he was barely in the trailer

there’s this really important scene in Justice League that’s not vital to the plot but it speaks volumes about so many things it’d be a shame if i even attempted to list them all, and i’m aware most of you haven’t watched the film yet, but i felt it was super important to mention because of some concerns i’ve seen about barry allen’s character in the DCEU. spoilers, though not huge, follow, so if you want to stay away from all that, you’re welcome to skip this

there’s this moment where barry low-key loses his shit. it’s been featured in the trailers again and again, how he “has never done battle, i’ve just pushed some people and run away”, how he’s inexperienced and this, all of this, is way out of his league. and in the lull of a very important moment, like a throaway line, batman tells him, “save one.”

“save one person.”
“and then?”
“then you’ll know.”

barry, after having to psych himself up, saves one person. and then, with barely any time to even think his next action, saves another one and another one. because he saved one person. because he realized that he can save one more. one more, one more, and that this is how batman does it. being a hero starts a lot with saving one person, doesn’t it? and the scene, it’s never explained. we never have the conversation go anywhere after that point because it’s clear what’s happening to him and it’s awe-inspiring to figure out. i thought barry’s character was still young in the universe, he didn’t have time to develop into the barry we know, it’s why he seems so much like wally west instead of who allen is in the comics, but this barry isn’t just young or inexperienced. he’s still just barry. he wears the suit and he runs and he pushes people of the way, but he’s not the flash yet. he hasn’t had the opportunities or right incentive to be. as a matter of fact and taking in account some facts we learn about him in the film, it’s been more of an obstacle so far than anything else

and that scene… maybe DCEU’s barry is meant to be an amalgam of barry and wally after all. or maybe we have seen so little of him and there are some major changes happening to him soon. but, honestly, that wasn’t even what really struck me as one of the best scenes the DCEU has had to date. bruce helped him so much in that moment by simply guiding him one step at the time, by pushing him to the right direction and watching him figure everything out on his own, it was so fascinating to experience the subtle way it alluded to how he must have been with his robins. what an absolutely wonderful film

Bello Magazine Photo Shoot - Cody Christian Drabble

Word Count: 850

Warning: Implied smut descriptions 😉, also, not proof read. I was too eager to get this posted, so sorry for any errors, ha.

Author’s Note: For all the Cody Christian fans who got extremely thirsty after seeing all of Cody’s photos and videos from his Bello Magazine photo shoot, this one is for you. 

[My Teen Wolf Master LIst]

I saw Cody walking towards the photographer, slowly undoing the sleeves of his jacket before he took it off. Except, he didn’t take it off completely. He pulled it off from his shoulders. My eyes immediately landed on his broad and tight chest. Then, my eyes trailed along the curve of his abs, before following down to his happy trail. I bit my lip, wanting to touch him with gentle feather-like touches, tracing every beautiful curve of his body as my lips kissed every inch of his tanned body with small butterfly kisses.

I licked my lips as my eyes landed on Cody’s tight pants, showing off his sexy thick legs. I knew how hard he had been working out at the gym lately, how focused he is about taking care of himself and eating right. It was paying off. Boy, was it paying off. Suddenly, I felt for stupid getting after him for spending more time at the gym than with me. Now, I’m all for supporting his gym life.

My eyes slowly wondered back up, thinking of all the things I wanted to do to him. I wanted to lightly run my nails along his sides, just under his rib cage, knowing it absolutely drove him crazy. I wanted to lick, bite, suck that sweet spot of his on his neck and just behind his ear as I rolled my hips against his. All before I’d undo his belt, remove his pants and underwear, and slowly ride him with my hands on his chest, enjoying the soft yet tight skin under my palms as he dug his fingers on my hips.

I closed my legs together, trying to ignore the pool of wetness forming between my thighs as I looked up at Cody. He looked away from me and back at the camera with a teasing smile as he pulled the jacket back on, leaving it open to expose his bare chest. I knew that teasing smile. I had been busted.

Cody leaned towards the photographer as directed when I stood up from his chair and headed towards his trailer. I couldn’t stay another minute. If I did, I knew it would only leave me with a pair of soaked panties and completely frustrated.

“Lunch time!” The photographer yelled out. I overheard him say something, but I was too far to make out what he was instructing to Cody and his crew.

I opened the door to Cody’s trailer and leaned against the wall by the door, trying to catch my breath and clear my mind from the impure thoughts. I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing, which was getting calmer by the second.

My eyes flew wide open when the door opened. Cody walked in and closed the door behind him. He turned around to see me, surely completely flustered, hot, and bothered. He locked the door and smirked at me. I looked down and noticed he was still wearing that stupid jacket opened and those stupid tight pants. I bit my lip, trying to fight back a moan.

Cody leaned in and placed a hand against the wall, beside my head. His nosed brushed against mine, the warmth of his breath fanning against my lips. I licked my lips before biting the bottom one once again.

“I saw you…” his voice was so deep and low. “Tell me, what were you thinking?”

“How badly I wanted to rip that jacket off myself,” I purred as I quickly removed his jacket, letting my hands roamed every inch of his body before my nails trailed down his sides.

Cody closed his eyes and groaned as he placed his other hand on the wall to steady himself, now trapping me with his arms. “What else, kitten?”

I loved it when he called me kitten.

I leaned in and pressed my lips against his sweet spot. “How badly I wanted to take these pants off,” I said between kisses as my lips moved down his neck and across his collarbone.

Cody hummed in approval as I traced his happy trail with one of my fingernails before unbuttoning his pants. “Are you sure we have time for this?” I whispered against his lips.

He nodded. “Hour lunch and I have to change out of these clothes.”

I smirked as I slowly pulled the zipper from his pants down and began palming his hardened member. “An hour lunch, uh?”

He growled as his hands slid behind my ass and lifted me up from behind my knees, guiding me to wrap my legs around his waist. I let out a small squeal as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Cody’s hand went back to my ass, cupping them before he squeezed them. I clung on to him as he held me against the wall. His hands began unbuttoning my shorts before he slid his hand down the front of my shorts. I gasped as his fingers slid between my wet slick folds. “And I know exactly what I’m eating for lunch,” he growled lowly before he crashed lips with mine.

Believer - Bughead Fic

[A/N: The aftermath of that scene, smuttiness because we all needed it, this is only my second Bughead fic so I’m still finding their voices a little so please bear with me! The song used below is the song from that very scene, it only seemed right. Only briefly proof-read but I will probably go back sometime later tonight and fix any errors I’ve missed, hopefully not too many but I did make the decision to swap tenses halfway through writing this.]

I was broken from a young age
Taking my sulking to the masses
Writing my poems for the few
That looked at me, took to me, shook to me, feeling me
Singing from heartache from the pain
Take up my message from the veins
Speaking my lesson from the brain
Seeing the beauty through the…

-Imagine Dragons - Believer

The worn leather nestles itself warmly against his neck, fingertips grazing against the frayed polyester cuffs and the smell of faded cigarettes and liquor envelope the air around him.

‘Juggie-’ Her voice wavers with uncertainty, the small smile that had crept its way into the corners of his mouth falls in an instant. 


Sorry kid, I didn’t realise you had a lady-friend over.’ The broad Serpent chuckles throatily. 

‘Uh, Betty-’ he offers lamely with an outstretched arm to the door, ‘my girlfriend.’

The Serpents in unison stretch to peer around the door, meekly Betty remains hidden, her slender fingers with periwinkle polish grasping firmly at the edge of the door with knuckles turning white.

‘My-my,’ smirks the leader of the pack, ‘don’t you just paint a familiar picture.’

Betty steps back cautiously as the larger man strains to get a better look, instinctively Jughead’s arm raises against the door-frame offering the bearded man a stern look. Taking a step back he rocks on the heels of his feet, his own hands raised in surrender and a curious gaze playing on his features.

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Best Mission Ever

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Request:Could you do a smut or normal but with make out for Peter Parker where him and the reader both get stuck in the storage facility and have to pass the time just like in the movie? But instead of webbing walls and jump roping with a web, they have fun with each other ;) I love your writing btw #blessyou- anon

word count: 2469

Warnings: SMUT

Note: I decided to change a bit how they got into the trailer with the alien tech for it to make sense in the fic? but everything else is pretty much the same. ALSO THIS IS MY FIRST? (kinda) SMUT SO GO EASY ON ME ALSO I’M KINDA EMBARRASSED? but anyways hope you guys enjoy!


Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Peter was glad he got to go to the Academic Decathlon team, and so was Y/n, however they were for completely different reasons. Peter was really close to discovering who was robbing the alien tech and selling it back, he just needed to follow his tracker and everything would be okay.

Y/n was just happy that her boyfriend was reintegrating himself into school activities. With all his spidey action he barely had time for himself and the things he used to enjoy. Besides, a couple stolen kisses in hotel rooms wouldn’t hurt anybody, right?

They both had been studying non stop, trying to get as many practice as possible before the decathlon, until Peter claimed he needed a rest.

“I’m just getting really tired”

The girl smiled as she slid closer to Peter, playing with his hair and holding him close.

“Maybe we could go upstairs? We haven’t been alone in a while Pete.”

He knew what she meant, and there wasn’t anything he wanted more than to go upstair and kiss his girl all night, making her body shake under him, but he had to go.

He stood up before the girl got any closer, sending and apologetic smile at her.

“I know love, but I gotta go -uhh- take a shower, I’m really tired”

The girl frowned as she saw her boyfriend getting out of the room, leaving her hanging. Had he just rejected her? He only did that when he had superhero duties but-they weren’t in Queens; maybe he really was tired.

She decided to head to her room as well and give some time to the boy. She hanged with Liz until she suggested they got into the pool.

“Go tell Peter and Ned and I’ll tell Michelle and Flash”

“Be right back”

Y/n made her way to the boy’s room, but as she was turning down the corner she spotted Ned and Peter talking outside the door.

