he wants to protect her


and this scene right here between Felicity and Oliver speaks to that in volumes.  It is one of my favorite scenes. To me, it shows how protective he is of her.

He gets all growly when he finds out where she is after she calls him to tell him that Tockman took the bait and she is reading his signal at the Starling National.

You know he got over there as fast as he could. 

You can hear his irritation with her as he clears his throat to get  her attention. He really was not happy with her.

After hearing what she is doing…he immediately tells Diggle to get her out of there.   It is not that he thinks she is incapable of doing the job. He just does not want her in any danger and to him, being out in the field is too dangerous because he could lose her.  He loves her and if anything happened to her it would break him. It is my opinion, that Oliver believes one of his main missions in life is to keep her from harm. To protect her at all costs.  That is one of his actions of love… especially when it comes to Felicity.   

It is like what Stephen Amell said when asked, “Will Oliver ever train Felicity to fight?”  his answer…“I certainly hope not”

This episode definitely shows us that is how Oliver thinks and what he wants.  He wants Felicity to be safe and away from danger and that is one of the way he LOVES her…by protecting her any way he can.

Not sure if this made any sense…but wanted to share.

I just love these two cuties.  

From the Hoshido Anthology.

Interessant, because it’s the Birthright universe. Ryoma is happy that Kamui has chosen them but he knows also how much this choice has hurt her, to abandon her siblings of Nohr. And he knows how much it’s painful for her to fight them. 

Ryoma acknowledges Xander, Camilla, Leo and Elise as Kamui’s Siblings.

He acknowledges that they are all her siblings for her.

Big brother Ryoma knows how his little sister feels, and he wants to be here for her.

 He want to protect all his family, so he helps Sakura to be become stronger, like she wants.


The traductor is here: Source 2

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Eli Hudson just wanted to protect Emma and keep her safe because he knew what Kieran was capable of doing and he just wanted to eat cereal at 3 in the morning and be strange and fit in and even tried to still protect her when she was pointing the gun at him and even after she shot him he still tried to protect her. Eli Hudson deserved better 2k16.

Also spoilers, maybe?

Donnie is that one overprotective mom at the soccer game that wants to shut the whole game down because his kid tripped once on the field and isn’t even hurt. 

Except instead of his kid, it’s his crush, and instead of a soccer game, it’s a fight. 

He just wants to keep his beloved chinchilla safe and sound, but he has got to learn to let April do her own shit, he’s been doing this for seasons now. I get that he’s known her since before she could fight, so he still wants to protect her, but she’s come a long way. 

I like how he’s the one who told Raph to “not rain on her ninja parade”, but when shit gets real, Raph is the one who had to tell him to let April fight her own fights. 

Anyway, after all that, I couldn’t help but think that Donnie is going to be such an overprotective, doting daddy someday. 


Can you imagine the phone call Karai made to Shinigami to get her to come join her cause? 

“Hey girl, so remember my crazy dad? So some shit went down, his not my dad, he actually my enemy now, my real dad is actually a giant rat, and I’m gonna take over the city, you want in on this?”

I do love the fact that Karai is doing her own thing rather than just joining the turtles outright. 

Little Salvatore (part two)

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Characters: Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Kol mikaelson x reader

Summery: Reader gets mad at Damon for being over protective and does what he doesn’t want her to do

Part one here > http://imaginesforthepeople.tumblr.com/post/148709326458/little-salvatore

When you and your brothers got home you were angry. And you were knew they could tell. When you all walked back into the house they both turned to you. “ Y/N… “ Stefan starts. “ No! What the hell Damon! You know I can take care of myself! I’m not a little kid anymore! “ you yell. “ You can’t trust them Y/N! They are dangerous! I mean come on! One of them stabs their own siblings when he gets angry! “ Damon yells. “ Yeah and look at you two! Damon you try to make Stefan blood crazy. Try to make him the ripper again! You have no right in making choices for me! I might look like I’m a teenager but if we were human we would all be dead! I think I’m old enough to date if I want to! “ you say walking out the door. “ Where do you think your going! “ Damon yells following after you. “ I’m going to go back to Kol and except that date! “ you say running at vamp speed to Kol’s house. You knock on the door and wait for an annoying Klaus to open it up and make some snarky comment. But he doesn’t. Kol does… “ Your back? “ he asks looking behind you, probably seeing where your brothers were. “ Yeah, and they aren’t with me, “ you say walking in. “ What’s up? “ he asks confused. “ I wanted to except that date your offered earlier… “ you say looking down. He smiles widely. “ Yeah, how does tomorrow sound? At eight? We could go to the movies, “ he asks. You nod, “ Sounds good, I’ll see you then, “ you say quickly kissing his cheek and walking back home.  

