he took a hold on the elf’s hand. 

Next thing you felt was cold sand under your knees and the smell of sea hit you hard. 

‘’Where are we?’’ you whispered looking at the shore. 

‘’Somewhere safe’’ Harry mumbled pulling you as close as possible to his body. ‘I’m so sorry’’ he cried in the crook of your neck ‘’So sorry’’

‘’It’s okay. It’s okay’’ you kept repeating moving your hand up and down his back. You clenched your arms around him upon realising how much you were shaking. You blinked couple of times to get rid off tears but they just kept coming. 

Harry pulled away a little bit, his heart breaking when he saw you in daylight. Every cut, every bruise, every speck of blood more prominent that he had thought. ‘’I’m here’’ he tried to say firmly when his emotions too won with him. ‘’You’ll be safe. I promise’’ he said softly kissing your forehead. His lips lingered there until you started slowly calming down. ‘’I love you’’ he said and this time his voice didn’t shake.

‘’I love you too’’ your voice was so small but the look you gave him proved you meant those words with your heart. 

‘’Come on’’ Harry said after some time standing up and bringing you up with him. His arm was still wrapped around your body protecting you from cold wind and this cruel wizarding world. He once again swore to protect you with his life as you made your way towards Bill and Fleur’s house.

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requested by anonymous 
( Hello! I would like to request a one shot where Harry has a muggle girlfriend and no one really knows about her to keep her safe and then somehow death eaters get to her and Harry has to save and keep her safe and could it be set in their 5th or 7th year)

And Dobby is alive! I accept noting else. 

My headcanons for Sanders sides Laser tag

(I’m going off the idea that they’re playing free for all laster tag not teams)


-doesn’t want to play


-he’s actually the best player though

-he has amazing reaction time, so he can shoot anyone as soon as he sees them

-wears all dark, no one can see him

-sometimes thinks he sees someone, and shoots at that spot but no ones there


- Cauculations TM

-finds the best spot to shoot the most people, the most amount of times

-second best

-watches the others to figure out where they’re most likely to go so he can shoot them more easliy

-wears mostly black, but still wears his tie.

-didn’t orignally want to play, but ends up enjoying the strategy part of it

-very calm (most of the time)


-Athletic type

-goes around and shoots the person before they notice him

-fastest, but virgil’s still better because he has better reaction time

-third best

-dramactic af, shouts whenever anybody gets him

-always upset when he doesn’t get first

-so much confidence, always thinks he’s going to win

-wears a white tank top and black shorts

-was totally onboard with playing from the beginning


-always last place

-but he doesn’t care

-he came up with idea

-not really good at anything in this, he’s just happy (most) of his kiddos are having fun

-can’t see very well

-literally wears the same thing he normally does except the hoodie

-Just happy doing his own thing

-compilments for anyone TM


@randomslasher (sorry idk I just thought you liked this kinda hc stuff, sorry if i’m wrong HHHHHHHHHHHH-)

Incipient - Ch. 4

img cr

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Warnings: Smut 
Word Count: 3,255

Prev Chapter

In your opinion you were doing well at avoiding Junmyeon. It’s been almost a week since the kiss and for once you were thankful for his strict workout schedule because that meant you could be in and out of the house at just the right times to not meet him and you made a point of coming back really late only after he was asleep. It was tiring but it was definitely better than facing him. That is until he beat you at your own game and cornered you in the kitchen.

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Second Chance (Karamel) - Chapter 14

Originally posted by clnriswood

One moment can change everything.

When Mon-El lost Kara, his fiancee, in an alien invasion one year ago, he thought he’d never see her again. Since then he’s been trying to build himself a life and pick up whatever pieces of him was left after losing her, and he’s been failing miserably. Just when he thinks he can’t go on anymore and loses all hope, he’s thrust into a world completely different than his; a world in which everything he used to know is changed. Which includes Kara Danvers never dying on that fateful night.

Mon-El soon finds out it won’t be as easy as he hoped it would be to reverse the changes, especially when with each passing day he gets more sucked up into his new life. Because in the end, reversing everything means losing Kara all over again, and he’s not sure he’s strong enough to go through that a second time.

