he was high at the time

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ok but every time richie accidentally slips out a cuss word/inappropriate comment in front of a teacher, eddie definitely defends it/pretends he said something else so he doesn’t get in trouble

oh my gosh, yes this is so real

+ i can see richie slipping up when the teacher asks what the did that weekend and richie’s like “got so high” and eddie is like “yES MISS WE WENT ROCK CLIMBING”

+ or when she tells them to go around the room and say what their favorite thing to do is and richie is like “eddie” and eddie’s just like “-s house? same rich, i love when you come over to hang out!!!!!!!!!” 

+ also one time richie slips him a note that just says “distraction pls. be right back. love u” and eddie raises his hand to ask about the dangers of unfiltered tap water, but in the middle of it he pretends to have an asthma attack and look for his inhaler for about 10 minutes

+ richie gets back in 7 with m&ms for himself and a snickers for eddie from the vending machine

+ once, the teacher asked the class if they would be attending the circus that was in town for the weekend and richie cut her off with “nope, nope, nope fuck the circus, fuck the clowns, never again

+ eddie just raised his hand and said “yeah, i have to agree with that one” 

+ they both got detention for that one, but they didn’t really mind because they just got to clean (makeout in) a classroom together for 2 hours 

{Buzzfeed Unsolved!AU} Hoseok & Taehyung


  • is 100% a believer, but tbh he doesn’t even freaking care if it’s a real ghost or a cgi ghost like,,,,,,,whatever is out to get him - he’s scared
  • could be fake could be real could be jungkook in a bed sheet he will STILL scream 
  • and god his scream is like,,,,,so high pitched you swear he’s echo-locating trying to find bats or whatever how does his voice go that high????? why is he a rapper he’s obviously main vocal material right here????? bang pd open your e y e s
  • but anyway, hoseok can’t believe he signed up for this
  • and he says this like one billion and one times as you’re driving to the location, which just so happens to be a haunted amusment park
  • and you both aren’t even halfway into the investigation when hoseok sees his reflection in the fun-house mirror and just that makes him run off screaming
  • you and the cameraman stand there watching him like,,,,,,,just another day at work 
  • but also,,,,you know hoseok isn’t faking his fear - even though people in the youtube comments are speculating he might be like no one can be that scared
  • but ,,,,, you have felt hoseok’s tension rise - his face go blood red with screaming
  • so amidst your snarky skeptic jokes 
  • and cackling over the fact that hoseok has not packed one, but three flashlights
  • you always know when to cut the cameras and take care of him 
  • so when it’s just you two, making your way through the rundown haunted house attraction
  • you can hear with each step, hoseoks muffled moans of fear
  • “hey at least we aren’t on a haunted rollercoaster where the ghosts could just push us off the top - we’re on the ground. we’re safe.”
  • you try to comment
  • but somehow the idea of the rollercoaster sends hoseok into a frenzied  chanting of “no no how could you say that no no,,,,,,”
  • one of the old anamatronic ghouls twitches a bit beside you and hoseok nearly tips over with a scream
  • you reach out to grab his wrist and steady him
  • “don’t worry, it’s just this place is stuffy!” you use your free hand to poke the anamatronic and it wobbles a bit but doesn’t move again
  • “see, come on -”
  • you let go of his wrist, but suddenly feel hoseok’s strong grip on it again
  • “can you,,,not let go,,,,”
  • he whispers and you feel for a second your face grow hot
  • but you know hoseok needs this so you nod, tanling your fingers together and hoseok really isn’t joking
  • he deathgrips your hand like he’s pulling you up from a dangling cliff
  • “c’mon ghosts of underpaid teenage workers and souls that were reaped from small children on this ride - come out!”
  • you shout and hoseok jerks your hand a bit
  • “don’t s-s-s–say that,,,,,”
  • you wave your flashlight around instead to mock whatever ‘spirits’ are around but nothing happenes
  • the only thing that does is that hoseok nearly has his whole face pressedinto your neck from behind
  • he’s so scared his lean and strong figure shivers like a leaf in the wind, you feel a bit bad as you always  do,,,,but your body is also overcome with its own nervousness
  • hoseok is close,,,,too close for comfort
  • it takes all your energy to not focus on his breathing and body heat and keep making sad attempts at ghost communication
  • for a split second, just before the exit is in sight - there’s a shrill scream
  • you assume it’s the camera crew outside trying to rile you two up
  • but hoseok believes it, he nearly presses himself flat against you and begs you to run toward the exit to get him out of here
  • you,,,,,,should say something funny to calm him down,,,but for once you agree
  • and running toward the outside, you and hoseok come out still holding hands in a vice grip 
  • that the entire crew takes note of and teases about later
  • but you don’t care,,,,,because hoseok comes to you after shooting and thanks you for actually pulling him out
  • you stutter that it’s nothing, but the two of you knonw what the real unavoidable subject here is
  • the fact that you two were so close, bodies pressed without a sliver of room to get through and well,,,,,,,,,things happened
  • but those things,,,to everyone but you two,,,will remain,,,,unsolved ;)


