he was born in 1993

DPR facts / profile
  • “Dream Perfect Regime (DPR) is an independent, multigenre, music and video group. We create, direct, and edit all types of visual work as well as curate artists stemming fro a wide array of musical backgrounds and influences. Based in Seoul, our primary focus is to engage viewers by producing a unique and dynamic experience of both visual and audio output”.
  • DPR started with no major backing nor any financial support.
  • They might release some merch soon.
  • According to Chris, they all gather together to watch reaction videos.


  • His Korean name is 유바롬 (Yoo/Yu Barom).
  • He used to be known as Rome.
  • He was born on September 6th, 1990.
  • He was born in Sydney, Australia.
  • He speaks both English and Korean.
  • He moved to Korean when he was 18.
  • He is 174cm.
  • He is good at B-boying.
  • He used to be a member and the leader of the K-pop group C-Clonw. On October 5th, 2015 the group was disolved.
  • He debuted on July 19th, 2012.
  • He likes football and surf.
  • He has a dog named Choco.
  • He collects professional cameras.
  • He plays the drums since he was young. He used to be in a band and really liked Heavy Metal.
  • He is the founder of DPR.
  • He is the director and chief editor in DPR.
  • He directed Mino’s debut MV.
  • He has a dog named Lori.
  • His favourite colour is green (he said this on an IGLive and it might change with time).
  • He likes the songs “Diamonds” by Tory Lanez and “Have You Seen That Girl” by GoldLink.
  • He grew up surfing and likes to keep doing it when he goes to Australia.
  • He likes women who are passionate about what they do.
  • His favourite cologne is Giorgio Armani.
  • He is friends with BTOB’s Peniel and B.A.P’s Zelo.


  • His real name is 홍다빈 (Hong DaBin).
  • He was born in January 1st, 1993.
  • He was bon in Korea.
  • When he was 5 years old he moved to Guam.
  • He is about 169cm.
  • He is a rapper.
  • His most popular song is “Eung Freestyle”, featuring Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz, Sik-K and Flowsik.
  • He usually introduces his raps with the sentence “Coming to you Live!”.
  • His tagline “Coming to you Live!” is much like a live broadcaster reporting at the scene of a weather event to the viewers in real-time. This is related to the meaning of his artist name.
  • He didn’t take music seriously until he released “Till I Die” on his YouTube channel.
  • He wants to do his best in order to “give off the same lasting, meaningful impression a lot of artists that he admired, had on him. This kind of reflects hand-in-hand to why I ultimately chose my artist name to be LIVE”.
  • He came up with the name LIVE to remind himself of two motives: 1) ”to always LIVE LIFe in the present, both through ups&downs and through success&failures”; 2) “to always remain honest and true to one’s self and one’s craft”.
  • He is inspired by artists that create their own sound and colour.
  • He considers DPR his family.
  • He joined DPR around March 2015.
  • He likes the songs “Sacrifices” by Big Sean and “Colors” by Taylor Bennet.
  • His favourite song from “Coming To You Live” is “Right Here Right Now”. (He said this during an IGLive and he said that it was at the moment, so it might change).
  • He likes Skizzy Mars.
  • He is a dog person.
  • He spent half of his life in Guam and half in Korea.
  • He prefers rice over noodles.
  • He says that being told to choose between Christian or Scott is like choosing between mom and dad.
  • He used to listen to a lot of rock music and one of his favourite bands was Paramore.
  • He got the scar on his forehead when he was five years old after he banged his head on a metal thing.
  • When he was younger he didn’t like americano coffee, but nowadays he thinks it can give you a lot of energy.
  • He already did his military service.
  • He likes tall girls.
  • He said he will not make an Snapchat soon since Instagram and Twitter are overwhelming enough.
  • He is right-handed.
  • He is excited to watch SMTM6 because Dok2, Jay Park and Dean are on the show.
  • After coming to Korea, he worked at a Subway for a couple months.


  • He is a producer.
  • He is a member of the duo LAYBACKSOUND.
  • He plays the piano.
  • He can sing, and he does some vocals in LAYBACKSOUND.
  • He doesn’t speak English, he understands and speaks a little, but he himself has said through IGLives that he is not very good.
  • His favourite song from the album “Coming To You Live” is “Laputa”.
  • He made tracks 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7 from the album “Coming To You Live”.
  • He likes video games.


  • He likes video games.
  • He was born on the 29th April.
  • In one of their IGLives, Cream was teasing him about an Internet girlfriend.  I did not watch this myself, I only read a transcrip, so I am not sure what this all was about).


  • His name is Scott Kim.
  • He was born on 21st February.
  • He was born in the United States.
  • He is the production director (PD).
  • He is the one in charge of making the merch (according to DaBin they are currently working on it).
  • He gave DaBin a jacket as a present.


  • He has a cat.
  • He is the assistant director.


  • Has a son.
  • He was born on the 27th March.

Disclaimer: facts in italics are not confirmed or at least I haven’t seen any real proof. Feel free to let me know if there is any mistake.

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NU’ESTs records/Facts unique to them you might not have known!

-As some of you already know despite Nu’est being underrated they still have some records (I’ll put those in bold) and many things unique to them, so I’m making this list of info for new loves :)

- NU’EST is the first ever boy group from Pledis (debut 15th March 2012) and the 2nd ever Pledis group

-JR aka Kim Jonghyun was the first ever male trainee Pledis recruited (2009). He was casted on the street in his hometown and first thought he was being scammed lmao until he saw pictures of After School on the walls at Pledis HQ. 

(cute baby bugi)

-JR is the only Leader from a Pledis group who IS NOT the oldest member in the group (he is the 2nd oldest, Aron is NU’ESTs hyung born in 1993) 

-JR was called the ‘Male Kahi’ during debut

-His first MV appearance was pre-debut in Orange Caramel’s “Bangkok city” giving him the nickname ‘Bangkok city boy’ 

(15 year old JR check out those braids)

-JR felt lonely as the only male trainee for 1 Year, He had to eat instant ramen alone for that year (I guess Pledis was super broke)

-Mingi was the 2nd male trainee to Join Pledis in 2010, so JR wasn’t lonely anymore. Then Baekho joined, then Minhyun and lastly Aron joined NU’EST, possibly training for 6 months unto 1 year. 

- Minhyun’s first pre-debut MV appearance was in Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romance” giving him the nickname “Shanghai boy”

(I remember I was pissed seeing this kid reject Nana back then lol)

-Baekho made his first pre-debut MV appearance in After School’s “Play Ur Love”

(What! a! cutie!!

-JR had a pre-debut rap feature in UEE’s “Sok Sok Sok” and also featured in Gilme’s “Me First”  

-All of NU’EST + S.coups appeared in After School Blue’s “Wonder Boy” as backup dancers!

(Aron and Ren made their first appearances here)

- Aron rejected a place to study journalism at New York University (SUPER HARD to get into) to go to Korea and join NU’EST

-Aron got almost full marks on his SAT’s, but he said he’s bad at math so he failed the math questions

(Aron in high school) 

-Baekho’s stage name, meaning literally “white tiger” in Korean, was given to him by UEE, because apparently he looks like the character Kang Baekho from Slam dunk Manga lol

-NU’EST debut song “Face” was the most viewed kpop debut on youtube for years, and is still the most viewed kpop Boygroup debut MV all of time (almost 70m now)

- NU’EST “Face” was the best selling debut album of 2012

- During their debut, NU’EST was the group with the youngest overall age 

- JR is the Youngest Kpop Leader ever to debut (at the age of 16) 

Kid Leader —–> to Nation’s Leader

-NU’EST is the ONLY group ever where the Leader and Maknae are the same age! (Born 1995) 

(baby Jren ❤️ ) 

- Besides JYJ, NU’EST is the only boy group where at least 80% of the members are the same age.

-JR  and Aron have been writing rap lyrics for some years now (maybe 2014 or earlier) but in early 2016 their style changed drastically with the release of “Q is”. Baekho showed his composition skills and dream teamwork with Bumzu. 

-In the “Canvas” album the members were involved in every aspect of it, JR Aron Minhyun Ren and Baekho all wrote lyrics. Baekho was heavily involved in composition, Ren’s cousin made the album art (the illustrations) and Ren also helped in Styling and Minhyun wrote the song “Thank you” for loves.  

-Minhyun’s ultimate inspiration are ot5 TVXQ, his favourite song is “Love in the ice” and his Bias is Xiah Junsu 

-You likely already know, But Ren’s ultimate inspiration is Lady Gaga, like her he wants to be a strength for his fans.

-The song that helped JR get through hard times when he felt like giving up is DOK2′s “On my Way” when you listen to lyrics is clear how he relates to it

‘I have long ways to go and many walls to climb over

It has been eight years but everything is still the same

To make my dream comes true, still I’m on my way’

-In 2017 4 members of NU’EST joined Produce 101, they were the trainees with the most debut experience

-Aron did not go onto Produce 101 because of a leg injury. He stayed at the dorm and waited for them to come, cooking food for them when they did.

-Minhyun is the member of Wanna One with the most debut experience 

-On the PD101 final, instead of the show trending on Korean search engines, “NU’EST” and “Kim Jonghyun” trended no.1 and no.2 

-NU’EST is the only group to change their name/ become a unit (NU’EST W) because 1 member is not present.

