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How about a Nursey/Dex mutual celebrity crush meet-cute with NHL!Nursey and IrishDancer!Dex?

I’m not sure how popular an Irish dancer is, but let’s roll with it. I’m also making a whole bunch of shit up because I don’t know much about Irish dancing. So if something is so glaringly wrong that it completely ruins the story, kindly let me know and I’ll change it up.

Dex has been on tour with the National Academy for over four months now and while he loves dancing (and loves getting paid for it), he’s exhausted. He can’t think of anything more he’d rather do than curl up in his bed at home and sleep for about a week.

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Raf's First Date

read on ao3 https://archiveofourown.org/works/12388389

I wanted to write a cute Malec family thing and somehow it ended up almost 3k words, idk how but I hope you enjoy!!

Alec notices first.

Raf starts spending much longer at the Institute for training and comes home with a huge smile and laughter in his eyes. He leaves earlier to practice and seems actually excited to go to training each day and doesn’t complain at all like he usually would have.

Something is up.

Alec just can’t figure out what.

He figures it out one Friday evening when Raf comes home with a group of his friends after training.

The group of young shadowhunters burst through the Lightwood-Bane’s front door in a flurry of laughter.

“Hey Dad,” Raf calls as he walks into the kitchen where Alec is making a sandwich for Max who is sitting on the counter.

The group of friends moves towards the stairs but Alec stops them before they can get up.

“Are you going to introduce me to your friends?”

Raf blushes at that and Alec furrows his brows in confusion.

“Erm, this is Jules, Octavian, and Ella,” he points at each person as he says their name. Alec notices the way he pauses before pointing to the pretty blonde girl who smiles at him and he notices the way Raf’s voice softens over his name.


That’s when he realizes.

His son, his 15 year old son, has got a crush.

A surge of protectiveness races through Alec. Raf’s only 15 he’s a kid. He can’t have a crush. He looks at the way Raf smiles at Ella and his heart softens. They’re cute, and Ella seems like a sweet girl.

Magnus walks in just as Raf is leading his friends out of the room and Alec shoots him a look.

“Magnus,” he slides closer to Magnus so that his son can’t hear him and leans in conspiratorially “I think Raf has a crush on Ella.”

Magnus’ eyes light up in delight and he smiles wide like a Cheshire Cat.

“Our boy’s first crush, how exciting.”

Alec smiles lightly, “I can’t believe he’s so grown up already.”

“Soon we’ll be attending their wedding.”

Alec’s eyes widen.

“He’s 15!”

“I’m joking Alexander,” Magnus laughs and Alec punches his shoulder in retaliation, grinning when Magnus glares back at him before going to introduce himself to Raf’s friends.


Later when both Alec and Magnus are sitting on the couch in the living room they see Raf’s friends walk out.

Ella is the last one out and Magnus and Alec both quiet as they hear voices in the hall. Magnus sets his book onto his lap and Alec cranes his neck to hear better.

“Thanks for inviting me over,” comes a soft voice, “it was a lot of fun,” a pause, “you’re a lot of fun.”

Alec hears Raf start stuttering and Magnus shakes his head in amusement.

“Erm- I- thank you?”

“You’re cute when you’re embarrassed.”

Alec and Magnus look at each other wide eyed as the door opens and closes behind Ella and they stumble into some semblance of a ‘natural’ pose as they hear their son’s footsteps cross the hall and into the room where they’re sitting.

Raf’s cheeks are stained dark red and Alec can’t help but relate to the feeling. He can’t count the amount of times his own cheeks have done the exact same thing after Magnus had done something particularly flirty.

Magnus sits up and grins devilishly at Raf.

“Someone’s got a crush,” he sings dramatically

“What? No! I-” Raf’s eyes move from Alec to Magnus and then back to Alec.

Alec nods encouragingly and Raf sighs in resignation.

“She’s so pretty, and so nice, and she’s a badass with a seraph blade and I can’t-”

“You’ve got it bad,” Alec interrupts with a chuckle.

Raf plops down between the two of them and cuddles into Magnus’ side.

“Ask her out on a date.” Magnus says simply and Raf stares at him in disbelief. Alec can’t blame him really, he remembers how scary it was to ask Magnus out the first time.

“I can’t just ask her. I- she-,” he trails off.

