he wants to see hook in a relationship

I think Even was lying about Sonja and him taking a break. Perhaps he was testing the waters with Isak. Before he put anything he has with Sonja in danger.

It’s just that he said, “I told Sonja about you,” not, “us” which doesn’t necessary mean he told his girlfriend about his hook up with another boy. And she just looks so happy with him and enjoying the kisses. Even if she was the most loving understanding person in the world, I can’t see her being ok with her boyfriend wanting to take a break from their relationship because he has feelings for another person, let alone another boy. And then kissing him so blissfully and playfully a few days later after the other relationship fell through.

I think she knows that Isak is gay, but not about the connection with Even.

Picture says it all. Csers think it’s romantic and ok and sexy to ask your partner to stop drinking and for him to completely ignore you and continue to get drunk.

Not to mention Emma is terrier of Hook being upset with her. Why? Because last time she upset him he tried to kill her family. No wonder the girl is desperate to cater to all his whims going so far as to pretend she loves him and wants to marry him. Did you all see how she looks? She looks like a corpse. Compare s1 Emma with s6 and be honest on how awful she looks since she started dating her abusive boyfriend.

Someone is setting up these kids shipping cs to end up in abusive relationships. If you don’t know what to do in life become a family or criminal lawyer. All these poor fuckers that think cs is romantic will need one by the time you finish law school.

January 20


Imagine crying out Dean’s name while you’re having sex with Jensen by @bringmesomepie56

Ultimatum by @chaos-and-the-calm67
   Dean and the Reader have to make a decision, one that could either make or break them.

I’ve Always Wanted You by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog
  Reader likes Dean and sees him hooking up with a chick. Sam has always liked the reader and finally pushes her against the wall and tells her Dean doesn’t deserve her and that he does.

Writing is Hard by @ilostmyshoe-79
   Dean finds the blog you use to read smutty fan fiction. And of course, he decides he can write a better story about himself. You help.

Laundry Day by @the-pri-experience
   In which, Sam tries to be nice and ends up surprised.


Expecting by @bkwrm523
   Castiel learns of a development in your relationship.

Titles by @hekate1308
   Sam has always thought of Cas as just a member of the family.  Is that what he really is, or something more?

Lose Myself by @jotink78
   You didn’t mean to snoop through Dean’s things, but you can’t ignore what you found.

Up by @nothin-after-79
   The reader is watching Up.

Written on Skin by @wayward-marvel-and-more
   Everyone is born with the first words their soulmate will say to them tattooed on their wrist. 

Epiphany by @waywardlullabies
  Castiel has heard a lot from his roommate Dean about his younger brother Sam.


Run Boy Run by DarcyDelaney on AO3
  Cas likes to run. He likes that it’s something he can do alone whenever he wants, something to clear his head and decrease his anxiety. All that changes when his sister, Anna, volunteers him to be a guide for a blind runner who wants to participate in the Boston Marathon. Cas is completely, totally, 100% against this at first, but once he meets said runner, the snarky and (if Cas is being honest) ridiculously attractive Dean Winchester, he starts to have a change of heart. Maybe running with a partner won’t be so bad after all.

Couples Counseling Part 1 and Part 2 by @ilostmyshoe-79
  What better way to investigate a marriage counselor (who may or may not be responsible for the death of six of her clients) than to go to marriage counseling? It’s just pretend right? No different than putting on the FBI suits. Of course, nothing ever goes according to plan, and Sam and Dean quickly get more than they bargained for.

Endverse Reversed by @whispersandwhiskerburn
   Reader from the End!Verse time-line in November of 2013 is thrown back to November 10, 2009 (just after Changing Channels). In her time, she’s Dean’s lover and right hand, but in this time, Sam isn’t Lucifer yet. Bobby, Jo, and Ellen are all still alive. Cas is still an angel. The Croatoan virus hasn’t even begun. But the Reader has no idea of any of this…

None of Your Business by @winchesterprincessbride
   You are a newly graduated MBA student trying to get a highly sought-after job at Wesson Technology. You have spent your life proving to people you are more than your Omega status.  Will billionaire tech genius Alpha Sam Wesson take a chance on you?

Hook is a changed man,” […] “Obviously, he’s flawed and he’s done some really heinous things that he’s not proud of, but he’s definitely trying to be the best version of himself that he can be for Emma, because he really wants to change for her, make it work, try and be a hero and try to redeem himself in whatever way he can. This coming back up is a thing that really, I think, affects him and affects how he sees the ability to proceed with their relationship.