-NU’EST W is the 3rd group ever to get over 100 million hearts on v-live

-’Hello’ has been nicknamed ‘Zombie-seyo’ because of the many many times it managed to climb the chart so high after so many years, peaking no.3 on melon on the night of pd101 final

-NU’EST W got their first no.1′s on charts with “If you” a song written for Minhyun

-Despite not even having a comeback yet, Korea and internationally NU’EST’s rise has been trending

-They have been crowded “Reversal Icons” 

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-Lastly, when Minhyun comes back, they will be 7 years old, and will likely become the group who took the longest time to get a win on a major Music show (assuming fans stay and make them stable for Minhyun’s return)

I made this to show you how long NU’EST have been in the industry, how long they have been chasing their dream.

I hope you learned something new about NU’EST! they deserve the world for their pure talent and all they have gone through, Please support them from now on <3

alicemad-hatter  asked:

Okay, so I've been wanting to get into KNK for the longest time, but like do you have anything that could like help me get to know the members and their positions etc.? Also what song would you recommend for a first time listener?

Hello my dear,

Welcome to the fandom! I am going to warn you that what you are doing is brave since you want me to corrupt you with KNK. *cracks knuckles*

dis is KNK in their professional format

And this is how KNK is like 90% of the time

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Things that happened in KNK:

  • ships… like endless ships (these dudes love each other)
  • endless screaming (i wish i was joking but no this is a known fact

  • their official fandom name is Tinkerbell due to the fact that these men are giants (average height is 185 cm) and we are the fairies that protect them
  • Official fandom colors are rose gold and silver 
  • when something is funny the fall in the floor and laugh (these are facts)


This lovely man who I love is called Youjin

Facts on this glorious man:

  • he is a single dad of 4 kids
  • he is always judging the other 4 members in a loving way
  • Voice of angel like this man can belt dem high notes
  • King of dad dance moves
  • hair porn from this man 
  • he likes his personal space (the other 4 are super clingy to dad)
  • has a 9cm mouth and is proud of it
  • Born February 10, 1993
  • His eye smile is blinding (its too beautiful for this world)
  • Takes care of his sons
  • Main Vocalist
  • Was supposed to debut with BAP
  • he is the main reason why the group is 15% normal
  • he may be the quiet one in the group but when he talks its something super witty and funny
  • Oh lord… dis mans legs…. makes me weak (and his thighs)
  • This tall man moves 360 when he is sleeping 


This piece of artwork is called Seungjun

Facts about Mr.Fluffy:

  • he is in love with Jihun (he does not deny it and also waiting for the wedding announcement) 
  • he is the visual of the group but is also the official nerd of the group
  • he is soo nerdy that he carries a wand around and has a vast collection of pokemon and has a ton of knowledge about a variety of anime 
  •  Loves tinkerbells with a passion
  • he is a tol child. he is a 190 cm 
  • Acts like lil 5 year old 
  • Born October 28, 1993
  • former Big Hit Entertainment trainee and he trained with the members of BTS.
  • Trained with got7 
  • Did I say that he loves Jihun
  • He is the main rapper
  • Has a deep voice but is a child at heart
  • Loves doing aegyo
  • Likes to give affection to every single member 
  • Besides his love of Jihun, he loves food… like he has a happy dance for food
  • he is cute 24/7 but looks deadly on stage


This hottie is Inseong

Facts on this cute lil bunny:

  • Is the king of screaming… and man he screams
  • his lover is heejun
  • this mans voice is to die for… like holy moly my heart
  • His thigh games is super strong
  • Born  July 1, 1994
  • He is a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee with Seungjun
  • Tinkerbells want to be blessed by his forehead and we are still waiting to see it
  • He lowkey cheats on heejun with seungjun
  • He has cute bunny teeth 
  • Main Vocalist
  • Skinship is in his middle name
  • loves laugh or screaming on the floor
  • His smile is a blessing to the world
  • His under dying love for tinkerbells
  • He is a meme like a meme
  • Plays the piano 


This cutie dork is called Jihun

Facts on this Babe:

  • In love with seungjun
  • creeps into seungjuns bedroom to get his back scratch
  • He is the leader of the group
  • His dance moves are smooth as butter
  • Seungjun is in love with how big his butt is
  • his thighs are 10 out 10
  • Has a sweet voice when he sings
  • Aegyo master
  • Always makes Seungjun Laugh
  • His derp faces should be put in a museum
  • Is part of the extra squad with Inseong and Heejun
  • Born February 20, 1995
  • Is a cutie patootie 
  • Creates some of the choreo for KNK’s dances


This smol bean is Heejun

Facts about this cutie:

  • Is the shortest member in KNK (he is 180cm)
  • His lover is Inseong but has a crush on Youjin
  • He is a meme 24/7
  • Part of the extra squad
  • Plays the guitar 
  • Raps/ Sings
  • Was an FNC trainee with Inseong
  • Is a troll
  • asks Youjin to sing him to sleep
  • Loves the floor (cuz he always screams or laughs on the floor)
  • born May 8, 1996
  • Blessed us with his forehead selfie
  • Loves his hyungs

Here are some of my Favorite songs of KNK

Things you should watch to watch the extraness that KNK is


Things to watch about KNK is from the Youtube channel KNK SUBS  and these other youtube channels X X X X X


Tinkermom Cami

BTS’ Reaction To You Being Best Friends Before Bighit Then Seeing You For The First Time In Years♡ (Requested)

Note: I’m sorry my imagines have been so long lately I keep getting into too much detail they’re basically mini fanfics not even imagines anymore lol

Kim Seokjin

You and Jin had been friends since your first day of school. For years and years you saw each other every single day, at school and on weekends, even holidays. You could tell him anything and everything and he could do the same with you. Until one day, Jin had come running round to your house squealing about being accepted into some entertainment company, which meant he had to leave Anyang and move to Seoul. You could remember the overwhelming proud feeling that came over your body and you had never been so happy for Jin. You knew that Jin had been working so hard for this for years and he finally got it. Seoul wasn’t too far away from Anyang, but you were also starting University in Busan to practice medicine and probably wouldn’t have the money or time to visit him, so when he left, you made sure to say goodbye as if it was the last time you would see him. And it was. For five years. You did try to keep in touch but the hours of your classes horribly matched the hours of his practices. As the years went past, you saw Jin and his group, BTS, grow more and more popular. You saw their music videos on T.V, their posters in the streets and heard their music on the radio. Then you finally moved to Seoul and became a doctor. On one of your days off, you decided to take a walk to a cafe some of your co-workers had told you about. So you walked in, grateful to be out of the cold, winter air and into a warm cozy coffee shop. Once you ordered your drink, you waited in the waiting area and looked through your phone while it was getting made. They called your name and you took your drink and headed for the door, as you didn’t want to stay too long so you could go back home and catch up on all of your lost sleep as you had been on call for a few days. But just before you opened the door, you felt a hand on your shoulder. “Y/N?” A voice that you could never forget said behind you. You froze for what felt like forever but was only a second. You turned around and a much taller, clear-skinned, adult looking Jin was standing in front of you. Your eyes widened and the biggest smile broke out onto your face just before you jumped up and wrapped your arms around Jin’s neck. You were careful not to spill your drink even though it had a lid on it and felt Jin return your embrace. “Oh my God, I thought I’d never see you again.” He said, you could actually hear the smile in his voice. “You even smell the same.” He laughed as you joined him. “Oh, I’ve missed you so much Jin.” You smiled sweetly. You both pulled away from each other and smiled. “So, are you a doctor yet?” Jin asked with excitement in his voice. You nodded. “Yup. Are you an idol yet?” You asked sarcastically and just as Jin was about to answer, a guy came up behind him. “Jin-hyung, who is this lovely lady?” The guy asked with a small smirk on his face as he leaned on Jin’s shoulder. “Oh, Namjoon, this is Y/N, my old friend from Anyang. Y/N, this is one of my hyungs from the group.” Jin introduced you to the guy. You watched Namjoon’s mouth form an ‘O’ shape. “Ooohhh, so this is Y/N. We’ve heard a lot about you, Y/N.” Namjoon smiled. Jin hit him on the shoulder, making you chuckle. “Well it’s great to meet you, Namjoon.” You said kindly. “Listen, Y/N, we have to go back to the studio, but we need to meet up okay? Here’s my number.” Jin said frantically as he pulled and pen out from his pocket and grabbed one of the napkins that Namjoon carried along with a few other drinks. Jin wrote his number and handed it to you with a wide smile. You took it and put it in your jacket pocket. “I’ve missed you so much, Y/N. We’ll meet soon.” Jin smiled and he left a kiss on your right cheek. You slightly blushed and Namjoon and Jin walked through the door. You were slightly stunned at Jin’s actions. He had definitely gotten more confident since you last saw him. You quickly ran out of the door and shouted at Jin as he was a little bit further down the road. “Jin!” You shouted. He turned around and raised his eyebrows. “I’m so proud of you, you’ve done well Jinnie.” You said, calling him the name you used to call him when you two were kids. He smiled and blew a dramatic kiss your way, making you giggle at his new witty-ness. You had missed Jin, but you really liked his new, more confident self too. And God, you could not wait to see more of it.