  • doesn’t give two damns about ghosts because obviously they’ve got no ability to hurt humans
  • one, probably because they’re not real and two, what would they do? swipe their little grubby ghost hands right through his body? ouch that’s really gonna hurt uhuh
  • he wouldn’t call himself a full blown skeptic, but not a believer either - to be honest he just wants to be the first person to get fought by a ghost
  • he thinks that’s cool,,,he thinks that’s funny
  • but you don’t understand him,,,,how is he so chill about messing with the paranormal with the DEAD
  • “and what if you get possessed? do you think that’s cool?”
  • taehyun’s eyes go wide and he jumps up and down
  • “hell yeah, imagine me - being controlled by some medieval like king or oh oh a pirate oh oh do you think i could get possessed by like michael jackson? or is that too soon? has he graduated ghost school yet?
  • you shudder at the thought and taehyung just continues to muse
  • when you two get dropped off at an abadoned, suppousednly haunted playground at 1 in the morning
  • you are far from please
  • while taehyung is swinging on the swings, asking if any of the ghost children want to push him
  • and standing at the top of the slide going im ruler of all GHOSTS
  • to be honest,,,,if you don’t stop him you know you’re gonna have unusable footage so you call him down
  • and taehyung arrives down the slide, skidding up to you like he’s a five year older
  • “im here, im here - are we using the ghost box thingy?”
  • you scrunch up your nose and nod, “unfortunately, yes we’re using the spirit box to see if there are any ghosts here. apparently a couple of kids died-”
  • taehyung takes the small radio and lifts it to his mouth “HEY WHO WANTS TO PLAY TAG?”
  • you glare at him, but listen to the static anyway
  • that’s when you first hear it,,,,your name
  • jumping back in shock you look up at taehyung who sems amused
  • “oh, you know their name? what’s mine!!!”
  • he asks excitedly and waits,,,,,,,
  • “……..z…….z………boyfriend……z….”
  • taehyung blinks and looks over at you “whose boyfriend?”
  • “….z…….z……….z…….co…couple…..z….”
  • you feel a strong shudder d own your spine and tell taehyung that maybe you should stop - there might be spirits here and they-
  • but taehyung is now wearing a frown on his face
  • “couple? us? we’re not,,,,we’re not a couple we’re friends!”
  • the box seems to almost vibrate in taehyung’s large palm
  • “….z…….love…….each….other………love…..z…z….z”
  • you can hear the words clear as day on the backdrop of white noise
  • you want to run over and chuck that box into the sand and run away but taehyung doesn’t seem to agree
  • “what do you mean??? we love each other???”
  • “zz…z……..z……..tell them you love them….z….z…..z… taehyung loves you…..z….z..”
  • although you’re paralyzed with fear you suddenly feel something warm pool into your face
  • “loves me? he loves me?”
  • you ask, faintly above a whisper
  • and taehyung turns even brighter red because he wants to say something, argue against this spirit box even though that’s the silliest thing he can think to do
  • when it crackles back ot life “z…..z…yes……love each other….z…”
  • with that, the thing turns off by itself and taehyung stares wide eyed at it as you stare at taehyung
  • you’d always believed in ghosts having some kind of understanding of humans better than humans did of themselves,,,but you never knew they were,,,,psychics,,,,,,
  • “i ,,,, i,,,,, um,, i -”
  • taehyung for once seems more flustered than you and all you can do is wait to see what he says
  • “i guess,,,we have proof that ghosts are real.” he mumbles finally and you narrow your eyes s he turns and runs for the vans parked waiting for you
  • you follow in a sprint, not wanting to be alone with any spirits even though they’re playing matchmaker and the thought of taehyung loving you isn’t all the bad
  • actually,,,,it’s very nie
  • and taehyung tells the crew you got nothing on the spirit box, but then as you’re sitting beside each other in the van his hand crawls over to yours and squeezes
  • “can’t believe a freaking ghost confessed for me,,,,” 

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omg so i thought of dancer!Eddie and like Richie having to pick him up at the studio and this entire time Richie thought he was doing some "soft" dancing like contemporary but no. no. Eddie is decked out in booty shorts, a very loose low cut tank top, and high heels, bopping out to "Buttons" by the Pussycat dolls let's just say Richie felt his spirit ascend to heaven to give any god he sees a high five


go young bae’s high praise of shinee’s jonghyun. “great passion and effort.”
: fantaemsie

go young bae, who is in the midst of appearing as domestic clock in king of masked singer, mentioned past content that shed a new light on shinee’s jonghyun’s capabilities. go young bae had made an appearance in the broadcast of kbs cool fm’s masked singer’s radio show and introduced the song he sings along with jonghyun: “it must be autumn”.

in that time’s broadcast go young bae made a reference of jonghyun’s capabilities, saying: “i was really surprised. there’s the stereotypes and prejudice however i had wished to work together with an idol who does writing and composing and he really did so well.” he then highly complimented him saying, “actually his abilities are good and i learned a lot of vocal directing wise.” plus, he added about jonghyun: “a genius is a genius but he’s really a friend who puts in great passion and effort.

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au where highschool sheith is dating and keiths dad is alive and only refers to shiro as "lurch"

DON’T CALL HIM OUT LIKE THIS. i’ve only seen keith’s dad for two minutes and i already know this is canon. either that or he’s like haruhi’s dad from ouran high school host club and is conveniently sharpening knives in the kitchen every time shiro comes over to see keith like :) hi giant beef man :)) who is dating my beloved child :))) have him back by 6:30 :)))

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#27 for the sentences prompt please! 💜

Miserable/in a bad mood


“Sorry. You’re just…really adorable.”

The moon is high by the time they walk out of the restaurant.

Aaron’s got a slight shine about him and it’s because Robert’s forced him to try the good stuff, aka wine.

Good wine.

Not the sort that Chas orders for the pub.

Aaron smiles at Robert and it makes the older man’s legs grow weak all of sudden.

“I had a good time.” Aaron hums, and Robert didn’t think he’d ever see the day where Aaron caved and let him take him out on a date like a normal person.

It took three years worth of asking at Uni.

And then another one just because Aaron liked to be a dick who never ever voices his feelings.

They’ve had a date, a good one at that and Robert smiles into a soft nod. “Good.” He says. “It’s about time you were wined and dined.” Because he hasn’t been, Robert has watched him literally be treated like utter shit all through uni by pricks who were either certifiably in the closet or just interested in fucking their way through every gay bloke within their sight.

Aaron scoffs. “Thank God for you then.” He says, and then he’s shuddering out a slow breath and the air is filled with a crisp breeze which makes him hug at his jacket a little.

“So you wouldn’t kind found this again then?” Robert says, stops them both and has a hand on Aaron’s shoulder suddenly.

And it’s mad.

They’ve known each other for four years, has this weird almost friendship, almost completely one sided flirtation thing.

But still, they finally having a first date and Robert was unsure of what Aaron was thinking, as per usual.

Aaron goes to speak and then looks towards the hand on his shoulder, he bites his lip and then Robert hears someone speaking from across the road.

“Do it in a hotel room lads.” Robert squints and he sees who it is. Ross Barton, the prick he had the misfortune of sharing a dorm with throughout Uni.

“Piss off.” Robert shouts back, and he’s clearly embarrassed, only getting more embarrassed when Ross crosses the road.

“You know he wrote your name in the back of his notebooks for the whole of first year, when he was bored in lectures?”

And Robert’s face turns bright red.

Aaron looks irritated. “Piss off Ross.” He says, hands coming out of his pockets now almost like he’s ready to fight or something daft.