Colin O’Donoghue (x)

This entire series we saw isak in relationships with girls, hooking up with girls, & constantly talking about girls with his friends. To finally see it come full circle where he put the kose group party and Even as his first priority over settling for something just because of what his friends wanted is a very satisfying moment. He has come so far since season 1 and I could not be more proud of him.

It (Carl Grimes x reader)

“And. You. Are. It.” I looked up to see the bat in front of my face. Carl yelled out. “No! Please! Take me instead!” He yelled, jumping up. Rick tackled him down. “Oh! You’re future serial killer’s lover! Is it just a hook up? You don’t seem like the kind for relationships.” Negan smirked at me. I glared back. He raised the bat over my head and swung down. I closed my eyes, preparing for the hit. It never came. I opened my eyes to see the bat so close to my head that my hair was stuck in it. “Anyone want to volunteer to take her place or should I just do it.” Negan asked. Many people of the group raised their hands. Negan took interest in one. Abraham. He walked over and swung the bat, crashing in down on Abe’s head. He took my place. A/N:Not really much of Carl but oh well.

Relationship anarchy could be about so much more than the freedom to fuck.

“I need to tell you something” the guy I just took to my tiny hotel room tells me as we lie down on the bed “I am a relationship anarchist”. This is of little importance to me. We just hooked up in a bar (an anarchist bar so this is also no surprise to me). I am on vacation and moving out in 3 days. Why should I care about how he conducts his relationships? But he seems to think this requires further clarification. “That means I have sex with multiple people and I do not label those contacts as relationships. I see people when I want to see them.” Again, this is of little importance to me. 

But his words linger. Is that what relation anarchy is? Polyamory combined with non-commitment? I really hope not. That kind of individual freedom, the freedom to not form lasting relationships, the freedom to always follow your own desires, the commitmentless fucking around, sounds more like relationship capitalism to me. Yet this guy wasn’t the first ‘relationship anarchist’ I’ve met who defined relationship anarchism as ‘I do whatever I want’. 

I guess why relationship anarchy rarely appeals to me is because its practioners often seems too obsessed with nonmonogamy.

Anarchism, to me, is very much about commitment. About building communities. Communities that reject the ‘rules’ of capitalism, of ownership, of jobs, of productive and unproductive members, of competition. Communities that instead choose care, cooperation, equality, acknowledgement that our differences make our strengths, and each to contribute according to their his ability and to receive according to their need. And in that community, we make the rules that suit us, and end them when they no longer suit our community. 

Relationship anarchism then, to me, means community. A community of two or of many. A community that rejects the ‘rules’ of relationships, of enforced heterosexuality, enforced monogamy, of partners being entitled to sex, of marriage, of childcare being a two-person job and of the idea that we need a romantic or sexual relationship to be complete. A community that instead choses care, cooperation, equality, acknowledgement that we are more than our relationship and that we all have different needs.  And in that community, we make the rules that suit us, and end them when they no longer suit our community.

By that definition, an anarchist relationship is first and foremost one of cooperation and setting our own rules. By that definition, it is not self-serving but always mutually beneficial. By that definition, it can be a monogamous relationship if that’s what makes the people involved feel happiest. By that definition, it can be about friendship, about romance, about sex, about a selection of those things, but by definition it will be about care. And intuitively, I’d say an anarchist relationship is a mutual support system against the brutal, oppressive capitalist world around us. The world is an extremely fucked up opressive place that seeks to divide us but we have chosen to support each other, to create a safe space within the rooms that we share when we share them, to help each other through tough days and tough years, to remind each other that we’re in this together. 

This automatically-polyamorous commitment-free ‘I do whatever I want’ version of relationship anarchism feels nothing like that. 

OUAT 6x12: Murder Most Foul

Emma is so giggly and happy with Killian!

They’re such a normal couple!

It’s about to get a lot more complicated. Captain Killian “Hook” Jones has a ring he can’t wait to give to Emma Swan!!!

Killian pays the cricket a visit to discuss his fears about his relationship with Emma’s dad - he’s worried he still sees him for who he used to be, a pirate.

Following Archie’s suggestion, Killian just wants to talk to Charming - ask him what he thinks of him and earn his much needed blessing.

Instead, actually seeing Killian as still only a pirate, Charming tries to turn Killian into someone who lies to Emma.

Charming enlists Killian’s help in breaking into Emma’s shed, while she’s on a canoeing trip with Henry, to retrieve ingredients for a potion so he can find out how his daddy died.

