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I'm Mexican and I saw a Desierto interview and the way he talked about immigrants and how many of them just want a better life for their families made me love him more than anything he is just such a down to earth man. And he was furious that so many people misunderstood the movie and thought he was a hero when he hated his own character and the nightmare we are living with certain president. I love JDM he is the best and there's no reason to hate him just cause he killed a FICTIONAL character!

Jeffrey is an amazing actor, a good father and husband, a generous man and incredibly generous to his fans. That’s all I care about. That’s what I’m here for.

The best thing we can do now is to ignore the pettiness and silliness by focusing on the all the nice things JDM has done for us <3

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If Thorin had a daughter and a son what do you think would be like and what sort of relationship would he have with them?

Wow, that’s an interesting question. Let’s see…

First off, I think that Thorin would be an amazing father, I truly believe so.

He’d be the proudest father in the world, and he would brag about his beautiful, healthy children all the time.

I’m sure that he’d be very protecitve as well, especially over his daughter.

Thorin would teach his son about their family history and about all the adventures he had when he was younger.

His daughter would be allowed to braid his hair whenever she wants and she would interrupt Thorin’s meetings occasionally, just because she was bored and wanted someone to play with. Thorin wouldn’t even be mad about it, haha.

Even when he had a stressful day, Thorin would always make sure to spend enough time with his wife and his children, to show them how much he loves them.

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I hope you’re satisfied with my answer, hehe :)

15 Reasons Why Monica Geller Is An Unappreciated Character

1: Fed all of her friends almost every day for ten years without complaining.

2: Excelled in a traditionally masculine career, (yes, cookery as a profession is generally male-dominated) and in traditionally masculine hobbies (football), without compromising her femininity or sexuality.

3: At the same time, revelled in traditionally female interests such as babies, marriage and housework without apologizing for them, or suggesting they made her inferior or weak.

4: Overcame teenage obesity.

5: Grew up in an emotionally abusive home, with a mother who subjected her to relentless criticism and verbal mistreatment….But still emerged with a sense of her own self-worth, determination to fulfil her dreams and huge capacity to care for others.

6: Stayed friends with her brother who bullied her as a child, and contributed to said-emotionally abusive home. Didn’t blame him for her mistreatment or show resentment towards him.

7: Took former best friend – who abandoned and rejected her for a ‘high society’ life – into her home without question.

8: Prior to this, accepted a woman who had previously lived on the streets, as her roommate and welcomed her into her group of friends.

9: Went through unemployment and shitty jobs, but refused to take unfair advantages she hadn’t earned (i.e. Pete buying her a restaurant). Eventually gained a prestigious head chef position based entirely on her own merit.

10: Walked away from the man she thought was the love of her life, because she wanted children and he’d only have them to make her happy. Even though that option would have been 100 times less painful for Monica, she knew that wasn’t fair on him and refused.

11: After marrying the actual love of her life, she waited until Chandler was ready to have kids, because she knew about his fears of raising children. When they discovered virtually the only option for children was sperm donor-ship (so they’d be her kids but not his), she refused and insisted on adoption. 

12: Was also the one-woman cheerleading team for the aforementioned love of her life, in telling him he could be the amazing boyfriend, husband and father that he never saw in himself. Was proved 100% right.

13: Resisted her control-freak coping mechanisms to give Chandler the power of making the big decisions about their future, (saying ‘I Love you’, moving in together, marriage), so he could work through his commitment phobia. Again, proved it was 100% worth it.

14: Encouraged her husband to quit a job he hated, then supported him – financially and emotionally –through his subsequent unemployment and helped him find his dream career.

15: Never, ever fucking gives up on anything or anyone. 


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

When Eleven moves in with Hopper he paints her room pink because he read it was a soothing color and that it represents love . Later he thinks he painted her room with pink but she paints his life with pink. Where there once was an overwhelming emptiness there is now overwhelming love.

Draco before the First Task
  • Lucius: That Potter boy won't last five minutes against a dragon
  • Draco: What are you saying Father? He's amazing. He'll definitely make it to ten. And then it'll be over only because he'll end it spectacularly with some daring stunt <3<3<3
  • Lucius: Oh Draco, you're so young and stupid and W R O N G
  • Draco: *glares*
  • Draco: *muttering* My Potter will hear about this
the wedding video- h.s imagine

After pressing the record button, Niall sat down on the chair across from you. He gave you a thumbs up which you returned back with a smile.