“You can’t go Peter! What if something happens to you!”

“Nothing will happen! I’ll be back before the decathlon”

“But what if you’re not? Does Y/n knows? What am I supposed to tell her?”

“Just tell her I had a migraine and falled asleep, I gotta go- see you!”

Peter went on the other direction running, as Ned watched him go, still outside their room. Now or never, she thought. She might as well confront Ned already.

“Hey Ned!”

The boy jumped in surprise as he saw her approaching, quickly closing the door behind him.

“Hey Y/n! Waddup!”

“Hey we are going all to the pool, wanna join us?”

“Sure, I’ll be down in a sec”

“Great, I’ll come inside to tell Peter”

She tried to grab to the doorknob, however Ned stopped her, getting in the way and blocking completely the entrance.

“You can’t go inside”

“Why not? He’s my boyfriend”

“Well, he’s just- uhh- sleeping”

“Well, I’ll just check on him, he said he was feeling bad earlier”

“No!- You can’t go inside”

“Why don’t you want me inside? What are you doing in there?”

“Im- uhh- watching porn”

The girl definitely stepped back as she heard his confession. Ned was a really dedicated friend or a very honest person. Either way, she didn’t need that much information

“Well, I’ll-ummm- leave you to it, we’ll be in the pool when you’re- finished”

If that wasn’t a sign that they were hiding something she didn’t knew what was. She decided to go in the same direction as Peter’s, and maybe try to spy on him. She hurried along the way until she spotted a blur of red and blue getting above the rooftop of a trailer. She took a cab and asked him to follow it, driving for almost 2 hours, until it finally made a stop.

She paid and got out of the cab, approaching the trailer Peter had just gotten into. She found the boy had left the door open, getting inside as quietly as she could.

They boy was looking around the place, looking for something, until he finally spinned around and saw her.

He took off his mask as his eyes grew wider in surprise. “Y/n! Why-What- What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same question”

The boy tried to think of a response until he heard a noise from above the top of the trailer. Shit Shit Shit! The bird dude had arrived.

“I’ll explain later okay just- hide for now”

She did as instructed and hided behind a big box,hoping she wouldn’t get discovered by whoever was getting in, but mostly worried about Peter’s safety. She waited, trying to get a peek at what was happening behind the boxes.

“I’m sorry but I’m gonna need you to give back those things” Really Peter? Way to talk during a possible fight

“Get out of my way or you’ll get hurt

“The only person getting hurt-”

The next thing she heard  was a loud noise as a couple boxes and things falled down, probably from a struggle. She couldn’t hear Peter anymore, and neither could she hear the other person. She waited a couple minutes in silence until she finally stepped out, finding some empty boxes and Peter’s body, unconscious in the floor.

She went straight to him, trying to wake him up, with no luck. He wasn’t responding to anything she did, and she was getting scared. He still had a steady pulse, so that calmed her a little bit.

After a while of waiting the trailer got moving again, trapping her and Peter inside. She didn’t even had her phone! She could not believe her luck.

She placed her boyfriends head on her lap and slowly falled asleep, while still stroking his hair.

Peter was the first one to wake up, standing up and realising what had happened, the trailer had stopped moving.He went next to his girlfriend and cupped her face, trying to get her to wake up.

“Love, wake up”

Y/n slowly opened her eyes, remembering what had happened last night.

“Peter! Are you alright?-What happened yesterday? Who was that and why- Oh my god the decathlon! What time is it?”

“Calm down Y/n, we need to find a way out of here first, then everything else okay?”

She nodded as she stood up. The moved together a couple boxes blocking the door and prepared to push it open. They tried a couple times until it finally set them free, at last from the trailer, since they were now in a big room full of other like that one.

“Where are we?”

“It’s a storage, they keep all the alien crap I told you about here”

“So, we are basically in the most guarded place on earth, how are we getting out?!”

“We should try to look for any escape? Come with me, we’ll shot at the door to see if it opens, or at least sets and alarm”

They tried to push, punch and move all the walls they could, however nothing they did helped. It was useless. They had been trying for what felt like hours, although it had probably been 20 minutes.

“Peter let’s just- stop. Someone will have to come here someday- and then we’ll get out”

“But it could be like- hours until that happens! I’m bored Y/n- I’m sorry you’re in this mess with me”

“At least we’re together, that’s all that matters”. She approached her boyfriend and stood close to him, cupping his face with her hands. “Besides, times flies by when you’re busy”

Peter looked at her in surprise as he recognized the tone in her voice. She looked kinda messy, with her wrinkled clothes and tangled hair, but she had a hungry look in her eyes that made him want her even more.

He decided to play along as he said “You’ve got any ideas to keep us busy, love?”

She leaned in once again, looking him in the eye and smirking. “I’ve got a couple”

Right after this she pushed him against the wall behind the trailer, staying hidden. She kissed him hard and sloppy as she pulled his hair, trying to get as closer to each other as they could.

Peter grabbed her neck, deepening the kiss as he slid his tongue on her mouth, making the girl moan. They continued kissing and biting, until Peter rolled over and this time he pinned the girl against the wall.

“Hands up babygirl”

Y/n held her hands up high as Peter went for her neck, barely brushing his lips against it until he reached her sweet spot. He went ahead and started licking and sucking into it, leaving marks all over the place. He grabbed her hips, keeping her still, but closer to him than before.

He continued kissing her neck and under her jaw, all the way to her collarbone, making the girl shiver at the contact, until he moved his hands under her shirt, stroking her abdomen.

Peter grabbed the shirt and pulled from the bottom, stripping her out of it, leaving her in her bra.

“Wearing my favorite pair I see uh?”

“I- uhh- I wanted to surprise you”

She blushed as she remembered how she was planning on kicking Ned out and spending the night with Peter.

“How exactly were you going to surprise me? Tell me about it”

The boy went back to her neck as she slowly unmade the clasp of her bra and threw it aside as he stroke her left nipple.


“Tell me”

The girl was enjoying the sensation too much, and was barely able to form any thoughts, let alone sentences, but she managed.

“I was going to- get up in your room and kiss you- so hard, slow- I would touch and kiss all your body- i wanted to- get on my knees and suck you off, make you feel so good Pete”

The boy kept on stroking it as he licked the other nipple, pushin his hard on against the girl, who moaned at the contact of his dick against her.

“You feel that baby? All your dirty talk got me feeling this way”

The girl wanted to put her hands down and pull Peters hair again, even remove the stupid suit getting on their ways. She looked at Peter’s eyes, asking for permission before he put her hands down himself.

“I know you want to touch darling”

She quickly made her way to the suit’s button, stripping him down and finally touching Peter’s chest, sliding her hands to the waistband of his boxers.

“Peter, please, let me make you feel good”

She got on her knees and locked at Peter once again, before he nodded and slipped the boxers off himself.

The girl grabbed his dick on her hand, getting it a little wet before slowly stroking it, like she knew Peter liked. They boy in front of him was a mess by such a little touch, whimpering as she slid the tip of his cock onto her mouth.

She tried to take as much of him as she could, and once she was full she started bobbing her head forward, sucking and licking.Peter kept making needy voices as his hips thrusted on her mouth, pulling her hair. Her hand was good on the base, tight and warm, while she came back up to his head, tonguing at his cum.

“Look at me”

She glanced back at Peter as she kept on sucking him, sending him over the edge. She swallowed as he came, letting her name out in a muffled moan.

“You did so good Y/n”

She stood up and went to kiss him, while Peter unbuttoned her shorts and got her hand in her panties.

“It’s your turn to enjoy love”

She felt her legs shaking as he pushed his thumb against her clit, rubbing little circles. She let out a series of whimpers and started moving her hips along to him, trying to get as much friction as she could.

He moved one finger up her entrance and kept on moving his hand, while his mouth was now back to her neck and breast. She let her forehead rest on his shoulders until she felt a second finger sliding in, making her bite on him.

“Peter- faster please”

They boy did as asked and moved his hand even more, this time completely sliding of her shorts and panties.

“You ready babygirl?”

Y/n nodded as she tried to sit down, before Peter stopped her.

“No- I’m going to fuck you against the wall love, and you’re gonna take every inch of it, got it?”

She catched her breath and nodded, shaking in anticipation she placed herself against the wall.Peter went for her waist and carried her, as she held onto him with her legs and her arms.

He slid the tip on her and then completely out of nowhere, making them both moan at the contact of each other together. The girl made a whimpering noise as she started moving her hips desperately.

“Needy are we?”

“Peter-It’s been so long- please”

The boy considered teasing her a bit, but he was just as desperate as her. He hold onto the wall and her ass as he thrusted into her once again, making the girl let her head back.

They found a rhythm, going faster and faster, with a thin layer of seat covering their bodies as they tried to touch and take as much of each other as they could.

Everytime he thrusted too hard her back would slam against the wall, making her boobs bounce, inviting him to taste. He went back to rubbing her clit and biting her nipples. Y/n never wanted to stop, but she was so close, Peter was taking such good care of her she could barely hold on any longer.

“Peter-i’m gonna- I can’t wait much longer”

At her words the boy quickened his pace, thrusting faster, harder and deeper, while still rubbing her. She clenched her walls against him, making them both come together with loud moaning and fast breathing.

She finally slid her legs off Peters waist, still shaking from her orgasm as they touched their foreheads together, trying to catch their breaths.

“That was-intense”

Peter laughed as they seated down, trying to calm.

“If this is what you do in your spidey action then you should take me to your missions more often”

“Believe me, the only spidey action I got today was you”

“Well, at least I made it a little less boring, right?”

“Are you kidding? Best mission ever”

This time they both laughed and hold onto each other. They still had to wait, but at least they were no longer bored.

