he was creepy ok


they are so good at praising each other 😎 + JH: “We personally styled ourselves today


Phantom of The Opera
  • erik: yo im just gonna blow up some shit im real creepy and im gonna kill that fuckboy kk bye
  • managers: christine we got this down oh shIT WE DON'T
  • carlotta: all you twig bitches dont listen to me especially you ramen noodle hair girl
  • madame giry: yeah theres this man whos like older than you but he likes you ok christine
  • christine: i just asked for singing lessons

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Love your headcanons, do you think you could do some for a minotaur?

  • he received you as a sacrifice to devour but actually he’s in love with you now so he’s gonna have to eat something else
  • he’s not really sure how to show you affection so he gives you human hearts and he thinks that’s sweet even if it’s really gross and creepy and   ok maybe kind of sweet but still 
  • hes got his own courting ritual that’s kind of complicated and hard to follow but you’re trying and that makes him really happy 
  • giving him kisses is kind of hard because of the way his head works and the feeling of his hot breath as you try to kiss him is weird and uncomfortable
  • he’s a giant heater and its really nice to cuddle up to him in the winter but he really doesn’t understand why you do 
  • when he found out you get cold he got you some fur to keep warm with
Yoongi Scenario: You Make Me Real.

Request: Hey :) I’d like to request a scenario with ghost Yoongi (got inspired by the photoshoot he had with RapMon in Chicago :B) in wich reader (who can see spirits since forever) meets him when she moves to a new house. At first she thinks he’s just a creepy neighbour who spies her, but then she realizes he was a ghost without memories of his past life. You can go from here n.n please make it fluffy ❤

Genre: Fluff / Drama.

It was after all the moving and unpacking was done that you saw him. For the most part of the day you had felt the hairs on the back of your neck raise with that particular feeling, you were being watched. 

You could always know when you were, and this new house was certainly giving you mixed vibes. It was beautiful and classic, but it was also old, with a lot of details, more often than not a lot of details meant a lot of secrets. For someone who could see ghosts you were always aware of such things, you could sense it somehow, you knew in this house there was something off.

Arranging two frame pictures on the wall of you and your friends back in your old town you saw something reflect on the glass. A chill went down your neck and you turned to see there was no one there. Shaking your head you thought you must be anticipating the whole thing, sometimes you did that so ghosts wouldn’t startle you that much, although you had to admit a lot of them were pretty creepy.

You stared at the frames, thinking that you were already missing your friends, thinking if whataspp was enough to keep you close, or to help with it. Then you felt it again only that this time your heart was racing and you were flicking your gaze around the room trying to spot who was watching you.

-No need to be shy, ok? I will not cast you out if that’s what you are afraid- you said out loud for the ghost to hear. Through time you had learned most of them were afraid of being set aside of their own space, it was almost as big as the desire most of them felt to transcend. -It’s all ok, I’m not a threat-

There was no answer so you sighed and then from the corner of your eyes you thought you saw something moving, only that this time it was outside your house. You went to the window and there he was, not a ghost, but a guy standing on the sidewalk. Maybe a neighbor? A creepy one that was, and here you were thinking ill of the dead. The living could be just or even more mortifying. He was young around your age, blond almost white hair and very pale skin, you couldn’t tell that much about his features, he seemed handsome but with the serious almost angry expression you couldn’t say he was. Either way seeing him gave you even more chills than the ghost that was around your room.

You thought of your new neighbor as weird but then something else happened and it was then when you decided he was plain creepy.

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👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

02. Mama Mo’s - Kim SeokJin Fanfic

AN*  So I ran across a “Bed Sharing AU” prompt list with 8 prompts and thought it’d be a great exercise to explore writing fanfics again. This is the 2nd in the series. I’m using all 8 prompts with different members.  8 prompts, 7 members… the 8th will be a surprise.

A special thanks to BTS… for giving me inspiration and re-igniting my passion to write again. (Gif isn’t mine.)

