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A prompt for you: Sam finds out just how huge of a nerd Bucky really is. Cue some good ole mutual pining. :)

“I’m just saying, if hyper lightspeed technology exists out there, we need to be prepared.”

“We hear you, Barnes. But we have other matters to discuss, so we need to table this for another time.”

Bucky looked at Director Hill like he could have flipped the table, and both Sam and Steve got tense in their seats. When he shrugged and nodded, the meeting moved on.

Sam caught up with Bucky when they filed out of the SHIELD conference hall and touched him on the arm. “What’s with you, man?”


“The hell it’s nothing.”

Bucky yanked his arm out of Sam’s grip and stared at him. “They’re not thinking ahead. But there are worlds out there with technology we’ve never dreamed of. And some of those places aren’t so nice toward earth. Hill’s too short sighted to–she just doesn’t like that I’m not Fury.”

Sam scrunched up his face as Bucky stalked down the hallway. Bucky? Thinking ahead? That’s news to me.

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This flashback broke me.

And it’s not only because of the closeness between both, or the intimacy you get from their interactions, but it’s also the fact that…

…this stands as a promise between them. “Please, have faith in me. I’ll make it happen, just watch me.” While we know the quad is Victor’s signature move, we also know what happened the last time he tried it, of course he was coming out of the high of the moment, he was just happy he managed to try the jump. But now, it’s different, he has been practicing, he wants to performed it without mistakes, just like Victor would.

Now Yuuri has actually made up his mind to carry out the flip, he has planned ahead and train. He’s running out of time and he knows it, he feels pressured to make it happen. He’s desperate to try and show the other man… him deciding to become his coach was in no way something he’ll regret, even if it all ends after the Grand Prix, Yuuri wants for Victor to feel proud, he wants for the other man not to regret his decison of coming to Hasetsu.

He wants for Victor to believe in him one more time, he gets strength from that, he wants the other man to see he is capable of doing it, and Yuuri himself wants to believe he’ll be able to make it this time. HE’S NEVER MANAGE TO LAND ONE IN AN ACTUAL COMPETITION, CAN YOU IMAGINE NEXT EPISODE, I’M PRAYING TO EVERY GOD HE GETS TO LAND THE FLIP.

But the thing is, after Yuuri fails to complete the jump… you can sense both the frustration and desesperation in his eyes, in his defeated posture, “I failed to show him… why wasn’t I able to… why?… he will leave soon, he will not stay by my side to see it happen again. ”  And then we have him break down in middle ice, he can’t control his shaking, his breathing is all over the place, he just can’t seem to calm down.

He knows he failed to show Victor a perfect routine, a perfect jump, he knows there’s still things he lacks, and he knows he wants to get stronger, BUT HE ALSO KNOWS, THERE’S NO LONGER TIME.

One of the things he was hoping from his Eros routine, at the final, was to be able to complete this specific flip. The fact he didn’t make it, the fact he couldn’t show Victor what he promised, THAT’S WHAT HURTS HIM THE MOST.

And then we have Victor, who’s trying to control himself, he is trying to keep a straight face and maintain his composure, because even if he wants to, he knows he can’t go to where Yuuri is, he can’t tell him it’s alright, he can’t tell him he’s proud either way… so he stops himself from saying anything or getting close. He wants for Yuuri to get to his own closure… he wants the boy to see he’s not alone, he never was. But of course seeing the boy he loves break down like that, it might explain his pain expression.

What Victor wants most in the world is for Yuuri not to loose his confidence, not again, he wants for him to trust his own choices just like he’s been doing up till now, he wants for Yuuri to keep on going, keep on skating.






Sir Francis Bacon: Preserver of Chickens

In 1626 Sir Francis Bacon, one of the most influential minds of his time, was watching a snowstorm. He was struck by the notion that maybe snow could be used to preserve meat. And he wasn’t exactly wrong: today people everywhere put chickens in their freezers to preserve them. Sadly Bacon was a man too far ahead of his time. In 1626, electricity hadn’t even been invented let alone artificial cooling. But did that stop Bacon? Of course not.

