he was a mercy to mankind


Kill me. You must. For I will not stop. I cannot.

If you have free time, read the Seerah of the Prophet ﷺ. Know who your messenger is, try to live the life he lived and grow to love him just as he loved you.


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north american deity: [maya] k u k u l k a n

according to ancient maya beliefs, kukulkan was the god of wind, sky and the sun.  he was a supreme leader of the gods and depicted, just like quetzalcoatl as a combination of a snake rattlesnake from the quetzal bird.  kukulkan gave mankind his learning and laws. he was very merciful and kind, but he could also change his nature and inflict great punishment and suffering on humans.

He is waiting for you to return to Him

Don’t let your sins weigh you down. And don’t let them be the cause of you despairing from the mercy of Allah.

Know that Allah will always be there waiting for you with His infinite Mercy and forgiveness even if you slip and fall again and again.

In a hadith it is mentioned that Allah stretches out His hand during the day so that the sinners of the night can repent and He stretches His hand during the night so that the sinners of the day can repent. And Allah will continue to stretch His hand during the day and night until the sun rises from the west.

Subhanallah, how much more beautiful can that get?

He does not need anyone, He does not need our worship, His Greatness does not increase by the whole of mankind worshipping Him. And yet, this Allah is more happier when His servant, when the likes of you and i, make tawbah to Him than a man who found his lost camel.

The biggest blessing is that Allah is our Lord. Because wallahi, who has this much love? He has billions of angels praising Him and prostrating to Him day and night, and yet, He is happy when we repent to Him.

Is this not a Lord worthy of worship? Indeed He is.

So turn to Him. For He loves you and He loves to hear your voice. Even if you’ve never worshipped Allah your whole life but you just decided to turn to Him just this once, He will accept your repentence and surround you with His Mercy.

A beautiful hadith Qudsi:

“O My slave, if you came to Me with an earthload of sins, not associating any partners with Me, I will come to you with an earthload of forgiveness.”


anonymous asked:

Ramadan Mubarak:) I am a Muslim from birth, but my mother is Catholic so we often neglect certain holidays for her sake. I don't agree with this myself, but when you're young pleasing parents is usually a bigger priority. I'm now seventeen and don't know how to pray at all, I don't know any passages from the Quran, and I'm old enough now to do things on my own. I'm so lost, but I know what I believe. What can I do?

Wa Alaikum Salam, my Dear Sister ♥

I am so happy to read this message as it shows me your Emaan, ma shaa Allah ♥ May Allah SWT reward you and give you a good life and afterlife, Ameen ♥

It is ok that you do not know how to pray (Salah) yet ♥ as you always need to start somewhere ♥ but Sister it is better that you are making the effort to make Salah, in shaa Allah, and that is very admirable, ma shaa Allah ♥

You need to start off slowly and with the basics my dear Sister ♥ because you know Islam and all that is required of you, you might not know where to start, but it is all very basic ♥ just take it one step at a time and in shaa Allah you will cover miles Ameen ♥

So the first thing I would show you are the Miracles in the Quran ♥ They are scientific, mathematical, biological (you name it)! Sitting and reading through some of these Miracles is a lot of motivation to know Allah SWT and start praising Him ♥ In shaa Allah ♥
Please go to the following website:
www.miraclesof thequran.com

Once you know some of the Miracles and In shaa Allah feel closer to Allah SWT, you can start making some Du’a and talking to Him ♥
Please read the following blog post on how to make Du’a:

Now it is for the Salah ♥ There are five a day ♥ and they come at very specific times and last for a certain amount of time only ♥

Fajr – Before Sunrise
Dhur – When the sun is highest in the sky
Asr – Late Afternoon
Magrib – Sunset
Esha – Nightime

Each prayer has a certain amount of Rakaat ♥ A Rakaat is a single up and down movement done with prayers being recited ♥

Fajr – 2
Dhur – 4
Asr – 4
Magrib – 3
Esha – 4

In order to make Salah and perform these Rakaats, you need to know some certain Quranic verses and chapters (short ones for now, you can always lengthen it if you wish) ♥ So if you want to start making Salah, you can start by learning these prayers from the Quran ♥

