he was fine the way he was

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Louis is literally wearing thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing and people are still complaining about how "chavvy" he looks

He will literally never win fashion-wise in this fandom. I often feel like people will never be satisfied unless he’s dressing like Harry, but guess what….that’s probably never going to happen AND THAT’S FINE because Louis has his own distinct style and his own favorite brands. Louis has great style and a great sense for what looks good on him and he shows it in so many ways that people blatantly ignore. The stuff he’s been wearing lately makes perfect sense considering the type of music he’s put out, not to mention that it’s generally thousands of dollars worth of clothes and is by no means cheap. The bitching I see from anons all the time about what he’s wearing is so frustrating.

Fic: The Stables

A companion piece to The Kailyard. Another short one, this one a shameless PWP.

Hope you enjoy it :-)


She led him to the back of the stables. They were mostly empty, the usual occupants still enjoying the last of the fine weather before snows made it impossible to graze. She turned and took his hand leading him into the semi darkness of the last stall. He turned her towards him and captured her mouth in a searing kiss. She sighed against him wrapping her arms around his neck, one hand tangled in his hair.

She gasped as his mouth left hers and made its way downwards. He nipped gently at her throat making her shiver. He untucked her kerchief exposing her slightly to the chill air. Goosebumps sprung up on her flesh and she in turn adjusted her grip on him, furrowing under the layers of his clothing and untucking his shirt from his kilt.

He jumped slightly as she placed a chilled hand on his warm stomach before turning his attentions to her laces. He made short work of her gown and stays and his lips followed his hands as he pushed her shift down to her arms. She let her head drop back as she concentrated on the pressure of his lips of her skin. Despite the coolness of the day and her state of undress, she felt a warmth in her core which radiated outwards.

She reached forward, grabbing him by the belt and pulling him towards her. With deft hands she unbuckled it and with a tug his kilt laid pooled at their feet atop the vast swathes of material that made up her gown. His eyes met hers and there was a shift in the atmosphere. The playfulness of mere seconds ago was replaced by something else. Something more animal in nature. She could feel her heart pounding and hear the sound of the blood rushing through her ears as he looked at her. Her pulse felt like it was coming from between her legs. He was looking at her like he might devour her and she wanted him to. Making love with Jamie could be anything from utter tenderness to near riot and right now she wanted the latter.

As if pulled together by magnets they clashed together. Mouth met mouth, tongues danced together. She bit his lip and he gasped a little before fastening his own lips around her neck moving steadily downwards biting and nipping as he went. His mouth fastened around her nipple and she groaned at the sensation. Her knees were starting to give and only his strong arms on the small of her back and behind her head kept her upright. She grabbed at his hair and cried out. He cried out himself as she pulled at it and in one deft move he had her off of her feet and lying on her back amongst the straw. She pulled him up between her legs.and sank her teeth into his shoulder. He reared up with the sensation and with a jerk of his hips thrust himself home. He supported his weight on one arms whilst the other came up under her behind pulling her closer and deepening their connection. He moved in her fiercely, not fast but with force. She raked his back with her nails as she returned everything he gave her back to him. They were both panting now and with a considerable display of strength he raised himself onto his haunches pulling her onto his lap. Once again their mouths connected, tongues dueling. He had a hand in her hair, whilst she wrapped her arms around his neck drawing her closer to her. She needed to feel all of him. Pressed together, flush down their fronts she could feel the wiry texture of his his chest hair rubbing against her taut nipples and the gooseflesh on his back and shoulders. Their lips never parting her came into her harder and she moaned. The hand that had been on her back slipped lower and she felt his fingers in the crease of her backside. Gasping she released his mouth and bent her head to his ear taking it between her teeth. He let out a hiss and his hand dropped lower, pressing a finger into her. Returning to his mouth she relished the feel of him, He filled her completely in all the ways it was possible to. He waggled his finger slightly and she arched against him. She rode him hard as she felt her climax rising within her. She could feel that he was close too. His body had tensed, his breathing grew erratic and he was calling to her in gaelic that she could not quite decipher. They rose and tumbled from the peak together, each crying the others name.