“It’ll just be like hanging out together except this time it will just have a different name. You’re already friends, it won’t be scary, I promise. “ Magnus says soothingly.

“And if you don’t ask you’ll never know.” Alec puts in, smiling at the hopeful look in Raf’s eyes.

“Okay,” he breathes out, “okay, I’ll ask her,” he’s tackled by Magnus and Alec from both sides and smothered in kisses.

Raf can’t breathe.

He clenches and unclenches his hands as he tries to go over what he wants to say to Ella in his head over and over again.

He’s gotten to training twenty minutes early in his anxiety and now he’s pacing the room, which isn’t helping at all. He can’t remember how he wanted to start and nothing is coming to him.

Because the universe hates him Ella chooses that moment to walk into the room.

She stops in her tracks when she sees Raf in the center of the room, frozen mid pace. Raf wishes he was invisible, not for the first time in his life.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were going to be here early too,” she says cheerfully, smiling a blinding smile at Raf and whatever bits and pieces he had remembered of his speech completely flee his mind at that.

He’s screwed. Absolutely screwed. He wants to run away and never ask Ella to go out with him. He can’t do it. It’s too scary.

He’s about to flee the room when he remembers what his Dad had said.

If you don’t ask you’ll never know

He wants to know. He clenches his fists determinedly, he can do this

“I - um- actually wanted to talk to you,” he stutters out.

Ella looks at him curiously before nodding and walking up to him

Nope, nevermind, he can’t do this.

Ella’s blonde hair glistens in the light from the training room and her green eyes are smiling warmly at him.

He swallows thickly, “Um- would you uh, like to- erm- go with me for dinner tomorrow night,” he steadies his voice and finally looks her straight in the eye, “like on a date. I really like you and uh, I don’t know if you feel the same but I’d like to take you out.”

Ella laughs a tinkling laugh and Raf holds his breath.

“Raf, you idiot, I’ve been trying to get you to notice I like you for weeks. Of course I’ll go to dinner with you”

“You-you will?”

He’s frozen in place in shock. She said yes! He can’t believe it.

“That’s um- that’s great, I’ll text you the details.” he starts stumbling out of the room when he trips over a discarded seraph blade and falls out into the hallway.

He hears Ella laugh as he picks himself up and stumbles all the way out of the room, cheeks burning.


Alec looks up from where he’s helping Max put together a Lego version of the Death Star (because Simon is a terrible influence on his son) when Raf stumbles in, cheeks flushed and a dopey look on his face.

Alec sees Magnus smirk from his spot on the couch.

“I asked her out,”

Alec’s eyes widen and his entire attention shifts to his eldest son who is looking at him with shining eyes.

Raf doesn’t say anything more and Alec can’t take it.

He widens his eyes and looks up at Raf.


Raf grins widely and falls backwards onto the couch.

“She said yes,” he says on a sigh and Alec feels an overwhelming surge of pride at his older sons triumph and his bravery for going after the girl.

Alec is about to congratulate him and pull him into a hug when Raf turns, burying himself into Magnus’ shoulder.

“I tripped and fell into the hall when she said yes,” he mumbles into Magnus’ shoulder and Alec feels a fondness pool in his stomach.

Max lets out a loud laugh, his attention now fully on the conversation at hand as well.

“Good job big brother,” he gets out in between laughs.

Magnus chuckles into Raf’s hair. He looks over at Alec with a smirk and Alec feels himself blush.

“Just like your father you are.”

Alec blushes harder and tries to convincingly roll his eyes, but he can’t hide the smile that makes its way into his face.

On the day of the date, the Lightwood-Bane household is a picture of chaos.

There are clothes strewn everywhere and Alec doesn’t even know how this many clothes managed to fit inside their house.

Raf is stood in the middle of his messy bedroom looking quite uncomfortable as both Izzy and Magnus stalk around him, each holding a large amount of clothes in their hands.

Max is sitting on the bed with Alec, looking sufficiently amused by the whole ordeal.

“Papa, I don’t need a glittery scarf,” Raf whines, pulling the material off his neck and throwing it onto the bed.

Magnus sighs in resignation and instead places a striped tie on Rafs shoulder consideringly instead.

Izzy smiles in agreement,

“Yes, that goes great with the color of his eyes,” she exclaims in excitement.

