he was just a kid and he had family to take care off when he was still in the age when he needed someone to take care of him

Elephant in the Room

Combination of Two Prompts: How would Batmom react to Teen Titans Robin and him not being in contact with them for so long? What would happen if she showed up at the tower? AND Dick calls Bruce and Batmom dad and mom for the first time after being adopted.

Words: 1745

AN: This was a pretty long one, but filled with fluffy feels, and I love it!!!

Your son is one of the best of his generation, and in your mother’s eye, the best. You understand why he left, you support his choice of independence, but an entire year without a call is simply too much. He stayed in contact for the first two, a random call here, and email, there, but then suddenly there was nothing.

          The only thing that let you know he was still alive were the news reports. Bruce, of course, follows every morsel of news. Though he’d never say it out loud, he knows that things need to be fixed.  You’d be willing to bet the Wayne family fortune that Dick knows the exact same thing.

          You can’t help but smile, after all, that’s what you’re here for; to beat sense into those stubborn heads. The security system is the exact same as the Batcave’s, and you’re surprised to find that your codes work.

          You let yourself in, and one quick hack into the system tells you that no one is there. So you wander, you take in the sights, and look around at the home your son has built for himself. You smile when you find his room. He’s changed his uniform a bit. There are no photos in obvious places or any real identifying marks.

          You leave the room for the common room and take a seat on the couch. You pull the photo album out and just wait. When the sound of footsteps and laughter sounds, you slip on the mask that’s needed; it actually goes rather nicely with your outfit.

          More than just his team strolls through the doors, it seems like every super powered teen in existence is there and Dick just stops at the sight of you. You stand up, and say, “I didn’t realize you’d be in the middle of a party.”

          He stiffens a bit and asks, “What are you doing here?” His voice is a bit hesitant.

          You grab your bag, and approach him. The closer you get the more you realize just how much he’s grown. You smile and say, “We need to talk.” He glances back at his friends and back to you, you just say, “I’ll wait in your room, I already know the way.”

          He watches you slide through the doors and Starfire asks, “Robin, who is that woman?”

          His voice is tight with emotion when he says “She’s my mother.”

          There’s a collective statement of “You have a mother?”

          Dick just glances at Roy and Wally, the only two not surprised and says, “Of course I have a mother.” Before he walks out of the room.

          He finds you sitting on the bed, sans mask. Before he can say a word you say, “No masks, you know the rules.”

          He doesn’t fight you on it, just removes his mask. You smile and open your arms. Sure enough he slides right into them. His head goes to your lap, and your fingers run through his hair. When the sobs come you know something happened, that there was a reason he hadn’t called.

          You let him cry, because sometimes everyone needs to, and you’d be willing to bet that your baby is long overdue. When he’s done, he slides on to the bed and tells you everything. He tells you about being held against his will by Slade, being forced to do horrible things, and then he tells you about the Brotherhood of Evil, and finally about Trigon.

          You listen as he pours out every pent up emotion, and when he’s done you don’t say anything about it. Instead you start on your own story, “Do you remember when you first came to live at the manor?”

          His brow furrows, “Of course.”

          You smile and remove a stuffed elephant from your bag, his eyes go wide at the sight of it. “You were so little and scared, and man oh man, did you remind me of Bruce. You two were the same age you know, when you lost your parents. You didn’t know what to make of us, and we weren’t really sure what to make of you to be honest. At that point we’d only been responsible for ourselves.”

          Dick smirks, “And all of Gotham.”

          You smile, as your hand strokes over the elephants worn head, “We’d never planned on kids, but when we saw you after that show, it hit us, you were ours. And then you started to grow, and you took on the family business with your dad, and I was just amazed, at how lucky we were to be blessed with a kid like you.”

          “You always made sure to keep my birth parents in the picture though. You’d talk about them with me, you’d take me to visit their graves whenever I wanted to. You even had that portrait made.”

          You grin, “That was all your dad, he didn’t want you to feel like we were replacing them.”

          “You didn’t I just got lucky  and got to have two sets of parents.”

          You smile, and there’s a moment of silence, “He misses you, you know.” Dick doesn’t say anything. “He bookmarks every newspaper article on you saving the day. Even has a subscription to the local paper. He’s very proud.”

          “He wouldn’t be proud if he knew what happened.” You smile a bit and he just groans, “How in the world does he know?”

          You smile, “He saw the footage from the top of the Wayne tower, you were stealing from.”

          “He didn’t come.”

          “He was on his way, already tracked Slade’s headquarters down and everything, when it suddenly blew up, he knew that your team had made things right. The Brotherhood of Evil was a learning experience too, and you saved the world from Trigon. When it comes down to it, you’ve done a lot of good Dick. And you’ve made a lot of friends too.”

          He smiles, “It’s the bi-yearly get together. Pizza party.”

          You groan, “Please tell me you at least eat some healthy things.”

          He smirks, “I make Alfred proud every once in awhile.”


          You pass him the elephant and he smiles and you say, “I never thought you’d leave her behind.”

          He shrugs, “I outgrew her.”

          You just smile, “When you first came to live with us you refused to let her go. Took her everywhere, for that first year.”

          Dick just smiles, “You guys homeschooled me for that first year. I didn’t have to let her go.”

          You laugh, “Still, you took her to all the Wayne foundation events, to restaurants, when we’d visit your dad at work. You even insisted that she be buckled in. You also insisted on taking her to that theme park. I was against it, I just knew she’d get put down somewhere, but Bruce insisted that everything would be fine.”

          “I’d been with you guys for about eight months at that point, I was at the tail end of my Robin training.”

          You nod, “Sure enough you left her there. You were in tears, you kept saying I have to have her, we have to get her back, she’s family. And then at some point you look up at me and Bruce and you said, ‘Please Mommy, please Daddy, we have to go search for her.’ That was the first time you called us Mom and Dad. It wouldn’t become a regular thing until a few months later, but in that moment your dad and I knew we’d move heaven and earth to make you happy.”

          Dick just smiles, “That was the first time he took me out as Robin. He called it the case of the missing elephant. He helped me track her down. Someone had thrown her in the trash on top of some nachos.”

          You smile, “I had to hand wash her, and then throw her in the washing machine three times to get all that cheese off. It’s amazing she doesn’t have any stains.”

          There’s a moment of silence before he says, “I’m sorry I didn’t stay in contact.”

          You pull him in for a hug, “It’s okay, baby boy. You can make it up by coming to dinner this Friday.”

          “Mom, I don’t know if I’m …”

          You cut him off, “He misses you Dick. You’re his son, and whatever that stupid argument was about three years ago, it’s forgotten.”

          “He really wants to see me?”

          You smile, “He talks about you all the time, how proud he is of what you’ve accomplished.”

          He smiles and says, “I’ll be there.”

          “Good, you can meet your new brother.”

          His eyes go wide, “You had a, but the papers didn’t say anything about …”

          You smirk, “His name is Jason, Bruce found him trying to take the wheels off the Batmobile. He’s in training right now.”

          Dick smiles, “Good, Batman needs a Robin, and I’ve been thinking it might be time to change things up. New identity for a new chapter and all that.”

          You lean down and kiss the top of his head, “As long as Dick Grayson remains that sweet, caring, and noble boy that I’ve always known, I think that sounds wonderful.”

          He kisses your cheek, “I’ll see you Friday, Mom.”

          You smile and leave his room, slipping on the mask again before you go. Waiting outside the door are all the teen heroes. You smile and say, “Speedy, Kid Flash, you have his back right?”

          Wally just grins and says, “Always Batmom, you know that.”

          You turn to the rest of his immediate team, “Thank you for taking such good care of my son. It’s good to see he’s made excellent friends.” They’re too stunned to say anything else. You leave the tower without another word. You reach home several hours later, to find Bruce waiting up for you despite the hour.

          “Jason asleep?” you ask.

          He just smiles and says, “Yep, he and Alfred baked cookies all day, and you know what a task master Alfred is when it comes to his kitchen.” He pauses before asking, “How’s our oldest son?”

          “Coming to dinner on Friday.”

          “He’s okay though?”

          You nod, “The picture of health, seems like he made some pretty good friends, too.”

Bruce just smiles and says, “Thank God.”

          You grab his hand, “Come on Caped Crusader, time for bed.”

          He come with you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and says, “Bed sounds absolutely divine.”

The Most Disturbing Things in John Winchester’s Journal:  A Comprehensive Study.

@jaredsnuggles made a really incredible post about all mentions of the boys in John Winchester’s journal.  It’s incredibly helpful for writing reference, and filled with genuinely heartwarming moments and an interesting glimpse into John’s POV.

But as someone who’s pretty infamously critical of John’s parenting skills, what I most noticed was the progressively disturbing way in which the boys were brought up, the responsibilities placed on them, and the way in may have impacted their psyches (performing!Dean, anyone?) 

So let’s take a look at some of the most blatant examples of the Winchester’s upbringing that would have had the Child Protective Services knocking on most people’s doorsteps, and how it may have influenced the people they’ve become.

1.  Encouraging violent, illegal, and womanizing behavior:  

  • Dean turns fourteen today. He took off to the movies with a girlfriend. I think her name is Katie. Quite the ladykiller, that kid. Like I was at his age. Hell-raising, foul-mouthed, full of piss and vinegar. Silas had it right: he’s like me. If I’m not careful with him, by the time he’s twenty he’ll have left a trail of kids and arrest warrants all over the country. 

For some reference, Dean was not “a lady killer” at that age.  He was fourteen at the time, and didn’t even have his first kiss until he was at the boy’s home (where John dropped him) at age sixteen.  
At fourteen, he was still a child, having a presumably very chaste relationship with another child, seeing as it didn’t even involve the rudimentary making out.

  • Dean turns twenty-one today. I’d buy him a beer if I thought it would be something new. He’s also old enough to buy his own guns now. I tried to raise him right, and looks like I did. He’s a scam artist, a ladies’ man, and an absolutely loyal son. He knows what’s right and doesn’t hesitate to do it. I’m proud of him. Now that he’s hunting on his own I don’t see as much of him, but I know he’s out there. When I call him in on a job, he’s right there every time. I’ve spent the last sixteen years afraid that I was going to screw him up somehow. Maybe now I can forget about that.

This one is just messed up on multiple levels.  For one thing, there’s a lot of talk about “performing!Dean” within the fandom, and it’s easy to see where that persona comes from:  this, along with his ability to shoot, kill, and protect Sam, is one of the few times John expresses overt pride in Dean.  Of course a child/young man struggling to garner his father’s affection and approval would adopt the most suitable persona possible to do so.

It’s my opinion that Dean, at his heart, isn’t a “scam artist” or a “ladies’ man:”  he’s a homebody who loves to cook and clean and take care of people, with a lot of traditionally feminine characteristics.  He can also be interpreted as having a lot of internalized same-sex attraction.

Would John have accepted that?  From what I’ve seen, probably not.  Performing!Dean is just the son John wanted. 

2.  Age-inappropriate responsibility/obsessive behavior:

  • I took the boys, said good-bye to Missouri, and got the hell out of Lawrence. If I never go back, it’ll be too soon. Not for Dean, though. The first thing he wanted to know was when we would go home. But we don’t have a home anymore, Dean. The sooner you get used to that, the better. We don’t have a home until we find what killed your mother. 

The fact that it was hammered into Dean’s brain that they didn’t, and would not, have a home for the foreseeable future would have been a tremendous blow to a child’s psyche – particularly when it was just mentioned that he wasn’t speaking or leaving John or Sam’s side less than a month prior.

  • I’ll hunt, and the boys will hunt, and we will find whatever killed Mary and we will send it to Hell. And on the way, we will kill every monster and ghoul and ghost and demon and anything else. My boys will not grow up to experience what I have. They will not lose what I have lost. 

