he was just asking for it

you know whats great? there being no evidence to support that louis went on another trip to amsterdam so no one can take away that hes talking about harry from my cold dead hands

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Au where Jasper is David's bf, and David mentions him only a few times at camp(jasper isn't a counselor) and all the campers have never met jasper they just hear his name from time to time so every camper has their own idea of who Jasper is and he becomes....jasper, the official cryptid of camp Campbell.

And then Jasper visits camp one day and all the campers(including Gwen) are convinced that their version of Jasper is the only Correct one and then they meet The Real Jasper and are all proved wrong

the official cryptid of camp campbell amazing ajfhb

i want max, nikki, and neil to make a youtube series that’s like a bigfoot show except they’re looking for jasper

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And what about Ashkore-rotten-to-the-core ? Why the hell was he in the cave ? Following gardy everywhere she goes is his new hobby ? Is he her shadow or something ? :')

i swear to god i have no idea.

The poison didn’t affect him because he somehow managed to steal Gardienne’s idea about the gas mask. He wasn’t here to kill Huang Hua, in fact, when he saw that Gardienne was ready to protect her with her life, he told her that he was gonna leave Huang Hua alone for now because he didn’t “want to break Gardienne’s heart”.

Huang Hua recognized his aura (ref ep 11) from somewhere but Ashkore told her that she’ll be dead before she finds who he is.


C: You realize how much sleep I get a day right? Its like…two hours. Between college, going out for grocery, the family, my job, and Jared, its really hard to get any sleep around here.
I’m sure whatever Jared is doing it’ll be solved. Hes just easy to anger for being a wrath demon or whatever.

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what patches do u think michael would give jeremy!

at first the patches that michael gives to jeremy are just video game themed ones or something, given under the guise of michael just not having enough space on his hoodie for them (even though michael buys an extra one just for jeremy)

after awhile michael starts giving him patches that are just for jeremy (a dolphin, maybe a theatre patch, a few of the ones with ‘be kind’ or some shit on them, etc),, even later michael enlists the help of maybe brooke or rich to make P1 & P2 patches

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Considering Takumi feels inferior to his siblings, what if he dyed his hair red (considering he was originally going to be a red head) to be more accepting towards his siblings? I feel like he would try so hard only to be told they they love him regardless of he's a red head or not.

knowing takumi maybe he’ll even start to doubt if he’s even related at all to his siblings, doubting his own heritage because he feels very out of place standing next to his family. needing constant reassurance that he does belong :’)

me every time i meet a new boy: does he like me or is he just being a nice person???

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Nagato, if you were in the completely hypothetical situation of having to chose between killing Konan to save Yahiko's life or killing Yahiko to save Konan's life, what would you do?

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Wait, then why don't they just put Spats up for adoption?

Due to the nature of Spats’ existence, if Bill and TG were to break the ‘contract’ of the magic, it would mean the magic would be immediately terminated. Spats, as a being, already existed as a thought in the minds of the two triangles–but because of that magic, he was brought into reality and allowed to live, grow, and breathe among everyone else.

Giving him up, abandoning him, or otherwise handing him off to someone else would break that magical ‘contract’, legitimately causing him to cease existing.

And they are aware of this.

Bill and TG might be awful parents who don’t know a single thing about being good guardian figures, but they don’t want him to die. They do care about him, as much as they might not admit it and even if they feel extremely uncomfortable, and they want to be able to give him what they didn’t have growing up.

But…there’s a lot going on mentally, from their own pasts, which prevents them from being able to try. Much like stage fright can often be crippling, and prevents people from getting up and doing the necessary task to succeed, their deep anxieties, stresses, discomforts, insecurities, and mental troubles keep them from providing that warm and comforting family Spats deserves.

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How do you think a modern!Sidon would react to walking into his bedroom after a long day of being king and he see's Link sitting there with thigh highs, a skirt, and a crop top, waiting for Sidon to come to bed ;)

uhm .. he might take like 2 seconds to greet him since he hasnt seen him all day and perhaps blush and compliment his outfit but for the most part he pounds that ass into next goddamn tuesday