Raf still looks unamused. While Max took after Magnus’ flair for all things eccentric and his obsession with glitter, Raf remained more neutral, wearing mostly black and less extravagant clothing.

Alec knew what he really wanted was to just wear a t-shirt and have it over with. He could relate.

Alec pats Max’s head before standing to join Magnus and Izzy.

He places a hand on Magnus’ shoulder and smiles comfortingly at him.

“It’s just dinner, how about he wears that dress shirt of his you love so much and he can wear one of your necklaces as good luck?” he asks quietly.

Magnus softens as he looks at Alec and then back at Raf, standing uncomfortably in the suit Izzy had picked and the tie Magnus had draped across his shoulder.

“I went over the top didn’t I?” he says softly, so only Alec can hear, “I know he doesn’t like wearing this stuff I just- he’s our eldest going off on his first date I, he’s growing up so fast I don’t-”

Alec cuts him off because he understands, the intensity of such an important moment in their son’s life has made Alec feel protective of the 15 year old too and he has honestly even considered the idea of locking Raf with him and Magnus in their house and using some spell to keep him the little boy they had found six years ago forever, but alas he can’t really do that.

He tugs Magnus into him for a hug.

“I know, but we’ve got to let him be his own person,” he whispers in to Magnus’ hair. Magnus nods before pulling away.

When they separate Magnus asks Izzy to fetch the dress shirt and takes off his arrowhead necklace and slips it over Raf’s head.

“For good luck,” he smiles and Raf hugs him with a much more relaxed smile than a few minutes ago.

When the doorbell rings Raf springs up from the couch where he had been jiggling his leg impatiently for the last twenty minutes and all but runs to the front door.

Magnus shoots Alec an amused smile and Alec rolls his eyes back fondly.

The two walk back into the living room hand in hand.

Ella is looking rather pretty, her blonde hair curled around her shoulders and a pretty pink dress draped over her shoulders.

Raf is looking adoringly down at her but Alec notices he’s got his hands clenched in fists nervously. Alec can’t help but think about his and Magnus’ first date all those years ago and about just how nervous he had felt walking into Magnus’ loft that day.

Raf hands Ella the flowers he had bought that morning with a shy smile and stutters over his words as she takes them from him and Alec shakes his head at how similar the two of them are despite not even being related by blood.

After the two of them leave the house Max climbs onto the couch with Magnus and Alec.

“Is Raf going to get married to Ella? Do I get to come to the wedding?” he asks with wide eyes.

Magnus chuckles, “No, Blueberry, Raf is too young to get married right now. This is just his first date, he’ll go on a lot more of these with a lot more people before he marries anyone.”

Max looks at Alec confused,

“But, Papa, you and Dad got married and you were Dad’s first date.”

“Your father is a special case,” Magnus laughs while Alec hides his face in Max’s hair to hide his grin.

As he and Ella walk back from their dinner, Raf prides himself on a date well done. After the initial awkwardness the two of them had fallen into the familiar banter of their friendship and the dinner had gone more successfully than he had ever dared to hope.

He’d only stuttered once and he deemed that an accomplishment in of itself.

Now though, as they were walking up to Raf’s porch the nerves were back. He knew what he wanted to do but he didn’t think he had the courage to go through with it.

Ella looks up at him through her long eyelashes and Raf almost falls over again.

“I had a great time Raf,” she says softly, placing a hand on his elbow.

All his senses zero in on the touch and he tries his hardest not to freeze at the contact.

“So did I, we should do it again sometime if- if you want.” he stutters out, and curses himself at how uncertain it sounds.

Ella smiles sweetly and Raf thinks he could watch her smile for the rest of forever.

“I’d like that.”

Raf steps closer and sees Ella’s eyes dart down towards his lips. He holds his breath and thinks Ella does the same as they stare at each other.

Raf’s heart is beating so hard he’s almost sure Ella can hear it. He steps closer, determination in his veins, he wants to do this, he’s not going to let his nervousness stop him.

Before he can overthink anything he surges forward and leans down so he can press his lips softly to Ella’s.

She smiles into his lips and they pull apart quickly, but it’s one of the bet experiences of Raf’s life all the same.

“I- I’ll see you tomorrow,” Ella says with a grin and darts down the stairs.