As always, his intentions are clearly good here, but for some reference, this was 1983.  The same year Mary died.  Dean was four, Sam was an infant, and he’s already decided that they can and will hunt.

  • Took Dean shooting. If he’s big enough to try to comfort me, he’s big enough to start learning the tools of the trade. I only let him fire the .22, but he is a deadeye marksman. My drill sergeant would have taken him over me in a second. Times like this, I sure am proud of my boy. I have a feeling it’ll be different with Sammy. Maybe he’s just too young to show it, but I don’t think he’s got the same kind of killer instinct. 

There are two disturbing things going on here:  Dean is being taught to kill at age six, and John’s reasoning is the fact that because he’s old enough to serve as emotional provider for a fully grown man, he should be able to.  And also, there’s something about a six-year-old having a “killer instinct” that just sounds incongruous to me.

This is also one of the few times he expresses genuine pride in Dean.

  • For his seventh birthday, I took Dean shooting again. He wanted to fire one of the big guns—that’s what he called them. I let him shoot the Browning, but I steadied his hands. Sammy wanted me to help him make Dean a card. It was like a normal day, like we were a normal family with a mom who was off shopping or at work or something. Instead of dead. That illusion never lasts. I can’t afford to let it. 
  • Sammy is five today. Thank God. He almost didn’t make it. I could blame Dean, but it’s my fault. There’s enough blame to go around. I missed the kill, and I left Dean watching Sam, and he couldn’t pull the trigger when he needed to. I haven’t taught him well enough. If he is weak like that again, my boys will die.

The fact that he’s blaming his nine-year-old son for his inability to kill, subconsciously or otherwise, in addition to putting a nine-year-old in a situation where he’d need to kill, is disconcerting to say the least. 

  • Last night, Sammy woke up in the middle of the night telling me he was afraid of the thing in the closet. I went and looked. There was nothing in the closet, but I’ve seen too much not to believe that there could be. So I handed Sammy the .45 and told him the next time he saw the thing in the closet, he knew what to do. I don’t think I’ll win any awards from parenting organizations, but five nights running now Sammy has slept without nightmares. Sometimes a .45 under your pillow is all you need. 

Sammy is sixteen years old today. God knows he’s got plenty of torments. Now he’s got a driver’s license, too. Doesn’t make much difference. He’s known how to drive since he was nine.

3.  Neglect:

  • Mary, you know I would never leave the boys with strangers I couldn’t trust. You know that, right? I never would. 

The fact that he is apparently leaving them with strangers, regardless of whether or not they’re “trustworthy,” when at this point they are still toddlers, is by definition neglectful behavior.

4.  Paranoia/controlling behavior: 

  • Dean turns five today. I was thinking about where we’re going to be in the fall, because he should start school. Then I realized that I can’t leave him in a school. Anything could happen. Maybe a place that has half-day kindergarten. Maybe that I could do. I know I should. I know he should be able to run around with other kids, who don’t know how to fileld-strip the Browning. Well, Dean doesn’t either, yet. But he’s learning. He’s got a talent for guns. I can see it already. And he’ll need it. 

I was a homeschooled kid myself, but the fact that John kept Dean isolated and out of academic environments in order to protect him strikes me as paranoid and controlling, as well as bad for Dean’s psyche.  

He’s also been using guns at around five years old.  I’m not even against guns, but that’s just messed up.

  • Dean turns twenty today. He’s in Ohio somewhere, hasn’t called in a couple of days. Tracking a possible poltergeist. He’s supposed to call in every night. Mission discipline is critical. 
  • Sammy is eighteen years old today. Surprised he didn’t take off. We’re not getting along too well. He hunts when we need him to, but he’s never committed himself the way Dean did. Dean’s never known any other way to live, or if he has, he doesn’t act like it. He’s playing the role he was born to play. Sammy’s the younger brother. He doesn’t know what his role is, even though I can tell him until I’m blue in the face and we’re both ready to kill each other. He’s got one more year of school and then I’m drafting him full-time into the family business. I’ve given him more slack than I ever gave Dean, more than I would have ever gotten from my dad. He needed it. Now he’s a grown man, or almost. Time for him to step into what’s expected of him. Dean never even thought about college. We used to joke about it once in a while. But Sammy still believes he can have a normal life, but they’re both more useful to the world as hunters than … what, lawyers? Dentists? Sammy’s convinced himself that smart kids have to go to college. Part of my job is to convince him that college would be a waste of his smarts. And I gotta hand it to him on the brains front: there’s nothing he can’t find on the computer. I still dig around in actual books, libraries, newspapers. It’s all keystrokes and search words for Sammy. He’s done a good job hiding our trail on all the credit cards. 

John never leaves an option for Sam or Dean to be anything other than “what’s expected of them.”  He never asks them what they want to do with their life, or considers their opinions valid.  

This is one of the later entries, so it’s clear John has had a long time to settle himself into his extremist way of thinking, but it’s still disturbing and sad.

  • Sam graduated. He didn’t go to the ceremony. I think he’s still carrying a grudge that it took him an extra year. What do you want me to do, Sammy? Should we have stayed in Lawrence while whatever killed your mother came back for you? Should we have sat around fat, dumb, and happy even though war had been declared? How long would we have lasted that way? 
  • Sam left. I told him that if he was going, it was permanent. I meant it. 

  • Dean turns twenty-four today. I was twenty-four when I married his mother. Sorry, kid. Every boy has to cut the apron strings sometime, and for you it’s not going to be until we kill off a supernatural entity that seriously needs killing. Then we’ll all be free of your mother’s ghost. We’ll be able to live normal lives. But maybe not. Maybe we’ve all been hunters too long now. 

It’s clear that John didn’t consider his children autonomous adults, and expected them to blindly obey his authority.  He also considers them complicit in his “war,” even though they were both very small children at the time.

In closing, it’s clear from the other entries that John loves his boys.  But as I’ve pointed out before, you can love someone and still be thoroughly toxic, abusive, and bad for them.  John’s parenting and projection onto Dean is probably the reason why he’s so uncomfortable with his own femininity (and ~possible~ bisexuality), and why he feels so continuously obligated to prove himself as a Scam Artist and Ladies’ Man™.  

Even Sam, heartbreakingly, has finally internalized the message that he can never be anything other than a hunter, when he clearly at one point wanted to do otherwise.  

So while John could, and did, have a lot of redeeming qualities, and wound up sacrificing himself for his son’s benefit, I hope this will lay to rest the debate about whether or not he was a good father.

But consider this

I still have like two unfinished shidge fics so IDK if I ever will write this so here are my hcs for it

Your Obligatory Pidge is neighbors with Single Dad Shiro and his son Keith

-early 30s single dad Shiro and his son 5 year old Keith living in an apartment

-20s Pidge just moving next door

-awkward “Oh hey good morning!” followed by the “I made too much food would you like some?” nice moves pidge

-the “yeah sure thanks”

-the “Would you like to come inside?”

-the “let me go get my son”

-the omg he has a son?! He is married I have zero chances damn oh well time to hide my feelings in a dark void and be a good neighbor

- the “must be hard having children at a young age” followed by the explanation that shiro is in his 30s and Pidge laughing it off as a joke until he tells her he is serious and she is like HOW

-but also Shiro being busy with work and asking Pidge to take care of Keith for the night

-I’m guessing Pidge is into programming, tech stuff, freelancer so their time is pretty much at their control, although most of their freelance work comes from Altea Tech, their friend Hunk works there

-the Keith looking at Pidge’s photos hung on the the wall and seeing Pidge’s mom and asking “What are moms like??”

-Pidge realizing Keith never had a mom but yeah pidge has to say something “moms are nice, heartwarming. They take good care of you. Sometimes, they do scold you but that is because they love you and wants the very best for you.”

-”That sounds a lot like dad.”

-”Yep. Shiro is cool like that.”

-”Doesn’t that mean dad is twice as cool because he does both?” “Yeah. he is.”

-cue Pidge watching Lilo n Stich or maybe treasure planet with Keith and Keith falling asleep, Shiro getting home, thanking Pidge and carrying Keith back to his apartment

-Pidge hesitating because they may be intruding but then going with it saying Shiro is a very admirable and strong person as they are able to raise a wonderful son and also be amazing with their work

-Shiro being ???? then realizing that Pidge knows, probably from Keith, and then smiles and says thank you and good night before leaving

-Pidge closing their door and collapsing on the floor because how can shiro be this good-looking and perfect?! It is unfair, unjust

-Pidge meeting with Hunk to talk about their frustrations

-the “If he is single, then why don’t you just date him?!”

-”but what if he isn’t looking for someone and I end up ruining our good relations???”

-Also, previous neighbors the Sanchez, aka Kiddy Lance playing with Kiddy Keith with a really bad crush on Kiddy Keith because they thought Kiddie Keith was a girl, Curse u MULLET, and now they feel betrayed and confused af with their feelings somebody help these poor children u need to tell him it is ok to like boys pls

-by previous neighbors, I mean the Sanchez family  used to live in Pidge’s apartment, they saved enough money for a house so they moved to one, still in the neighborhood though

-Lance sleeping over because his parents had to do stuff (and by that I mean Lance crying like a baby because they miss Keith)

-Keith being all sparkly and excited and everything, Shiro is a happy dad

-Keith inviting PIDGE over, because Pidge and their movie collection are cool and not overrated and also because Keith wants Pidge to meet Lance

-because let’s face it, Shiro buys overrated movies, no time to go hunt the net for the good secret ones, but Pidge knows what is up

-the kid watching Brother Bear, Pidge brings popcorn and the kids swear they make the best popcorn

-Shiro falls asleep fast, poor dad needs rest, taking care of a 5 year old son and keeping up with work is a difficult job

-Keith swears he always does this in movie nights. Pidge drapes a blanket over shiro

-cue crying because Brother Bear is full of feels and shiro waking up because crying noises, note everyone is crying even Pidge 

-Shiro trying to not laugh at them, at pidge specifically, because Pidge cried watching brother bear, omg

-but Keith doesn’t know it is pidge he is laughing at and goes all defensive and like Brother Bear is an beautiful movie about ummmm…. brotherhood and bears, dad. You can’t laugh at brother bear when you slept on it.

-And Shiro just ruffling Keith’s hair saying yeah he is sorry and then looks at PIdge and winks (Pidge is internally and eternally screaming) as some form of I am sorry I laughed at you

-they finish the few remaining minutes of Brother bear and kids go to bed, Pidge goes back to their apartment

-Also Pidge, no car Pidge, bringing big bags when they go buy groceries coming down from buses and Shiro seeing that

-Shiro offering Pidge rides to the grocery store with him and Keith and Pidge saying yes because that would be a hell lot easier also GROCERY DATES

-Keith is in the cart obviously, Pidge is nice enough to make “vroom vroom” sounds for the kid, shiro never thought of that also they have dinner outside after this

-COOK DATES, aka Chef Dad Shiro, teaches Pidge some goddamn cooking because Pidge only knows how to cook pasta

-Shiro lowkey realizing he might be falling for Pidge but opting to just keep it to himself because Pidge is at their Prime, they can do anything in their 20s and well a single dad with a 5 year old kid isn’t exactly what people in their 20s are looking for (Joke is on you Shiro)

-Basically Shiro liking Pidge but considers his feelings something that will hold Pidge back so he doesn’t do anything about them

-How’s about daddy holt not going with non-binary and pidge being 100% done so they left their home at 18 bless matt for offering them a place to stay

-And how’s about some sad nights for Pidge because they remember daddy holt and they go drinking and moon viewing in the balcony

- cue accidentally breaking one of their pots and getting Shiro’s attention who hurries to their balcony because something just broke n they see pidge drunk in the moonlight

-the “Pidge are you okay? Is something wrong?”