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Min Yoongi

You and Yoongi had been best friends literally since you were born. Both of your mothers were best friends before either of you were born. Yoongi was exactly one year older than you. You were both born on the 9th of march, he was born in 1993 and you were born in 1994. He hated you from the moment you were born, because whenever it was his birthday, his mum and yours would always make you have joined birthday parties. He always said he hated you, but he even knew himself that he loved you. As you both got older, Yoongi’s ‘hatred’ towards you died down and his love for you grew, as did yours for him and you both became best friends. You and Yoongi both developed the same passion for music and you were the one to first show him how to play piano. You watched him fall in love with it and watched his dreams grow. Soon enough, you were watching him leave for Seoul, as he had nailed an audition for a new music group. You remembered your last night together. You both stayed up all night talking about the future and that once Yoongi was a successful rapper, he would come back for you. After he left, you focused all of your energy and attention on your own music to distract yourself from this ‘loss’. You produced your own music and soon became pretty well known online from posting your own original songs online. Then one day a company based in Busan reached out to you. You jumped at the chance, hardly thinking through any of it. And by the time you realised that you hated the way the company treated you and that this wasn’t what you wanted, it was almost too late. You managed to get yourself dropped from the label, by doing things that would ruin their pristine reputation like getting the tattoos you had always wanted, writing less ‘pop’ music and more of your own hip-hop inspired music. Eventually, you made your way over to America. You wrote all the music you always wanted to write and got signed by an American company. You became a massive success, as you were one of the only Kpop artists signed with them. Your success blew up all over the globe and you gained a somewhat ‘reckless’ reputation for yourself, but nevertheless you were loved by millions. You were one of the most known female rappers out there. You were still based in South Korea though. But throughout all of that, you still kept your eye on Yoongi. You watched as his group grew and your heart couldn’t be more proud and you really did love the music the boys made together. You tried to reach out once, but he didn’t have the same number as before number. You were almost convinced that Yoongi had completely forgotten about you. Then one day, you found yourself at the Mama Awards. You were nominated and won many awards and you still couldn’t wrap your head around how you had gotten so far in only five years. You watched people get awarded and cheered for all of your friends that won. The next award to be awarded was the artist of the year. You watched the nominees and one stood out to you. It was BTS, you hadn’t seen Yoongi in years, but when his face flashed across the screen with his other members, you thought you recognised it. Then when BTS’ name was called, you couldn’t help but let tears fill your eyes. You hands covered your mouth and cheers filled the arena and you watched the screens that showed the shock on BTS’ faces. You watched as all of the boys hugged each other then made their way onto the stage. You felt tears run down your cheeks and when your friends asked you what was wrong all you could do was shake your head because you didn’t trust your voice. When they all got up on stage, the leader of the group you knew as Rap Monster made a speech and it just made you more emotional. But what tore your heart the most, was when you saw Yoongi. You saw him looking out at the crowd and scanning them with wide eyes. And when he finally found you, you saw him burst into tears and turn away, only to be comforted by J-hope. He cried into his hands as Rap Monster finished off his speech. And just when you thought they were about to thank everyone one last time, Yoongi made his way to the microphone. “And I personally, would also really love to thank the person that made me who I am today, the person that believed in me when everyone else didn’t. Thank you, Y/N. I will always be thankful to you.” You heard Yoongi’s voice slightly break at the end of his sentence and thats when you let out a choked sob. You knew that by Yoongi thanking you on stage rumours would fly by tomorrow morning, but that was the least of our worries. The boys walked off stage and that’s when the show went to commercial break. You took this moment to see if you could make your way backstage. You left your seat with out any explanation and were almost running to backstage. When you got there, a massive security guard stopped you and said you could only go back there once you had won an award and as you were arguing with him, you heard your name. “Y/N!” You looked behind the security guard and saw Yoongi’s tear stained face. You pushed the security guards arm and ran towards Yoongi. He opened his arms and you finally felt him in yours. “Thank you, thank you so much Y/N.” Yoongi wept into your shoulder. You rubbed his back and tried to control your sobs. You pulled away and wiped his tears. “You did this all by yourself, Yoongi.” You smiled. He let his perfect smile show on his face and you realised how much you missed him. “I’m never letting you go again. I don’t care how busy we are I’m keeping you as my best friend.” You chuckled. Yoongi joined you and sniffled. “Come on, I want you to meet the boys…”

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Kim Namjoon

You and Namjoon met when you were both nine years old. You moved to Ilsan-gu from Yeoju because of your fathers job. You moved around a lot but this time you were here to stay. Namjoon was assigned to help you around on your first day of school and from that moment on, he was your best friend. Your personalities simply clicked. Namjoon was always much smarter than you, so he also helped you with your studies. But as you both grew, you saw Namjoon develop an interest in music and more specifically, rapping. You were the first person who saw him rap and you watched his progress. And the day he told you that the audition he did for a music company got him into a group, you were over the moon. He had to move to Seoul but that was no problem as Ilsan-gu was right next to it. And the two of you would have stayed just as close with each other as you were in school, if you hadn’t moved to America to continue your studies in one of the Ivy League Universities. It was all thanks to Namjoon as he was the one that helped you in school. The day that the both of you said goodbye was the day you had to leave for America. You stayed with him in Seoul for a night reminiscing about the past. You both promised to keep in touch everyday, adapting to the time difference. You both would have kept that promise, if Namjoon’s group didn’t get so big so fast and you didn’t have your life consumed with studies. After about a year, it got to the point where you hadn’t talked in months and whenever you tried to, it took either of you days to reply and even a few weeks. You understood though, because by the time you were graduating, BTS had made it big time, even in America. After you graduated, you moved back to South Korea. You decided that you would visit Namjoon’s family, as you were not only close with Namjoon himself, but his family was like your second family. You decided to surprise them as you hadn’t seen them in four years. You rang the doorbell and Namjoon’s mother answered the door. “Oh Y/N! You’re back so soon? This is such a surprise we’ve all missed you so much!” Namjoon’s mother exclaimed as she embraced you. By ‘we’ you assumed she meant herself and Namjoon’s younger sister, Kim Geong Min. She invited you in and took you to the living room. “This is such perfect timing.” She said. You were confused by her statement but went along with her. When you entered the living room, Namjoon was sitting on the couch talking with his sister. Your eyes widened in surprise and as soon as Namjoon’s eyes landed on you, he jumped up and ran over to you. He almost toppled you over from the love filled hug he gave you. You watched as his mother and sister both left the room, probably to give you two some time. “Y/N I can’t believe your actually here. How are you here? Why are you here?” Namjoon pulled away from you and fired all of the these questions at you, making you laugh. “Calm down Namjoon, come on, let’s talk.” You reached for his hand, which he gladly took and you lead him to the door. The two of you went on a walk and caught up. You heard about all of the amazing things that he’s done, same with you. In that moment, you realised just how much you missed him and swore to yourself that you would never let him go again.

