he was adopted. this explains ~everything~

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soulmate tattoos au mdear (freaking move your blog sorry for spamming you with likes 😅)

Ah nah man, that’s cool. Your profile picture is really distinctive, so I’m always like “welcome back cyanlester. Good to see you” haha.

And alright soulmates tattoo au!

Alright so I’m feeling this as Klance (big shock) and Keith and Lance go to high school together, and they kind of have that “yeah we’re friends, but we shit in each other constantly”, like they’re competitive, and make fun of each other’s fashion sense, but if anyone ELSE picks on them… oh boy. Like someone called Lance dumb once and Hunk had to physically restrain Keith so he didn’t beat the crap out of him.

So Hunk’s 18th birthday rolls around and his soulmate tattoo shows up. It’s on his bicep and Lance thinks it looks a bit like a bear. It matches a girl in his manual arts class who apparently has had a quiet crush on him for a while. Her name is Shay and hunk really likes her so it works out great!

Lance’s 18th happens and he thinks his tattoo is rad as hell. It’s on his thigh and looks like a lion. He starts wearing tiny shorts to flaunt it to everyone, in the hopes of someone seeing it and realising they match, but also because it annoys Keith. He must be jealous. Every time Lance wears his shorts and shoves his thigh in Keith’s face he always gasps and growls out a “LANCE! PLEASE….!” And Lance laughs to himself.

Lance is eager to find his soulmate, but understands it might not happen immediately. Besides, loads of his friends haven’t turned 18 yet. Keith bats his lashes and jokes that it could be him. They both laugh a little too hard.

Keith’s 18th FINALLY comes. He is so excited. Secretly he hopes to see a little lion somewhere.

He doesn’t have one. He doesn’t have one anywhere. He panics. He doesn’t go to school that day.

The next day he still doesn’t go to school. Shiro calls him to wish him a happy birthday. Keith confesses everything and cries on the phone. It takes every ounce of Shiro’s will not to fly home and be there for his friend, but he can’t do that. He wonders if because Keith is adopted, maybe they have his birthday wrong? Keith says that’s not possible. Maybe it’s just really faint and will darken later.

He finally returns to school and explains what’s happened to his friends. Hunk is supportive, and Lance is almost as devastated as him. He holds him while Keith sniffles. The next few days are quiet.

Finally Lance has an idea. He invites Keith to go to the beach with him, that always cheers him up. Keith isn’t sure what good it would do, but he realises he should go because he isn’t sure how much time he’ll be able to spend with him before Lance finds his own soulmate.

They meet on the weekend and Lance’s joy is infectious. Keith manages to smile as Lance splashes him. They dive into the deeper waves. Keith shoves his hair in a ponytail and Lance wolf whistles. Lance teaches him how to swim into shore with the waves. Keith crashes into the shore and laughs. He turns to look at Lance when his heart stops. Lance is crying.
“You fucking idiot,” he laughs. “You absolute fucking idiot”
Keith doesn’t understand. Sure his body surf was pretty rad, but not this great. Lance runs to shore and grabs his phone. He runs back and grabs Keith harshly by the shoulders, turning him around harshly. Keith hears a click, and then Lance is shoving his phone in His face.

And there… a photo of the nape of his neck… is a little lion tattoo.
“It was underneath you’re stupid mullet” Lance’s happy tears don’t stop. Keith’s tears join them.

Lance’s kisses taste like salt.

“Why me?” - Alec Lightwood

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REQUEST: Jace is (Y/N)’s twin brother but she is the exact opposite of him (shy, don’t talk a lot, self-conscious about herself), and Alec ends up saving her from a demon and tells her he likes her.

“Come on Jace, leave your sister alone.” Alec said as Jace was showing off about his last missions.
“I’m just saying, I’ve killed more than twenty demons in my last three missions. How many demons did you kill in the last three months, (Y/N)?” Jace asked with a smirk.
“Jace, shut up.” Alec said half friendly.
(Y/N) rolled her eyes and went to her room. She sat down on her bed and burried her face in her hands.

Jace was (Y/N)’s twin brother. He was confident and cocky. Jace was everything (Y/N) wasn’t. She was shy, quiet and self-conscious. (Y/N) was so different from her brother, sometimes she was convinced she had been adopted, or put in the wrong family, maybe even in the wrong world.
(Y/N) loved being a shadowhunter but she couldn’t help comparing herself to her brother and everybody knew that Jace was one of the best shadowhunters of his generation. Everytime Jace was bragging about his missions, (Y/N) felt like maybe she didn’t belong to this world, it would explain why she wasn’t as good as her brother.
(Y/N) also loved her brother, but Jace was the opposite of her and it was difficult to have a personal conversation with him. They weren’t very close but they would always be willing to die for one another. They were a family, after all.

(Y/N) lifted her head up when she heard someone walk into her room. It was Alec. (Y/N) felt her cheeks blush so she burried her face back in her hands. (Y/N) had a crush on Alec but she was way too shy and scared of rejection to talk to anyone about it, especially not Alec.
“Are you okay?” Alec asked.
“Don’t do that again.” (Y/N) said. Alec frowned. “You don’t need to defend me when my brother makes fun of me. I can handle it on my own.” (Y/N) didn’t mean to be rude but somehow it all came out pretty agressive. (Y/N) shook her head and sighed.
“I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m sorry.” Alec declared.
“No, I’m sorry. None of this is your fault. I shouldn’t take it all out on you. Thanks for caring about me, though.” (Y/N) smiled a little and looked down.
“Of course I do. I will always care about you, (Y/N).” Alec said very seriously.
(Y/N) looked at him. Alec was about to add something when Maryse Lightwood walked into the room. (Y/N) wished people would knock before entering her bedroom.
“Ah! There you are. Something came up. You two need to get ready for a new mission.” Alec’s mother ordered. (Y/N) held back a complaint. She had just came back from another mission and she had been training all day. She was exhausted.
“What about Jace and Izzy?” (Y/N) asked.
“They already left. They went to see Meliorn to get some information. Why? Is there a problem?” Maryse asked with her usual cold attitude.
“No. I was just wondering.” (Y/N) lied.
She knew that if she told Maryse that she was too exhausted for a new mission, she would be seen as weak. And (Y/N) didn’t want to be called a coward in front of Alec.