Raf stays standing on the steps a few seconds, his fingers to his lips as he watches Ella disappear down the steps.

Alec didn’t realize how hard it was to act normal knowing his son was out on his first date. He had to control his urge to text and ask how it was going very ten minutes.

He’s curled on the couch watching a disney movie with Magnus as Max and he can’t help but notice the empty space where Raf should be.

He can’t focus on the movie at all and when he glances over at Magnus he finds that he’s having the same problem, eyes darting from his phone to the clock and back continuously.

When they hear footsteps on their porch Alec is out of his seat in a second, Magnus and Max close behind him.

They all stand by the door and out their front window they can see Raf standing in front of Ella hesitance and determination clear on his face.

They can’t hear what they’re saying but Alec’s heart jumps when they step closer to each other.

He grabs Magnus’ arm as Ella says something and then Raf is leaning down to kiss her.

Magnus cheers quietly,

“That’s my boy,”

Max makes a face from next to him,


Alec rolls his eyes and the three of them jump back as they see the doorknob start to turn.

Alec scoops Max up in his arms and they practically sprint back to the couch, throwing themselves haphazardly down, trying to appear like they hadn’t just been spying on Raf and Ella.

When Raf walks into the room he’s wearing a self satisfied smirk and his cheeks are flushed a dark red.

He rolls his eyes when he spots the three of them tangled unnaturally on the couch.

“I know you guys were watching, don’t even deny it.”

Magnus holds his hands up in surrender and the three of them move to make room for Raf on the couch as he tells them the entire story.

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That entire scenario you wrote for Shiro with the s/o in the black dress o.m.g. Id ask for something like that with Hunk simply because your writing is👌👌👌💯 and I would love love love to read about a more aggressive Hunk since most people write him all gentle-- anyhway would you write something similar for Hunk?? Hes just like super distracted by any engineering things that need fixing and ofc still being away on missions? plox

Aaaw yiss 




(Slight NSFW  (¬‿¬))

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Beach bum

Hello, Love bugs.

Dan X Reader

Warnings – fluff

This is for @16variationsoflove who won second place in the 3000-follower contest.

A beach day on vacation.

“How would you feel if we never went back home to London? We just stay here on the beach with drinks in our hand while we sun bathe in these comfy chairs.” You were only three days into your week-long summer getaway with Dan and he had already brought up staying forever six times. The both of you agreed that you needed a little vacation from the regular routine. Dan at one point said if he spent even another minute in his office that he was going to start going insane. He needed a refresh to get video ideas flowing around again. You just needed a refresh from everything. So, it was agreed to go book a vacation for just the two of you to be spoiled rotten. The criteria you took to the travel agent was simple. You needed a place that was all inclusive, had a beach, and most importantly if not the whole reason for the trip. Somewhere quiet. No London traffic so loud that some days you can’t hear yourself think. No ambulances and police cars rushing past with sirens blaring. No, the two of you wanted peace and quiet.

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Five Kisses (Shakarian, T)

This is a holiday cheer gift for @ritewine​ from @acequeenking. Happy Holidays ritewine, and may the Harbinger not swallow you whole.

Summary: It takes Garrus five kisses to find his happy ending. 

- - - 

1. The first time he kisses her properly is the night before they die.

For two people facing a suicide mission, they takes things damnably slow. Garrus knows this; regrets it yet somehow treasures it. He’s never been in a relationship where there’s anything but the physical, so this – the long conversations, the stolen moments where his shoulder can just barely brush against hers in the dining area  – is new territory. Welcome territory.

He holds her hand in the gunnery – the only place on this ship where he’s guaranteed there are no bugs, no change of the Illusive Man watching them, listening to them – and it feels…amazing. There’s an undercurrent of nervousness he’s not felt in a simple touch since the old reach and flexibility days, but Shepard is so much more than a nameless scout; she’s -

“Garrus,  can I ask you a favor?” She asks. Garrus watches the scars on her face, the way they move and glow; she hasn’t quite taken a rocket to the face, but she’s lived through trauma, all the same. They both have. Their scars are nearly in the same places, and both tell the same story: We’ve walked through hell. We survived. And he’s naive enough to hope that maybe – maybe – they can do that again.