To make the potion, Captain Charming turns counterclockwise!

Charming learns, at age six, his brother, Prince James, ran away to Pleasure Island, to live out any child’s dream with the rest of the carnies, and, hoping to bring James home, Charming’s dad followed, leaving Charming behind.

His dad met Pinocchio, who led him to James!

They tried to leave, but King George, James’ adoptive father, found them and had Charming’s dad killed, framing his murder to look like he crashed while driving his carriage drunk.

Prince Charming to King George:

Killian tries to stop Charming from killing King George, but Charming handcuffs Killian to a bike rack!

Killian breaks free of the lock and halts Charming in his murderous path, leading to a Captain Charming hug!

Leaving the past behind and moving forward, Killian so nervously asks David, “May I have your blessing to ask for Emma’s hand in marriage?”

Blushing, Charming happily accepts saying, “Of course.”

Killian is serious about his endeavors with Charming’s daughter, which is all Charming ever asked for.

Emma is making her specialty for dinner: Microwave popcorn with Milk Duds mixed in to get all melty.

Before following her inside their home, Killian remembers how Charming’s dad really died: Captain Hook killed him!

Killian/Captain Hook killed Emma’s grandfather!

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Have you noticed the way Emma won’t even look at Regina anymore? I have. I noticed it back in the season 5 finale and now in that sneak peek: she sort of squints at Regina out of the corner of her eye like she’s trying to look at a light that’s too bright.

It’s as if Emma’s afraid of what she’ll see when she looks at Regina - or afraid of what she’ll reveal. Because her relationship with Hook hasn’t been about tearing down her walls, whatever he might think. It’s been about building them up so big and so strong that she can hide behind them from the fact that she’s fallen in love with her best friend.

But it turns out there aren’t walls big enough or strong enough to keep what she feels for Regina locked away. The trouble is, a part of her desperately wants to open the gates and let them out and that’s why it’s best if she doesn’t look at Regina, doesn’t even spend time with her if she can avoid it.

It’s all Regina’s fault, anyway, for forcing her to look behind those walls when she was the Dark One. She lied to everyone about what she saw, but she couldn’t lie to herself. And one day, when she finally realises what Regina feels for her, she might start to take that wall down. But that’s up to Emma.

6.12 Murder Most Foul - March 12, 2017

by Jerome Schwartz and Jane Espenson (x)

ABC Summary:   Before Hook takes the next step in his relationship with Emma, he wants to make sure David sees him as more than just a pirate. So when David asks Hook to help him uncover the truth about his father’s death, Hook agrees. Meanwhile, Regina works to acclimate Robin to life in Storybrooke, but soon discovers he has a dark side that makes the task much more complicated than she anticipated.

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Stages of post break up

1. Sadness: This is where you cry your heart out. Tears you never even knew you could produce. Your friends will try and tell you the typical “he didn’t deserve you anyway” lines and you probably won’t care. But just the company of having the people that love you might be comforting.

2. Denial: Now you’re done spending your whole day in bed. You could go outside and join civilization again, you’re not complete, at least not yet. Make sure to have your friends keep you in check. It’s easy to fall into a “post breakup friends with benefits” relationship. The last thing you want to do is hook up with your ex when he clearly does not want to be with you romantically. It’s only setting you up for failure.

3. Hatred: You have completely accepted the breakup. You can see the relationship for what it really was. Some people are relieved that they’re out of the relationship at this point. This is usually when people block their ex’s and from here it only gets better.

4. Forgotten: I guess I shouldn’t call this stage “forgotten” but I didn’t know what to call it. This is when you no longer spend your freetime looking for new tweets or pictures of his. You can finally pass by the restaurant you first had your date with him and feel nothing at all and not even realize it. 

5: Complete: After the four long stages, you will reach this stage; complete. When I say complete, not everything in your life will come back to normal. Let’s face it, it won’t. You’re still going to feel some type of way when you hear his name, seeing the letters he wrote you or your pictures together (if you didn’t throw them away). It will pull your heartstrings. But it won’t be a hurtful one. It’ll be a reminder that you once shared a part of your life with someone that you love. And that is what’ll make you feel complete.

anonymous asked:

h00k lied to emma just so he wouldn't anger her father??? and the only reason he didn't want to anger her father was because he wanted to marry emma??? so basically what i'm saying is that h0ok values how david sees him more than his relationship with emma.