As (Y/N) and Alec got to their location, Alec kept looking at (Y/N) with concern.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Alec asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” (Y/N) lied.
She was tired, she couldn’t remember the last time she slept for more than two hours in a row. And the few injuries she got from the last mission were still healing and sore, and everything hurt everytime she was taking a new step.
“(Y/N), I hope you know that not being as good as your brother doesn’t make you less of a good shadowhunter.” Alec declared. “You know that everything is a competition for Jace, but it’s not about the number of demons you kill during a mission, it’s about-”
“Watch out!” (Y/N) shouted as she tightened her grip around her seraph blade.
A demon came running on Alec and (Y/N) pushed Alec aside to take care of the creature. She pushed her weapon through the demon’s body and it disappeared into a cloud of dust almost immediatly.
“See, you’re a great shadowhunter. You just saved my life.” Alec said with a little smile on his face.
“Yeah, well, tell that to Jace.” (Y/N) chuckled.
“(Y/N), I need to tell you something, I -” Alec didn’t have time to finish.
(Y/N) screamed and collapsed on the ground. It took Alec a few seconds to see the demon that injured (Y/N). He killed it without a struggle and rushed to (Y/N)’s side.
“Damn it!” (Y/N) shouted as she held onto her shoulder, in pain.
Alec reached for his stele and drew the healing rune on (Y/N)’s injury. She winced and gritted her teeth.
“There. The pain should fade away in a minute.” Alec said. “Are you okay?” He added.
“I’m fine.” Alec offered (Y/N) his hand, she grabbed it and lifted herself from the ground.

After the mission, Alec and (Y/N) went back to the Institute. (Y/N) was still exhausted and a little bit in pain, but when she got to her room, Alec joined her there a few minutes later.
“Oh, sorry! I didn’t know you were about to go to bed.” Alec said as he saw (Y/N) in her night clothes -which were nothing more than a oversized t-shirt.
(Y/N) blushed when she caught Alec staring at her bear legs.
“It’s okay. What’s going on?” (Y/N) asked.
Alec walked closer to (Y/N) and she almost forgot how to breathe.
“I wanted to apologize.” Alec declared.
“What for?” (Y/N) frowned.
“Well, if I didn’t talk to you during the mission, you wouldn’t have been distracted and you wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”
“Oh, no Alec, it wasn’t your fault.” Alec looked down.
(Y/N) reached for Alec’s chin and lifted it up with her soft hand. “I mean it, Alec. It wasn’t your fault.”
Alec stared at (Y/N) and got lost in her eyes for a minute.

Suddenly, Alec put his hands on each side of (Y/N)’s face and kissed her. (Y/N) was surprised and shocked but she kissed him back. Alec let go of (Y/N), she looked at him with wide eyes.
“Why did you do that?” (Y/N) asked, almost blaming Alec.
“I like you, (Y/N).” Alec declared. He was feeling anxious and scared that (Y/N) would reject him. Alec knew how hard it was for (Y/N) to let people in.
“Is this some kind of joke? Did Jace dare you to kiss me?” (Y/N) felt angry. She knew her brother would be able to do something like that for his own entertainment. He always told (Y/N) that she was too hung-up with boys.
“What? No!” Alec said, confused. “Your brother doesn’t even know that I have feelings for you.”
“Do you really? Because I swear to God Alec, if this is a joke, it’s really not funny and cruel.” (Y/N) didn’t know what to think anymore.
On one hand, (Y/N) didn’t think that Alec was mean enough to play with her feelings. But on the other hand, she couldn’t believe that Alec could really like her.
“(Y/N), this isn’t a joke, OK? I would never do anything to hurt you.” Alec took (Y/N)’s hands in his.
“But why me?” (Y/N) asked quietly.
“What do you mean by that?” Alec frowned.
“Well, there are lots of prettier girls than me in this world. I’m not exactly the best shadowhunter, I am clumsy, shy and-”
“Hey, stop. You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever met and you’re a great shadowhunter. I mean how many times did you save my life?” Alec chuckled.
“Well, how many times did you save mine?” (Y/N) mumbled.
“(Y/N), listen. I like everything about you, I really do.” Alec said. He sounded very sincere. “Now, I understand if you don’t feel the same way.” Hardly had he finished his sentence that (Y/N) pressed her lips against his. The two of them kissed passionately for a while.
“It was about time.”
(Y/N) and Alec turned to face the door and saw Izzy leaned on the door frame.
“Can’t you people just knock?” (Y/N) declared half laughing and half embarrassed.
“Fine. Fine. I’ll leave you two to it.” Izzy smiled and left the room.
Alec and (Y/N) laughed and kissed again.

Sometimes you shouldn’t burry your feelings or ignore them. Sometimes you just let them go, and who knows, maybe everything will be alright.
Finally Complete (Bucky X Wife!Reader)

Characters: Bucky X Wife!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Infertility


Request: Bucky x reader? They’re married and she finds out she can’t have a baby. So him and tony (her big brother) go adopt a little girl to surprise her. She gets in from work to see her super soldier snuggled up to a 4 yr old girl. She jumps up extremely excited and asks if your her new mommy. Reader is so happy she’s in tears.

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You’ve been married to Bucky for over 6 years now and you’ve been trying for a baby for a while. No… a long time… 4 years. You tried several pills to help fertility but nothing seemed to work. You finally decided after over two years to trying, you went to the hospital with Bucky.

Bucky was worried it was him. That his time frozen had affected his ability to fertilize… but it was you in the end. You had a genetic disease that meant your eggs stopped being able to fertilize. And even if you did, you would almost instantly miscarry, and it made you realise all those heavy periods… was you losing your baby.

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Ooby Dooby

Inspired by this because I just couldn’t not. The title is from the Wiggles, because Fruit Salad is my jam.


As he sits on a park bench at eight forty-two in the morning, sipping horrible coffee and watching as two toddlers systemically undress a Barbie doll in a sandbox while their mothers gossip about some woman named Susan five feet away, Nursey regrets every decision he ever made. Okay, not every decision, but one decision specifically; his decision to take Lardo up on her bet during their game of flip cup last week.