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Park Jimin

You and Jimin were best friends since you both went into high school. Jimin was never into sports or math or science, he was more creative than the other guys in your school. So you assumed that’s why you both got on so well. As you two grew older, you felt yourself develop feelings for Jimin, more than friendly. You would never tell anyone because you were afraid that you might ruin what friendship you already had. You would never have gotten a chance anyway, as Jimin’s parents were dead set on getting Jimin to date another girl in your year, Soo Jung. Although Jimin would always tell you he hated his parents doing this, you thought that you could see Jimin liking Soo Jung. What wasn’t to like? You felt bad for hating her as she was genuinely nice but you couldn’t help the jealousy taking over you. By the time you both finished school, you were just as close as you were the first day you met each other, however his parents were successful and Jimin and Soo Jung were dating. You ended up getting along really well with Soo Jung and the three of you became best friends. Then the day that Jimin found out BigHit accepted him, he told you first and you couldn’t have been happier for him. You both jumped and squealed and hugged as you congratulated him. He deserved every ounce of your praise because he had worked so hard for this. But when he told Soo Jung, her dark side showed and she shouted about how he would have to move away and leave her. She broke Jimin’s heart and of course, you were there to mend it. And on his last night, you made sure to try your best to help distract him from the aching pain you assumed was in his heart. Then the next morning, when you woke up a little bit before him, you looked at him for a little bit, taking one last look at your best friend in the whole world before he left for his dream. And you waved to him as he left on the train, tears streaming down both of your faces. Time passed and you both tried your hardest to keep in touch. And you did, for about a year. Then it became more spread out as Jimin and his group got bigger. And bigger. And bigger. To the point where you were seeing him and his members everywhere. Your were so proud of him, but you couldn’t help the ache that came along with it. Then it got to a point where you didn’t talk at all, and you thought that Jimin forgot about you. But it was okay, because he was doing what he loved. Then one day, you decided to go to Seoul by yourself. You felt like you had stayed at home for too long and wanted to see more of your beautiful country, so what better way to start than the capital? You weren’t expecting to see Jimin as you understood how busy he was, and he probably wasn’t even in the country. You had been in Seoul for a few days, when one day you were walking through the streets just observing and appreciating the beauty of this city. People walked past you and cars drove by you. But one vehicle, a van, drove past you and then a few seconds later pulled up to the curb. You thought it was rather strange because of how busy the roads were, but you continued looking around you. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you saw someone get out of the car. They had blonde hair and you could tell they were wearing very expensive clothes, even from kind of far away. They just stood and looked in your direction, before they slowly started walking towards you. You squinted your eyes to see if you could see their face better. Then it clicked. It was him. You stopped dead in your tracks, completely in awe of him and how much he had changed, so much that you couldn’t even recognise him. Then you conscience kicked in and you started walking quickly towards him. He quickened his pace and in no time, he was standing right in front of you. Neither of you said anything, you just looked at each other. Then tears started to brim your eyes. Your eye brows frowned and your lip quivered. You watched Jimin’s eyes look all over your face and his eyes became watery too. You leaned in slowly and wrapped you arms around him, holding him tight. It took him a few seconds, but he quickly wrapped his arms around you and you heard a few held back sobs escape from his mouth. “Y-Y/N…” Jimin tried to start a sentence but he couldn’t even do that. “You don’t have to say anything, Jimin.” You replied. He held you even tighter and you both stood right in the middle of the sidewalk in the city for about two full minutes until you let go and so did he. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I feel s-so bad for not keeping in touch it’s j-just that BTS got so big and-” You cut him off before he could apologise any more. “No, Jimin you’re not going to apologise for chasing your dreams and actually achieving them. You’ve worked so hard and you deserve every minute of it.” You smiled. He smiled back and brought his hands up to wipe away his tears. You chuckled to yourself. “What? Are you laughing at me crying?” Jimin gave a laugh of pity for himself. You shook your head. “No, you still have your cute little hands.” You chuckled as you held one. Jimin laughed and snatched his hand back. “You haven’t seen me in like five years, and now you start bullying me? Nice, you haven’t changed a bit.” Jimin shot back. You were both laughing with each other and it truly felt like old times. Then Jimin looked back at the van he got out of. “Hey, I better go back to the van, I can’t just leave them at the side of the road.” Jimin explained. You nodded your head as your understood where he was coming from. You both bid each other goodbye and you felt that hole in your chest reappear even though you hadn’t noticed that it filled up in the first place. You watched Jimin walk away and get into the car, and you were just about to walk away yourself when his head poked out of the car and shouted your name. You looked back at him and he waved you over. You quickly walked over to him and once you were there, you saw all the other members in the vehicle. “If you’re not doing anything, come with us. We’re just going back to the dorm so we’re free for the rest of the day.” Jimin smiled. He looked excited and you always remembered that when he was excited, you could never deny him anything. “Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude…” You said, motioning towards the other members. “Uh, actually it was our idea.” One of them, who you believed to be V, smiled. You smiled back as Jimin sat back in his seat and patted the one next to him. Just the look of his smile made you smile in return, so you did what he said. You got in the van and shut the door. Soon enough the car was taking you to wherever their dorm was. “I guess I should tell you what I should’ve when I left.” Jimin whispered in your eyes. You looked at him, expecting him to continue. He took your hand and leaned back into your ear. “I never really loved Soo Jung, it was always you.”

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Jung Hoseok

Hoseok was two years older than you, but you still met in school. It was when you were seven and he was nine. A few kids were picking on you, making you cry when Hoseok came over and got rid of them all. Then he spent the rest of his lunch time cheering you up and making you laugh until it hurt. And surprisingly, it stayed that way right up until he left. He would always make you laugh whenever you were sad and knew exactly how to cheer you up. You became best friends, even when he left high school. Sometimes he got picked on for hanging out with someone two years younger than him, but he never cared what other people thought about him. He taught you a lot, most of what you know today. And through out all of your years of friendship Hoseok had seen you cry more than enough times, but he never minded, but you had never seen him cry. Only once, which was the night before he had to leave. He told you how excited he was for this opportunity to do everything he had every loved, but he hated to leave his family and you. You kept reminding him that you would always miss him, but he had to do this because he would only get this opportunity once. So he left, to do what he loved and you would never want it any other way. Years went by and you slowly stopped talking, but you supported him and his group more than anything. You bought their music, watched their videos and voted for them at award shows. Every time they would win an award you would cry more than the boys themselves since you were so proud. You also visited Hoseok’s mum and dad a lot, as you were close with them too. You had stayed at home, working, so that you could save up enough money to travel the world when one day, your parents came home and claimed they had a surprise. It was strange since this never really happened and it wasn’t near your birthday. When they handed you a train ticket and a concert ticket, you were confused until you read where to and who to see. You almost hit the ceiling you were so excited. You were going all the way to Seoul and finally seeing Hoseok on a stage being loved by thousands of fans, just like what you wanted for Hoseok because that’s all he ever wanted. To love and be loved. Within the next week, you were in Seoul and in the venue BTS was playing in, waiting on BTS to come on stage. Your parents got you an incredible ticket, standing. So you waited in line for hours just so you could get to the front. Then you waited some more, for BTS to come on stage, but you didn’t mind if you got to see Hoseok for the first time in years. You had tried to reach out to him before, but he was simply just too busy. He was touring all over the world and in the studio and practicing so you were very understanding about the fact that you couldn’t just meet up with him. Plus, you sort of preferred it this way, because this way you would get to see him in his element. And when the lights dimmed and the screams became so loud you thought your ear drums might burst, your smile became wider and your heart was so proud you felt like it could burst. You watched him and his hyungs perform and you saw how close they had gotten, which made you feel happy knowing that he had some people he could be close with. Hoseok didn’t notice you the whole night, but you didn’t care because you got to see him. Then it came to the last song. EPILOGUE: Young Forever. This was one of your favourite BTS songs, because it made you feel like everyone was connected. Towards the end of the song, when the crowd was singing the chorus back to the boys, they walked all around the stage. Your eyes were on Hoseok the whole time. You watched as he walked over to your side for the first time that night. His eyes scanned the crowd and he smiled at everyone. Then his eyes came into contact with your for a split second then he moved onto the next person. But not too long after that, his eyes frantically searched for yours again and when he found them. He dropped to his knees and put his hands up to his eyes. You felt your eyes fill with tears, as you really did think that he had forgotten about you. But this showed that he missed you just as much as he missed you. He looked up and his tear stained eyes matched your red puffy ones. You saw him smile and then walk to the edge of the stage and jump down. The crowd behind you went insane and they all pushed forward against you, pushing you further into the railing, but you didn’t care as Hoseok was right in front of you. He walked towards you and his security stayed close behind him. He leaned into one of them and said something in his ear. The security guard came up to you and then helped you over the railing. The screams of the crowd behind you got slightly quieter, as they were confused as to what was happening. You got out of the crowd and not even a second later, Hoseok had his arms around you. You chuckled and hugged him back. The boys were still continuing on stage, but now they were all watching Hoseok and wondering why he went off stage. “You’re here.” Hoseok cried into your neck. He pulled back and wiped his eyes. “All of this,” He motioned to the audience, “Would never have happened if you weren’t so supportive of me. Thank you.” You let the tears fall from your eyes as there was not point in holding them back. “Don’t be silly Hoseok, you did this all by yourself. You never needed me.” You reassured, and you really did think that. Hoseok was one of the strongest people you knew. “Maybe,” Hoseok nodded. “But I do need you now.”

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Kim Taehyung

You and Tae met when Tae took his first dance class. You had been dancing for a while, but Tae has just started. You would be paired up with each other, so you could help him out. And at first, you two would only see each other at dance class. But then you became friendly and started hanging out. You helped him with his audition for BigHit and the day he heard the news that he got it, he said he would dedicate every award he won to you. Back then you just laughed and helped him prepare to leave. You really did keep in touch for a while, facetiming everyday. But facetiming turned into quick calls and quick calls turned into texts and texts turned into nothing at all. You weren’t complaining too much though, because you were just happy that Taehyung got his dream in the first place. And the very first award they won, Taehyung thanked you. You remembered crying because you were just so proud of him. Every single award they won after that, he dedicated to his family, his hyungs and you only. While he was away, you saved up enough money to open your own dance studio, where people of any age could come and learn to dance. You became pretty known in your area and your business was doing great. Then one night, when you stayed a little later to work on a piece of choreography you had been planning for a class you heard the door to your studio open. With out looking, you let the person know that you were closed. “Sorry, we’re closed for the night. You can come back again tomorrow.” You were sat on the floor writing in your journal, planning and doing some other things for the studio too. “Not even for me?” The person said. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion and looked up at the person. In front of you, you saw Taehyung standing there, looking better than you had ever seen him before. You let out a gasp before you jumped up and ran into his arms. He picked you up and hugged you tight. “Oh Y/N, I’ve missed yo so much.” He sighed and he placed you back down on the floor. “What are you doing here? Are you not supposed to be on tour?” You questioned with a big smile on your face. “We got given a little time off for our personal lives. So I came to see you and your studio I’ve been hearing so much about from your parents.” Tae explained. “You went to see my parents before me?” You chuckled. “Of course, I wanted to see everyone.” Taehyung laughed back. You pulled him in for another hug. “Oh Tae, I’ve missed you so much, I’m so proud of you. And thank you for keeping your promise you really don’t have to.” You smiled to yourself, thinking about all the dedications. “Of course I do Y/N, it’s all thanks to you.” He pulled away and left a light kiss on your forehead. Since you last saw him, Taehyung had become more affectionate. And you weren’t complaining. It felt good to see him grown and be his own person.