If it looks like too much, don’t worry Sister, start off slowly ♥ Try to put these prayers somewhere you can easily access them, and recite them as much as possible for protection, guidance and forgiveness ♥ The more you casually recite the verses, the quicker you will learn them ♥ in shaa Allah ♥

You pronunciation does not need to be perfect, as long as you understand what you saying, that is what is most important ♥

The Fatigha ♥
This is the opening Surah (Chapter) of the Quran, and it is what you recite at the beginning of each Rakaat ♥

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Al hamdu lillaahi rabbil ‘alameen
Ar-Rahman ar-Raheem Maaliki yaumid Deen
Iyyaaka na’abudu wa iyyaaka nasta’een
Ihdinas siraatal mustaqeem
Siraatal ladheena an ‘amta’ alaihim
Ghairil maghduubi’ alaihim waladaaleen

In the name of God, the infinitely Compassionate and Merciful.
Praise be to God, Lord of all the worlds.
The Compassionate, the Merciful. Ruler on the Day of Reckoning.
You alone do we worship, and You alone do we ask for help.
Guide us on the straight path,
the path of those who have received your grace;
not the path of those who have brought down wrath, nor of those who wander astray.

Al-Ikhlas (Purity)
This is a short Surah (Chapter number 112) which you can recite after the Fatigha, for one of the first two Rakaats only ♥

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Qul huwallaahu ahad
Allahus samad
Lam yalid wa lam yuulad
Wa lamyakun lahuuu kufuwan ahad

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Say: He is Allah, the One.
He is Allah, the Eternal,
Who was never born, nor ever gave birth.
The One beyond compare.

An-Naas (Mankind)
This is a short Surah (Chapter number 114) which you can recite after the Fatigha, for one of the first two Rakaats only ♥

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Qul a’uudhi bi rabbin naas
Malikin naas
Ilaahin naas
Min sharril wawaasil khannas
Alladhee yuwaswisu fee suduurin naas
Minal Jinnati wa naas

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Say: I take refuge in the Lord of mankind,
the Master of mankind,
the God of mankind,
from the evil of the secret tempter
who whispers in the hearts of men,
of the jinns and men.

Now to learn the movements and when to say those Dua’s:

You need to be facing the direction of the Qibla with wudu (ablution) and you need to be covered as prescribed, so that is everything except your face, hands and feet (from your ankles are veiled ♥
You need to be standing on mat which is clean and to be kept clean, for prayer in shaa Allah ♥
Please read the following link on how to make Wudu (ablution) ♥

If you are confused about in which direction the Qibla is, there are apps which you can download such as Salatuk, which use GPS to direct you what direction the Qibla is in and give reminders of the Salah times ♥ especially if there are no mosques around you ♥

Please read the following link on how to make Salah ♥ (it has pictures which is very helpful, ma shaa Allah):

Aaytul Kursi ♥
This Du’a is a section of verses from the Quranic Chapter two, Surah Baqara ♥
This prayer you should recite frequently for protection, this prayer is not necessary for Salah though ♥

Allahu laaa ilaaha illaa huwal haiyul qai-yoom;
laa taakhuzuhoo sinatunw wa laa nawm;
lahoo maa fissamaawaati wa maa fil ard;
man zallazee yashfa'u indahooo illaa be iznih;
ya'lamu maa baina aideehim wa maa khalfahum;
wa laa yuheetoona beshai ‘immin ‘ilmihee illa be maa shaaaa;
wasi'a kursiyyuhus samaa waati wal arda wa la ya'ooduho hifzuhumaa;
wa huwal aliyyul ‘azeem

Allah! There is no god but He - the Living, The Self-subsisting, Eternal.
No slumber can seize Him Nor Sleep.
His are all things In the heavens and on earth.
Who is there can intercede In His presence except As he permitteth?
He knoweth What (appeareth to His creatures As) Before or After or Behind them.
Nor shall they compass Aught of his knowledge Except as He willeth.
His throne doth extend Over the heavens And on earth,
and He feeleth No fatigue in guarding And preserving them,
For He is the Most High. The Supreme (in glory).

