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Celebrating the goal vs. Sweden (28.03.17)

I love and adore voltron, we have been blessed with such a fantastic and welcoming cast, and we have all these fantastic characters we get to explore.

So why is the fandom fucking disgusting.

how hard did sangwoo hurl that wrench though??? i could understand if it hit jieun’s temple or eye, but if it was her arm or wherever that shouldn’t have been the end-all-be-all to her ascent up the stairs. never mind the fact that coupled with adrenaline she should have barely even felt that thing.

wait oh my goodness so stiles made his ten year plan to get the girl he’s been in love with since he was in third grade. in third grade you’re 8 years old. he’s just graduated high school which means he’s 18 now. he’s gotten the girl of his dreams to fall in love with him. he started this plan at age 8 and finished at 18, so after ten years it’s finally complete. he finished the ten year plan successfully. do u hear me crying

It’s rather interesting to watch the gender bias** already sneaking its way into the new Tangled series fandom.

I keep seeing people condemn the King about how controlling he is of Rapunzel’s activities. I’m seeing people complain about how awful a person he is because he’s doing to exactly what Mother Gothel did to Rapunzel, and why he’s a terrible person for not being more accommodating to her trauma.

But here’s my question to all those people: What about the King’s trauma?

His daughter was snatched away from him, from right in his own room where he lie sleeping, and was gone for 18 years. For 18 years he just kept lighting lanterns and hoping for her return, all the while probably constantly reliving how he couldn’t stop his own daughter from being stolen, which is like the worst possible fear for a parent. On top of that, her hair is back, the very reason she was stolen to begin with.

I know plenty of people have already pointed out from Tangled BEA how the King kept closing any open window. Open windows like the one his daughter disappeared through 18 years ago. Even Rapunzel doesn’t have that kind of trauma-related compulsion.

So my question, again, to all the of the King-haters: What about the King’s trauma?

Why do you expect Rapuznel’s trauma to be catered to, but you’re more than happy to ignore the King’s? Comments I’ve read suggest there’s a gender bias, of people only caring because Rapuznel is a girl who went through a trauma, and condemning the King as simply being a controlling male figure.

And frankly, I think that’s bullshit. Be sympathetic to all traumas, or pipe down.

**Apparently my language above is not explicit enough, so I’ll say it more clearly: When I call it “gender bias”, it’s because of OTHER PEOPLE’S COMMENTS I have seen addressing the point. Just because you have seen other comments from the perspective of child vs adult does not mean these other comments do not exist.

This isn’t a TC blog buuuuuut, I figured I’d say something to maybe give you guys some hope.
I met my teacher when I was 15 and he was 31. Twice my age. We got too close and people started noticing we were always together. He never touched me, or flirted with me, or did any of that. He kept it professional and helped me through my issues.
Then he got fired for our friendship.
And he waited two and a half years for me to turn 18 so we could reconnect. He literally just wanted to make sure I was okay, because the last time we had actually talked, I was in the hospital for a suicide attempt.
So I got back in touch, I owe this man my life, he’s the reason I’m alive. And turns out he’s in love with me and just yesterday, on his 34th birthday, we made it official.
There’s hope for you guys. There was for me :)


“The lies most difficult for a person to bear
…are the ones they tell themselves.” [Ch. 79]

first time ever doing a gif

It’s makes me so depressed that Edward has had to live in Munich, leaving all friends (and Al) behind, later on he witnessed his father being killed (and Heiderich…) i just cannot understand where does he gets all those calmness and courage, this makes me want to hug him so bad, to tell him that he doesn’t need to be brave anymore, for just a sec ; ;

Phoebus: if you wanna kiss him that bad, you gotta set the mood. You wanna borrow my car?
Dallas: I’m 17. I mean I’m gonna be 18 in a few months but. He’s just turned 19.
Phoebus: oh, pshaw. You can drive him to cedarpoint and eat face there. I’ve a lot of cool music that could Set The Mood.
Dallas: *scandalized* Kelsey, I’m not gonna kiss him while The Mountain Goats is playing in the background.

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i keep fuckin thinking about kent parson's rookie year in vegas. like he's 18 and just went first in the draft and jack's in fucking rehab and. does he know he's been dumped at this point, or is he still trying to call jack every day thinking he might get through this time and everything will be ok again? is he living on his own in a way too empty condo or is he billeting with an older teammate that he doesn't know and trying to pretend like he's totally ok even though he's way out of his depth

Oh my God I have so many feelings and zero answers for you I’m so sorry.