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Twister (John Laurens x Reader)

Word Count: 1467

Genre: Fluff, maybe a little humor but not a whole lot.

Request/Summary: Noise Complaint  (Yes you do have to read Noise Complaint first for Twister to make any sense whatsoever.)

AU: Modern

Warnings: Awkwardness, Cussing, King George exists, that should be it.


A/N-YAAAAYYYYY finally Noise Complaint Pt. 2!!!! I still do have requests to finish and I will, I just wanted to post this… so yeah… 

You laughed. No, you actually laughed. This guy made you laugh. You hadn’t had a date that could make you laugh in six forevers.

“(Y/N)!” A man exclaimed, approaching your table, your smile fell as fast as it had appeared.

“George.” You greeted sourly.

“When am I gonna get that second date?” He asked, his British accent more annoying than ever.

“Hmm… is ‘never’ open for you? It’s about the only time I have free. I’m a little preoccupied.” You reached across the table and took Strawberry’s hand in yours.

“I’ll see you around.” George growled.

“Bye.” You waved, your voice brimming with artificial sugar. As soon as he was gone, you retracted your hand and rolled your eyes.

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Worth It || Demon AU

Olwyn and the Demon AU are @justanartsysideblog

Eda has always been wary of demons. Not that anyone would blame her, of course, especially given her history. For all of her distrust of demons, however, she loathes angels even more. With demons, at least, you know what you are getting. But angels are fickle, answering only those they deem worthy; unlike her parents who were too poor and too elvhen to be listened to. 

If an angel had listened, her parents wouldn’t have had to consort with a demon. 
If an angel had listened, her parents lifespans wouldn’t have been cut in half. 
If an angel had listened, her parents would still be alive. 
If an angel had listened, she would still have her voice. 

If an angel had listened she wouldn’t had to finish growing up in the Chantry, surrounded by people who were all too eager to tell her that she was everything wrong with the world. 

But, then again, without the Chantry she wouldn’t have her cushy job as a caregiver at the nature sanctuary within the city. It isn’t the largest or the most well equipped, but its location next to the newest Chantry temple provides it with lots of foot traffic and donations. Plus, being within the city limits means they have easy access to schools, libraries, and other after school programs where they can take a few of the friendlier species for the kids to meet and pet and learn about. 

Which is the part of the job that Eda loves most. She loves seeing the looks of awe on children’s faces as they get to see and touch animals they have only seen in books or on tv. She delights at their joy as they get to pet the silken feathers of exotic birds normally found only in the depths of the Emerald Graves. She marvels as they answer questions and solve problems about the natural world with all the expansive imagination that only children can posses. 

Of course some children are just as happy to meet her service dog, a four year old female mabari named Po. (Named after the stuffed bear she’d had as a child.) 

This is how she meets Olwyn. 

Olwyn who is all smiles and questions, and giggles when Po licks enthusiastically at her face. Who marvels when she sees how many freckles Eda has and is eager to show off her own. Olwyn who, upon discovering that she communicates by signing, immediately explains that they’d learned some sign language in class and quickly spells her name and signs a warm hello. She says she’s going to keep learning, so she and Eda can talk more about Po and the other animals Eda cares for. 

Its one of the sweetest encounters Eda has ever had. She returns home with a smile that lasts throughout the evening. Her life has not always been a happy one, she thinks as she and Po turn in for the night, but some days make the pain worth it. 

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yo phoebe, you got some zarry fic recs? thanks <3

DO I????

Let You Know When I’m Ready by hostagesfic
“Would you,” Harry poses, pulling and bunching up the sheets absentmindedly between his fingers, tired green eyes on Zayn’s, “call this pillow talk if we didn’t sleep with each other?”

A Con-dirella Story by StormDancer
WORD COUNT: 13,729
Once upon a time, an actor was forbidden to go to Comicon. But his fairy godmother had given him a mask, which he could wear to go no matter what anyone said. But, she warned, he could not stay forever, for he would be unmasked at the stroke of six. And so he went to the con, and there he met the most beautiful boy in all of Manhattan, and they wiled away the day together with much joy. Yet the clock ticked ever on, ever on, ever on…

effulgent: adjective [eng] by shaekspeares
WORD COUNT: 42,105
25/03: Zayn quits the band. Monday morning, 3 am, Harry accidentally on purpose retweets someone shading Gigi Hadid. From there begins a Twitter spat that turns to chaos and then something else entirely.


