he was great in small island

There is a small, obscure island in the Arabian Sea that is home to two notable endemic species: the aži, or Persian dragon, and the rabbit-like mi'raj, a somewhat primitive cousin to unicorns. Mainland Persian dragons and another larger, lighter colored subspecies were once found across South Asia, and for a time were thought to be extinct west of Vietnam until a population was rediscovered on Jazirat-al-Tinnen, literally the “dragon’s island”. Unique among eastern dragons for its relatively small, round tail and its eagerness to climb trees, it is still a fairly accomplished swimmer and is known to ambush prey from the water.
According to legend, Alexander the Great visited this island to slay a local dragon that was terrorizing the natives, who accomplished this by poisoning the beast. One of the gifts he received for slaying the dragon was a captured mi'raj, which may arguably have been a more fearsome creature than the dragon, for it is extremely aggressive when it has young to protect and will drive off creatures many times its size with its single, very sharp horn.
It is believed that dragons swam to the island from India no more than a few thousand years ago, for they still bear striking resemblance to their extinct mainland cousins. Animals of the same genus as the mi'raj (cornuceleres), however, have not been seen on earth since the late Miocene.


Part one of my series of pop culture dragons reimagined as bastard worms as they would be like in A King of Worms.

Saphira is one of the last dragons spawned from an extensive program in the United States to raise and breed dragons that are not only social, but bonded to humans. The people of the so called “dragon villages” weeped for the loss of a nearly century old practice and veiwed the ceasing of the practice as an affront of dragon/human relations. Everyone else however, did not see these relationships as equal in any way, and questioned the ethics of trying to “domesticate” a race of sapient chaos serpents.

Saphira is heavily bonded with her human Eric Gong, a teenager in the boonies who loves reading and general nerd shit. She could not imagine any other way of life, to the point that she is completely unaware that “wild” dragons are even a thing, believing that she is a dying species

Smaug was said to be the last great dragon of New Zealand. A lazy fuck, Smaug’s lair has been situated in the former New Zealand treasuries for decades, and does nothing but eat mutton and sleep, covering the nation’s former wealth and gold all over his his moist sweaty stomach. People no longer dare to enter his lair, for they are will be faced by Smaugs constant bragging and obnoxious personality. 

Having no competition on the island and no frame of reference of other dragons, he is unaware of the fact that he is incredibly unimpressive and small by dragon standards, so easily could he have his ass kicked i he lived anywhere else. To Smaug’s knowledge he is the best damn thing on the planet.

Elliot was a lonely dragon from a bad cave, running away from his once home and eventually stumbling upon a magical human boy named Pete who helps him. The other worms do not believe Elliot’s tall tale, magical human boys are a fairy tale that dont exist, but Elliot insists Pete is real but turns invisible when others are around. 

I’ve never written one of those “five times… one time” fics so I literally have no idea what to call this. But warning, there is mention of a previous abusive relationship below the cut, so please don’t read this if that will harm you in any way!

This fic was based off a post by and a conversation with the lovely @whumpdump, who is amazing, and I couldn’t resist writing it. Because I am who I am, #5 is a teeny lil sickfic. I tried to stop myself. But I have no self control. Anyway I dedicate this fic to her. <3

I also am shit at writing romance so pls forgive me

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red in the face

request: i got like 17 requests for jealous shawn and they were all different but i’m just gonna combine them and do a general jealous shawn imagine



a/n: i have a killer headache as i’m writing this so i hope it’s decent! (i always have headaches) also, this isn’t smut, but i always just write fluff so this is a lil new to me (give me feedback pretty please!)

“Babe, if we don’t leave now we’re gonna be late.”

You walk out of your bedroom, having just slipped into your dress. “Can you zip me up?” you ask, moving your hair to your shoulder to give Shawn easier access.

He zips up the dress before placing a lingering kiss on your shoulder. He moves up to your neck and places another kiss on it’s base.

“Babe, if we don’t leave now we’re gonna be late,” you say, grinning as you turn away from him and grab your clutch in one hand before reaching for his hand pulling him from the apartment. It takes him half a second to catch up to you, and he places his hand on the small of your back and leads you out of the apartment building and towards his jeep.

“So what is this party for, again?” you ask as you buckle your seat belt.

“I honestly don’t even know. Something important happened for someone important in Island Records. I wasn’t really paying attention.” He looks over at you and laughs.

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when te fiti has her heart, it’s assumed she can gift life to anything, right? well imagine this:

te fiti is really greatful after maui apologizes. she knows from past personal experience how stubborn he can be, so she does a little bit more for him than just fixing his fish hook for him

after he leaves moana to sail herself home he’s flying around when a small island he doesn’t recognize from the sky catches his attention. 

curious, he lands on it and looks around at this beautiful lush green island just blooming with plant life. it confuses him that he’s never seen this island before because he knows for sure he would’ve remembered pulling up something so beautiful until he stumbles upon this large boulder with famaliar looking carvings on it and it just hits him all at once

this was his island. 