-the “Oh hey Shiro. *hic*”

-the “You shouldn’t be here. You’re drunk, Pidge. It’s dangerous.” with the I am genuinely worried look

-the “tis fine. I’m perfectly fine.”

-the “Is something bothering you? Would you like to talk to me about it? I mean, if you are okay with it.”

-the SMILE in the glistening moonlight of pidge

-the arms stretching “You’re right shiro. I shouldn’t be here like this. I should hit the sheets. Good night.” before leaving

-the morning with the holy shit this HANGOVER and the need to go to the convenience store only to find a bag of Hangover coping drinks and meds on your door’s handle with the message:

“You’ll need these. Take Care,” -Shiro



-after the movie keith is like I am Nemo Papa is Merlin nemo’s papa and Pidge is dory

Trained To Fight - Derek Hale Imagine

Characters: Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Kira Yukimura, Liam Dunbar, Mason Hewitt, Stiles Stilinski, Werewolf!Reader.


Originally posted by expressivedolphin

“Stop. You’re doing it wrong.” Derek told you, lifting your arm with his foot.

You groan and sit up, swiping the sweat off of your forehead. “I’ve been doing it wrong for an hour, Derek. Let me move on.”

He squats down to your height. “You’ll move on when you stop doing it wrong. Now start again.”

You sigh and lay back on your stomach, pushing yourself up on your arms.

You were a newbie to the whole supernatural world but Scott had told you that you were doing better than he did. You were bitten by Liam. It happened right after Scott had bitten him and he’s apologized profusely since. Derek has been training you and Liam at separate times. He’s especially rough on you and it gets hard to cope with sometimes.

“Y/N, if you ever want to learn to control your change you have to do this right!” He shouted and you exhaled loudly.

“If I ever want to learn to control my change I should ask Scott to teach me! All you ever do is nag and tell me I’m doing it wrong! When we aren’t training you’re rude and cocky and I’m sick of your disgusting personality!” You stand up and grab your keys. You flip him off before walking out the door. You slam the door behind you and jog out to your car. You think of the expression on his face. He looked hurt, but all the things you told him were true.

After your training session with Derek you were supposed to be at Scott’s for a pack meeting. He told you it was okay to shower there and that Kira had probably left something there you could wear.

You arrive at his house and quickly shower. You wrap yourself in a towel and pad to Scott’s room. He’d laid out one of his shirts and a pair of Kira’s shorts. You changed and went back downstairs. Everyone had arrived while you were gone so you quietly sat on the couch. You noticed Derek standing in the corner, his eyes focused on you.

You made eye contact with him and then rolled your eyes, averting your attention to Scott.

Your pack meetings were never meetings, it was more of a large hangout with everyone in the pack. “Stiles, did you bring the beer?” Scott asks and Stiles nods.

“I just don’t understand why you asked the most non-threatening person here to do it. I can’t go all wolfy on anyone. Besides isn’t Derek 21?” He looks over at Derek and Derek shrugs.

“That’s none of your business.” Derek replies and Scott laughs. You and Stiles share an annoyed look.

“Hey, Derek, how’s training going?” Scott threw a look over his shoulder at Derek.

“Liam’s doing great, he’s picking it up quickly.”

“What about Y/N?” Scott smiles at you.

“She’s..not great. In fact she’s probably one of the worst I’ve seen.” He raises an eyebrow at you and you scrunch your nose, huffing as you look away from him. You catch his smirk from the corner of your eye.

“I’m sure she’s not the worst..” Scott tries to defend you.

“You should see her. It’s pathetic really.” You flick your eyes to him and stand up. “I’d be better if you weren’t so tough on me.”

Derek starts to walk toward you. “I have to be tough on you. You’re terrible. Now I get why you’re the only one who doesn’t get invited to fight.”

You shake your head as he nears. “You’re a terrible teacher. I could get better tips on controlling my change from a sidewalk crack.” You cross your arms.

You hear Stiles spit out his beer, laughing. “God, you’re great.” He mutters and you smirk back at Derek.

At this point you and Derek were inches apart. “I wish you were more like Liam. You’re so idiotic. You can’t and you won’t learn anything. You’re better off as an omega.”

You cock your head to the side and whisper. “Then kick me out of the pack. I’d rather be alone than have to spend all of my time with you.”

“If I could kick you out I would. God, I wish I could.” He grits his teeth.

You flash your eyes at him and you feel your claws start to poke through. “Go to hell, asshole.”

Derek flashes his eyes back, trying to tell you to back down. At this point you were closer than you’d ever been to him, your chests were flush. “I knew I should’ve let Scott train you. I tried to take you under my wing, I thought you had potential. Now I know you’re just a pathetic little girl. You’re a sad excuse for a werewolf and it offends me you’d even call yourself apart of the pack.”

You scoff. “All you do is sulk around. You bitch and whine about your family all of the time. Don’t think I don’t hear you. You are the absolute worst person I’ve ever met, and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve met murderous psychopaths. I may be a sad excuse for a werewolf, but you, Derek Hale, are a sad excuse for a person. I hope you feel better now.” You push him off of you and go up to Scott’s room.

You sigh into your hands, trying to fight off the tears. You looked up to Derek, you thought of him as an older brother even. That all changed when you were bit. He seemed even more unbearable when you were in heat. It had only happened once but he wouldn’t even look at you. He was disgusted.

You knew you couldn’t cry because everyone would hear you. You sat in silence for about an hour before grabbing your keys and going downstairs.

Derek catches you at the bottom of the stairs. “Hey, I-”

You put a hand up. “Shove it, Hale.” You spit and you push past him.

“Y/N, where are you going?” Liam pokes his head up at you.

“Home.” You mumble and head for the door. You remember you’re in Scott’s shirt and you have it off and tossed at him before you can process your thoughts. You had a sports bra on, so there was nothing to see but you still smelled someone. You scanned the room and tried to pinpoint who’s arousal you caught but you didn’t care enough to stay to find out. “Bye guys. Kira I’ll get these back to you tomorrow.” She waves as you close the door.

The next day everyone was schedule to meet at Deaton’s to talk. Deaton wasn’t even in town but you guys needed a safe place. You’d had a Tinder date planned for a couple weeks so you were obviously over dressed. You’d felt online dating was a bit of a leap at your age but you still tried it. You walked in, sporting a pair of red stilettos. You had a black dress on that gathered at the waist. You’d curled your hair and done a full face of makeup. You felt way better than you had the previous night.

You heard Mason whistle and you laughed. “Shut up. I just wanted to make an appearance.”

He laughs. “Well you did. Quite a great one too.”

You head to the back room and everyone’s head peeked up at your entrance.

“Hey I can’t stay long, I have a date but I was hoping you guys could fill me in.” You smile. “Sure, come over here.” Scott waves you over. Derek’s eyes follow you as you walk.

You whip your head around to look at him. “Take a picture. It’ll last longer.”

“Who’s your date?” Derek blurts out.

“Why do you care?” You cross your arms.

“Here we go again.” Scott says under his breath.

“I’m just wondering. I uh..I just wanted to make sure you were being safe.” You see everyone exchange glances.

“Since when do you care about my safety?” You roll your eyes and listen to Scott as he tells you what plan they’ve come up with.

Your date was a bust. You’d worn your good thong for nothing and all you could think about was a bowl of macaroni and cheese and a glass of wine.

You walk in the door and you’re greeted by Scott. “What the hell? How’d you-”

“Not important.” Scott interrupts.“You’re into Derek aren’t you?”

You’re caught off guard. “What? I-uh..no? No.” You try to say casually and Scott smirks.

“That’s all I need. Bye!” He walks out and your left in your empty apartment mildly confused. You spend most of your time wondering how, as a twenty-two year old woman, you spent all of your time with high school kids. They were all pretty mature, but sometimes they were a handful.

You didn’t want to go to training but you knew you had to. Derek never told you how bad you really were and now you feel like you need to prove yourself. You decide to dress up for the occasion. You wear a blue sports bra with matching athletic pants. You tie your shoes before leaving for Derek’s.

You weren’t sure he even knew you were coming. You were shocked to see everyone there when you walked in.

“Who’re you so dressed up for, Y/N?” Stiles wiggles his eyebrows at you.

“I’m not dressed up. Shut up.” You roll your eyes.

“Ready?” You ask Derek and he nods.

“I’m sure he is.” Scott looked at you two playfully.

You caught a whiff of someone and you sighed. You smelled arousal again. If you’d known everyone would be here with their hormones you would’ve worn a shirt.

“I’ll take you out back.” Derek mutters.

“As a matter of fact, he’ll take you anywhere.” Stiles smirks.

“Shut up, Stiles.” You and Derek said in unison.

“In my defense I was just enhancing the vibe.” Stiles throws his hands up.

“What vibe?” You cross your arms.

“Oh, you know..the overwhelming sexual tension.” Kira says casually.

You roll your eyes. You had feelings for Derek, yeah..but he didn’t reciprocate so why should you dwell on it?

“Oh, can it. All of you.” You shake your head. Derek leads you to the backyard and you start stretching. As you bent forward to touch your toes the scent of arousal grew stronger.

The scent was masked by cologne as a pair of strong hands gripped your waist.

“Relax. I’m just spotting you.”

“I don’t need spotted for stretches.” You stand up and grab a blanket, spreading it out before lying on your back. You pull a knee to your chest and Derek kneels in front of you, putting weight on it.

“You know what my mom used to tell me to make training easier?” Derek says, making small talk.

“What?” You switched knees.

“She told me to tell her a story. Usually I just told her about my day, but it made it more bearable.”

You move to your hands and knees, reaching back to grab your ankle. “It probably helps to have someone who loves you training you. Someone who cares about you.” You look over your shoulder at him as he pulls back on your ankle.

“You have that. You have that probably more than I did.” Derek replies. You drop your ankle and look at him. Did he just say he loves you?

“What did you just say?” You ask slowly.

“I think I just confessed my love for you.” Derek rubs his eyes.

“You…love..me?” You point at yourself as the two of you stand.

“It’s too late to change what I said now..but yes. I love you like crazy actually.”

You were going to milk this. “What do you love?” You smirk.

“God, what isn’t there to love? I love your smart mouth, the way you scrunch your face up when I annoy you, I love how you smell after you’ve been outside, I…honestly? I just love you.”

At this point you probably look like a cartoon character, when their hearts are pounding out of their chest. “I love you too.” You say quickly. You didn’t mean to say it, it just slipped out.

The both of you immediately are attached, your lips fitting perfectly together. You smell the arousal again, just now linking that it was Derek. You didn’t want to know before, because of how turned on you got when you caught the scent. You were afraid you’d be attracted to a high schooler.

Derek picks you up, somehow managing to stay in sync with your lips. You both pull away and lay your foreheads on each other.

“Why were you such an asshole to me?” You say quietly.

“I didn’t want you to feel obligated to date me if you knew I was in love with you.” He shrugs.

“Do you really think I’m as pathetic as you said?” You ask.

“Not at all, I just love when you’re mad.” He chuckled.

“I’m sorry for comparing you to a murderer.” You laugh.

“It’s okay. It’s kind of fitting.” Derek laughs with you.

The two of you are torn from each other by the sound of cheers and applause. You see everyone on the porch clapping and you roll your eyes.

“For God’s sake, go back inside!” You yell and they laugh.

“We should probably go back to my place.” You whisper in his ear and he smirks.

“Fine by me.”

Only Us (Part 2)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you?(kind of? I don’t know. Fuck it.)

Word Count: 2388

Warning(s): Mean parents, swearing, and slightly sexual remarks.

Additional Notes: Frank Gallagher is a character int the TV show Shameless(it’s amazing please watch it) and he is pretty much always drinking. (Also if you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk)

Part 1

My phone rang loudly as light crept in from the window. Fuck. I thought as my eyes focused on the time on the far wall of my small bedroom. 6:15. I hated school. I groaned getting up turning of my alarm, yawning and stretching. I tugged my short shorts down that I slept in overnight and opened the door walking to the bathroom avoiding the beer bottles that littered the dark carpet. My hand reached for the door before it was yanked open. A middle aged man stood in front of me wearing only his boxers. I shuttered stepping back.