See, the problem is that Drunk Nursey (an entity deserving of its own capitals) is far more confident than Regular Nursey is on a daily basis. Which means, unfortunately for Nursey’s general wellbeing, that when Drunk Nursey is in control, it usually leads to a further drunken Nursey and also horribly overconfident decisions. So Nursey accepted Lardo’s challenge to a game of flip cup (horrible decision number one) and then, after losing twice, accepted the bet Lardo proposed; if he won, she’d make the cover art for his next novel, but if she won, he had to write a children’s book for her to illustrate.

Neither of them were particularly invested in children’s literature, but Lardo had been itching to do something new since her last gallery opening. Sadly all of the stories she came up with were fairly unimaginative, the best of them being a story about a little girl losing a shoe and realizing in the end that it wasn’t the shoe she had gained, but the friends she made along the way. So yeah, she wanted help.

And Nursey, of course, lost terribly and then proceeded to sign a napkin stating that he couldn’t reneg on his offer, which Shitty got notarized through some definitely sketchy means, so now Nursey was at a children’s park at eight in the morning on a Saturday because he hadn’t had experience with a child since he was one, and he’s pretty sure the nineties was a hundred years ago, kid-wise, and he has no idea what kind of book a child would like to read.

He was half-expecting some indignant mother to come up to him and accuse him of being a pedo or something when something big and fast hits him in the head and knocks the living beejesus out of him.

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"Person A is walking down the hallway at school/work and Person B walks up behind them and pulls on their bag to get their attention. Person A flips out into self defense mode and this is really awkward because I’ve pinned you against the wall with my elbow in your throat and our faces are inches from each others and we are ~just friends~ but holy fuck do you look hot when you’re mad and you just pinned me against a wall and there is a lot of possible sexual tension here lord help."

Up Close and Personal 

here you go my love! I hope this is kinda what you wanted! I’ve left it open at the end so if anyone’s interested I may continue. 

Enjoy xx


It was Monday morning and Betty Cooper was running late. Her converse squeaked slightly as she rushed down the hallway, her hands hastily pinning a stray hair back into place as the curls of her pony tail bounced with the hurried movements.

“Shit, shit, shit!” she mumbled as she noted the lack of students in the halls, checking her watch and letting out a groan with the realisation that homeroom had already begun.

Her hands clenched into fists, her nails grazing the skin of her palms she willed the pressure in her chest to dissipate. Her breathing was shallow and her stomach was in knots as her anxiety spiked.

Locker first. No home room first. But you’re already late. Wait which is closer.

Her eyes darted around the hallway, when suddenly they landed on a dark figure turning the corner up ahead. She strained her gaze before her green orbs widened with realisation. She knew that dark figure. It was the beanie that gave him away, the same grey knitted cap he had worn ever since they met as children.

Suddenly the anxiety left her body, the impending panic attack halting as shock took its place. Her feet fused to the ground as her limbs seized with surprise.

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46, 93, 98 Yoongi pleaseeeeeee

I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Yoongi x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “If they find out, I’ll kill you then myself.” + “You’re crazy! You’re out of your mind!” + "Where are your pants?”

Summary: Every time you go to work, you look out the window and see your classmate, Yoongi, jumping a fence and disappearing into the darkness. One day, you decide to follow him. To put it simply: shit hits the fan.

Word count: 1.3k words

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You leaned over the counter, the used bookstore almost completely empty. The clock near the cash was a few minutes behind, but it was nearly seven o’clock. You knew that soon, if you looked to your left, you would see your mysterious classmate, Yoongi, leap over the fences across the street.

Every time you went to work, which was three times a week, you would see Yoongi appear and disappear into a shroud of darkness in nearly seconds.

At school, Yoongi had a bit of a dangerous reputation. No one actually knew if the rumours were true, but Yoongi’s standoffish behaviour and dark appearance didn’t help to dispel them. During your uneventful shifts, you often imagined what Yoongi could be doing.

You wondered if you were overthinking things, and this was just a shortcut for Yoongi to get home. But sometimes your mind wandered, and guiltily, you questioned if Yoongi was up to something dangerous. Drug deals? Vandalism? Gang stuff?

“Hey, Y/N,” your supervisor called, snapping you out of your reverie. “Suzy wants to go home early, so can you take your break now?”

“Yeah, sure,” you responded immediately, not really caring. You stepped out from behind the cash register to make way for your co-worker and made your way to the employee room in the back of the store.

Once you were in the small room, you reached for your locker and retrieved your hoodie. Throwing it over your uniform shirt, you quickly made up your mind. You were going to follow Yoongi to figure out what was really going on.

Quickly, you made your way out of the story. Taking the back exit, you found yourself in an alleyway shared with a few other nearby stores. The sun was beginning to set already, casting dark shadows in between the buildings.

As you approached the main street, you stuck close to the wall in case Yoongi was near. Just as you reached the front of your building, you caught a glimpse of a small-framed boy with bleach blond hair swinging his body over the tall, chain link fence across the street. He landed gently on his feet and continued quickly, soon becoming lost in the darkness in front of you.

Gulping, you stood rooted in place for a few moments while you considered if following Yoongi was really a good idea. But eventually, your curiosity got the better of you, and you ran across the street to where Yoongi had slipped away.

The closer you got to the fence, the more daunting it looked. It was higher than you anticipated, and you wondered if you’d be able to climb it at all.

Inhaling deeply, you grabbed onto some chain links and jammed your right foot into another. With a mighty heave, you managed to lift yourself up. Foot by foot, you slowly ascended the fence, the metal links clanging loudly against the poles supporting it as you moved. Yoongi made scaling the fence look much easier than it actually was.

Eventually, when you reached the top of the fence, you were coated in a sheen sweat. Straddling the top, you glanced down at the ground, which seemed miles away. Unsure of how to disembark, you recalled Yoongi’s effortless jump over the fence.

The drop was far enough to look like it hurt, but not enough to break any bones.

Awkwardly, you repositioned your body so that your legs were dangling over the edge. With a muffled scream, you let yourself fall. Something snagged your right leg, and you heard a loud rip as you tumbled to the ground.

You landed unsteadily on your feet, quickly losing your balance and falling to the pavement. Groaning in pain, you pulled yourself back up.

A cool breeze tickled at your thigh.