He held her to him as they shuddered together, each trying to collect themselves in the aftermath of such intensity. He pressed his forehead to hers and her hand came up to stroke his cheek. In the aftermath of an encounter that was almost violent in its intensity, she now felt such gentleness, such love and tenderness for this man that tears sprang to her eyes. Feeling them, he pulled his head from hers and met her eyes. He spoke to her in gaelic and though she not know the words she knew their meaning. She loved him too.

You know Apollo is perfectly fine doing his chords of steel since he was sent to Earth only to incarnate the “WTF is going on” way of life.

  • His father died in the middle of a Coup d'État, and he was just a random, innocent musician lol
  • His mother thought her baby was dead due to fire but actually he was saved by other person who thought she was dead, but actually she lost her memories lol
  • His stepfather was a top 1 criminal in his country and he was just a lawyer
  • Actually the only member of Wright Anything Agency that became a lawyer because liked it anyway
  • First case in court was defending a man he admires, but this same man trolled him a lot because he intended to show his mentor’s true colors and he was just caught in the middle of this mess
  • Punched the man he admires
  • First case at Wright Anything Agency was looking for his daughter’s pants
  • Rival prosecutor plays air guitar and won’t leave him alone
  • “Oh, no, boy, my former mentor again.”
  • Best friend left Earth to live permanently among the stars
  • Horns and forehead, all the time
  • Stepbrother will send him to hell
  • Stepfather is dead
  • Everyone he loves is dead
  • Challenged a queen to death and won
  • Is reforming a judicial system of an entire country


Headcanon #131

McCree talked to Lucio of when he first laid eyes on Hanzo.

Jesse: “So Tracer, this Hanzo guy is mighty fine.”
Lucio: “Does he have nice boobies?”
Jesse: “Awesome boobies!”
Lucio: “And how’s the butt?”
Jesse: “Flat as a lunch tray, just the way I like it!”
Lucio: “Oh yeah, Jesse’s gonna hit that flat butt! Jesse’s gonna hit that flat butt! Jesse’s gonna hit that flat butt!”

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So.. What super peace fruit want mean? If you dont know is fine then, but... After see eto reaction in 84 chapter back then, i think she really much aware of what furuta truth desire is n she respond was : "what the hell.." is that really bad or his want so opposite with eto thought or what?

Chapter 118 finally revealed to us what Furuta meant by “Super Peace”, albeit in an indirect way. Furuta talks about his violence, and assertation of dictatorial control as a way of bringing peace.

Those are just means to an end though, his control is not peace just the pathway there. He says exactly what he means by peace as he commands the Oggai. 

Peace is death. Super peace is death to everyone and everything around him, which is why Furuta accelerates the conflict of TG far worse than any antagonist, more than Eto and more than even V has to date. He frames it as the extermination of all ghouls, but how many investigators will recklessly die along the way to complete those ends?

Doesn’t it make you want to die?
If you die, you can get cured you know. (This is true.)


wolfstar hcs
  • sirius flirting with remus even though they’re already dating
    • “do you have a name or can I call you mine?” “actually, my name is way out  of your league.” “why can’t you just play along?!” “because sirius, we’re already dating”
  • even though sirius seems like such a Bad Boy™ he wants to cuddle with remus 25/8
  • “study” dates
    • “sirius I actually thought I was going to help you study.” “let’s just study tomorrow rem, please?” “sigh fine.” “YAY!”
  • sirius always high-fiving remus when he raises his hand in class
  • sirius giving remus tons of chocolate
    • “wait, sirius did you steal this?” “how dare you accuse me of such things?! I would never!”
  • remus secretly loves when sirius has a man bun
  • james is wolfstar trash #1
  • everyone supporting their relationship 
  • having dates outside and looking up at the stars
  • surprisingly sirius always remembers dates like anniversaries and birthdays
  • remus stealing sirius’ quidditch sweatshirt
    • sirius finding it very attractive. 

When Teddy arrived he was rushed by Paparazzi, Teddy tended to prefer to ignore them but Rebecca loved the limelight, so almost always made them pose, this always irritated him because they wasted so much time in front of the cameras. 

“ They have to get all my best sides” Rebecca would say. 

Teddy simply rolled his eyes. 