Ross lets out this small laugh. “Have I interrupted a date or something?” And the silence says it all. “Bless, maybe he can show you a good time eh Aaron.” He comes closer to the younger man. “Doubt he’ll be better than all your other *conquests eh?”

And Aaron shoves Ross hard, watches as the idiot nearly falls over.

“Woah.” Ross laughs out, and Robert tells him to do one.

“Yeah. Do one.” Aaron says, and he stands in front of Robert.

Ross blinks quickly and then smiles at Robert smugly. “Ah bless.” He touches his chest playfully. “Sugden’s finally got someone who gives a toss about -”

And Aaron steps closer to Ross. “Yeah. He has. Now fuck off.” He says and Ross just shakes his head before turning down the road and disappearing.

Aaron still looks fucking pissed and Robert’s seen him in a bad mood like this before but somehow it feels more personal. He shakes his head hard and then he’s pulling a cigarette out and smoking and it shouldn’t be sexy but it is.

He puffs out a circle of smoke and shakes his head again. “What a prick.” He says. “Didn’t realise he was so -”

“Shitty?” Robert asks, shuffles on his feet a little and shrugs his shoulders. “He always has been.”

“Tried to embarrass ya.” Aaron hisses. “What the fuck is his -”

“Hey, chill out.” Robert says, rubs at Aaron’s shoulders and can’t hide he stunned he is that Aaron really gives a shit.

Aaron looks a little frazzled and sighs. “Why are you looking at me like that?” He frowns.

Robert clears his throat and looks down. “Didn’t think you cared all that much about me.”

And Aaron looks insulted. “Why?” He blurts out. “We’ve just been on -”

“Yeah. After I asked you out about a million times.” Robert says unsteadily.

Aaron doesn’t say anything for a second or two and then he’s smiling. “Yeah well, I do care. I promise. I care a lot.” And then he’s kissing Robert softly for the first time and Robert’s insides burst.

It’s so soft and sweet and Robert smiles as they pull away.

He’s still smiling as they walk hand and hand back to his, blushing at the thought of what might happen next.

And then Aaron’s tutting. “Still can’t get over that prick. You’re not mates are ya?” He’s saying and Robert stops them both, smiles.

The thought of Aaron worrying about him makes him tingle a little, considering Aaron really mastered the whole dark and brooding type of attitude.

“No I’m not mates with him. He’s just a jealous prick.” He says.

Aaron still looks pissed off, frowning, almost pouting and Robert kisses his cheek.

“What was that for?”

“Sorry. You’re just…really adorable.”

And Aaron’s eyes are rolling and he’s turning red. “Don’t say sorry.” He bites his lip and then grabs Robert’s hand like he doesn’t care who sees.

They do see Ross coming out of the pub alone though and Aaron shouts his name.

“Guess who’s got lucky tonight!” He shouts and then he’s pushing Robert against the wall and kissing him hard and he tastes like tobacco and wine.

“What are you playing at?” Robert says, eyes wide and alert as Aaron pulls away and Ross sulks away.

“How close is your place?” Aaron says hungrily and Robert trips over his words, grabs at Aaron’s hand and wants to run to his flat.

But they have time he supposes, and anyway, Aaron’s bad mood has passed and he won’t stop asking him about those notepads filled with his name.


Hoping For You|H.Osterfield Imagine

Countdown to Christmas: Day 7
Song(s):Hoping For Snow by The Vamps
Summary:Where Harrison returns home for the holidays and can’t help but wonder if she still thinks about him half as much as he thinks of her.

‘It’s you I’m hoping to meet in the cold’

The lights were bright around him as everyone was raising their glasses as the hostess of the party was making toast. Everyone was in high spirits as he quickly made his way out of the crowded venue, the cool air nipped at his skin as he look up towards the darkened sky. His breathes were decorating the air around him with soft puffs of air that disappeared. His heart jumped a little in his chest every time a body walked through the door. His spirts were high as he hoped at one moment it would be her to walk through the door.

Harrison couldn’t lie and say he wasn’t looking forward to seeing you again. He hadn’t heard the slightest bit of news from her. He’s seen the occasional posts from her on instagram or snapchat but other than that, he didn’t know much. He wasn’t going to get his hopes high and expect her to want to talk to him. Things weren’t going to just magically fix themselves and he knew that, now he just had to learn to expect that maybe she didn’t want anything to do with him.

‘And nothing on your face shows that you’re missing me’

Walking down the overly lit street, he looked around him with a soft smile. Those sweet soft kisses they shared played through his mind the farther he walked into town. He sat down on a bench as he watched the happy couples walk by him with bright smiles. It wasn’t long before the snowing was softly falling from the sky as the little kids were spinning in circles with their tongues out catching snowflakes.

That was when he saw her, her smile was bright as she was sharing a conversation with a friend. His heart skipped a beat as she walked closer and closer. He prayed that if she were to notice him she’d approach him. But he watched as she walked right past him without a second glance. His heart broke slightly as the snow started to fall faster and the amount of bodies on the city street decreased as he walked back in the direction of his home. It was then that he realized that the little bit of hope he had stored had been broken.

‘Everyone’s hoping for snow, but I’m just hoping that you might make it home.’

He was sat besides the fire, a beer in hand with a overplayed Christmas movie on the screen. He was warm and cozy as he watched the fire from the corner of his eyes, the snow had now turned into a storm as the outside world became nothing but a distant memory as he closed his eyes. He rested his head on the back of the couch as his body sinked into the comfort of the leather couch. It wasn’t long before there was a knock on the door.

Opening one eye he looked towards the hallway in hopes that the person would get the hint and leave. He awaited for a bit before four more knocks were heard as he grumbled and placed his beer down on the coffee table. Standing up he fixed his shirt as he made his way to the from door. Opening the door with one hand, he looked up to meet those same eyes that took his breath away.


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Leave Me Lonely

This is a dangerous and it’s not good not for me and not for him. My skin rises with goosebumps when I hear the front door opens. He parties all night leaving me crying all night. My heart has had enough, I love him but this is not good. Shawn stands in front of me drunk and high off his mind. My heartbeat beats faster and chills run threw my enter being.