Te Fiti took what used to be a pile of boulders and wiltering plants and restored it to the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

she didn’t just fix what he valued most

she took this place he was trapped on for a thousand years, this place he thought he hated, and she used it to give him a home.

Something he’s never really had before.

Finding Islands - Lin-Manuel Miranda

Summary: Haida Gwaii, the small archipelago on the North Coast is your hometown. It is your duty to show it to Lin. After all, everyone has an island.

Words: 2,547

Warnings: None, this is so pure. 

A/N: Day 4 of the Write-A-Thon and time is going by so damn fast. So this piece is a little messy because writer’s block has been kicking my ass for a while now, and nothing is coming out right but I tried my best! Enjoy. 

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There is a small, carrot-shaped archipelago of the North Coast of British Columbia in Canada. It is small and quaint, titled Haida Gwaii, with a population of less than 5,000 people. One, out of those 5,000, happened to be you.

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A lot of Matoran on Metru Nui kept small Rahi as pets, many of which ran off to the wild during the Great Cataclysm and eventually made it to the island of Mata Nui. But some Rahi would end up in a completely different environment than the metru it originally lived in, so some of them probably ended up living far away from their original owners. 

Perhaps Orkahm was surprised the first time he visited Onu-Koro and an entire pen of Ussals start squealing and trying to jump the fence as soon as they see him.

Perhaps Macku’s secret rendevouz with Hewkii was ruined when she had to explain to Nokama why a Po-Koran herding dog had suddenly appeared from nowhere and made itself at home in her hut, and how it definitely had not followed her back from Po-Wahi, of course not. (Hapaka dogs were often kept as pets in Ga-Metru, so it’s quite possible Macku may have owned one. Nokama probably let her keep the dog provided she could sort out a deal with the farmer she “borrowed” it from.) 

As for Matoro, though… small wild Rahi in every region would immediately start following him for some mysterious reason, demanding to be petted or staring expectantly as if they thought he had food. it was rare to see Matoro without a tiny bird perched on his mask, or small reptiles scampering around his feet when he visited another Wahi. Nuju eventually told him that most of the creatures who did that had probably been in his pet shop on Metru Nui at some stage. 

A Hitman’s Guide to Emergency Gift-Giving

Summary: 1) In case of emergencies and not know what to give your husband for his birthday in twenty-four hours,  the decapitated head of one of his lifelong enemies always works.

Length: 2k

No Rating, passing mentions of sex and various fun things

written for @victuurificrec‘s birthday three days ago

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Those that kill for hire tend to have strange senses of humour. It’s an occupational hazard, some would say, that your jokes become more morbid and you end up sticking out in a group of civilians from having made a few too many jokes about how easy it would be to gut a man and retrieve his kidneys intact to sell to the black market. And a propensity for sticking out in a group of civilians too easily is certainly not good for anyone’s longevity in terms of career or otherwise.

That being said, sometimes Yuuri can’t help but wonder if his job hasn’t warped other sensibilities of his.

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First Impressions

You pushed past a gaggle of interns, who were scrambling over a high profile case, as you made your way to the DA’s office. It was your first day and you were late. It was making you feel irritable because it wasn’t the first impression you had planned to make. As you stood in front of your dresser this morning, pulling on your favorite outfit and brushing back your hair, you day-dreamed about what your first day at your new job as a paralegal in Manhattan’s District Attorney’s office would be like. You wanted to be a lawyer and this was your way into law school.

Things had started out so well that morning, you’d left your studio apartment in Brooklyn Heights with ample time to walk to work across the Brooklyn Bridge. You grabbed a coffee from a cart outside your apartment.

“Morning! Here is your coffee. Might I say, you look radiant today. Ready for you first day at work?”

You’d become fast friends with the vendor and he now knew your order, often having it ready for you before you’d even had a chance to open your mouth.

“Thank you, Kapil! I’m going to need this.” You smiled at him warmly before setting off towards the Bridge, feeling thankful that your journey to work provided such a wonderful view.

Halfway across the bridge, your sense of wonder had been put to the test. Your coffee had been knocked out of your hands, your heel had gotten caught in the gaps in the bridge and you’d needed the help of a kind stranger to free yourself. To top things off, it has suddenly started to rain, not a lot, but enough to ruin your immaculately put together persona for a stunning first impression.

Running uncomfortably late, you hurried through the hallways of Hogan Place, reaching the elevator doors as they began to close. No! You absolutely did not have the patience to withstand another delay to get to your meeting, so you did the only thing a sane person would do, you pushed your hand into the gap of the closing doors.

