he was being super adorable in the vlog and i just admire him so much

ok but an au with olympic figure skater!bitty

I shared this idea with @onemuseleft and she helped me make it even more awesome: 

  • ok ok so in this au, bitty is the famous one, and jack has some celebrity status but not because he’s the son of an nhl star, but we’ll get to that in a bit 
  • so bitty is a world champion skater and is super well-known in the sports world 
  • and he goes to the olympics and wins two medals, even gets a gold for the US 
  • but he also still loves to bake and vlogs about his life, and tbh, his vlog following is probably just as (if not bigger) than his sports following 
  • so he’s an incredible athlete, but after spending his entire childhood training and competing, he decides to retire when he’s eighteen and go to college 
  • (under the cut bc it’s kinda long)

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anonymous asked:

YOUR YOUTUBER AU IS A++++. (would you mind doing one of port mafia?)

Oh my goodness, thank you so much ahh :’) that means a lot~ This is so much longer oh god than the Armed Detective Agency YouTuber AU, so I hope you don’t mind. I also apologise for any mistakes or OOC-ness. 

Super long post. Oh boy.

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