“So Y/N, tell me about what you thought about Harry the first time you met.” Niall read off the list he prepared to ask both you and Harry. With your wedding coming up in a couple of weeks, Niall thought about what he could possibly give you guys as a wedding gift. He wanted to get you guys something special. He wanted to get you something that hopefully one days you guys will cherish. So…he came up with the brilliant idea of creating a pre-wedding video for you guys. He planned to interview you and Harry separately and ask you questions about your relationship. He figured that maybe you guys might want to play it for the guests at the wedding. He also thought in the future, if you guys were ever feeling doubtful or getting through a rough patch in the marriage, you guys would have this video to watch and remember the love you guys have.

You let out a chuckle as you remember the day you met Harry clear as day, three years ago. “The first thought I had about Harry?” You repeated, looking back at Niall, trying to avoid contact with the camera (Niall said that it would look more authentic that way). Niall smiled and nodded his head.

“Clumsy.” You looked down at your lap and shrugged your shoulders as you let out another laugh. Niall softly let out a chuckle himself. “I remember when he was walking up to me, I guess he was so nervous, he spilled his wine on me.”

You shook your head and with a smile, you continued, “He was apologizing a million times a minute. I was laughing the whole time. I remember Harry’s face was as red as a tomato. He promised he would buy me a new blouse.”

Niall smiled, having a mini flashback from when Harry told him about how he spilled his drink on the most beautiful girl he has ever seen in his life. He remembers Harry’s lazy smile as he described how funny you were and how you even laughed at his God awful puns. “And did he ever buy you a new blouse?”

You looked up at Niall and laughed, “You know what? He actually never did. He did buy me a drink though that night.”

“When did you first realize you loved Harry?” Niall asked as he read out another question.

You remained quiet as you tried remembering. In reality, there were tons of moments where you just stopped for a moment and took a minute to look at Harry and go, “I really love this man.” You tried pin pointing the moment where you knew Harry was it for you. 

Finally you answered, “The first time I realized Harry was when we babysat Freddie for the first time. Louis was in a bit of a pickle and didn’t have anyone to babysit so naturally we volunteered. As soon as Louis left the door, Freddie was an absolute mess. He was crying and screaming off the walls. We didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t until Harry picked up Freddie and whispered into his ear ‘Everything will be okay. Daddy will be back soon’ that he started to settle down. Seeing how well Harry treated Freddie and how he was able to calm him down that quickly, it made me realize that I wanted Harry to be the father to my children one day. Seeing him like that…it made me fall in love.”

As you were telling the story, you were staring at the ring on your finger with a smile. Harry’s always been wonderful with children and you knew, without a doubt, he was going to be the most amazing father.

Niall looked down at his list of questions. He smiled as he read out one of the last questions, “Do you have a message for Harry before the wedding?”

You smiled as you stared directly into the camera. “I love you, Harry. I love you so much my heart hurts. I love how you’re able to make me laugh even when I’m feeling as low as can be. I love your stupid puns even when no one else does. I can’t wait until I’m your wife. Nothing will make me happier.” You paused and wiped your eyes as they began to get teary, “I know in my heart we are meant to be. You’re my soul mate and I am so lucky to get to spend everyday for the rest of my life with you.”

“Alright Harry, I’m just going to ask you some questions, alright mate?” Niall asked as he sat down on his chair across from Harry.

Harry nodded his head as he stared at the blinking red light at the top of the camera. Niall looked down at his questions, debating on what question he should ask first. Finally, Niall asked, “What was going on in your mind as you were proposing to Y/N?”

Harry took a hold of his bottom lip and let out a chuckle as he stared off into the ground. “I was thinking ‘God, I hope I don’t shit my pants’. There I was on one knee, asking the most beautiful girl known to man to spend the rest of her life with me. There’s always that doubt in your mind. Yes, you’ve been with that person for a long time but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be in that type of commitment with you. I think any person thinks that as they’re proposing. They think, ‘Please take that leap of faith in me’. And when she said yes…I just couldn’t believe it. Honestly, it took my mind a moment to realize that she said it. To this day, I still can’t believe it.”

“What was your first impression of Y/N?”