Determined to find out if snow could preserve meat, Sir Francis Bacon purchased a chicken from a nearby village. He killed it and then, standing outside in the snow, tried to freeze the chicken by stuffing it full of snow. The chicken never froze. But Bacon caught a cold that turned into pneumonia, and died shortly afterward.

After seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for the Third Time. . .

After seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for the third time, I realized several (Okay, more than several.) Things about Mr. Newt Scamander.


• He’s legitimately like a father to all of his creatures, and treats his as though they are his own children, and possibly more.

• He had to wipe his face after giving Pickett to Gnarlack, because he was crying over giving one of his best friends / children over to a man who would probably lock him away in a cage.

• When Tina and Newt were being sentenced to death, Newt immediately said that Tine had done nothing wrong, showing how much he cared about humans, especially Tina, as well.

• He didn’t go for the sexy, well-dressed, makeup-clad man magnet, but instead went for the said ‘career girl’ who always shows up when she’s least wanted.

• I think the saddest thing I’ve ever heard in my life is Newt screaming, “Please! Don’t hurt my creatures! They’re not dangerous! They’re not dangerous!”

• He cared for the Obscurial, even though people thought they were insane monsters.

• He picks at his fingers when he’s nervous, or anxious.

• He literally just wanted to go to America, free Frank, and maybe have a little vacation while he was at it. That’s it.

• He appears to be in a constant state of comfusion; blinking, staring, stuttering, and generally getting himself into trouble.

• Held up an entire boat full of people just so that he could say a proper goodbye to Tina.

• Literally never interacts with Queenie the entire movie, except for talking about ANOTHER girl. Dang, boy, resist game strong.

• Kept an illegal No-Maj around because he liked him, and wanted a friend.

• Literally lives in a suitcase.

• Has seriously only had about four friends in his entire life, which is just sad.

• Is the little brother of a famous war hero, yet chooses to run around the world to help magical creatures.

• Despite all of his klutziness, he defeated one of the most terrifying dark wizards of all time, Gellert Grindelwald.

so my neighbour who lives across the hall has got himself locked out twice in the past three days. both times he’s knocked on my door and both times he’s seen me in my fleecy Cap PJs so he’s one of a privileged few. 

today he knocks on my door and is like um so I got locked out and my phone has no battery, can I pls plug it in here while I call my roommate. and I’m like sure man idgaf go ahead don’t get stuck in the stairwell (apparently his roommate works until 8pm or later and it was like 3:30 at the time). last time I tried to put my skinny hand in the external letterbox for him and it didn’t work so I already know this dude is a car crash (takes one to know one).

in the small talk beforehand I learn he works at Lush down the street, which is nice because idk this guy and now he’s a #confirmed queer. anyway your man calls his roommate and is like cool I’m gonna go meet him thanks I’ll hook you up with some Lush stuff. thinking it’s bullshit I’m like dude don’t even worry it’s nbd, you already gave me money for the electricity. 

then like a half hour later when he gets back:


so what I’m saying is…….. imagine your OTP. 

“Hey, Louise?” Dan whispers to his friend as they walk down the block toward the restaurant.

Several dozen feet ahead of them Phil walks with PJ, content to listen to the man animatedly tell him a story, and Tom is lagging only a foot or two behind them, distracted by his phone. Tyler walks with his arm linked through Dan’s to ensure he doesn’t get left behind by his long legged friend, and Louise is happily skipping along at Dan’s left.

“Yeah?” She asks, a little too loudly for Dan’s liking, and he shakes his head. Curious, Tyler leans closer so he can hear. “What’s up?” She asks, voice hushed this time.

“Um… Be careful what you bring up to Phil today- and maybe don’t mention his relationship with me.” Dan murmurs, and confusion passes over his friends faces.

“Why not? Is everything okay?” Tyler asks before Louise can, and Dan shrugs.

“I’m not sure. I’m pretty confident that something is wrong with him, but he won’t talk to me about it.”

“This isn’t going to be 2012 again, is it?” Louise asks bluntly, and Dan feels his stomach flip and has to swallow the urge to vomit.

“No.” He says firmly.


They arrive shortly after that, Tom and PJ waiting outside the doors for them.

“Where’s Phil?” Dan asks, and PJ shrugs.