“Who do we have here?” He grinned down at me. I shivered taking another step back.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked glaring at him fear still gripping me.

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anonymous asked:

Hello ! How would each jojo be like as an older sibling ? would there be differences in how they would treat a younger sister or brother ? (it can stay gender neutral if you want !) (i know it's 5 characters max, but i couldn't choose between the jojos ;_;)

[ Ok cos I don’t Jojolion I wont do Jo2uke haha sorry about that :’) it might also be a bit short for each of them since there’s so many :( Also ya i kept it gender neutral <3 ]

- Jonathan would be the best big brother you could ever wish for, he’d do anything for you and even take the blame from dad for you too. 
- You want a midnight snack? Jonathan is on it, creeping downstairs to steal you a cookie just to make sure you were happy.
- If you were in a bad mood Jonathan wouldn’t leave you alone until he managed to get you to cheer up again be it with some very bad jokes or small Hamon tricks. He’s the caring older brother type.
- He’s such a sucker for you too, whenever you were to compliment him or tell him how cool he was calling him the best Big Brother Ever he’d just puff his chest up with pride. Flashing you a smile.
- He’d love to play with both you and Danny at the same time too, passing a frisbee between him and you in the backyard as Danny tries to catch it. 

- Joseph would be that one brother you have a love hate relationship with. Like, all your socks mismatched on purpose, or the salt and sugar being switched up, he just like playing small pranks but would apologise afterwards.
- He’d love to teach you a bit of Hamon too, not for battle but for just for tricks to show off or maybe a bit of self defence.
- Though he won’t take the blame for you, you bet Joseph would talk back to Grandma Erina for your sake if he feels like you’re not in the wrong, this usually ends up with the both of you getting punished instead.
- If you came home in a bad mood though Joseph would definitely ask you what’s up, if its something he can help with he would, he’s still a loving brother and would want to see you smile all the time.
- If you need help with homework and Joseph is free, he’d totally be your personal tutor, bullying you if you got it wrong and congratulating you if you’re right.

- Jotaro just doesn’t interact much with you, other than the occasional Hi Bye or asking you where things are he doesn’t really bother.
- But he’ll get super protective if he ever finds out anyone is bully you, he doesn’t care who if you come home crying or beaten up the next day your bullies are magically in the hospital. He’ll never admit it but you can tell by his slightly scuffled look that day that he beat them up for you.
- He’d occasionally show signs that he does care for you quite a bit, like sharing some desert with you if he knows you had a bad day. Or nonchalantly leaving notes on your work explaining how to solve the question you couldn’t solve.
- Holly is too nice to ever actually punish the both of you but Jotaro would give you a warning if you ever stepped out of place thus he ends up being the one to teach you right and wrong.

- Josuke is the Best Friend kind of brother. Going to the arcade together, or bringing you out to lunch, maybe even being willing to spend some of his saving on you.
- He’d also bring you out to karaoke and introduce you to his friends so all of you are just one rowdy bunch of excited teens having fun together.
- Josuke would get super overprotective once you reach the dating age though, not wanting to see you get your heart broken so before dates he’d would have already threatened your partner not to hurt your feelings but you won’t ever know he did something like that because the last time you found out you ended up scolding him instead.
- Josuke would also share haircare products and tips with you, though you don’t share the same sentiments about your hairstyle like he does you still enjoy having silky smooth hair.
- You’d also never be hurt, ever cut or scratch no matter how small would be immediately healed up with Crazy Diamond the moment he notices.

- Giorno would be the Best Brother! Being bullied when he was a kid lead to you getting some of it to, but if anyone comes to mess with you Giorno would immediately step up to take the hit instead.
- He hates to see you hurt and would much rather take the fall for you. He’s the quiet brother kind, so you won’t know when he does get hurt in your place. He doesn’t want you to worry about him.
- When he gets older though he’d try to leave you out of the mafia but still use it to take care of you. If you want something expensive he’ll get it. If you want an ex to leave you alone, he’s on it.
- He’d also feel super responsible for you since you’re each other’s only family. Giorno would protect you with his life and he know you would do the same for him. So when it came to Passione in the later years, fully expect him to make sure everyone had an eye out for you.

- Jolyne would be a great older sister, she sees that since dad isn’t always here for you, she tries to fill that part of your life so you don’t feel as lonely.
- She’d be the kind of sister to lend you her makeup and music CDs whenever you wanted maybe spoiling you a little in the process.
- Instead of mom lecturing you, it’ll be her. Jolyne just wants to make sure you don’t grow up to be a spoilt brat but in all honestly she rarely does end up scolding you, but gives you the “ I’m disappointed in you” talks instead.
- If you like shopping, be sure as hell that she’s bringing you out to buy whatever you want. She herself spending a lot of time getting her own fashionable clothes and makeup.
- She’d also be super close to you, loving to hear whatever relationship updates you have. Hearing you talk about someone you like or even getting together with them is interesting to her. She’d try to give you ‘ relationship advice’ though it usually turns out horribly.

- Johnny would be the most perfect older brother, he himself having an older brother Nicholas, he just wants to be that figure in your life too. Making sure you never feel any bias against you in the family.
- If dad were to scold you he’d step up and take the full blame for you regardless. He feels like since dad already hates him he might as well take the hit for you so you’d live a better life than his.
- Johnny would also love bringing you out to the racetracks to ride with him and teach you everything about horses that your dad wouldn’t teach you [because he thinks you’re not ready.] Johnny calls that bullshit and just wants to see you happy.
- He’d be the most heartbroken to leave you after he runs away from home, secretly still getting people to write to you and update you on his wellbeing telling you not to worry or if dad is being mean you should “ Run away too! Stay with me. I can take care of you.” 


A Stisaac drabble! You can read the rest of my drabbles over here at AO3. They’re mostly Sterek and Steter. 

Sometimes, when Stiles is growing up, he wanders downstairs in the morning, yawning and trailing his blankie, and there’s some kid sitting at the kitchen table who wasn’t there the night before. Sometimes the kid stay a few hours, and sometimes a few days, and then they’re gone again. Sometimes the kids are older than Stiles, and sometimes they’re younger. Sometimes they’re fun, and sometimes they’re quiet. Once, a girl bites Stiles so hard that he needs to get stitches on his thumb. Mostly though, the sleepover kids are okay.

Stiles is eight when Isaac first sleeps over. Isaac doesn’t magically appear in the middle of the night. He comes home one afternoon in the back seat of Dad’s cruiser, with a plastic bag full of clothes clutched under one arm.

Isaac is one of the quiet ones. He and Stiles color until it’s time for dinner, and Stiles lets Isaac pick all the good pens first. The ones that haven’t dried out because Stiles forgot to put the lids on. They have mac and cheese for dinner, and Isaac goes to sleep in the spare room. The next morning he packs up his clothes again, and Dad drives him away somewhere.

The sleepovers stop when Mom gets sick. Then she gets worse, and then…

Then she’s gone.

Stiles’s dad is gone too, for a long time. He drinks too much. He falls down a lot. It hurts Stiles in ways he’s too little to properly articulate, but mostly he thinks it’s because his dad is so broken that he doesn’t see how much Stiles is hurting too. Stiles needs him, and his dad doesn’t notice. It takes a long time for things to get better again.

There are no more sleepovers, and sometimes Stiles feels like the strangers at the kitchen table in the morning are him and his dad.

It’s not until Stiles is twelve that he realizes those weren’t sleepovers at all.

Those were emergency care placements.

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Jamie Sawyer-Danvers

I wrote a fic off of your Adrian AU. I’m a trans boy myself and I love him so much. Enjoy this fic! It’s 3.5k words, and I tried to keep it as short as possible. I’d be happy to write more in this AU if people wanted it.

Maggie Sawyer had dealt with kids her whole life.

Blue Springs, Nevada definitely lacked good sex education due to its mostly conservative population, leading to a rather high teen pregnancy rate. Maggie knew at least three girls in her grade who had more than one kid under the age of eighteen. In addition to trying to help all of her colleague’s kids, she babysat constantly for her little cousins, and there were tons of them. Sawyer family reunions ended up filling her family’s barnhouse, and then some. Being the eldest cousin, not only was she the primary role model, she also was on diaper duty, the main source of entertainment, cooked for them, and bathed them.

Maggie Sawyer could take care of a kid.

And she had no doubt her wife could, too.

Alex Danvers had helped her sister when she came to Earth, and taught her everything she needed to know about being a regular citizen on the planet. Sure, it was different from infants and smaller children, but it still was noteworthy.

When Adrian Rodriguez had come into their lives, Maggie and Alex knew their family was expanding. Maggie knew he wasn’t a son to them; he had loving parents. She regarded him as more of a little brother, and she cared for him immensely. Adrian had become one of the closest people in her life (besides Alex, of course). Alex’s little sister Kara had formed a close bond with Maggie, as well, even inviting her to the sacred sister nights occasionally.

Maggie knew that she’d happily welcome another person to her little family in National City. But she didn’t expect it to be so soon.

Maggie was excited to go home after a strenuous week. Working with the NCPD was enough stress, but the added partnership with the DEO exhausted her. A weekend of sleep and being with her wife sounded like the perfect remedy. She knew Alex was beyond tired as well, and was probably already at home waiting for her with a bath and a drink (non-alcoholic, of course. Maggie had banned all alcohol from their home).

What Maggie came home to was something she’d never expected to see.

When she opened the door, the first thing she heard was a cry. A baby’s cry. Maggie dropped her bag, closed the door, and quickly followed the noise.

In the bedroom stood Alex Danvers, in all her glory, holding a baby, red-faced with tears, only wearing a diaper.

Alex looked up and saw that Maggie was home, and heaved a sigh of relief. “Maggie, can you take him from me?” Without waiting for an answer, Alex shoved the baby in Maggie’s arms. “I need to call Lucy Lane and set up a meeting about what to do with him from a legal standpoint. I’ll go out and buy diapers and formula and some clothes at Target really quick.”

Maggie was dumbfounded when Alex quickly exited the room, leaving her alone with the infant in her arms, whose cries only got louder. Pushing past her confusion, Maggie let her maternal instincts take over.

“Shh, baby, it’s okay. I’m here,” she murmured, her lips going on the baby’s head. She cradled him (she assumed the baby was a boy, since Alex had said he. Maggie had yet to find out) and walked around, his head resting against her chest, listening to the steady beat of her heart. His crying settled down eventually, and the quiet was bliss to Maggie’s ears. She hummed a soft lullaby that she remembered put her little cousins to sleep, and it wasn’t long before the baby was dozing off.

She carefully moved to the couch and wrapped a blanket around herself and the baby, who was still resting on her chest. She ran one finger across his chubby cheek, and she smiled. She had no clue who this baby was, or who he belonged to, but she knew that he was something special.

Alex returned half an hour later, carrying two huge boxes of diapers, and balancing a whole thing of formula and a few bottles and five baby onesies on top of it. She tried standing up to help her wife with the load, but she was quickly reminded of the weight on her chest.

“Hey, Alex?”

“Yeah, babe?” Alex responded, settling everything on the coffee table.

“Why is there a baby in my arms?”

Alex turned around to face her. “Kara found him in a crate in the back of a truck she was chasing that was carrying alien weapons. Surprisingly, no trauma or injuries, but we haven’t found a home for him. We’ve been called him Baby Doe for standard procedure. I’ve been taking care of him all day at the DEO, and I just couldn’t let him stay overnight there. J’onn let me take him home. I’ll bring him back tomorrow. Lucy’s coming in and is going to get some of her DCF friends to find his home.”