01. Kim NamJoon - Must Have Energy

03. Min Yoongi - You’re Mine

04. Jung HoSeok - My Hope

05. Park Jimin - Awkwardly Perfect

06. Kim TaeHyung - The BPP

07. Jeon JungKook - Call Me Kookie

08. BTS - Hawaiian Thunderstorm

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Mama Mo’s

Prompt: The Classic™- The hotel only has a king sized bed, I guess we’re sharing.

Pairing: Kim SeokJin x Reader

Genre: oneshot, fluff, (a bit of skinship)

Word count: 5.3K

“Jin, I could kill you right now.” SeokJin just laughed but you were pretty frickin’ serious.

“Hey, not my fault your car got a flat tire…” he said staring in awe up at the sputtering neon sign.

“YES YOUR FAULT!” you yelled, swinging your purse and hitting his shoulder. “Who insisted on taking, ‘the shortcut’!?” you air-quoted. He winced in pain and jerked towards you, opening his mouth to say something but you interrupted. “IT WASN’T A SHORTCUT JIN!!!”

“Aiish…” he said under his breath. Then he mumbled, “You didn’t have to take it…”

“I didn’t want to!” You collapsed, hugging your knees in a squat position, forehead buried in your arms. “You wouldn’t shut up about it and I wanted peace.” You jerked your head to glare over at him. “And you swore… you SWORE it was the right way…” He shrugged and opened the trunk of the car to pull out your suitcases.

“Well, it’s fixed now…. I’m the one who fixed it… remember?” he was getting frustrated with you, and you gave him that… but you were so frustrated that you had to take it out on someone, and he was the only one here. Another issue…

“I should have gone with HoSeok….” like I wanted to… you added silently. You were all going on this trip together… supposedly. But due to numbers you’d had to take 2 vehicles. You wanted to go with Jung HoSeok, your ever friendly, ever hopeful, crush of the last year. But you and he were the only ones with cars that could handle the trip… so you couldn’t go together if everyone ended up coming. Which everyone did. And since HoSeok is HoSeok, sunshine magnet of the world, his car was PACKED with people… leaving you and Jin the only ones out.

“We would have totally beaten them there…” Jin said quietly as he rolled the suitcases over to you. “And admit it… we had fun until then.” He smiled down at you, his gorgeous face eerily lit by the light of the neon sign, and winked. You rolled your eyes at him, but inside you admitted it. Jin just seemed a bit full of himself… and to be honest, you didn’t really know him that well so you didn’t know what to expect. He had recently moved to town, and due to HoSeok’s sunshine, had become a new member of your group. And surprisingly enough, in the car he had been fun, keeping you entertained with stories of him and his old friends, picking fun music and singing to it way too loud, which made you laugh.

Then the country road had turned into a dirt road, then a single lane dirt road covered in all sorts of trash and debris. He still insisted it was the right way to go, so you kept going, running over the board that held the nail that caused the flat that Jin fixed…you sing-songed in your mind. You sighed heavily into your arms and stood up, your legs protesting being in the squat position too long.

The neon sign of the hotel flickered on and off in an ominous way and you looked up at it again. It read MAMA MO’S in bright flickering orange with a smaller, red Vacancy underneath.

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I saw Barrington Stage Company’s production of ‘Company’ starring Aaron Tveit. Guys… I was swooning during 'Marry Me A Little’. I was not prepared. I saw it Saturday last week, and have only recovered now. The entire cast was perfect. It is by far, my favourite production of the show (not just cause Aaron stripped) ((well that was a wonderful highlight)). I know I’m rambling but it was just so good! If you can get out to see it, please do. You won’t be disappointed.


Basically my friend had given it to him, and he asked where do I sign? And I yelled 'on your face please!’ He laughed and responded with 'On my creepy, smiling face? Ok.’ We had a conversation. My night was made.

The performance and the interaction with him gave me the adrenaline boost to do the 4 hour drive home. Lol.

I would’ve gotten a picture with him, but he came out and was like 'Guys I have to sign really fast, I can’t do pictures tonight. I’m sorry’. And no one was upset. Which was really nice given the whole Ben Platt drama (poor baby).