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See you around? - Imagine

The one where you meet Harry while Fionn gives you a tour around set

Part 2


‘You’re going to have to come to the gates and get me, security won’t let me through’ I typed quickly. For 20 minutes I had stood at the security entrance of the Dunkirk set, trying to convince the two men manning the gate that I wasn’t another groupie and that I did in fact have a invitation to be here. But it was no use, I was sure that everything I said to them, despite it being the complete truth, was just the same old thing they heard on a daily basis.

‘Ok, I’ll be there in 2 minutes’ he sent back.

I stuffed my phone back in my pocket and huffed, clicking my tongue and tapping my foot as I waited. It wasn’t long before several of the group of girls, who had gathered as close as they could to the set, began squealing and shouting. I couldn’t understand it, the excitement and giggly euphoria they got when they saw my best friend was something neither of us had really wrapped our heads around. Fionn approached one of the security guards and pointed to me. He glanced at the screaming crowd and rolled his eyes as the barrier was set aside and I was ushered through.

“Apologise miss, you understand our hesitation” one of the men said as he pulled the barrier closed behind me.

“Of course, no harm done” I said with a small smile, to which he nodded and returned to his post beside the gate.

“Sorry,” Fionn said as I approached him, gathering me in usual limp hug, pulling away before I could plant a kiss on his cheek. From the day I met him half way through primary school, Fionn had never been one for physical contact, so much so that I would make a point of giving him big hugs and sloppy kisses on the cheek whenever I saw him. He would squirm and groan each time, fighting to push me off despite having his arms pinned to the side by my vice like grip. I found it incredibly amusing.

“Didn’t even think about them not letting you past, not used to this whole high security, screaming girls kind of thing” he said as we began walking deep into the heart of the sprawling maze of trailers and crew vehicles.

“You don’t say,” I laughed with a roll of the eyes, “heaven help the first fan that tried to give you a hug”.

“Don’t,” he shuddered, his face twisting into an uncomfortable grimace, “stuff of nightmares” he finished, to which I burst into a fit of giggles.

“Shut up Y/N! You know I don’t like it” he whined.

“I know I’m sorry” I laughed, stepping towards him quickly and embracing him in an ‘empathy hug’ to which he groaned and told me to ‘get off’.

“Come on then, show me around” I said, skipping several steps in front of him, before stopping to let him catch up. He rolled his eyes but smiled slightly.

For the best part of an hour Fionn led me around the trailers, pointing out the directors station, the canteen, storage units and trailers of many of his co-stars. The tour took longer than necessary, for I stopped to take pictures of many, as Fionn pointed out, ‘unnecessary’ sights, but I dint fail to catch his smile as I dragged him beside me for a selfie next to the big sticker on his trailer that read ‘Fionn Whitehead’ and ‘Tommy’ in slightly smaller writing beneath. He was also surprisingly lighthearted when we bumped into Cillian Murphy and I asked if he would mind taking a picture of the two of us.

“This is so cool” I squealed as he pulled me along to the waters edge and pointed towards several boats which were being used for the film.

“I’m on that one tomorrow” he said, pointing towards a small blue fishing boat.

“Do you escape on that one?” I asked, shooting his a quick sideways glance and catching his grin.

I’m not telling you” he laughed. I groaned and stomped my feet like a spoilt 5 year old. Fionn had told me nothing about the script, he didn’t tell me whether he lived or died, whether he was rescued or captured, but more importantly he wouldn’t tell me whether Cillian lived or died.

“Fionn” I whined, “please just tell me something!”

“Nope” he chuckled and I groaned loudly.

“Seems like a groan is the usual reaction to spending time with you, eh Fionn” a voice said as it approached us. I leaned back to glance around Fionn as the tall figure who appeared out of a clean white trailer just behind us. Fionn didn’t even turn at the voice, he simply rolled his eyes but I caught the corner of his lip twitched up in a barely concealed smile.

“Shut up Harry” he said lightly. I made an effort not to stare as Harry stepped beside Fionn. I had never been one to overly obsess over the infamous ‘Harry Styles’, I didn’t see the point, he was just a boy that could sing, right? Wrong. I had never seen someone look so attractive in scruffy, brown costume before. His hair was slicked back with a dark brown liquid and his face was lightly splattered with flecks of something black. The black substance was also all over his hands and costume.

“Hi” he said as he approached, his voice was deep and thick and it took several seconds longer than was necessary for me to form a response.

“Hi, I’m Y/N, I’m Fionn’s friend” I said quickly, offering him my hand to try and make me seem less lame.

Harry offered me a crooked smile, before reaching his hand out to take mine. At the last second he seemed to realise that his hands were covered in, well whatever they were covered in, and he pulled it away with a chuckle.

“Maybe not” he said lightly and I smiled. I glanced towards Fionn who appeared to be watching the exchange carefully, offering me a slight raised brow once his gaze caught mine. I frowned at him in confusion to which he only smirked slightly and looked away.

“You just here visiting Y/N?” Harry asked carefully, he appeared to notice Fionn’s smile too but quickly returned his attention back to me.

“Yeah, Fionn and I made a deal that I would stop asking him questions about the film if he showed me around the set” I explained.

“A deal which technically you’ve already broken” Fionn pointed out, earning him a light punch in the shoulder, causing him to whine and Harry to burst out laughing.

“Well Fionn, looks like you’ve got more will power than I give you credit for. I certainly couldn’t keep my mouth shut if I had a beauty like her asking me questions” Harry smirked. Fionn grinned at him before turning to offer me a cheeky smile, but I was still too focused on Harry’s words to form any other response than a bright pink blush and a glance towards the ground.

“Anyway, I better get going, this gloop already took longer to apply than it should have” Harry said, glancing at his black hand, turning it over a couple of times before returning his attention to us.

“See you later mate” Harry said, finishing with a firm pat on Fionn’s back. He turned his attention back to me.

“See you around?” Harry said, the end of his sentence rising in hope as he looked at me with raised brows and wide, bright green eyes.

I blushed once more and smiled.

“Yeah, see you around” I said quietly. He seemed content with my response, offering us both one last nod and a lingering glance towards me before heading away and disappearing between two trailers. I watched him go, avoiding eye contact with Fionn at all cost. When I knew I couldn’t no longer avoid the inevitable, I glanced towards him only to be greeted with a wide, knowing smile.

“Shut up Fionn” I mumbled, turning and walking past him along the waters edge.

“Didn’t say a word” he laughed before catching me up and leading us on to the rest of the set.

It’s so hard to write about Fionn when I really know nothing about him other than he is the same age as me hahaha!

Anyway I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think!

- Steph

Alarm -Tom Holland

A/N: This one is trash. This gif and the song Alarm by Ann-Marie are responsible for this imagine, please don’t hate me. Enjoy? Part 2

I set my alarm on 3am in the morning. No I’m not a psychopath and I really love to sleep but Tom just happened to be on a whole different time zone than me. It’s been a little bit over four months since he entered a plain to fly off to film his new movie. It’s been hard. It’s been lonly. Really lonly. This distance thing was just not compatible with my emotional state and I was having a hard time. So was he. That’s the reason why I woke up at three am in the morning everyday to see his stupid face.

My alarm went off and I shut my eyes open being a little baffled for a moment. As I remembered what my alarm was for I reached for my phone and unlocked it.
Seconds later I could see Tom facetiming me and I accepted his call with a sleepy smile.
“Hey.”,I said and rolled onto my back rubbing my eyes, trying to get rid of the slight burning sensation.
“You’re really tired aren’t you?”,he said and I put my hands away immediatly.
“No? Who said that? I could run a marathon.”,I joked and winked at him.
“Shut up. You wouldn’t run a marathon at anytime of the day.”,he chuckled and I smiled again.
“You know me.”,I said and we both fell silent staring at each other and I felt my heart sink.
“I really miss you Tom.”, I finally said and my voice sounded chocked up, not as confident as I would want it to be and he sighed.
“I miss you too.”, he said and ran his fingers through his hair looking really stressed which made me worry.

“Don’t worry about it. You just have a month left.”,I said quickly and put a smile on, which didn’t feel all that real. My heart was pounding in my chest and I couldn’t put my finger on why.
“Tell me about your schedule. What’s next?”,I added and changed the subject to take his mind of the real issue.
“Oh…uh-..there is this event we’re working for which really stresses me out because it is a huge deal. There’ll be an after party to that. I don’t really know if I’ll go there, I have to do this other thing which still needs a lot of work and I’m not even sure…”

“Hey.”,I interrupted him and he looked up into the camera .
“It’s all going to be fine. Don’t stress yourself.”,I tried to calm him but he rolled his eyes.
“Yeah that’s easy for you to say.”,he said and even though I knew that he was salty because of all things he told me about, his attitude still bugged me.
“No need to be an ass about it.”,I said with furrowed brows and he ran his fingers through his hair again. Rougher this time.
“I know! I’m sorry. It’s just so overwhelming and you’re so far away and I just can’t…concentrate.”,he groaned and pressed his palms over his eyes.
“Did you tell Harrison about this, T?”,I asked now really worried but he shook his head.
“It doesn’t matter anyways. I just have to get it done.”,he said and seemed to be annoyed but I couldn’t quite tell why.
“That’s not true. It does matter. I don’t want you to get sick Tom. Please talk to him.”,I tried to convince him but he let his shoulders sink.
“I gotta go, Y/N. We’ll start shooting soon.”


“I love you, darling.”,he said and blew me a kiss.

“Tom!”,I said now more persistent but he just cracked a half smile and waved into the camera.

“I love you too, dumbass. Go be awesome now.”,I said finally and and waved back before he hung up. It’s not really necessary to tell you that I didn’t sleep well that night. Might as well have ran a marathon. Would have been less tiring.