“My first impression of Y/N…she’s gorgeous. I saw her from across the room, just standing there and she took my breath away. I knew that I had to talk to her or I would regret it for the rest of my life. Somehow, without even knowing what her name was, I knew she was the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with.” Harry smiled as he looked at Niall.

Niall nodded as he mentally praised himself for having one of the best wedding gifts ever. “What’s your favorite thing about Y/N?”

Harry looked down at his fingers, playing with his rings. “I couldn’t pick just one. I love everything about her. I love how kind her heart is. I love how she never saw me as Harry Styles, celebrity. She saw me as me. Plain, old Harry Styles. In our entire relationship, I never had to worry about her loving me for the wrong reasons. I knew she loved me for who I am. Not my status. I love how she’s beautiful, inside and out. I just love her.”

Niall stood up and stopped the video from recording. He clapped his hands together, “Alright. I think I have enough questions.”

thank you guys so much for reading! i love hearing from you guys! let me know what you thought!

Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 3,652

Warnings: None

Prompt: I got it! Can you do a fic where Sam dies while (Y/N) is pregnant with his child and so Dean helps her raise the child and they live the apple pie life and right when Dean wants to propose to (Y/N), Sam returns to life & ANGST. Please and thank you

“Mary!” Dean shouted “Breakfast’s ready, come on!” he said loud enough, hoping the little girl was going to hear him.

“Yes daddy!” she said in her childlike voice as she ran down the stairs. Her brown curls were bouncing as her green eyes sparkled with happiness the moment she spotted the food that lay on the table.

“Pie!” she exclaimed and the man chuckled at the girl.

“Yes princess!” he placed the last pancake on the place and put the frying pan away. He leaned down and picked her up, giving her a big kiss on the cheek as the little girl giggled at him.

“And it’s your favorite!” he said with a big grin and she squealed.

“Apple pie!”

“-Which you are not going to have for breakfast.” you said with a strict – but loving – mom look.

“What?” she pouted “Why?”

“Sweetheart.” you said softly, taking her from Dean’s arms “Pie is not right for breakfast and you know it. We’ve said you can have pie whenever you want to- as a treat. You will have to eat your meal first.” you said, tucking a few brown curls behind her ear.

“But daddy eats pie all the time- even for breakfast and you let him. Why can’t I?” the four-year-old gave you those puppy eyes that could actually do you anything they wanted.

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Last words ( Game of Thrones)

To be honest I don’t know where to start, I’ve never felt such a disappointment before. Obviously after facing these things I’m seriously at the point where I made a decision to stop caring and won’t waste my free time anymore on trying to resolve, to puzzle out the reasons why these senseless things are happening in the show.

1. Sophie Turner’s change of opinion ( no more creepyship )

Sophie Turner has given some interviews at the San Diego Comic Con which were contained some never before heard facts about the relationship between sansa and baelish. This was kind of shocking to me, not only because In the previous years she told completely the opposite of it, but aslo these things are not true for the Show!version. Maybe I was watching a totally different show?? Because if I remember correctly Sansa had never been Baelish’s abused prisoner in the serie, although  Sophie described the situation almost like that! He’s not flawless of course, none of them are, but As I remember he saved her life several times, he has a huge part in Joffrey’s death, he gave her useful lessons to survive that cut-throat world, and he NEVER forced himself on her, although he had several chances! Baelish might be one of those few men who has no any enjoyment in torturing a woman. He was always respectful towards her, he always listened her opinions and let her made her own decisions! Sansa lied Jon that Baelish sold her to the Boltons, but she did not mention what kind of dress she has made to seduce LF. He didn’t keep her there by force, what the hell is she talking about?! Well, according to this I completely misunderstood the whole situation, I had know any idea Sansa was suffering all along in Petyr’s company. I didn’t know it was so terrible  like in Kings Landing, where she was beaten everyday besides the humiliations and the daily terror! 

Comparing him to Cersei, to Joffrey and Ramsay..whoa, well, thanks Sophie, thanks D&D, good to know that! :)

Sophie also said how amazing that Sansa can dismiss Littlefinger whenever she wants ( you basically sent him to fuck off after he saved you and winterfell…). So it also means that Sansa was disgusted by him,she had to accept his kisses because she was his prisoner……UM..RIGHT…..

