he was cool i liked him

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"gives a WAY deeper meaning to the song" could you explain your thoughts?

I gotta get back to work soon my lunch is almost over - But before the video the song came across very.. i’m not really sure what the word is. But it came off it like it was about Louis, and really Louis only, about his feelings re: fame etc. And that was cool!

But now he’s made it clear that it’s about more than him but the industry as a whole, that all these people face different struggles and different hurts and different problems that don’t go away because of fame and money. And explicitly pointing out BLM, LGBT issues, racism, democracy, Sexual assault.. It just broadens the reach of the song, and the significance of what he’s saying.

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Is no one going to mention that those 'cool things' Zarkon did with the black bayard was pretty much kick Keith's butt and wreck up the Red Lion? Keith, come on buddy. Which team are you rooting for??? ;)

okay buT LIKE. THAT’S WHY IT WAS SO FUNNY TO ME. even though he got completely wrecked up he STILL concedes and accepts that okay, yes “it was cool” he thought it was really cool. i just.. .this guy. i love him so amsodhsua much. 

and what’s funnier is that in 2x01 he just…..

Serious. Very Serious. Just like: 

but. then. 

WE HAD A TOUGH BATTLE LMFAO.  HIS FACE. his eyebrow quirks up when he says it and the way he says it too like. 

HE KNOWS. LOOK AT THIS FACE I CANNOT DEAL WITH HIM RIGHT NOW OH M Y GOD. And the best part is i bet red wouldn’t either they both in this sense are probably stubborn enough to say they had a tough battle and okay maybe bit off a little more than they could chew but it’s fine. LOL. 

a tough battle. okay keith. if that’s what you want to call it. he definitely held his own impressively well for the amount of time considering it was zarkon but come on keith. you were about to get annihilated he did it because shiro was in trouble, and because the black lion was compromised. but it was a poor judgement and by the end point he was aware he may not have made it out look at that expression:

bUT ANYWAY we’re not talking about that nothing to see here hahhaah :’)))) . back to this whole “cool stuff”. THE FACT HE SAYS IT’S COOL.

when it was used to kick his own butt. just this whole thing…. is brilliant. he is so endearing. 

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how did ben end up with flowers in his scalp? did he have some kind of skin infection? psoriasis? really bad dandruff?

All of those are possibilities, and I’ve also considered scratching from something like lice–any kind of injury to his scalp would have made him susceptible to infection :(

There’s no particular trend!  In most cases, a person gets an unrelated ear infection,which makes them susceptible to later catching fleurine–the deciding factor is whether they get this initial ear infection in one ear or both ears.

Ahhh thank you!!!  I’ve also found some cool webcomics through that feature, it’s wonderful to hear that someone stumbled across Flowerpot in that way :)

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I absolutely love everything about this blog. I just got one question, Jeff still loves his brother here, right? Maybe it's just me, I just think it's a lot better they don't hate each other. Either way, I think this is hilarious and your art is great. Hope you're having a nice day! :)

OOOHG i have such mixed feelings about this…I don’t think jeff ever hated liu (or at least i like to think so lmaooo) and maybe deep down liu still loves jeff but like

jeff did kill their parents and pretty much ruined liu’s life so like…it would make sense for him to hate jeff lol. idk liu is such a cool+complex character to me, imo he deserves more attention!!

anyway here’s a doodle of some pre-angst boys for ya


Hello!! ♡
Same shirt, different day. An at work selfie & an at home kind of festive selfie 🎃

My name is Amara or Luke. But in these photos, I feel more like Luke.
They/Them He/Him

~ Same shirt always Amazing™,,, plus u got a skeleton pal in the second one. V nice. A good pal. Your tattoos are v neat. I lov. Also your hair? Very cool. Luke here is incredibly badass

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Is there a full body ref sheet of Q? I'd like to draw him! He looks so cool! Not to mention sexy ;)

I’ve been meaning to do one, but no, there’s not an official one yet! I was going to do one that shows the individual layers of his outfit since I made it so absurdly complicated XD

Best thing I have for you is the original drawing I did of him:

I haven’t changed his outfit at all from this (though obv my style of drawing Q himself has, heh. funny what a difference 8 months can make) with the exception of the wings, which were just for fun. As you can see, it’s a long jacket, to which the hood is attached. The high collar and over sleeves are part of the cape, and he’s wearing a loose pair of pants over a sleeveless bodysuit that is the base layer.

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lmao abouut that thing about Keith thinking Zarkon's bayard moves was 'cool', all I can think about is that line from the OOTP Harry Potter movie: 'you may not like him, but you have to admit he's got STYLE'

OH MY GOD. im laughing so much hahahhahaa yes. please….. please let this happen for lotor too after their meeting, like whatever happens in the story i am begging like…. let it become a Thing at least once subtly. 