Looking down, you realized that your jeans had been torn from the knee through the waistband, the denim dangling uselessly around your leg. Cursing underneath your breath, you grabbed the torn ends and pulled them together to salvage your decency.

Lifting your gaze, you realized you were standing in a dark alleyway leading in many other directions. You had no way of knowing what was waiting in the obscurity, but you had come this far, so you weren’t going to turn back. Plus, you weren’t ready to tackle that fence again.

Quietly, you began walking, the sound of your footsteps loud in the silence around you.

As you progressed, you could hear something faintly in the distance. Increasing your pace, you followed the sound. Eventually, it became louder, and the high pitched noise resembled something of the cries of an animal.

Concerned, you broke into a light jog and followed the source, which led to a narrower alleyway. The meows of what sounded like kittens was nearly deafening now, but the sight that greeted you was even more surprising.

Yoongi sat in the middle of the alley, his bodies covered in kittens, and a bowl of milk beside him. He gazed down at the small animals around him, smiling softly as the stray kittens nuzzled against him.

You couldn’t help it–you burst out laughing.

Yoongi’s head whipped up, his mouth growing slack as he saw you.

“Y/N, w-what the fuck are you doing here?” he spluttered, plucking the kittens off of him. Yoongi jumped to his feet and approached you, but he no longer seemed intimidating. You wiped away tears from your eyes. “Did you follow me? The fuck?”

“I can’t believe this,” you cried, falling into another fit of laughter. “This is so weird. I thought you’d be doing drugs or something, not nursing kittens. Man, everyone at school is so wrong. You’re a huge softie, this is hilarious!”

“If they find out, I’ll kill you then myself,” Yoongi growled, staring down at you with a menacing expression. He was still coming closer, and you backed up instinctively.

“Shit, Yoongi, I’m just joking!” you gasped. “You’re crazy! You’re out of your mind!”

A soft meow interrupted you, and you looked down at your feet. One of the kittens had approached you curiously and was sitting beside your shoe, looking up at you. Your heart melted at the pink-nosed kitten, and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Where are your pants?” Yoongi asked, his voice tight. When you looked down again, you noticed that your ripped pants had slipped down, and your pants were circling around your ankles.

“Oh my god!” you screamed, reaching for your pants. The kitten scampered away, startled by your shouting. “Look away! Close your eyes!”

Even in the dim lighting, you could see Yoongi’s cheeks turn red. It was futile, but you held your ripped jeans up, trying to keep the torn fabric together to hide your underwear. Faintly, you could hear Yoongi snickering.

“Shut up,” you snapped, your cheeks heating up. “We’re even now. Everything that happened here stays here. Deal?”

“Deal,” Yoongi agreed. “Can I open my eyes now?”

“Whatever,” you sighed. Kneeling down, you reached your hand toward the kittens that were slowly crowding you and Yoongi. “These kittens are so small. How long have you been taking care of them?”

A few weeks later, Yoongi approached you at school and quietly disclosed that the kittens were old enough to adopt. He offered you one, and you accepted eagerly. Later, he explained that he couldn’t keep any of them because his parents were allergic.

The other kids at school were shocked to see you and Yoongi talking, but you paid them no mind. You became much closer as time went on, bonding over your shared parenthood over Yoongi’s favourite kitten.

And if Yoongi used the cat as an excuse to start talking to you, well, no one needed to know.

- Girl in Luv

The fence thing sort of happened to me before. I jumped off a truck and my pants got stuck on something and ripped ALL THE WAY DOWN. I also grabbed onto a broken chain link once and gashed my palm open. Moral of the story: don’t jump fences or other things. Anyway, hope you enjoyed! This request was so much fun and I’m sorry I wasn’t creative enough to think of a weirder scenario :( As always, thanks for reading!

WE CRACKED PLL (or how at least it could make sense)

Last night, my friends and I, were watching episode 7x14 and it really gave us some old-pll vibes so, as soon as it finished, we spent about 2 hours theorising! It had been a couple of years since we had done that!! If you wanna read our thoughts on the matter, keep on reading!!

THE OTHER KIDS OF MARY DRAKE (and some other family relationships)

Okay, let’s start to try and untangle the Drake-Hastings-DiLaurentis family tree a bit:

  • Jessica and Ken had Alison
  • Jessica and Peter had Jason
  • Peter and Veronica had Melissa
  • Peter and Mary had Spencer
  • Mary and Pastor Ted had Charlotte
  • according to the Radley’s doctor, Mary delivered more than 2 babies

who are these babies? Wren and Bethany

Let’s see the picture Wren draw when working at Radley (in the same episode we see him talking on the phone to A -coughcough, Charlotte, his sister, coughcough- to take care of their own ends):

This is the picture of the perfect family: Daddy playing with his son, and mommy and big sis laughing with them. but who are they? I like to think it’s just as simple as Mary, Charlotte (because Wren loves her and he wouldn’t want to draw her as a boy out of respect for her), Wren himself and his dad. 

We don’t have a confirmation of who the dad is but I have always believed it’s Scott Montgomery who we know had a history of mental illness and could have easily met Mary at Radley and voilà, Wren was born!

As we already know, Mary had had Charlotte once she was in Radley and they gave her to Jessica so the DiLaurentises could adopt her. Then, years later Wren was born, also in Radley, and Mary wasn’t doing that well at the time so she couldn’t take care of him, and neither could Scott, so he was put up for adoption and ended up with a nice British family and the sexiest accent ever.

Years passed and Mary was jealous of Jessica for having the perfect family, his little baby Charles and Alison on its way so she wanted to get back at her and had an affair with Peter. She got pregnant with twins, Spencer who was adopted by Peter and Bethany (aunt Jessica anyone?) who probably was checked into Radley after some time of living with the Youngs.  


Wren was born in Radley and put out for adoption. An English family adopted him but when he was about to go to college he decided to go to the US so he could find out more about his family. 

He then found the identity of his birthmother and started dating Melissa to be close to the DiLaurentises and find out more about his family. He then discovered the whole thing, started working at Radley so he could investigate more and bonded with Charlotte.


Bethany’s case is similar to Wren’s, she and Spencer were born in Radley and put out for adoption. Spencer went with the Hastings’ and Bethany ended up living with the Youngs. After some time, Bethany started showing signs of mental illness and ended back at Radley where she met her birthmother. She also met Charlotte there. As we have seen, she was angry at Mrs. D and wanted revenge so on labour day she escaped Radley and went to Rosewood.