The nice thing about our relationship was that there were no hard feelings after a little argument like that. We just kept going on with our lives because we understood each other. I knew he was being a little butthurt because of the stress and it was understandable.
The next day I didn’t set my alarm because I waited it to be 3am like a psychopath. I was holding my phone in my hand excitedly and smiled to myself. As soon as it was 3:00am I dialled his number and waited with a big grin on my face for him to pick up.
“Hey pretty girl. What’s up?”,he picked up and I squealed while jumping up and down.
“Gues what?!”,I said inbetween my excitement and pressed my palm against my lips.

“What?”,he laughed and his eyes were glowing with curiosity which made me even happier.
“We got it! We got the apartment we were rooting for!”,I exclaimed and and threw my fists into the air.
“Did we really?!”,he said and got up from where he was standing.
“Yes. Yes. Yes! The agent called today. I didn’t want to wake you up from your sleep. You barely get any.”,I said and smiled from ear to ear.

“I wish I could’ve been there. I wish I could hold you right now.”,he sighed and let himself fall onto the couch in his trailer.
“I know. Me too. But keep your head up. We will be having our own apartment soon. Do you know what that means? I’ll be always there when you come home. Even if it is late in the night and you can come cuddle with me or not. I mean we can do lots of other things in bed, you know…Try to think of that.”,I teased him and he playfully glared at me.

“Can I tell you something?”,he asked suddenly. We fell silent and were just enjoying each others company when he broke the silence. I knew he would, I waited for him to break it because I knew something was troubling him. He had this restless expression on his face where he would furrow his brows slightly and chew on his bottom lip.
“Of course. Shoot.”,I said and looked at my feet which were leaned up against the wall. Was that a different shade of blue on my right foot? Damn it.
“I’m having troubles.”

My head shot to my phone and I saw him look down on his feet. But I didn’t say anything because I saw that he needed time to process what he was going to say.

“I’m really having a hard time over here.”, he said and fell silent for quiet some time and panick started to rise in my chest.

“What is it Tom? You can tell me.”,I assured him with a gentle voice and wished he was right next to me so I could lay my arm around him or just take his hand in mine.
He opened his mouth to go on when suddenly I heared a knock on his door.
“Wait a second…”,he said and put his phone on to the table so that I watched the ceiling for a couple of minutes.
“Darling, I need to go. There is a complication with the event next week.”,he said as he picked his phone up and I nodded.

“Yeah, thought so. Go. I’ll call you tomorrow. We really do need to talk Tom.”,I said carefully and he nodded but was lost in his thoughts.
“Love you.”,he said and after I told him also, he was gone.
That was our last nice moment I would ever remember about us. That was also the only moment he tried to tell me about his issues.


From that day on everything began to go downhill. While I wad at home, trying to organize the apartment thing, being excited, Tom was stressed.

“Tom?“I asked for the third time and he snapped.

“What? Y/N I really don’t have time for this and I don’t really care right now! I’m trying to organize last things about the event in three days and you are asking me about a contract? Hell I don’t know okay? I don’t care! ”,he almost yelled and I was shocked. He sighed and started massaging his temples with his free hand, obviously annoyed with me. The thing that I was bothering him with and that he didn’t really care about was our future. That hit me right in the guts. I was only asking him about when we’d be able to sign the contract. A simple question. I felt a knot build in my throat and my eyes started watering and I became angry with myself. I looked down not wanting him to see how much he got to me.

“Darling, I’m sorry. Everyone is pressuring me right now. I didn’t mean to take it out on…”

“I think we should hang up.”,I interrupted him and didn’t look up, trying to gather myself together before I would look into his eyes.

“Y/N please! I didn’t mean-…I wasn’t…”

“I need to go Tom. Go finish your work. I’ll finish mine.”,I interrupted him again and he fell silent.

“Bye.”,I only said and hung up on him without waiting for an answer.
He called four times after I hung up and sent me three messages but I ignored all of them. If I talk to him right now, this is going to become a huge argument. We’re both on the edge of our nerves and we don’t need to stress that.

We didn’t talk for three days in which his important event happened. I had time to cool off and called him the morning after the event but he didn’t pick up. He was probably asleep with a huge headache. I smiled to myself imagening him having a hangover and sleeping it out, on his belly, face burried into the pillow. I called him five hours later but he didn’t pick up. Now it was getting a little weird because he should be awake by now. I shrugged my shoulders and decided to wait and not push him. He was probably still busy. Post event things? Who knows. I made myself a nice cup of sugary tea and chose a movie to watch while I waited for him to call back.

But he didn’t.

I called him the following two days three times a day but he did not answer once. Finally, it was a thursday night, I called Harrison when my alarm went off at 3am in the morning.
“Hey!”,he picked up and I exhaled thankfully.
“Harrison! Thank god! Is Tom with you?”,I said immediatly and and walked up and down in my living room.
“Y/N! Hey- yeah,uh…i mean no. He is not. He is…out?”,he stuttered and I furrowed my brows.

“Harrison.”,I said with a warning tone.

“Alright I’m officially stepping out of this. You guys need to talk. That’s all I’m going to say. No Tom I won’t shut up. You shut up. Gosh! You’re the one with the problem and I am…”, he kept talking but the rest got cut off as he hung up. Oh shit. This was about the other night. I broke his heart. I should have been supporting him through his stressfull times but I blocked him. I pushed him away.

I took my phone and wrote him a message.

Dearest love,
I fucked up. I am so sorry for pushing you away when you needed me the most. I’m sorry for being a bitch (even though you were a dick to me before that but that is long forgiven)
Tom, I always want to be by your side even if you have to be away for several months for shooting and promo. I’ll be done with college in a year and than I’ll be able to travel with you. We’ll have the best time of our lives. I’ll be waiting for your return in two weeks. We’ll talk this out when you come back, just know that I still love you. From all my heart.

I sent it and waited for an answer with a big smile on my face. The smile faded with every passing minute. He didn’t reply and I was left a crying mess the whole night. I messed up big time.


I came back from college the next day feeling numb the whole time and threw myself on the couch. I didn’t eat much and my body felt sore. I was watching a TV show when someone knocked on the door. When I looked at the clock I wondered who it could be. It was past midnight.
When I opened the door I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Tom?!”,I squealed and threw myself around his neck, pulling his body close to mine, breathing in his scent.
“What are you doing here?! Come in!”,I said and pulled him inside closing the door behind us.
“I missed you so much.”, I sighed and pulled him towards me again and placed my lips against his. It took him some time to kiss me back but when he did I felt my heart lighten. Like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.
He pulled away after a few seconds and stepped back. I was going to say something but he held me off.

“We need to talk.”,he said and his chocked up voice made my body stiffen.
“What is it?”,I said and furrowed my brows worriedly.
He looked up from the floor and I thought my heart stopped when he looked into my eyes. His beautiful brown eyes were red and watery from crying, his lips were trembling and swollen because of the constant biting.

“Tom what happened?”, I said now panick rising in my voice and then it hit me.

“First I want you to know that I still love you with all my heart and I am so, so sorry for what happened. You’re the only one I love, you have to believe me…”

“What happened?”,I interrupted him and formed my hands into fists by my side trying to controll my rising anger. This couldn’t be happening.

“I cheated on you.”

My world stopped spinning. My heart stopped pounding. Everything was awefully silent. It was too loud.

“What did you say?”

“Please, you have to listen to me! I’m begging you. I didn’t mean to…I was anxious and stressed. Frustrated really. I know these aren’t excuses for what I did but…”

“Did you kiss her?”,I interrupted him without listening to him and he held his breath.

“Answer me! Did you?!”,I screamed and he nodded.

“I did.”

“Did-…Did you sleep with her?”






“I did.”

I fucked up. I am so sorry. My words echoed in my head. I am so fucking dumb.

Before I knew what I did I already had smacked him right across his face. My whole body was shivering and it felt like the room was spinning.
A sobb escaped my throat and I pressed my palm against my mouth to stop the rest. I just threw myself at him and kissed him like a fucking moron! My sight got blurry because of the tears in my eyes and finally they escaped. It was a silent cry. One where you know that it has no point. One you know, will destroy you.
I stumbled back slowly and shook my head trying to get rid of the images my mind made up of him being tangled in bed with another.

“Please you need to listen to me. It was a big mistake. You have to believe me. I don’t even know her. It just…happened. I was confused and on edge. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. I need you to…”

“Shut up. Shut up! Shut the fuck up!”, I screamed and pulled at my own hair while shaking my head furiously. And then I went mad. I stormed towards him and started throwing punches and pushed him backwards out of the room while yelling at him.

“Get out! Get the fuck out! I don’t want to see you. Leave!”

I slammed the door shut and slid to the floor balling my eyes out for the love of my life. He did the same thing on the other side of the door.

The alarm in my bedroom went off. It was time to call him.

He fucked up big time.


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“No one really gives a shit,” Stanley sighed. “They call me gay. Well, I am, but that’s… they say worse, you know? There are, of course, the fucking skinheads that walk past me and claim that I killed Christ, and dicks who drew horns on my picture when I won the spelling bee in eighth grade, but… Other than that, no one cares. The new hot topic is if you’re anything not straight or cisgender.”




WARNINGS: underage smoking, transphobia, homophobia, implied anti-Semitism 

BETAS: @eddison-medicine and @ghostlydenbrough

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justice league review - SPOILERS!!!



This film was an utter delight, let’s just establish that. I went in grumpy because of all the bad press and troubled production and I came out bouncing, fully prepared to save the planet, which I suddenly felt might be worth saving after all.


