he was called a moron again

You’re stupid about a lot of things, Wylan, but you are not stupid. And if I ever hear you call yourself a moron again, I’m going to tell Matthias you tried to kiss Nina. With tongue.”
“He’ll never believe it.”
“Then I’ll tell Nina you tried to kiss Matthias. With tongue.

Jesper and Wylan in Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo, chapter 14, page 222

Crooked Kingdom is wonderful, funny and touching at the same time. I love how all the characters develop and especially Wylan - he’s actually a criminal mastermind and a lot like Kaz. (one Wylan scene is practically a reference to Kaz)

This Pewdiepie bullshit needs to stop

Pewdiepie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) is the top dog of Youtube with over 50 million subscribers. People waste time just to leak how much money he makes.

When he first started, Pewdiepie played games - but today he regularly admits that back then he forced himself to be over-energetic & obnoxious, and pretended to like games more than he really did (including games he hated.)

Today, Pewdiepie just posts whatever he fucking wants, and even his trashiest and shittiest videos (by his own admission) manage 3 mil+ views per video.

If Pewds someday ends up reading this, 1. don’t look at anything else on my account 2. your girlfriend is adorable and 3. Do you mind if I call you Felix?

Shut up meatball I’m calling you Felix




into the bullshit

Every now and again, some morons with an agenda, or a news outlet seeing a name that will draw clicks, throw wild and sometimes slanderous claims at Felix because of trivial shit he said on Youtube. (Or, if he didn’t, they’ll make something up.)

And true to form, here’s this stupid shit stinking up my Tumblr dashboard:

Okay, that’s your abusive and self-defeating spin on it, now here’s the reality:

1) Illustrating something is not supporting it

Felix is not a very serious person. He’s Swedish and he lives in the UK. Asking him to treat something with solemn respect may as well be done in Klingon for all he’ll be able to understand it.

And to a not very serious person, the best way they can comment on current events, or even show they recognize that they exist, is to make it a joke.

So yes, Felix has been making Nazi / Jew jokes throughout his videos probably because of the blatant Nazism surrounding Trump’s presidency.

That is because Felix is an entertainer, not a political commentator.

Just like funnyguys are entertainers who agreed to do it.

It doesn’t make any of them part of the neo-Nazi movement, because in context any reasonable person can recognize the sentiment is not hostile.

2) Marginals aren’t mindless animals

What you must understand about SJW white knights is that they are condescending and hypocritical: At the same time they’re trying to champion an “oppressed” people, they are openly & passively dehumanizing them.

The red-underlined portions of the above post excerpts heavily imply that funnyguys, solely because they are not white, are under magical whip & collar, unable to refuse massa’s command.

(Fake feminists do the same thing to women who aren’t their kind of woman.)

Indeed that’s not the case. Felix feels “only partially responsible” because, lo and behold, at least three people had key input in this scenario, ergo three people are responsible, ergo any one of them is only partially responsible.

  • Pewdiepie submitted a troll request to funnyguys.
  • The two or more members of funnyguys, who clearly know English, accepted this request, performed it, and posted it to their Fiverr account.

With the sole exception of the Personal Jesus, every single other service Felix attempted to commission turned him down.

The crazy jungle men didn’t.

3) Don’t fucking lie to condescend

Bullshit, you’re making a massive crybaby drama-fest about it and trying to link it to real-world cases of armed violence against the Jewish.

That’s pretty goddamn relevant. Stop throwing words around just because they mean bad things so they must apply to people you don’t like.

Be honest - if you know what that is.

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I’m honestly still so angry about Pepper’s role in Iron Man 3. I think we all know what scene I’m talking about : when Tony has a nightmare and accidentally calls a suit to protect him. In that moment, Pepper act SO selfishly. She walks away to sleep downstairs and leave Tony with his demons because she was a bit shaken by being held down by an Iron Man suit. I understand it would be scary, especially since the man who made them is the one you love. However, she completely ignores the fact that he’s struggling. He fucking saved the world you moron and died for a good 20 seconds (at least) before he woke up again! The latter would already be traumatic but he not only fought head on with aliens on earth, he saw them in outer space. Of course that’s going to leave scars and I don’t understand how Pepper, the one he loves the most, can’t support him! Tony has been through some traumatic shit but because no one can be bothered to look past his sarcastic and egotistical facade, he’s left to battle his demons alone.


Posted this elsewhere but many of my points about idiots writing comic books resonate beyond the specifics so thought I’d repost it. It might come across as rambly but who cares.

