he was just having a blast

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An Hc where Ethan and the reader both love gymnastics and go someplace to do them?

Of course!! Here you are


- Going out by yourselves just to have fun

- You know, between gymnasts

- Having a competition on who can do a handstand the longest

- He wins and you call rematch

- He wins again -_-

- Just having an absolute blast with him

- Making a thing between the two of you to do something of this nature at least once a week

- Being sore afterward but it was worth it

Jiang has a nasty habit of snatching Henry’s keys. Henry doesn’t mind.

More often than not, he’ll find Jiang in the Fisker after classes have wrapped up, blasting some surprisingly respectable symphony or other, dark eyes hooded, lips curled, just waiting. The leather seats smell like smoke. Henry doesn’t mind.

Jiang’s hands are on him immediately, pinning him to the driver’s seat, straddling his hips and leaning in to suck a violent, violet bruise to the side of Henry’s neck, too high for his collar to properly hide it. Henry doesn’t mind.

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Tony and Kerry definitely love each other and i have never witnessed chemistry of this nature very rarely, i'm not sure i think they are married or that he fathered her kids but i definitely think they would do anything for each other and as Kerry herself said love comes in different forms. I am glad you had a good time last night :)

Agree. If their official marriages were not so freaking weird, I would just think they are amazing friends who support each other. There are just too many other weird factors.
And thank you, I had a blast!

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I love your fic We Wayward Stars! Definitely my favorite Altean Lance fic. And, I can't belive I'm saying this, but you actually kind of made me like Iverson. I now see him as that crazy uncle that pretends to not care but actually does. Keep being awesome!

!! Thank you so much for your kind words!

Honestly like… Iverson is a flawed character but I was always a little sore with how people treat him as outright malicious when, I guess my read is that given his position, he’s used to having a lot of control and considering himself really responsible for the missions so Kerberos hits him hard because three bright, talented people he’s responsible for just evaporate into thin air, and he has nothing to show for it. The fact that Pidge unsubtly blasts him for answers that he doesn’t have is just kind of salt in the wound.

I think it’s noteworthy that he’s sort of the face of “someone in charge” we’re given on the Garrison’s side of things, but it also seems like he’s as personally involved in this as he can be- he’s actively leading classes, and when Shiro does reappear, Iverson is one of the people who meets him there. So- like I said, he’s super flawed, and I feel like he totally fanned the flames of Lance’s insecurity- but I also feel like he’s genuinely trying to… protect the cadets, a bit? Like he has this misguided thing of he could have protected Shiro and the Holts if they prepared them more.

In general, I think people underestimate just quite how much of a punch in the teeth the failure of the Kerberos mission had to have been. Like. Pidge’s father was the same rank as Iverson (I mis-remembered him being addressed as “Professor”, but, Shiro refers to him as Commander Holt), but Matt is wearing the cadet uniform when we see him, meaning it’s very likely that was going to be his very first mission. We don’t know exactly for what, but, Shiro is decorated- he has some kind of medal on his uniform in the missing persons’ report that we don’t see on anyone else. There’s clearly a reason Lance calls him a legend.

We mostly see how it hit the Holts, which makes sense, but it was probably a big thing. It’s easy for us to say that it’s wrong of Iverson to hide the truth but with something that dramatic, people want some kind of answer.

Again- Iverson is a flawed character, and I wouldn’t want him explored in a context that completely absolves him of any criticism, but I think there’s more going on with him and we’re going to see more of him, and I’ve seen people compare him to like… Lubos of all people and suggesting he might’ve sold Earth out to the empire, and danget, I’m not standing for that. 

So late at night I was thinking about Lance, as one does, and I wondered…how much does the group know about Lance, really?

Because I realized that all of his most personal moments were by himself or with one other person and came just before something major happened so no one really had time to reflect on it.

Does everyone know how homesick Lance is? When everyone else–particularly Keith and Pidge–were having it out about home and families, Lance had already excused himself and was having a moment with Coran. Then the castle got blown up and Lance was injured, having shielded Coran from the blast. Coran never had time to talk about any of it; he and Hunk were in a pod to the Balmera before their moment could be spoken of. Did they ever revisit it? Did the group realize or have the time to learn that Lance had saved Coran, or did they just assume he got caught up in the blast by coincidence?

Did Keith ever mention that it was Lance’s plan that got their job done or was he distracted by “could I be Galra” thoughts?

Does anyone know that the reason Lance got stuck in the airlock was because he thought he heard Coran calling for help? Keith just found him there, and we never saw Lance telling him how it had happened. Was it ever brought up again?