That night, after Ali had already been dug up, she got mistaken for Ali and Mona hit her on the head. Then Melissa buried her. 

At this point, it would have been easy for the police to get her mistaken for Ali, nobody knew she was Mary’s offspring and after all, don’t they check DNA with the siblings? wouldn’t Jason and Bethany have the same DNA markers as siblings have, seeing they share the father and their moms are identical twins?


Charlotte and Wren. They are/were fighting for their family, hurting everybody who has ever hurted them. When Wren was working at Radley, he met Charlotte and they shared their life stories. They bonded and decided to take on Mona’s game to avenge their family. 

this marvelous edit was made by @wrenischarles. thanks!!

The game had already started, and the girls were making mistakes, so it was very easy for them to continue it. They started with opening their sister’s grave so the world knew it wasn’t Alison in there and continued fighting until Ali came back. Now it was time to prepare for their final act and they allied with Lucas (and probably some others such as Jenna, Noel, etc. to end the game once and for all). 

The girls were getting closer to them so they decided that Charlotte would confess and they made up Charlotte’s story from 6x10. They knew that because of her previous mental illness problems, she would be checked into another mental facility for some years and then, if she behaved well, would get out like nothing happened. 

Everything went according to plan except that Charlotte got killed just hours after being back home, so Wren got angry and started letting everything out on the Liars.


  • We now know Lucas and Charles (Charlotte) were friends, could they be using Lucas’ brains to develop their masterplan? it is clear Lucas hates Ali and he can’t be that happy with Hanna either… he’s been in love with the girl for ages now!
  • It gives Melissa some solid motive to bury Bethany: she knew about Spencer being adopted, so she probably knew about her having a twin sister and when she saw that her family’s secret could get out, she took the bull by its horns.
  • This could also explain why Aria has been the less atacked by A, she is Wren’s cousin.
  • Wren and Ezra definitely know each other. Come on! take a look at the art that was in the cabin Ezra took Aria to, and the way they look at each other on ep. 7x15′s promo. 

BONUS THEORY: what if Spencer is actually Bethany and the real Spencer is the body they found in Ali’s grave? We have never seen Bethany’s face, so that gives us room to play with her, doesn’t it? It would take the show FULL CIRCLE and also follow the book’s plot, maybe it is a little bit too twisted, but you never really know with this show, it’s PLL after all!

disclaimer: I haven’t read any theories lately due to lack of time so I don’t know if anybody has already said something along these lines. if so, I apologize!!


Love of a Father

Summary: You are the oldest child and yet your father treats you as if you are not even his.

Pairings: Thranduil x Daughter!Reader

Words: 1,689

A/n: It’s a three-shot. Also Thranduil is way OoC in this because lets be real, he loves his children and would not treat them like the way he does in the story. Also, it doesn’t say whether or not Legolas is the only child or if he is just the heir to the throne so I made him have little siblings. It’s sort of more to the book then the movie. Sort of.

Part 2 - Part 3

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Ok, now that GBBO is back and, surprisingly enough, doesn’t suck, despite the terrible lack of Mel & Sue, and those awful singing cake commercials, how about a FBAWTFT!AU?

  • Graves and Picquery as the judges (more Paul Hollywood than Mary Berry, I’m afraid)
  • Graves as the tough, very hard to impress judge who mostly just stares at the poor bakers from underneath his impressive set of eyebrows, judging them silently, and freaking everyone out (except Credence, for whom he has a massive soft spot than can be probably seen from Mars, and who gets nothing but smiles and encouraging words). 
  • Picquery is also quite stern, but can quickly be softened up by adding some booze to your bake. Like, the moment she hears a baker is adding alcohol, she is like:  sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀
  • Jacob wins Star Baker three weeks in a row. He is literally unstoppable. Can bake the most delicious things AND keep up the most amusing commentary. The camera loves him. Has the most perfect reaction shots. Total fan favourite. Calls his Nan every time he wins.
  • Queenie is Jacob’s main rival for Star Baker, and it would be a thrilling rivalry if they were not so obviosuly smitten with each other. Puts alcohol in, like, half her bakes. Picquery loves her. Most fashionable baker to ever step foot in the tent.
  • Tina is the by-the-book baker. She plays it safe with her recipes, but manages to hold on for several rounds because she absolutely nails it every time. Starts of quite confident and then descends into a mess of nerves and anxiety by the time judging happens. Super supportive of other bakers.
  • Newt, the experimental baker. He will use things like coconut flour, and fresh thyme, and tries to make his cakes vegan or glutten free. Varies wildly between sheer genius and absolute disaster. Sucks at technical, and forgets to switch the oven on every other week.
  • Credence, the baby of the group. Good skills, and creative bakes, but his nerves end up getting the best of him most of the time. Will let out surprisingly soul crushing tidbits of information when he explains his bakes. Everyone kinda weants to lowkey adopt him. His eyefucking with Graves sparks a massive Twitter following.
  • Grindelwald, technically excellent, probably deserves to win, but somehow rubs half the people the wrong way. Tendency to question everything Graves says. Super experimental bakes. Is definitely the cause of an Alaska-Gate™ incident.
  • Abernathy, pretentious twat who doesn’t even make it the first round.
Dating Chandler Riggs Would Include...

Requested by Anon, hope you like it! <3

I actually had so much fun writing this, but it also made me really sad because this is actually the most perfect relationship ever :(

Hope you all like it loves, try not to die from the feels lol

REQUEST HERE! I do imagines and ships :)

-Mads <3

Dating Chandler RiggsWould include…

  • “Babe can I plait your hair?”
  • “Fine but only if you teach me how to plait yours”
  • Rehearsing his lines for twd with him but he starts to get really frustrated when he messes up a line or can’t quite get the delivery because he’s finally getting a proper plot line and more screen time and he doesn’t want to fuck it up.
  • You make him tea and just cuddle with him until he calms down so he can try again.

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Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 5

Here’s the next chapter! I’m honestly so in love with this AU and I have no idea where it’s going. Massive thank you to @diversemediums for letting me steal her brain vomit and helping me bounce ideas. As always, let me know what you think of the chapter!