“Said something about needing a drink.” Tom says, and Dan nods in understanding.

They enter and once they’re seated Phil reappears, taking his seat next to Dan as per usual for the last seven years. Dan’s gaze takes over his boyfriend, trying to read his expression, but for once Phil’s face is blank.

“Phil?” He whispers, unheard by their friends, and his fingers gently touch Phil’s hand.

Phil moves his hand away and doesn’t answer, wordlessly shaking his head. Dan removes his hand, but can’t deny the hurt blossoming in his chest.


They get most of the way through lunch when it happens.

“So Phil, when are you two going to come out?” PJ asks, and Phil snaps. Despite the friendly, teasing tone in PJ’s voice, Phil shoots out of his chair like he’s been stabbed and storms out of the restaurant.

“Is he okay?” Tyler asks, and Dan is standing before his sentence is even finished.


He stumbles out of the restaurant and quickly finds Phil seated against the wall, knees drawn to his chest with his face hidden in his hands. He approaches swiftly, and kneels next to him.

“Phil?” He asks softly. “I don’t know if I’m allowed to touch you but.. I’m here for you.”

He carefully scrutinizes the man, frowning when he realizes Phil’s hands are shaking and his breathing is ragged and his entire body is subtly trembling, and everything about this is reminding Dan of when he himself has anxiety attacks. He immediately drops into more of a seated position, and gently touches Phil’s leg. To his relief, Phil pushes gently into the touch.

“I’m here if you-” He breaks off when Phil lurches into his arms, and they almost fall back onto the pavement. Almost immediately Dan’s arms encircle Phil, and he knows they must look like lunatics right now but he can’t be bothered to care.

“I’m sorry-” He breathes, lips trembling against Dan’s neck, and Dan’s chest tightens. “I should have confessed sooner- I can’t stop thinking about it but I don’t want to pressure you or-” he breaks off as a ragged sob escapes, and Dan feels tears wetting his shirt.

“Shh, shh,” He whispers softly, gently rubbing his hand up and down Phil’s back, legs shifting so they’re crossed around Phil. “What’s wrong, Phil?”

“I don’t want to be just ‘Dan and Phil’ anymore!” Phil blurts, and Dan feels a sharp pain in his chest. “And maybe- maybe I don’t want to be 'phan’ either because I really don’t understand a lot of that, but I-” he falters, hands shaking and breath trembling. Dan reaches out and gently grasps Phil’s hands, the pain in his chest fading as understanding dawns, and Phil meets his gaze as more tears slip out.

“It’s okay.” Dan whispers gently, and for a second Phil actually believes it. “We don’t have to be anything we don’t want to be.” He promises, “And if you want to stop hiding then we can.”

“It can’t be a rash decision-”

“Phil,” He interrupts, voice dripping with love as he leans forward and captures Phil’s lips. “Phil,” he says again when they part. “It doesn’t count as a rash decision after seven years.”

Phil snorts but the hint of a smile tugs at his lips, and when Dan releases his hands they aren’t shaking anymore. He leans forward, their noses bumping together gently, and his eyes flutter shut as he tries to regulate his breathing as Dan gently doodles small patterns upon his cheek with the tip of his finger.

“Thank you, bear.” He whispers when his heartbeat slows and he can think straight again. “I’m sorry to drop that on you in the middle of lunch with our friends.” His eyes open, gaze locking with Dan’s. “I don’t want to pressure you. We’ve waited this long, a little more waiting won’t kill anybody.”

“To hell with waiting.” Dan says, leaning closer to Phil. “We’ve waited enough.”

Phil smiles slightly, and when Dan gets to his feet Phil follows. They make their way to the door to rejoin their friends, and as they walk Phil stews over what Dan had said.

“Hey, Bear?” He calls to the man a few steps ahead, and Dan immediately pauses and turns to face him, cheeks flushing.


“I love you.” He says, grabbing Dan’s hand and tugging him back so their lips can meet.

Dan sighs into the kiss and lifts his free hand, resting it on the back of Phil’s neck, and he pushes closer into the kiss, heart pounding in his chest.

“I love you too.” He breathes, and Phil grins.

Their fingers link together as they walk into the restaurant and approach the table, and PJ immediately rushes to apologize.

