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In the Salvatore House:

“Damon did what?!” You asked Elena.

“He threatened Kai.” Elena replied and crossed her arms. “With you.”

“You did WHAT?!” You yelled at him. “He’s going to kill us all, you idiot!” You said and sit down on the couch.

“Well, I didn’t really threatened him, Elena..” Damon smirked soft. “I just said that he could have so much Traveler-magic he wants because we’ve the most powerful witch..” He smiled and you stood up, you were about to break his neck.

“Y/N Wait!” Stefan said behind you and grabbed your waist to hold you back. “We got bigger problems now.”

“Bigger?” Your stupid brother, told a super serial killer with 100′s of Traveler-magic, I’m the most powerful witch here.“ You hissed and he let you go. "And you said we’ve bigger problems than getting me killed? Thank you, Stefan.”

“Actually you’re.. since Bonnie is gone. Kai is at the Grill, he’s waiting for you and I’ve your not coming he’ll kill your Best Friend.” Stefan said with a worried face.

“Jeremy?” Elena asked shocked. “He should be in school, how did you know that?”

“Kai send him a message.” You said and looked to Stefan.

“How do you know that?” Damon asked confused.

“He send me one too. I can feel him.” You looked serious.

You didn't expect that he really was so strong that he could get into your head. Damon, Elena, Stefan or Caroline’s maybe but not your’s. You could feel him like he would stand right behind you and would touch your back. In this moment you wanted to ran out of the door, in your car and to the Grill but Damon stopped you.

“Y/N and me are going to the Grill, saving Jeremy and you two search a damn way to send him back to prison and get us Bonnie back.”

Stefan and Elena nodded and Damon and you went to the Grill.


At the Grill:

When Damon and you stood in front of the Grill, you couldnt see anyone around.. Nothing, it was like a Ghost town.

“If anything is happened to Jeremy, I’ll call Klaus and let him kill you, got that? I don’t care if Stefan or Elena, would hate me for that. Damon Salvatore we’re friends but then.. I really will kill you.” You said serious.

“Got that.” Damon said with his head down a bit and a quiet voice.


You walked in the Grill. Your shoes made loud noises but you didn't care. You wanted Kai to hear you, to feel you presence like you felt his .. but it happened just without you wanted it and this feeling wouldn’t stop.

“Kai you stupid son of a B*tch come out and let Jeremy go.” Damon shouted as you and he walked upstairs.

“Jeremy!” You said and ran to him.

“I love happy endings and don’t you too, Damon?” Kai smirked, held his arm up and throw Damon against a wall.

“So you’re this powerful witch, Y/N? Right?” He asked flirty while you looked to Damon who was trying to get himself up again.

“And you’re this psycho who got the traveler-magic.. If you could now please release my Best friend.” You replied pissed.

“Your Best friend? Hmm do you feel him like you feel me?” Kai asked provoked.

“What do you want Kai?” Damon asked lying on the ground.

“Isn’t that obvious? I want her magic!” He responded and laughed.

“Try it.” You said sharply.

“As you wish. darling.. but this is going to hurt.” He said and turned to Damon. “I’m megapowerful.” Kai closed his eyes and tried to took your magic.. but it didn’t worked.

“Hey Kai, doesn’t work so well, what?” Jeremy smirked as you could break him free.

Kai was so focused on taking you magic, that he forgot to held Jeremy on the chair and Damon on the ground.

“What is going on here?” Kai asked and got angry while Damon was laughing.

“I told you she’s powerful.” Damon smirked.

“Enough now.” You said and held your arm up, showed to slap him and then he fell downstairs. “Damon, Jeremy get out of here, now!”

“No I won’t let you alone!” Jeremy said.

“Damon…” You got him to understand that he should bring Jeremy out, so he did.


You walked downstairs and heard Kai laughing.

“You know, we would make a really great team.” He said while he stood up.

“Why can I feel you?” You asked confused while you were walking over to him and get him up.

“Because we’re connected!” He smirked.