Second Chance
- Prologue
- Chapter 1: Failure
- Chapter 2: Nightmare
- Chapter 3: Gone
- Chapter 4: Ripple Effect
- Chapter 5: Fault
- Chapter 6: Valor
- Chapter 7: Not Enough
- Chapter 8: Happiness
- Chapter 9: The Right Thing
- Chapter 10: Hollowness
- Chapter 11: Fear
- Chapter 12: Superheroes
- Chapter 13: Grief
- Chapter 14: Dinner
- Chapter 15: Soulmates

Other Karamel Fanfics:
Karamel Fanfiction Masterlist

Note: I’m so so sorry that this took too much time to update, but internship has been killing me for the last few days, and I had two fanfics I was trying to write, and this completely slipped my mind. I’M SO SORRY. I promise, the next chapter will be up sooner!

Anyway, I hope you like this :)

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Beisbol Luke

for @0kbutmichaelclifford and @smartsetclifford‘s sports!5sos blurb night!!! :)

You’d never really considered yourself to be much of a sports fan. Whenever members of your family would rope you into watching any athletic event you’d end up bored to tears. You found your books to be a much better use of your time. That is, until you met Luke Hemmings.

He was the starting pitcher for your university’s division one baseball team. Whatever that meant. He also, needed a history tutor. Which was where you came in. For you, history was a fascinating subject; from the ancient mythologies of Egypt and Greece to the formation of elite military groups (like the Navy SEALs) during World War II, you loved it all. But Luke, on the other hand…

“God, this is all so boring,” he moaned before dropping his head on to the table the two of you had claimed in the library for this session. “Who cares about feudalism in Japan anyway? I just wanna play baseball.” Luke had been getting antsy. Because of his history grade, he was only allowed to practice with his team; he wasn’t allowed to participate in scrimmages, which he said where practice games. “Scrimmages are way more fun than running suicides for pitching outside the strike zone,” he’d complained. “I learn more from them too.”

“Okay well, first of all,” you said. “I care about feudalism in Japan. Because the samurai are Japanese Luke, and the way they lived is fascinating stuff.” He rolled his eye but you knew he was listening. “You what else came from Japan Luke? Escorts like the geisha and warriors like the ninja. Second, isn’t there like, training involved before games?”

Luke narrowed his eyes. He knew that you knew the answer to that. “Yeah…” he humored you.

“Then try thinking of this studying like training. And your midterm is the next big game. All the practice tests I’ll be giving you will be like your drills out on the field.” Luke opened his mouth interrupt but you plowed on. “Look Luke, I know you can do this,” you said, sincerity coating your tone as you looked directly into his deep blue eyes. “You literally aced like all of our last tests in all your other classes.”

“Yeah but-”

“C’mon Luke,” you grabbed his hand and leaned closer to him, still staring directly into his eyes. “Let me coach you through this.”

Luke visibly gulped before licking his lips and giving you a shaky nod. “Yeah, o-okay fine.”

Luke turned out to be a brilliant pupil; something you’d suspected all along after talking to his professors. He was attentive, patient with himself when necessary and endearingly self deprecating when things got too tense.

So you weren’t surprised when he passed his midterm and then his final with flying colors. He’d rushed straight over to your dorm after each test with a radiant grin and breathless “Thanks Coach.”

And even though you were proud of him, you couldn’t help the sadness that overcame you too. You’d really grown to like Luke during your three a week study sessions, almost too much and you’d liked being needed by someone like him. And with the baseball preseason fully underway, you weren’t going to see much of him anymore if at all. Or so you thought.

Weeks went by. Your own finals along with the end of fall semester flew came and went, with it’s passing arrived spring semester. It seemed to chug along little pretty sluggishly but before you knew it the baseball team’s season opener had arrived. Luke had asked you to go, back when he needed you to pass, but you didn’t really see the point. You figured you’d stay in and study instead.

Your studying that night ended up being interrupted by furious pounding on the closed door of dorm. The door seemed to vibrate from the assault of whoever was on the other side. Rising slowly from your desk chair, you cautiously approached it, before turning the knob and poking your head out.

You were met by three pairs of eyes. One hazel, one brown and the last pair a hazy green. Stepping back, you pulled the door open wider.

“Can I uh, help you?” The three boys before you were all panting heavily and, wearing baseball uniforms.

“Yeah,” said the sandy haired, hazel eyed one. “You can come with us.”

“Excuse me?” You stuttered as they all, in unison stepped forward into your dorm.

“No time to explain,” said the green eyed boy -his hair a shockingly bright shade of orange- as he reached for your wrist.

“Yup, let’s go,” added the brown skinned, brown eyed boy while getting behind you and pushing you forward out of your room.

“Wait, what-”

“Who’s got her?” interrupted the blonde as he pocketed your dorm key before locking up. The other two nodded to him before nudging you towards him. He nodded back before leaning forward a bit, wrapping an arm around the back of your knees and finally hoisting you up over his shoulder. The breath was knocked out of you in a soundless gasp as the boys began jogging out down your dorm hallway.