“Phil, I’m so sorry man, I-”


“I- what?” He asks in confusion, and Phil grins, tugging Dan’s hand to pull him closer.

“Now.” He says again, and Tyler is the first to clue in, jumping up with a triumphant shout.

“Yes bitch!” He cries, and Dan snorts.

“It’s about time you guys.” Louise teases, and Dan tenses but Phil only nods as they take their seats.

“Yeah.” He agrees. “It is.”

Villain Deku AU + Exasperated Dad Might

Deku becomes a villain pretty young and All Might still hasn’t given up heroics because goddamnit he’s not ready to give up being All Might yet. All Might literally cannot fight Villain Deku at full power because this guy is just a KID and doesn’t he have GUARDIAN??? An Adult??? Someone to look after this sassy lost child who definitely shouldn’t be doing such illegal activities???

So All Might finds himself reluctantly stepping into Dad Might role whenever he fights the villain Deku because DAMNIT YOU HAVE YOUR WHOLE AMAZING LIFE AHEAD OF YOU STOP THESE ILLEGAL SHENANIGANS YOUNG MAN

And the whole time Deku can’t decide whether to feel patronized by All Might or thrive off his attention (it’s some unholy mixture of both and the whole time he’s just CONFUSED about his own feelings on the matter) all he knows for sure is that he wants All Might to acknowledge him and his abilities

The whole city is just trying to hold itself together since it’s best hero is apparently trying to parent this unruly villain into submission

It’s got mixed results.

Harry Potter: Albus Dumbledore [INFJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING BY: infj-the-cynical-idealist

[Spoilers Ahead]

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Dumbledore often acts like an intelligent but scatterbrained old man. But while he may look like Ne at first glance, later books show a more calculating, farseeing nature. Dumbledore never acts without a clear purpose, as proven by his innumerable actions that seem random at the time but turn out to be integral, and intentional, later. He grooms Harry from day one, seeing the role he must play in the coming conflict. Dumbledore plays the long game expertly, withholding information from Harry until he needs it. He has no doubts that Harry will sacrifice himself in the end, counting on what others would think of as a long shot. While Dumbledore understands Fudge’s fear of the coming battle, he has little patience for those who cannot look at the big picture, especially since he has such a clear and unwavering conviction in what he has foreseen. Dumbledore has such confidence in the plans that he has set in place that he will even die for them, letting Snape kill him after planning it out in advance.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): When dealing with other people, especially children, Dumbledore has a way of putting them at ease. Part of his scattered old man act is designed to make people more comfortable with him, when in reality he is a ridiculously powerful and intimidating wizard. Dumbledore presides over Hogwarts fairly, doing his best to keep his students safe and happy, even when he works in subtle, unseen ways. His choice in staff reflects his sense of compassion and willingness to people a second chance. Hagrid, Mr Filch and Professor Trelawney. are all not especially qualified for their jobs, but Dumbledore keeps them on out of a desire to let them show their good qualities. Dumbledore’s past is a perfect example of Fe’s dark side. Paired with his visionary Ni, his Fe led him to consider extreme actions like taking over the muggle world, “for the greater good.” Dumbledore puts an immense amount of trust in others, first trusting Snape to kill him as promised, then trusting Harry to go to his “death.” 

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Dumbledore has a brilliantly inquisitive mind. He is prone to questioning traditional knowledge, encouraging his students to pursue unconventional and original solutions. He is an inventor (He discovered the twelve uses of dragon’s blood) and loves to keep interesting gadgets and doodads in his office. In teaching, At Hogwarts Dumbledore is lax to the point of being negligent, because he values independent thinking in his students and thinks that they can learn more if their environment is less structured.  

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Dumbledore hesitates to get involved directly and tends to act on the framework of a greater plan than his immediate perceptions. He prefers to work subtly rather than out in the open, although when pushed he is capable of immense feats of wizardry, as seen in his duel against Voldemort. Dumbledore wishes the world to be seen for what it truly is, doing his best to cut through misconceptions about the first war, the coming war, racial equality and misunderstood individuals. 