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[My Hooked Wayfinder sequel to Moana] Cause you can’t always find happiness right where you are… Especially when the great demigod Maui has been avoiding you for years because he is terrified of watching you grow old. Cue angst. Cue adventure. Cue romance. Featuring… An ageless demigod manchild afraid of attachment… A heroin determined to give him a home… And an entire island filled with the ridiculously stupid offspring of Heihei.

Click here to read Chapter 1: Together Alone

He had expected her to think over his words and realize that it was the truth, but she did something he found far stranger. She wrapped her small arm around his big one and leaned with her head against his shoulder, looking out over the water as she kept him company.

“You are more than your selfishness and greed,” she offered gently. “You are also strength and compassion. You have more to offer this world than you believe right now, but you can’t let yourself believe that the world is better off without you. I don’t believe that for one second. You matter. If not to anyone else, then at least to me.”

He gulped, his hand still over his heart. He had an inkling of how hard mini Maui and mini Moana were hugging it out, but he wasn’t mini Maui. He wasn’t capable of telling her how much she meant to him precisely, of allowing himself to grow closer to her. He was already getting too close again.

Not Dead Yet (Part 29)

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Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warning: language

Felix was blocking another blow from one of the pirates when the deafening scream rang out and everyone stopped to clap their hands over their ears. The ground started to shake violently under them and Felix instantly searched to find Pan. He was standing in the midst of the camp, his face contorted into something terrifying to behold. Felix followed his gaze and saw Y/N lying on the ground, crimson staining the white chemise she was wearing. Her mouth still slightly agape from the short strangled scream that escaped from it a moment earlier.

“No…” he let out a small gasp.

The island cracked and split open. Pirates and Lost Boys alike lost their balance and fell into the pits. Thinking quick Felix kicked the pirate next to him into a crack and moved as quickly as he could to where Y/N was lying. Right now the only safe place to be was by either her or Pan.

He dropped next to her and pressed his fingers to her neck. A pulse. “Pan! Stop!” Felix shouted, “She’s still alive!”

The tremors calmed slightly. “She’s alive but only barely! You need to stop!”

The cracks along the island started to close again as Pan started to walk towards Y/N and Felix. Felix backed away as Pan took the spot next to her. He brought a glowing hand up to where she was bleeding. With Y/N in caring hands Felix went about the camp looking for survivors. Some of the pirates including Hook survived and took off after the ground had stopped trembling. Many of the Lost Boys were now gone but quite a few had managed to keep from falling into the pits.

“What happened? Why did the island start quaking?” Devin limped to where Felix was standing.

“That’s why.” Felix pointed to where Y/N and Pan were.

“Y/N!” Felix held him back. “Dammit lemme go!”

“No! If she has any chance then you can’t go over there ruining his concentration!”

“But she’s–!”

“Dying.” Felix tightened his arm around Devin, “And her only hope is Pan. So if you don’t want to bury her corpse you’ll keep your distance.”

Devin nodded if not begrudgingly. “Good. Now go see who else is alive.” Felix shoved him off. Devin trudged off glancing back at Y/N worriedly.

Hours passed before Pan finally stood up, Y/N carefully being cradled in his arms. “Pan,” Felix approached him, “Is she…”

“Barely. She’ll need watching somewhere where she won’t be disturbed.” Pan said without making eye contact.

“I’ll fix one of the tents.” Felix found some remaining tent parts and put them together. Pan set her down inside.

“Watch her. If anything changes find me immediately.” Pan walked away without another word.

Felix peered inside the tent at Y/N. She sure did look dead save the small rise and fall of her chest. He’d be lying if he didn’t say he wasn’t relieved. Y/N was a good Lost Girl and one of the smarter people on the island so it would have been a shame to lose her. On the other hand he feared what would have happened had she died, what will happen if she doesn’t make it.

Pan had gotten close to past Lost Boys and when they met a bad fate things weren’t great afterwards. This though. Felix stared at the unconscious Lost Girl in growing dread. What had went from being just another person on the island then to friends, had become something far more dangerous for everyone left still alive. No one could or should hold that much power over the person that is connected to this realm.

For the first time in a long time Felix wished that Pan had just left Y/N to die all those years ago.


What is wrong with me? I tried to open my eyes but found it too difficult. My head felt like it was floating in molasses. Just as I was about to fall back to sleep I heard something. Someone’s voice.

I need to wake up. I forced my eyes open, squinting against the light. Where am I? The space became clearer as I realized I was laying in a tent. When I tried to sit up a wave of pain crashed through me. I bit my lip hard. Let’s take this a little slower. I tilted my head up as far as it could go and saw the dark red across my once crisp white chemise. With shaking hands I rolled the shift up till I could see my stomach. There was a bright red gash surrounded by deep purple almost pitch black skin. So like an idiot that just woke up in extreme pain I poked it.

“FUCK!” I shrieked. Bad idea! Very bad idea!

“She’s awake.” I had almost forgotten about the voice that had woken me up. I didn’t bother looking up when I heard the tent flap open.

