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Will's hands moved back to Nico's hips. Without his healing magic, it would hurt if he pressed too much. "Sorry, sweetheart." Nico hums his forgiveness. Nico starts drifting off, only noticing that Will's carrying him by the shifting of his stomach. "Will. Feel sick." Will kisses his forehead, setting him on the bed. Reyna's there with a bucket, holding his hand. Then Will's placing a hot water bottle over his hips, and he feels sweet relief. His stomach shifts again, and he's retching.

“It’s okay,” Will assured Nico, “just breathe,” he was rubbing Nico’s back gently, and Nico held back the second round of bile that threatened to work its way up Nico’s throat. He ended up choking and coughing it out anyway. “Don’t try to hold it in,” Will gently reprimanded him. “You’re only going to make yourself more sick,” Will spoke. His hand moved up to Nico’s neck, but Nico didn’t want to be touched. He felt gross and he wanted to curl up in a ball and just go to sleep. “Will,” Reyna’s voice was lofting above Nico’s head. “He’s working himself up.” Nico wondered if he was heaving. “Nico, please,” Nico tried to calm himself down, but it didn’t work. He only started throwing up harder.

Honestly it infuriates me when posts make it sound Like Larry is some sweet old man like Sandy being drugged and not actually the sack of shit who

> Is directly responsible for chrissies bio dad being dead and Chrissie never being able to meet him.

> Lied about that fact until he literally was forced not too.

> repeatedly faked heart attacks to manipulate his daughter

Like Larry is a sack of shit and I don’t feel sorry for him at all, hope he chokes soon.

Hope Robert ends up in hospital and dying directly after as well.


Noctis lets us know through dialogue in game that summoning any of the Six takes a lot of out of him. He never talks about how terrifying it is to confront a God in any capacity, even when they’re coming to his aid, but the fucking spectacular animation in these scenes gets the message across just as well.

So BNHA Smash! chapter 92 is ABSOLUTE GOLD.


So it’s a Bakugou-centered chapter this time, and the premise is this: Bakugou had been attacked by a villain on the way to school and was affected by the Quirk “Good Face”. What this Quirk does is that it “corrects” his behavior by turning him into a SHOUJO MANGA MALE PROTAGONIST. 

Any time he tries to scowl or glare? He gets a “bishounen” face and shoujo manga sparkles.

 Any time he tries to curse? He autocorrects to a ridiculous catchphrase with hilarious poses. 

And when he actually tries to outright threaten somebody? HE ENDS UP AGGRESSIVELY FLIRTING. WITH EVERYONE.


Other highlights include:

  • Sero and Kaminari screaming (mockingly) like fangirls.

  • Bakugou accidentally flirting with All Might, who is terrified until Deku explains everything. (Bonus: Bakugou blushing furiously when he returns to his senses). 

  • Bakugou flirting with Kirishima (WHO FLIRTS BACK) during a class training exercise in which Bakugou is supposed to play the part of the hostage (tied up) and Kirishima is the villain. 

    Bakugou: “No matter how long you keep me bound, you’ll never bind my heart.”
    Kirishima: “Interesting! It’s a challenge! Let’s see whose heart will give in first!” 
    Iida (the rescuing hero): “Um, what?”

  • Bakugou (acting villain) flirting with Yaoyorozu (acting hostage), who freaks out so badly that she accidentally BASHES HIS FACE IN. Cue Jirou (acting hero) walking in to find Bakugou laying in a puddle of blood at Yaomomo’s feet. 


… But then he chokes up blood at the cheesy stuff he was saying to Midoriya and, um…

At the very least, he DOES look a bit sorry for what he did afterwards.

And it ends with Iida and Mineta holding back waves of fangirls Bakugou gained through the day from the other classes. Bakugou TRIES to yell at them to go away, only for the “Good Face” quirk to activate to flirt with them AGAIN.


I MIGHT actually try to translate this now. It’s too good to pass up. 