“Okay,” you grunted from your upside down position once you got your breath back. “What the hell is going on here?!”

“We’re taking you to the game,” said the brown boy. The back of his jersey read ‘Hood’.

“But why-”

“Luke needs you.” Supplied the artificial ginger with ‘Clifford’ running across his shoulders. That shut you up for a minute.

“Well I can walk y’know.”

“Not without shoes, you can’t.” Rumbled the voice of the guy carrying you.

“You guys could’ve let me get shoes and proper clothes for chrissake- ”

“Doesn’t matter anyway,” interrupted the blonde again. “We’re here.” He set you down in front of a doorway before disappearing beyond it.

“We’ll send Luke out,” called the other two before following their teammate out of sight.

Crossing your arms, you huffed out a frustrated breath. The boys had taken you from your door in your freaking pjs; all you had on was a spaghetti strapped tank top and sleep shorts. And it was March. March could be pretty fucking cold.

“Y/n?” came a familiar male voice from behind you. You turned to face him. “What are you doing here?”

“I don’t know Luke,” you bit your lip, a little unsure. Had he forgotten that he’d asked you to be there all those months ago? “Your crazyass teammates literally dragged me here, without my clothes or shoes,” you said instead. “So why don’t you tell me?”

Flushing adorably, Luke pulled off his hoodie and held it out to you before kicking off his slider sandals and giving you those too. You took them both before raising an expectant brow, prompting him to answer your question.

“I don’t think I can do this,” he babbled suddenly, his blue eyes going unfocused with panicky desperation.

“Luke,” you said, your voice deadpan. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I can’t go out there.” He gestured toward the hallway that led to the field. “I’m too rusty, I haven’t practiced nearly as much as the rest of the team and-”

You tuned him out then because you honestly couldn’t believe what you were hearing. He couldn’t be serious. You’d spent half the year of your own time tutoring the punk pretty much everyday so he’d pass his history class and even be allowed to play! And you’d be damned if you were gonna watch him ruin all your hard work by puking before even setting foot on the mound.

So, arching up on tiptoe, you reached up, grabbed him by the cheeks and planted one on him. He’d still been babbling and you need him to shut up. Kissing him did that.

“Y’know Hemmings,” you murmured after pulling back a bit. “I never took you as the type to choke.”

He responded by pulling you close and kissing you again. If you had been cold from the trip over Luke’s kiss chased away any lingering early spring chill. Little electrified tingles zipped from your head all the way down to your toes as he nipped at your bottom lip.

“I’m not,” was all he said before letting you go and trotting into the locker room.

A few minutes later, you jumped away from the locker room doorway as the whole baseball team came jogging out. Your three kidnappers all gave you little nods or pats on the shoulder in acknowledgement as they passed you. Luke, being the last one out, shot you a wink. Shaking your head, you waited a second before slowly following the team out to watch the game from the bleachers.

You watched Irwin, the blonde one strut out to the batter’s box before crouching behind home plate. Luke and the rest of the team walked out after him. And as soon as he faced his catcher, a change overcame him. He looked nothing like the Luke you knew when he was standing out on that mound. The Luke you knew was such a dork; all overlong loose limbs and corny jokes. That Luke needed a kiss to even get the courage to step out on the field.

Then the game began.

You’d never really considered yourself to be much of a sports fan. But then you saw Luke Hemming completely dominate that pitchers mound. Not just with his presence, but with his skill too. No hit that came his way got past him. He was so quick and so agile, and he never dropped the ball. Even when he wasn’t the one standing on it, there was no questioning who that mound belonged to.

And as the game went on, you fell more in awe with this guy who’d need your help. He wasn’t your Luke. He wasn’t this graceful, confident stranger with sweat darkening the little tuffs hair poking out from beneath his uniform hat. Your Luke slouched around in loose fitting basketball shorts, not tight baseball pants that clung snugly to his apparently muscular thighs and butt.  

Then they won. A no hitter was what they called it; and once all the necessary sportsman-like hands were shook, the beautiful blue eyed stranger turned back into the giggly boy you knew and barreled straight for you.

“Did you see that Y/n?! I’ve never played like that before and it’s all thanks to you!”

“Luke,” you laughed. “What are you talking about? That was all you-”

“You have to come to all my the games now, you know that right?”

“Whoa, what?” You sputtered. “Why?”