From day 1, CS has been very good at keeping secrets and lying to each other.
It is quite sickening and definitely not romantic.


resquested: yes

“hi there love i was just wondering if you could possibly do a written pregnancy imagine where your about to be a single mom and the pack is helping you through it until one day you just get really stressed out (which is not good for the baby) and so the pack calms you down and just make it really cute at the end if thats possible!!!! And the pregnancy is from a earlier relationship and also it’s for teenwolf”

warning: anxiety; swearing

Your life had been chaos. You recently got out of a really complicated relationship were you weren’t even dating, you were just really hooking up. You loved him and did everything he wanted for you but only needed you for his own pleasure until he decided to move on to someone else. The heartbreak was too much for you and seeing him everyday was making you fall apart so you moved to Beacon Hills, where your dad lived, to pick up your pieces and glue yourself back together. Your father worked in the police station and was really close friends with Sherriff Stilinski, who introduced you to Stiles, who introduced you to the pack. They greeted you with open arms, making you feel better, and your new life by their side was insane but fun. Slowly you started to get better and you even started to feel something for one of the pack members, Isaac. But, after a month or so of this new chapter in your life, you got sick. Getting out of bed was too hard and you kept throwing up non stop. The pack got worried with you and after a few days it clicked and you took a pregnancy test, confirming “the worse”. Your world crumbled again and you felt lost, without knowing how to tell anyone. So you were able to hide it for more 3 months until the hole pack found out. And you would be able to hide it for even longer, if it wasn’t for Lydia.

You were having an awful day. You had too much school work to do, all of your baggy clothes were in the washing machine making it harder for you to hide your belly, your back was hurting and your anxiety was insane. You kept taking deep breaths and holding back your tears, while pacing in your room from time to time only to sit down a few seconds later because of the pain you felt in your back. Malia and Lydia talked to you earlier, sensing something was wrong so the hole pack surprised you at your house to help you and brought a lot of treats to cheer you up. As soon as you opened the door, you began to cry.

“Oh babe what’s wrong?” Lydia asked while holding you close to her.

“Did we mess up? Did we get the wrong donuts?” Stiles asked starting to panic, looking inside the large box of donuts he had in his hands.

“Fuck. See I told you she wouldn’t like those. You should have listened to me.” Isaac answered.

“Seriously? What about her favorite drink? I told you EXACTLY what to buy and you still messed up.” He fired back.

“There were a lot of them plus too many different colors.” Isaac excused himself for his mess up.

“Lies! You had one job.” Stiles cringed while staring Isaac in the eyes, making you laugh at them.

“I have too much to do, I don’t even know where to start! If I’m like this with no baby yet then I’m going to screw up big time!” You cried out. You covered your wet face with your hands with shame. You sobbed so much that it was harder for you to breathe. Scott rushed over to you and hugged you.

“No you’re not. You have us here to help you with everything. Please calm down, this is not good for you.”

“We’ll take care of homework and help you always. We can even take turns and take care of the baby!” Liam shouted out excited.

“And you have options to consider and a little bit of time to decide what you want to do. We will support you in everything, through everything.” Malia added.

You started to feel better with all of their kind, sweet words.

“What that fucker did to you? He’s going to pay for it. You’re the sweetest, most incredible girl we know and he’s the biggest loser ever for what he did.” Stiles let out in frustration, now holding your hands, removing them from your face so he could see you. You glanced at him and felt like everything was going to be ok. His smile warmed your heart and calmed you down.

“Thank you. This is amazing, you guys are the best. I love you.” The pack got in a group hug with you in the middle.

“We love you too.”

Let's play "Guess Which Season of OUAT?"

Emma: struggles with her role as savior and considers leaving town and/or pushes her loved ones away.

Regina: struggles with the darkness, blames others for the way her life turned out and then seeks a magical means to get herself a happy ending.

Belle: has a single centric - in the flashbacks we learn how much she’s *always* wanted to be a hero. She forms a friendship with a guest character who is most likely female. She breaks up with Rumple for being evil but then takes him back when she sees how he’s really changed this time.

Hook: is distraught when some villainous deeds of his past that he’d really, really rather everyone not know about suddenly come back to haunt him. It puts a strain on his current relationships. Emma tells him he’s a hero now.

Rumple: chooses power. His evil plans are thwarted but he somehow manages to stay three steps ahead of Team Hero and *surprise* he finds a way to majorly screw everyone over… which puts a strain on his relationship with Belle.

Snow: bonds with Regina but spends no time working on her failing relationship with her actual daughter. Makes a speech about hope/family. She and Charming remind the audience that they/their family will always find one another.