“As Sansa has grown and been a prisoner of all these manipulators, she’s been learning and adapting. Now she’s as good at playing the game as he is at this point,” Turner on Littlefinger

Sansa didn’t trust Davos in s6, because if Stannis, but Sophie has said a totally different thing again. (GoT s1-6 and s7 are two different things I belive)


2.  Sansa being in Petyr’s level aka destroying Baelish’s character to make the audience belive Sansa in a master manipulator and Jon is Ned 2 ( :DDD )

“As Sansa has grown and been a prisoner of all these manipulators, she’s been learning and adapting. Now she’s as good at playing the game as he is at this point,”  and the being similar to Cersei thing = Adorable, but not true

Just imagine Petyr saying Lysa before their wedding to fuck off, it would be a strong comfirmation of his manipulation skills, right? 

No, being manipulative is a completely different thing, and Sansa is very far from that, especially after ep1.

Since Sansa has such a huge power over Petyr, the smart step would be to make him belive he’s gonna get what he wants, to manipulate him, to keep him close so he cannot do any unpredictable as long as she needs his skills, as long as he can be useful for her. ( she could gorgive him as well, ‘theon’ thing…) Baelish was on the edge of death in his youth, he isn’t afraid of dying, in season 4 he confessed he would do anything to get what he wants, no matters what it costs, he would risk anything. So making him feel he’s an enemy of hers tells Sansa hasn’t learnt anything. We all know what happens when he feels himself in danger, when he feels his plan won’t work. I thought this was the whole point of Sansa getting lessons from him. To use these knowledge against him if it needs be. But being rude as hell, Sansa spoiled it. Now he knows she doesn’t trust him and doesn’t want to give him what he wants. I can totally see he will do something against her family members or maybe against her since he hates being humiliated and she basically told him he has no chance to win her affections.

 You know humiliation is an important thing in his life: He has created a life for himself by using the Littlefinger mask where nobody can humiliate him again. **

( By the way I’m not saying she has to be nice - there is a difference between being nice, being civil and being outright rude and ungrateful.

Acting like a brat to someone who just saved your life isn’t exactly wise. I would have thought Sansa knew how to play the game a bit better than she is. You can let someone know you’re displeased without resorting to acting like a spoilt teenager. )

Sansa just made him her enemy! I’m sure this is where this storyline will go! Aidan said it well, it’s gonna be a new thing : they have never been each other’s enemy before, right?

Let’s just see what happened:

( I have no idea how could anyone say he enjoyed being treated like a useless shit )

- He wanted to know if he has any chance to reach Sansa through her feelings. ( In s6 he proved his loyality to her by bringing the knights of the vale, and she promised a reward as well. In the Godswood scene it looked like Sansa belived he didn’t know about Ramsay, he forgave him,but she needed time to decide what to do to him and her new life, she managed the situation perfectly well)

- Being arrogant, hateful and disrespectful to him, Sansa told without words that she doesn’t like him, she doesn’t need him, she doesn’t trust him, she won’t give him what he wants, she using his love confess to treat him like a garbage whom she can do whatever she wants

- I do belive he closed the “ Petyr “ door in front of her. Look at his wounded face, he’s full with tension. I think he had a similar expression when Cat and Lysa used him for their games. He doesn’t want to be vulnerable again.

It was Pety’s face and when he changed and started smiling, he became Littlefinger. No more “pleasesansailoveyou”

- Now he’s gonna talk to Jon. I know from the leaks that he’s gonna say sg like He (jon) should thank him for saving Winterfell , Sansa and his life as well. I think he’s gonna ask Sansa’s hand for exchange and Jon will choke him because of that. ( Even show!Baelish would never be so stupid to tell Jon about his weakness, I mean why is he telking Jon he’s in love with sansa??? It doesn’t make sense: Oh, I forgot, D&D wants Jon to be similar to Ned so they sacrifice Pety’s character for that….great)

- Now he’s aware that everyone thinks him as a kind of enemy,and nobody wants to give him his rewards

- I think the knights will want to leave in ep3 because of the Dany plan. And Petyr will take a part in it. Maybe he will manipulate Royce to leave? Idk yet, but I belive lord Royce is gonna die by Baelish’s hands. And maybe he will blackmail Sansa to be his wife or else he’s gonna leave Winterfell with the vale soliders. And maybe this conflict will be the reason why he will try to turn arya and bran against her. Or D&D made him a vulnerable retard whom sansa will use whenever she wants. Both of the possible  versions are pointless, Baelish is completely out of character. He was well written until s5.