Catch up on the previous part HERE

With a great struggle, Claire got her eyes open and looked around. She wasn’t home and she wasn’t at Frank’s. So where the hell was she? How long had she been asleep? Rubbing her eyes with the backs of her hands, she pushed herself up.

After shaking her head, everything came back to her. She’d returned to Jamie Fraser’s house only to find him stabbed and bleeding in his panic room. But she couldn’t remember falling asleep, or how she’d-

“Oh! You’re awake!”

Yelping, she leapt away from the direction of the voice and promptly fell over the side of the bed. Struggling to her feet, she whirled around and looked at Jamie who sat in a chair, eyes wide.

“What the hell?!”

“Sorry, Sassenach! Didna mean to frighten ye. Ye’ve been asleep for a while.”

“Damn it! Where’s Murtagh? I need to check his head wound. And you. How’s your stab wound? And your head? Shoulder? Ribs?”

Jamie smiled at her, softening the lines in his face despite the bruises.

“Murtagh’s brewing tea in the kitchen. I made sure he stayed awake, per yer instructions. Dinna fash, lass. He and I are alright.”

“I’m so sorry,” she said, trying to tame her hair a little. “I can’t believe I fell asleep. I don’t have any idea why I did. I can usually keep myself up.”

“I’m sure Murtagh would like to sleep soon, but he willna wi’out yer permission. Can ye walk?”

Nodding, she staggered around the bed, shooting her hand out to brace on the wall.


“Sorry, I’m alright. Just… I’m a little dizzy. Give me a moment.”

Blinking rapidly, Claire tried to get herself to focus.

“Christ, I canna imagine how tired ye must be. Come on, let me help ye to the kitchen. A sturdy cuppa will help ye.”

“I’m fine,” she said, vision still swimming slightly.

A warm, large hand rested on the small of her back.

“Please,” he said softly. “After all ye’ve done for me and for Murtagh, let me help ye.”

Realizing she probably wouldn’t make it to the kitchen under her own power, she nodded in agreement.

“Alright. But on the other side. I don’t want you to irritate your bad shoulder.”

“As ye say, Sassenach.”

Between the two of them, they stumbled down to the kitchen. True enough, the tea things were out and waiting, Murtagh sitting at the table.

“Ah, and so she wakes.”

“How’s your head? I’m so sorry I fell asleep. I was trying to stay awake to make sure you were alright.”

“I’m shocked ye stayed on yer feet as long as ye did, after-”

Jamie coughed loudly, interrupting his godfather.

“She needs some tea,” he said.

Claire looked up at him just in time to catch the glare he’d shot the other man. Still, Jamie helped her into a chair and fixed her tea. To her surprise, he put in a dash of cream and nothing else, exactly the way she preferred.

“How did you know that… Right,” she said, shaking her head again. “Psychic.”

While she let the warm liquid infuse her with comfort and strength, she realized the two men were speaking in Gaelic. She didn’t know what they were saying, but it seemed heated and a maybe a little hostile.

Eventually, Murtagh turned to her and met her eyes.

“How do ye feel, lass?” Murtagh asked.

“Alright. I really don’t know why I passed out.”

“Ach,” Jamie said dismissively. “Dinna fash about it. Ye came and did work ye werena expecting.”

As she took a long drink of her tea, the cell phone in her pocket began buzzing. Setting the cup down, she pulled the phone out and saw Geillis’ was calling.

“I’m sorry, it’s my roommate. She’s probably worried, I should answer.”

Claire got up and stepped away for a moment.


“Claire! Where are you? I woke up and saw your note but you weren’t home. What the hell happened to you?!”

“I’m sorry Geillis. I’ll be home soon and I’ll explain everything then. Drink the water by your bed and take the aspirin.”

Geillis snorted.

“I have. This isn’t my first hangover. Come home soon. I’m worried.”

“I’ll be back soon.”

Ending the call, she slid the phone back into her pocket before looking back at the two Scotsmen, offering an apologetic smile.

“I’m so sorry,” she started.

“Dinna fash,” Jamie said as he stood and cleared is throat. “You’ve got a life to return to.”

Claire blinked at his sudden change of accent. Once again, he’d adopted the false identity flawlessly.

“Feel free to come back any time,” he said, giving her a warm smile.

“Thank you. Um… Look, if you get into trouble again and need help, you can give me a call.”

Glancing around, she realized she didn’t have anything to write with. Jamie opened a drawer in the small cabinet and handed her a pen and pad of paper.

“Thank you. This is my cell. Give me a ring if you need anything. If that wound starts to get infected you need to go to the hospital.”

“Thank you,” Jamie said softy. “Would you like me to walk you home?”

Claire shook her head, trying to hide the wince it caused.

“No, I’m alright. Thank you.”

Jamie stood close to her, eyes searching hers.

“Are you sure? You nearly fell down the stairs earlier. I’d hate if something happened to you.”

Murtagh said something gruff, but Jamie ignored him.

“Quite sure. Thank you, Mr. Fraser.”

For a moment, he looked like he didn’t believe her. But then he bowed his head a little and smiled.

“Have a lovely day, Miss Beauchamp.”

Hearing her name confused her for a moment. She’d gotten used to hearing him call her Sassenach. After glancing at both men one last time, Claire nodded to herself and started the walk home.


“Do ye mind tellin’ me just what the hell that was? Claire doesna ken what she’s capable of! She needs to be aware of her gift!”

Jamie glared at his godfather.

“No. She doesna. No’ yet. And ye canna just spring that sort of information on someone!”

“She needs to know.”


Murtagh glared back.

“It is my job to protect ye and keep ye alive as long as I can. From what ye told me of the visions, they’re getting worse. Like Brian’s did. Ye need her. Like Brian needed Ellen.”

“I canna have her remain here out of an obligation to me. I…”

Two dark eyes narrowed at him.

“Ye care for the lass, then?”

Jamie began pacing, running his hands over his head.

“Of course I do! But…”

Turning, he met his godfather’s eye.

“Ye canna do a thing about it.”

“How could I no’ feel something for her? Ye saw how she was. Dove right in and saved our lives. And then the things I’ve seen…”

Jamie trailed off, swallowing hard.

“What have ye seen, lad? Ye’ve never said?”