  • “lotor swooped in back there with some cool moves” 
  • “they were intercepted by lotor’s neat attack” 
  • “yeah. but you’re forgetting how lotor smoothly took those guys out with his fancy sword


I’m just gonna throw this out there, I don’t think Ishida planned from the very beginning for Kaneki to look like this dragon thing he drew in chapter 1 like some sort of omnipotent genius, instead I think he went like yeah I gotta design this dragon thing oh look Kaneki drew his long ago wouldn’t it be cool if he looks like that now yeah I'mma draw him like that it’ll be a cool ass parallel am I right, and it is a cool reference but not as incredibly amazingly genious level of planning ahead as most think.

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Have you watched any of Jon Burton's GameHut videos on youtube? Some really interesting stuff about the development of games like Sonic 3D Blast and Toy Story. Also, how do you feel about him working on a Sonic 3D Blast Director's Cut romhack?

I think once the “Sonic R v0.03″ video went up and it became clear he was using GameHut to dump all kinds of interesting curiosities from the archives of Traveler’s Tales, I couldn’t subscribe any faster. It’s fantastic he’s willing to be so open about this kind of stuff. Imagine how much weird, cool stuff never gets seen from other developers. Projects that get started but never finished, pitches that get rejected, etc. There are thousands of games we never knew existed.

Sonic 3D Blast: Director’s Cut is a wild proposition. I think what maybe blows me away the most is that, like, it’s easy forget these guys are probably incredibly smart. Because Jon Burton is the founder of Traveler’s Tales. The success they’ve had with the Lego games earned him an executive producer credit on all of the Lego movies thus far. And you picture a guy like that, and you think of a guy in a suit who is in meetings all day long, and to be fair he probably is.

But he got his start making games. Getting his hands dirty. Writing code. And you watch him trying to get a Sonic R prototype running in an emulator, and it’s like, he’s injecting memory addresses and doing all this stuff that for me, a “modern indie developer,” is completely and entirely over my head. Even from the perspective of being around the borders of the ROM hacking community via Sonic Retro and stuff, some of the things he’s doing are still over my head. He may as well be a sorcerer.

And that after all this time, after the company he’s built, the fame he’s earned (at least in some circles), he’s still passionate about game creation to do something like a “Sonic 3D Blast: Director’s Cut.” To dip in to 23 year old source code for a dead platform and dump new features in to that game, just for fun. That’s just… wow, you know? That’s fantastic. Tremendous respect to that guy.

I had a spiel here about needing to see it in action before I pass judgement, but in the few days it took this to get posted, a video went up detailing some of his changes.

They’re definitely interesting and on some level I’m glad he’s not just ditching Flickies entirely as a mechanic. That’s not to say hunting out enemies is some tremendously fun thing, but we already have a hack that gets rid of the Flickies. I definitely approve of pretty much everything in this video, from the enhanced controls to the improvements to the camera, power-ups, and more.

Consider my attention grabbed.

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Pennywise is more than that. He's every living fear who just happens to prey on children because they are easier to lure and kill. That's why he's so fricken cool man. Like I'm not a fan of his work but him as a concept is so awesome.

Couldn’t agree with ya more! 👍🏼

So I don’t know if you all remember the one house I posted on here I called the ‘Honey Bee House’ well if you don’t it was this beautiful old Victorian house. The reason I’m bringing it up is that Jordan got a new job as an HVAC assistant and he actually got on call job at this house and got to go inside. And he was telling me about it and I was like OMG THATS THE HONEY BEE HOUSE, and I showed him the picture and he was like yeah that’s the house. Yeah I thought that was just too cool what a small world.

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ahh yay you’re doing it!! Since you like angst, can you write bkdk for 90? -“I can’t do this anymore.”

90: “I can’t do this anymore.”

Midoriya glanced at the clock beside Bakugo’s bed. It was 1:32 in the morning. Two hours since Bakugo had fallen asleep beside him. His breath fell heavy against the firm pillow, and his body was encased in a thick blanket. Midoriya was confident he wouldn’t wake until his alarm sounded.

One leg swung around to the side of the bed, and then a second. Midoriya placed his feet on the floor without a sound, careful of the way the mattress creaked when he sat up. He winced at the noise, glancing back at Bakugo to make sure he was still sleeping. There was no change.

Midoriya let out a silent, relieved breath, and leaned over to grab his shirt from the crumpled heap of clothes beside the bed. One by one, he pushed the buttons through their holes, covering up every single bruise that lined his chest, his shoulders, his neck. After straightening his collar, Midoriya moved to pick up his pants. It was then that a pair of arms wrapped around his waist.

Midoriya turned his head, and saw Bakugo’s eyes shimmering blood red in the deep shadows of the moonlight.

“What’re you doing?”

Midoriya gulped. “I was… I was going to—”

“You were leaving,” Bakugo rumbled, pulling Midoriya closer. “Why?”