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Jeon Jungkook

You and Jungkook were friends ever since he was born. You were older than him by two years. Your parents were friends and you ended up becoming neighbours. You loved Jungkook, especially because you were an only child and you always wanted a little brother. You used to dress him and yourself up in different costumes and perform shows in front of your parents. You would dance, sing and act. You both loved it. Then, when Jungkook got to school, he would always hang around you. You became protective of him, so whenever one of the kids at school would pick on him you stand up for him since he was usually so quiet. Then, when you and your friends moved up to high school and had to leave Jungkook behind, he would come over to your house everyday and tell you everything that happened up until he finally joined you. You had grown apart from all of your old friends, and never really had the chance to make new ones because you were so busy with dance classes and during lunch, you would go to the music department and eat with your favourite teacher. When Jungkook came up to the school, he joined you both and it was better than having a massive group of friends like the other kids had. But you only had a short amount of time in that school before you left again for University. Luckily, you were staying at home and attending one in Busan so you could still see Jungkook everyday and help him with school work and his own dance classes. He also became really close with your mother and father, almost like they were his second parents. The two of you became inseparable, and slowly but surely, your feelings towards Jungkook got stronger, and you no longer loved him like a brother. You knew that changed as soon as he got into high school. What you didn’t know, is that he felt the exact same way. But he never looked at you as a sister, he always had a crush on you but when he got into high school, his crush developed into something more. You never told each other though, because you were scared of what it might do to the friendship you already had.  And before you knew it, Jungkook’s dancing took off and he went all the way to America to practice his dancing. You missed him so much but felt so proud your heart could explode. Then when he came back, he told you about BigHit, and how he would have to move to Seoul. You cried when he told you but not because you didn’t want him to leave, because you were so proud of him. So when he moved, he spoke to you constantly, every single day. He would complain about how he couldn’t make any friends and you really wanted to go all the way to Seoul just to hug him. But as time went on, he updated you about the friends he had finally made and the success of them. You kept in touch for as long as you could, from talking everyday when he first debuted to sending a text once or twice a week in the present. You didn’t mind because you still saw him everywhere, plastered all over your town. He was treasured by many. As time went on, your mother became very ill. You found out she had cancer and decided to quit school to stay home and look after her, as your father was busy owning your family’s duck meat restaurant. After about eight months of your mother being diagnosed, she passed away. You lost everything. Even your passion for dancing. You never liked the things you used to and it completely tore you apart. It was just you and your father now. So you would help in the restaurant. A few weeks after your mother’s death, you were helping your father in the restaurant when he told you that you could go home early since you looked tired. You were, extremely tired because since your mother died you hadn’t been getting much sleep at all so you took this rare chance you had to go home and try to rest. You got home and dumped your bag at the door. You let out a sigh of despair and felt yourself well up with tears. You hated the silence of the house because usually it was filled with something of your mother, like the music she would listen to or the smell of her food. This happened pretty often, random breakdowns. You started to sob and thought you would at least sit down, so you made your way to the living room with tears running down your face and the occasional sob escaping your mouth. When you entered the living room, a boy stood in the middle of the room looking right at you with despair in his eyes as well. At first you were shocked, but then you looked him up and down and you couldn’t believe you didn’t recognise him. Jungkook eyebrows were frowned and there were tears threatening to fall from his glossy eyes. He didn’t say anything; he just opened his arms, inviting you in. That action alone was enough to make you completely loose it. You started to weep as you quickly walked into his arms and let your cheek lay against his chest. He held you and stroked your head as you sobbed into him. He didn’t even have to say anything, you could feel the sorrow radiating off of him. Now, instead of you looking after him, it was his turn to look after you.

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Which symbol is each member? Sorry I'm a new IGOT7!

no need to be sorry! feel free to ask anything you don’t know about them yet!

ok so

Jaebum - This is Paradise’s crew logo (I don’t really know if they’re producers or just independent musicians but anyways they make music)

Mark - it’s 93 in the Roman alphabet (he was born in 1993)

Jackson - This is Wang ( 王 ), his surname

Jinyoung - “Can’t take it when I’m gone” it’s a quote from his favorite actor that is also one of his two life mottos (the other is “Only when your dream is destroyed once could you reach the true dream of yours” said by his mother)

Youngjae - it’s his logo

Bambam - It’s a snake because in Korean, Bambam is 뱀뱀 and snake is 뱀 (they use the snake emoji it all the time when referring to him)

Yugyeom - this is also his logo, a dandelion (and his tattoo?)

I hope this post smh helped you!

  • Their logo is an igloo with a palm tree.
  • They chose the name Club Eskimo because of the people that lives in igloos, the eskimos, who eat raw meat and live a rebellious life in the cold wilderness. They want their music to be like that, rebellious and raw.


  • His real name is 혁권  / Hyuk Kwon.
  • He is also known as Deanflluenza.
  • He was born on 10th November 1992.
  • He was born in Hongeun-dong, Seoul.
  • He made his debut in the US on July 2015, and in Korea on October 2015.
  • He is 177cm.
  • His bloodtype is 0.
  • He is signed under Universal Records and Joombas Music Group.
  • He is also a member of the crew Fanxy Child with Crush, Zico, Penomeco and Millic.
  • He has a younger brother called Hyuk Bom.
  • He can speak English.
  • His favourite colour is green.
  • His influences are Kanye West, N.E.R.D, Childish Gambino (Donald Glover), Cashmere Cat and Chance The Rapper. 
  • He is Catholic.
  • He gave the name REBELS to his fanclub.
  • He chose his stage name because of James Dean.
  • His favourite food is sushi. He also likes pizza, jelly and chocolate.
  • He is friends with JeongHan from Seventeen and ChanYeol and BaekHyun from EXO.
  • He is close with Jay Park, Crush and Zico.
  • He admires IU and would like to work with her.
  • He produced K-Pop songs such as “Voodoo Doll” for VIXX and “Black Pearl” and “Unfair” for EXO.
  • He also produced songs for international artists such as “One Less Lonely Girl” for Justin Bieber.
  • He started his musical career when he was 16 as a hiphop artist. During this time he collaborated with other artists and was part of the hiphop crew The Cohort with Keith Ape. When he was 19 he went to the US, where producer Hyuk Shin discovered him. He currently works with him both in the US and in Korea.
  • When he started writing music in Highschool, he used to keep it a secret from his parents. When they found out, they supported him.
  • If he has to describe his music in three words: raw, rebel and root.
  • He thinks his lips are his main attraction.
  • His ideal type is someone who understands him and his weird antics.
  • He was a producer in Show Me The Money 6 with Zico (Team CODEAN).


  • He was born on 3rd May 1992.
  • He was born in South Korea.
  • His real name is 신효섭 / Shin HyoSeob.
  • He is in Amoeba Culture.
  • He made his debut on 7th December 2012 with the song “Red Dress”.
  • He is Christian.
  • He is 175cm.
  • His calligraphy is bad.
  • He has a dog called 두유 (Doyou).
  • Doyou is an American Skimo Miniature (not confirmed, but pretty sure it is).
  • He used to be in a duo called Masterpiece with female rapper Cheetah.
  • He always cries when he listens to “Sofa”’s lyrics.
  • He chose his artistic name, Crush, because his real name is Shin HyoSeob and when you pronounce it quickly it sounds like “Shi Shup”. He though that this would be written like “CSub” in English, but since he has a pretty bad calligraphy, one of his friends asked him if it said “Crush”, and so he liked this better and that’s how he chose it.
  • Zion.T was his bestfriend and they used to live together. They were so close that, according to Dynamic Duo, they gestures and way of speaking were almost the same.
  • When Zion.T left Amoeba they stoped following each other on social media and rumors said that they were not friends any more. They follow each other again nowadays and their relationship seems to be good.
  • He is a member of VV:D, with Zion.T, Elo and Loco.
  • Before debuting as a singer, he helped other artists producing their music.
  • He is a member of the crew Fanxy Child with Dean, Zico, Penomeco and Millic. 


  • His real name is So Haejoon.
  • He is a graphic artist and  a DJ, singer and producer.
  • He created their logo and helps with album work.
  • He has two instagram accounts. In one he posts his graphic works and Rad Museum is his main account.


  • His name is pronounced “twotriplex”.
  • He is a producer at Joombas Music Group.


  • His real name is Kim Jusen. (I have doubts with wether it is “Jusén” or “Juisen”.
  • He is a composer at Joombas Music Group.


  • His real name is Cho Daehee.
  • He is a DJ.
  • His birthday is 16th August.


  • His real name is s 천승현 / Cheon Seung Hyun.
  • He was born on 24th April 1993.
  • He is signed in HIGHGRND.
  • He is part of the crew Fanxy Child with Dean, Zico, Crush and Penomeco.
  • His bestfriends are Dean and Crush.
  • He started rapping in the same amateur community as Dean.
  • He speaks at least a bit of English.
  • He is a DJ and producer.


