he was injured injured bad

the fact that jaemin is still obviously in pain, yet fans keep on getting mad that he isnt back is so frustrating. sm isn’t “keeping him from us”, they are letting jaemin rest. he has had this issue since rookie days, and it so injured to the point where he cant even practice with the boys. so many fans are mad at nct dream and mad at sm for what?? letting jaemin?? get better?? its like you want him to dance with a injured spine and hip and make it worse, to the point where he cant dance again probably. i know its a huge bummer that he isnt in the comeback, but atleast hes getting the rest and treatment that he needs to get better. because he is Hurt. hes not stuck in the basement, hes not being held back by sm, he is resting his body so he can get better. stop being upset that hes taking care of himself.


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