“Look who’s not dead.” I recognized Peter’s smug voice near me.

“Fuck me…” I groaned.

“Maybe when you feel better.” he said. I tried to give him a glare but I was in too much pain to make it threatening. “Stop writhing so much you’ll only make it worse.”

He laid a hand on the sore spot and the pain started to abate. “What happened?” I croaked out.

“Pirates invaded the camp in search for you. When they saw that you were not a damsel in distress but a Lost Girl they got a little angry.” he explained, “As for you, I can only assume you got cocky and let your guard down.”

“And they turned me into a shish kebab?” I remembered seeing the sword pierced through my gut and felt like I was going to be sick.

“Yeah. Turn over so I can get your back.” He helped me roll to my side so he could press the spot on my back.

“How are the others? How many did we lose?”

Peter was quiet. “Twelve. We lost twelve boys.”

“Devin, Ben, Nick, are they alright?”

“They’re fine.”

“I’m safe too, thanks for asking.” I heard Felix’s voice from the mouth of the tent.

“I knew they wouldn’t be able to get rid of you, blondie.” I joked and I heard the small scoff that counted as his laugh. “How long have I been out of it?”

“Half a day or so.” Peter answered.

“What of the pirates?”

“The few that’s left of them scuttled back to their ship. With half their crew gone I don’t think they’ll be dumb enough to raid the camp again.” Peter finished and rolled my chemise back down to my knees.

“Speaking of which,” Felix poked his head in, “Now that they know where we are we should probably move camp. We’re too close to the shore for comfort.”

“Agreed, we’ll go as soon as Y/N can walk.”

“I can walk now.” I swallowed back the pain as I sat up fully, “Let’s get moving.”

“Idiot.” Peter pushed me back down. “You almost died a couple hours ago. You won’t be able stand on your own let alone walk.”

“Then give me someone to lean on.” I sat up again. Peter gave me a disdainful look before leaving the tent and shouting for Devin.

Devin, Nick, and Ben were soon cramming into the tent relieved to see I was still alive. I assured them I was fine but needed someone to help me up so that I could go with them to move the camp. Nick agreed to shoulder me and Devin went to pack up my tent while Ben gave my injuries a once over.

When I was up on my feet I realized exactly how weak I still was. If it wasn’t for Nick practically carrying me I would have fallen into a heap just trying to get to my feet. We made it into the jungle a ways before my stumbling got so bad that Nick just conceded to carrying me on his back. I feel so helpless. If I hadn’t gotten run through I would have been up in the trees flitting about like a bird and throwing acorns at the boys. This was so boring!

The group finally stopped at a new clearing. The remaining Lost Boys went about setting up their tents and creating a perimeter for the camp. As for me, seeing as how I couldn’t stand I was stuck kneeling on the ground trying in vain to pitch my tent.

Felix approached me. “I can do this! I don’t need any help!” I snapped at him.

“Yes, you do. But that’s not why I’m here.” he knelt next to me, “We need to have a talk.”

“About what?”

“Your correlation with Pan.”

“Whatever you’re thinking you don’t need to worry.” I waved it off, “It is purely a physical arrangement.”

“Are you so sure about that?”

“Do you seriously believe that I’ve developed feelings?” I rolled my eyes at the absurd notion, “Felix, I know girls have a reputation of reading too much into things like this but you know that’s not me. When we’re in public things are as they always have been, I’m not stupid enough to jeopardize that.”

“Maybe you believe that, but you didn’t see what happened last night.”

“The pirates invaded the camp and we lost some good boys. What else do I need to know?”

“That when you got taken out, Pan he…he did something reckless.”

“Reckless how?”

“The island started breaking. It was like someone had opened the gates to hell.”

Oh, was that all? I thought it was something worse. “That wasn’t because of me. Nick explained everything on the walk over here. Peter was just trying to drive the pirates away.”

“I saw his face when he watched you go down. It was terrifying to witness. Pirates and Lost Boys fell through the cracks like sand through your fingers. If it wasn’t for me telling him you were still barely alive he might have plunged the entire island into the sea.”

“No. I mean why would he…”

“You know why.” he leveled me with a stern look, “You gotta rein this in before it gets out of hand.”

I nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ll fix this.”

“You had better.” Felix stood up leaving me alone once again. Peter may trust me more than the others in some respects but we couldn’t have a repeat of past mistakes. I wasn’t going to allow him to endanger the lives of my brothers just to keep me alive.

The day crawled by and when night grew close Peter approached me again to help heal me. This time when he was finished I was feeling much stronger and could walk around on my own. It would take some time before I was completely back to normal but for now this was all I needed.

“Here,” he handed me a change of clothes, “You probably want to get into some real clothes.”

“Yes please,” I took them gratefully and started to change out of the bloody chemise. I caught Peter’s gaze and paused, “What?”