Sister, I would just like to repeat that I have given you alot of information and I don’t want you to become overwhelmed by it, so take it at your pace in shaa Allah ♥

Start off with getting familiar with the prayers, by reciting them as much as possible ♥
Become familiar with the movements by imitating them, first without saying any prayers and then by simply saying the name of the prayer in the place where it should be in as you do the movements ♥

When you are ready to pray properly, do so ♥ The ideal is that you know the prayer off by heart and recite them from memory in Salah, but if in the beginning you need to read the prayers off from somewhere while making Salah, Allah SWT is Most-Merciful in shaa Allah ♥ 

If you need more help or are confused or too overwhelmed, please contact me over Tumblr chat or Kik (username: Merhmayd), or send me another question via the ask-box as this one; in shaa Allah ♥ Ameen ♥ Please just make reference that you are the one who sent this message, just so I know who I am talking to as this message is anonymous ♥ 

In shaa Allah all will be well with you, Sister ♥ Ameen 

♥♥ Ramadaan Mubarak ♥♥

Nobody speaks of sin anymore. In fact, sin has almost disappeared from our vocabulary. We speak of sins as problems, issues, a sickness or it is someone else’s fault. But the Bible says very plainly that if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves. (1 John 1:8).
How serious is it? Paul said, “The wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23). We sin because it’s our nature. And we sin by choice.
God is holy and He cannot coexist with sinful man. The cross is the only place that God will meet with mankind. The cross is the only place where both God’s mercy and God’s justice could meet. How can God be a God of love and a God of justice at the same time? How can holy, perfect God meet with sinful, rebellious man? Only at the cross Jesus Christ came, took our punishment, washed us clean with His precious blood and then He declared you and me righteous.
—  theqordfortheday

[Al-Muqaddim/The Promoter]
Allah promotes to higher positions the servants whom He loves the strongest in faith, and gives them a rich reward. “And those for most in faith will be the ones brought nearest to Allah.” ‎﴾‬‎56.10-11﴿‬
In this life, however, Allah chooses or arranges people and matters as He wishes and for a purpose known only to Him. “ It is We who have apportioned among them their livelihood in the life of this world and have raised some of them above others in degrees [of rank] that they may make use of one another for service. But the mercy of your Lord is better than whatever they accumulate.” ‎﴾‬‎43.32﴿‬
Allah conveys a warning to mankind, clear and strong, through His messengers, showing them the path to incurring His anger and the path to earning His good pleasure. “[ Allah ] will say, "Do not dispute before Me, while I had already presented to you the warning.” ‎﴾‬‎50.28﴿‬
May Allah enable all of us to pay attention to His warnings.

anonymous asked:

Selam Alaykum,If Allah does not need us, why is he testing us? I know world is bad place by the way and ı feel contradictory.Please help me.

Wa Alaykum as-Salaam

Here are some of the reasons why Allah is testing us:

1) Reveal the Patient from the Impatient:

Holy Qur'an, Al-Baqarah 155-157: And certainly, We shall test you with a bit of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits. But give glad tidings to the patient ones who, when afflicted with a calamity, say: “Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.” They are those upon whom are the blessings, descend from their Lord, and they receive His Mercy, and it is they who are guided.”

Holy Qur'an, al-Hajj 11: And among mankind is he who worships Allah as if he were upon the very edge (i.e. in doubt); if good befalls him, he is content with it;. But if a trial befalls him, he turns back on his face. He loses both this World and the Hereafter. That is the evident loss.”

2) Remove Our Sins and Reward the Righteous:

Holy Qur'an, as-Saffat 102-105: “And, when he was old enough to walk with him, he said: “O my son! I have seen in a dream that I am slaughtering you, so what do you think?” He said: “O my father! Do that which you are commanded, if Allah Wills, you will find me to be of the patient.” Then, when they had both submitted, and he had laid him prostrate on his forehead, and We called out to him: “O Ibrahim! You have fulfilled the dream!” Verily! Such do We reward the good-doers.”

Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas (radiallahu anhu) reported that he asked the Messenger of Allah (salallahu alayhi wa sallam): “Which of the people are tested most severely?” Rasulullah (saw) replied: “The Prophets, then the righteous, then those who are most like them, then those who are most like them from the people. A man is tested according to his religious commitment. So, if his religious practice is sound, then his testing is increased, and if his religious practice is weak, then his testing is reduced. A servant continues to be tested until he walks the Earth without a single sin on him.” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi)

3) Purify the Ranks and Distinguish the Righteous from the Wicked:

Holy Qur'an, al ‘Imrân 179: “Allah will not leave the believers in the state in which you are now until He distinguishes the wicked from the good.”

Holy Qur'an, al-Ahzaab 22: And when the believers saw the Confederates, they said: “This is what Allah and His Messenger had promised us, and Allah and His Messenger had spoken the truth,” and it only added to their faith and submissiveness.”

Holy Qur'an, al-Ankabut 2-3: Do people reckon that they will be left (to themselves at ease) on their mere saying, “We believe,” and will not be put to a test? We certainly tested those who preceded them. (This is Our unchanging way) so that Allah will certainly mark out those who prove true (in their profession of faith), and He will certainly mark out those who prove false.

4) Emphasize the Hardships of This World in Comparison to the Hereafter:

Holy Qur'an, al-Mulk 1-2: Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the kingdom, and He is Able to do all things. The One Who has created death and life in order to test you and see which of you is best in deed, and He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving.”

5) Expose the Reality of the Human Being:

Holy Qur'an, al-Insan 2-3: Verily, We have created man from drops of mixed semen in order to test him, so We made him hearer, seer. Verily, We showed him the way, so he is either grateful or ungrateful.”

Holy Qur'an, al-Kahf 7: Verily, We have made that which is on earth as an adornment for it so that We may test them as to which of them are best in deeds.”

Holy Qur'an, al-An’am 165: And it is He Who has made you generations after generations, replacing each other on the earth. And He has raised you in ranks – some above others – that He may test you in that which He has bestowed on you. Surely, your Lord is Swift in retribution, and certainly He is Most-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

Be patient @anon. Turn to Allah. Allah will not burden you with more then you can handle

And Allah knows best

“Satan, on the contrary, is thin, ascetic and a fanatical devotee of logic. He reads Machiavelli, Ignatius of Loyola, Marx and Hegel; he is cold and unmerciful to mankind, out of a kind of mathematical mercifulness. He is damned always to do that which is most repugnant to him: to become a slaughterer, in order to abolish slaughtering, to sacrifice lambs so that no more lambs may be slaughtered, to whip people with knouts so that they may learn not to let themselves be whipped, to strip himself of every scruple in the name of a higher scrupulousness, and to challenge the hatred of mankind because of his love for it–an abstract and geometric love.”


Arthur Koestler, Darkness at Noon


Graphic - Nikolai Kalmakoff


Ok here we go guys. Back on the requests. This is for the two Anons who requested Ardyn x Gentiana.

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * -

She was soft. Her skin tasted like human, shivered under his touch like human, her breath even warm like a human, the ice goddess inside a human vessel. It was always bittersweet, when she gave herself to him, almost as an act of mercy. A demon rejected by the gods, allowed the occasional alms from the benignant deity.

Yet he always accepted the charity. In some twisted way, he counted it as a minor personal victory. As long as the tainted one was allowed to lay his hands on the goddess, he couldn’t be completely forsaken. It didn’t matter if the Draconian was aware of the encounters – the Glacian, in her fondness for mankind, bestowed the mortals her tender pity, and by sharing her own mortal reincarnation, extended it to him. He was somewhere in between: not a mortal, not quite a god.

“To Niflheim…”

She spoke softly, hiding her gentle gaze from him.

He thought back on the first time he saw those eyes, how his heart had stood still, how the stars had paled in comparison with that ethereal glimmer.

