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hogwarts au (yoongi)

the third installment of this mediocre series: pt.1 pt.2

min yoongi

  • when yoongi receives his hogwarts acceptance letter, he is secretly excited to attend the wizarding school with all the great things his brother tells him about.
  • on the hogwarts express, his brother makes fun of his shyness with the people they are seated with and yoongi just laughs a little.
  • in the line for the sorting, all yoongi can think about is the possible houses he could get into, he wasn’t sure which one he wanted to be in either, although there was one house he didn’t want.
  • “you have ambition and the cleverness to thrive in this school, and in this world. your sharp wit will bring you great success in the house of…”
  • his fingers trembled with anticipation.
  • the applause that had followed the other students of the three other houses seemed to have dwindled at his house’s mention.
  • his heart drops a bit.
  • the older students waved him over to their table and he sat with his head drooping slightly.
  • an older boy pats his back gently and offers a wide grin.
  • “i know it’s hard to be in the least wanted house at this school, but if anyone gives you shit about, come to us, we’ll beat them up for you.”
  • yoongi feels a bit better.
  • and then the year goes by with some scuffles here and there because of his sharp tongue and blunt words. he’s great at potions but sucks at herbology and he doesn’t have many friends in his classes.
  • there is one boy who talks to him occasionally and it’s jung hoseok, a hufflepuff who has come to respect him after yoongi stands up against a jerkass who was pushing hoseok around.
  • then park jimin comes to the slytherin house in his third year.
  • jimin seemed to break any slytherin stereotype that the other houses threw at him and yoongi was proud to be roommates with the younger boy.
  • he, jimin, hoseok would hang out more as the year passed.
  • he also met namjoon, hoseok’s close friend who seemed to admire yoongi’s creative methods of getting out of doing stuff.
  • taehyung, who is jimin’s best friend and is always excited to talk about anything to anyone.
  • and finally, jin, an older boy with horrible puns.

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Are you still doing the writing prompt? If so, I'd like nr80!

Here you go, lovely! ❤️

Master list

Writing prompt 80: “Teach me?”

“I’ve always wanted to learn magic…” You strolled up behind the wizard, watching him with interest as he dabbled with some potions. Being a no-maj was like a slap in the face when you first came into this world of magic and creatures. You were never meant to even be here, really. It was by complete accident that you stumbled upon Newt one day. You worked in Jacob’s bakery as a cashier, and well one thing led to another and now here you were.

Newt looked over his shoulder with a smile, finding it rather adorable how intrigued you were by his abilities. He placed the bottles down, turning around fully so he could talk to you.

“If only, my love.”

You pouted up at him, walking closer until you were just inches from his much taller body.

“Teach me?”

With a smirk you reached into his pocket, pulling out his wand and turning it around in your hands. He watched you intently, a smile still plastered on his face.

“Im afraid I can’t…” He said regretfully, chuckling a bit as you waved his wand around the room.

You knew he couldn’t really, but it was a nice thought. With a sigh you looked down at the piece of wood, dreaming up all the ways you could use magic.

“If only…”

Newt pushed himself off the table, and he came up behind you, his hands sliding down your arms as he raised the one holding the wand.

“Here.” He purred into your ear, and you shivered slightly at the close proximity. You looked up at the wand in your hand, and wondered what he planned to do. Newt just focused his eyes ahead of him, and with one word the wand began to light up.


His coat flew across the room, and you gasped and flinched back as it headed straight towards you. He grabbed it before it could fly into your face, but he chuckled none the less at your surprise.

“Is that what magic feels like?” You stood there motionless, eyes wide as you looked up at Newt.

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So I was thinking - Harry didn't know what his parents looked like until Hagrid gave him the photo album, but did he even know their names before he found out he was a wizard???

Hagrid said his parents’ names when he came to get him from the shack with the Dursleys and I guess that could have been the first time?? But I honestly doubt it because there was no note in the narrative about it having an impact on him. And didn’t he technically see his parents in the mirror of erised before the photo album? I mean I guess that image of them wasn’t #confirmed genuine at the time, but regardless, the way he described them in the mirror made it sound like he had never seen them before. I think the mirror has some kind of advanced magic that can show you real things even if you don’t know what they look like, you know? Or maybe it can access memories you don’t even know you have. I’m sidetracked and rambling but the bottom line is Harry never got to know his parents and that makes me sad!!!!