“He’s an actor on Broadway.  I broke up with him in December because he couldn’t manage his anger.  He’d scream at me on subway platforms.  Once he busted my lip while trying to grab something out of my hand.  That was when I finally ended it.  But he called me on New Year’s Eve and asked if he could go to a party with me.  We’d bought our tickets months earlier.  They were expensive so I agreed.  My sister was coming with us so I wasn’t worried.  Everyone had a great time.  …At the end of the night, we dropped off my sister and went back to his place.  I was so drunk that I curled up in a pile of clothes.  When I opened my eyes he was taking photos of me and laughing.  I immediately decided to leave.  It was literally the start of a new year and I wanted to begin on a good note.  He yelled at me to come back but I kept walking.  He followed me down the stairs and grabbed my arm.  He told me to ‘stop acting stupid.’  Then he pinned me up against the side of his building.  He was choking me and saying ‘calm down, calm down, calm down.’  A van drove by and started honking at us.  But they didn’t stop.  They didn’t help me.  I broke free and ran into traffic but nobody was stopping.  He caught me, and pushed me up against a van, and lifted me into the air by the neck.  When I woke up on the ground he was gone.  I asked the judge to sentence him to anger management courses.  He’s finished them.  But I’m still dealing with the trauma of that night.”

Losing your virginity to Peter Parker would include..

- excuse the gif but it fits because homeboy is a whole ass NERD LMFAO

- anyways

- it happens at the absolute best moment when the both of you are ready

- peter being an absolute angel about it

- but also super duper nervous 

- not gonna lie he probably watched some porn beforehand

- ‘there’s no way i’m doing that’

- still has no idea what to do

- buying like 3 boxes of condoms because he didn’t know what size to buy (stay safe, kids!)

- literally wanting to die at the register, nearly runs out of the shop afterwards

- being the one that kisses him first, your heart jumping when you hear him moan and melt into your touch

- he’s in awe of your body 

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pairing: jeff atkins / reader

genre: smut (lol someone needs to tape my hands in prayer form bc I NEED IT)

description: jeff wins the championship game and as the great girlfriend that u are… u know..u do some cool tricks…HAHAHAHA

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Flirting is Hard When You’re Harry Potter

Original headcanon by @ harry-is-lily-ginny-is-james!!!

It’s still monday! …for a half an hour anyway. This one ended up being much bigger than I originally planned. I hope you like it~

(Now posted on AO3!)

“It’s all the paper talks about anymore,” Draco frowned, “Stupid Potter.”

“We’re agog,” Blaise said pouring himself and Draco a cup of coffee.

Pansy smothered a yawn and picked up a piece of toast, “Do tell.”

Draco folded his paper, eyes scanning past the picture to the drivel written below, “Potter’s going to join the auror’s, change the world,” he grumbled, “you’d think the sun shines out of his arsehole the way they go on about him.”

Pansy rolled her eyes.

“Couldn’t agree more,” A voice said behind him from the Ravenclaw table, “that Potter’s a total pillock.”

“Exactly-” Draco turned on his bench, his words choking off before they were halfway out of his mouth.

“I really don’t know what they see in him,” Potter said flatly, taking a massive bite of pancake.

Luna smiled absently at Potter’s side, “I don’t know, I’ve always thought he was quite nice.”

Potter picked up his pumpkin juice, “To-tal pil-lock.”

Draco felt his face go hot and he spun around back to his plate. Blaise quickly picked up his coffee cup to hide a growing smile. Pansy snorted, almost choking on her toast, she ducked her head and fumbled for her cup.

Draco grabbed his bag and left the table with an imperious sniff.

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7:32 PM - Peter Parker

request -  queen. I love your writing. If you’re willing to do another peter Parker smut bc im full of sin and ur last one was so damn good, can u do one where u guys are friends and peter asks if he can eat u out “for practice” or something and he’s rly awkward about it ? if u don’t wanna do that or if u wanna change it in anyway that’s totally cool. thanks for sharing your word with the world, it’s amazing!!!

a/n - had to get around to writing my second smut fic on this blog and i hope it isn’t a flop like me!!! this is NOT a continuation of 11:57 PM, i just thought it was cool to name the smut fics a time bc i think it makes it mysterious?? idk im dumb LMAO but don’t forget to request a fic if you’d like and follow!

7:32 PM. The time where I was supposed to be studying for my upcoming exam in Chemistry, but instead I’m over at Peter’s apartment doing the complete opposite. From being teenagers, it automatically causes us to always want to touch the other, and that’s the case just about now.

Our textbooks laid on his desk as we were sitting on his bed, myself straddling his lap as he held me close to his body. Our lips were happily engaged, coming together countless times as some music played lowly in the background. May had just left to grab dinner, explaining why Peter took such advantage of the situation.

Peter’s lips left mine as they came for my neck, kissing my sweet spot tenderly. He had only waiter a couple of seconds before gliding his tongue over it, making my spine shiver rather than his. One thing that I noticed lately is that Peter is taking more control, even though his nervousness was still as clear as day.

“Peter..” I rasped, holding the back of his head. “Don’t stop.”

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