“There’s a pond just a ways to the west of here in case you wanted to wash up.” he got to his feet without looking at me, taking the chemise with him. “Night.”

A wash did sound nice. I wrapped my cloak around me and carried my clothes with me to the pond Peter had mentioned. I dipped down letting the water come up to my neck. I needed this. I wiped at the grime I had accumulated over the past couple days but paused when I saw red dripping from my fingers in the moonlight. Was I bleeding? I didn’t feel any pain?

That’s when I noticed them. On my arms and legs were the dried remains of bloody handprints. The sight of them made my stomach churn. Devin told me that Peter had spent a long time healing me when I got skewered. I didn’t think that when he did so his hands were covered in blood. My blood.

I scrubbed harder washing away the blood until my skin was raw. After I dried off and got dressed I walked back to camp. Many of the boys had already retired to their tents. Things were so much smaller now. The boys we lost were my brothers. Now they were just gone.

Peter was standing in the center of camp in front of the small blazing fire. Upon closer inspection I noticed he was burning the chemise I had been wearing.

All those boys. My brothers had fallen through and died because of what he did. I like to boast that I know Peter the best and I do. But I never thought he’d do something as dumb as allow his emotions to run his mind. He caught me staring and gestured for me to come over.

“So, Felix told me what you did.” I whispered, twiddling with the edge of my shirt, “Why did you? We agreed that things wouldn’t go past friends.”

“And they haven’t.” He muttered not taking his eyes off the fire.

“You cracked open the island and let boys die. They’re gone because of you and your feelings.”

“Feelings?” he scoffed turning to look at me, “You think I have feelings? For you?”

“You would have let any other boy die, I know you would have.” I sighed, “What other reason would you have?”

“Let’s get one thing straight right now,” he sneered, “You are a Lost Girl. Nothing more. Just because we make out sometimes doesn’t mean I think anything more of you.”

“Oh really?” I pointed my dagger at him, “You think nothing of me? How could I miss such an obvious perspective? Our time in the Enchanted Forest, what you told me, what I trusted in you, the parts of you that you keep hidden from even yourself that you let me into was all just pretense. Was it?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“No. I do. And I am not leaving until you admit that you let your emotions cloud your judgement and promise it won’t happen again.” I tapped the tip of my dagger against his chin.

He swatted the dagger out of my hands. “You are so conceited. I broke open the island to get rid of the pirates, who by the way, found their way to camp because of your brilliant half-baked plan. Any idiots that fell in during so are not my concern. Besides, it’s good to thin out the ranks every now and again, get some new blood.”

“Alright. Let’s for a moment pretend that your cock and bull story is true. If you really did do it to just drive off the pirates and let the group thin out then why didn’t you let me become another casualty? If I’m just like all the others then why did you spend hours healing me to ensure that I lived?”

We stared each other down, neither one willing to look away first. The small fire started to smoulder out of existence next to us. He has nothing. I think I’ve finally bested the pompous git. I dropped his stare with a smile and turned to collect my dagger. “I thought better of you but not even the king of pretend can make up an excuse this time, can he?”

Before I had time to react Peter tripped me up and kicked my dagger out of reach. He stood above me exuding rage. “Do not forget who you are speaking to, Lost Girl. You may think we are even ground but I am leagues above you in every way. I am your leader and you will treat me as such. So I suggest you go back to your tent, rethink your place and take a moment to remember that the only reason you are here to argue with me is because I saved your poor, weak arse more times than I can recall.”

“Fine,” I pushed myself to my feet, “Since you won’t admit you over reacted to ‘just another Lost Girl’s’ imminent demise, I won’t say anything else to you at all.”

“Good.” he materialized my dagger in his hand and handed it back to me, “Now that the subject has dropped I am going to bed. Goodnight.”

I took the dagger without saying a word. He gazed at me slightly confused when I didn’t reply. “I said goodnight.” Another moment of silence passed and the realization set in. “Really? You’re not going to talk to me now because I hurt your feelings? Okay, a few days without having to listen to your incessant nagging will be wonderful. Who am I kidding? You probably won’t be able to hold back some immature embarrassed retort by the time I finish this sentence. Still nothing? Great. See you in the morning, pet.”

I had to literally bite my tongue to keep from saying something about the degrading nickname. He could tell the remark got to me and gave me an amused smirk in response before turning to leave. If this imp thought he could get me to break so easily he was in for a surprise.

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The small island of Rosante in Forsaken Bay is dominated by a great castle once the Seat of the Duchy of Rosante.  The castle still preserves the famous tapestry of Leofric the Legitimate’s invasion of Nothingfjord, created as live reportage by his Duchess (an undertaking that required many action replays, extending the battle to a five-day event).