Maggie was suddenly washed by a feeling of jealousy. She didn’t even know this kid. But hearing how Kara found him made her blood boil. She wanted to keep him safe, and she knew that was here, with her and Alex.

Maggie stood up, carefully supporting the baby. “I’ll bathe him and change him. Can you make dinner?” Alex nodded, and Maggie made way to the bathroom.

She figured the baby was about two months old, and definitely couldn’t be in the bath. So she carefully lied him down on the towel she had grabbed, and quickly stripped. She set up the bath to a lukewarm temperature, making sure the water level was low. After she removed his diaper (confirming that the baby was a him. For now, at least. That could change in the future, she thought), she cradled him back in her arms and sat in the tub.

Maggie had never bathed someone this young before, and she didn’t know how difficult it was. The baby clearly did not like the water, and she kept trying to calm him as she took a little cup of water and washed his hair and body with it. He calmed eventually, clearly enjoying the feel of his warm skin against Maggie’s cooler skin. After five minutes or so, Maggie drained the tub and wrapped herself up in a towel, while using a smaller hand towel for the baby. She threw on an old baggy shirt and Alex’s boxers, and put a fresh diaper and a onesie Alex picked out (a little grey onesie with koalas on it) on him.

When she came back into the kitchen, still holding the baby, the aroma of mac and cheese flooded her. “Smells good, babe.”

Alex turned around to see her wife and smiled. “Glad to see you and Doe are all clean. How was the bath?”

Maggie laid another kisses upon the baby’s head. “He was a little scared at first, but he’s all good now.” Alex just stared at her, her countenance undecipherable. “What?”

“Motherhood suits you, Maggie.”

Maggie couldn’t help the smile that Alex’s comment pulled out of her, showcasing her dimples. “We haven’t had the kid conversation yet.”

“Well, what better time than now? I prepared a bottle for him, just let me take him―”

“Can I feed him?”

Alex looked shocked. “Aren’t you tired?”

“We’re taking care of an infant. Tiredness doesn’t stop us.”

“Maggie, do you want kids?”

Maggie looked at her wife in surprise. Alex had met her huge family, and she knew that Maggie loved children. She didn’t know why Alex was asking that. “Of course I do, Alex!”

Alex smiled, “So do I.”

Maggie looked down at the baby in her arms. He was starting to get a little fussy from hunger. She took a seat at the table, and adjusted him into the best position for feeding. The baby leaned forward and starting mouthing around her breasts, and Maggie felt a wave of sadness hit her.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have anything in there for you, baby.”

The baby only responded by letting out a loud wail, and caught his mouth on the fabric of Maggie’s shirt. She gently moved his head away, and moved to let the baby suckle on her on her index finger.

Alex quickly heated up the bottle of formula she prepared, and brought it over. Maggie thanked Alex quietly, removed her finger, and brought the bottle to the baby’s mouth. He happily accepted the bottle, and drank quickly. Maggie let out a little giggle at how his tiny hands tried to reach to how the bottle.

Maggie didn’t notice Alex staring at her happily, in an almost dreamlike trance. “You’ve never looked more beautiful.”

Maggie felt a blush spread across her face. “You really think so?”

“I know so.”

Alex offered to take the baby for the next hour while Maggie took care of herself. But Maggie already felt lost without the baby.

What the hell, Sawyer? Don’t get attached. He’s leaving tomorrow.

But some feeling deep down told her that this baby needed her. And she’d be here for him.

Maggie felt herself nodding off to sleep when her wife came into the bedroom, holding the baby.

“He’s sleeping with us tonight, if you don’t mind.”

“Where else would he sleep?”

Alex didn’t respond, but cuddled into Maggie’s side, cradling the baby to her chest. Maggie smiled and held her arms out, so she could hold him. Alex didn’t fully relinquish him, but instead balanced him in between the two of them. The baby didn’t seem fussy, and snuggled right into the two of them.

Maggie’s heart grew as she imagined Alex and her having kids. She knew Alex would be a perfect mother, and she wanted to raise children with her.

“Do you think we can have that conversation about having kids now?” Alex asked.

“I think we both know we want kids, baby,” Maggie giggled.

Alex leaned over to give her a soft kiss, keeping in mind the position of the baby. “I want to adopt at least one kid. If you wanna have kids biologically through IVF, we could do that, too. Though I’d really rather not carry a kid. I don’t want to lose this gorgeous figure.”

“Have I ever told you how much I love you, Alexandra Danvers-Sawyer?”

“Every day, Margaret Ellen Danvers-Sawyer.”

Maggie Sawyer [11:34 AM]: Adrian?

Adrian Rodriguez [11:35 AM]: Yeah?

Maggie Sawyer [11:35 AM]: I need you to come over. I’ve got the weekend off and I just need you.

Adrian Rodriguez [11:36 AM]: Be there in 30.

“So, you’re telling me, you took care of a baby for the night, and you got attached?”


“Sounds like you, Detective Danvers-Sawyer,” Adrian let out a little laugh as he sat down on the couch next to Maggie. “Always looking out for the underdog.”

“I spent all of last night thinking about him. And thinking about how bad I want a baby with Alex.”

“Do you want to be pregnant?”

“No. Maybe. I don’t know. All I know is that I want that baby. I just―I don’t think he has a safe family. I have a hunch.”

“Your hunches usually are good.”

“The place they found him in, dear lord. I can’t let him go back to a place like that. And I  have seen how bad the foster system is. I couldn’t let that happen.”

“Listen, Maggie. Go down to the DEO. I need to go grocery shopping since the only thing in my fridge right now is a half eaten burrito and probably expired milk. And I need to pick up my new testosterone bottle.”

Maggie rolled her eyes as she stood up to get her coat and bag. “College boys.”

Adrian couldn’t help but smile when she said boy. He knew that he passed as male full time now, but having his identity affirmed always brought the best sensation of euphoria.

“Love you, Maggie.”

“Love you too, kid.”

Alex had made sure Maggie had full clearance at the DEO, even before the NCPD teamed up with them. She wanted her wife to come visit her at anytime, and Maggie was grateful for that. It meant she could steal Alex in the middle of a slow day for a lunch date, or even just a quick kiss to cheer up her day.

Maggie could tell Alex wasn’t surprised when she saw her. Alex made her way over to Maggie, giving her a chaste kiss, and pulled back. “Baby Doe is in the lab. They’re testing to make sure that no alien substances from the weapons affected him.”

Maggie sighed. “Any update from DCF?”

“Lucy said they haven’t been able to locate any family that could take him. They ran his DNA in the system, and his parents were the ones smuggling the weapons. No extended family, grandparents are dead, no other siblings. They’re trying to find a foster home for him right now.”



“Can we foster him?”

“I was hoping you’d ask that.”

“So, how’s this going to work, Maggie?”

Adrian paced around the apartment, helping set up the crib that they bought. Alex, despite being one of the smartest people Maggie knew, could not assemble Ikea furniture to save her life.

“The crib is going to be in our room for a bit, but we’re going to clear the extra office space to make a nursery. Kara’s at work right now, but she’ll be coming over with some more supplies,” Maggie replied, bouncing the baby up and down.

“I meant the legal process.”

“Oh. Lucy’s got us covered. God bless her. Couple of check ups from DCF soon to make sure our home is a suitable environment. We got immediate custody because of our jobs in law enforcement.”

“What are you going to name him, Maggie?”

Alex walked into the room, carrying a tool box. “Still working on that one, Ade. This was really sudden, and the only thing we’ve ever named is our succulent who died last winter. It’s name was Jason.”

“What a lovely name,” Adrian laughed. His laughter suddenly trailed off, however, and he appeared to be deep in thought.

Maggie walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder, still making sure she was supporting the baby. “What’s going on, honey?”

“It’s nothing, Maggie.”

Alex joined them and put her arms around Maggie, kissing the side of her head quickly, and then kissing the baby’s head. “It’s clearly not nothing, Adrian. You’re sad all of a sudden.”

“It’s just that―will I be the baby’s uncle? Do I count as his family?”

As if prompted, the baby moved to nuzzle his head into Adrian. Maggie smiled. “I think he just said yes, Adrian.”

“And besides, why wouldn’t you be? You’re our family, and well, he’s our family now, too,” Alex said.

The door opened suddenly, revealing a grinning Kara. “Does this mean I’m Aunty Kara now?”

Alex, Maggie, and Adrian couldn’t help but laugh.

“Of course, Little Danvers.”

Kara shrieked and ran across the room, holding open her arms. “Let me hold my nephew!”

Maggie held the baby closer to her chest. “Nuh uh, Danvers. You’re building the crib. You have the strength, after all.”

Adrian already knew Kara was Supergirl. It was quite obvious, after all. The glasses were a ridiculous disguise he said, which Maggie and Alex completely agreed with.

Kara pouted, but Maggie knew it was all in good fun. “I better get cuddles with him soon, Maggie.”

Adrian nudged Kara. “I call cuddling him first!”

“No fair! I call cuddling him first!”

Alex and Maggie couldn’t help laughing at the little family they’d built. They had never felt this amount of love before, and they knew having the baby in their lives was going to be the best decision they ever made.

“Alex, baby?”

“Yeah?” Alex responded, pausing laying kisses on her wife’s neck. The baby was with Kara and Adrian right now, and Alex and Maggie had a few minutes to themselves. And they weren’t going to waste that time.”

“Can we talk about the baby? The one who is now ours, and hopefully will be permanently?”

Alex sighed and moved away from Maggie’s neck, removing her hands from her breasts, too. “Was my attempt to seduce you not enough?”

Maggie laughed and kissed Alex’s nose. “I do love your obsession with my tits, Ally, but I think Kara’s trying really hard to block us out right now,” she motioned towards the door, where Kara was on the other side. “Besides, I can’t stop thinking about this.”

Alex rearranged herself so she was sitting next to Maggie, and laced their fingers together. “He needs a name, first of all.”

“I have a name in mind, and I think you know what it is.”

“After your cousin? The one who died of cancer last year?”

“The world could definitely do with another Jamie Sawyer, don’t you think?”

“Danvers-Sawyer, I think you mean.”

Maggie leaned her head on Alex’s shoulder. “I’m so in love with you.”

Alex kissed the top of her head. “I’m in love with you, too.”

“We have a baby.”

“That we do.”

“We’re going to be the best parents ever.”

“That we are.”

A loud crash was heard from the other side of the house, and the baby―Jamie started crying.

“Don’t worry! You guys keep being adorably sappy!” Kara yelled, which only prompted Jamie to cry harder.

Maggie sighed and stood up. “Motherly duties call.”

It had been a month since Jamie came to live with them, and it was the best month of their lives. They had applied for maternity leave, and each got three months. Adrian and Kara came and visited frequently, showering him in gifts and love. J’onn came to visit his grandchild a few times, and couldn’t help but show his actual emotions (“He’s gorgeous, Agent Danvers. Don’t tell anyone I said that.”). James and Winn showed up with some more supplies for them, and Alex and Maggie felt so blessed that their life had become this.

Adrian was over currently and was reading Jamie a book while they sat on the couch. Alex was making dinner, and Maggie found herself having a moment of peace, for once, sitting in a reclining chair. She and Alex had only been intimate once since Jamie came, and that was because he had to spend a few hours at the DEO for a final checkover, and Maggie needed the distraction. She wanted to go exercise, or read, or do something productive, but all she could do was stare at Adrian holding her baby.

She remembered the condition she found Adrian in. All she wanted was for him to be okay, and to feel like he had a home. And now, here he was, holding his nephew and kissing his head and playing with him and being the best uncle of all time, no matter how much Winn claimed that he was. She didn’t notice the tears falling down her face until Adrian spoke.

“You okay, Maggie?”

“Why wouldn’t I be, Ade?”

“You’re crying.”

