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History - Vampire!Jeonghan

This is weird and idk why this is happening but it is so here you go something Jeonghan that isn’t angst XD 

“You’re wrong. Napoleon wasn’t short.” Jeonghan said simply. You hated this. Every time you said something in history, the boy that sat next to you, Yoon Jeonghan, always went against your word. He barely ever gave evidence, but he always said it matter-of-factly. However you were tired of him telling you that everything you said was wrong.
“OK, how the hell would you know?” He raised an eyebrow, interest piqued as he turned to face you. You’d never challenged him before. You were slightly taken aback when he faced you, taking your first good look at his face. He was handsome - all of the girls in your year loved him blindly, but you’d never really thought of it much until he now sat before you with a small smirk on his lips. His lips were full and light pink, his skin was pale and his hair was light. His eyes were light brown, but he wore contacts. His whole appearance was light and lacking in color, but he still looked extremely handsome. He looked like an angel.
“Because,” he spoke in a whisper, leaning in so his lips hovered by your ear. Whatever bravery you bore before had vanished, and you were rendered speechless by him as he brushed your hair aside and smirked. You could feel the smirk. “I was there.” You frowned, pulling back to look into his eyes.
“What? Don’t be stupid, you think I’d believe that?” You scoffed, shaking your head. “You’d think you’d have evidence to support all of these claims you make against me.” You laughed. He cocked his head to the side, eyes not leaving your face the entire time you spoke.
“Y/N, after class, meet me behind the school. I have proof.” You frowned again, resisting the urge to laugh as he looked extremely serious.
“Do you do drugs?” You asked quietly, suspicious. He shook his head with a low chuckle.
“No, idiot. Just come with me? Please?” You nodded, making him smile. He had a really nice smile, soft and gentle like the rest of his face, however he seemed to be trying to hide the teeth in the corners of his mouth. You shrugged it off, going back to your textbook. “Y/N?”
“Napoleon was 5'7. French and British height scales were different.”
“Shut up.”

You did as Jeonghan said, hesitant yet admittedly curious as you made your way around the building. You found him there, sat on a lone wall that didn’t really connect to anything but sat before the main building, in the shade. He sat leaning against the main wall with his eyes shut, however they snapped open once you were in his vicinity and his head turned so he could look at you. He swiftly sat up, patting besides him on the wall to signal you to sit. You obliged silently, hopping up next to him. You gasped as he took your hands in his, movements reserved and unsure. His hands were cold but you didn’t recoil, gripping his hand lightly with your own in response. “I was there, Y/N. I’m 350 years old, after all. I’ve seen a lot.” You frowned slightly, shuffling closer. “Jeonghan, what is this?” You asked slowly, slightly scared by him. He groaned in frustration before smiling properly.
“Look at my teeth!” He said, words almost incoherent as he said them through his smile. You noticed his canines immediately, longer and pointier than his other teeth. Not all too unordinary, but definitely not normal either. His hands came up to his eye as he removed a contact, blinking a few times to adjust before showing you his eyes. “And my eyes. They’re natural.” He pointed to the now contact-less eye, which shocked you due to the deep color of red it was. He smirked, putting his contact back in quickly and moving closer so your thighs touched and you couldn’t have moved any more. “Well?”
“There’s a freaking vampire in my history class.” You sighed. “But what, you were in every war going?” You questioned, wondering how he was so knowledgeable.
“Not quite. I was a soldier in many key ones, but other knowledge comes from my comrades. You wanna go against my facts again?” He laughed, smiling gently. “I kinda like it when you do. It’s an excuse to talk to you.” He murmured, thumb drawing small, absentminded circles on the back of your hand.
“What would you say if a vampire loved you?” He whispered, making your cheeks slightly pink.
“I’d say he could do a lot better. And that I love him too, regardless.” You replied in an equally hushed voice, face burning. He grinned and took your cheek in his large hand, thumb skimming your cheekbone lightly as his eyes bore into yours.
“Well isn’t that convenient?” He whispered before pressing his lips to yours soft and careful in his movements and the kiss short and chaste. It was sweet and left you longing, which you decided to relay by tugging on his hand to pull him down from the wall and pulling him to you. He smirked, following with his eyes trained on you as he moved to stand between your legs. His hands moved to your hips, pulling you as close as possible so that there was no longer any space between you when he kissed you again. He was still tender, however, fingers not gripping you too tight or kisses getting rough. The whole situation was kept sweet and innocent, but all you could focus on was the movement of his lips on yours, your fingers tangling themselves in the long, pale strands of his hair. You pulled away breathlessly and he moved back slightly, holding out his hand to help you down.
“Maybe instead of fighting in history we can-”
“Jeonghan stop.”

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Stiles thinks Scott’s been deaged. Look, it’s a thing that’s happened before. Supernatural shenanigans are nothing new. And this little brown haired boy looks a lot like the one he grew up with. Almost perfect. Maybe he’s a bit pointier? Pale in the way Scott is in the dead of winter, even though it’s the height of summer. 

And sure, he doesn’t answer to Scott or Scotty, constantly wrinkling up his face and saying his name’s Ben, asking Stiles plaintively why he doesn’t remember. But he’s a mini-McCall, he has to be. 

So Stiles takes him under his wing and protects him. Takes him away from the Preserve back to his house. Installs him in his room with all of Scott’s favorite foods as he paces nervously around. He doesn’t flinch or worry when baby!Scott calls him dad.

Yes, it’s weird that being deaged didn’t mean Scott was defanged. 

Yes, it’s strange that Stiles’ phone just vibrated with a message from Scott’s number. 

Yes, it’s bizarre as hell that there’s an adult Scott walking into his room who is clearly in his late 20s, early 30s, with longer hair styled into a loose bun and glasses, oh my God

“Ben,” this other Scott says, just as Stiles watches himself trip into the room. The other him is watching him with wide eyes and an open mouth. The other him is muscular in a way Stiles has never dreamed about becoming. “God, thank you for taking care of our son.”

Stiles’ Scott, so clearly Stiles’s Scott rushes in next, expression mirroring exactly how Stiles is feeling. 

“Did you say our as in yours, as in Scott Too Hot and Strongman Stiles have a child together?” Stiles asks before any other questions, like ‘the hell is going on?’ can fight their way out of his mouth. 

The older version of himself raises an eyebrow and then points finger guns in his direction. “Good to see you decided to rock up the day the brain factory had a fire sale, Junior,” he intones, clearly mocking. But then he strokes his hand against little Scott - no - Ben’s head, so gently, his eyes going soft. “Missed you, kiddo.”

And Stiles and his Scott share a look of tightly controlled brain-breakage.

Singleness of Heart- 4/?

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A lot goes down in this chapter.



There is fire.

There is blue fire that burns hot and bright, that casts everything into uncanny relief, as though Dipper’s eyes weren’t actually black and his teeth weren’t sharp and he weren’t screaming, screaming like Bill had when Dipper killed him.

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