I’m not expecting this to click with everyone, but I’m as confident about this typing as I am about any other profile I’ve written. Dumbledore simply doesn’t use Ne. He uses Ni and gives a shallow Ne impression in order to put people at ease and let others underestimate him. 

Just finished a short McHanzo fic inspired by @jadenvargen​‘s wonderful McHanzo comic. Enjoy!

Of course he will say yes. Genji insists he will.

But what does the Genji know of these things? What does Genji know of him anymore?

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Work It, Baby

Pairing: Y/N!Ashton

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 2.100+

Summary: Basically just a cute moment between you and Ash as you visit him in during his workout and decide to sneak a few kisses while he makes push-ups over you. 

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Midnight Snack

The house was dark when he pulled into the driveway, cutting off the lights quickly. He was three hours late getting home and he was still cursing Julian with every breath he took. No matter how many times he’d tried to convince the man that he was satisfied with the melody of the new song they were working on, Julian demanded that it had to be better. It needed to be legendary.

His girlfriend, his beautiful, sexy, naughty girlfriend had been waiting at home. If her messages were any indication, she’d been awaiting his return home in a certain state of undress with a head full of filthy ideas about their night together. And Julian had ruined it all.

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An Honest God

Hi again! Man I should avoid homework more often! Don’t worry,  I’m a bit ahead right now so I can take a break.

For those who haven’t notice or don’t own the Art of the Book of Life, Xibalba’s mouth changes depending on his emotions.

For example: when Xibalba is being sneaky or evil, he has pointed teeth:

When he is honest or nervous, he has square teeth:

And when he is charming, which is actually most of the time, he has no teeth/ slick mouth

I picked the best shots didn’t I? especially the last one! For this analysis, I will be looking at Xibalba’s and La Muerte’s conversation before making the wager.

When we first hear them talking up close, Xibalba complains about ruling a wasteland while La Muerte rules an endless fiesta, finding it not fair, being honest with himself.

He later begs her honestly to trade lands.

While he angrily admits that he hates the Land of the Forgotten, he is also being honest.

Here, he is reacting to La Muerte’s accusation of cheating first he is honest, feeling guilty then tries to turn on the charm:

When Xibalba comes up with the wager, he first acts nervous and a bit desperate but then comes up the idea of another wager he puts on the charming face:

However, at the end we can see some of the square teeth, showing that he is not all that confident in this plan.

So while Xibalba is sneaky with a snake up his sleeve, he is also an honest god when you look hard enough.

Also the animators deserve a large round of applause for animating this big guy so fluidly especially his mouth.

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two different women who had two totally different relationships that didn’t work out with mike said that his head was not in those relationships, that it wasn’t what he wanted. and the thing is that mike really doesn’t know what he wants. he is a grown man, with a career in sports reaching an end and he is lost and lonely. and he thinks he doesn’t deserve more, he truly believes he doesn’t deserve happiness. and ginny, who is shinning and conquering the world, who is younger and has a whole life ahead of her, doesn’t even cross his mind because he is too old, and he is too cynical, and he has lost hope a long time ago; he doesn’t allow himself to dive into hopeful thinking.

so i think mike will only see what is right in front of him when he and ginny reach a solid friendship. like one lazy day, they will be doing something mundane and he will be like what??? are??? you??? doing??? here??? with??? me??? and then maybe he will be brave enough to think of happiness as a possibility.

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Hey Fortune, what's your favorite memory? Hey Curse, what's your favorite memory?

Fortune: we share a favorite memory…
Curse: oh! can i tell them?!
Fortune: go ahead.
Curse: well,there was a time when we were exploring the surface, there was a human and his daughter asking for food or money…we felt bad for them. Fortune started to give them good luck, people started to give them money, when they got enough..a thief stole it, but i gave the thief bad luck so he tripped and fell! a police man noticed and arrested him then they gave the money back to the man and his daughter! what’s even better is that the police man asked them if they wanted to have dinner with his buddies and they accepted!
Fortune: i know we’re not suposed to change people’s luck that much but… it felt good to see them happy.

Ignis is a strong man. An intelligent man; the kind that sees an outcome miles ahead and prepares for the worst while ardently hoping for the best. The pride he takes in his physical prowess and skill with a weapon is earned, and to his credit he fears very little in this life.