“Hey lil mama” Shawn says smelling of cheap perfume. The smell fills my senses and makes me step back. He advances forward each time I take a step back. Dangerous love feels like such an adrenaline rush, but equally dead to the heart, mind, and body.

“Shawn” I whisper out as he traps me between him and the refrigerator.

“Come on let’s have some fun” he says his mouth so close to my ear. I shiver and try and escape from his deadly trap. Whenever I want affection he doesn’t give to me like I asked for it. And when he wants he wants it right away no exceptions.

“No” I tell him looking him the eye. He let’s out a harsh chuckle that makes me flinch back against the refrigerator.

“Why’s that Y/N?” He asks stepping closer to me. He watches me flinch back before I stand up straight. His smirk falls off his face and stares me down.

“This isn’t healthy Shawn ” I tell him crossing my arms. I’m tired of backing down my heart can’t take it anymore. I rather be left lonely than with someone who is to dangerous to love.

“Who are to to tell me drinking isn’t healthy! No one! You are no one! Not to me or the world” he states as he turns away finally turns back to me. He always says this and I always fall into his trap. He wants someone who is weak and insecure to make them stay. I only believed him because I didn’t know what I deserved in life until now.

“This” I point between us “this love is not healthy not for me and not for you” I tell him leaning back against the fridge.

“Who said I loved you?” Shawn asks as a look of disbelief crosses his face. That was not what I was expecting to come out of his mouth.

“You… all those times long ago” I tell him as my eyes turn glossy. Shawn takes a deep deep breath while looking at me.

“I was a drunk when I said those words”

“You were sober the first time since we got together” I tell him.He grabs a glass from the counter and fills up with water.

“Shawn! Answer this what is love to you” I scream out making my way towards him. He stays quiet and ignores me.

“Because love to me is amazing and it is certainly not crying my eyes out at night. Or being turned away from and ignored  on a daily” I tell him as I make my way towards our room. I hear Shawn’s footsteps follow me into the room.

“Love” is all he says hugging me close against him. His phone goes off and I feel his arms leave my waist.

“I’ve got to go” Nate says making his way out of the room. I run after him into the living room. His keys are in his hands and he is adjusting his jacket in the living room mirror.

“If you leave” I say but try and find confidence for the next few words I’m about to utter out.

Shawn stares at me “if I leave me what?”

“If you leave and walk out that door don’t you come back no more” I tell him and I feel sad but at the same turn confident.

Confident that I’ll move one away from such a dangerous love.

“Okay then” he walks out that door with a slam. Sad because Shawn just walked away so easily without a fight.

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Warning: none… I think

A/N: Sorry i haven’t been active lately just end of school things but i am officially a high school graduate, however that also means that I have a lot of time on my hand. so please send in requests or ask me anything.

“I smell snow” I take a deep breath in.

“…What?” he asks. We’re both walking down the side walk his arm around my shoulder, mine around his waist. It’s early December and as per usual Tom and I are on our usual walk, for one hour every day we try to take an hour out of our busy schedule to just spend time with each other.

“I smell snow” I repeat, a wistful tone within my voice. “Alright, am I dating Lorelai Gilmore now?” he jokingly states, pulling me closer and kissing my forehead. “Oh shut up, can’t you smell it though?” I skip forward and spin around, grabbing his hands and pulling him closer to me. Winter has become my favourite part of the year, coming from a place that does not have snow all year round, then coming here, to London; the snow is magical. He chuckles at my excitement, wraps his arms around me “I believe that, that the smelling of the snow is a thing only you and a fictional character are capable of,” He states while pushing my hair back behind my ears, leaning forward placing his forehead against mine, “However I believe that it is one of the many things that I love about you” he mumbles, only I can hear it, and he pulls back slightly just enough to kiss my forehead. “oh really? What else do you love about me?” I whisper back, slightly in a daze by how intense his eyes are. “Well if you want to find that out we would have to go back to either your place or mine.” He smirks as soon as he sees the flustered effect that those words had one me.

Tom and I have been together for 2 years now, many people expected us to fail and break up already but they were strongly mistaken. We have a big age gap that my parents weren’t too happy about it but after seeing how well we communicate with each other mum and dad just couldn’t find a flaw to it. Being in the public eye was difficult, however it somehow never affected us.

We met on a small tv show, I just moved away from home, the most impulsive thing that I have ever done and although it was my first acting gig and it was a bit intimate Tom never once made me feel uncomfortable. Most people, once they found out about the relationship immediately thought that it was because of all the intimate scenes that we had together, however that was not the case.

As I was young, I am young, I took adjusting to the acting life a bit difficult. I over worked myself and I was in a bad place and Tom was the one to find me and help me he fixed me and for once I was able to open up fully to a guy and fully trust him with my heart and with Tom it was easy and yes that was scary but we got through it, together.

“Hey what’s going on through that pretty little head of yours?” Tom’s voice breaks through my thoughts. “nothing that’s important” I mumble back, pulling myself into him giving him a hug, “oh now come on everything thing is important to me when it comes to you” he pulls away slightly bringing me back to his side and continuing our walk. “wow how long did it take you to come up with that one?” I chuckle causing him to laugh along. After some silence I decided to give him an answer, “If I’m Lorelai Gilmore, does that mean you’re my Luke Danes?” in the most serious tone I can give. He looks to me confused at where the sudden question came from, “your question earlier? You asked me what was going on in my head well that’s what was going through my head” he laughs, a full belly laugh, with his head thrown back after a few moments of both of us laughing we calm down. “I pretty sure my exact words were pretty little head” after that the laughing starts up again.

We may have an age gap but we work well together. We get each other’s jokes and understand what the other is thinking and feeling.

I smell snow and the snow is such a magical thing.  

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Taako falls asleep in random places like a cat. Killian finds him in her pile of knitted projects, Davenport finds him on the couch in his room, Merle finds him curled up under a sun lamp, the list goes on

oh absolutely anyplace warm or high up Taako has slept in. One time Lucretia was called down to the quad because Taako was found sleeping on one of the ceiling beams and she didn’t know how to say “it’s fine he does this all the time he’s not going to fall” without breaking her cover so she had to organize a fucking rescue operation for the sleeping high up elf.

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Kejrjrjrjf simmons headcanons?

