he was 1!


when there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.


First of all, to get off my chest: Haruka makes a bet with Mina. 

Okay, now then, THAT IS OUR STORYTELLING FRIEND FROM THE OPENER. So he must be part of the carnival, they both must be, just, randomly passing down a dirt road in Okalahoma, now that I don’t believe, which is why it’s so important that I remember he’s the guy from the opener. We already have a sense that this isn’t just narrative convenience, this is something about destiny and something about knowledge, and maybe they are recruiters for a side. 

Please remember I am watching this spoiler free! Please don’t spoil me for anything, whether through outside knowledge, items from future episodes, and even stuff I missed in past episodes! I promise we’ll all get there.


following this piece 

“It didn’t happen” is an actual quote by Spain’s PM Mariano Rajoy when talking about the referendum in which we voted and in which his police attacked old people, child, tortured some people and sexually abused some women (they broke five fingers of a girl one by one, and then touched her breasts while laughing).