But whenever Noctis smiles at him in that way that he does, all boyish charm and seduction, he suddenly understands weakness with agonizing clarity. 

Victor Laszlo, everyone

I realize that I’m approximately 30% of the Victor Laszlo fandom on Tumblr, so this is not content anyone is asking for, BUT I need to talk about this guy. I think he’s too often dismissed as a cardboard character, when he’s really not. Note: spoilers ahead for a 1942 movie that you should ideally watch with as little idea as possible of what happens. Kids, if you’ve never watched Casablanca, go do it and thank me later.

Point 1: Victor Laszlo is a giant dork

  • Awkward jokes, exhibit A: “We heard five times that you were killed, in five different places!” “As you can see, it was true every single time.” 
  • Awkward jokes, exhibit B: “It isn’t often a man has a chance to display heroics in front of his wife.” [Actually, he does that all the time. Dork.]
  • Cannot efficiently bandage his own forearm. You would think this would be covered in Resistance Leadership 101, but apparently not.
  • Is genuinely delighted by compliments. “Thank you; I try.” 
  • Loses his chill and expresses political dissent by singing.

Point 2: For a rebel, he’s very… quiet

  • Started out working on a newspaper, probably being kind of normal
  • Then started scandalizing Nazis by printing facts
  • Kept scandalizing Nazis ditto
  • Accidentally (?) became a Resistance figurehead because he just. wouldn’t. shut. up. And people keep asking him to do stuff.
  • Has probably killed people. Has definitely been tortured. Doesn’t talk about it. 
  • Defies scary men without once raising his voice.
  • Lives in constant danger of death; is astonishingly chill about this.

Point 3: Victor Laszlo is completely and helplessly in love

  • Can and will lie fluently to Nazis/anyone if necessary. Cannot lie convincingly to Ilsa about anything.
  • Has memorized Ilsa’s drink order.
  • Respects and values her as an independent person whose emotional life is not dependent on his. 
  • Has absolutely zero standard-issue masculine possessiveness. 
  • Is surprisingly good at communicating about his feelings.
  • Cites his own willingness to die (probably slowly) for Ilsa’s safety/happiness as evidence of his normality. Um… that’s not… you’re doing it wrong.
You know what

Hate on on MatPat all you want. Go ahead. But you know what?

For every hater, every mean comment you make. There are fans who will counter that with kind words, offer their support and cancel out your petty comments. Because you know what?

You may think his theories are stupid, may think he’s a jerk and full of himself but you see him as MatPat, the creator of Game Theory and Filmy Theory.

You see this man as nothing else but someone to hate on, not thinking about what he is outside of his internet name “MatPat”. So go ahead, hate MatPat waste your time. Because you know what?

Us loyal theorist will have his back and cancel out all your petty little hate. Because the MatPat you’re talking about isn’t the Matthew Patrick we know and care about.

We see a dork who loves what he does. Loves video games, love seeing people talk about his theories in a good light, making their own because we know it’s just for FUN. Not solid facts.

So. Go ahead and be happy that you made this man basically cry on camera because of your petty words. But don’t get too happy. Because this fandom if going to make it known that he is loved and supported. Why?

We see Matthew Patrick first. MatPat second.


Phew….Sorry I just….I can’t let this go. You make my hero that upset, you’re not going to hear the end of it.

Finally answering asks

Damn I really should stop piling them up for too long. I’m just extra shy and always hesitant on what I’m gonna say…. 

ok anyway 3… 2… 1…

@before-everything-changed @athenaowl1 @prettylittlerobbers @tatiawinchesterthesavior and dear anons, thank you!! your compliments always cheer me up. I’m not always confident in my art skills (or narrative skill lmao) but I’m glad you guys enjoy it^^

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I guess if you both are saying it then I guess it’s in May… (i don’t have much time rip…) oh well I may overlap… hnnnnnnn

*takes out tissue*

*wipes tears*


yeahh man go ahead. I’m usually faster with those

Ahh thanks anons. yeah I kinda felt that’s how Adrien thinks, he really seem to be more free with his powers

and yes… i love soft flowing hair

anti gravity hair