Top 10 Simmons headcanons, here we go~

  1. Video games are bad except for runscape
  2. owns a lot of social media accounts but somehow manages to pull out 2009 memes outta his fax ass
  3. Dude’s vegan/vegetarian, and obeys drill orders he got some muscle fam, sure he did start out like a twig, but shit takes time
  4. He’s Merciless at Dnd, everyone’s familiar with that sinister smile he gives before he obliterates a party (though he gets frustrated playing with Caboose cause that guy dodges everything)
  5. Can’t ride a bike
  6. He can literally overheat from blushing too much
  7. Wash taught him how to fight with knives, he was a natural apparently (he didn’t wanna admit he has a phase in high school with ninja stars lol)
  8. Simmons knows all the dance moves and numbers from high school musical but know one knows especially not Donut
  9. Sometimes instead of yelling at the blues directly as a complaint, or hell just walking over there and leaving a letter, he’s send them a really PTA Mom passive aggressive letter that’ll take 5-7 days upon arrival. Tucker hates it.
  10. Tans Simmons is my fave headcanon tbh

Some thoughts and theories before the new chapter comes out

I would like to talk about the thing that’s been most on my mind lately and that is the de Sade family. Back in chapter 19, when Ruthven talked about grandpa de Sade, he gave us a piece of information which I misinterpreted the first time I read the chapter.

First time reading, I mistakenly thought he was talking about Noé but that makes no sense. Reading it again, I realized the actual meaning. So, at one point in his life, grandpa de Sade adopted a child to whom he later gave his title and property to. Who could this be? Without a doubt, I can say that this person is from an important, high-ranking family that we’re well familiar with – the de Sades. And I’m betting that the person in question is Louis and Dominique’s father (or mother, but I’m leaning more towards their father).

I had wondered why neither Domi or Louis have displayed abilities like their granfather’s since, as we’ve seen, vampires from the same clan have the same formula manipulation abilities. But this explains it – they’re simply not related.And this is an important piece of information.

And before you think I’m forgetting about her, let’s talk about Veronica. The fact that we’ve seen her abilities but not an ability from any other de Sade, makes me think that she may have been adopted into the family (that, and the fact that she looks nothing like Louis or Domi). It doesn’t seem that far fetched, right? Given the family’s history.

The last thing that I want to mention is something that’s been bothering me for a long time which concerns de Sade, aka The Shapless One, and Marquis Machina. Now the reference here is obviously Marquis de Sade. However, the thing that seriously bothers me about this is that Mochizuki basically split the name in two and gave it to two characters. Why would she do that? Well I have one idea – what if this is hinting that Marquis Machina is the Shapeless One? Think about it, the only way you could come to this conclusion is if you know the reference. Otherwise, you have nothing to connect these two characters with.

I feel that we have many things to discover about the de Sades and I honestly can’t wait to learn more about them!

thestray-wolfdruid  asked:

Tell me about your novel! I'm so curious! What are your writing about? Fiction, non fiction? ☺


My novel is a high concept LGBT fantasy that’s currently planned as a trilogy. I’ve been working on it for about three months now, and I’m planning on having the draft for the first installment completed by this time next year… maybe sooner if I gun it!

The story I’m writing is centered around Marco Silverdell, the crown prince of Fern. In a nutshell: he’s a disappointment. In a world so full of magic, he’s somehow managed to be the only one in his family who struggles with the simplest spells. If being magically inept wasn’t bad enough, he completely loathes his father’s ideals, having political ideals that are practically the opposite. The nation fully expects him to be a failure as king.

When an amnesiac boy from the feared nation of Wico Folis shows up in Fern, Marco chooses to save him… by making him his familiar. 

So that’s the basic idea. It was hard trying to figure out how to sum all of this up, oh my gosh @ @ I’m happy to answer any questions, if this was confusing. 

Again, thank you so much for stopping by!

AN Interview Mark Manes..

Manes: ‘I made a bad mistake’
Seller of gun says he had no idea Harris, Klebold dangerous

By Heather Pitzel, Rocky Mountain News
April 19, 2004

Mark Manes stops eating his lunch and tenses up when the waitress interrupts to ask his name and where he went to high school.

Her co-worker might know him, the waitress explains.

He tells her he went to Columbine. As she walks away, Manes and his girlfriend, Jessica Miklich, exchange glances with eyebrows raised.

The co-worker comes over, and, as it turns out, he’s an old acquaintance. Manes laughs and relaxes.

But he had good reason to be wary. It isn’t the first time someone has recognized him because of his connection to Columbine, and it isn’t always so pleasant.

To the public, Manes is the guy who sold one of the guns to the Columbine killers. It will be five years ago Tuesday that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 fellow students and a teacher and wounded 23 others before killing themselves at Columbine High School.

To law enforcement, Manes is an example to deter illegal gun sales. To his lawyer, Manes is a scapegoat because the dead killers couldn’t be prosecuted.

To victims’ families, Manes is partly responsible for what happened to their loved ones that day.

Manes, now 27, sees himself as a man whose life imploded because of one bad decision.

In one of his few interviews since Columbine, Manes says that he got off track in his teen-age years, doing drugs and getting in trouble with the law. He compiled a lengthy record of offenses from underage drinking to vandalizing bulldozers.

By age 21, he thought his troubled years were behind him. He had gotten off drugs. He had begun working as a software developer and had started dating Miklich, who was 19.

Then he sold Klebold and Harris a TEC-DC9, a semiautomatic handgun, for $500. The two were 17 years old, making the sale illegal.

Manes says that in the first year after the killings, he and Miklich had nightmares about it. He’s gone through the puzzle of events piece by piece, trying to see how things could have come together differently.

“If I had really thought about whether he (Klebold) was 18, maybe nothing would’ve been different,” he says, “but it would’ve been legal.”

Manes says he had no idea what the killers intended, and the Jefferson County sheriff’s investigation concluded that was true.

Seven months after Columbine, Manes was sentenced to six years in state prison for selling a gun to a minor.

Phil Duran, a friend of Manes’ who acted as middleman in the sale, served almost 3 years of a 4 -year sentence on the same charges and was paroled Nov. 8, 2003.

Manes served about 19 months in the Huerfano and Sterling correctional facilities before he was released in June 2001 to a halfway house in Lakewood.

A young couple starting out

Since February 2002, Manes has been allowed to live on his own, but he is required to wear an ankle monitor 24 hours a day, among other restrictions. He has been denied parole three times, but his mandatory release date for parole is in May.