Baby Be Mine by StormDancer
WORD COUNT: 45,634
In which Zayn is an English major who hates frats, Harry is a frat bro with great arms, and these things cause Zayn problems.

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What would be the best way to calm a young liberal panicked by Trump's "administration?" Since the election, my younger brother has off and on ranted about how Trump, and the Republicans and Christians and wealthy in general, will gas the minorities, kill the Internet and destroy the world with nuclear fire. Obviously the situation's bad, but my brother begging us to listen to him about how DOOMED we all are, and how rich people are evil doesn't accomplish anything.

Ok, well here is what you should tell him

1) Trump is hilariously incompetent.  LIke really really has no fucking clue what he is doing.  For example, if he was you know…not a moron, then the Muslim ban would be in place, Obamacare would already be entirely repealed, he would have gotten his budget, and of course the voting laws would be changed to ensure a permanent Republican majority, like forever.  Except…he hasn’t actually accomplished much.  LIke after the disaster six weeks ago, Obamacare appeal barely made it past the House, and in such a way that will weaken the Republican majority in 2018.  Both Muslim bans failed.  Trump is like, 120 days into this and he has only just gotten started on his most oedius policies, I mean if he was really competent he would have appointed all 120 Federal Judgeships, and fully staffed his administration, instead he appointed…one and his administration is barely functioning.  Also look at how much Trump’s administration is leaking.  our biggest salvation is Trump’s sheer incompetence, and since the key sources of that, namely Trump himself and the short staffed inexperienced infighting incompetent administration around him, aren’t going away any time soon, we likely will see this same level of incompetence until 2018

2) Speaking of which, the midterm elections, where democrats have a very good chance of taking the House and maybe even holding the Senate, hell some optimists think we could take the Senate.  The democrats need only win one chamber to really screw over Trump’s policies, most notably by starting the investigation and possibly impeachment.  Which would effectively end Trump’s greatest ability to do harm, and since Trump is becoming more and more unpopular, it looks like we only have a year and a half of this bullshit before we can check him

3) Also remember, the first 100 Days are the most popular part of a president’s time, so his solid support with Republicans is going to decline just as he becomes more normal and memories of 2016 start to fade, Trump is going to steadily bleed out popularity over the course of this administration.  And since Trump is now in power, you are going to see a lot of media focus their guns at him rather than the Clintons or Obama.  This is especially true because 

4) the main propaganda arm of the Repbulicans, Fox News, has kinda fallen apart right now, and Breitbart isn’t actually doing much better

5) With Trump as incompetent as he is, its encouraging the Republican infighting which is why the Obamacare repeal is only past the house at this point (and Tax reform hasn’t even been started), and that infighting is only going to grow

6) The Republican demographic problems still hasn’t been solved, because every day more elderly white men die, and more young people turn 18, and more non white people become American citizens 

7) Trump has like, 9 Lawsuits at him right now, any one of which could end in a deposition, and if that happens, then…well just ask Bill Clinton what happens then 

8) Democratic support and rage is massively magnified right now which means that democrats might actually fucking vote for once, and and really utilize our superior numbers.  Fundraisnig for groups like the ACLU is through the roof and the Far Right keeps losing in Europe because of this 

9) This Russian thing keeps getting out of hand and the more Republicans don’t investigate, the worse it gets.  

10) A lot of Trumps worse policies will hurt his own supporters more, and the GOP is going to answer for this Obamacare mess in 2018

11) Trump doesn’t have the support for the Army or the intelligence services so he can’t pull off a coup

12) Finally, Clean Energy is likely going to keep trucking on, because it just make more economic sense than say, coal, which is effectively dead as an industry now.  