Teddy’s speech went well, the crowd was clapping and cheering, clearly impressed with that he had said. He was on his way up. After the speech Teddy was greeted by his biggest supporter and mentor Dillon Kenndey. 

“ That was great Ted, you really had them! I think you will make a fine leader” 

“ Thank you  Dillon I’m glad you could come.” 

“ How far on that thing we discussed?” 

Teddy cleared his throat, “ I’m working on it…” 

“ Good! because you know we need this!” 

I’m actually so glad that Youngjae is moving out of the dorms to live with his brother because I’m sure it was a hard decision and he’ll be happier and less homesick now he’s with his family. Also it’s not like he’s never going to see or speak to got7 again, they’ll want him to be comfortable and feel at home wherever he goes. I think it’s gross that some people are saying he shouldn’t move out and acting like he’s betraying the group?? Like how is spending more time with your family in any way going against the best interests of got7???

I just want the boy happy, healthy and well fed and I’d even be fine with him moving to a different country if he said it was what was best for him 💖🌼

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RFA, V and Saeran with aromantic MC? Im just really in the mood for some platonic fluff.

Nah man, I feel. 


  • Honestly he probably feels like he did something wrong when they’re a bit more distant from him and not in the “you’re just saying that because you don’t like me” way but more in the “i don’t know what I did, but if I hurt your feelings in any way or upset you at all please let me know because I want to make things better” kind of way 
  • He really is perfectly fine with it in fact, it really helps to know that he didn’t do something wrong
  • He asks a lot of questions, but they come from a place of genuinely wanting to understand and known more as opposed to trying to be rude about it 
  • I mean, this is Yoosung we’re talking about, I can’t see him ever being intentionally rude


  • She’s fine with it honestly
  • It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s somewhere on the aro scale herself with how her good route ended, but even if she’s not, she’s perfectly fine with it. 
  • She just likes spending time with them honestly, whatever makes them most comfortable is obviously great 
  • She’s a really sweet, kind of understanding person, where if someone’s being rude to MC, she’s probably just make them their favorite drink and make sure they’re comfy and taken care of before going to have a calm conversation with whoever’d messed with them


  • This man in unaware that this is actually a thing. 
  • It’s not like he has any sort of problem with it. He’s just, genuinely unaware that it’s even a thing
  • He’d be interested in learning about it honestly and does a lot of research (okay honestly one of the main ways to tell that he really cares about something is when he researches it on his own as opposed to making Jaehee or someone else do it for him
  • He gets so excited when he finds out something new and would definitely tell MC even if they already knew, he’s kind of like an excited kid when it comes to showing them what he’s learned


  • He’s always so flirtatious, but I swear, the moment he figures out they’re aro (and figures out what that means) he drops that entirely until he’s sure MC’s okay with it
  • He just wants them to be comfortable
  • If they are okay with him flirting he’ll definitely continue to do, but in a much more subdued way
  • Insists that they tell him if anything makes them uncomfortable 
  • If anyone dares try and mess with them he’s ready to fight


  • He actually is familiar with most terms in the LGBT+ community, so he’s like, the main guy here who doesn’t have to go to Wikipedia for an explanation 
  • again, kind of the same as Zen, he’ll stop flirting with them until he’s sure they’re okay with it
  • Always adds on to the end when he flirts with them
  • “I wanna marry you at the space station…As a friend.” 
  • “No romo” 
  • “I love you…but like, platonically”  
  • But honestly, he’s super sweet about it 


  • He obviously still cares about Rika despite everything that happened, so I can’t see him looking to MC right away in a romantic way at least
  • He’s really fine with anything, 
  • He doesn’t care about who they are or are not attracted to in any way (like not in a rude way, at all, he just doesn’t really think it’s any of his business)
  • That doesn’t have anything to do with who they are as a person and it’s obvious what a great person 
  • He cares so much about everyone in the RFA and they’re definitely included. 