Maggie brought her hands up to her face, and sure enough, they were wet with her tears. “Huh. Didn’t notice.”

“Is anything wrong, Maggie?”

“No, there’s nothing wrong, Adrian. It’s just… I didn’t expect to ever feel this happy. To have this amazing of a family. You’re the best uncle to my baby. I have a baby. And he’s the most well behaved kid of all time and I love him so much. And I love my wife so much. And I love you so much, Adrian.” She got up and sat next to Adrian pulling him and Jamie into a hug, kissing both their heads. “When you have a kid, I hope that kid knows I’m going to be the favorite aunt.”

“You’re going to have to fight me for that title, Danvers-Sawyer!” Alex yelled from the kitchen.

“I know a way we can fight.”

Adrian got up, still holding Jamie. “And that’s my cue to take my nephew out for a bit. We’ll be at Kara’s. Have fun, you two.”

“Oh, we will,” Maggie smirked.

“Maggie?” Alex rolled over, bringing the blanket up to cover their naked bodies.

“Yeah, baby girl?” Maggie wrapped her arms around her wife.

“You’re the best mother ever.”

“Have you seen yourself?”

“When Jamie’s a bit older, I want more kids.”

“As long as you keep changing the diapers, I’m on board.”

Alex slapped her wife’s arm playfully. “I’m retracting my previous statement about you being the best mother ever. It’s clearly me, babe.”

Maggie sighed and cuddled more into Alex. “Jamie has the best mothers in the world.”

“That he does.”

“And the best aunt.”

“Kara is an excellent aunt.”

“And the best uncle.”

Alex hummed in agreement and rested her head on Maggie’s breast. A pregnant pause fell upon the two of them, until Alex broke the silence. “I love our family.”

“Me, too, Danvers-Sawyer. Me too.”

Off Limits • KBTBB (AU) •  .002

Characters: Naomi Kishi (OC) / Eisuke Ichinomiya + more to come
Chapters: 2/?
Authors notes: I got some awesome feedback from the first chapter posted. I know this is a little odd compared to most of the things I write, but aside from an angsty-romance piece I have in the workds, hopefully you’ll enjoy the next few chapters of this I have install for you xo
Tagging: @humorcomchantilly @oh-heaux @thehigherthebun @laili2104 

Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat

Naomi’s POV

“So – how have things been?”
“Y’know; alright I guess.”
“Mom and dad?”
“Completely furious over the fact that I decided to follow you up north and study here.”

I played with my chopsticks, stirring my bowl of soba around like a bored, jaded child unsure of what she should be doing; a semi-warm pile of edamame beans sitting in front of me as well that Mamoru had no problem chowing down on. His suggestion of grabbing a bite to eat had been something I jumped at the opportunity of first off; wanting to distance myself from the rather interesting first morning I’d experienced on campus.

Somewhere between leaving Raijin house and making it to this tiny, hole in the wall soba diner, I’d tried explaining that I’d need time to freshen up – to shower; to grab my wallet and perhaps even change into something a little more comfortable for the weather yet it seemed as if Mamoru had no time for my nonsense – something he’d quite honestly never had and instead, I was dragged near kicking and screaming to where he wanted to be.

Conversation seemed to hop, skip and jump between family and plans for next summer; potential classes and what to do it I ever got homesick. Shaking his head as he continued to eat his food and listen to my ridiculous, little sister banter; Mamoru’s eyes wandered off for just a moment, his jaw stopping mid-bite as a pretty waitress in a skirt shorter than a Saturday night walked straight past us carrying a hot coffee jug.

“I saw that”, I pointed out, pursing my lips together.
“Saw what Mimi?”, Mamoru asked, raising an eyebrow with a smirk creeping onto his face before he kicked at my ankles beneath the table.

Mimi – that’s a nickname I hadn’t heard in a while – at least it was no longer squirt or worse, kid.

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Jody’s House

Requested by @newyorkrebel: Hi! Can you a sis fic based kind of like 11x12 in which the reader is staying with Jody, Claire and Alex because she screwed up a few hunts and when Sam and Dean come they see she is sad because she doesn’t have many friends and gave up hunting because Dean told her she was bad at it? Just basically really fluffy and angsty. Maybe she ends up saving Sam and Dean? I know it’s kinda long but I hope you take it into account :)) 

A/n: Ok! Here it is! I hope you all like it! :)

I sat in the backseat of the impala in Jody’s driveway looking out the window. My brothers brought me here since they think I need to take a break from hunting .

“This is stupid, Dean! Why are you making me live with her? I’m supposed to be out there with you guys! On the open road, just the three of us! Just like it always has been. You can’t be serious!?!” I gritted my teeth, as I starred my older brother down. He was acting ridiculous! Besides, I’m nineteen. I can make my own decisions

Dean met my stare with his own. I knew in my heart he wasn’t going to back down, but I’d be damned if he thinks that he can make me go.

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Imagine having to share a bed with Theo on a pack mission <3

request: reader as stiles’s sister/theo + having to share a bed + “Just don’t try cuddling me or anything.”

I hope you like it! I’m sorry it took so long for me to upload but here it is. It was a really fun request so thank you for asking me! 

Originally posted by prettylittleliars

At dusk Stiles came to wake you up. He shook your shoulders which resulted in you growling. “Stiles get the fuck out before I kill you.” You said in a serious tone. You knew why he was waking you up but that didn’t make it any less annoying. “Y/N come on we have to get going. We need to go before dad wakes up, and you know he gets up at the crack of dawn, well guess what - it’s the crack of dawn.” He retorted. “Fine.” You caved in and got out of bed. You were about to go out the door but stopped as you saw Stiles’s judging look. “What now?” Could this night be any worse? He scanned your outfit. “I may not be a fashion expert, but even I know, that is not an acceptable outfit.” Is he fucking serious? “Stiles I don’t give a shit.” You sighed. “Can we just get going now?” He raised his hands in surrender and you tiptoed downstairs and out the door. 

You sat in the passenger seat in the jeep as you went to each of the pack members houses to pick them up. The jeep got a little crowded when you finally reached Lydia’s house. Since you were the smallest (in age and size) you had to sit in Scott’s lap. In the car Lydia, Stiles, Scott, Kira and Theo filled ud the space. You stuck your head between the two front seats. “Stiles. When are we there? Because I’m sitting like crap and if we have to go another hour, I will kill someone.” Lydia snorted and Stiles quietly nodded, knowing better than to mess with you right now. “You know if you’re sitting horribly I’m sure I can offer a very nice lap over here.” Theo said with a mischievous grin. “Thanks, but no thank you.” You said and quietly sat back on Scott’s lap with a light blush reddening your cheeks. Theo’s grin only grew in amusement at your response, along with the rest of the jeep who were all laughing. 

After a while Stiles stopped at a cheap motel. “No way.” You said as soon as he stopped Roscoe. “Y/N come on. Do you see any five star hotels in the area?” You looked outside the window. Darkness loomed all around the jeep. You looked back at Stiles and he knew he had won. You got out of Roscoe and made your way to the reception. You had your bag over your shoulder. It was irritating you, weighing more than you could handle. Someone lifted it off your shoulder. You looked next to you and saw Theo carrying his bag and now yours too. You were about to say he didn’t have to do that, but you were interrupted by the receptionist. “Here you go.” She said before any of us had even talked to her. She handed Scott three keys to three different rooms. 

As soon as you saw the three keys you knew what was going on. Scott handed Stiles a key and then Theo one. “Wohow, hold your horses, who’s sleeping with who?” Scott and Kira were a couple, you knew that, and of course they would sleep together, but Stiles and Lydia weren’t, couldn’t you sleep with Lydia? They all shared knowing looks. Great. “It’s just one night Y/N, don’t you trust me?” Theo mocked and started to look for the room. You groaned. This was not how you pictured this trip. You followed Theo, before he stopped at room 113. “Are you kidding me? 113? That calls for bad luck.” You had always hated the number 13, it always brings bad luck. “You know if you’re scared Stilinski, I’ll take care of you.” He said and opened up the door a little too smooth for your liking. “I can take care of myself, thank you very much.” He chuckled and dropped your bags on the bed. The bed. Not two beds. One. “Oh…” 
“What?” He turned his head to you and followed your eyes. “There’s only one bed.” He stated. “Is that a problem?” You honestly didn’t know. You liked Theo, maybe a little more than you would like, but you didn’t want him to know… “Nono! Noooh problem… At all.” You cringed at your own words and reaction. He smiled. “Oookay. So are you up for some food?” He pulled out some money from his back pocket. “My treat?”

You walked to a place down the road. A small diner which fortunately still were open. You scooted towards the window in the booth, as Theo sat down on the other side. A waitress came and handed you the menu. Immediately you knew what you wanted, but the waitress had already left. “How can you possibly already know what you want?” He was amazed by your food picking skills. “Well it’s easy. Pie,” you counted on your fingers, “milkshake and of course curly fries.” It wasn’t like it was a hard choice. Curly fries was a family tradition and your addiction. Pie was - oh come on who doesn’t love a good piece of pie? He laughed and threw his head back a little. You cheeks reddened. “What?” You exclaimed. He had stopped laughing and looked bewildered at you. “Why the curly fries? I mean the milkshake and pie sure, but where do they come from?” You slumped back a little. “Actually it comes from my mother. When Stiles and I were little, me, him, my dad and my mom went to this diner all the time.  She always ordered curly fries, so we all began to eat them, and now she’s gone but we kind of remember her through them. I know it sounds crazy and a little weird, but…” You stopped, why were you telling Theo this? “It’s tradition.” You ended. The waitress came back just as Theo was about to say something. “What can I get you two?” She asked sweetly. You said your order. “You know what?” Theo closed his menu. “I want the same.” He smiled at her and then grinned at you. You couldn’t help but smile back. 

“Admit it. Curly fries fit perfectly to the creamy milkshake and sweet pie. It adds some spice.” You laughed as Theo moaned in pleasure. “Yes. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, I will listen to you forever, and never doubt your food picking skills.” He stuffed his mouth with curly fries and flushed it down with milkshake. You followed suit. “Thank you. I will forever share my food picking wisdom with you.” You smiled and he smiled right back. 

The two of you walked out of the diner together and started to head back to the hotel. It was darker out than it had been before. And colder. The moon were looming over you and it made you nervous. Full moon weren’t a good sign. “Aren’t you affected by the moon at all?” You asked Theo. He looked down at you. “Yes. But I’ve learned to control it. It’s hard but when I have something to distract myself with it’s not a problem.” He said, referring to you. You broke eye contact, even though you could look into his hazel eyes for all eternity. Somewhere a wolf howled. Theo’s attention turned to the sound and you instantly stopped. His whole body went rigid and he stepped in front of you. “Let’s go.” He took your hand. You suppressed the fluttering feeling it gave you and asked him what was wrong. “I don’t know. I don’t even know anything is wrong, but I just want to make sure we’re safe. The other wolfs in the area might sense another pack has intruded their territory and we don’t want that. It won’t end good. Let’s just get home to the hotel and stay in for the night.” He rushed the two of you home. 