“Outside the walls of the very Empire whose technology you seek to resurrect.”

A solemn smile spread across his lips. She remembered.

He didn’t need to explain his intentions to her anymore; she knew the prophesy, she was familiar with the past, the present and the future. She could read him like an open book. But to him, she remained forever a mystery.

“Does this mean you must withdraw your patronage?”

Still enjoying the occasional stab at the gods, he wouldn’t pass a chance to test their cavalier nature. Her lids parted slowly, revealing the soft olive green, staring straight into his tainted soul. Behind that youthful glow, an ancient divinity calmly sleeping.

“The Messenger shall stay by the Oracle, the devotion is unwavering. The forsaken King is no longer favoured.”

Those words still hurt, after all this unending time, particularly coming from her. A silent rage boiled under his stoic exterior, merely manifesting as a slight tightening of his lips.

“You wound me.”

The images wouldn’t clear from his mind. The way she seduced him with her soft smile, the way she offered a momentary sanctuary in her arms, wrapping her slender body around him, taking in all his frustration, his anger, his sorrow as he penetrated her with his passion and fury…

“I still cherish the time you walked beside me in broad daylight.”

She smiled, but her lips stayed sealed. Was she mocking him? Was she enjoying his torment? Perhaps this was the entertainment for the gods, to amuse herself by revelling in this one immortal’s misery.

“So cold… but what else could I expect from you,” he smirked, his gaze traveling down her frame before falling to the ground. He sighed deep as she approached him, floating across the room without a sound.

“To expect your blessing would be naïve. It was never mine to keep, only to borrow.”

Her hand touched upon his cheek, sending a little chill down his spine. She never chose to show her full power to him, it was always intentionally kept at bay, like a lioness gently playing with her cub. Did she feel a similar magnetism when her skin touched his? Could she feel at all, or was it only an act… he wondered, now.

Her eyes adorned with a hint of the otherworldly red glow, she looked at him with a calm expression, bringing her lips close to his.

“The Astral may forgive and show mercy, but may not condone the creation of more lost souls. Walk steady, on the path ahead. The destiny of many may yet be changed.”

With her lips merely brushing on his, he closed his eyes only for a moment, but she was already gone when his arms reached for her waist, to pull her closer.

The room was more silent than it had ever been, the walls feeling miles apart. A sharp, cool breeze passed through from east to west, and he knew she had departed his realm. A delicate flower could not bloom in the snow.

He remained still for a good while, before picking up his hat and pressing it on his dark mauve mane. Letting go of her should not have felt so caustic…  After all, it was not alien to him, the solitude. The desolation of forever.

[Al-Muhyī/The One Who gives life]
“Surely He is the Quickener of the dead.” ﴾30.50﴿ Allah is the Quickener; the Giver of life. It is He who bestows life on dead matter; Adam was made out of clay, then Allah breathed His spirit into him. “Indeed, it is We who give life and cause death, and to Us is the destination.” ﴾50.43﴿
Nature dies in winter; the earth, the trees and seeds, all look lifeless; yet, “observe the effects of the mercy of Allah - how He gives life to the earth after its lifelessness.”
Allah gives life back to the dead. That second life, whether happy or miserable, will be eternal. “And He is the one who gave you life; then He causes you to die and then will [again] give you life. Indeed, mankind is ungrateful.” ﴾22.66﴿
Allah is the giver of a much higher sort of life; besides the physical. He gives spiritual life. A man’s life is meaningless if his soul is in oblivion. Allah’s Word has the wonderful effect of rain on dry land: it brings forth life, beauty, and fruitfulness. “And is one who was dead and We gave him life and made for him light by which to walk among the people like one who is in darkness, never to emerge therefrom"﴾6.122﴿

Prophet Muhammad saw . I bear witness that you fulfilled your mission. I’m in love with a man I never met . I follow a man I’ve never seen. I’m kind because he’s my example. I’m merciful because he is our role model. I wonder sometime why I do things a certain way. It’s because I have the light of the best role model within my heart. Allah swt sent you as a mercy to mankind to manifest his light and guidance on earth. You are light and those who follow you and the ahlul bayt as and the Quran have found Allah swt

Richard III by William Shakespeare

Richard: I am an unholy terror. A twisted, foul guise of a human soul. A facade of kindness. The crooked bane of mankind, ripped from my mother’s womb to spread havoc and despair to all who walk the earth. I have never known love, mercy, kindness, or charity - those are not with me. I am shaped to kill, and within my mind and heart know only how to cause destruction and harm. I will bring death wherever I walk and seize power however I can, no matter how treacherous and loathsome the means, for I, truly, am evil itself.