–Terry Pratchett, “The Compleat Discworld Atlas”
(Illustration by Peter Dennis)
(And look who’s here!!:)

‘Hah, this takes me back,’ said Truckle.  'Remember, Hamish?  You and me signed on with Duke Leofric the Legitimate when he invaded Nothingfjord?’

‘Aye, I mind it.’

‘Five damn days, that battle took,’ said Truckle, “cos the Duchess was doing a tapestry to commemorate it, right?  We had to keep doing the fights over and over again, and there was the devil to pay when she was changing needles.  There’s no place for the media on the field of battle, I’ve always said.’

'Aye, and I mind you makin’ a rude sign to the ladies!’ Hamish cackled. 'I saw that ol’ tapestry in the castle of Rosante years later and I could tell it wuz you!’ 

–Terry Pratchett, “The Last Hero”

ueberdemnebelmeer  asked:

Do you reckon the Ifequevron are basically the Essosi version of the Children of the Forest? 😊

Yep, totally. Whether they never had weirwoods, or whether when their weirwoods died, they became as lost and faded as the Children in Westeros, I don’t know… but the descriptions are a near-perfect match, so I think they must be the same.

The God-Kings of Ib, before their fall, did succeed in conquering and colonizing a huge swathe of northern Essos immediately south of Ib itself, a densely wooded region that had formerly been the home of a small, shy forest folk. Some say that the Ibbenese extinguished this gentle race, whilst others believe they went into hiding in the deeper woods or fled to other lands. The Dothraki still call the great forest along the northern coast the Kingdom of the Ifequevron, the name by which they knew the vanished forest-dwellers.
The fabled Sea Snake, Corlys Velaryon, Lord of the Tides, was the first Westerosi to visit these woods. After his return from the Thousand Islands, he wrote of carved trees, haunted grottoes, and strange silences. A later traveler, the merchant-adventurer Bryan of Oldtown, captain of the cog Spearshaker, provided an account of his own journey across the Shivering Sea. He reported that the Dothraki name for the lost people meant “those who walk in the woods.” None of the Ibbenese that Bryan of Oldtown met could say they had ever seen a woods walker, but claimed that the little people blessed a household that left offerings of leaf and stone and water overnight.

The World of Ice and Fire

2p!America loves dogs and has two Dobermans, a Great Dane, a Golden Retriever, and a small, sweet Beagle that sleeps in bed with him every night. The others sleep outside or with other people ‘cause they’re kinda big and can’t all fit in his bed at the same time without fighting or shoving each other off.

Allen doesn’t appreciate getting kicked off of his own “island” by his own dogs, so he just prefers to suck it up and own up to the fact that he can’t have all of them with him at the same time. He still feels bad when they sit at his door and whine, though.

He probably sits outside of the door to his room, petting and loving on them, for at least an hour to two hours before bed so that he can make sure that his babies know that he loves them all equally.
Do I? - Jamie Benn (Part 3)

A/N: HIIIIII! I started this imagine for @minourouss, who is a ray of sunshine, and I’ve enjoyed writing it so so so much. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I have. Let me know what you think, feedback is always welcome!

Word Count: 2094

Warnings: mild swearing?

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“Jamie, stop!” I say, trying to stop the paper balls that Jamie is shooting with his straw.

Jamie and I have decided to go out for dinner after the game. We invited the girls and Jamie’s teammates to come with us, but everyone declined our offer because they had ‘thing to do’. Liars. Not that I’m complaining about being alone with Jamie, we are having a great time at the small diner that Jamie claims to be ‘the best diner in the United States and Canada minus the Island of Vancouver because his uncle’s diner is the best in North America’.

“What’s wrong, (y/n)?” Jamie smirks, shooting another paper ball directly to my face.

“How did you become captain of an NHL team? You are a child!” I half yell, reaching over trying to take the straw from his hands.

He holds his hand away from me, chuckling. I pout and cross my arms of my chest, looking at him like he has taken my favorite toy and doesn’t give it back.

“Who is the child now?” He asks and I use all of my will to hold a smile.

Our food comes and Jamie is right, it is absolutely amazing.

I grab a fry from my plate and sink it on my chocolate shake before eating it.  I look up and see Jamie looking at me like I have just eaten the most disgusting thing on Earth.

“It is really good, I promise.” I tell him and he gives me a doubtful look.

“It can’t be good. Dipping fries on something sweet and making your shake greasy can’t be good.” He has a point, but sometimes logic doesn’t apply to reality.

“Try it.” I hold up a chocolate shake dipped fry up to his mouth and he gives me a disgusted look, but eats it from my hand.

I can see the debate on his head, he likes it but his head is telling him that it is gross. I patiently wait for his verdict while eating my sandwich.

“It isn’t bad.” He finally replies and I take it as a win.

I smile at him and he smiles back. He looks really good with the beard; the girls and I have had endless discussions about Jamie’s beard and I have always been a big fan of it. Don’t get me wrong; he looks great when he is clean-shaven, but the beard gives him a tough look and it makes my knees weak.