“Her past. Our past. A past life? I dinna ken. But I’ve seen her, seen… I’ve felt her when she…”

Murtagh stood and put away the tea things.

“I think we need something a wee bit stronger than tea, lad.”

After pouring them each a small glass of whisky, Murtagh sat back in his seat.

“Start from the beginning, then. Tell me what ye’ve seen.”

Jamie exhaled, seeing not the whisky in his glass but the whisky colored eyes of his visions.

“Her. God I’ve felt what it’s like to lie wi’ her. Seen what she looks like when she’s happy and laughing. I ken why she’s afraid of love, afraid of growing close to people. I ken why she’s chosen a predictable life.”

“Ye love her?”

“No!” Jamie paused. “Yes. I… I dinna ken.”

Murtagh nodded slowly.

“I see now, why ye didna want to tell her of her gift. It would mean she’s here to keep ye alive, no’ by her choice. She could still be wi’ her man.”

Jamie pinched his eyes closed.

“I… Sometimes it’s hard for me to ken what’s me and what’s the vision. It’s like… Sometimes I canna tell the difference between what I truly feel and what I feel through the vision.”

“So ye’ve had visions of her, no’ just a past life? Any of her future or just her past?”

“Past. I dinna want to ken her future. No’ if… if it’s wi’ someone else.”

Murtagh nodded thoughtfully, setting down his empty glass as he yawned.

“Aye. I understand ye now. But ye need her, mind. No’ just because of yer feelings. It’s her power alone that kept yer visions from getting any worse. If she hadna been there, there’s no way to ken how bad it might ha’ gotten. So, eventually, ye need to tell her who she is. Tell her what she is.”

“Aye. I will. Just… No’ yet.”


Claire inserted her key into the door just as it pulled open. With a gasp, she leapt back and stared up at the man exiting.

“Sorry!” he blurted.

The man was tall, easily over six foot, with a bushy gray and white beard. He was unusual, if he was one of Geillis’ latest conquests. She usually went for younger more… athletic men.

“It’s alright,” Claire answered as he rushed down the stairs.

Inside her flat, Claire approached Geillis, who looked content and a little smug.

“Who was that?”

“Oh him? I’m not sure what his full name is. Dougal… something.”

“You didn’t have him when you came home last night.”

Geillis giggled.

“No. I didn’t. He called some time and well… One thing lead to another and…”

One delicate brow ticked up, allowing Claire to use her imagination to fill in the rest.

“At least you have part of a name. More than most.”

“How about we talk about where you’ve been all night.”

Her first instinct was to lie about where she’d been. She could say she’d gone to Frank’s, but they’d had no dinner plans.

“I… Went back to that psychic.”

“You did?! Why the hell didn’t you tell me??”

“I just wanted to prove he was a fraud.”

Geillis’ mouth dropped open.

“And? Did you get another reading!?”

“I did. He said I’d fall in love and live happily ever after with a tall, dark-haired man.”

Her roommate’s eyes rolled.

“He did not.”

“He did. So, he’s a fraud. Like all the others.”

Pushing past Geillis, Claire headed for her room. If she kept the lies short and simple, they might just pass undetected. But she had to get away before she was discovered.

In her room, Claire stood in front of her dresser frowning. Something wasn’t quite right. The photographs on top were slightly out of place. Her jewelry box was on the wrong side.


A moment later, her roommate leaned on the doorframe.


“My room… Why have things moved?”

“Oh, that. I tidied up a bit. You know. Vacuumed and such.”

Casting Geillis a disbelieving look, Claire snorted.

“Geillis Duncan, you don’t even know where the vacuum is. The only thing you know how to clean is the liquor cabinet.”

With a shrug, the other woman disappeared to her own room.


Closing the door behind her, Geillis locked it and pulled out her cell phone.

“What?” came the gruff voice on the other end.

“I was right. She went back.”


“Claims he’s a fraud.”


“Is she lying?”

“I think so.”


Geillis rolled her eyes.

“She’s easy to read when she’s looking at you.”

“Is it working?”

Picking up the clock radio on her nightstand, she fiddled with the stations until she heard a muffled crackle.

“Cleaning? Like hell. And in my room no less! She can’t possibly think I’m that gullible.”

“It’s working.”

“Good. Make contact when you have information.”

The line went dead and Geillis put the phone down. Hopefully she would get useful information soon.

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anonymous asked:

I love your Nalu headcanons! Do you have any headcanons for pregnant!Lucy or nalu with their son/daughter?

Pregnant! Lucy

  • Natsu is absolutely in love with Lucy’s pregnant belly.
  • Natsu gets one hundred times more protective when Lucy is pregnant, and his overbearing nature usually gets him a whack on the head from his hormonal wife.
  • When Lucy tells Natsu she’s pregnant he cries. Not just happy tears, full on sobbing.
  • Natsu has to constantly be touching Lucy’s stomach. 
  • Natsu kisses Lucy’s belly every morning when they wake up and every time they go to sleep at night.
  • Lucy gets extremely overheated during her pregnancies. 
  • Lucy is so thankful for Natsu during her pregnancies, he always drops everything to go get her latest craving for her or keep her company. 
  • Natsu secretly hopes to have a boy to raise him like Igneel did with him.
  • Its vice versa with Lucy, she wants a daughter to raise like Layla raised her.
  • Both swear to their children that they are never going anywhere.

NaLu with their children (My next gen they have two boys, Aiden is the oldest and Zane is the youngest boy. They also have a daughter named Luna who is the youngest child.)

  • Aidan thought he was adopted because of his natural black hair, Natsu had to explain to him why he had black hair. Aiden didn’t take the news well.
  • They have family meals EVERY meal (unless they’re on a mission) and have a game night every Sunday to bond as a family.

  • Natsu, Aiden, and Zane are extremely overprotective of Lucy and Luna. 

  • Luna learns ‘Luna kicks’.

  • On Luna’s first date Natsu, Aiden and Zane terrified the little guy to death while Lucy scolded each one of them, especially when they tried to follow them.

  • Zane has middle sibling syndrome and Lucy cries and gives her middle baby extra love when he tells her this.

  • Aiden and Zane are momma boys while Luna is a daddy’s girl. 