Charming: honestly can’t believe he’s ended up with this family but still manages to remain a too good for this world cinnamon roll/ dad of the year/ best grandpa/ perfect husband/ and all around hero and total babe. Lol did you think I was gonna drag Charmjng? Get out - he’s basically perfect.

Henry: comes up with a cute “operation” code name for some mission - probably to save one of his moms. It will involve either saving magic or destroying it. He makes a speech about believing in Regina. At some point he goes rogue. He talks about Neal.

(I love this show but I’m really hoping they change things up a bit this season)

Killian Jones and why so many dislike him


For anyone that wants to read this with a cool head,and would like to know why so many people see The relationship between Killian Jones and Emma swan on the TV show once upon a time as rape culture, please continue.

For those of you who don’t know who Killian Jones is his alias is Captain Hook. He is a character on the show “Once Upon A Time and is inspired by Captain Hook from Peter Pan. No I’ve never watched Peter Pan, but from this shoe you wouldn’t have to. At first when Hook came to town (StoryBrooke) I was excited by The character. I felt that he could be a cool addition to the show and the way that OUAT spins stories it would be awesome.

On Twitter, I would see people talk about how the relationship between Killian and Emma was rape culture. Rape culture is a theoretical concept (a qualitative theory) in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality.I had no clue what the heck they were talking about at all. I didn’t see how it could be but I asked questions and I got educated. I don’t remember every single little line that Killian said but I’m going to give you a refresher.

From my memory, Emma first met Hook when she and her mother,Snow,fell through a portal to the enchanted Forest. There is a memorable sword fight between Emma and Killian where he tells her that when he steps her with his sword she will feel it. No I didn’t see the problem with this at first but I can see where it could go wrong. The line in itself was implied sex or sexual encounters with him. In this scene Emma is clearly uncomfortable with him and he has never apologized for saying that and she has never forgiven him for that. In that context it seems like what he was saying was when he did finally you bed her then she would feel it. He was clearly fighting for power in this scene he won and it was shown him over her. Now the writers may not have written it this way but it’s how it is perceived.

Next Hook also tells someone in later scenes that she could have sworn she was trying to get him drunk which is usually his tactic. Which clearly implies for women to "want” him or sleep with him they would have to be drunk and clearly inebriated and not in their right mind. This is again implies rape.

Once again Emma is not interested in him. She continues to not be interested in him for a while. Killian continues on with some of the most vulgar and not funny jokes I’ve ever heard. He also implied that Milah will be a sex slave to his crew on his ship the Jolly Roger.

No I don’t want to say all the many lines that he has said but this was this a little recap of what he said so you can understand.

For someone that was so uninterested in him at first and Emma sure did fall in love with him and now in season six she’s moving in with him. I don’t see how that change would have come. let me tell you why so many of us see more than one problem with it.

For many episodes , Emma had a strong dislike for Hook. But suddenly when he does something for her she likes him. That tells the story of No matter how hard you try to stay away from a man or even a woman that you aren’t interested in, if they try hard enough to get your attention you will give in and fall in love with them.

That’s rape culture my dear friends. More often than not, it’s situations in which sexual assault, rape, and general violence are ignored, trivialized, normalized, or made into jokes.

From my own experiences this is pure and utter bullshit that Emma would like him.. this is not first grade this is adult subjects. Yes it’s just a tv show but to many people it parallels their own lives and this Emma and Hook story parallels mine.

See when I was 8 years old I was raped by a 13 year old boy that was my babysitter. I didn’t like him at first and especially not sexually. He made advances and continued to push when I didn’t want him to. We moved away but it still didn’t cover up the fact that what he took from me was valuable and precious. Because he had more power over me I was made to give into him and his sexual advances.

Fast forward to high school. There was a pretty cute boy in my grade I had met. He was nice or so I thought. Over time he started to show an interest in me that I had never gotten. I didn’t want a boyfriend as I was too focused on school. We had mutual friends so I gave him my number just so we could talk and be friends.

That’s when the sexual advances started. He would ask me for nudes and ask me if I had sex before. Sure there is the excuse that every guy does this but that sure as hell doesn’t make it right.i still consider myself a virgin because at 8 years old I didn’t give myself to anyone willingly. Technically I am not a virgin but to me I am and that’s all that matters.

So let’s call this boy Ian. Everyone in our senior class thought Ian and I would look cute together. They would always encourage me to accept his dates and hug him and things I didn’t want to do. I thought maybe I was being too stupid so I went along with it but I never hung out with him alone.