He has returned to computer programming for his former employer, where he says co-workers have been supportive. He lives with 24-year-old Miklich, whom he started dating two months before Columbine.

The inside of their rented white house on a cul-de-sac in Lakewood looks like the home of a couple just starting out: a hand-me-down, avocado-green velveteen chair and a gray couch, a framed collage of family pictures on the wall next to a frameless Kandinsky poster. A pack of Camel Lights lies on the black coffee table.

Miklich is working on her undergraduate degree at Metropolitan State College, hoping to become a literature or history professor someday. As she sits on the couch and talks about the past, her almost constant smile fades.

“Visiting Mark in prison, having to leave him there, was one of the hardest things in life,” she says. “When he got out, I had to get to know him again… . I was always really proud of Mark and proud to stand by him. I was really depressed for a while. I feel really lucky now; it strengthened our bond.”

'Never socially accepted’

Manes, a lanky 6 feet 7 inches tall with long, brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, sits in his living room, trying to calm their dog, Heidi. He speaks slowly in low tones about how he ended up in a courtroom after Columbine.

He grew up in a middle-class home in Littleton with two adopted older brothers who are developmentally disabled. They commanded much of his parents’ time. According to the probation department’s report to court, Manes, who wasn’t adopted, “began to test boundaries at home as a way of gaining attention from his parents.”

Eventually he turned to mischief, drugs and the wrong kind of friends.

“I still toss around why I ever went in that direction,” Manes says. “I was never socially accepted… . I got beat up all the time.”

During Manes’ freshman year at Columbine, Phil Duran moved in down the street, and they became best friends, except for the period when Manes was doing drugs. Duran didn’t approve of that.

By the time Manes met the Columbine killers, he had moved past the drug scene.

A job offer as a software developer had prompted him to quit drugs and make a fresh start. After a two-week family trip to Europe, he had quit Arapahoe Community College, where he carried almost a 3.6 grade point average. He moved in with his parents, broke ties with his former life and started his new job.

His interest in guns, however, had just begun. At the age of 20, he made friends who enjoyed camping and hunting, and that sparked his interest in firearms. Manes bought the TEC-DC9 for $500 at the first gun show he attended in August 1998 and practiced shooting it on camping trips.

Duran, meanwhile, was working with Klebold and Harris at a Blackjack Pizza shop. He introduced them to Manes at a gun show in Denver because they wanted to buy his TEC-DC9.

“At the gun show, I asked Phil if they were cool,” Manes says. “They were computer guys like me, and ahead of me at that age.”

Manes found a booth with the type of gun he was selling to show the boys what it looked like.

Had the sale not happened, he says, he would have placed an ad in the paper. He considered the gun a piece of junk.

Klebold asked to pay $300 at the time and the rest later. Because customers must be 18 to get into gun shows and Klebold and Harris were high school seniors, Manes says their age didn’t cross his mind.

“Dylan came over that night. It’s the first time I really talked to him,” Manes says. “He was already working with Linux, an advanced computer operating system, and he was in high school. They needed to wait for their next paycheck to give me the other $200. A few weeks went by, and they gave it to Phil.”

Manes and his friends regularly went shooting in the woods, so that night he extended an invitation to Klebold for him and Harris to go along. And they did several times over the next few months.

On March 6, 1999, the only time they videotaped themselves shooting guns, Klebold and Harris told Manes they had a surprise. It was the sawed-off shotguns they would use at Columbine.

“Every time we went shooting,” Manes says, “we would see three or four other groups doing the same type of thing. It’s really not as unusual as it was made out to be.”

The videotape shows Klebold and Harris clowning around. At one point, Klebold looks at a bullet hole in a tree trunk and says, “Imagine that in someone’s f—— brain.”

But Manes says he had no idea that Klebold and Harris were dangerous.

Miklich accompanied Manes on weekly shooting excursions, including the videotaped trip. That was the first time she met the killers.

“I don’t want to say they were nondescript,” she says. “They were nice enough, but not enough to start a conversation. We had no connection after (shooting in the woods). They seemed a little weird, but they were just boys. I was only two years removed from their age. They seemed like boys playing their war games.”

On April 20, 1999, those war games turned into real carnage.

'I just freaked’

Manes says Duran, who was working for a cable company by that time, called him at work from Chicago. Duran had two younger siblings at Columbine: Simon, a sophomore, and Julia, a senior.

“Phil said, 'My sister says she thinks it’s Dylan and Eric. Go to -ABCNews.com.’ I just freaked,” Manes says. “He asked, 'You think they’re using your TEC-9?’ Why wouldn’t they? I was smoking cigarettes frantically.”

The day of Columbine was the -second anniversary of the death of one of Miklich’s friends in a car accident. Miklich had planned a day of meditation, driving to the mountains and going to the cemetery.

She was driving when she heard on the radio what was going on at the high school. She didn’t call Manes until about 7 p.m. because she didn’t connect him to Columbine.

“He was completely devastated,” she says. “He said, 'I need you. Do you remember those people we went shooting with?’ ”

He told his parents that day, and they counseled him to get a lawyer.

Within two weeks, authorities with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives contacted Manes. He says he remembers because it was the day he met for a second time with a lawyer.

When the arrest warrant was issued May 3, 1999, Manes turned himself in. His parents bailed him out and helped him dodge the horde of cameras and reporters awaiting him outside the sheriff’s department. They dropped him off at a -hotel, he says, where he stayed while media camped in front of his -parents’ home for two days.

“From April until November (when he was sentenced), I was the target of everyone’s rage,” Manes says. “Media coverage was all negative. I was really frustrated.”

He felt the public’s misperception of him grew and the grieving families’ anger was inflamed.

“I definitely have a lot of sympathy for what they’re going through. I can’t even imagine what it’s like,” he says. “I have this feeling I’m their enemy.”

Miklich says it was difficult to see Manes being vilified by the media and to hear the families’ anger directed at him.

“One woman said Mark should be shot in every place her son was shot,” Miklich says.

The type of gun Manes sold had been banned from manufacture as an assault weapon in 1994. The gun could be sold at retail stores or in private sales, but couldn’t be legally purchased from a firearms dealer by anyone under 21 or from a private seller by anyone under 18.