  • He has absolutely no clue what you’re talking about and honestly it doesn’t bother him one bit when he finds out
  • It doesn’t affect who they are so everything’s fine
  • He doesn’t really say much when they first bring it up to him, because honestly it’s not like he has anything against it. 
  • He’s probably not going to be comfortable with a relationship for quite some time after everything he’s been through. Not having to think about the whole romantic relationship vs. friendship thing with them when he spends time with them would honestly be really helpful as he got closer to them 
  • A few days later he’d just quietly come over to them and be like, “I don’t know how this whole aromatic thing works, and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything, but we can still have our weekly ice cream dates, right?”
  • Do I even have to point out how protective he is? They’re probably like, the first person he’s really ever cared about and had care about him in return. 
  • He’d protect them to the death. 

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any way for me to get ahold of some fluffy n cute smut? i'm not sure where to find the tag for it if u guys have one

yeah we have a fluff and smut tag xx heres some more <3 - Karri

knowing everything is fine by SoloChaos (1/1 | 1,824 | Mature)

Tyler is a powerbottom, and Josh is a meek lil nugget.

futile devices by molgera (1/1 | 4,971 | Explicit)

Tyler likes dancing when he thinks no one is watching, and Josh likes talking when he thinks no one is listening.

I Just Want To Get Lost In Your Lungs by emojidun (1/1 | 3,176 | Explicit)

The one where Josh has blue hair and a ring through his nose and Tyler isn’t allowed to see him, exactly.

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#84 & #85 💕

i posted 84 here love! 

“i’m not going to be sympathetic until you go see a doctor.”

“Aaron, I’m dying.”

Aaron rolled his eyes as he listened to his husband groan from his position on the living room floor, picking up the two cups of tea he’d made, padding back to the sofa. 

“I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go see a doctor, Robert.” Aaron rolled his eyes, putting Robert’s mug down on the edge of the coffee table. 

Robert had put his back out during the week, dragging scrap up at the yard, trying to cover for Adam while he was on paternity leave. It had all been going fine until Robert had lifted something the wrong way, and completely done his back in.

Robert gave him a hopeful look from his position on the hard wooden floor looking absolutely pitiful, his hair flat against his forehead, an expression close to a pout on his face. “You could give me a massage?”

“Or, you could go and see a doctor and stop annoyin’ me.” Aaron countered, turning up the sound on the telly. “I want to watch Top Gear, so shut up.”

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ATTACK NAMES! and Jaune says 'we've been through this' so like he had whole semester to work with his team so they remember that but they don't. Next we have v4 where during fight he CLOSES HIS EYES AND GRITS HIS TEETH WHILE RUBY IS ABOUT TO GET STUNG. I am frigging sorry, but I find it harder and harder to believe that this guy should be a hutsman much less a team leader2/3

and in before someone jumps in and says something about stress and being scared, and fine enough but he went to combat school, what did he expect? and this is where the writing comes in. dear writers, if you want me to believe someone belongs in certain place, show this to me. because so far Jaune was written in a way that makes me doubt if he should be a hunter. as to Ruby in v4 she never gets to ponder on anything. not Pyrrha, not PENNY WHO WAS HER BEST FRIEND AND IT WAS CLEAR SHE CARED nor the fact that her sister lost an arm, her headmaster gone missing, the life she knew lies in tatters, she just time-froze a grimm using magical powers. She never gets that, instead she becomes a shoulder to cry on for Jaune.

Heck even the opening she-the main protagonist, who was hinted to be special since ep1v1- stands on second plan behind Jaune, in a way that is common in shows for secondary characters like love interests, friends/teammates/mentors of protagonists. and ugh. I loved this show for RWBY and Ruby, but no. we have to focus on another straight underdog male character from every other movie/show/book.

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How does Matsu react when his teen daughter starts her period for the first time and his wife is not home to explain cause she's at work?

Osomatsu: “so you might be noticing some Chang-” “dad. I’m bleeding.” “Yeah it’s all part of some monthly stuff, it’s basically your body saying ‘I cleaned and got my house ready and the guest didn’t show up?’ Than it’s now proceeding to rip everything apart.” Needless to say she’s horrified.

Karamatsu: “My honey! You are maturing into a fine woman is all, this is just going to happen monthly.” He brings her water, pads, and aspirin.

Choromatsu: he just puts on a sex Ed video from the early 80’s.

Ichimatsu: “…so you aren’t dying, and congratulations this is mother natures way of saying you aren’t pregnant.” He’ll be nice enough to give her the box of pads, and hopes she uses the instructions cause he has no clue.