None of the characters are pure/evil, they are complex. None of them are better, than Petyr Baelish. Everybody has betrayed everyone if it helped them to reach their aims, if it suited their morlas. If it was good from their point of view. And almost every character had a part in Ned’s death. Sansa, Varys, Sandor, Cersei..ect. Cersei’s opinion was more important for Sansa, than her own family, and it was not the first time. She has been lying perfectly since her childhood, she enjoys manipulating people. Varys could have help him to escape from the jail, but let just say he had other plans for the future king (queen). Sandor could have helped him, but instead of that he killed Ned’s soliders and protected Joffrey. The original plan was to send him to the Wall, but Joffrey ordered his execution, even Cersei tried to stop it. Petyr did try to help him, but he was way too naive to this harsh cut throat world, where you can only survive if you play the game. Baelish has learnt this lesson to his sorrow when he was a naive little boy with dreams. This is the reason why he wears the Littlefinger mask when he needs it. He’s not flawless, but he was always respectful towards Sansa, he saved her several times, gave her useful lessons, and he never forced himself on her! Jamie has become a cute hero after his love interest in Brienne. But everybody forgot he wanted to kill Bran, because that little boy was a witness of his aberrant relationship with his own!sister! Not to mention he raped his own sibling in front of their dead child’s body! What a sick shit does things like that??! Rape is rape! Or Sandor, he served the Lannisters, when cersei asked him to bring her the stark girls, he obeyed again! He killed Arya’s child friend..ect! But you forgave him because he looked after Arya! Like every sick shit can be a saint after good doings except Baelsih who had a terrible childhood as well and he saved Sansa, Jon, and Winterfell and in exchange everybody tearted him like a piece of shit! GoT fans are very strange people.

for me their storyline has ended there:

Do you see it now? It’s him using his cold manipulator mask.

They have destroyed his character and the amazing relationship between sansa and petyr. It feels like a terrible fanfiction or a parody! 

(” father” Sandor, Saint Jamie….)

Thank you D&D!

( Obviously I won’t be able to handle this ridiculous shit, so I’m leaving,  PxS is the best fandom I have ever been in, thank you for the fun times and the kidness ❤❤❤ )

Growing Up

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Requested: Yes by @aesthetictrashxd

A/N: Smut warning, unprotected sex (pls don’t do this at home, you will get pregnant and die)

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“Stiles,” Your boyfriend of two years had his back turned to you, his head buried in a book. He’s been so caught up in the Supernatural that you never got a chance to celebrate your two year anniversary last week; he said he’d make it up to you but so far, nothing.

Deciding to do something bold for once, you skipped to the bathroom and changed your outfit from a pair of boring leggings and a jumper to the lingerie you had hiding underneath, you grabbed the silk robe that you stuffed in your bag earlier and threw it over the black underwear. Fixing your makeup and puffing your hair up slightly, you smirked in the mirror at how beautiful you looked.

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The first time is serious business - Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

#10. Making love for the first time. Only slightly NSFW, mostly fluffy. And not great…Thank for the compliment by the way :), hope you’ll like it :

THERE’S SOME SORT OF PART TWO HERE : Titus likes you…too much

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


The first time he saw you, he was barely ten years old. You were in the same class than him in Gotham Academy, and he noticed you right away because your uniform was old and had clearly been used before. He guessed pretty fast that you were one of those kids from poor families that his father gave a scholarship to, which meant, you were a smart one. 

“Smart”, didn’t even do justice to your intelligence. He never met anyone (that wasn’t his father or brothers) like you, you were extra-brainy, sometimes he even thought you were almost as astute as him…But not only, you were also full of wit and quick responses, and so damn brave. You were a short one, and yet, when he saw you get bullied by sixteen years old, he didn’t even had time to react and come help you that you already shot your foot to one of the guy’s crotch mercilessly. And then kicked his face. The two others bullies were so stunned, they just ran away. They ran away from a short ten year old girl…You were amazing. 

