he was forever six

Let Me Hold You

Part Six in the “Forever” series!

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A/N: As always, thank you so much to my amazing beta @shadowandsoul
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Words: 1151

Dean’s Point Of View

           We had been getting so close. I felt like we were actually acting like soulmates. She was everything I could have ever asked for. But there was something she was keeping from me. Something she hadn’t shared with me. Something that was pulling her away from me. And I was so scared that it was going to tear us apart.

           I knew I had to talk to her, but I was afraid that would even push her away. I wanted her to talk to me, but maybe she just needed time.

           “You’re thinking really hard,” Y/N said, looking over at me. She was sitting in the armchair with her legs up under her. I was sitting at the table looking over things; well, pretending to.

           “Little bit,” I said.

           “What’s wrong?”

           I looked over at her, “You’ve been a little distant,” I said, “And I wasn’t sure if it was just because this is new or if there’s something bothering you.”

           “Umm …” she looked like she was searching for words, “It is a really new situation still,” she said. But I could tell that wasn’t really what she wanted to say.

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One, the first time you kissed
you could taste the war on his lips
the ash and cinder and carnage in his edged teeth
strewn in his Armageddon of a mouth

two, he asked for another
you leaned in and brushed his cheek, playing at pure
your robes pressing against with an urge to destroy
reminding you both of your place below the living

three, you battle your tongue with his
a clash of titans, a storm of flowers and dust
it tastes like eternity and need
for days your picking spiders from your gums

four, he holds up a fruit
a kiss, a seal, a promise of power and pleasure
you smile letting the juice spill from your lips
a holy seed pressing on your ravaged mouth

five, he smiles into you
worship seeping from his breath, a vow made with ebony rings
raw flesh against flesh, bound and gagged forever
he is called husband, you are called queen

six, he sits by your side, ice cold thrones carved new
he pulls your hand to his lips with a panthers grace
a simple dark pleasure, teasing your ache to conquer
it leaves a blue bruise to match those on your thighs

seven, a rocking massacre of skin
ruin the woven sheets with nails and blood
you leave him angry red lines, roman roads down his back
he leaves you blue as dusk, a kiss, a promise, a kingdom.

—  he asked for a kiss, adw