When he has cool moments, does the team remember? Do they think about it? Shiro and Pidge saw him take that amazing shot, but Shiro is gone now. Does Pidge ever mention it? Does she ever think about how he stepped in for her back at the Garrison? Does Hunk think about that? If they do think about it, do they assume that Lance sees it, too?

Do they understand that he’s constantly willing to put his life on the line for people he’s never even known? That even though he’s sad and lonely and wants to go home, he keeps that inside and puts on a brave face so he can keep doing his part to save the universe? Even though he also thinks he’s not really contributing that much?

Does the group grasp how selfless and brave Lance is; do they see how little he thinks of himself; do they ever see what we’ve been seeing all along or have they just been getting tiny bits and pieces of the big picture that is Lance this entire time?


♬ That moment when Mark is done the series yet your still drawing stuff for episode 3. Anyway Mark RE7 series was a blast to watch either way so much fun to draw ♬


(Lance voice)

I’m running errands with Coran
(Runnin’) I’m running errands with Coran
(Runnin’) I’m running errands with Coran 
(Runnin’) With who?
With who?

I roll up to the pod while I’m rapping to the beat, 
I’m so hardcore that I take the front seat. 
I ride shotgun like a nice paladin, 
Yo, what up girl? 

Allura: Lance, where have you been? 

Thrusters on blast, 
lots of gas in the tank. 
Where we going first Coran? 

Coran: To a planet called Lih’zank!

At the bazaar, haggling prices was sweet. 
Coran before you go, 
don’t forget your receipt!

We back in the pod, 
travel by a solar flare

Coran: Next stop is finding pirates! 

Lance: Fighting?

Coran: Nope! Just looking for their lair. 

Coran hides the pod and he takes his time
‘Cuz he’s mad conscientious,
and makes sure we’re out of sight!

I’m runnin’ errands with Coran.
(Runnin’) I’m runnin’ errands with Coran.
(Runnin’) I’m runnin’ errands with Coran.
(Runnin’) With who?
With who?



I read a translation for episode 10 about how Victor still has no idea about Yuuri’s decision to have Victor go back to Russia after he retires. It also states he has a flashback of a banquet from last year for some reason.


We all know about that preview where Victor and Yuuri have a moment and a lot of people think he’s proposing. I hate to be that person but I don’t think that is the case.

I believe the Yuuri is FINALLY confessing his plans for him and Victor, telling him how he wants Victor to go back to skating because he worries he’s just a burden.


I think Viktor will tell him something along the lines of “You aren’t a burden, you’ve made my life more bright and surprising. I don’t want to lose that.”


Yuuri worries a lot about Victor and worries that he’ll just hold him back but hearing Victor verbally say he wants to be with him now and forever will put him into the reality of things and help him realize it’s alright to be selfish, even for that.

And that there my friends is my theory for the next episode. I think a lot is going to get cleared up for these two and maybe we’ll even hear about Victor’s past! Kubo please give us more Victuuri moments!

Until Wednesday my dudes

BTS reactions to their gf being a gym rat/fitness junkie

Requested by anon 

A/N: I’m writing these more like short scenarios but idk it’s fun. -amelia


Your gym fever, loves it. Goes with you. Gym dates. Spots you. Is the funniest person to work out with. Makes faces at you from across the room. Everyone at the gym ships you. Is a little disappointed that you don’t do more mundane things with him but you teach him some healthy recipes and he’s just having a blast.

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‘You’re one of those people…’ he’d rather lay in bed all day instead but you force him to go on light jogs with you. At first he whines the whole way but eventually he stops because he likes it… won’t admit it, but you know. He admires your ambition and he’s glad one of you has the motivation to be healthy.

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He’s a little pissed you don’t ever come to the studio. When he finds out you’re at the gym… goes bananas, makes you come to every dance practice after that and curses you for thinking the studio meant just the ‘recording’ studio. Is so sunshine about your athleticism.  He’s just really happy he can dance all day with you.

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The cutest. He’s clumsy but he tries hard when he goes with you. First time he almost drops some weights on his foot. A little shaken after that… Doesn’t go with you every time but encourages and supports you. Makes you boppin’ playlists for different types of workouts. Super impressed with your dedication, proud of you.

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Uses you as a motivator. Meets you at the gym. Loves your positive vibes, never leaves your side. Gym buddies. You show him all the cool healthy spots to eat at. Try’s to make you fudge your healthy life diet once, almost dies. Sees you as a soft mochi when he’s the true mochi because you don’t cheat… and he definitely does.