  • She is a producer, singer and DJ.


  • They are a duo.
  • They debuted on 2016.
  • They are signed under HIGHGRND.
  • Colde is the vocalist and 0channel the DJ.
  • Colde was born on 10th May 1994.
  • Colde is both a singer and composer.
  • 0channel was born on 16th April 1994.
  • 0channel is a DJ, producer and composer.


  • His real name is  이영신 / Lee Young Sin.
  • He was born on 28th May 1997.
  • He was born in Anyang, Kyonggi-Do.
  • He is signed in HIGHGRND.
  • He is 162.5 cm.
  • He debuted on September 8th, 2016 with “Lime”.
  • He appeared in Show Me The Money 6 as a contestant. 
  • He was eliminated during the battle against MyunDo because they got a tie and were requested to perform another song. Punchnello couldn’t concentrate and didn’t rap anything. He explained later on that it was due to his mother being ill and her conditioning worsening at the time.
  • He participated on the song “Show Me The Money” with other eliminated rappers such as Penomeco and Olltii.
  • During the interview with the eliminated artists he explained that his mother was doing well.
  • He loves cats and has one.

crds to @bbyeskimo


Some interesting movies inspired in shocking crimes

1. An American Crime (2007), about the shocking case of Sylvia Likens, a teenager who was locked in a basement and tortured for weeks by suburban housewife Gertrude Baniszewski and her children.

2. Boys Don’t Cry (1999), about Brandon Teena, a trans man who was raped and murdered by a couple of acquaintances after they discovered he was born as a woman.

3. Heavenly Creatures (1993), directed by Peter Jackson, marks the debut of Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey as Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker, two teenagers whose friendship becomes so intense they are willing to murder to stay together.

4. Devil’s Knot (2013) is not a great movie but still an interesting look at the West Memphis 3 case and how the murder of three 8 year olds is pinned on three outcast teenagers (the movie, like the book it’s based on, points to the innocence of the trio).

5. Mississippi Burning (1988) shows the FBI investigation into the disappearance of three civil right workers in 1964, in a deeply racist small town in Mississippi.

6. Veronica Guerin (2003), about an irish crime reporter who got deeply involved in the investigation of drug cartels in Dublin and was murdered for it in 1996.

7. In Cold Blood (1967), based on the father of true crime books, written by Truman Capote, it tells the story of Dick Hicock and Perry Smith, two ex convicts who murdered a whole family in Arkansas.

8. Bully (2001) is a very disturbing movie about the murder of Bobby Kent by a group of his friends, who resented him for being abusive towards them.

Serial Killers Movies Masterpost


Prima Music Group (프리마 뮤직 그룹) is a new label founded by Primeboi. The group was stablished on December 1st 2016.

PRIMEBOI (프라임보이)

  • He is the CEO of Prima Music Group.
  • He is a producer.
  • His real name is 박진현 (Park JinHyeon).
  • He was born on May 27th 1995.


  • His real name is 장용준 (Jang YongJoon).
  • He was born on May 30th 2000.
  • He is from Seoul.
  • He went to St. Paul Preparatory School.
  • He is friends with Young B.
  • His father is Jang JeWon, a politician member of the Korean National Assembly (Chairman of Busan City Hall).
  • He participated in School Rapper. He was in team Mad Clown and during the first round he received a lot of praise from the producers, Swings even said that he would contact him to sign him in his label (although according to YongJoon this never happend). 
  • Despite all the praises he got in the show, he only appeared in the first episode, from then onwards he was censored and he left a couple of episodes before the show ended.
  • He had to leave the contest due to a controversy that came out concerning Jang YongJoon. He allegedly asked a friend of his to beat his mother and told a girl that offered sex through Twitter that he would pay for it.
  • He will participate in Show Me The Money 6.


  • His real name is 전채언 (Jeon ChaeEon).
  • He was born on September 3rd, 1993.


  • His real name is 문지원 (Moon JiWon).
  • Hi was born on January 9th, 1995.

QUAIMO (콰이모)

  • He has two eyebrow piercings (in the same brow).
  • His real name is 심재영 (Sim ChaeYeong).
  • He was born on October 9th, 1995.

KyuYoung (규영)

  • His real name is 박규영 (Park KyuYeong).
  • He was born on August 3rd, 1993.

Xoul Vermillion

  • His real name is 윤열우 (Yoon YeolWoo).
  • He is the sound engineer for Prima Music Group.
  • He was born on September 5th, 1993.


  • His real name is 김규현 (Kim KyuHyeon).
  • He is a producer for Prima Music Group.

Kim BoemSoo (김범수)

  • He is the visual director in Prima Music Group.
  • He was born in 1996.

Oh JeongHwan (오정환)

  • He was born on June 16th, 1997.
  • He is a producer for Prima Music Group.

Ko ByeonYeon (고병연)

  • He was born on November 11th, 1998.

Lim JinYoung (임진영)

  • He is a producer for Prima Music Group.

what she says: ben platt got nominated for a tony today. 

what she means: In 1993, he was born Benjamin Schiff Platt, in 1994, he was Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 1995, he was still Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 1996, he was yet again Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 1996, he remained Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 1997, his name was also Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 1998, it was still Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 1999, he was again Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 2000, he continued to be Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 2001, this Jewish boy still went by the name of Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 2002, his name stayed Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 2003, he did not stop being Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 2004, although other things may have changed, Benjamin Schiff Platt’s name did not; in 2005, Benjamin Schiff Platt was still called Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 2006, no one stopped calling him Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 2007, he still went by Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 2008, the world still referred to him as Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 2009, Benjamin Schiff Platt endured as his name; in 2010, Benjamin Schiff Platt continued into the next decade with an unchanged name; in 2011, the words on Benjamin Schiff Platt’s birth certificate were not altered; in 2012, Benjamin Schiff Platt continued to go by the name he had gone by forever; in 2013, his name was nevertheless Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 2014 the name Benjamin Schiff Platt continued to be attached to this very special Jew; in 2015, big shocker, his name was still Benjamin Schiff Platt; in 2016, yet again, he went by the name Benjamin Schiff Platt; but in 2017, as of May 2nd at approximately 8:37am, this beautiful, talented, insanely Jewish, adorable, and all-around mensch human being, officially now and forever until the day he dies, will always be referred to as TONY AWARD NOMINEE BENJAMIN SCHIFF PLATT… and he’s only 23.

Frank Zhang Headcanons

Here’s some headcanons about Frank for @thelittlelamblr

  • His favorite mooncakes are filled with Red Bean Paste
  • He really enjoys the pineapple filled ones too
  • He was wary of the firecrackers at New Year’s for a while after learning about the stick but he’s slowly getting used to them again
  • Frank knows how to write in Traditional but not Simplified
  • The tones are sometimes a bit difficult since English is his main language
  • His mother tries to help him get better at it
  • Frank was born in the year of the Rooster (1993)
  • He helps set up a tradition for any other demigods that celebrate Lunar New Years but don’t have family to go back to
  • They all help decorate and cook a huge meal
  • A few friends are usually invited as well
  • After they both retire from the Legion, Hazel and Frank get apartments in New Rome next-door to each other
  • During New Years Hazel helps make Lanterns and other decorations
  • Frank isn’t as superstitious as his grandmother but he always hears her voice in the back of his head reminding what’s bad luck and good luck
  • Even after he’s done serving in the Legion he’ll sometimes help with training or drills

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anonymous asked:

Did Charles Manson have any biological children?

There were 10-12 children born between 1967-1969 to Manson family members, but everyone slept with everyone so they don’t know how many belonged to him. There are at least three legitimate children that he does know of:
-Charles Manson Jr, born in 1956 to Manson and his first wife, Rosalie. He eventually changed his name to Jay White, the last name of which he took from his step-father. He committed suicide in 1993.

-Charles Luther Manson was born in 1959 to Manson and his second wife, Leona Stephens (aka Candy). Nobody has really heard from him or know where he is, I assume he changed his name as well.

-Valentine Michael Manson was born in 1968 to Manson and long-time Manson follower Mary Brunner. When he was 2 years old, Mary’s parents petitioned for guardianship and won so he was raised by his grandparents in Wisconsin. He goes by Michael Brunner now and has no relationship with his father.