“Because… I…” Midoriya trembled as moisture pricked at his eyelashes. “Because I can’t… I can’t do this anymore, Kacchan.”

Read the rest of this story on AO3!

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I legit always though Harrison was Amish? Is it cannon that he's Arab? This seems to be like a widely known thing I feel out of the loop lmao

oh no, it’s not canon!  A lot of people (including myself) headcanon him being arab because his voice actor, Yotam Perel, is from Israel.  Because I’m Lebanese, I prefer hc’ing him as that rather than Israeli, but both headcanons are cool!  

If you want to hc him as Amish, you can go right ahead!

Omg BLESS Oliver trying to act COOL was so endearingly awkward AW MATE. MY LITTLE BROCCOLI BABY JUST CHILL OUT IT’S OKAY YOU ARE NOT BORING. Raf’s got an equally Scottish bro I love it. Fredrik scares me but I can handle it atm. Lofty. IS BACK, BABY. Wait did Raf just say “bs” oooOooOoooOOOOO. HE STRESSED. Where be my Dofty scenes. Don’t let me down BBC like ITV DID WITH DRUM- (no spoilers don’t worry) Haha Donna and the crisps oh Donna you good sport. Lofty is so cute. I want to pat him on the head, give him a cookie and send him off to go play on the swings. Omg Ollie trying to get into football KID I’LL TAKE YOU TO UNITED AWAY. Oh wait where was he going anyway? Ollie no. Put your wallet away. Watch it on Sky. Why Dom why you being so mean to Lofty OH YEAH OH I KNOW WHAT IT IS YOU STILL LIKE HIM smh. I can see Freaky Fredrik going wild/HELL for leather on Halloween AM I RIGHT? Fredrik is so shady just what the heck is he playing at I’m very very intrigued. More so than the Max-mess in Eastenders rn. “How the hell did we come out of the same womb.” Lofty looks tiny. Yet. Again. Lofty MY BABY. I see you avoiding Lofty, Dom I SEE YOU AND I AM CALLING YOU OUT. I really don’t get Fredrik I can’t even read his face. Uh oh HE WILL EXPLODE NOW. How the heck is Fredrik still allowed near patients he is LITERALLY WAY TOO LIKE UGH JUST NO. TAKE HIM AWAY. I love Raf. HAHA Donna and the crips again. Here take some of the Doritos I’ve been cry-eating. I love Morven YEAH MY FELLOW FOOTBALL LOVER. Omg Ollie YOU SAINT AW I’M SO GLAD HE’S BEING HIMSELF NOW. YOU DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE FOR ANYONE. YES. YES YOU ARE A GOOD GUY MR VALENTINE. Dom visibly upset at the prospect of Lofty transferring HAS MADE MY DAY. THANK YOU BBC. YOU ARE MY HEROES AND I SUPPORT YOU ALL. “I just wish we’d found each other years ago” RAF YOU SWEETHEART MARRY THE GIRL. ESSIE WITH THE BIG FAT YES I LOVE THIS. YES YES YEEEEEES!!!!!!!!! P.S Lofty is back I’m buzzing I just can’t like just seeing him on my screen is enough to make me smile like HELLO LOFTY I MISSED YOU MAN GOOD TO SEE YOU.

i really really love the fact that the kashara kid is gonna be the oldest by like, a good amount of years and i hope it’s a boy because an older brother figure raised by kash is just. its perfect its too perfect

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i hate the fact that he made this shit public. he does this bullshit w all the drama that can literally be handled in dms. its unnecessary and uncalled for. nigga needs to go outside again and reflect upon his actions, had a feeling he'd slip up. anyone with "x will reply to this with out of context screens!" is automatically canceled. im sorry u gotta deal with this junko. ilysm

i regret saying shit about it now but like messaging him during a freak out like “DID YOU RAPE ME!!!!! AMAR SAW WHAT HAPPENED I REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED” would have looked just as bad and i didnt want to talk to him at all. i only talked to poppy, clover and kiidun in a voice call (seperate) about it. i also told neka because he asked and i told him not to tell oyk the specifics of what happened just that me and grayson werent cool anymore and afaik he didnt

Things are looking... grim.

Since he changed BOTH his Deviantart and Tumblr to Grimdaves, I mourn the loss of oppurtunity is gives me to use deer puns. That was always my favourite part of this whole conundrum. Well, either way, here’s some more shit for y’all to look at, if not for further proof that Grimdaves is a sprite thief (remember, he never paid for any of my bases), then as a reminder that he has yet to actually stop. 

Also of note: I honestly thought he stopped. Yeah, really. I checked on his DA a while back, a routine check up, and saw that all the sprites he posted were made with parts from canon and I was like ‘okay cool he’s learned finally i can leave him alone’

Obviously that wasn’t the case. Old habits die hard, i suppose.