Somebody: Hey Richard you suck


son of Adam, as long as you call upon Me and put your hope in Me, I have forgiven you for what you have done and I do not mind. O son of Adam, if your sins were to reach the clouds of the sky and then you would seek My forgiveness, I would forgive you. O son of Adam, if you were to come to Me with sins that are close to filling the earth and then you would meet Me without ascribing any partners with Me, I would certainly bring to you forgiveness close to filling it"

Allah calls out to His servants, a call of forgiveness, mercy, and compassion. For He knows that man was created weak and is prone to fall into sin. After calling out to mankind, Allah informs them that as long as they call on Him and put their hope in Him, He will forgive them and not mind. This statement alone can convince one to have hope and never to despair. When one calls out to Allah or makes dua, he is displaying his need and dependence of Allah. He is demonstrating his weakness to the fact that he has no power to do anything for himself. It is the essence of submission and servitude. It is also a recognition of Allahs attributes of kindness, generosity, forgiving and merciful nature, and His unlimited power and knowledge. Humans are never in a situation where they are not in need of Allah. A believer always turns to Allah to ask for guidance as well as to seek forgiveness of sins and shortcomings.

Allahs says, Call on me and I will respond to you. One of the most important conditions of making dua is that one must completely trust that Allah will respond. One must also supplicate with sincerity, hope, and seriousness. One must not have any doubt at all on whether Allah will respond to ones call or if He accepts the dua. The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaiyhi wa sallam) said, Supplicate Allah while you are certain of a response. And know that Allah does not respond to a supplication from a heart that is heedless and inattentive. He also forbade that one say, Oh Allah, forgive me if You will. But he said, Instead, you should ask with will and conviction for there is nothing so great to Allah that He cannot grant it.


(This story was made for a friend. I got her permission to post this.)

Beata Maria, you know I am a righteous man. Of my virtue I am justly proud.

The days had been full of light for him. Healing the sick, aiding the poor, feeding the hungry; all of it came easily, like second nature in his blessed life. He had gone to many countries, offering his services to those afflicted with an unnamed plight.  Their skin had come to host dark, oozing patches that brought them agony of the highest order. The youthful man, the blessed healer-king, had sought to heal all who had fallen victim to this scourge of mankind. He was devoted to the Six, preaching to the masses about their mercy and insurmountable grace, and kneeling before the altar to pray at the start of every day. Indeed, he was the prime example of what a good follower should be.  However, things had begun to change.

Beata Maria, you know I’m so much purer than the common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd.

He had been nothing short of devoted. For many years, he had been working in the names of the Six, doing as they had asked of him.  However, something within him had started to shift.  The day he had gone to a small village on the outskirts of the growing kingdom of Lucis, he met a rather strong-willed, heaven-eyed woman by the name of Eliza, Her mocha hair was as long and flowing as the River Wennath itself.  By the gods, she was as beautiful as the Glacian herself, perhaps even more so.  The fair maiden had been afflicted by the scourge, and she had been barely able to stand. Thanks to his healing abilities, she was cured.  He had continued to care for her, and the others in the village, until they could stand on their own.  On the day of his departure, he felt a piece of him break away; the maiden he had cared for, sweet Eliza, was the cause.

Then tell me Maria, why I see her dancing there. Why her smoldering eyes still scorch my soul.

