he was just really fun to draw ahhh


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anonymous asked:

Would you do more baby bones Underfell? I love the idea of Sans being the younger brother! I really like your thoughts about Undertale and Underswap Sans and Papyrus! Since it is canon in Undertale that Sans is older, but I just think in Underfell it would be interesting if he really was the younger one.

Of course! As I was doing this I realized that I really love drawing these two. I ended up making three comics, this is just one of them ahhh Thank you for the request!

Here’s my babybones masterpost!


Ahhh finally finished!

i LOVE the newest oneshot to the spooky scary au Whalehuntingboyfriend wrote.  Gavin just really interests me, just the mystery to how he died and the ‘consequence’ we’ve been hearing in the other two segments. I’ve posted the gif version that tay helped create and the orignal painted version.

This was fun to do, i might draw fake screenshots in the future

(the spooky scary au belongs to padalickingood!)