“What do you mean?” You questioned and pressed him against a wall.

“Soulmates.” He whispered into your ear. “You heard of that right?” Kai smiled flirty.

“That’s not possibly.” You replied confused. “We’re no wolves.”

“It is, you can feel it right now. Don’t you?”

“Its a spell!” You said angry and let him go.

“My spells didn’t work on you, like yours cant work on me. You feel me, I feel you and since I’m here you fell, hm.. How could I say that? Complete.”

“No, no, no that’s not possible!” You said and hold your head, it was too much for you.

“And tough you’re here, with me.. but now I’ve to leave you. I need more power to kill my sister without getting disturbed by you, I’m sorry..” He took your Hand in his and kissed it soft. “We’ll see us again.” Kai said and disappeared.

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Hi, I hope this will be a quick question, that dont disturb you too much: I have a character who is great at ice skating and roller-skating, and my question would be if ballett could somehow help him, in getting better? He doesnt really care about ballett itself, but would use it more for becoming just more graceful, to piss other people of, if that makes sense! Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

Just like gymnasts, skaters are actually trained in ballet, Yuuri on Ice got that absolutely right and yurio has a very nice turnout too so it’s perfectly reasonable for your character to do so as well!

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Hope this helps!

Script Ballerina

ok why do Jinyoung and Bambam look like they’re gossiping in class & got stopped by the teacher:

jinyoung: “bitch let me tell you the TEA on what that hoe JB did the other day – yes he’s still fucking youngjae! i KNOW!”

jinyoung : “girl YES he really tried to act like he didn’t take me out for meat just last night…”

bambam: “bitch wait! I thought he took you for Ramen, don’t lie!”

jinyoung : “that ain’t the meat I was referring to!” [insert loud ass class-disturbing cackle]

2 minutes later…

teacher: “okay imma need ya’ll to shut the fuck up and focus on these F’s yall got instead of that “T” or whatever cus ya failing”

jinyoung : [is hurt af] “….he really didn’t have expose us like that tho.”

Doctor Who ML AU

I’m just gonna drop a bunch of snippets and ideas and stuff here for fun. 

I like the idea of Adrien and Nino teaming up to roll with the girls A) because Marinette points out that the boys’ use of time travel is a little irresponsible and Alya then feels like she should probably do something about it B) they all get along really well C) its pretty clear to Adrien that Nino has an interest in the girls, each for different reasons, though he denies it to hell and high water and just says he admires them D) It is pretty clear to Alya that Marinette is infatuated with the handsome blonde time traveler part of the duo and she just cant bear to separate Marinette and Nino after they bonded so thoroughly over being the regular humans in this crazy scenario E) The boys are really tired of having to figure out where to stay and lie all the time and the idea of having a time machine that also has beds is way too good to pass up F) Adrien is ecstatic to have a time travel friend he can discuss some things with, though he quickly realizes Alya knows way more than he does G) Plagg ran off to sleep in their stupid huge time machine and they cant find him and he won’t come out H) Adrien really likes Marinette, probably more than he understands. 

Their Tardis has a working chameleon circuit and is not stuck as a phone box. it operates how its meant to and changes to match the environment they are in. Alya is a time lord but shes been somewhat careful and is only on her third regeneration. She is actually pretty young by time lord standards, she is 153 and basically still a kid to them, were they around. Marinette was picked up by Alya in the country of france in the late 1980′s. Nino likes to make jokes about how shes ‘over the hill’ because should they have met in their own timeline she would have been in her early fifties when he was about 20. Alya doesnt have a title in this cause i dont want her to so there ya go, lol. If she did it would likely have something to do with curiosity and discovery, as that is primarily what she uses her time machine for. She likes to learn about different cultures and unexplainable phenomenon throughout time, then delve into solving them. She was looking into a series of disturbances in Marinette’s time when they met, and they took to each other right away. Marinette was so pleasant and sweet, and Alya wanted to thank her for her help and perhaps leave her with a better impression of what was out there than the murderous shape shifting aliens she had met thus far. A ‘not all of them are like that but some definitely are so here is the difference’ kind of thing, using herself as an example of a nice alien that sure as hell through Mari for a loop. 