Well, maybe some answers, but to be honest a lot of these things change for me depending on the particulars of the narrative I happen to be telling. 

Some thoughts:

I think Kent definitely knows Jack is rejecting him, but he’s also entirely convinced it’s temporary. I think his emotional IQ is high enough to realize Jack is pretty obviously saying “I don’t want you and I wasn’t in love with you” and that’s probably compounded by Kent’s mental illness(es); he’s pretty terrified of abandonment so like, it’s ridiculously damn easy to see that in what happens when Jack won’t talk to him in rehab (because, uh, it’s kinda true tbh, whether or not you think Jack was right to cut Kent out of his life). BUT Kent is also convinced Jack is his One True Love. His delusion isn’t that Jack didn’t leave, it’s that Jack won’t stay gone and Kent can get him back. The strategy for accomplishing this is what changes the most.

If the Aces management let Kent buy a condo by himself and live there alone I will personally rip a fabric through space and time and crawl into the universe these people live in and strangle them myself. From what I understand, most teams push rookies pretty heavily to at least live with each other, if not someone older who won’t let them eat nothing but ketchup straight from the bottle for three days because they forgot groceries. Unless specified otherwise w/in a fic, my personal headcanon is that Kent lived with Jeff Troy his rookie year and tried very hard to not cry loud enough at night for Jeff and his girlfriend to hear.

Kent Parson vs. alcohol also changes depending on what story I happen to be telling haha, but more often than not I see him drinking pretty heavily as both a coping mechanism and part of his I Am Totally Super Normal and Fine routine. Does anyone see through it? Maybe like, a couple of guys. Jeff, definitely, because he’s perceptive and I also headcanon him with my OFC who takes one look at Kent Parson and kill bill sirens go off in her head about his mental health, and literally kicks Jeff in the ass to talk to this scared child. 

Overall, rookie year is Not a Good Year no matter how you slice it, but I do think Kent had what I’ve heard described as a “pocket of functioning” which is still being really fucking good at hockey. We know from N’s timeline that the Aces won a Cup while Jack was still coaching pee wee, which means either Kent’s rookie year or the year after he basically lead the team to a Cup. So I think that probably makes it even less likely anyone important noticed what was wrong because hey, the kid’s young and in over his head and dumb but we brought him here to play hockey and he sure plays some fucking hockey, eh?

So uh…idk if you sent me this ask because you wanted to hear me ramble semi-coherently about KVP but here you go I guess? haha

Nico sketches, trying to figure out how to draw “my version” of him. Think I’m finally getting it lol. He’s about 18-19 here?

The top one is like a “just got up”, bedhead :D life before coffee is not even life

The cut on his nose is not permanent, buuut I like drawing it atm because it’s cute?

My Age Headcanons for the Paladins

So I was discussing these with @not-just-any-fangirl​ and since we had a few laughs, I thought I would share them.

  • Shiro and Pidge are 25 and 14 respectively. I don’t debate this at all. It makes a lot of sense to me.
  • Hunk is 17. He’s maybe about 9 or 10 months younger than Lance but they’ve been in the same year since Grade 3 when Hunk was pushed ahead a grade because of being really good at things like maths.
  • He has never regretted being young for his year, especially since he’s always been a large guy, and this way he stood out slightly less
  • Also he never felt the need to jump any further ahead, especially since now he had formed such a strong friendship with Lance and their joint love of space
  • So Lance is also 17
  • Keith is 18, but he’s only just turned 18 and is only around 2 months older than Lance
  • He holds this over Lance constantly - Lance is bitter about it
  • It’s even funnier when they’re dating
  • When Keith finally turns 20 he teases Lance every single day for like a month - he’s such a little shit
  • ‘Gross dude I can’t kiss you you’re still practically a child’
  • goes on about “damn teenagers”
  • it drives Lance insane
  • Lance rages and Keith and Shiro share an 'adults know better’ look
  • BCUS shiro is also a little shit (let’s be real; Shiro is probably the instigator of half the shit that goes down in the Castle, he’s just subtle about it and then watches the chaos unfold around him while sipping his coffee)
  • Lance tries to look to Pidge for support but she’s just as bad
  • “Respect your elders, Lance”
  • “who? me? I’m just a child like yourself, lance. what would I know?”
  • When Lance finally turns 20 there is a huge surprise celebration to make up for all the teasing
  • Keith gives him lots of kisses
  • Until they sneak off halfway through the party to “be adults together” whoops