Cyclops is not a dick, it’s just most of the time morons write him to be a dick because they only saw X-Men 1 where Wolverine calls him one. He’s the persistent whipping boy because idiot writers can’t get a handle on a layered character. The same dumb creators who think Peter Parker has to be young, Thing has to be with Alicia Masters, people are incapable of relating to characters of different race/sex, etc.

And it doesn’t help that a Wolverine fanboy who got his job by writing Wolverine fanfiction got to direct the entire X-Men line for years - but then again Kieron Gillen was already killing the X-Men and Cyclops a few months before Aaron came on-board and together they killed the entire franchise and left an irreconcilable mess, not that it mattered because Bendis swooped in to get his name on another popular comic and kick it from a permanent Top 10 seller to struggling to hit the Top 25. And now we’re just in the post-Ultimatum Ultimate universe stage of the X-Men books, where Marvel publish them out of obligation and to try and deny any sort of conceited effort to destroy the line - in 3 years time it’ll be gone completely despite their claims it will not be going away. And I’m not even tackling the idea that they’re burying them because of movie rights, who cares? The awful writers, stories and directions buried it all by themselves.

But, Cyclops, people look at him and see a boring boy scout. Grant Morrison is probably the only writer who ever got how Cyclops works - he wasn’t the boring boy scout. He was playing a “boring boy scout”. He was a normal person who was forced to set an example. He was emotionally detached from this persona as the spotless poster boy leader of mutant superheroes who was stuck in a loveless cuckold marriage because he felt it was his duty to be the perfect superhero with the storybook romance. He was a man who could snap at any minute because he had no outlet for who he REALLY was. And then he found Emma Frost and that allowed him to be himself and not what people expected of him. But, no, people only see it as CYKE IS AN EVIL MAN WHO CHEATED ON HIS WIFE WITH A STRIPPER and are happy to ignore their sacred cow banging anything that moves at the first chance she gets when Cyclops is “dead” or “being a dick” or “not in the woods with us right now”.

But, nah, writers don’t get Cyclops. They decide he’d be better as an insane fascist because it’s easier to just make a random character insane and evil to elicit false drama, than write actual thoughtful stories utilizing the characters. Black Bolt, Black Cat, Black Knight, D-Man, Doc Samson, Hank Pym, Mr. Fantastic, Ultimate Mr. Fantastic, Moondragon, Polaris, Professor X, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Sentry, Strong Guy, and Wonder Man all say “hi” and welcome him to the club.

Feeling Real (Jack J Imagine

A/N: This is my first imagine so don’t judge… Imagine that the Jacks are both in high school again. Thank you :) xx

Word Count: 806

Warning:  None, slight self harm and tiny sexism  

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I walked into English class with Y/B/F/N by my side, the thing is I hated my English Table… I had a douche called Tyler Gordon, he was the class clown but also the moron of the school.  All the populars loved him, but the rest of the school hated him, and he knew it. Because we were only a table of three, the last person was the rapper of the school, Jack J, he was sweet and kind and he had good grades, although I had developed a crush on him since middle school, he tended not to talk, except from mouthing across the classroom to his best friend Jack G.  So then I was left on a table by myself and dreaded English every day, but hey, I had to be here or else I would fail the class.

As soon as I sat down I glanced around my table to see both boys glaring at each other, but to be on the safe side, I took a seat next to Jack.  

“Okay in today’s class, we’re going to be talking about where you want to be in your future life, so I’d like you to work in table groups,” the old teacher, Mr Clarke babbled on.

“In my future life,” Tyler started and I rolled my eyes, which he answered with a stern glare. “I’m going to be the man of the house; no women should ever lead the house.” My temper slightly rose, how dare he.  Man of the house, that’s the olden days, we’re now in the 21st century douche bag.

“Tyler that’s how they lived in the olden days,” I muttered.  "Women have just the rights as men do now.“

“Not in my house,” he huffed.  "No! If a women dare thought she ruled my home, I’d just beat her.  Good job I won’t marry you, because I’d have to beat you every night.“ I was totally taken back… How dare he… I grabbed my bag and ran out of the class, jogging to the toilets as tears tumbled down my cheeks.

Jack’s POV:

As soon as Y/N left the room my eyes fell on Tyler.  I listened to their conversation, and I thought Tyler was becoming more of a douche - which I don’t even know is possible.  I knew about Y/N past, because I lived in a neighbourhood with her, their family was kind and caring and her mom use to send us cookies.  When I found out what was actually happening in her house I was shocked and confused, her father use to beat her and her mother because he was a monster.  I created a crush on Y/N, which is why I never talked to her because I was too shy, promising myself which ever women I married I would never beat her, especially her.