The young king had taken a knee before the altar, tears streaming down his face. He deemed himself weak, just like those he was tasked with saving. There was never a moment where the image of Eliza would disappear; her very presence would cause him to feel unclean. His mind was clouded by sinful thoughts, causing him to believe that his very soul was tainted. It was here, at this very alter, where he asked the gods a question,

“Why?” he lamented, “Why can I not cease these wretched thoughts. Tell me, O great Bahamut, Why can I not get her out of my head? Why am I suffering thus? Is this a test of faith?” There was no answer.

I feel her. I see her. The sun caught in her raven hair is blazing in me out of all control.

The longing within him had not gone away as he had hoped it would.  Yet again, he found himself kneeling before the sacred altar, hands clasped in prayer. His eyes were no longer red from tears. However, they were shadowed with his deep desire.  The healer-king, once as pure as the winter snows, was no longer such. His wanton thoughts had consumed his every waking moment. He longed for her, lusted after her, and had begun to seek her out.  The images of her standing by him at dawn, the day he left, still flashed through his eyes whenever they closed. He was no longer able to control the feelings inside,

“Noble Gods,” he began, his voice no longer as sweet and light as it used to be, “My heart, the very soul within me, is still pure. Alas, my thoughts are not so,” He found himself smirking behind his clasped hands, “If you are there, O divine teachers, I do not apologize for what I aim to accomplish.”

Like fire. Hellfire. This fire in my skin. This burning desire is turning me to sin.

He had left the dusty altar without providing an offering, which was an act of blasphemy in his kingdom.  He had mounted his steed, a Chocobo that was as black as pitch, and raced off to the village where Eliza dwelt.  For many hours, he had scoured the crude houses, claiming that he was sent by the Six to gain access. He was being driven mad as his search remained fruitless.  However, when he reached the final house, he saw her. The earthy-haired maiden that had bewitched him so well had been living along the outskirts of the village. Once they had made eye contact, a sweet smile fell into place upon his clean-shaven face,

“Hello, fair maiden,” he greeted sweetly, his voice was as syrupy as tree sap and as warm as the sun, “I hath been looking for you for an eternity,”  He had quietly ushered her into her home, where they had committed yet another blasphemous act; they had eloped upon her bed.

God have mercy on her. God have mercy on me.

They had continued such scandalous meetings until the day he was deemed a monster.  He was hunted down, and dragged back to Insomnia a mile outside of Eliza’s village; he had come so close to his maiden, his Valkyrie, when he had been savagely attacked. He was taken to the square, with his lover and friends. to be executed.  His body was carried across the sea, to Angelgard, and tossed into the abandoned temple. They had sealed him inside.

The former Chosen King had been roused from his eternal slumber to find that he was alone.  Naked, cold, and terrified, he remained within the confines of the island, watching every sunrise and sunset through the tiny hole in the back wall,

“Gods, he cried, “Please, save me! I will do all that you request of me! Help me!” The memory of his death resurfaced; the memories of those who perished that day returned shortly thereafter.  The newly-labeled Accursed felt anger fill every fiber of his being.  However, when Eliza’s demise flashed through his mind, tears began to come. His body, covered in fresh wounds, began to tremble as sobs escaped him,

“Please,” he pleaded to the cool, night air, “Help her.” The sun finally began to rise as when the tears he shed dried out.  He curled up on the frigid, stone floor, and finally fell asleep.

Satan, on the contrary, is thin, ascetic and a fanatical devotee of logic. He reads Machiavelli, Ignatius of Loyola, Marx and Hegel; he is cold and unmerciful to mankind, out of a kind of mathematical mercifulness. He is damned always to do that which is most repugnant to him: to become a slaughterer, in order to abolish slaughtering, to sacrifice lambs so that no more lambs may be slaughtered, to whip people with knouts so that they may learn not to let themselves be whipped, to strip himself of every scruple in the name of a higher scrupulousness, and to challenge the hatred of mankind because of his love for it–an abstract and geometric love.
—  Arthur Koestler, Darkness at Noon
Day 12 - Gheebah, the disease of the Soul

Gheebah (backbiting, gossip) occurs when a person mentions the faults of a Muslim brother/sister in their absence.

“… neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it (so hate backbiting). And fear Allah. Verily, Allah is the One Who forgives and accepts repentance, Most Merciful” [49:12]

Gheebah is one of the most vile sins, yet the most widely spread amongst mankind; in which very few will be free from. It is a sin even greater than zina (adultery). When you commit adultery, you can repent to Allah (swt) and He will forgive you. However, when you commit gheebah, Allah (swt) can not forgive you, until the victim forgives you first. Allah (swt) can forgive you the sins that have affected your life, but he can not forgive you for the hurt you have caused to another. 

Not only is it a sin to backbite, it is also equally a sin to listen to it. When you are amongst one who is backbiting, refrain from expressing forms of amazement that would encourage the backbiter to continue. Such as, “Astaghfirullah!” or “I didn’t know he would do such a thing!” The Prophet ﷺ said: “whoever does a favour to his brother by refuting his backbiting upon hearing it in a gathering, God shall save him from a thousand kinds of evils in this world and in the Hereafter. And if he does not do so despite his ability to refute it, on him shall be the burden of one who commits his backbiting seventy times.” [Al-Hurr al-`Amili, Wasa'il al-Shi`ah, vol. 8, hadith no. 16316] 

Gheebah will also nullify your fast during Ramadan. In other words, when you are fasting refrain from talking about others and focus on purifying your soul. Remember that fasting is not just from food, but also from gossiping, lying, swearing, and any other bad habits.

The only situations in which it is allowed to speak about the faults of another person. 

  • to protect Muslims from the evil of another person, including situations where one is asked to vouch for the integrity of a marriage prospect
  • when the person being talked about does not conceal his violations of Divine commands
  • to describe any fault of a patient before a physician for purposes of treatment
  • criticism about a narrator of traditions (hadith).

There was once a tiny fishing village on the Waking Sea that was set upon by the Tevinter Imperium, which enslaved the villagers to be sold in the markets of Minrathous, leaving behind only the old and the infirm. One of the captives was the child Andraste.

She was raised in slavery in a foreign land. She escaped, then made the long and treacherous journey back to her homeland alone. She rose from nothing to be the wife of an Alamarri warlord.

Each day she sang to the gods, asking them to help her people who remained slaves in Tevinter. The false gods of the mountains and the winds did not answer her, but the true god did.

The Maker spoke. He showed her all the works of His hands: the Fade, the world, and all the creatures therein. He showed her how men had forgotten Him, lavishing devotion upon mute idols and demons, and how He had left them to their fate. But her voice had reached Him, and so captivated Him that He offered her a place at His side, that she might rule all of creation.

But Andraste would not forsake her people.

She begged the Maker to return, to save His children from the cruelty of the Imperium. Reluctantly, the Maker agreed to give man another chance.

Andraste went back to her husband, Maferath, and told him all that the Maker had revealed to her. Together, they rallied the Alamarri and marched forth against the mage-lords of the Imperium, and the Maker was with them.

The Maker’s sword was creation itself: fire and flood, famine and earthquake. Everywhere they went, Andraste sang to the people of the Maker, and they heard her. The ranks of Andraste’s followers grew until they were a vast tide washing over the Imperium. And when Maferath saw that the people loved Andraste and not him, a worm grew within his heart, gnawing upon it.

At last, the armies of Andraste and Maferath stood before the very gates of Minrathous, but Andraste was not with them.

For Maferath had schemed in secret to hand Andraste over to the Tevinter. For this, the archon would give Maferath all the lands to the south of the Waking Sea.

And so, before all the armies of the Alamarri and of Tevinter, Andraste was tied to a stake and burned while her earthly husband turned his armies aside and did nothing, for his heart had been devoured. But as he watched the pyre, the archon softened. He took pity on Andraste, and drew his sword, and granted her the mercy of a quick death.

The Maker wept for His Beloved, cursed Maferath, cursed mankind for their betrayal, and turned once again from creation, taking only Andraste with him. And Our Lady sits still at his side, where she still urges Him to take pity on His children.

–From The Sermons of Justinia II.