You opened the door and Theo laid his hand on the small of your back to guide you inside. Once inside he locked the door and looked out the window before pulling the curtain closed. “Okay you look like you’re freaking out and that freaks me out. Are you okay?” You were getting tired of his act. His head snapped up and he looked you deep in the eyes. “I’m sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean to freak you out.” He took off his jacket. “Nothing is wrong, I just have a little paranoia when it comes to other packs.” His shoes went off. “Do you want to go to sleep or watch a movie or something?” 
“Actually I just want to sleep if that’s alright.” You said and dropped the topic, even though something about it didn’t seem right. “Yeah sure.” He picked up his bag and started to go through it. You opened your bag and noticed it wasn’t the bag you had packed. Shit. You had probably grabbed the wrong bag back home. “Oh crap.” You groaned. “What’s wrong?” You turned to Theo, who apparently were in the middle of changing. He had pajama pants on with no shirt. He was about to put the shirt on when you had spoken. “I brought the wrong bag with me. This is my cheerleading bag. All I have now is my uniform and my pom poms. This is so typical me. God!” You gave yourself a face palm and sat on the bed. The shirt hit you face and fell into your lap. Theo had already turned his back to you. You looked at his muscular back. Theo was not bad looking at all. “Are you sure?” You stood up. “Yes. I don’t really need it anyway.” He walked around you and started to pull the covers from the bed. You went to the bathroom and took off your pants and the shirt on. You walked back into the bedroom and found Theo laying in bed already. You slipped under the covers. “Theo?” You said. He turned to you. “Just don’t try cuddling me or anything.” He chuckled. “Are you sure I’m very cuddly?” He slowly pulled you towards him. His body curved perfectly against yours and you sighed. “Alright I don’t care.” You said and snuggled closer to him and he held you close. 

More trans Keith headcannons

More trans Keith headcannons because it has been a rough week and I like to project my insecurities onto fictional characters to feel validation!
Also, thank you for the love the last List got, I’m glad you all relate!
* Keith has very curvy hips and a substantial butt- there are some nights he tries to hide this but most days he rocks it like nobodies business.
- Lance’s brain fries every time Keith walks around in leggings or skinny jeans or even fucking sweatpants.
* Keith spent a really really long time alone- sometimes intentionally and other times because he had to be- not to mention having to figure out who he was at such a young age- as a result he’s really really in tune with himself. He identifies his own emotions fairly well- and this is why he acts on instinct so much.
- this isn’t to say that he always handles it well. Just because he recognizes what he’s feeling doesn’t mean he’s willing to admit it to anyone but himself. When he realizes he’s so entirely head over heels for Lance- he trains until he can’t stand anymore he’s so exhausted- he locks himself in his room and ignores and ignores and ignores- he pushes himself away from everyone and isolates himself until the loneliness he’s so familiar with sets in because he’s fucked up so many things in his life, but he can’t fuck up this one.
- Eventually- when this begins to effect the forming of Voltron and things are getting too dangerous and his teammates are hurt because of him- he stops. He starts showing up to group dinners again and trains with them instead of alone- and things are almost ok again, but no one really knows what happened (or maybe they do- he’s not sure- but it takes weeks for them to stop sending him concerned glances when they think he’s not looking. He is.)
* He’s got chubby cheeks and a relatively round face- that’s become more angular as he got older and transitioned further- but it’s always been and will continue to be a source of great dysphoria for him.
- it used to be a lot worse when he first started transitioning at 15. He was a lot chunkier as a kid than he is now- but he had a shit ton of free time and hated his body a little too much, so after years of workouts to blow off steam and sort of careful eating, he feels a little better than he used to.
* Growing up his most painful, prominent source of dysphoria was his voice. In the care of his mother he was never, ever under any circumstances allowed to start Testosterone, and he feared that when he was voice training he’d sound unnatural. He used to try things from protein pills to testosterone boosters and nothing worked- there was a point where he was so desperate he’d even attempted to get T illegally- but he never had the connections and he feared his mother noticing the changes. (He wouldn’t admit it out loud- but there are nights he’s still so dysphoric he’d be willing to do it still, if given the opportunity.)
* He has a hard time knowing when it’s time to take his binder off. He stretches wearing it as long as he can- and it scares him sometimes how he’s willing to suffer through the excruciating back pain and the slightly too tight squeeze of his ribs because he knows it’s unhealthy and one day it’s gonna catch up to him but he just- it’s just… He just can’t, ok?
- there’s one instance when the group is in the middle of a training session and he’s been wearing it for hours too long that the pain is just too much- he can’t breathe and he collapses in front of everyone, nearly getting knocked over by the simulator. They all run over to him and try to help but it’s ultimately pidge that finally understands what’s going on. “Keith,” they say, tone softer and more understanding than he thinks they should be “Keith, I know it’s hard but you have to take it off. It’s ok, it going to be ok. You can put it back on tomorrow, but it’s time.” And the team is so confused until Keith turns around and reluctantly takes both his shirt and binder off before putting his shirt back on. He turns around and his shoulders are slumped, breathing choppy and lip quivering and he just… Breaks. They spend a good 20 minutes on the training deck floor all holding Keith as he cries and unravels before them- and Lance thinks that if Keith were anyone else- if he knew him any less well that he might mistake Keith for glass- fragile and chipped- but he knows Keith. He knows that this is more open than he’s ever seen Keith, and he is so proud of him. (His heart still hurts, wiping away the red Paladins tears and telling him that he is a boy no matter what- that one day the burden will be lighter, but for now Keith needs to let them hold some of the weight.)
* Keith really likes applesauce, soup, lo mein, and cereal
- seriously- it’s all he lived on in his shack. If you come near him whilst he is in possession of any of these foods expect to be glared at.
* Keith can’t cook for shit
* Keith can’t cook for shit, but oh boy, don’t ever challenge him to a bake off because he will kick your ass and serve it to you in a cake pan (Lance learned this the hard way- the cake was so worth it though.)
* Keith used to get really lonely. He used to try and connect with people- try to meet others feel connections with someone- feel fucking anything- but eventually he just gave up. He got tired of being lonely- so he chose to be alone. (Then he’d met Shiro- the man who’d become a brother of sorts- and then Lance and Pidge and Hunk and Allura and even Coran and… Things had changed then. They were their own family of sorts, in a weird dysfunctional way of course.)
* Keith’s a cuddler, and absolutely a koala boyfriend.
- If you are anything less than a best friend he will recoil when you touch him- but if you’re close to him he enjoys said touches- enjoys sprawling across hunk and Shiros laps during movie nights or curling up with pidge under a blanket marathoning the X files. And when he and Lance start dating? Oh boy. Lance can’t get the boy off of him (not that he minds- at all.)
* Sometimes Keith’s dysphoria gets so bad that there are nights he has nightmares about being misgendered the way he was back on earth, about waking up to find himself looking the way he had growing up. He cries when he wakes up, and sometimes he walks to lances room and let’s himself indulge in the feeling of the other boys arms wrapped around him. (In the morning, he always slinks out before Lance wakes. He shoves the overwhelming love he feels back where it belongs and ignores it once more- but that doesn’t stop it from drifting into his memories at night.)
* Keith is just tired honestly
* But things in the castle are so much better than they ever have been- he is so much happier, the dysphoria is something that’s never going to go away, but he has people who… Who love him now, who support him and believe in him when he can’t find the energy to do so himself.
* Keith doesn’t recognize the person in photographs taken in his childhood
- He still can’t decide if he should be sorry about that or not.
So that’s all for now, I’ve been writing for a while and I feel like I’ve got a pretty substantial amount going here. So there you go

Limit of the Flesh (13)

Shepard/Vakarian, post-war but pre-relationship. Also on AO3.


What ate up most of their dead flight time was not paperwork but reading. Aboard the Normandy, Shepard had been consumed with the dozens of operational tasks required of a ship’s skipper, and that meant filing reports, reading reports, writing reports based on other reports, and filling out enough forms to level all but the hardiest executive officers. Even Garrus, who had first been a contractor for the Alliance, then a mercenary hired by Cerberus, and finally a Hierarchy specialist assigned to Shepard’s command, had been forced to face off with the red tape he despised.

Now that they were a crew of two with the Council as their only official superiors, the paperwork had lessened but by no means disappeared. It was, however, for maybe the first time in Shepard’s adult life, possible to stay ahead of it. She had leisure time now — not just time to exercise or tinker with her guns, but whole hours and sometimes whole days to pursue her own interests. Occasionally she filled that time with novels or vids, but mostly she, like Garrus, busied herself with reading more relevant to her position.

Shepard was going through the latest catalog from Rosenkov. One of the perks of working for ST&R was the access to top-of-the-line equipment, much of it early prototypes; her Rosenkov catalog in no way resembled the Rosenkov catalog available to less prestigious customers. Garrus was pouring over a ballistics article complex enough to make even Shepard’s vision blur while one of his procedural telenovels played in the background. She’d had plenty of technical education, both in the course of her electronic warfare training and because nobody knew how to do what Shepard could do with a rifle without a decent understanding of mathematics, but Garrus had a knack for physics and programming that would’ve served him well in an academic career. He’d probably gotten that from his mother — she’d left the Department of Intelligence at age thirty with a doctorate in linguistics and a gift for software composition.

“You know what bothers me most?” Garrus said. He didn’t really like police procedurals; he just liked to pick them apart. “Any officer who discharged his weapon three times in the span of a week would be assigned to deskwork, not to a date with his supervisor.”

“Speaking from experience?”

“Shepard, please. I’ve never asked my supervisor out.”

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IN FAIR VERONA – a small, appless RP

Two companies, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, California, where we lay our scene…

This is a small, appless RP based on William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet!” Set in 2017 California, our RP focuses on the feud between Capulet Corporations and Montague Enterprises, two companies that have been at each other’s throats for decades. These two will stop at nothing to top one another, and both families have blood on their hands. Even now, in a more “civil” era, members of both companies and families have been known to brawl in the streets – much to the irritation of the local law enforcement. So what happens when a Capulet child and a Montague child fall for each other?

Characters, rules, and the app are below the cut!

As of now, 8/10 characters are taken.

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My heart aches for 2024!Barry and co who do not have Iris. Obviously more so for Iris’s family and Barry.


His complete brokenness. After she died, he probably went into rage mode. Did everything he could to himself to make him ready for Savitar. Became obsessed with finding a way to take him down. That he wasn’t there for anyone else. Then he finally did it. He trapped Savitar. His rage should have ended. It didn’t.

The full force of losing Iris and his remaining family- it hit him like a train. It took everything that was left from him.

He couldn’t be the flash without her because he just didn’t care enough anymore. About anything or anyone. She’s the love of his life, she’s everything to him. Without her, none of it is worth it.

He forgets his promise. He can’t make good on it. Too much time has passed. Too much pain. So he locks himself away. No interactions, no flash means the people he loves are safe.


Years passed. Then one day. He senses someone in Star Labs. He can’t explain it but he’s been alone there for so long, he’s learned to know when he isn’t. Senses someone that isn’t Cisco looking for his ‘best friend’. A term that no longer has the same meaning. He isn’t that Barry anymore anyway. It isn’t Cisco. Or random metas on a victory tour of the flash’s old hideout. It isn’t even Joe looking for him.

It’s him. He’s confused at first. He can’t remember a time when he wasn’t this. Wasn’t in pain all the time. Wasn’t broken. Wasn’t a hero. The hero she believed in. So who is this version of him? Or more specifically, when?

All it takes is one look. One look at this younger version of him and he knows. It isn’t his youth that clues him in. Having the speed force means he ages differently. It’s that hopeful look in this younger Barry’s eyes. Maybe it’s even the love that radiates off him. It’s a man who has seen his fair share of hurt, who has been destroyed but made it back. Made it back and is here, hopeful and optimistic. Barry doesn’t know what he wants but he knows that hope won’t last. Or it’ll last right up until that awful moment. Until he won’t be able to hold on to hope anymore. Until that night on May 23rd when he’ll lose everything. Including himself.


He’s angry when he’s correct. This Barry wants to know how to save Iris. A question he asked himself too many times to count. A plan he so often started but never finished. A scenario with the same ending each time. A fixed point.

This Barry thinks having foresight will save her. There is no beating Savitar. He’s angry. This Barry has Iris and he’s wasting time. He’s wasting so much time. What is time to a speedster? For him- it’s a prison. Every minute without Iris is an eternity.

Yet here he is. She’s gone but he’s still here and time paralyses him.

For this Barry to come in here and expect him to have answers? Why? He lost Iris. He stopped having answers for other people a long time ago.