I don’t know what came into me though this lesson, my fist clenched and I rose from my seat, swinging a hard punch towards Tyler.

"If you ever dare to hurt any women, I will leave you for dead,” I spat and stormed away from the room.  Not knowing where Y/N was, I walked down to the toilets, because I knew whenever a girl felt heartbroken they went to the toilets, something I watched on TV I guess.  I reached the female toilets and gently rapped on the door, “Y/N, are you in there?”

“Go away,” I heard her mumble and I just pushed the door open to see her crying, blood trickling from her wrist.  

“Y/N,” I cried, jogging over dropping my bag and falling on my knees.  I pressed her head to my shoulder as she wept and securely wrapped an arm around her back.  "Why did you do this?“ I asked as her head faced mine.  Her shoulders shrugged slightly.

"Because he made me feel small and I don’t know… I hate him,” her hands cupped her face and I pulled them away.

“Don’t do this, because of him.  He’s never going to deserve a girl, especially one like you, you deserve someone who will love you.  And doing this,” I motioned to her wrist.  "Is not right because you should never harm your beautiful skin.  I know it sound weird but I have loved you since I found out what happened to you and your mom and I don’t want to ever see you like this….,“ After that I was cut off with her lips on mine.

"Good because I have loved you too,” her eyes looked up at mine, sparkling with tears.

“Will you be mine?” I asked and she nodded, pulling me for another kiss.  And I felt real for once…


The petty agent of moral panic, a_moron_in_black, knew this wasn’t threat.

Yet he and fellow anti-#GamerGate zealots called upon followers to spam harassment reports in order to take down the twitter account of Evelyn Park, a transwoman and vocal opponent of anti-GG. For what crime? Daring to have a sense of humour about herself.

I am glad to report her suspension was overturned.

You book burners. You hypocrites of justice.
You lose again. And you will always lose.
As long as free people draw breath, there is no victory for you.

anonymous asked:

Hey Kat, How is it Scandal hiatus going for you? I was just laying here and thought about Scandal. I just realised (which may be wrong, btw) that our Fitz Grant does not smile very often in the past 4 seasons. Sure, we saw a lot of political smile from him but I can't even remember one occasion when I actually saw him smile/laughed for real. Is this part of the text? Do they deliberately portrait him as an internally very unhappy character?

My hiatus is great! I’ve pulled back a bit this year because I don’t want to get burned out before I have to start spinning a bunch of plates again in the fall. 

As for our Fitzgerald. Let’s remember the one time he seemed happy, Cyrus called him in on it. He said he knew that he was ticking because happy people are rarely actually happy, unless they are morons (207). So ‘happy’ is a very un-Fitzgerald like state to Cyrus. In fact, happiness isn’t a  settled state or way of being; it’s a passing feeling. Besides, Fitz is under constant stress. Being POTUS means taking the blame for EVERYTHING!  And for ten years before he met Olivia, he had a very unhappy marriage. Still he has managed to have moments of happy. 

There are some without Olivia. 

[@artsychica image] 

Most of them, however, have been with Olivia. 

There’s a great set of gifs here. 

From this period:

to this one:

seems to have been the highlight of the last six years of Fitz’s life. 

This is a new one:

But this? 

That’s pure joy right there. 

Open Starter - Crash and Hello

Morgan dodged under the machete strike and swung her own blade at her opponent, taking his hand off at the elbow and pushing him away with a kick.

“Okay. Do you have any idea why these guys are trying to kill me?” She snapped at her sword as she ran around the next corner, trying to shake his buddies.

Oh, these guys? Mistaken identity. Again. The Wielder before you had some run ins with them. They call themselves the Faith Guard, but he always used their more…derogative name; The Knights of Creationism.

Morgan actually stopped and stared at the coin-relief on the weapons hilt.

“The what?”

Knights of Creationism. Basically some lunatics who take the bible literally and think the apocalypse is next tuesday. Thus they wish to ‘reclaim’ the holy weapons given to them by God. Not that any of these morons ever saw one of the Swords. I figure they are mistaking you either for the black Russian or the skinny Jew. Obviously.

Swords should not be allowed to be so damn sarcastic. But Kushiel actually sounded more amused than excited, so these guys probably were not that tough. Individually at least, Morgan amended. Kushiel tended to think in Warrior terms, one on one, not in Soldier terms and squad operations. Just took a few veterans in that outfit and she was chin deep in shit.

She continued to run down the basement corridor, trying to re-orient herself again. Either the tip about the Fallen here was a trap by the Knights or…

Or we have a threeway melee before us. Those are fun!

“Shut up!” Morgan hissed as she took another corner and almost collided with someone.