Manes pleaded guilty in Jefferson County District Court to two felonies - providing a gun to a minor and illegal possession of a sawed-off shotgun. The second charge was filed because Manes had fired Klebold’s and Harris’ sawed-off shotguns in the woods at Rampart Range.

Jefferson County District Judge Henry Nieto sentenced Manes in November 1999 to three years for the possession charge, which ran concurrently with the six-year sentence for selling a gun to a minor.

Manes’ attorney, Robert Ransome, maintains that his client was made a scapegoat.

Although Klebold was 17 when he died, Harris had turned 18 on April 9, before Columbine. That meant Harris legally could have bought the guns used at Columbine.

Manes took full responsibility for selling the gun, Ransome says, and didn’t waste taxpayer money on a trial that would have prolonged the families’ grief.

“Mark took the high road in this case,” Ransome says.

A grieving parent’s view

Tom Mauser, who lost his son, Daniel, at Columbine and has become a gun-control activist, thought at the time that Manes’ sentence was appropriate, though he says he thinks that other victims’ families had harsher feelings.

But after seeing the video of Manes and the killers when it was released to the public in October 2003, Mauser says a longer sentence may have been appropriate. The video raised questions for Mauser about whether Manes and Duran, who went shooting three times with the killers, had an inkling that Klebold and Harris were unstable.

“Or did Manes and Duran ignore clues, rationalize them away?” he says.

“Saying 'I’m sorry’ at sentencing isn’t worth anything,” Mauser says. “Who doesn’t say they’re sorry when their ass is on the line?”

On the third anniversary of Columbine, before seeing the video, Mauser wrote on Daniel’s memorial Web site about the need for reconciliation, for the killers’ families, victims’ families and law enforcement to gather and acknowledge the harm done to one another.

Two years later Mauser still wants a public forum for discussion. He would like to hear from Manes and Duran to help the community learn from what happened.

“Prison is punishment - society’s punishment,” Mauser says. “Redemption is what you do with your life after prison. They could talk to kids about the dangers of guns.”

Manes is under court order not to speak to the victims or their families. Until recently, Ransome had counseled Manes not to speak to the press.

“Mark’s very shy and quiet… . It’s always a risk when a client opens his mouth,” Ransome says. “It’s the safer route not to talk. He didn’t want to, and it wasn’t a safe route. Now those decisions are his, not mine.”

Manes doesn’t see himself going around to schools to talk to kids.

“I wouldn’t have had a problem doing community service had it been ordered,” he says. “Doing my sentence was a big community service. I taught computer classes to inmates and helped the chaplain. I’ve never been one for public speaking.”

Manes says he meant it when he spoke at his sentencing about how distraught and sorry he was.

“There’s not anything I could have said that would have made anybody happy,” he says. “It was really hard to get up there. It was honest. Selling the gun was a stupid thing to do.”

His sentencing day was probably the worst day of his life, Manes says.

“It was two hours of being blamed for the deaths of all these children, everyone pushing for life sentences or death. It was solely vengeance. It wasn’t ever punishment. It was vengeance for their children’s deaths. I understand that anger is one of the first stages of grieving. But media involvement really pulled that anger out until someone paid for it.”

Judge Nieto, who is now on the Colorado Court of Appeals, declined to be interviewed.

Duran and his attorney, Matt DePetro, also declined interviews.

Until the day before sentencing, Manes says he thought he might not go to prison at all. He hadn’t had any legal troubles for two years, and the most recent three were for a -minor possessing alcohol when he was 18, 19 and 20 years old, according to court documents.

Probation officer Marianne Rayburn wrote in her report to the court that psychological testing showed Manes wasn’t a threat to society. She recommended probation, but said county jail time and community service were warranted based on the seriousness of the case.

Steve Jensen, who has a reputation as one of Jefferson County’s toughest prosecutors, says that Manes’ and Duran’s sentences were among the most emotional for him in his 19 years as a prosecutor. The sentences were appropriate, he says.

“If we’re not going to ask for a tough sentence in this case, I ask you, in what case would we ask for a tough sentence?” Jensen says. “It’s difficult to conceive of more terror, more angst, than that caused in this community.”

He says he could have asked for as much as 18 years, “but he probably wouldn’t have gotten it.”

A primary function of a sentence is deterrence, Jensen says, both for the defendant and the public.

Jensen says he wants people to think of Manes and Duran before giving a gun to a juvenile.

“If everyone had said no,” Jensen says, “then possibly, possibly, this wouldn’t have happened.”

The other three guns used by the killers came from Robyn Anderson, who attended Columbine and went to prom with Klebold. She bought one gun for Klebold and two for Harris at a gun show. The transfer of such long-arm guns to juveniles wasn’t illegal then, though it is now.

Anderson had no clue that the teens would use the gun for a shooting rampage, says her attorney, Richard Everstine. “No one did.”

Richard Weatherbee, law enforcement coordinator for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Denver, says that Manes was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“The two people who should have been prosecuted were dead before we even knew who they were,” he says. “It’s like, 'OK, who do we go after next?’ Maybe that’s wrong, but the reality is when you have horrendous crimes like this, people want to see justice done.”

Miklich admits that she worried after Columbine that she also might face possession charges because she was in the video shooting the -killers’ sawed-off shotguns.

She was given immunity because her testimony would have been needed to authenticate the videotape in case of a trial.

'Guns are too final’

Miklich says she remembers feeling powerful when she shot guns years ago. But now she thinks society would be better off without guns, even for police officers.

“People are too erratic, and guns are too final,” she says.

Manes’ views on guns have changed, too.

“They did the right thing by upping the age limits on guns, though I wouldn’t have thought so at 18,” he says. “At 15 you can get prosecuted as an adult for crimes. At 18, you can shoot a gun in the Army, but you can’t buy one. They need to pick a number and stick with it, be more consistent.”

Manes says he may always be known as that guy from the Columbine case. He hopes not.

He has no plans for the fifth anniversary of Columbine on Tuesday. He and Miklich tend to fill their weekends with the mundane. He cuts the grass, rides his burgundy Yamaha motorcycle. She studies.

He has a 10 p.m. curfew and cannot drink alcohol or have credit cards, a cell phone or a checking account.

He pays his bills with money -orders.