He pleaded to his father so that you wouldn’t get fired from school for kicking that guy’s ass, and Bruce was so impressed with you, and how his son defended you, that he pressured the school into keeping you. 

-I know it’s thanks to you I’m still here, so…yeah, thank you dude. 

-I didn’t do anything. 

-Lier. I know who your dad is. I know it’s thanks to him I have the opportunity to be in the best school of Gotham. And I know he convinced the school’s board not to fire me. My guts are telling me you’re the one responsible for your father’s intervention. So…Thanks. 

And that’s how you became friend with him. You quickly guessed he was the night vigilante “Robin”, and it wasn’t really a big deal. Maybe it was your child’s brain telling you that a hero, with all the costume wearing a people saving, such as him was just wicked cool, that you thought it really wasn’t a big deal On the contrary, you thought Damian was like, the coolest guy you ever met. After Batman and Nightwing of course. He made it his life goal to show you he was better than them…and it made you slowly fall for him as the years went by, and as you grew up together. 

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Imagine Castiel helping you put the baby crib together becaue your boyfriend, Dean, is away trying to find a ring to propose.

“(Y/n)” you heard a rough voice and you looked up from the floor you were sitting to see your best friend looking at you with that characteristic head tilt of his.

“What are you doing?” he frowned and you looked down.

“Oh just trying to find my way around this thing but to be honest putting together a gun is so much easier.” you let out a frustrated sigh but ended up chuckling.

“(Y/n)” Cas sighed himself “I told you I was going to do this, you don’t have to stress out yourself. We don’t want any complications with the baby.” he said as he knelt next to you.

“Cas, relax.” you giggled at his worried expression “Despite how effin messed up this is, the baby will be just fine, he or she’s a Winchester with Dean Winchester as a father. I think that if we can be sure for one thing is the stubbornness this baby will have in it.” you chuckled and Cas gave you a half smile.

“Dean would probably try to deny this but… I must say I agree.” he confessed as he came to sit next to you and you giggled at him.

“Besides, if anything: I have had to put up with him during my entire pregnancy with all my hormones going crazy. I think I have so much patience now to last an entire life!” you said as he took the manual from your hands.

“That I know, but Sam and I are here for you too (Y/n). Well, Sam is technically gone at the moment but-” he nodded his head with a frown “I promised you that whatever you needed help with, I would be here with you to help.”

“I know, Cas, but at the same time it’s not really your job. I know you consider the baby family, as I consider you one but-”

“But if I can then I will help you.” he said gently but firmly “Besides- I’m very good at following instructions.” he said as he flipped through the pages.

You smirked slightly, your hand landing on your belly almost out of habit now “Is it the angel Castiel that rebelled against heaven and broke every rule known to them speaking?”

Castiel looked at you opened his mouth before closing it and pursing his lips. He squinted his eyes before clearing his throat and looking back down at it.

“You’re just amazing.” you chuckled, kissing his cheek and making him relax “But I’m just kidding, Cassie. You know I always appreciate your help.” you placed another hand on top of his and he smiled softly.

“It’s always my pleasure, (Y/n). Anything I can do to make you feel better. Speaking of which- How are you feeling?” he glanced down at your hand and you did the same.

“Huge, that’s for sure.” you laughed “But I won’t bother you with that, I always take it all out on Dean anyway.” you shrugged and he smiled.

“It will soon be done, there’s not much time left until the baby comes. And I know for sure that’s when Dean will make up to you for all of this.”

“I don’t doubt that Cas.” you smiled down at your belly “He is already an amazing father even if none of us really expected this to come. It’s just-” you sighed, looking around your mood almost instantly changing but it was less intense than the first months of your pregnancy.

“Just what?”

“You know, Cas, the thing about this is not that I don’t want you to help me build up the crib. It’s that it should be Deanhere with me, not you, not Sam not anyone and not me myself, putting all the pieces together like every couple should. But no- hunting always comes first as it seems, and he and Sam are gone the moment they catch wind of some case.”

“(Y/n)- it’s not like that.” he looked down.

“Then what is it like? I mean I’m not always demanding things from him, actually never, but for this I hoped that- that he’d really want to be there. I guess- I just need to be a little more patient.” you shrugged, almost tired and Castiel only looked at you with a frown.