- The heroes were the stars here, and they were fantastically showcased. It was lovely to see Jim Gordon, Lois, Hippolyta, (and billy crudup as Barry’s hot dad, awesome); but the league shone among them effortlessly. I loved it, as having such incredible talent as backup yet not stealing scenes made everything feel that much more quality

- The humour was sweet and cutesy and natural - they bantered and traded sarcastic comments but it never felt like a competition as to who could have the best one liner. These were people doing a job, with some moments of levity that made things that bit lighter. It was a relief to not have to constantly wait to see who would ridicule a situation, but to have it treated seriously

- Wonder Woman in the bank? Fuckin wig

- The Flash getting Diana’s sword? I died

- Aquaman downing a bottle of whiskey and walking into a tidal wave? I departed this realm

- Such a beautiful film visually. My god, you could have freeze framed a thousand shots from it and made them into paintings. The final fight and Barry’s Flash moments especially

- “The world needs Superman. The team needs Clark.”

- Bruce’s guilt over Clark’s death led to some really sad, sweet and funny bits, like Bruce crapping himself basically whenever Clark looked to be in danger. Also coming up with the plan to bring him back to life, I LOVE ICONIC FRIENDSHIPS

- Arthur carrying Clark into the Kryptonian amniotic fluid. It was an image that will nourish me for decades

- small happy barry whomst i must protect

- The Amazons were fucking badass man, jesus christ I was breathless watching them in action again


- Victor’s philosophical/mathematical mind was incredible to behold, particularly as they intersected with his struggle as a cyborg. Also damn, the comparison hinted between his dad and dr Frankenstein gave me goosebumps

- The emotional impact of this film. Everything from Bruce’s regret and shame about hurting Clark, Diana’s sorrow over losing not only Steve but her faith in humans, Barry’s desire to be a part of something meaningful, Arthur’s obstinacy in the face of unwanted responsibility, Victor’s strained relationship with his identity and CLARK returning like the fucking Messiah and hopping right back into protecting civilians because HERO IS IN HIS DNA. Clark and Lois. Barry and his dad. What Superman represented for the world, what it meant when he was taken away. Bruce trying to hold it all together when he helped break it in the first place. MAN

- The world’s love for superman for me so many times yall



- Also barely caught whedon’s stench, and the diana/bruce aspect was barely there lmao I was so happy


- Affleck’s delivery was sometimes painfully dry. He really wants to ditch huh

- The CGI superman face was sometimes obvious, I’m sorry but they should have let Cavill shave ffs

- From the trailers it looks lime they cut a lot of Victor’s backstory. I hope they create an extended version if the movie for things like this so I can find peace in the true director’s cut

- Steppenwolf was a kinda weak villain, but we came for the heroes, not to give some new character half the screen time for development so ehh. I didn’t care so much that he was just another monster. Instead of humanising evil, this film humanised true goodness. It was lovely to not have to try to empathise with a literal fucking demon *cough* rian johnson this is a warning for kyle ron don’t you dare attempt anything

- The film was toooo shooort, I needed another 40 minutes of this

Justice League was fun, guys. It wasn’t choked with jokes or action. The grounded nature of the narrative meant that every emotional beat landed perfectly, and Superman’s return was an EVENT. I’m gonna see it again. I haven’t walked away from a film with hope and joy in a long ass time. DC movies feel almost real. Snyder makes superhero flicks for superhero fans, rather than for casual moviegoers, and it freaking shows.


Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Dean x Reader (it’ll make sense, I swear)

Summary: After seeing Jensen dressed as 1940′s Dean, you suddenly have an idea to bring this version of your husband into the bedroom.

Word Count: 1,441

Warnings: roleplay, oral sex (female receiving), smut, cursing

Submitted by: @sgarrett49

Jensen decided to let you visit set that day. They were filming a time jump episode and he wanted you to be there to see the way they changed the set. You were an aspiring artist in the film industry, wanting to be the one to create and switch out the sets when scenes changed. What you weren’t expecting was for them to throw Dean back into the 1940′s, part his hair and slick it to the side, and make him wear that fucking delicious outfit.

When he walked onto set from the wardrobe trailer, your jaw dropped. The shirt hugged his biceps so damn well. The vest showed off his broad shoulders but pulled in around his trim waist. And the hair. For fuck’s sake, that hair. You shook yourself from your daze as you sank back into your chair, thighs clenching together. 

You sat back and watched Jensen slide perfectly into his character, ending the scene when Bob called cut, wrapping for the night. Sliding down out of the tall seat, you practically ran to meet Jensen.

“Baby, you were so good!” You stood on your toes and kissed him. “And you look even better.” 

He smiled against your lips and wrapped an arm around your waist, holding you to him.

“That’s not just a prop gun in my pocket, ya know.” He winked as you giggled.

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The Serpent Queen

Jughead x Reader

In which the reader is the one to go to Jughead’s trailer after the Jubilee and sees him put on the Southside Serpent jacket, and what ensues afterward.

Warnings: There is some straight up SIN ya’ll I said I wouldn’t write smut again but then things happened and now I’m here okay? Okay (although this is probably still just a once in a blue moon thing I have to be in the right kinda mood ya feel?)

Word Count: 3,060

A/N: I needed an ending to this scene and I can’t wait until season two so I wrote one myself.


The murder is solved, the town slowly healing, the thoughts of anything bad are being to the back of all of our heads, at least for tonight. After the Jubilee we all decide to go to Pop’s for milkshakes, and as we sit there in the moonlight we laugh at the jokes Jughead makes or just silly stuff that we see come up on Twitter.

We have way too many milkshakes, and Jughead’s arm wrapped around my shoulders, my hands around his knee that was up on the booth, and nothing seems to hurt us. As the clock strikes midnight we decided to finally get some privacy.

His trailer is empty, after all.

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Imaging Skyping with Jensen from the airport when your flight gets delayed

“Two more hours, I can’t believe they delayed your flight,” Jensen whined as he sipped his drink, pouting on his laptop as you two Skyped. It had been three long weeks apart and while he was continuing filming in Vancouver you had been in LA shooting reshoot for a movie.

“I know, by the time I get there now we’ll be leaving for comic con,” you signed as you sank in the airport seat.

“You’re pretty,” Jensen cooed in the laptop.

“I should join the club and get drunk I guess.”

“Y/N, hurry up, we can’t listen to him complain anymore, you know he’s been sleeping in your trailer because Pretty Boy over here can’t go home?” Jared Teased as he popped up in the screen.

“Is that true, Jay, no wonder you look so tired,” you felt horrible, you two barely spent a night a way from each other.

“I Heart you, my dear,” Jensen made a two halves of a heart with his hands and joined them around your face. Jared and Misha joined suite.

“So Cliff will be picking me up given the state of my fiancé?” You missed him more than anything, but he looked in no condition you’ve driving.

“Woah, beautiful I,” Jensen slurred, “will be there right at the gate ready to kiss your pretty ass. You’ve been filming this whole time with that Captain America Kid, he’s had his hands on my girl….”

“Don’t worry, Cliff is driving,” Jared yelled over his friend, “go easy on him, someone’s jealous.”

“Jealous? I will kick his red while and blue ass,” Jensen growled.

“Baby, promise me you’ll drink some coffee, and my pretty ass is all yours you know that. I love you, you guys too. Keep him alive until I get there please.” You placed your hand on the screen while the boys had a small discussion whether Jensen could win in a fight against Chris Evans.

“J hearts y/n.” Jensen giggled as You watched Cliff handed Jensen a coffee cup.

You couldn’t wait to be home.

I hate him. He loves me

I push against him, hips snapping together, heavy fingers leaving bruises on the exposed skin of my waist. Friction, burning, stinging friction. I’m angry, so angry even the warmth of his lips on my bruised neck isn’t a distraction.

He’s in his boxers, dark black against perfectly placed white lace. He’s pushing me, my name tumbling from his lips, barely audible as he moans into my skin

“Betts…Betts please.”

No. I hate him, he loves me.

My fingers tangle in the mess of curls on top of his head, I’m pulling too hard, but he likes it. He likes everything I do. I don’t want space, I want bee stung lips and breathy moans. He holds me closer, I want to cry.

I hate him. He loves me.

I’m sliding his boxers down achingly slow, the heat pools in my stomach and I stare for a moment. Jughead Jones is perfect, every freckle and mole I know all too well. He’s pushing the damp blonde strands out of my face, his fingers stroking my cheeks, my lips, my eyes.

“I missed you. I love you. I need you.”

His hands dip lower, unsteady hands carefully peeling away lace. There’s no hesitation, we’re both ready, always so ready.

I rock against him. This will be the last time.

I said that last time.

He’s gasping, I’m floating.

I hate him. He loves me.

I’m coming down and he’s flying up. My eyes catch sight of the familiar leather jacket hanging on the seat beside his bed.

He groans, deep and guttural, lips dropping to press into mine. I take what I can get, I take it all
But it’s never enough.

And then it’s over.

I’ve surprised him this time when I roll off of the bed, pulling my cheerleading skirt on and tying my hair up.

“What.. where are you going?”

“Home.” I whisper into the quiet trailer, lacing my sneakers.

“What did I do? Talk to me baby please.” He’s desperate, heartbreakingly confused.

My knees are unsteady, heart is aching. I’m not ready to say goodbye.

I hate him. He loves me.

“I can’t do this anymore.” It’s simple. 5 words.

He’s crawling across the bed, silk sheet pooling around his waist.

“It wasn’t good for you? I can make it better, I was selfish, let me show you how much I love you.” His long fingers shakily press against my bare back, pulling me back into the bed, untying my sneakers slowly.

I’m staring at the ceiling
“You don’t love me.” It’s a whisp of a whisper, more to me than my love.

He hears, so in tune to every little piece of me, his eyes are wide and he’s tugging me to sit, he wants to talk, wants to know.

I hate him. He loves me.

“I love you. Don’t ever think that I don’t. How can you say that?”