  • Cousin: How much do you know about Tommy Howell?
  • Me: *Clears throat* Howell was born in Van Nuys, California, the son of Christopher N and Candace Howell. He has two sisters, Stacy and Candi, and a brother, John.[1] His father worked as a stunt coordinator and rodeo performer. As a young boy, Howell wanted to be a stuntman and was even a child stunt performer. He began acting at the age of four, when he was cast in the Brian Keith Show episode "The Little People".
  • When Howell was young, his parents divorced,[2] leaving his mother with both of her sons and daughter Stacy, and his father took little Candi with him.[3] Howell shared his time with each parent and started his career through his father's job. When he was 12, he became a rodeo champion at the California Junior Rodeo Association and was named "All-Around Cowboy" in August 1979. While growing up, he also spent time golfing with his grandfather (he earned his nickname "CT" as that was how his name was recorded on the screen boards).[citation needed] Howell graduated from Saugus High School in 1984. Howell attended The National Conservatory for Drama Arts.Howell's showbiz debut was acting in the The Brian Keith Show episode "The Little People" as a little boy whose ears are being checked out by a doctor. When he got older, he tried stunt acting like his father and worked on commercials for a while.[4] He tried rodeo riding for a few years. In 1982, He made his film debut as Tyler in Steven Spielberg's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Afterward, he was cast as the lead role Ponyboy Curtis in Francis Ford Coppola's The Outsiders, which earned him a Young Artist Award. Following The Outsiders, he became a teen idol, appearing in teen magazines like Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine, which referred to him as "Tommy" and "Tom".In 1984 he and Outsiders co-star, Patrick Swayze, reunited for Grandview, U.S.A., also with Jamie Lee Curtis, and Red Dawn, with Charlie Sheen and Lea Thompson. Howell also had a pivotal role in Tank, with James Garner and Jenilee Harrison. In 1985 he again starred in the lead role in Secret Admirer, opposite Lori Loughlin and Kelly Preston. Howell was one of two final actors in the running to play Marty McFly in Back to the Future the other being Eric Stoltz, who was eventually selected. Michael J. Fox would later go on to replace Stoltz after filming had begun.
  • In 1986 he played a hitchhiker's target in the film The Hitcher, another of his successful movies. The sequel was released in 2003. Following that, he starred as a white student who pretends to be black to receive a scholarship, in the poorly received Soul Man, which currently holds an aggregated score of 14% at Rotten Tomatoes.[5] Howell has since stated that he does not regret playing the main character in blackface and that Soul Man was "an important part of [Howell's] life" and "an important film" for racial relations in America.[6] In 1988 Howell played Arturo Toscanini in the story of the world-renowned conductor in Franco Zeffirelli's Il giovane Toscanini with Irma Capece Minutolo and Elizabeth Taylor, which was one of his very first straight-to-video releases. Howell and Kelly Preston reunited as lovers in A Tiger's Tale.At the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s, Howell appeared in The Return of the Musketeers and Side Out. In 1993, he starred with Linda Fiorentino and Nancy Allen in the campy thriller Acting on Impulse. After several straight-to-DVD features and a starring role in That Night, he achieved success again in the movie Gettysburg, which was popular with history buffs and history classrooms. He starred as Mike, a motorcycle courier in Mad Dogs and Englishmen (U.S. title: Shameless) with Elizabeth Hurley. His made-for-television movie credits include Suspect Device, Sealed with a Kiss and Dead Fire. He starred in Dads, an unsold sitcom pilot.[7] He also appeared in the short-lived TV series Kindred: The Embraced.He started an interest in crime-thrillers after starring in Payback and playing gangster Baby Face Nelson in a film of the same name. He went on to direct and star in the 1996 direct-to-video release, Pure Danger, featuring alongside Teri Ann Linn and prop comic, Carrot Top.Howell returned to the theater in the 2000s in movies such as Asylum Days, the Gods and Generals prequel to Gettysburg, and The Hillside Strangler, in which he played serial killer Kenneth Bianchi. In 2006, Howell starred in Hoboken Hollow. He also became a supporter of the production company The Asylum, which produced his straight-to-DVD movies.In 2005, he starred in H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds, one of three 2005 adaptations of the novel The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. Because of its success, Howell directed and starred in a straight-to-DVD sequel War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave in 2008, which was heavily criticized. In 2005, he also reunited with his Secret Admirer co-star Lori Loughlin, when he had a recurring role on her television show Summerland as Zac Efron's father. After War of the Worlds, he spent time directing unsuccessful straight to-DVD movies. Also, in 2008, he directed and starred in The Day the Earth Stopped, a mockbuster intended to capitalize on The Day the Earth Stood Still. For these reasons, 20th Century Fox have threatened legal action against The Asylum, but no action has yet been taken. He also appeared as a doctor in The Poseidon Adventure, an adaptation of the 1972 film of the same name. Coincidentally, his father's first stunt co-ordination was for the original movie,[9] though uncredited. He briefly hosted a show on KLSX later that year.Howell appeared in the 2012 film The Amazing Spider-Man.After filming The Outsiders, Howell co-starred in his own television series, Two Marriages, which ended after four episodes, but letters of support got it back on air. Howell later expressed disappointment in the series,[11] but eventually found it more satisfying.
  • After Two Marriages, Howell made guest appearances in shows like Moonlighting and The Hitchhiker. In 2000, Howell played a doctor stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash in Amazon. He initially turned down a guest role in ER after missing out on a role he wanted, but his wife signed him up after yet another offer. Following ER, he guest appeared in 24. He guest starred in five episodes of Criminal Minds on CBS as serial killer George Foyet / The Boston Reaper, a recurring villain based on the Zodiac Killer.
  • Howell has played the role of Officer Bill 'Dewey' Dudek, a wild, loudmouth, but efficient police officer recovering from alcoholism, in the L.A. police drama Southland since 2009. He appeared in Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 and was promoted to a series regular for Season 5, which began in February 2013. The series was cancelled on May 10, 2013.
  • In 2011, he guest starred on The Glades and in Torchwood: Miracle Day.Howell has worked with Francis Ford Coppola many times and in other areas of making motion pictures including writing, producing, and directing. In 1995, he wrote and directed Hourglass, in which he starred with Sofia Shinas. The following year, he helped produce The Big Fall and Pure Danger. Howell did not write or direct another movie until 2004. He and his father co-wrote the made for television movie Hope Ranch and Howell produced the film as well. The film was a success and Howell went on to write and produce Blind Injustice the next year. Two years later he produced The Stolen Moments of September.In his single days, Howell shared a place with Darren Dalton, with whom he co-starred in The Outsiders, Red Dawn, and The Jailhouse. From 1989 to 1990, he was married to actress Rae Dawn Chong, his Soul Man co-star. He married Sylvie Anderson in 1992. They have three children: Isabelle (born February 17, 1993), Dashiell (born January 2, 1997), and Liam (born April 24, 2001). His family currently resides in Stevenson Ranch, California-
Clarification of Wonho’s name and birthdate

I made a post months ago and stated that Wonho’s real name is Lee Hoseok and he is born in ‘92. I claimed that this was according to a post Hyungwon made on the fancafe. This was rumour that I had reiterated that had been spreading in the monbebe community on twitter without any real proof. I deeply apologise for the damage that my post has caused and hope to clarify what has really happened. I had no intention of hurting or damaging the reputation of monsta x and hope everyone can be more informed of what has really happened. I deleted the post when I found it was a rumour, but nevertheless it should not have been something I should have posted in the first place. I am extremely sorry, and will try to address the issue.

According to Starship, Wonho’s real name is Shin Hoseok and is born in 930301. MONSTAXTRANS addressed this issue here. They explained that more than a year ago someone had started spreading false facts about Wonho (since no mercy). As Wonho is born in early 1993, he went to school earlier, thus associating and going to school with those who are born in 1992. Monstaxtrans also checked his name ‘lee hoseok’ on the official monsta x fancafe and naver, and the incident had never come up. Six fansites have also said that wonho’s real name is Shin Hoseok, and was born in 1993.
When wonho was 18 years old (not a trainee, celebrity etc) he was trying to be a part of ulzzang generation and his nametag is “Shin Hoseok”. (video)

I hope some people have more conviction and understanding of this situation, and I am very sorry for the confusion that I have caused. Wonho’s name is Shin Hoseok and is born on 930301, as there is no proof disclosing otherwise. I have opened my messaging, so if you have any more questions, please talk to me off anon, and I will do my best to reply asap.


Artist: Alex Stoddard

“Alex Stoddard was born in 1993 in Jacksonville, Florida. He began taking self-portraits at the age of sixteen in the woods behind his Georgian home. His work focuses on the human form and the process of infusing it with natural surroundings, he also strives to create whimsical and surreal portraits. He is currently based in Orange, California.”

Trouble (Chapter 2)

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

When a mysterious stranger catches your attention, you find yourself seduced by his darkness and curiosity overpowers you. As you unknowingly fall for him, he introduces you to a world where pain and pleasure are synonymous and your darkest, inner-most desires are unleashed. But how do you keep from hurting when the lines between lust and torture become blurred.


I coughed loudly and hard, trying to clear my throat of whatever invisible obstruction was choking me as mystery boy watched me and thumped my back lightly.

“You okay?” he asked in a deep, lazy voice that grumbled pleasurably against my ears. I nodded yes and avoided his eyes in embarrassment as I downed the last of the sweet alcohol in my cup, trying to soothe my esophagus. The boy dropped his hand slowly down my back and finally released me, leaving me both relieved and disappointed from the loss, and motioned for the bartender to come his way.

“Another drink for…-“ he looked at me, waiting for me to say my name.

“Oh, (Y/N)..” I provided.

“Another of whatever (Y/N) is drinking and a bottle of soju for me, please. Thank you.”

“Thank you.” I awkwardly dipped my head in a half bow, unsure of how to greet him.

“Ah, you don’t have to do that, let’s be informal. You look the same age as me anyways. My name is Suga, by the way.”