  • Lucy pouts when her children (even Luna) pass her up in height, even Natsu teases her about this.

  • Whenever their kids have a nightmare they sneak into bed with their parents for a goodnight story.

  • Natsu teaches all of his kids to be overprotective of Lucy.

  • They all love each other unconditionally. 
I just needed to rant about Karamel a bit so...

That first moment Mon-el arrived on the show, I knew what was going to happen. I know they were going to pair him with Kara. Say what you want, but I knew. I’ve seen it before, on so many shows it’s unbelievable. The white, male love interest seems to be the standard for ruining good, family shows like Supergirl and Once Upon a Time.

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Headcanon that Alec starts spending hours every night after they put the kids to bed studying Spanish. At first, Magnus continually tires to usher him to bed, telling him that he’ll pick up more Spanish than he thinks just by speaking it. But after weeks of Alec responding with, “If you want to help me, that’s fine. But don’t keep me from this,” Magnus finally gives in and simply begins making Alec coffee each night, sitting with him until they’re both too tired to study any longer.

For Rafael’s 16th birthday, Alec gives him a letter that he has written entirely in Spanish. In it, Alec explains everything from what he first felt when they decided to adopt Rafe to the first time he watched Rafael kill a demon. Rafael can’t quite make sense of any of this, though. Sure, it’s touching and meaningful to him, but just why his father would tell him all of these things is beyond him. At least, it was until he finishes the letter. 

“When you found out just how much I was studying Spanish,” it read in Alec’s neat script, “Your ten-year-old self cried because you thought your dad was breaking his back doing something you didn’t even need him to do in the first place. But I’ve spent all this time studying Spanish, not because I ever thought you needed that of me, but because I simply wanted to be able to show you my love in a way that was all my own. The hours spent studying and stressing were nothing compared to the smile on your face when you realized I’d finally pronounced something correctly or I’d finally grasped a certain grammatical concept. All those years ago, you asked me why, and I wouldn’t explain it to you back then. But here is my answer, son: for you; always and forever will it be for you.”

I Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly...

… to be fearful of the night. 

set in 6x21/22. featuring a ring, an arrow and a crib. for @audreysl0ve, @teresa-ortiz, @cruellasdarling and @thisisamadhouse

He follows her.

To the moon and back, there was this old saying in her world, and it seems he’s doing just that – to go with her, no matter what. Her son threatens to kill her every time their paths cross in some way, and it’s… too much. She can’t stay here – in this realm of wishes where the fake Henry is the only family she has left, and he hates her.

So they purchase a bean – in some obscure way, he takes care of it – and they land in her castle, and she’s still holding his hand as they fall to the ground in the courtyard.
He’s… different. Different from the old Robin, that is for sure. Less soft, rougher, he lacks that shades of fatherhood and that quiet wisdom he had. This Robin is more impulsive, darker, and… they fit.

Surprisingly, they fit. 

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l-aryy  asked:

49 or 1 for prompts!

“i’m too sober for this” / “we’re not just friends and you fucking know it”

@thehobbem is enabling me into writing all the royalty au tropes in the book, so

Yuuri has long suspected that Yurio’s tutor is not who he says he is.

After all, the man dresses extremely nicely for someone on a tutor’s salary. Yuuri had noticed the designer labels on his shoes and coats, the silk and cashmere scarves, the fine leather gloves. They’re all simple but quality, and extremely expensive, so even if being Yurio’s live-in tutor is really Viktor’s only source of income, then he at least had come from money.

This theory is further supported by Viktor’s comportment, by the regal grace in which he seems to command any given room, by his elegant posture and his intimate knowledge of the intricacies of haute cuisine and elaborate Western-style dining. He had impressed Hiroko and Toshiya with his knowledge of French and Japanese cooking, not to mention his ability to determine the proper order of dishes in a kaiseki meal. He’s absolutely rubbish at making things, of course, but he spouts the theory as easily as he can read passages from Tolstoy and Chekhov. 

And while he’s nominally meant to tutor Yurio in ordinary subjects such as reading and writing and maths, Yuuri had caught him once discussing with Yurio something about “proper trade policies between small kingdoms and the European Union”. Yurio had rolled his eyes and responded in his usual abrasive seven-year-old way (”why don’t you just punch the bad guys who don’t wanna trade with you?”) but Viktor had laughed patiently and explained something about hegemonic power structures instead. 

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-Born Patricia Parker, but close friends (MJ, Gwen, Harry, etc) call him Peter because they understand and accept him but having to be called Patricia by every school official and his aunt because he has NO IDEA how to explain it to her

-J.J. being the dick he always is spreads the word about “Spider-girl” because Peter just CAN’T wear a binder when he fights crime. Not with long patrol hours and the acrobatics he has to go through. So the entire city is talking about “Spider-girl”

-Explaining to other super heroes that he wants to be called “Spider-man” and they do their best but with the media the way it is, it doesn’t stick.

-BONUS: Super supportive adoptive dads Tony and Steve do everything in their power to make sure their son is happy 

And I just ugh. <3 I need it for a lot of reasons.

anonymous asked:

I didn't understand very well if the requests are open just for Christmas themed hcs or not, so I'm sorry if this is wrong, but can you write a headcanon/scenario/imagine for RFA finding out MC cannot bear children? Thank you!

Can you tell by the way they worded this I took forever to answer it 
I did a lot of research for this because I wanted actual conditions, not just vague reasons. So all these scenarios are real conditions! Which also means this took a while and there’s not a whole lot of incurable reasons omg
This is taking place after everyone’s good ending so spoilers, hence why it’s all under the cut
I’m realizing the lead up to a lot of them were too similar so that’s why Seven’s has a bit of an odd cut. Also, there probably is their actual cannon thoughts about kids, but I’m writing this from my own personal perspective. Hope you enjoy regardless!
~Mod L

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Flying high

A/n: so daughter’s burden and the strongest Talon are finished! Which means I can start this one which I’ve had the idea for a while. If you like this I highly recommend reading the maximum ride series by James Patterson.
Description: Damian comes home after being gone for a year and finds that his father has a new ally.

Damian ran down to the cave to see batcow. He had been gone for a year working with some fellow heroes on an extended mission and it strangely felt good to be home.

Until a throwing star embedded itself in the doorframe next to his head.

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