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Do we know what Snape's role was in the first wizarding war? I know he was a death eater and Im assuming he was relatively close to Voldermort even back then. But was he murdering and injuring innocent wizards and muggles?

someone correct me if i’m wrong, but i’m pretty sure there’s no canon information about what he did as a death eater before he defected. 

We know he joined after he graduated in 1978 and then met with dumbledore sometime after the prophecy in early 1980 so there’s a gap there where he clearly must have been committed to being a death eater. on the wiki page about it, it says ‘Terror and chaos continued to grip the populace of wizarding Britain, to the point that many began to fear to speak Voldemort’s name.’ so the war was at a high and we can only assume it’s probably likely he was involved in that, we really don’t know though. it’s not like he had the excuse of being a teacher to not be involved in raids and stuff at the time though since wasn’t he in need of a job when he over heard the prophecy? whether he was high up the ranks in the first war, we don’t know, but there’s certainly no mention of him leading any attacks. There’s mentions of certain death eaters killing and torturing certain people when the war entered it’s bloodiest but snape’s name is never brought up. 

so unless j.k. decides to share some information on it, we can only really speculate what he did in that gap between joining and defecting.

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VP being reckless in battle and she was scolded by EE who was super worried about her??

“Hell Drop!” Aisha cries, firing multiple demonic stones onto the Glitter Demons in front of her. She hopes that it was enough to take them out. She hopes that she can make it alive with just this…! 

But it’s too much and Aisha can feel herself at the limit already. She tries to down whatever mana potions that she has on her, but a rain of arrows were already raining down on her until…

“Vertieidi!” A musical voice calls out and swirling energy balls of El attacks the Glitter Demons, pushing them far away from Aisha and the caster.

“Th-Thanks…!” Aisha pants as the newcomer floats next to her and paps her head. “Ow!!!” She glares at Ain, who gazes at her sternly. 

“You need to stop going out on your own, Ms. Wizard.” Ain chides as he sets up a Yellow Eid. “You left Elsword and everyone else to worry about you!” 

“I don’t need your concern!” Aisha nearly screams at Ain, but grimaces from her injuries. 

“See? You injured too! You’re acting too reckless!!” 

Aisha looks away and huffs, but she notices how Ain was worrying about her more than Elsword. “…Sorry….” She mumbles. 

“You better be!” He sets up his last Yellow Eid and a Yellow field appears around the two. “ Blatt Blume!”


the women of ‘fantastic beasts and where to find them’ + their ilvermorny houses


I refuse to bow down any longer.

“I have visited lairs, burrows and nests across five continents, observed the curious habits of magical beasts in a hundred countries, witnessed their powers, gained their trust and, on occasion, beaten them off with my travelling kettle.”

—Newton Scamander

-Original image from Pillars of the Earth-

1026. When Snape died, the first person there to greet him was Lily. She walked up to him and punched him in the face, demanding answers as to 'WHY THE HELL DID YOU VERBALLY ABUSE MY SON FOR SEVEN YEARS???'

I wonder how long Tom Riddle spent anagramming his name trying to come up with something cool.

[The Slytherin common room. Tom Riddle sits in an armchair with a quill and his small diary.]

TOM RIDDLE … Hmm let’s see.





Maybe I need more letters. TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE.



LORD … VOMIT … No! I like “Lord” though … Ooh! I can take this I and this A and this M and get “I am Lord.”



VOT … MOLDER … Not working. V is cool though. V is sexy.


VOLDETROM … Kind of neat. I’ll ask the other lads what they think.

Lads canned Voldetrom. This is hopeless.

726. There was one muggleborn in Hufflepuff that developed a strange habit of snatching food from the hands of Gryffindor students. When they were finally confronted about this behavior they simply said "Honey badgers have been known to steal food from lions. Honey badger doesn't give a shit it just takes what it wants." They then proceeded to snatch a pastry from the hand of a prefect and walk away.

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If you could have any of the characters that you played or their female versions to be your best friend, your sibling or your date, who would pick for each and why ?


He did not know or care whether they were wizards or Muggles, friends or foes; all he cared about was that a dark stain was spreading across Dobby’s front, and that he had stretched out his thin arms to Harry with a look of supplication. Harry caught him and laid him sideways on the cool grass. “Dobby, no, don’t die, don’t die -” The elf’s eyes found him, and his lips trembled with the effort to form words. “Harry…Potter…” And then with a little shudder the elf became quite still, and his eyes were nothing more than great glassy orbs, sprinkled with light from the stars they could not see.