“I need you to kiss me before every game babe, ” He grinned. “You’re my good luck charm.”

You’d read about baseball players being superstitious but this was ridiculous. “Luke I can’t-”

“Then I won’t play.”

“What?” Your three kidnappers reappeared then, all shooting you urgent and mildly threatening glares. Okay maybe receiving spine-tingling kisses from Luke Hemmings multiple times a week wouldn’t be so bad. And now that you thought about it, you probably wouldn’t need Luke’s teammates dragging you out to games anymore after all.

It was safe to say that since that first game, Luke’s playing had been better than ever.

Luke Brooks Dirty Imagine

   I wrapped my leg over Luke’s and sighed, scooting a little closer to him. He smiled down at me and tightened his grip on me. I kissed his jaw lightly and moved up to his lips. He pulled me onto him and kissed me slowly and sensually.

  I felt a lump harden between my legs inside of his basketball shorts and giggled. “You’re so weak,” I murmured against his lips and he growled, flipping us over so he was hovering over me.

   “Shush,” he hissed at me and moved to kiss at my neck. I was used to Luke getting turned on fairly quick. He claimed I was just that irresistible.

   A small whimper passed my lips as he created a mark on the underside of my jaw. “Luke,” I whined. He pressed his crotch against mine in response.

   He pushed my tank top off and didn’t bother to fully remove it. He went to work at ripping my black bra from my body, exposing my breast. He groped them and stared like a little kid, causing me to giggle. He shot me a look and kissed each nipple before moving lower. As he took off my pajama shorts, I removed my tank top and bit my lower lip.

   I met his gaze as he took off my shorts and panties. He licked up my heat slowly before giving me a cheesy smirk and wink. I whined and sat up, yanking at his basketball shorts. As usual, he was already shirtless, the only thing keeping us apart was his blue shorts.

   He helped me remove them and his grey boxers. His cock was erect and standing tall. I literally felt my mouth water. I grasped it and took it into my mouth, his hand coming to the back of my head. A breathy groan came from his lips as I sucked him deep in my mouth.

   “Fuck, baby, no more,” he grunted, pushing me back on the bed. “You want it?” he asked with a sly grin, rubbing his tip at my entrance.

   I nodded and whimpered, “Please, Luke…”

   “Beg,” he snarled.

   I squirmed. “Please, Luke… Please fuck me! I need it so bad.”

   He pressed his lips against mine roughly and pushed his cock into me. I gasped and arched my back, clutching onto him. He kissed at my neck and panted in my ear, working his hips roughly against me. He bit my ear lobe softly and thrusted quickly, sending waves of pleasure through me.

   We both ignored the sound of the front door downstairs opening and closing, but when I moaned loudly, Luke pressed his hand to my mouth. He glared down at me, his jaw clenched as he continued to pound into me.

   We heard Beau and Jai talking downstairs and Luke picked up the pace which I couldn’t believe. “Come on baby,” Luke panted. “You gotta cum… Cum for me, Y/N.”

   I whimpered against his hand as I felt my walls tighten around his cock and my stomach churn. My back arched off the bed and my hands gripped the sheets as I came.

   My spasms spurred Luke to cum himself. He bit onto my shoulder and groaned deep in his chest, shooting into me. He gripped the pillow on both sides of my head and pushed all the way into me. We both panted and he slipped off of me, pulling me to his chest.

   Suddenly, the door opened and Luke was quick to cover me. Beau looked at us and burst out laughing after a moment. “Gross,” he muttered. “Clean up and come down for food.” He shut the door and I giggled, pecking Luke’s cheek. 

My first imagine :D I TAKE REQUESTS! 

Savior- Liam Dunbar


I don’t care how much you “love” your boyfriend/girlfriend, if they ever put their grubby little hands on you in any way that makes you uncomfortable or puts you in pain.





Now, excuse me while I go sharpen my knives. xxx

Warnings: Abuse, Triggering Material, Non Consensual Behaviors, Mentions of Sexual acts. 

Please read at your own discretion.

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a/n: for anon Bellarke + Not trying to make a scene but you took the last pool floaty and I want it

it’s getting hot (so let the games begin)

It’s the hottest summer in the history of the world.

Okay, so it’s not actually the hottest summer in the history of the world but it sure as hell feels like it. When he was a kid, he was used to it. You don’t grow up in Arizona and expect a warm and comfortable summer. No, you expect your toes to burn on the asphalt if you step on your flip flops wrong and you know the coolest places to frequent in your town. Malls, movie theaters, arcades. Basically anywhere you can find food, girls & air conditioning. And if you’re one of the lucky ones, you own a pool. 