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Goes with you when he’s got the time. Likes seeing you in your element. Purposely warms up with squats so everyone can see the bootae. 99% of the time he’s just 👀 @ you. Thinks your super cool for doing what your doing. He doesn’t have the strength to go everyday, with practice also tiring him out.

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Brags about you to everyone he knows… even people who go to the same gym as you… One ups you at everything and feels so good. Helps you out a lot and does some pretty romantic things. Likes how you smell after you shower. Tried to get you to go out after your workout.

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“The character of Kylo Ren was one of the most challenging characters because he sort of embodied what this movie was. It was a new story, a new personality created from the DNA of what had come before. But because he was the villain it meant that he was in the shadow of Darth Vader, one of the great villains in cinema history. So we embraced Vader. We made our bad guy aware of Vader, as he would be living in a post-Vader time and made him the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo. And in doing so, continued another Star Wars tradition of having really screwed up families. […] But we wanted to show how ruthless he is, which we do here. Not just in the killing of Lor San Tekka but also in his freezing of the blast. We wanted to show that he was the real deal. That he was incredibly Force-strong.”  - J.J.Abrams

No, but listen, I have the very firmly held headcanon that Keith loves camping. As in “entire demeanor will pull a 180 almost regardless of what level of tense or upset he was before”. Hiking? He’s never really had the opportunity to do more intensive stuff like rock climbing but dang he would love it.

I’m just imagining some context where they can actually just take it easy for once on a forested planet and Keith is having a blast and Lance, Hunk, and Pidge are a little taken aback because they are not used to really overexcited Keith, and Shiro is just sort of hanging back knowingly like “Keep an eye on him, I’m pretty sure he’s going to start climbing trees”

Sure enough, sometime Hunk is trying to identify something and Keith just dangles from a branch next to him “What’re you looking at?”

Keith can’t believe Pidge has never had a good experience camping (she’s suffered through a couple of family trips) and he is determined to fix this.  

“You can’t use bugspray, most of the nasty ones just ignore that, you need smoke” “Smoke doesn’t come in a spray bottle” and Keith borrows a cup from the castle they can get a little fire going in and put leaves in it from time to time.

Incidentally it doesn’t help that Keith has been unwittingly immune to poison ivy his entire life? Turns out galra skin is a little thicker and pretty difficult to irritate so “identify nettles without being halfway into a whole cluster of them” is never a skill Keith developed. genetics.

Fun oddly fluffy fic idea: Exile Obi-Wan on Tatooine loses his Jedi robe in classic Obi-Wan fashion, but since he doesn’t have the ability to go get another, he goes on this excessively intense mini-journey to get it back.

“What brings you to Jabba’s palace?”

“I just want my robe back.”


“Actually, I’ve come for my cloak. But now that you mention it, yes. I’ll stop you as well while I’m at it.”

“What do you bloody mean the person that has it is getting on that ship? Blast it.”

“You cut our fuel line! How did you know we were illegal slave traffickers?!”

“I didn’t. Also, that would be my robe you’re wearing. Kindly give it back before I take it back.”

okay okay but what if, Reyes is super stern and foreboding when he’s Commander Reyes, but the instant he’s with friends and can be Gabriel again, he is the most cheerful dork in existence. Like he’s honestly so idealistic and positive and he’s always smiling and he’s basically a giant teddy bear.

And the first time it happens, his friends are completely baffled by the change and even after years of seeing him switch personalities like that, they still get whiplash seeing him go from Gabriel to Commander Reyes and back again in .5 seconds, because seriously it’s like he’s a completely different person.

(Imagine Jack trying to tell the other soldiers and new recruits that no, no Reyes is a total sweetheart honest, and the others give him the most incredulous look in existence, because seriously, Jack, seriously? He glared at me for the entire the day for not being on time and had everyone double our daily training exercises after a prank disrupted the base one night.

And Jack’s like “honestly, he’s really nice and adorable and once you see it guys, you’re gonna want to protect him from everything wrong in the world and cuddle him into submission.”

Disgust on their faces. “Morrison, we really don’t need to know any details about your intimate relationship with the commander” and Jack just flushes red.)

Seventeen's Reaction To: Seeing Their S/O Cry

Honestly for me personally, crying freaks me out. Like I love you…please stop crying~! Anywho here we go~


  • Would cuddle you for hours until you felt better. He would also be the type to worry about you constantly. 

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  • Would let you have some space, but would constantly check on you. Until you finally cave and let him snuggle you for hours.