So yeah. That’s the time I saw Tveit and it was awesome.

Happy Birthday Mark Lee  💕
Please do not repost

Cri I tried my best but it’s still a mess don’t zoom in ;w;

the road trip (part 1)

FANFICTION : chapter 1
characters : Jungkook x reader
genre : romantic, fluff
word count : 1437
summary : you go on a road trip with BTS. The trip helps you get closer to Jungkook and take your relationship to another level as he confesses to you. This is my first time writing and I’m not a very good writer. I’ll try my best to improve my writing skills.

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Transgender Nico and Male Will... Sharkweek for Neeks? Fluffy maybe?

Being transgender was difficult enough for Nico. Only thing more difficult? Shark week. And we’ll, the pronouns, but mostly sharkweek. Now, many of the campers didn’t understand this reference, so that was good for Nico. Will, his boyfriend, understood this reference. He thought it was actually pretty funny, since well, you know. 

Nico lay on his bunk in the Hades cabin, hugging a pillow and crying into another pillow. It felt like someone was stabbing his stomach and pelvis area. Letting the pain out in heavy sobs, he lay there crying in pain quietly. His cabin door squeaked open with a small knock on the door. Nico rolled onto his side and looked at the figure entering the cabin. Will Solace stood there, watching with a soft smile on his freckled face. Nico couldn’t help but smile a little at this beauty in the darkness of the cabin. Will chuckled and walked over to Nico’s bunk, which was just a mattress on the floor in the corner, and sat down next to him. 

“How you holding out?” Will smiled softly, rubbing Nico’s back softly, tracing circles against his spine. 

“I would love to shishabob my insides.” Nico groaned and wiped his face with the back of his hands. “Then stab my self, multiple times, in the uterus.” 

“I strongly advise not to do that.” Will chuckled and wiped the tears off Nico’s cheeks. “For both of our sakes.” 

“How romantic.” Nico groaned and rolled onto his stomach. 

“Well anyways, do you want anything?” Will smiled and kissed Nico’s hair softly, “Me and some other medics are going out to get supplies.” 

“A rusty spoon.” 

“McDonalds it is.” Will stood up and walked out of the cabin. 

One trip to CVS with the medics and $10 spent at McDonalds Will returned to camp. He had a quick talk with Chiron, who agreed that he may spend the night in the Hades cabin to comfort the camper in pain. Doctors orders. Will returned to the Hades cabin, knocking softly on the door as he walked in. He walked over to his needy boyfriend. He brought a bag of candy over to the bed with the happy meals. 

“Neeks…” Will spoke softly. “I got you a Happy Meal…” Will smiled, “Well three Happy Meals. To be exact.”

“You didn’t have to get me anything.” Nico sat up and looked at Will, “But since you did, please give me it.” 

Three Happy Meals later and too much chocolate, Nico was finically falling asleep. Will sat next to him, watching his chest go up and down with each breath. He enjoyed just being with Nico, even if it was watching him sleep. Ok, maybe that was creepy, but he enjoyed it even so. Will stayed up all night, not a second of sleep, to make sure that Nico was sound.


Will: Gods I am tired.

Apollo Healer: Yea, where were you last night?

Will: Watching Nico… Its that time for him.

Healer: Sounds like a blast. Glad I wasn’t there.

Will: *falls asleep standing up* yea…

Healer: Dude, just go sleep… please. You are operating and falling asleep at the same time. Please go before you kill someone.

Will: *collaspes*

Blessing in Disguise (part 2)

Words: 1.3k

Summary: You and Misha learn more about each other.

Warnings: RPF AU, fluff

A/N: Constructive feedback always appreciate. Please send me an ask or DM if you’d like to be added to my master tag list.


You woke up to the mouthwatering smell of coffee and bacon. Stretching and yawning, you made your way down the stairs and toward the kitchen.

“Morning sunshine!” Misha said, more cheerfully than anyone should at 8am. “Did you sleep well?”

You smiled and inhaled deeply from the mug of coffee he slid toward you. “I did. Thank you. You’ve been too kind; but I really appreciate it.”

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