Honestly, while things are really bad, this is also possibly an opportunity to really kill the GOP once and for all

The way it all stops. Late night conversations and ‘I love you’s’ then you tell me you’re done, and months later ask me why i ever pushed you away, so i don’t. My friends ask where you went and what happened and all i can think is “I wish i knew” It was always yours against mine, always. Until you decided to leave. Pretending everything is fine, it is, to everyone else. You just want them to tell you that you meant nothing to them, as if that’ll make you move on. You think it will. Does the past ever really stay here? How his eyes always felt like home, but you realize homes are always temporary when he leaves you. Nights you just want to scream 'YOU STOPPED TRYING. WHY DID YOU STOP TRYING’ you built walls around yourself so thick you so you could finally move on but they always seem to slip through the cracks. He packed his bags but left all the memories he had with you, and you realize that the trick is to find someone who doesn’t own a suitcase. The pounding in your chest when he slams the door on your heart and you shut your eyes, this is all a dream, this is all a dream.
One second
Why isn’t he back yet?
Did i lose him forever? OH GOD THIS IS NOT A DREAM COME BACK and you sit on the bathroom floor screaming with your heart in your hands. You didn’t want him to say sorry just please don’t leave please don’t leave please don’t leave.
This is whatever it is, i guess. It’s so cold without you. My heart still hurts. Baby i miss you, it’s so cold.
This is it, i love you.
—  I don’t know if you’re happy with her but i still wish you were happy with me
Sunday Six

“Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project—published, submitted, in progress, for your cat—whatever.”

(I can’t believe I last minute remembered to finally post a Sunday Six, it’s literally been forever)

He dropped to his knees hard enough for shocks of pain to shoot up his thighs, but he didn’t care. Tim had collapsed in front of him, body sprawled out uncaringly on the cold warehouse floor. Jason had watched as Tim’s face had gone from red to blue, and now finally to the ghastly pale color that clung to his cooling bones. His eyes were bulged out, but they would flatten soon, sinking back into his skull. His mouth hung open, as if pleads for Jason to stop were still rolling off his lips.

 “No,” Jason whispered, Jason begged.

From an angsty JayTim WIP I just found in my files.


Part 2 or the Vacation Series

“Hello, so we are starting our third day in Portugal. It’s only five in the morning because Anna and I want to go on a hike to see the sunrise. Jack is still sleeping and I don’t know if you guys are aware, but he’s not been feeling himself the past month or so. I mean it isn’t anything serious, well we don’t think it is, but he’s struggling with insomnia, and as much as he would love to join Anna and I, it’s better if he doesn’t, so we are letting him get some sleep. Now after the hike we are gonna come back here and shower before getting some breakfast with everyone.”

It’s true I’m about to go on a hike with my mini me. We’re both not totally morning people, but we do know that this country is beautiful and the sunset will look gorgeous.

"So once we get to the trail I’ll update you so we’ll see you there!” I wave off and Anna and I eventually get to the trail after a decent amount of driving.

"Jack is going to be so jealous when he sees the pictures.” She laughs and I sigh.

"I know it’s hard recently with him.” I admit and she looks down.

"You’d tell me how my brother is right? Like be honest with me, is he okay?” She asks and I take a deep breath.

"Well he’s not sleeping. He’s up for hours and even days before he finally falls asleep. I want him to sleep and I try so hard to get him to be comfortable, but he’s struggling. I’m being honest Anna. I’m not sure what it is, but we’re trying to figure it out and you know I love him. I’m trying to keep him safe and I’d always tell you if I was worried. I live with Conor, so we both are keeping an eye on him.”

"Did he try taking medication?” She asks I nod.

"It’s not working too well, but once we get home he’s going to see a new doctor to do some brain scans and help determine if that’s the issue.” I explain as we take a seat on the rocks and look out at the sky.

"Do you want to marry him?” She asks after a few moments of silence.

"Yeah I definitely do. Just need a good time for it to happen. We’re only twenty three and we have time. I can tell you that you’ll be my maid of honor and that I promise the dresses will be gorgeous, but I can’t tell you a date. I want him to be my husband, but sometimes I don’t know. I wonder if he wants me to be his wife and I think he does, but I still feel like he could do better.”

"Oh stop it. Jack loves you and you love him. You’re practically a married couple already.” She laughs and I nod while thinking about Jack and I’s relationship.

"I know and it’s been three years, but I think we should wait a little longer. But if Jack were to ask me to marry him today I’d say yes before he could even finish the sentence.”

"But I want him to be healthy and feeling more himself before we go ahead and do anything.”

We continue to sit in peace as I video tape the sky before deciding it’s time to start the hike back down.