He wished so bad he could say something, anything to make you feel less bad about this but then how could he utter that Dean had left you all alone because he was trying his best to find the perfect ring to propose to you but never felt anything was good enough for you?

A concept: kevin day sitting on his bed between classes, one leg is down and the other is up with a book balanced on his knee. He chews his fingernail as he reads, occasionally takes a drink of his green smoothie, and he has to brush his hair out of his eyes every now and then because he’s a bit overdue on a haircut, but he kind of likes it. The only sound is the air conditioner in the background and quiet classical music. He will graduate from PSU soon and join the pro team of his choosing. He will marry an amazing person who loves him. He will grow closer to his father and raise a beautiful daughter who won’t ever qualify for the foxes. He is happy. He is safe and content.

Legacy | Peter Parker

Request: Hey could you write an Peter Parker x Stark’s daughter reader?

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

masterlist / request

He promised himself he would not fall in love. Peter had always been an intelligent boy, he knew what to do to avoid future complications. From doing homework weeks in advance to waiting at the farthest corner of Queens to work his way in as Spider-man, he usually found a plan that worked and stuck with it.


He remembered the first time he met you. You were sitting in the lounge of the famous Stark tower with papers scattered around you. He had just arrived there from school and was not expecting company, aside from Mr. Stark of course. You were so engrossed in your work that you did not notice the awkward boy enter the room. He coughed and got your attention.

You looked up and he was met with your pretty face causing him to fidget. “Hey, Peter, right?” You asked, you remembered your father mentioning a guest earlier. He nodded, not trusting his words. “Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N! If you could come over here, these are the newest blueprints for your web shooters,” you said guiding him to where you were. His eyes widened as he both recognized his invention and did not understand all the upgrades you added.

“It looks like a lot, I couldn’t help myself,” you laughed as you sat down again staring up at Peter’s amazed face. “I-it’s amazing! I-i-” he was cut off by your father entering the room. “Only the best from the Starks as always. Parker, my daughter, Y/N, Spider-boy.” Peter was about to correct your dad when Tony turned to look at the blueprints. “Alright kiddos, follow me to test the new toys.”

You and Peter silently obliged, making your way to Tony’s lab. “I know it’s Spider-man don’t worry. He only likes to tease you,” you whispered as your dad walked a few steps ahead. Peter turned to you before looking at his shoes as his smile grew. 

That was the first time, and thankfully not the last. After that, you frequently made your presence known and stayed at the tower ever more often. It gave Peter another reason to spend more time at the tower, not that any of you were complaining, Tony loved having someone to mentor and tease.

He remembered the first time Tony mentioned it. “So Peter, you’ve been spending a lot of time with my daughter,” Peter choked on his own spit, “and I think it’s about time we lay down some ground rules.” By then, you and Peter had become really great friends. Not lovers, but friends with hidden agendas.

“There’s nothing to worry about dad. Peter and I are just friends,” you cut in, saving Peter from the conversation. Peter felt a weird feeling in his stomach as you said that, that was the moment he realized he was in trouble. Don’t fall in love, it’s not worth it.

Peter spent all night going through his thoughts, trying to disassociate you from everything he was looking for. It was the hardest thing he had to do in a while, it only seemed to strengthen his adoration for the Stark. He groaned and tried thinking of ways how to forget about it. But when you showed up the next day with your smile and obnoxious laugh, he knew he was in too deep.

Slowly, hugs turned into cuddles that later developed into forehead and cheek kisses. Your friendly dates turned into romantic ones and your hands found each other no matter the situation. You were waiting to see if Peter had the guts to make the first move, and he was trying to. He just needed time.

“Y/N! PARKER! Come in here!” Your father’s voice echoed against the pristine walls. Peter gulped and felt the nerves bubble in his chest. He turned to you and felt it all go away. You were smiling as if you were not going to face your father. You led him to your father before taking a seat next to him.

“I don’t know what’s going on here and I know you know that I hate not knowing.” You turned to Peter who was speechless. You sighed and turned back to your father. “Well whatever it is, it’s nothing to worry about.” The rest of the conversation was a blur because all Peter could remember was the kiss you shared after it.

“Hey Pete?” “Yeah?” You caught him by surprise and placed your lips softly on his. It was quick and short but it left him breathless and begging for more. “Let’s give him something to worry about.”