His interest in guns has been replaced with a passion for model airplanes and helicopters, which he sometimes flies in the house. When he was first released, he preferred staying at home.

“I felt like I’d be recognized wherever I went. One of the most awkward situations was while I was getting insurance. There was a TV on in the background with a story about me getting out. The woman was rude after that,” Manes says.

“At some points, I’ve broken down crying,” Manes says, “but there was really no way I could’ve known… . I made a bad mistake in selling a gun.”

Storytelling Sunday

She loved riding the wave with him. The super speed ups and the gently rolling downs. The natural wave crashing into one another until finally melting into one warm pool where all time and space are suspended and nothing else exists in the world and nothing matters except the oneness they have become. Then, riding the wave back up, separating, dancing and talking and chatting and discovering there are other people in the room and they all have their demons showing. Searching for more, riding the high, dancing, moving, searching, searching, searching. Demons, they’re all demons. Rolling, gently, there he his, she found him, he falls into her, they become one warm pool of love again. Rising up, the demons, the music, the chatter, the searching. It will end soon, they need more, is there more? Searching, demons, chatter, noise, searching. Falling, hard, falling , fast, falling, searching, don’t fall, find more, don’t let her fall, find more, she’s getting lost, he’s lost, where is he, where are they? More, more , more…


A friend of mine sent me a text and was all, “Hey you like snakes right????” and I was all, “IS THE EARTH ROUND?” and then she was all, “My dad breeds snakes (which I vaguely remember from the one time I went to her house in high school but I wasn’t really into snakes then)!” and then she sent me these pics of two BPs who’re het for albino and two HONDURAN MILK SNAKES WHICH I HAVE LOWKEY ALWAYS BEEN IN LOVE W.


Where to begin!? High school au, college au, roommate au, hitchhiker au, coffeehouse au, texting and snap chatting and messaging, etc…!

so many au’s to choose from! the question really is “where to begin” pfft

speaking of high school au’s real quick, there was a really good fic where Odin was an art student and he used to chill in the art room with Tuls and it was mega chill. and the plot was that Odin didn’t know what to draw/paint anymore, until he one day ran into Ava (think she was hiding in the cupboard?) and then he found his muse again (hint hint, his muse is Ava) and he started drawing/painting her all the time and it was really sweet (and I liked the Odin and Tuls friendship kinda vibes)

can’t remember the name, but good fic, there’s another recommendation from me for thy flaming arrow fic reading pleasure lol

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Your OCs favorite foods? Their best childhood memory? I love ur art

Jameel’s favorite food is rava dosa and Saboor’s is ….. Poricha Sathamudhu w/ a side of banana flower paruppu-usili–aka one of the most Brahmin dishes out there sdffdgsdf 

Jameel’s best childhood memory was the time he kissed the dreamy-eyed state first in high school (basically, the state first is the student who gets the highest score in statewide examinations), and Saboor’s best memory is when he went on a vacation to Agra (northern India is like . another country 4 tamil ppl sometimes sdgsdfs and most ppl can’t afford to go) 

anonymous asked:

Ohh man, do you guys have any HCs for Stan??? :)

Stanley “Stan” Marsh Headcanons:

  • Stan is Bisexual 
  • When the boys are fully grown, Stan is 6’0” tall, tied with Token as second tallest of the guys.
  • Stan realizes he is bisexual in his freshman year of college.
  • Randy and Sharon get divorced—and stay divorced—after Shelley leaves for college. Stan has a difficult time picking which parent to spend holidays with, actually spending the first Thanksgiving with the Broflovskis in order to keep the peace.
  • The divorce is pretty hard on Stan, and he starts drinking with the guys on weekends to cope with the immediate aftermath. He is careful not to drink around Kyle, who disapproves of this habit, but always makes sure that he drinks with Kenny because he knows Kenny will watch out for him if he gets too drunk.
  • Randy pushes Stan to play football in high school, something that Stan proves to be pretty talented it. By the time the boys are sophomores, Stan is the regular quarterback. Due to his nerves, Stan is always queasy on game days and throws up before leaving the locker room. 
  • Stan and Wendy are on-and-off again throughout both middle and high school, much to the gang’s collective chagrin. It isn’t until Stan is on his way to college at UCLA that the two permanently break-up. 
  • Stan’s soft-spot for animals stays with him into adulthood; with Stan volunteering to walk shelter dogs every weekend (aside from football season). He also advocates for the adoption of rescue pets. 
  • Stan is always clean-shaven, afraid that growing facial hair—especially a moustache— will make him look too much like his father. 
  • Stan secretly loves that Kyle didn’t grow to be super tall like him, because he thinks that it’s cute. He will deny that, though.
  • Stan does averagely in high school, partially due to the emotional strain of his parents’ divorce. Applying for college left him queasy, because he knew that Kyle would get into amazing schools for his flawless academic record and Stan wouldn’t be accepted into those fancy schools. He gets into UCLA on a huge athletic scholarship and is extremely upset when Kyle decides to go to Penn State on the opposite side of the country. It takes him a stupidly long time to figure out why he was so upset about that.
  • Stan and Kyle continued to have sleepovers on Friday nights all through high school, with Stan frequently either ditching early or canceling dates with Wendy in favor of spending time with Kyle. This is the case of many arguments between Stan and Wendy.
  • Stan believes in the best of people even at the worst of times, having learned from his experience as a cynic after his 10th birthday. He is the reason that the gang (Kenny, Kyle, Cartman, and himself) stay “close” friends until 8th grade. He cuts ties with Cartman after he tries to intentionally and hatefully sabotage Kyle’s bar mitzvah. Stan and Kenny go to great lengths to ensure Cartman fails. Kyle’s bar mitzvah was great.
  • Stan is a little insecure in his relationships and gets jealous easily. For example, he gets super jealous if Kyle confides in anyone except him, taking it personally. When questioned why he is getting so bent out of shape—usually by Kenny, as he is the one Kyle confides in aside from Stan—Stan will say it’s because HE is Kyle’s best friend. If pressed further, he tells you to fuck off and promptly drops the subject.
  • Stan absolutely hates all forms of social media, because he doesn’t want to get sucked into it. Kyle and Kenny set up both his Instagram and Snapchat, but he hardly uses it.
  • When Stan and Kyle FINALLY get together, he discovers that he developed a fetish for Kyle’s hat.