he was like like woah what are you doing gurl

I guess you mean, that your hands “unintentionally” slip under his shirt?
Here you go!

Xiumin: “If you want to touch my body that bad, you just have to say something!”

Luhan: “So you are that kind of girl….” *pervy-Lu activated*

Kris: “Hey what are you doing? That tickles!" 

Suho: "Not here baby! The other members are in the room” *whispers to you* “In ten minutes in my bedroom!”

Lay: “Ohhh you surprised me. You have really cold hands, you know that?”

Baekhyun: “You’re doing it wrong! It has to be like that” (yeah Baek show me how it’s done) :3

Chen: *surprised by your unexpected touching* “Woah…I don’t know what you want to do but if you continue, i have to tell you I’m ticklish”

Chanyeol: *you want to get away from him, but he calls you back* “Hey Miss! Come back here, I liked that!”

D.O: “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” *mentally signals you, that he’s going to get revenge*

Tao: “I like this, please continue”

Kai: “I don’t think your hand belongs under my shirt young lady!” *actually likes it*

Sehun: *sighs* “Gurl, I know i’m hot and it’s hard to resist, but please control yourself a little bit…”

I’m sorry but in my mind, they all would really like this. I mean they are still boys after all so…. who knows XDD
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