His mom happens to be one of the lucky ones which is basically the only reason he agreed to leave the cool breezes of San Diego for the blistering heat of home.

It’s a sweltering hundred and four degrees and almost noon when he wakes up that day, his curly black hair sticking to his skin, and he groans before he even opens his eyes. The blackout curtains he has on his bedroom window must have been pushed aside by his sister’s idiot cat because there is a beam of sunlight hitting the skin of his thigh, left bare by the thin sheet he pushed off of himself over the course of the night.

“Stupid fucking cat,” he mumbles as he squints against the offending light, reaching over to tug the curtains shut as tight as they will go. When it’s finally blissfully dark in his room again he locates his cell phone and sees a message from his best friend Miller.

We’re all coming to your house today to swim. Better have drinks and floaties bitch.

He keys in a quick response (Fuck you dude, bring your own drinks) and pushes himself reluctantly out of bed. The last thing he wants is a house full of people but knowing Miller, there will be at least twenty at his place before the end of the day. Thankfully his mom is on vacation with her new boyfriend for the week so as long as no one trashes the place he should be fine.

“Bell? Are you awake?” There’s a knock on his door and he can hear his younger sister’s voice, which always manages to sound annoyed even though he just woke up and couldn’t possibly have pissed her off yet.


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Cyberpunk Dreams

Amidst the pitch black night, there was the sound of the rain popping and sizzling against hot metal as he sat on a bus stop bench. The ambient glow of the city, packed with neon signs and advertisements, barely reached him, giving him just enough light, coupled with the moonlight, to allow him to see himself and a few dozen feet away in all directions. It was quiet, as it usually was this far from the city.

Watching as the rain turned to steam upon contact as they hit his arm, he thought about the heating issues these things provide. Though, the only reason they’re there is probably because of the modifications they’ve gone through. Ain’t exactly regulation.

Sitting on the bench, he let his head lull back, feeling the cool rain hit his face. it was these moments he had, letting himself cool off, quite literally, that he enjoyed. They were peaceful, quiet, and calm. A big difference than what he does.

There a surge of static in the air, usually a sign of lightning, but before he could even lift his head, there was a loud electric crack from nearby. Lifting his head, his eyes scanned for where the sound came from. Coming to rest on an odd sight, he saw arcs of electricity coming off of what seemed like a sort of, transparent orb before there was a flash.

Now, instead of the orb. There was a girl, short, pale skin, red hair, dressed in a tank top, pants, and boots. Just, standing there. Seemingly unharmed by what was there before her. Quirking a brow at the odd, and sudden, phenomenon, he stared at her. Watching to see what she would do.


Surfer Luke AU - 2

Part 1 

(everyone liked how I split it by time so I’m going to try & do it again)

8pm - You both thanked your sponsors as you left dinner. It was the night before a WSL (World Surf League) event and as usual, your nerves were at an all-time high and Luke was calm as could be. “Wanna walk back or get a cab?” He asked, unbuttoning his dress shirt and pulling it untucked from his pants. You took in the scenery of the little town, Waimea Bay in Oahu, “Let’s walk.” You stuck out your hand and grabbed onto his. “Your first heat is quarter after eight, we have to be there by half seven, no wasting time so you avoid media.” He rolled his eyes and scoffed, “Do media with me, please?” 

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“1) I was wearing just a t-shirt and a cardigan walking up the stairs at my school when I was in grade 10 and a grade 12 boy who was walking down the same stairs walked passed me so nonchalantly and said “nice tits” and just kept walking. I gave him the dirtiest look and yelled “fuck off” and his eyes got really wide and it took him a second to stutter out “shut up” like I was supposed to be happy with that comment.

2) My photography teacher, also in grade 10, paired me up with a boy I didn’t really know because she wanted us to meet new people. We talked for a couple minutes sitting down and I had noticed he kept staring at my breasts and he had stared at my butt a few times before this. When I stood up, he threw his hands up staring at my breasts and said “Whoa put those things away!” and the whole class stared at me. I told him to fuck off and I got in trouble from my teacher. She told me to chill out.

All this after a 5 minute announcement at our school letting girls know what type of clothing is inappropriate and distracting to boys. Literally 5 minutes telling us how long our shorts need to be and that we can’t wear tank tops. So disgusting.”

Submission from unfortunatelyaboral

“But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street harassment really looks like. Submit your own to stopthecatcall@gmail.com or via tumblr.