Fast forward to months later and I decided that maybe he was a gentleman like everyone said.. everyone deserves a second chance. I hung out with him and i thought we were going to a public place but instead he parked his car in front of a few houses. It didn’t take him like to kiss and bite places no one had ever touched on my own will. Since his passenger door didn’t open I had to physically push him off of me after he had already forced his hands down my pants. I got out and he still forced himself to kiss me.

Later that night I showered and I told a few of my friends that knew him what happened. They replied with lols and laughing emojis and asked me why I hadn’t let him continue. Once again I didn’t see what I was doing wrong. Ian texted me and apologized and I guess that was supposed to make it okay. He continued to send me pics of him masturbating and telling me he liked how wet I was and just so many disgusting things. But my friends still shipped us together and told me if I gave him a chance I would be so happy. Since he’d never treated other girls like that I didn’t understand why I was the target .I blocked him in social media and had to go through the torture of seeing him at school.

I love once upon a time and I identified so much with Emma and a guy (Killian) that just wouldn’t give up. I was disappointed when I saw that Emma had seemed to fall in love with him. It hurt me because I thought could I be that happy if I had given in to Ian? I wouldn’t like to find out.

So yes when I say I despise the ship captain swan I do. I dislike it with every fiber of my being. I don’t care if the writers intended to have him like that or not. So when anyone tells us that we are reaching when we call that ship rape culture we aren’t. So many of us have our own experiences and traumas that we have to live through and a show about fairytales was a way to escape. Now it’s just shit being shoved into my face about another a guy that reminded me so much of Ian.

I do not hate Colin O'donoghue or Jennifer Morrison. I think they are two very lovely people and actors. I can tell the difference between fiction and reality. But there is a line to how much reality is inside of fiction. Something Adam and Eddy have crossed. Say what you want but I’m against everything about that ship. To all of you reading this who love the show but not the ship stay strong.. you are not your trauma and you will get through this

-signed a Oncer

andromeda-effected  asked:

You getting me to ship Cpt. Charming is your revenge for Merthur, isn't it? Oh man, I'm half way there already, lmao.

Originally posted by onceuponadaily

Welcome to another shipping hell, mate!

I mean, I find Hook so damn shippable with almost everyone - in fanon - that it makes me cry over wasted opportunities sometimes. He was such an interesting character back in S2 with lots of potential for a good redemption arc that all went to hell in S3 when suddenly his motives shifted from wanting to change to honor Bae’s memory and make up for how he had wronged him by helping to save his son - to seeing his chance for redemption in Emma’s pants. But many people have already talked about this… I kinda created my own fanon version of Hook who isn’t reduced to a creepy and tropey LI. If he was well written, there wouldn’t be a relationship with him that would be uninteresting imo. Unfortunately, he’s a part of CS being written the way it is…

I don’t know about you but I find him really enjoyable during his scenes with other characters. And Colin and Josh have lots of chemistry. :P

And c’mon, what’s a better AU then the one where almost everyone is gay and SQ and CptC are two power couples protecting Storybrooke from curses and monsters? Two sheriffs and their dark haired partners.

This revenge part may be unintentional but I’ll cheer up if you really end up shipping them the way I fell for Merthur :DD

Haters: you’re stupid! How can you not like hook? He’s so hot!
Me: I don’t like hook because first of all his looks have zero effects on me because I’m more of a lady lover. Second of all the way a person looks never gets in the way of how I view them as a whole. Hook may be hot or cute or whatever you want to call him but he is the worst kind of man you can get into a relationship with. The fact that you can’t see that because you’re too busy ogling his assets is rather annoying. Hook has no idea how a woman should be treated. He treats women as objects and that to me is anything but hot or cute. I will not get into the many reasons why I believe that because many swens have already said the reasons. My point is not everyone is dumb enough to simply let looks be the fundamental of a fucking relationship and the fact that some of you think it is really scares me

Her lips freeze, eyes flashing dangerously and he knows what she wants to say, he knows what she can’t say. He wants to tell her that it didn’t need saying, that he already knew.

He wants to say that he can hear it in the silence, see it in the colour of her eyes, feel it pressing into his lips.

He wants to say it’s in his hands when her fingers are laced through his, in the breath she takes before she says his name, in the shiver down her spine when they’re pressed together tight.

But he doesn’t say any of those things because he’s good at being selfish and he wants her to say it. He wants her to struggle with the insignificant words that mean so much. He wants her to say it because bloody hell, he loves her too.

—  ~Excerpt from a book i’ll never write #45