I’m laughing now, bitter and sad as my eyes catch sight of the jacket. He reaches for me, turning my head to his, hands cupping my cheeks.

“No. no baby. Not yet, I can’t leave them yet. They need me.”

I’m still laughing, tears streaming down my cheeks and though his fingers

“I need you.”

He’s pulling me on to his lap, I’ve always been safe here, this is my safe place.

“You have me baby.”

I want to get away, feel for the mattress but I can’t move. I won’t move.

“I have a part of you. It’s not enough. Not anymore.”

There’s no more laughing.

I hate him. He loves me.

“You have all of me. Always. I’ll give you whatever you want, I’ll give you everything.”

He’s crying, I’m crying.

My fists are clenched but he sees that too, pulls my palms up to kiss.

“No. no. I love you.”

I run my fingers over his cheeks, rub my nose over his.

“I love you so much I hate you.”

He’s nodding, easing me back into the bed, unzipping my cheerleading skirt.

“I know.”

I love him. He loves me.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Trailer Analysis: Burnham Is a Badass, and 8 Other Things We Learned

With the debut of over two minutes of footage from “Star Trek: Discovery,” fans of the “Trek” universe and/or anyone curious about what a new “Star Trek” airing on CBS might look like now have plenty to analyze.

READ MORE: ‘Star Trek Discovery’: Female Lead, Gay Character, Prequel Timeframe Confirmed

The new trailer doesn’t answer all of our questions, but it does establish some key facts that only have us more excited to know more about the new series. Below are just a few of the things we learned by watching.

1. This Cast is DIVERSE (On Both a Gender and An Alien Level)

If a white human male spoke once in this trailer, it barely made an impression. (James Frain appears as Sarek, but in case you couldn’t tell from the ears, he’s playing a Vulcan.)

Otherwise, the spotlight is firmly on Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham, as well as Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh), passing the Bechdel test in the very first scene. In addition, the trailer features a diverse range of alien species, some of which appear to be brand new to the “Trek” universe. Just check out the screenshots below:

This is one of the clear vestiges of original showrunner Bryan Fuller’s influence. As he said last summer, “Usually you’ve got one person with a bumpy forehead and then seven other people who look relatively human. We wanted to paint the picture of a Starfleet that is indicative of a universe where we’re encountering people who are much different than we are.”

2. Also, Yes, the Klingons Look Different

And we get a lot of them in this trailer, including what appears to be a scene set at a Klingon funeral.

Here’s what’s important to remember: “Star Trek” has a historically shaky record when it comes to a consistent look for the Klingon race, which is best summarized/not summarized by the below clip from the “Deep Space Nine” episode “Trials and Tribble-ations.”

Technically, the difference between old school versus new school Klingons (which began with “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” which means yes, this is Roddenberry’s fault) was “explained” by an episode of “Enterprise.” But J.J. Abrams also reset the Klingon look in “Star Trek Into Darkness,” so at some point you just kind of have to embrace the fact that Klingons are going to look however Klingons are going to look.

Oh, speaking of Abrams…

3. Whoever Shot This Show Has Clearly Seen the Abrams Movies

It’s hard not to notice the distinct use of lens flare and kinetic camera moves at play in this trailer — whether that’s consistent across the series as a whole is unknown, but if you were already a fan of Abrams’ visual approach (in partnership with cinematographer Dan Mindel), you’re in luck. If you find the style irritating, well, sorry about that.

4. Some of “Discovery’s” Technology Feels Modern

Such as these warp speed swirls:

And a new look for the transporter effect:

5. Some of It Does Not

Just check out Georgiou’s appropriately flippy communicator:

6. Burnham Has a Backstory With Sarek

While we’re not sure why Burnham has something resembling a mentor-mentee relationship with a high-ranking Vulcan official, thanks to a flash of young Burnham speaking with him in person we get a sense that it’s a relationship that goes back years. (Does that mean she also knows Spock? That’s something to look forward to discovering.)

7. Martin-Green Is Definitely the Star Here

She might not be the captain, but between whizzing around in a space suit and confronting Klingons, Burnham is definitely the center of the action. And we already kind of love her badass attitude (and cute haircut).

8. Burnham May Not Escape Just a Little Bit of Objectification

In a shot of Martin-Green on some sort of med bay cot, Burnham can be seen wearing a very teeny top, triggering some unfortunate “Enterprise” decontamination flashbacks. Please, “Discovery.” Be better than that.

9. Burnham Is Here to Save Us

In the battle between cynicism versus optimism — a metric that has always been under close scrutiny by “Star Trek” fans — “Discovery” might lean darker than its title might have originally implied. In the trailer, Burnham directly battles her captain over whether or not they need to attack first: “Cut off its neck or target its head.” Again, we see what looks like a Klingon funeral. And the trailer ends with Lieutenant Saru (Doug Jones) literally saying that he senses “the coming of death.”

Is Burnham the hero we need in this pre-Kirk era of “Star Trek”? We’ll find out this fall on CBS All Access. Fifteen episodes have been ordered.

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Caught Red Handed (Sebastian X Reader)

Originally posted by 107th-infantry


PAIRING: Sebastian Stan X Reader
WARNINGS: Fluff, PDA & Banter
REQUESTED: Imagine you catch Sebastian staring at your bare legs.

“Just a sec!”

Y/N rushes out of the shower after hearing someone knock on her movie trailer’s front door. Throwing a towel around herself she goes to get some cash from one of her pants on the floor. She ordered pizza 20 minutes ago and didn’t want to wait for a second longer to eat it. Her hair’s a dripping mess as she opens the door with half wet money. She finishes counting the money before looking up and realizing it’s just your co-star, Sebastian Stan. He smirks at her innocently making Y/N walk back into the trailer with a groan and keep the door open for him. He lets himself in and shuts the door behind him before looking around her temporary home.

“Nice to see you too.” He grins at her knowingly, “Hungry?”

“Duh.” Y/N snap as she begins pacing, “I’ve been on a certain diet for this movie and this is the first day in three months I planned on eating something greasy.”

“What you order?”

“A large supreme pizza.”

“Well… This is no supreme pizza,” Sebastian shrugs casually before moving a hand from behind his back to show her a to-go bag, “But it’s my favorite burger joint around here.”

“Is that for me?” Her eyes go wide in shock as she goes to grab it, “Sebs, you are-”

“Ah. Ah. Ah.” He pulls it out of her reach with a smirk before saying with the smuggest look she’s ever seen, “What’s the magic word?”

“Sebastian Stan. Come on. Every time?”

Y/N sends him an impatiently annoyed look as she stands in front of him in only a towel. Her hair is dripping everywhere but she doesn’t notice, all she can notice is the smell of the food her co-star’s holding. Sebastian, however, noticed quite quickly the water dripping down her hair on her damp curvy skin. He moves the bag from one side to the other, Y/N’s head moves back and forth with her wanting eyes on the bag. His smile grows by the action knowing Y/N couldn’t resist a good American burger. Tilting his head he waves the bag in her face teasingly while saying innocently.

“You want my meat… You gotta the magic word.”

“Cocky Bastard.” Y/N growls before sighing and saying relentlessly, “Can I please have the food… Boo-Bear.”

“Why didn’t you just say so?”

He chuckles as Y/N snatches the bag from him, he leans on a near by wall and folds his arms as she opens the bag needily. When they just started filming this their movie the two barely knew each other. One of Y/N’s first lines had her call him Boo-Bear, so now Sebastian tries to get her to say it every chance he gets. It’s because of the little pet name in their movie things went from awkward to playful. The two were quiet around each other until she called him that on screen, ever since then things were light and breezy with each other. In the movie Y/N was Sebs first lover and vice versa, the movie is built on their love for each other. They never met each other until signing onto this move which was why it was awkward in the first place. Now though, they are the closest people on set.

Most nights they’re eating together while going over scripts. They always have light banter and teasing while working too. They were very competitive too when it comes to bragging rights so they were always trying to win something. Some scenes they weren’t completely covered and those were the funniest to the two because Sebs has to make a comment and Y/N has to have the last say. They’re so close now that Sebastian knew Y/N was desperate for some juicy old fashion American food. She’s been eating some complicated diet where the food sounds like it was in another language. Which is why he got her a burger. If he had known she would have opened the door in only a small wet towel he would have done it more often.

“Oh, God.” Y/N moans as she takes a bite of the burger, “This is better than sex.”

“That can be argued.” Sebastian smirks while looking down your body to your toned bare legs, “You never had sex with me.”

“Please. I bet it wouldn’t impress me.” She snorts without looking at him as she eats without chewing, “I can already tell you lack the skill of being slick. You need it to even get a girl in bed.”

“How do you know I lack that skill?” 

He tilts his head curiously with his eyes glued to a drop of water going down your thigh. Her damp hair is stuck to her chest, her towel is so tight around her that it causes her breasts to be pushed up more than usual. For a moment he lets him thin around what’s under the towel. Did she have a birth mark, tan lines or an even a tattoo? Questions started rolling into his mind as she stood in front of him. Looking up and down her one more time Sebastian looks at her almost like he wished his next words weren’t true.

 “I never even tried picking you up.”

“Doesn’t matter. I know you’re not slick because-” Y/N pauses when someone knocks on the door, realizing it must be the pizza delivery guy she comes up to Sebs with a sly grin before whispering, “You haven’t stopped looking at my legs for the last five minutes.”

“Well- I… You… You  can’t expect me not to when you practically naked in front of me.” 

He stutters with cheeks growing red as she goes to the door and opening it. She pays the man and grabs the pizza, closing the door she goes to set the pizza on the counter. Y/N’s trying very hard not to laugh at Sebastian’s now annoyed and embarrassed expression. Sending him a look Y/N slowly comes up to him while tilting her head before asking oh so sweetly.

“Should I go change then? Are my bare legs too much of a distraction for you?”