“So what’s with the beard?” I ask and he smirks again.

“What about it?” He answers me with another question.

“Why are you growing a beard now?” I specify.

“Tyler and Jordie have a Beard Club and I wanted in.” He says and I raise my eyebrows.

“Are you serious?” I try to figure out and he laughs.

“No. It just hurt too much to shave when I broke my nose so I didn’t and my mom told me I looked good.” He explains and I nod.

“Momma is right.” I say absentmindedly and he chuckles.

“Tell me about you.” He asks, “I hardly know anything about you.”

“My life is not that exciting, to be honest.” I start, “my parents are divorced, so I spent my teenage years going from her place to his place, so when I turned 18 I decided to get my own place. I’m studying to be an English teacher and I work in a small coffee shop.”

“Have you always been a hockey fan?” He asks and I nod.

“Yup, my dad is a biiiiiiiiiiig hockey fan.” I answer.

He keeps asking me questions about me, from what’s my middle name to my favorite color to where I’d like to travel… He doesn’t stop asking questions until he stops his car in front of mine at the parking lot of the American Airlines Center. I would have found it kind of stalkerish if it had come from another person, but it seems like Jamie really wants to get to know me.

“I only have one more question.” He tells me, getting out of his car and walking me to mine.

“My favorite food is pizza.” I say and he shakes his head, laughing.

“Good to know.” He smiles, “but I actually wanted to know if you would agree to go on a date with me this weekend?”

He seems kind of nervous about asking me and it warms my heart.

“It depends…” I say and he looks straight at me.

“On what?” he asks.

“Are you going to shoot me paper balls with a straw?” He snorts and I give him a smile, “because I won’t go out with you if you bully me like that.”

“My apologies, ma’am.” He says and I glare at him for calling me ma’am.

“Text me the details, Benn.” I tell him and get in my car, shutting the door before he can say a word.

Jamie gets on his feet after putting on his rented bowling shoes and tries to do the moonwalk. I laugh at his attempt of dancing and he gives me a hurt look.

“You are mean.” He complains and I stick my tongue out, mocking him, “C’mon Bonnie, it’s your turn.”

When the employee of the bowling alley asked about our names Jamie was quick to say ‘Bonnie and Clyde’.

“You are going to cry when I’m done with you.” I threaten him and he smiles cockily.

“I doubt it, sweetheart.”

Our first two rounds are average; we both score some points but neither of us is shadowing the other. I decide to use a heavier bowling ball and Jamie takes a step forward to help me with it, but I hold my hand up to let him know that I got it. I walk to our line and throw it really unstylishly; watching it go and making all the pins fall. I throw my hands up and I feel Jamie’s arms wrapping around my waist and lifting me up and spinning me around.

“That was amazing.” He compliments me, lowering me until my feet are back on the ground but leaving his arms around me.

“I told you that I was going to sweep the floor with you.” I remind him, standing on my tippy toes to be closer to him in height, my hands on his shoulders.

“You did tell me.” He agrees and I smile.

We look into each other’s eyes for what it seems like forever before he leans in and our lips crash on a sweet kiss.


“Look Jamie, that fish looks at you!” I say, pointing out at a telescope goldfish.

The fish has giant eyes sticking out of its head and Jamie smiles, tapping the glass softly to not disturb the animals.

“Hi buddy.” He greets the fish, and I laugh at his excited attitude.

Jamie and I are spending his free night at the Dallas Aquarium and the visit has become a competition on who finds the weirdest looking animal.

This is our sixth date if we don’t count the dinners and drinks with my friends and some teammates after the last three home games. Jamie has given me tickets for every single one of them and the seats were always amazing.

“That one looks like Tyler.” He points at a skinny looking fish with black swirls on its scales.

“I’m sure Tyler will be pleased to know that there is a fish that looks like him.”

“Oh, he will buy himself a huge water tank to have a family of ‘Tyler’s’.” Jamie says and I burst into laughter.

We keep walking around, stopping on every tank and terrarium. Our hands remain linked during the whole visit.

The night ends with him winning our little competition and me owning a new shark stuffed animal.


“God, you are stunning.” The tone of Jamie’s voice doesn’t leave place for me trying to deny it, so I smile shyly. My black dress is really flattering and I’ve paired it with high heels and a clutch, making me look really classy.

“You don’t look bad yourself.” I say, looking at his dark grey suit. He looks like a model of an expensive brand like Tom Ford.

We were going for dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants in Dallas. I had complained about it for days until Jamie said that he didn’t give a fuck about the money and he wanted to treat me to something special. We have been going out for three months now, but we haven’t become official yet. Neither of us wanted to rush it.

The place was beautiful; the dims lights go perfectly with the classy look to the restaurant. Burgundy, black and white are the main colors of the furniture and our table has incredible views of Dallas’ skyline.