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  • This lil cutie would sing for you and wouldn’t even think about letting you go unless you absolutely had to.

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  • Is also the type to give you quite a bit of space with the occasional check in. He’d always have that nagging feeling to comfort you though.

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  • Would hold you close and you would just sit in silence as you cried it out. Would blast out music for you two to listen to while you bawled your eyes out.

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  • Would be very concerned as to why you’re crying and would give you anything you wanted.

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  • The type to be a worry wart. He wouldn’t want to smother you, but would be sad to now that his S/O is upset.

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  • He would honestly cry with you and maybe be a bit upset at whatever caused his beloved S/O to be so upset.

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  • This ball of sunshine would be so hurt to see his usually bright and cherry S/O hurt. You know he’d cuddle the crap outta you!

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  • Crying would honestly freak him out. I don’t think he’d be able to stand to see you so distraught. 

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  • Even though he may joke around, I highly doubt that he would tease you for being upset. He’d want to comfort you.

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  • We already know this boy would be terrified to see you cry. What would cause his small ray of sunshine to cry?

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  • Would be a bit scared to see you cry, but at the same time would protect you as much as possible from you crying!

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Awesome! Another request done! Keep sending them in please~

- Admin Ryn

Worried (Peter Parker x Reader)

(can you do one where you also fight at the airport and you get injured and peter (who you kind of just met) is worried about you?

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“(Y/N), are you sure you’re okay?” Peter insists.

“Peter, I’m fine. I’m a Stark, I can survive anything,” you say with a cheeky wink before blasting off with your father.

“He has a crush on you, ya know.” your dad, Tony, says.

“I know,” you say, “Maybe I have one on him too. Haven’t decided yet.”

signs as shit dub!kaiba said
  • aries: we've come this far and i'm not gonna blow it. actually, yes i am.
  • taurus: stop saving the world and get a hobby.
  • gemini: if i had a dime for every time you used the word destiny, i'd be even richer.
  • cancer: boooring. let's duel.
  • leo: i want him to see what he missed out on so give him a good seat for the next duel. aHAHAHAH! i'm funny.
  • virgo: oh great. if it isn't the dweeb patrol.
  • libra: that's it! i'm not gonna stand here and talk to some mutated hood ornament. i'm just gonna blast you into next week.
  • scorpio: mokuba, what do i always tell you? if at first you don't succeed, blast them with your blue eyes again!!
  • sagittarius: so you have a dweeb army? am i supposed to be scared to attack?
  • capricorn: me? duel you? i would have more of a challenge playing solitaire.
  • aquarius: anyone who's late for registration will be disqualified. mokuba, make sure wheeler's late.
  • pisces: oh great. i'm hallucinating again.

So I was a new player and the DM was new to DMing. I was playing a gnome bard. 

me: (OOC) So can I cast thunderwave just in front of me instead of casting on self?
Dm: why would you want to do that? 
me: (OOC) I am tiny and wish to fly. It would be hilarious.

The DM allows it. There were turns I couldn’t do anything because I didn’t have a ranged weapon and I was still falling. I accidentally blasted a teammate into the ground to the waist, because he had health and I didn’t and I needed to get out of dodge.

The DM rescinded that next session. ;n;


for the ever so lovely @envydean, my sweet little bumblebee and also the runner up of best original content in my 2k tumblr awards, whom requested a destiel teacher au ages ago (i’m such a procrastinator i hope you can forgive me)

anyway, hope you enjoy it, sweetie <3

Cas doesn’t make it a habit to go out drinking anymore. He has a six-year-old daughter, a job, a mortgage; the kind of responsibilities he didn’t have in his early twenties. His weekends are usually spent playing dress up, making Spongebob macaroni, and watching Ariel for the hundredth time. Only this time Ellen’s husband, Bill, managed to get tickets to some Disney on ice thing, and Claire had wanted to go, so Cas willingly gave up his weekend. It’s just one weekend; they’ll have plenty more before she gets into her teens and resents him. He’s sort of hoping she skips that phase.

Should I Stay or Should I Go is blasting from the jukebox speakers when Cas enters the bar. He remembers his brother used to play this record during secret parties, along with a few others. He finds an unoccupied stool, sinking down onto it, and shrugs his jacket off. A wide eyed man approaches him, raising his eyebrows in inquiry, and Cas orders a beer. Above, the song switches to another old one, Ozzy Osbourne singing about the road to nowhere, and Cas can’t help commenting, “There seems to be a theme tonight with the music.”

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