“You’re playing a dangerous game, Y/N.”

“And it’s a game I intend to win, Boo-Bear.”


“Tom’s a lil asshole.”

Summary: Tom’s a lil asshole and he’s infatuated with a certain Chris Evans’ daughter.

Word Count: 1,745

A/N: I just want to clarify you’re 18-20 in this because Tom is 21 and anyone under 18 is illegal and I’m not even getting on that topic. This was much longer than necessary but I hope you guys like it! Pleeeaaassseee send in more requests!


The buzz on set today seemed fairly hectic as everyone prepared for the filming of Avengers: Infinity War. Your father, Chris Evans, was pulled off to the makeup trailer the moment he even stepped foot on set. You didn’t mind, even more so you liked that he’d been drug away because then you could see your favorite people without him listening to your every word.

Chris tried to not be the typical protective father now that you were an adult and could take care of yourself. But even he couldn’t deny that he had troubles letting go of that side of him. With younger siblings in the house, he couldn’t let that side go. He’d hang on to your every word and would even open his mouth to question something you’d just said but most of the time caught himself.

You appreciated the fact he was making an effort to treat you like an adult but when it came to boys he couldn’t stop himself from speaking up. It was always a demand of meeting the poor guy immediately and knowing his life story down to the unimportant details. That’s what led to you keeping your relationship between your fathers co-star, Tom Holland, and yourself a secret. Even if Chris knew Tom already, it’d raise questions you don’t want to answer.

The mere thought of what your father would do or how he would react kept you from disclosing such information. You knew you’d eventually tell him because you hated keeping secrets from your dad, but with the relationship still so fresh and new, you couldn’t bring yourself to it.

You and Tom had met on the set of Captain America: Civil War. It wasn’t a rare occurrence that you visited Chris on set, it was pretty often that you did, actually. And so when you and Tom met, it was like an instant click. Being so close in age helped mostly because everyone else around you were well above their late twenties and it felt wrong. You practically grew up around most of the actors in the later years of your life.

When you’d courteously brought everyone their morning coffee on set from Starbucks you’d come up empty handed for Tom and he insisted that it was really no problem. You’d gladly inherited your father’s kindness and so you felt bad when he was standing, waiting so patiently for his own coffee and you didn’t have it.

Despite Tom assuring you that it was no problem, that he understood he was new on set and you didn’t know each other but you were set on getting him a coffee. So with a large smile, he got your number and texted you what he wanted and you made a quick stop to Starbucks for him. The incident made for a good joke in your relationship now.

Tom was the first to strike up conversation with you. Seeing as he had your number, you two began consistently texting each day you had the time to and you saw each other when you visited the cast and crew on set. The two of you kept to strictly friends for several months, hesitant to start a relationship so quickly. But a few months ago, you began going on dates though those dates consisted of Tom visiting you at your apartment to have dinner or a movie night seeing as you weren’t going public with the relationship. After about three months of strictly dates, Tom finally asked you to be his and you gladly agreed. Now four months later, you’re still happily in the honeymoon phase.


Your first stop being on set was to see Anthony Mackie who was quite literally your best friend and you’re sure the two of you shared calls more than anyone else, that was after Tom and Chris. Being that he and Chris hung out a lot, even off set, he’d call to tell you about the crazy things they got up to if they were obviously PG and he was how you knew every stupid thing your dad did.

Stepping into his trailer after knocking, you give a wide smile when he’s pushing himself off the couch with an unmanly noise. “Oh, my favorite child! We’ve had to deal with Tom all morning and he’s been cranky. It’s good to see a young face that isn’t cranky.” Anthony tells you and at the mention of your cranky boyfriend, your heart began pounding in your chest though it didn’t show physically.

You give Anthony a tight, crushing hug before pulling back and laughing. “We all know I’ve taken after my father too much. I’m up at the crack of dawn with no problem.” You tell Anthony with a laugh and he nods in agreement.

You’re barely a few minutes into the conversation when the door to Anthony’s trailer opens and a crew member is telling him he needs to head to makeup. Anthony gives you a fist pound that has you cracking up before excusing himself, following after the person.

Leaving Mackie’s trailer, you glance to the trailers you pass, too busy reading names to notice the person coming towards you that isn’t paying attention either. With a ‘hmph’ you stumble back from the person, nearly falling back onto your bottom though a hand is catching you by your bicep, pulling you back into a standing position before you can even fall.

Your eyes widen when you see who it is, throwing your arms around Sebastian’s neck and hugging him with a laugh. “I don’t know whether to curse at you or hug you again!” You exclaim and Sebastian laughs, already dressed in his Winter Soldier suit and the metal arm on.

“I wasn’t the only one paying attention if we ran into each other, so I’ll settle for another hug.” He tells you and you do give him another hug though it’s short lived. “Hey, Sebastian! Wait up, I need to ta- Y/N?” You peek around Sebastian to see Tom who looks almost surprised though he’s trying to hide the grin on his face.

He’d gone back home to his parents to visit with them and Tessa for a few weeks, leaving you in the US and though you knew he was back, you’d never told him you were visiting set with your dad.

You give your boyfriend a wide smile and a wave, moving to give him a hug as well, the feeling of being in his arms again almost instantly putting you at ease.

“I didn’t know you were coming! What are you doing here?” Tom asks as you pull back, hoping the too long hug hadn’t gone noticed by Sebastian. “I’m just roaming around while dad’s here. I haven’t been on set in awhile and figured I’d drop in on everyone.” You explain.

You glance behind you slightly and notice Sebastian has continued to walk away with a crew member who’s talking to him. Glancing around the two of you, you don’t see anyone around or anyone that’s paying attention so you quickly pull Tom into a kiss that’s not meant to last very long.

By the time you’re pulling back, you can already hear your father’s voice ringing in your ears. “Y/N? Tom?” He’s calling and you turn around to see him dressed for a scene in his Captain America suit, quickly walking towards the two of you.

You can feel the heavy sigh that wants to leave your lips but you don’t let it, only giving Chris your best innocent smile, and seeing out of the corner of your eye how tense Tom seems.

“Please, /please/, tell me I’m seeing things.” Chris starts as he’s coming closer to the two of you, coming to a stop just a foot or two in front of you.

You stop to opt and tell him that he was imagining things but you know it’s too late and the question was rhetorical. “No uh, no, I don’t think so.” You tell him and he rubs a hand over his face, mindful of the makeup he’s got on. You can already see the stress of the situation washing over him and you almost feel guilty.

“Tom! You’re needed for filming!” Someone calls and he hesitates, Chris giving him a nod. “You and I’ll talk later.” Chris states firmly and Tom nods quickly. “Y-Yeah, of course sir. I’ll uh see you later, Y/N.”

Meeting Chris’ eye when Tom leaves, you give a sigh and shake your head. “Dad, I’m an adult now. I don’t have to tell you whenever I’m in a new relationship.” You tell him. “And I didn’t want to tell you so soon because I wanted to make sure this one was going to work. We were going to tell you before things got extremely serious.”

He gives a nod, arms crossing over his broad chest and when you give him a pout, he loses his hard resolve, pulling you to him and hugging you tight to his chest. “I know, I know. And I’m trying to get past this whole you being an adult thing. I just worry someone’s going to break your heart and I dread the thought.” He mumbles into your hair, pressing a kiss to your head and you laugh softly.

“I’ll have to experience heartbreak one day, dad. Let’s just hope it’s not with this one, yeah?”


“You’ll treat her right, you hear me?”

“Yes sir.”

“If you ever hurt her feelings and I hear about it, I /will/ come after you. And don’t think I won’t.”


“I have to assert dominance, sweetheart. Leave me be.”

“I understand, Y/N. I’d be the same way if I were a dad.”

“Don’t get any ideas, Holland. Not just yet.”


Having lunch with the entire cast and crew seemed to be going well until the three of you finally joined them, heads lifting to look at the trio. It was quiet, too quiet and you wondered what could honestly be the problem.

“I told you Tom’s a lil asshole, Evans.” Anthony’s words break the silence and no one is able to hold back the laugh that leaves their lips, even Chris and Tom start laughing. Anthony looks around at everyone laughing, almost wondering why they were because he was being drop dead serious though he shrugs his shoulders and motions you and Tom over, Anthony starting in with his own fatherly talk.

On a silver platter - Dylan O’Brien

Description: Dylan is early to a hangout with Y/N and overhears some things he maybe shouldn’t have heard. This is smut you guys, if you didn’t notice it by my vague description. 
Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader 
(involves Teen Wolf if you want - I had a part 2 in mind)
Word count: 2063

You can read part 2 here!

A/N: I told myself that if my first post ever got 50 notes, I’d immediately post another thing I had written. So here you go. Let me know what you think!

I grin and nod my head as I pass Tyler, waving shortly at him before disappearing around the corner. I promised Y/n we would hang out tonight, and seeing as how I had to bail on her the last three times due to problems during shooting, I thought I’d make it up to her by appearing almost an hour early. 
I’m nervous, although I’m not completely sure why.

Y/n was always very understanding of our dismissive schedule and even five minutes spent together was enough for her. Any other girl would’ve had my ass by now. But Y/n wasn’t like most. And she wasn’t mine either - something I’m painfully reminded by every time Stiles has to make out with her and she starts laughing as soon as the scene is over and I’m left with a tent in my boxers.
From afar I can already see the door to her trailer is ajar, as well as hear the heartily chatter of Holland and Y/n herself. I lick my lips as my hand lands on the door handle, abruptly stopped by their conversation.

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The Green-Eyed Doctor

(gif source)

Summary: Reader gets in a bad accident and is put under the care of Dr. Winchester during her stay…

Pairing: Doctor!Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,400ish

Warnings: language, car accident

A/N: I’m in love with doctor Dean now. Quote for this one was, “As long as I’m around, nothing bad is going to happen to you.”…

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He felt like shit, his head pounding and his mouth dry as sandpaper. Slamming his hand down on his phone trying to silence the blaring of his alarm.