Alya also admires Nino’s ability to just go, “Pfft, okay. Fine,” with whatever he is presented with. She joins Adrien in the search for something so ridiculous that even he can’t roll with it, though that only seems to happen when they are in mortal peril and Nino finally snaps with “This is BULLSHIT” and grabs everyone and runs the hell away. Marinette doesnt like it when they do this because she absolutely does not cope as well and she is always looking at stuff like “WHY”. However the time travelers love this even more so. As time goes on Marinette and Nino become seasoned time travel pros and save the day about as often as the time duo do. However they also get swept up in stuff alot and it is not entirely uncommon for Nino or Marinette to be totally screwed in evil Alien hospital on Gamma 6 or wherever the hell, and then Adrien and Alya are rushing to save them. 

Dinosaurs, jousting matches, planets made of glass and animals made of plants! Blackholes, Wormholes, galactic empires and multi-species space station cities! The French Revolution, the emu war, old west cowboy shoot outs, they get involved in EVERYTHING. In one way or another if you started looking through thousands of pictures of major historical events you might start to notice the same four heads of hair working their way through the crowd. Nino got lost at the first ever Mardigra, Adrien bought everyone passes to the 265th annual Comic Con in New San Diego. Marinette accidentally reinvented fashion in early aristocratic england and Alya took everyone to visit the library of Alexandria BEFORE it burned down, not to mention sneaks them in to the best restaurants across all of time. Nino nearly got drafted into the cybernetic war against the rebels and Adrien actually DID, having to be rescued by the other three before the cyborgs broke the first barrier of defense. Adrien accidentally gets fused with plagg’s consciousness when he tries to leave the cat and becomes Cat Noir, using his new found power of destruction to last minute save the day and take his friends to safety. What else might happen in their ridiculous adventure across space? Will Adrien’s past every finally catch up to him, even as he runs through the past to escape it? Will Alya cope with the fact that she will outlive her friends? Will Marinette and Nino ever see their real homes and families again, and would it even be safe to do so? Where DID adrien get his time watch and who is looking to get it back? WE JUST DONT KNOW

Nino and Marinette be like

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the squad be like

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Alya be like

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adrien be like

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anyways this au is fun

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do you ever miss ryden?

not anymore.

i miss when there was still some common sense to it. when i would go to shows and not hear kids yell at Brendon to bring Ryan back to the band. when i would look through comments on photos and not see people begging for them to love each other.

i miss when it wasnt used to insult other people’s interests, like disturbing the not-real dynamic of ryden made you subject to an onslaught of kids that found it necessary to explain to you just why it was better than any other ship you like.

i miss when it wasnt used as an excuse to send hate to Brendon’s wife, like she was the reason that Brendon and Ryan couldnt be in some kind of relationship that never was. and i especially dont miss it when it’s used as a stab against Dallon, like he deserves hatred for “taking Ryan’s place” away in the band (even though, last i checked, Dallon Weekes is a bassist. meaning he took Jon’s job, not Ryan’s. dont hear anyone bellyaching about that though.)

dont miss it. because it’s purely for entertainment, none of it is real..so it never actually went anywhere. worship any ship you want, but there’s always two rules to a good Panic! ship: one-unless actually admitted by your OTP that there’s a relationship, it’s not real. meaning it’s all for fun and games (and some good slutty fanfics)…and thus should not be treated like it’s this thing that you can harass Brendon or Ryan or anybody else with. and two-since it’s all for fun and games, let people like what they want. ive gotten these handfuls of anons that write me and tell me to quit drawing brallon and to focus more on ryden, then try to explain to me that brallon can never exist. like im some fucking idiot that thinks those two actually bone in real life with their wives and their children and their dogs.

i miss when ryden was for fun, not turned into a discussion topic that i feel like writing this long diatribe about.

end rant. im an asshole.