Once we get back home and are showered up Anna goes outside to sit in the sun and talk to her friends back home and I go to check on my sleeping beauty. I see him still asleep and as much as I’d like to let him stay asleep forever, it is nine and I know he got at least six hours last night. We may or may not have had sex multiple times last night after going out to dinner and having some drinks so someone slept like a little baby. I also don’t feel bad waking him up because he told me to wake him up before breakfast. I want breakfast so he better wake up.

"Jack.” I shake him and he proceeds to turn over and look up at me blankly for a few moments.

"Jesus Christ how much did I have to drink and how many times did we…? He laughs and I smile before laying down on top of his chest.

"I think you know that answer, but it’s breakfast and you told me to wake you up. However, I do want you to know that later on today we are going to the beach. I would go shopping again but you and I both know I will end up doing most of my shopping in Los Angeles.”

"Just please don’t leave me with no closet space.” He laughs and I leave a kiss on his nose before standing up off the bed.

"We are going to have some fun my dear boyfriend! Just wait!”

"Anna are you going to stay with us and watch the sky?“ I ask her, but she shakes her head.

"I’m going to go and watch some videos. I’m kinda tired from this morning.” She explains and she leans down to give Jack and I hugs. Once she walks back inside Jack turns and looks over at me.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t join you this morning. But I did start to edit the footage and it was beautiful.” He smiles and I position myself, so I can see his gorgeous eyes.

“Yeah I was just taken aback by how incredible something so simple could look.”

“I also heard what you and Anna spoke about.” He admits and my mind flashes back to the convo me and his sister shared this morning.

“Jack she’s just worried about your health.”

“Not that Y/N. I’m talking about the part with us.” He reminds me. “The part about us getting married, because I would love to be your husband. Regardless of my health or my stupid insomnia I’m gonna marry you and I’m gonna propose to you.” He chuckles slightly at what he has to say and I look down to try to keep and from blushing.

“And if you know me as well as I think you do, I think you know what I’m getting at.” He stands up from his chair and looks down at me.

“Now I had planned this way back when we started looking into joining my family here, and as much as I am terrified and tired I know I have to do this, because it’s our three year anniversary tomorrow and I’m not going to wait to ask you another day. It’s been long enough and you’ve put up with me and my family long enough. You deserve to finally be a Maynard after all the love you share with us so Y/N will you marry me already?” He ask and before I can even process the question he’s on one knee with a ring in his hand.

“You already know it’s a yes.” I smile as a few tears of joy start to form. He stands up and pulls me towards his chest before kissing me gently.

“Yes a million times yes.” I mumble and he looks down at the ring before taking it out of the little black box and sliding it on my left hand.

“We have to tell Anna and your parents.” I wipe away my tears and he points to the patio behind me. I see that they are all outside and Anna is recording on our camera. I also see someone who I didn’t expect to be here. I see Conor there with his arms crossed over his chest and a smile taking over his face.

“Welcome to the family Y/N. You’re stuck with us.”

The way it all stops. Late night conversations and ‘I love you’s’ then you tell me you’re done, and months later ask me why i ever pushed you away, so i don’t. My friends ask where you went and what happened and all i can think is “I wish i knew” It was always yours against mine, always. Until you decided to leave. Pretending everything is fine, it is, to everyone else. You just want them to tell you that you meant nothing to them, as if that’ll make you move on. You think it will. Does the past ever really stay here? How his eyes always felt like home, but you realize homes are always temporary when he leaves you. Nights you just want to scream ‘YOU STOPPED TRYING. WHY DID YOU STOP TRYING’ you built walls around yourself so thick you so you could finally move on but they always seem to slip through the cracks. He packed his bags but left all the memories he had with you, and you realize that the trick is to find someone who doesn’t own a suitcase. The pounding in your chest when he slams the door on your heart and you shut your eyes, this is all a dream, this is all a dream.
One second
Why isn’t he back yet?
Did i lose him forever? OH GOD THIS IS NOT A DREAM COME BACK and you sit on the bathroom floor screaming with your heart in your hands. You didn’t want him to say sorry just please don’t leave please don’t leave please don’t leave.
This is whatever it is, i guess. It’s so cold without you. My heart still hurts. Baby i miss you, it’s so cold.
This is it, i love you.
—  i don’t know if you’re happy with her but i still wish you were happy with me /// trustissued