He got drunk last night, full on cry yourself to sleep and sleep on the toilet drunk, Jughead had never touched a drink before in his life but last night? He needed it.

“Good morning sunshine.” The familiar voice of his father brought him back to reality and he opened his eyes to see the man leaning in the tiny doorway of the trailer a sad smile on his face.
“Dad.” Jughead grunted out.

F.P settled down beside his son on the couch, pushing his feet to the ground and handing him a water bottle. “Care to tell me why you went through my hidden stash last night and puked all over my floor?”

Jughead groaned putting his hands to his temples “I just needed it, I’ll pay you back and I’ll clean up the mess.”

F.P shook his head “that’s not what I’m worried about kid, I’m more concerned with how you’ve never even tasted beer before and last night you drank an entire bottle of vodka, is it school problems?… girl problems?” F.P noticed the way Jughead winced at the mention of girl problems and nodded knowingly “Betty? The sweet blonde you brought over her last month? Your girlfriend right?”

Jughead shook his head, the familiar ache in his chest throbbing “not anymore, not ever again probably.”

“What happened? You two broke up?”

Jughead looked away staring at a spot on the far right wall “no. I broke up with her, she wanted nothing to do with it but I obviously won that fight.” He laughed bitterly before continuing, it felt better to just spit it all out “I thought she had feelings for Trev Brown, I see the way he looks at her ya know? Like he just wants to take her away from me, I pretty much told her that Trev can have her. He can make her happy, make her family happy. They can be the perfect high school sweethearts she was destined to be. She screamed at me, called me an idiot and then she….” he took a shaky breathe and looked directly at his father

F.P raised his brow and dropped a hand to his knee, knowing exactly what his son was going to say

“She said she loved me dad. Me. Not Trev, not Archie. Me. You’ll never guess what I did. Well I mean I’m sure you can, it’s what I always do. I ran away.”

F.P nodded sympathetically, he knew the effect his wife leaving had on Jughead, he had turned into some kind of woman hater but Betty Cooper seemed to break through all that and he saw his son genuinely happy for the first time in ages, he wasn’t about to let his boy lose that. He had an idea.

“It’ll work out son. I promise you.”

Jughead just nodded ,heading into the only bedroom in the trailer “I’m gonna go back to bed, sleep this off. Thanks dad”

As soon as the door shut, F.P had the phone in his hand, dialing the familiar number of one of his childhood best friends.

“Alice Cooper speaking, how may I help you?”

The prim and proper voice came through the line. F.P snorted, if only the town knew what a wild child she was when she was a kid.

“I swear to god Ally, you have the personality of a wet board.”

He heard the exhale of relief and she answered much more relaxed this time

“Save it Forsythe, how’s Jughead holding up? You know i love that boy but the way Betty was crying in her room last night made me want to throttle him.”

F.P laughed “A boy of my own heart, remember when Danny Clayton broke up with you, and Hal and I almost drove to his house to beat him up, you wouldn’t stop crying.”

Alice laughed through the speaker
“It was hard being fifteen. So anyway what’s the plan?”

F.P smirked into the phone
“Well it just so happens that my bike isn’t running properly and I may have to call a mechanic, I heard that Betty sometimes works in Hal’s mechanic shop, he tells me he’s very proud of what a little grease monkey she is. Well I’d like to request her to come and fix old rusty, you can tell her her dad is overbooked and is sending her for a house call. I’ll get the kids in a room together and they can talk it out.”

The other end went silent for a while when finally Alice snorted into the phone, laughing out loud
“I’ve gotta say Forsythe, you have always been the master of plans. This is almost as good as when you had a crush on Hermione Lodge and made me lock the two of you in a janitors closet “by accident”“

F.P smiled proudly
"I’m an opportunist.”

Alice answered
“Okay, it sounds like a plan. Expect Betty within the next hour.”

“Okay, oh and Ally?”

She answered almost immediately
“Yeah forsythe?”

“They’re gonna make it through all of this, we did. Maybe my fairytale didn’t work out but I’m gonna fix that too.” He was more reassuring himself than anything and Alice seemed to know that as she answered

“I know that sythe, anything you need. At all, you just give me a call.” She promised, before they both hung up.

Thirty minutes later, he was sitting on his porch, his bike parked in front of him, when the gorgeous blonde haired beauty approached him, she really was just like her mother, wild blonde curls and big green eyes.

“Mr.jones?” She smiled sadly, “you’re the house call?” sticking her hand out again. There were bags under her eyes and he noticed her palms were a bloody mess. She must’ve noticed his staring at the indent marks on her palms because she tucked her hands into her pockets and nodded towards his bike.
“This is the bike that’s been giving you problems? Oh I just love the old fashioned Harley’s!” Her eyes lit up as she ran a hand over the shiny chrome, she looked up at him excited “ya know, the very first Bike I ever fixed up was an original. I love the make of these beautiful babies.”

F.P was right about everything, this girl was the definition of a keeper. He smiled back at her,
“Come on inside and grab a drink then we can get started. It’s too hot out here for you to be working without water.”
Betty looked nervously at the house, he knew she was scanning for his son. He gave her a reassuring nudge and she smiled gratefully, thanking him profusely, sweet as sugar but definitely hiding some spice he thought happily, just what his son needed

As soon as she stepped into the trailer, F.P slammed the door shut causing Betty to jump and whip around

“JUGHEAD!!” He called, almost in an instant the boy was standing in front of the pair, sleepy eyes and messy hair, still in his jeans and black tshirt, suspenders dangling down. When Jugheads eyes caught Betty he instantly softened, the fear leaving his mind, that’s what this beautiful young lady did for his son, she soothed his troubled mind with just a glance.

Walking backwards out the door, F.P nodded
“Talk it out.”

He barely had the door shut when he heard the high pitched voice shout “is that alcohol? I swear to god Jughead Jones, if you’ve been drinking…”

Forsythe must have been waiting outside the door for atleast thirty minutes, listening to faint cries and shuffling feet. Suddenly the door swung open and the teen couple was wrapped up in each other, both watery eyed and smiling goofily “hey dad.” Jughead smiled at his father “were gonna head over to poptates, I’m hungry.” Betty giggled from beside him “when are you not hungry?” she smiled sassily running her fingers up his arm.

Jughead dropped a kiss to her forehead, staring down at her in complete adoration “touché, hey bets, you go ahead, i have to talk to my dad real quick.” Betty nodded at him moving to walk away before he gently grabbed her wrist “hey.” She looked up at him confused “I love you.” He whispered with a smile. Instantly her eyes softened and she grinned back “I love you too.” As she moved to walk away she wrapped Jugheads dad up in a bear hug, his eyes instantly wide as he smiled and patted her back
“Thankyou Mr.Jones.” He laughed “anytime love”

She headed off to her car as Jughead hung behind, turning to his father

“Thanks dad, you didn’t have to do that.”

F.P shook his head, placing an hand on his sons arm. “Yes I did Jughead, you’re my son and I’m here for you.”

For the first time in Jugheads life he believed those words. Smiling back he nodded, making his way over to Betty “I won’t be home late. See you tonight!” With that he sprinted away catching Betty by the waist and swinging her around while she giggled.

F.P watched the pair and smiled pulling his phone out and sending a quick text

F.P: bughead is a go. Teamwork baby.

ALICE: bughead? Absolutely not. What about Jetty?

F.P: here we go.

Tom Holland Imagine (prompt)

prompt: 58 - You look cute with a baby bump!

a/n: request from this prompt list

word count: 434

masterlist: (x)

 “Hey you,” Tom took you by surprise as he kissed you on the cheek from over your shoulder. He rest his head on your shoulder, placing small kisses on your neck as he pulled you closer to him.

“Hey!” You smiled. “What are you doing here?”
“Aren’t I allowed to visit my favourite lady on her lunch break? And I bought you an iced coffee, so you better drink it before it goes all funny.” He handed you the Starbucks cup and you thanked him with a quick kiss.

You were currently shooting your latest movie, and the set wasn’t too far from Tom’s flat. He’d made a habit of visiting you during your lunch hour now he was home from his press tour. You took his hand and guided him to your trailer, where you could finally hitch up your dress and remove the fake baby bump you had to wear for the shoot.

“Leave it on,” Tom said.
“Leave it on, you look cute with a baby bump!” You sighed, and let your dress fall back down, taking a seat next Tom on the battered sofa you had in your trailer. You took a sip of your iced coffee and Tom rubbed his hand across your fake belly.
“You know it’s fake, right?” You teased. Tom shrugged, giving you a playful smile. There was a pause. “Tom, are you broody?”
“Maybe,” he replied, his tongue darted out between his lips to wet them, something he always did when he was nervous.
“Uh uh, no way, Tom. Not happening. I am not having the baby talk now.”
“Come on,” he whined, dragging out his words while moving his face closer to yours. “Babe?”
“Tom, we can barely even look after ourselves.”
“True,” Tom laughed. “But babies are cute.” He pouted, sticking his bottom lip out, but couldn’t keep his face serious enough for very long before you both burst into giggles.
“Keep dreaming, honey.”

Tom kissed your temple, then your jawline, then your neck. He nipped at the delicate skin a little. You loved it when he did that. His touch made your heart flutter, and your eyes closed shut as your breath hitched in your throat.

“We haven’t got time,” you said. Tom looked at you, his eyes full of lust, and played with your fingers in his warm hand. You glanced at your watch and inhaled deeply. You wanted him, badly. You’d had sex in the trailer before, the thrill of knowing someone could walk in at any moment made it all the more exhilarating. “Better make it quick then.”