Hope you liked it! x

How to be an Awesome Wife: Millennial Edition

Take care of the children. Staying home to raise your children is not for the faint of heart. It is a daily challenge, but very rewarding in the end. Your Husband is probably an amazing Father, but he will never have the same emotional connection that you do with your children. Mothers have a maternal instinct and a bond with their babies cannot be broken. Utilize parenting techniques that work for both of you. Your Husband should act as lead disciplinarian, with you acting at the lead nurturer. This instills structure and a hierarchy in your home; teaching your children to respect authority. This starts by submitting to your husband, in turn your children will have a model to emulate.

Cook and bake well. Being in charge of your family’s nutrition is of the upmost importance. Making mac and cheese from a box every night dosent count. Cooking shows, online tutorials/ courses and cookbooks are all great references. Prepping meals earlier in the day or the night before is also a big help when it comes to managing family time in the evenings.

Keep your home clean. The home should be a relaxing environment. A disorderly home causes stress and anxiety. Your Husband wants to come home to an orderly home. If you have very small children, your Husband should allow you some leeway here, as young children are professional lil’ mess-makers.

Put effort into your appearance. Look attractive for him, never “let yourself go.” Take time to do your hair and make-up. Online make-up tutorials are helpful. Wear tight fitting clothes; low cut shirts and yoga pants when in the house. If your Husband prefers that you dress more modestly while outside, then do so accordingly.

Never deny any type of sexual advances from your Husband. Additionally, your acceptance should be paired with enthusiasm. Your Husband should feel comfortable to act out any sexual ideas/fantasies that he may have. Once married, ANY kind of sexual act between a Husband and wife is deemed as an “act of love.” Dick sucking/oral sex should be offered daily and is also an act of submission in and of itself.

When you are out alone, never partake in anything that your Husband wouldn’t approve of. If you have to hide something, then you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

Dont spend too much time on your phone or tablet when your Husband is home. Additionally, when your Husband speaks to you, look up at him and not down at your phone when replying.

Do not argue aggressively with him. Communicate openly and calmly about any issues that arise. Both partners deserve to be heard respectfully. Your opinion is important to your Husband as he doesn’t want a doormat. But as Man of the house, he should make the final decision.

Save money. Housewives are often seen as “kept women” who shop and spend frivolously. Alternatively, many housewives will tell you what a complete fallacy that is. Learning how to budget money properly, couponing and keeping a stockpile are all important aspects of running your home efficiently.


Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester - Chapter 6

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 5,503

Warnings: Angst

Prompt: I got it! Can you do a fic where Sam dies while (Y/N) is pregnant with his child and so Dean helps her raise the child and they live the apple pie life and right when Dean wants to propose to (Y/N), Sam returns to life & ANGST. Please and thank you

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5

“Hope you’re happy.” you said in a hoarse voice, tears having welled up in your eyes as you crosed your arms over your chest and walked away from both of them.

“Neither of us is.” Dean spoke up as he approached you “But we know that she has to learn the truth, sooner or later. And at this point- it wouldn’t make any difference. She already loves Sam, she doesn’t see him as a stranger so that’s what matters.”

“Right, because it’s more convenient.” you scoffed, shaking your head “Liten to me here, we’ve been through tons of shitty situations. We’ve lived moments we never thought we’d go through and that other people would have been torn apart in but this- it’s no longer just the three of us. That kid upstairs is my life and I don’t care what I’ll have to do but I am going to protect her happiness with everything I’ve got.” you got closer to both of them, forgetting for a moment that Sam would probably see the marks Dean had left on your neck. That and the fact that you were actually wearing his shirt.

“And I know she has to find out, I agree that she has to. But I need you both to understand one thing: no matter what goes on amongst us she stays out of it. I don’t want for a second to see her cry, and I need you both to know that.” you said in a stern tone and after a final look you were making your way upstairs.

Your mood seemed to be changing every five minutes as it seemed but you didn’t care anymore. You were slightly angry, yes, mostly at Dean for having gone to talk to Sam without you there. It almost seemed behind your back and you didn’t want to admit that it mostly scared you about what else he had in mind to do.

“She really hasn’t changed one bit.” Sam whispered and the corners of Dean’s mouth lifted into a small smile.

“Yeah” he whispered in a hoarse voice “She really hasn’t.”

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