he was like 'okay thanks'


[Sighs.] Looks like I’m having a chat with Cora. And probably Lexi.


1x16 // 4x11 [requested by @ohfortheloveofmindy]

Bitty cooks all the time to procrastinate, so of course Jack has gotten used to the “Here, taste this” and the proffered spoon of whatever Bitty had decided to whip up for the day. Jack doesn’t even look up anymore when he’s helping Bitty chop up the vegetables, or if he’s watching a documentary on his laptop in the kitchen so he can keep Bitty company. He just opens his mouth as he continues to do whatever he’d been doing, and gives comments like, “Mmm,” “Good. I like this,” “Is there chicken in here,” and the “Hm. It’s okay,” which Bitty has learned to interpret as a ‘No, don’t feed me this anymore.’

They start unconsciously doing it everywhere. At the Haus, when Bitty scoops up the chicken salad he’d been mixing and shoves it towards Jack, who’s already leaning in, Holster complains to Ransom, “Why don’t you feed me like that? It’s like you don’t love me anymore, bro.” (Ransom responds, “Bro I used to and then you betrayed me and ate more than half of your share of the sundae.”) When Bob and Alicia visit Providence, they witness Bitty in the process of feeding Jack a spoonful of something that looks like casserole, and Alicia didn’t even have time to comment, “Jack, I thought you didn’t like casserole” when Jack says, “It’s good. Is there more?” They go to a fair when they visit Georgia and Bitty doesn’t even think twice before spooning the slush from his snow cone and offering it to Jack, who nearly swallows the entire spoon because he hadn’t been paying attention.

Jack finally returns the favor at their wedding, when he offers Bitty his forkful of cake and kisses the icing off the corner of Bitty’s face.  

listen i came out of hiding to let you all know watch dogs 2 is the best game forever and there needs to be more fanart for josh

I know it’s early but this man just paid me 100$ for phone*** and he nutted in like 2 minutes? that was so wild he was like “woah woah woah okay thank you so much” and hung up and 10 mins prior to this he gave me 50$ for some nudes I just made 150$ in 12 minutes from my bed lol

okay so I was just looking at some panels from the afterparty in ya v2 and I’m pretty sure Noh-Varr didn’t even bring a shirt to the party which is like. fine I guess, but when the team went out for breakfast afterwards how long do you think Noh spent standing around outside staring at the “no shirt no shoes no service” sign before someone took pity on them and lent them a jacket??


Louis outside the James Arthur concert in London, 3/21.

I will admit, I had a dream that I cuddled Fox!Kaden  and I woke up wanting to marry him in Birthright. Just look at this happy orange fluff ball!

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Hello!! I've been wondering how Levi would react to Jean Kirsten and his daughter going on a date? Would he be like really salty or okay with it? Thank you for taking time to answer these ^.^

He’d hate anyone dating his daughter. Also he knows jean can be an insensitive jerk so he’d definetly hate it extra. But he’d also want his daughter to be happy

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Idk why you pulling all nighters but I'm about to send Taehyung to your house so he can flip you over his shoulder and take you straight to bed!! 👀👀👀 whether you sleep or not once you get there is up to you though... ehehehe 👀👀👀 but anyway can you imagine Tae tucking you in and singing you a lullaby? HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE aw~ 😁💜


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Just imagining it makes me want to die (of pure joy of course).

the guy calls me and is like “hey peyton you’re on the air in a minute” and i’m like “okay!! thanks” and then he passes me on to the radio line and i hear DAYMAN… aHHHH-AHHH-AHH… FIGHTER OF THE NIGHTMAN an di just… like both hands over my mouth doing breathing exercises trying not to lose my shit

Star tells Marco that he’s beautiful like every day omg…he used to have pretty low self esteem but Star is always like “Awww Marco you look so nice today! :) I hope school is ready for YOU!”

“Wow!! Look at that perfect complexion! You’re a model!”


He knows shes being silly and laughs whenever she does it like “haha okay thank you Star :)” but deep down she really knows that he needs it