he was initially holding up some tickets

Matt +Foggy - Sleep/Sleepless

- Matt falling asleep at the office with his sunglasses slipping down his nose, and one hand on his braille read-out. *

- Matt and Foggy falling asleep together with the television on.

- Matt falling asleep with his head on Foggy’s shoulder on the subway. **

- Matt waking up at night to Foggy, warm, just barely there against his skin and he turns and kisses whatever he can reach, pressing just that bit closer until sleep comes.

- Matt and Foggy staying up all night after ‘The Incident’, both too anxious to sleep.

- Foggy stretching out and taking up as much bed as possible during the night as almost a default.

- The rare mornings where Foggy is the one oversleeping, and Matt needs to practically move heaven and earth to wake him up.

- The night in law school where they couldn’t sleep, so they ended up drinking, and somewhere around two AM Foggy found some nail polish. He remembers, just barely, painting Matt’s nails. He doesn’t remember Matt returning the favor, but it’s the best explanation he can think of for the blue nail polish covering his entire fingertips.

- Matt and Foggy bothe drifting off in the middle of a date. ***

- Foggy falling asleep on the couch, waiting up for Matt to come back in.

* (If nothing else, Foggy will cling to his right to worry like a lifeline. He doesn’t need to like what Matt is doing to be a little proud of him, and a lot still terrified that he is going to get himself killed.

Now, at least, he knows. He’s accepted that it’s something Matt feels like he needs to do even if he doesn’t like it, and he gets Matt to tell him what happens each morning while they get ready. They’re truncuated reports, and he knows it’s never the whole story but it’s a lot more than he knew before.

But he worries, and slips his coat around Matt’s shoulders, trying not to wake him up. There is a hand, gripping the fabric of his pants and he can see Matt’s eyes just barely open.

“You know it’s me,” Foggy tells him, trying to keep his tone light, staying quiet because Karen is still sitting in the other room.

“Foggy…” Matt starts to say, still half asleep as far as he can tell, but then his grip releases, and his eyes slide closed again.

Foggy gives him a quick kiss on the top of his head before he heads back to his own office, offering Karen excuses about really loud construction.)

** (The subway is Hell, as far as Matt is concerned. It’s crowded, and dirty, and loud enough to hurt his ears, depending on the train that’s driving by. That isn’t mentioning the smell, which may as well act as a proverbial blindfold.

But it’s easier and faster than a bus, depending on where they’re going, and it’s exponentially cheaper than a cab. So sometimes they go, Foggy standing almost protectively at his side like he expects someone to mug him at any moment.

But then, Foggy just worries sometimes, and he surprises himself that it doesn’t bother him as much as he thought it would.

He worries because he cares, not because he thinks Matt can’t take care of himself for the most part. It’s still a breath of fresh air, and as they finally board the train, even with his head pounding Matt manages to relax as Foggy claims a pair of seats for them.

He lays his head down on Foggy’s shoulder for what insulation from sound he can get, at first. But soon he finds himself focusing on Foggy’s voice as they make smalltalk, the sound of his heartbeat as he tells him he can close his eyes for a few. The day old scent of shampoo and conditioner and everything that’s unique to Foggy.

He didn’t think that it was humanly possible for him to fall asleep on the subway but before he knows it Foggy is shaking his shoulder gently.

“We can walk from here,” he offers, and Matt smiles, sitting up and fixing the sunglasses, feeling the indent on his skin from where they went askew.

“I don’t know where 'here’ is, but it sounds like a plan to me.” Matt tells him, working through the dosey feeling that is still settled over him like a blanket, and standing as the train comes to a stop and Foggy tells him the station.)

*** (Foggy takes him on a date as a surprise and Matt is curious and confused by the time they get close enough that he realizes it’s the movies. Foggy orders the tickets on the downlow via holding up a piece of paper for the teller. Foggy keeping mum on it even as Matt keeps starting and stopping to ask and then leading him in and to some decent, fairly isolated seats.

They listen to advertisements and Foggy narrates the more interesting or weird ones in hushed tones, and he can hear the initial well of music, expects the sound effects or speech, and nothing ever comes, and he realizes before too long, grins in his seat; “It’s one of those orchestra livestreams, or a recording, isn’t it?”

“I wanted to take you to the movies.” Foggy tells him, “And maybe, y'know, make out in the back of the theater but this is really kind of putting me to sleep.”

Matt laughs, and has to quiet himself quickly, ducking his head a little in shame.

“It’s not that bad,” Matt assures him, “we wouldn’t want to get kicked out though.”

“It’d probably make the usher’s week, having to kick the blind guy out of the movie theater for PDAs…” They both laugh, quieter, and go back to listening to the music.

They both fall alseep holding hands somewhere halfway through, and Foggy doesn’t wake up until the lights come back on.)


this is happening on opposite walls of the same corner