“Suga? That’s unique.” I was 90% sure that was just a nickname but I didn’t press him to tell me his birth name. “And I was born in 1993..”

“See, were the same age, I was also born in 1993.”

He turned away from me for a moment to look at what the bartender was doing and I silently watched his profile, noticing that his pale hair wasn’t completely white but had hints of a faded minty color still clinging to his roots. His eyes, although they were of an Asian shape, were still different and unique compared to the typical Korean features. Korean eyes usually had a soft, gradual sloping shape, but his had a high front slope and then a strong decline, similar to a typical Scalene Triangle. He had a straight, rounded nose, slightly puckered lips and a sharp jaw line that I really wanted to run my finger across. I quickly averted my eyes as he glanced down at me and smiled a gummy smile, its cuteness a total contrast to the sexy dangerous, demeanor he gave off. A deep chuckled rumbled through his chest at my embarrassment and I heard him say,

“You shouldn’t stare, it’s rude…”

Before I could stop the words, they tumbled out of my mouth and spilled into the air.

“I- I’m not staring, I was just admiring… you. You’re hair, I mean, it’s cool….” I finished lamely. Why did I say that, what is wrong with me, how embarrassing.

“Ah, thank you, I like your hair too.” his hand reached out and he grabbed a strand close to my face and his fingertips skimmed my burning cheek. My face felt numb and tingly where he had touched it, as if he had injected my skin with Novocain. My eyes opened wider at the intimate contact and I couldn’t help but wonder what his eyes looked like at that moment, so I looked up. What a mistake that was, for when I looked up, what I saw made a fire burn in the pit of my stomach, and it wasn’t from the alcohol.

His dark eyes reflected the lights and strobes that shot out everywhere inside the club and they looked like pictures of the galaxy; black with swirls and points of color and white, sparkly and entrancing. His face was slightly shadowed from the dark atmosphere and the electric blue lights that lit up the shelves holding bottles of liquor behind the bar bathed his face in blue, giving him a beautiful ethereal feel. I wondered if I looked the same.


Our eyes snapped apart and his hand fell from my hair as a green glass bottle of soju and a tumbler was placed in front of him and another blue drink slid my way. I grabbed it and began stirring until the white mixed with the blue and became a milky, baby blue color and watched him pour soju into his cup from the corner of my eye. His hands were nice, slightly veiny with slim, long fingers with clean, trimmed nails. He wore a couple rings and one metal link bracelet around his wrist. The silver complimented the white of his skin and coupled with the blue lights, his smooth skin gave off a cool tone.

He finished pouring the soju and raised his glass to his lips and took a long drink, tipping back his head slightly, and his adam’s apple bobbed slightly as he swallowed. When he set his glass back down, he glanced my way and I smiled nervously at him and tried to hide my blush by using my hand to cover face. He looked at me for a moment before speaking.

“Whats a girl like you doing in a place like Seoul, anyways? Where are you from?”

“I’m from America. I’m here to teach English, but I really just wanted to travel and experience new things…”

“Ahh, I see. Where in America are you from? New York, Chicago, L.A.?” His interest seemed genuinely interested, he was looking at me with alert eyes, an open face, and his lips were slightly parted as he breathed, the black sweater covering his chest rising and falling slowly.

“I’m from St. Louis, but I lived in Chicago for 2 years though. Where are you from?” I asked, more curious about him than I was eager to talk about myself.

“I was born in Daegu, I’m the pride of Daegu, actually. You should be honored to meet me.” he boasted, a smirk on his pretty face and one eyebrow raised.

“Ah, I’m so honored to meet you, really, the pleasure is all mine.” I quipped sarcastically, with a wide smile.

We talked like this for a while, sipping our drinks and learning more about each other, getting dangerously flirty with every minute. Be both had many shared interests like music, photography, and art and neither of us were very social people, we preferred to stay home and do our own thing. He told me about his group of friends that I saw earlier, who were also his band mates and how they were all like brothers, very supporting and loving of one another. Suga told me he rapped and produced some of their music which made me want to hear him rap, naturally.

“Seriously?! You have to show me now or else I won’t believe you.”

“Ah, no, I can’t. I’m not prepared…” he said, slightly flustered, his cheeks turning the lightest shade of pink as he averted his eyes and focused on the bottle of soju between us.

“Oh come on, Pride of Daegu, show me what makes you so amazing.” I teased.

“Please? Pleaaaaaaase!? Please, please, please–”

“Yah! Stop, stop. I’ll make you a deal. If you grant me three wishes, I’ll show you. Fair?”

In my mind I thought ‘how is that fair’ but out loud I said,

“Fine! Sure, whatever, ill grant you three wishes, what are they?” as I waved my hands in the air, dismissing his demands, however outrageous they could be, I didn’t care at that moment. My face was flushed and my body felt too loose and relaxed but I also felt very open to the outside world, as if an invisible veil had been pulled aside. The alcohol had freed my inhibitions and there was no voice in the back of my head telling me to behave. I didn’t notice when a dark glint entered Suga’s eyes and he stared me down, satisfied that his prey had fallen into his trap.

“Whatever I want?” he asked.

“UGH! I already said yes, now come on, rap already. Unless you can’t…”

“I’ll rap for you once you fulfill all three wishes, or else how do I know you’ll keep your promise?” his smirk grew until I could see his gums.

“AW come on. That’s not fair, at least give me a little taste. And I swear I’ll keep my promise, I always do.”

“If you come home with me, I will.”

This time his voice wasn’t as teasing, it was much more serious and dark. The air felt like it held a scale and my answer would tip the balance in one direction or the other. Looking back, this was probably the very moment that my life changed course, forever affected by Suga and never the same.

Recently taught my friends about Got7.

This is how it went…
Okay Got7 is a group by JYP. They debuted in 2014 with their song Girls Girls Girls. They have 7 members 3 of which are from different countries (Mark,Jackson, and BamBam). 2 of them debuted in another group before forming Got7. JB and Junior were JJProject before going with Got7. There recent album Fly reached iTunes top 10 album charts worldwide. So the boys are…

  Real name Im Jaebum stage name JB. Born January 6 1994. He is the leader of the group and the second oldest. He will wreck your bias list like crazy. He recently was injured and hurt a disc in his lower back causing him to miss most of the Fly concerts. He is one of the main vocalists and the daddy of the group.

Originally posted by got7--af

Mark Tuan the American member of the group. Born September 4 1993 he is the oldest but doesn’t act like it. He is very quiet till he gets comfortable. He used to not talk a lot cause he was scared his Korean would be bad or he would say something wrong. He is the flying member of the group. And a rapper. He has a dog with young Jae names coco. His father promotes him a lot on twitter. Mark is also the visual.

  Jackson Wang main rapper born March 28 1994. He was born in China and came to Korea to become a idol. He was a fencing star before debuting with Got7. He is very funny and sets the mood for the group. He is everyone’s bias usually. He is very protective of his group and his fans. On his Instagram he writes in Chinese Korean and English. He knows 5 languages so he is on many variety shows in Korea and China. He is the shortest member. He loves his mom the death. He also did a song with members from Vixx and BTOB called stress come on. It’s hilarious.

  Park Jin Young stage name Junior. He was born September 22 1994. He hates to be called Jae are. They usually put his name as jr. That’s why. He is the actor of the group. He is also the mother of the group. He reads a lot and is very fond of his fellow members. He is a vocalist. Straight up boyfriend material. Haha he doesn’t get as much love as he deserves. But he does do lots of v app broadcasts about himself and the members. He helps keep the members on task.

Originally posted by jiminthebun

  Choi Young Jae stage name Youngjae born September 17 1996. He is the main vocalist and sounds like an angel. He also can play piano beautifully! He is my bias. He has a dog with Mark named coco and mentioned before. He also have a very close bond to JB. Ahgases (igot7s) ship them a lot as 2jae. Youngjae has a very big smile and is always happy. Only spent 7 months as a trainee and worked jobs to become a training because his parents did not approve. He is also attending college along with being an idol. He also loves to speak English whenever he can even though he doesn’t understand what he is saying sometimes. But he’s adorable.

  Kunpimook Bhuwakul stage name BamBam. Born may 2 1997. His mother named him BamBam after the Flintstones character. He is a rapper from Thailand. He bought a house for his mother last year. He has grown the most in this group. He is a walking meme. He will dab any chance he will get and makes dick jocks all the time. He is the skinniest member. He is also the member that knows girl group dances and loves to dance them.

  Kim Yugyeom stage name Yugeom born November 17 1997. He is the maknae. He is a the tallest member. He loves the American artist Chris Brown so the members also call him Brownie. He doesn’t take any crap from his hyungs and is a dancing machine. He recently graduated from high school and is attending college with Youngjae. He is also very good with girl group dances. He can rap and sing. He choreographed some of the dance moves for their song “if you do” with junior. He dabs with BamBam a lot. Those two are the evil maknaes and make their hyungs lives a living hell. 

i didn’t wanna scare them away so i kept the info short sweet and to the point. So yeah in the end my friends picked BamBam and Junior as their bias. So happy for Got7 to have a few more fans to love them!

Originally posted by igot7-love