“This is breathtaking.” I whisper, sitting on my hands so I don’t pull my phone out to take a picture of the view.

“Definitely.” He agrees. I don’t know how but I know that he is not talking about the view, making me blush to the tip of my ears. “I love to make you blush.”

I roll my eyes, but his cheesiness makes me smile. We order our food and Jamie asks for a specific bottle of wine. The waiter brings it to the table and pours some on Jamie’s glass for him to try; Jamie takes a sip and nods. Before I know it our glasses are filled and the waiter is gone.

“Try it and tell me what you think.” He asks, “I did it with your fries and shake.”

“You love it and you know it.” I say and he moves his head on a movement that isn’t a shake or a nod.

The wine is sweet but not too sweet and I let out a content sigh, taking another sip before putting the glass down.

“Good?” He wonders and I nod.

The food is as good as the wine, and we eat our meals exchanging bites of our food with each other. I’m full when we finish, but Jamie is a hockey player that eats for three men, so of course he wants dessert.

“Chocolate?” He asks, but he knows that chocolate is my fave and that I’ll never say no to chocolate.

He orders a chocolate coulant thingy that he chooses because it says that has hot chocolate sauce inside. We go back to our conversation about trips and where we want to go when the season is over. The waiter comes with the chocolate coulant and leaves it at the middle of the table with two spoons. Jamie grabs his spoon and digs in, he holds his spoon in front of my lips and I roll my eyes before opening my mouth and taking the spoon in my mouth. It is so amazing that I can’t help it but to moan.

“That good, huh?” And I nod frenetically, “I wanted to ask you something…”

I look at him and it looks serious so I put my spoon down.

“Ask away, Jamie.” I encourage him and he grabs his glass of wine and drinks up what it is left on it.

“I know that we haven’t known each other for too long, but the last months have been unbelievable…”

I nod in agreement and he smiles at me before continuing.

“And I know that we are great right now and I don’t want to ruin everything, but I think that I’m ready to take a step forward…”

I don’t want to make him nervous, so I just hum to let him know that I’m following what he is saying. My stomach is full of butterflies right now and I feel like I’m flying.

“What I want to say is… I want to ask you…” He struggles to choose the right words and I move my hands to grab his, squeezing them a little, “do you want to be my girlfriend? Make this official? Be my plus one on all the events and galas? Take cute pictures for Instagram?”

He starts rambling and I need to almost scream to make him listen to me.

“Yes, Jamie.” I answer.

“… fly to Vancouver so you can meet my paren… Wait, what?”

“I’d love to be your girlfriend, Jamie Randolph Benn.” I repeat for him and his smile is beaming.

“Thanks God.” He says, getting on his feet and walking to me and helping me up before putting his hand on either side of my face and kissing me passionately.

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Second to last Royal AU with Jon pretending to not be royalty in college. Jon/Sansa

full prompt: “i’m a prince/ss from a small country nobody’s heard of and i’m in college pretending not to be royal and you’re another student who’s always calling me out on my bs”

modern au, 2785 words, title is from “litany in which certain things are crossed out” by richard siken. tw for implied past abuse and baelish being his usual creepy self.

build me a city and call it jerusalem

She had a smile that reminded him of the scheming aristocrats back home in Valyria, false and brittle, picture-perfect and hollow. He noticed her curtain of flame-red hair the moment he first walked into his International Law class at King’s Landing, oldest and most prestigious of Westeros universities, but seeing her smile like that at Joffrey Baratheon made him resolve to put her out of his mind. He had pursued higher education abroad precisely to distance himself from court intrigue and people like her. Sansa Stark was beautiful— and bad news for the boy who would someday be Jaelon Targaryen, the first of his name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Dragon Kingdom, and Protector of the Realm.

Of course, right now, as far as the Westerosi were concerned, he was just a bumbling fresh-faced transferee going by the name of Jon Snow.

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Hunting X For X Bruises Chap. 2

Prologue is here!

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WOO~! This has been a lot of fun writing so far! (I just went through and corrected the typos. I posted this right when I got up this morning so my silly self didn’t even think to check over it before hand… Sorry if you read this before I corrected everything!)

There aren’t any bad things in this one. Just memories of the first couple episodes of HxH just flooding back up into my mind. 

Such beautiful, simple times………

As always, please enjoy! 

Also, Please don’t be afraid to leave a comment or a message about what you think or how it can be improved in upcoming chapters! 

Words: 1,655

Rate- T

Summary:  An AU where the bruises and cuts of a soulmate appear on the skin. Gon becomes increasingly worried about his soulmate as he gets tattooed with new marks everyday, and hopes to find the person soon. Killua, on the other hand, has been brainwashed by his family to believe that the spots on his skin are a curse from the person who plans to target and kill him, as they believe learning about a soulmate would make him soft during jobs.

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