He’s reliving all their moments again. He couldn’t tell you the day, month or year but he could tell you every little detail about Iris West. His memory tortures him daily but the thought of not being able to remember her? Of time and age changing his memories? That is worse so he allows himself to relive them all. Even if they hurt now without her. Even if the thought of a future she never got to have, they never got to have haunts him more than anything. She was supposed to win her Pulitzer. She was supposed to do crazy things for a story and he’d be there to catch her or save her every time things got too crazy and only when she needed help (Iris West, his hero and she didn’t even have Super powers. She was her own Super power). They were supposed to get married, he had a plan on how to ask her, have kids, have a life. A real full life.

He failed her. This visiting Barry is reminding him about just how much.


Younger Barry comes in and that look of indignation must mean he’s seen Joe. Or Wally.

He’s pushed and so for the first time in what feels like centuries, he fights back. Just for a moment. Then looking at this younger version of himself, he can’t. He hasn’t accepted that Iris might die? He hasn’t. He’s here hoping that whatever he’s facing in his life won’t come true. That Barry can tell him something different. He can’t. He needs to tell him the truth.

So he says the words he hasn’t said out loud in years. He tells him what happened after Iris dies. He can’t talk about the lead up. He can’t talk about what Savitar did. But he can tell him how watching the love of his life die destroyed him. He can say that, to himself. He sees the look of disbelief in his younger self’s eyes and then he says what they both know- “she’s the love of your life Barry.”. “She was the love of my life”.

It’s explanation enough. Younger Barry knows he’s right. They’ll never come back from a world without Iris. Not really anyway.


There is more movement in Star Labs than the past couple of years. He is curious. He can’t bring himself to be anything other than that. What has this Barry done? What is he doing? He checks in and he’s a little thrown to see Joe, Cisco, HR and Julian in the cortex. Joe and Cisco hurt the most. Two people he loved that he couldn’t help.

He doesn’t care at first. If this Barry wants to restore hope in the lives of the people he loves, he won’t begrudge him that. It makes sense to him. It’s just that one day, younger Barry will be him. And he’ll have no more hope to give. He won’t have any of his own.

He watches younger Barry speed off into danger. It’s been what? 4 years since he’s even looked at his suit? Part of him wonders about the fit. It’s silly but towards the end of his “run”, it felt heavy and suffocating. He wonders idly if it would ever be anything else.

He sees them worrying about him, younger him. He needs help. Younger Barry is not the same hero he is yet or rather the hero he was. Hasn’t had more time to hone his skills and utilise his powers. (Lucky for him) hasn’t been able to ONLY focus on his powers. Does it matter? So what? It’s not his issue anymore.

And then it hits him- something he hasn’t dared think about in years- what would Iris do? What would Iris want?

She’d want him to save that Barry. She’d expect him to. She wouldn’t even think otherwise. Heck, she’d try to save him herself. He thinks something worse right after- if younger Barry dies here, Iris loses him. She’s going to die. She’s going to lose everything, how can he let her lose any sliver of hope he can bring? He won’t do that. He won’t fail her again. He can’t.

He heads up there. He takes a breath. Then he says what he says and they trust him enough to do it. He can’t help but appreciate that. That at the very least they trust him to be the hero they need at this moment.

As he runs he knows, the only reason he didn’t lose his humanity was because of his love for Iris. He didn’t let the rage consume him and go dark but he did give up on all of it. A different kind of consumption. A different kind of darkness. A darkness by inaction.

Saving this Barry becomes his new goal. He doesn’t have time to slip. He just needs to run.


They’re back in the cortex. He isn’t going to lie, saving people is a rush. Defeating metas is a rush. It doesn’t pull him out of the dark hole he’s in though. He knows this is his life now. He’ll never be the same and he can’t expect to be. He’s noting everything about younger Barry. Preparing himself to say goodbye to this version of himself once again. His young self has no idea about the pain that is coming.

He’s broken out of that by a reminder that everyone in this room is here because of Iris and more specially their love for her. Younger Barry’s love for her and remembering that promise he freshly made is what made him decide to try and mend the state of things in this future. Even if it’s a future that he hopes never to live through.

Cisco lost Iris, his friends, his hands, Barry and yet he’s here. Holding on to hope. Holding on to the memory of Iris right along with them.

Joe. Joe West. A Father figure. The man who helped raise him for 7 years and then long after. If Iris and him got married it would have been official. His family. He’s here because of Iris. Because she wouldn’t have wanted him to give up on the world like Barry has.

Iris- she’s saving them even when she isn’t around. She was wrong about which one of them was the hero. She’ll always be his hero.

He acknowledges this. That younger Barry was right. Iris would have wanted better from them. She would have hoped that they came together. He can’t promise it will always be like this. He knows that he’ll never be able to go back to the Barry Allen of old but he can be what the city needs again. He can be what the team needs. He can try, try to be the man Iris believed him to be.

He doesn’t know if it will work out but he can try. He has to, for her.


Younger Barry is leaving without the answers he came for but he has none for him. Did he defeat Savitar? Yes. He had some help. It doesn’t matter though, help came long after he needed it.

It does dawn on him then that maybe it could still be useful. If this younger version of himself came to him, it could mean that their stories are different. His timeline suffered the loss of Iris and there is no correcting that but maybe, maybe, there is a timeline where Iris could survive. God knows he wanted to create it. Maybe somewhere the universe doesn’t destroy him. Maybe this Barry can achieve what he couldn’t. So he gives him the program. He tells him who to find and he wishes him luck.

He buries the anger and hurt at the fact that this Barry gets to run back to a time where Iris was still alive. He tells him to cherish every moment because he’s gonna need it. The memories of Iris are the only thing that keeps him alive these days but this younger version doesn’t need to know that.

As he walks away, he hopes he helped. He hopes this younger version of himself succeeds and does what he couldn’t. Saves Iris and in turn saves them all. One timeline where she’s gone is torture enough.

And then he thinks of Iris. He lets himself think of all the things she’ll achieve if she survives this and for the first time in years, Barry hopes for a miracle.


Who Wants to be a Hero (I Don't Want to be a Villain)

Wow look, it’s my original story. I hope you enjoy it. @revyourmentalenginesplease I don’t know if you ever read the final product. I plan on making every main character their own separate story. I’m already writing the second one. Summary needs work.

Summary: A man tries to cope with loss as he rebuilds his family. To bad things keep setting him back. (Part 1 of gay superhero story)

Warnings: Mentioned/heavily implied death, Implied transphobia, If anything else needs tagged tell me.

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Stuck Inside My Head

Chapter Two | Chapter Four

Chapter Three: Butting Heads

Negan knew that his son was greatly distracted once he started to ask random questions. He remembered reading about toddlers asking over 200 questions a day, or a week, he couldn’t recall exactly, but he thought: Yeah, I think I’ve answered nearly 50 of them fuckers in the past 20 minutes. He didn’t mind the funny, odd questions Jude had asked; he needed it, he wanted his mind off Valerie for just a little while.

“Why is dis good?” Jude asked, raising a blueberry up in between his tiny sticky fingers.

Negan hummed, sounding intrigued -as he learned from Valerie- “I don’t know, Jude. Your tummy just thinks it’s really fuckin’ yummy.”

Jude giggled, popping the blueberry into his mouth, “S'good!”

Before Jude could ask another question, Negan’s phone rang and vibrated on the table top. He frowned upon seeing “School” as an incoming call; “What the fuck?” He muttered.

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Stay With Me

Requested by: @jade-dupree

Request : You’re somehow are friends with GD, you’re from America and are a year older then him. You keep him at a distance, making sure to only be friends, because you are sole guardian to your four-year-old niece and two-year-old nephew. And while you know he is wonderful with kids, you don’t want to risk the kids getting hurt if things don’t work out.
A/N: So, I won’t lie, I got a little carried away with this. It got long without me noticing and so it is a beast, but I truly hope this is what you were expecting or close! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!!
Genre: G-Dragon x Reader
Words: 4236
Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owner!

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Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox/The Mess Within

“Are you a rom-com chick?”

“Are you?”

Now, this is how you write an episode. Forget the monsters and the demons - the greatest mystery of Supernatural is that they definitely know how to do the thing, and yet sometimes - 

Guys, I really loved this episode - I’d say it’s the best so far - so brace yourselves for a long, gushing review.

I loved Jody. Jody was magnificent, as always, and all the kudos to @kimrhodes4. Great job as Jody, of course, and legit gave me chills as Jael. Wow. 

Now, despite her age, Jody had begun to be coded as the Winchesters’ surrogate mom the second she had that half-fling with Bobby, but the thing has been sort of understated until last night. Even during that beautifully awkward family dinner with Alex and Claire, the Winchesters were not decisively framed as (her) kids - they could pretty much take care of themselves during the episode, Dean had stern words with a bunch of teens, and later in the evening, after that disastrous dinner, Sam and Dean actually remembered they were grown men and did grown men things (normal conversations, helping out with cleaning up, talking some sense into teenage girls). Here, however, someone decided we needed an example of what ‘real’ moms should be like to single out Mary even more, and amped up the thing so much it deafened everybody and boy, did it work. Look at Sam and Dean crashing in on Jody’s me time without even calling and basically walking into the place because they assume they’ll be welcome - look at them being embarrassed about sharing their own sex lives and also hearing about Jody’s - I loved that, and yet I’m sort of annoyed as well, because the thing is - well. Many ‘normal’ episodes still happen in a bubble, which means we never hear them mention Jody in any way, and that doesn’t make any sense - we know Sam and Dean, and we know what having someone like Jody would mean to them - not just a random hunter they can call for a pint when they’re nearby, that is (as the show sometimes lead us to believe), but an actual mom figure who loves them and thinks the world of them - someone they randomly visit, just for a chat and a home-cooked meal - because, wait, there’s actually someone like that in their lives and yet somehow it never comes up? 

Anyway, I love Jody, and thank God she’s here, because Dean’s trying, okay, but this I’ll go out in the parking lot and drink from this flask alone thing - because Dean apparently now carries a flask around, great - not to mention his utmost panic about Sam, and Sam alone, because it doesn’t even matter that Jody and Mary are in that house - because taking care of Sammy’s still coded at the core of who Dean is, and it’s what comes out in times of trouble (Take your brother outside as fast as you can and don’t look back! Now, Dean!) - that’s not a good look on him, and maybe instead of getting an episode about Hitler (because even Jody, who’s an actual character inside the damn show, knows that whole story didn’t mean anything and wasn’t important in any way and she actually got bored when Dean told her about that instead of talking about what really matters, because Jody is basically us and yay for that) we can talk about that? After all, we’re all rom-com chick flicks around here, are we not?

I loved that crowd of hunters, and how everyone was okay with everything. Most of them were burly white men in plaid, of course, but that gay (bi?) black witch twin, and how open he was about his sexuality? Wow. Not to mention this other side of hunting - not the way the Winchesters hunt, because they’re paranoid bastards who were raised by a paranoid bastard, but this happy crowd - Garth’s name coming up and it doesn’t matter he’s a werewolf (because surely, by now everybody knows? those hunters - so gossipy), and Max ‘my mother taught me to seduce men’ Banes, and Loraine Fox sneakily breaking off pieces of a Jeep engine so her son would stay home and, what?, help her clean the gutters? Also the drinking games, the Maybe you died four times and maybe you were possessed by the Devil - it’s all cool, talk about it in your own time - these are the people Sam and Dean spent their entire lives running from? Really? This is why Dean won’t come out and Sam still feels unwanted and tainted and a freak? Uh. I know we’ve talked before how this show is methodically destroying every single obstacle to Dean, especially, becoming truly and fully himself, but this was not so much a hammer blow as it was Steve Yockey coming in riding a giant blowtorch and yelling at the top of his lungs as he set everything on fire.  

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