Jyushimatsu: actually freaks out and takes her to a hospital. He forgets that sometimes people bleed regularly.

Todomatsu: actually the most helpful, explaining how she might experience mood swings and pain; along with how it might be monthly it might not, but for now pads go on underwear and oxiclean laundry soap is her friend.

Highkey if I ever spoke to my dad the way he speaks to me on a daily basis I would probably either a) get slapped for it or b) get threatened with homelessnes. But y’know, it’s fine when he does it.

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I don't get when people think Caleb is AD. We all know he ends up with Hanna.

The only way he’s AD is if Hanna knows and is either working with him or is just fine with him playing “games” with her and her friends. Which I’m pretty sure we can rule out the second. Like you said we all know Hanna and Caleb end up together, and the writers aren’t going to give AD a happy ending. ESPECIALLY married to one of the main characters. So either Haleb are secretly bad together, got away with it and are now living off together married OR just an innocent married couple.

(I am entirely NOT okay with Zedd being mind controlled like that. Like when I saw it I literally could not believe for a moment that they let this go and that ZeddRita is such an accepted thing when it is literally what you said DX)


Here;s the thing. Once they break the love potion thing, and he still loves her? That i’m fine with. Because it makes sense that he would love her for such an underhanded trick, for something so evil. That’s just how Zedd is. 

There’s nothing wrong with loving Zedd and Rita; hell I love them together because they are a good couple. 

But having said that, you can’t forget how it started, and I really think that they shouldn’t have done that the way that they did. 

Like, once Goldar breaks the spell, everything from that point on is fine. But you can’t just ignore the fact that it started with him being brain fucked when he slept for the one time he has to every century and thus was at his weakest. 

Even if he respects Rita for being so evil and underhanded as to do that when he was that way because he’s evil. But that’s probably not what you should be showing children XD

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Supernatural - Pokemon Au

“You can’t name a Ninetails Lucifer,” Dean states pinching the bridge of his nose as Sam blinks at him. “You can’t.”

“You named a Tauros Impala, you don’t have room to talk!” He interrupts Dean before he can say anything. “And that weird fluffy bird that was lost Cas. You literally named it Cas.”

“So? It’s not big deal.”

“Dean, you named a pokemon after your best friend, that’s a little weird.”

“Cas named a Snorlax after me!”

“That was funny. You stuff your face and sleep. When you fight, rarely, you kick ass. A pretty bird with fluffy wings. It acts nothing like Cas.”

“You know what? Fine. Name it Lucifer. What ever!”

Sam smiles, “I’m glad you see it my way.”

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Character Meme: Ben (#LoveHacks)


[Send me a character]

Ben (from #LoveHacks)

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: He’s has this really positive and energetic feeling to him, you know? He’s knows how to have fun, but not in that over the top extrovert type of way. And he’s adorable.

worst quality: Too early to tell

ship them with: My MC, Damali. Though, I’m having trouble deciding whether I should have her date him, Leah, or both. In-game and my own canon.

brotp them with: Hmmmmmm, idk. I don’t think there’s anyone he’d get along with really within the gang. Not to say he’d butt heads with them, just… i don’t see him being best buds with anyone in particular

needs to stay away from: Mark

misc. thoughts: I really hope they keep Ben around as more than just a romantic rival to Mark. I mean, it seems like PB’s not going to do that.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: in the first episode of voltron legendary defender coran says that the castle of lions is 10600 years old and that his grandfather built it. in the fifth episode when coran and hunk go to the balmera coran says his grandfather brought him to a balmera while he was building the castle of lions. coran and allura were in suspended animation for 10000 years. this implies that coran is over 600 years old. from the way he and allura interact in the second season we can conjecture that coran is in late middle age, or maybe early old age. how long is the average altean lifespan? how long is the average galra lifespan? zarkon was displeased but not surprised when his head druid told him allura was alive. exactly how unbelievable is it that they're both alive after 10000 years? is this why allura and coran acted like the paladins could easily free the entire known universe in their lifetimes? do allura and coran know how short human lifespans are? how



in fact he just has a wide forehead and therefore the designer simply liked to highlight his forehead for the laughs in some scenes