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You might think that they went together to buy matching jackets, but Kenta reassures us that the two of them bought matching jackets on completely separate days while apart and that they didn’t do it on purpose.  

Also the second picture is meant to be a ‘sexy shot.’ 

A very carefully curated list of Star Trek: TOS for my friend to watch.

 I have some faith that—if she was going to get into Star Trek:TOS—the following episodes will be her gateway drug. Posting it here so everyone can see my thought process.

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Torn×Toe Night of His Life Part 2

(Im saying screw it fluff and smut. You need some flmut)

So Tom and Tord fell asleep in Tord’s room and Tordy and Tommy fell asleep on the couch. Toe and Torn snuck into the kitchen and shared peanut butter. Torn isn’t a big fan of peanut butter but he ate it for Toe. Toe every once in a while would sqush inside his sweater when ever Torn did something like patting his head or kissing his cheek.

Until Torn tried to kiss Toe’s cheek until Toe moved his head and ended up kisses his neck leave a peanut butter mark. Toe quickly turned to face Torn. They both were blushing a mess.

“U-um let me get that off for you.” Torn said. Being the type to NOT know what he SHOULD do in this situation Torn licked the peanut butter off of Toes neck.


Torn stopped in shock when he herd a soft moan escape Toe’s lips.


“T-Torn I-I feel funny…” Toe said with tears in his eyes being completely confused. Torn looked down to see a bump in Toe’s pants. Torn looked at Toe as tears began falling from his um… eye holes?

“Hey hey hey….” Torn said trying to be gental and hugging Toe and pulls him onto his lap. “There’s nothing to worry about. Your just horny and you know what can cure being horny?”

“M-more peanut butter?”

“Nope. A continuation to your best night of your life.”

Toe was confused but wsnted this feeling to go away so he went with it. Torn carried him to Toms room and sat him down on Toe’s bed. Torn looked at Toe after laying on his stomach before Toe.

“I need you to trust me ok?”

Torn slowly took off Toe’s pants and every once in a while looked up at Toe to see if he was ok. Pants were off.

“Now I need you to lay back for me.”

Toe did as told and Torn pulled off his cute bunny boxers. Torn was shocked about how big Toe was. But it was a good thing. Torn put his lovers member in his mouth and slowly began bobbing his head look up at Toe in the prosses. Toe grabbed a pillow and covered his face though a moan could faintly be herd. Torn smirked and went faster earning more louder moans from Toe.

A few minutes went by and-

“T-Torn I-I- A-AAHH!~”

Toe cummed in his mouth. Torn pulled off, swallowed it all, smirked, and whipped his mouth using his arm.

“That actully tastes really good~”

Torn carefully climbed next to the other male and lifted Toe and moved him so Toe was on top of him but laying on Torn.

“I-I love you Tornny”

“I love you too Toe…y?”

“Im kinda hungry.”

“I think Tommy made peanut butter cookies.”

Toe got up, put on his boxers, walked out cuz you know hell with pants, and ate all the peanut butter cookies.

The next morning everyone was peeved and Tord even got his a** beat by Torn for yelling at Toe while Tom took him outside and explaned why he shouldn’t eat all the fooking cookies.

But Torn and Toe had a good night.

- Moho says:

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real talk though?

i’m so awestruck at the fact that taeyong decided to pull through with it anyway. he didn’t try to explain himself, simply took the blame and apologized to all those who might’ve come to harm through his alleged actions and you know what? i fucking admire it. that’s what makes him better than all those who try to pick at his past, send him vile messages on sns and try to spread those rumors about him being a bully, a scammer, a thief. he stands above it, because he decided that he’d use this opportunity to show us how much he’s grown and how strong his devotion towards his work and his members truly is and he carried the burden; without ever complaining. that’s what makes a leader, kids. and if that doesn’t make you think that lee taeyong is god sent and a gift to us all, i don’t know what will.



She shouldn’t be asleep. She’ll just get more depressed if she’s asleep. What she needs is some kind of hobby. She needs to get out of the house, she needs to exercise.

ok one thing i think i’ve been getting wrong about my kent parson depictions (not that a lot of them make it to an actual post) is how he deals with his abandonment issues and the idea that no one would really want to stay with him (unless they’re jack). i always thought kent would be hesitant about moving a relationship forward because he would be afraid of heartbreak, but what if it was the opposite? 

what if because of his fear of being left, he tries his best to ingratiate himself to his partner and try to bring their relationship closer and closer. basically he follows various tenets of “how to keep a man” variety so that his partner won’t leave him. he’ll say or think stuff like “gotta propose so i can tie this person to me and make them stay with me.” 

ergo, for example if there’s a patater dating relationship where tater says “i love you,” first, even if kent didn’t really feel the words, he would definitely say “i love you” back in order to make tater feel wanted and stay with him. 

partner: kenny, what do you think about moving in together?

kent: what, you’re not gonna propose to me first? 

partner: uh??

kent: JUST KIDDING. *coughs or was he coughs* 

ok but basically everyone that I know pronounces the t? I can’t speak for all Canadians, but all the Canadians I do know (including myself) will pronounce the t most of the time.

Like if I’m saying “we often pronounce the t” then I’m saying it as “we off-ten pronounce the t” ???

“You may not be the sun that shines above the people, but I alone know of your lunar beauty, which secretly illuminates this land”