Next day at seven thirty: 

It was almost time for your date with Kol. You wore a cute outfit, that wasn’t to dressy for the movies and walked down the stairs excited. Stefan saw you raising an eyebrow. “ Where are you going? “ he asks getting Damon’s attention. “ On a dote with Kol, “ you say with confidence. “ I’m sorry, say that again, “ Damon says appearing in front of you. “ I’m going on a date with Kol in a few min- “ you were cut off by being slammed into a wall. “ You don’t know what your getting yourself into, you don’t know what he can do, “ Damon says. He was the one who slammed you into a wall. “ You don’t tell me what I can do, “ you spat. He still was pinning you agents the wall. “ Yes we can, because we are older than you, and we are your brothers, “ Damon says. “ Let me down, “ you say annoyed. “ No, “ he says. “ Let me down! “ you yell. 

Damon was thrown off of you. “ She said let her go, “ someone growls. You turn seeing Kol gripping Damon’s shirt. “ Kol… lets go, “ you say taking his hand and leading him out of the house. 

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Is it true ichihime and rukiarenji are canon now? :o

Hi!  The actual full chapter/pics haven’t leaked yet, but the timing is right for these spoilers and it’s looking like they’re pretty true.  I’m fairly confident that they’re accurate and, yeah, IchiHime and RenRuki (+kids) are both canon by the ending.

I admit, I’m a little surprised that RenRuki happened, but not sad, I shipped them a lot and I’m totally here for these giant dudes who are totally smitten with these tiny little chicks who are totally the boss in the relationship.  ADORABLE.

But IchiHime is where my heart is at and it’s so much of what I’ve wanted for these characters.  Orihime to have a family, that she’s not alone anymore, that she’s with the person she loves, that she has a child, that she’s happy.  And Ichigo is with the one that he loves, that he’s learned to share his burden with, to want to protect her, but let her protect him as well, the one that he’s flipped his shit over in the past he now gets to live with, he gets to have his own family, too.

I’m just really, really happy for these characters that I’ve spent so long with and wanted to just be happy together AND NOW THEY ARE.

My sociopathic rapist ex sent me a friend request on Facebook today and it both weirds me out to think about too much and also at the same time bothers me way less than other contact attempts from him the past have so that’s fascinating.  (But swiftly blocked, obviously.)

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Ship that is most misunderstood:
Hm, I guess, Puppy//shipping?  The characterization is largely wrong whenever I read fic for it–either one or the other, sometimes both–so I think it’s probably the most misunderstood of the things I mainly ship?  Both of the characters are a little more complex than what’s on the surface, so there’s room for confusion, in any case.

Ship that pisses you off:
Okay, so this is totally going to like, date me, but I still to this day cannot stand Ichigo and Masaya, the canon ship from Tokyo Mew Mew.  I am at the point where I think I’ll probably hate that pairing to my dying day.  It is, as far as I can tell, the only NOTP I have ever had.  I’m largely ship and let ship, but that one pairing pisses me off more than anything.  Like, Win//cest and Sa//briel (ships I don’t much like from SPN) actually bother me less than this completely innocuous ship from a relatively old magical girl anime.  It’s a little embarrassing, but there you have it.

Ship that is canon but you don’t ship:
That’s kind of broad.  A lot of things are canon that I don’t agree with.  Like, Nico and Will in PJATO (a book series I never finished, but know a lot about), Shin//Ran (Ran deserves better), and like most compulsory heterosexual pairings.  Spock and Uhura come to mind, wrt the reboot movies.  *shrugs*  I don’t ship a lot of canon pairings, tbh.

Thanks for the ask!!

#006 - Luxury

Going on a holiday with Harry was always a bit difficult. His schedule was always filled with tons of meetings, studio sessions and world tours. And even when he was free and wanted to go somewhere it was nearly impossible. There was no place where fans or paparazzi wouldn’t find him. He wanted his vocations to be private, especially since he’s been with Y/N. He wanted to protect her from the negative side of his fame at all costs, therefore vocations were a bit difficult to plan.

He wanted to surprise her with a trip to a beautiful place. He knew exactly what she liked, privacy and the sea. A beach was never private so he could cross that off his list. A private island sounded nice but they’d never have a island all to themself and it would be easy for paparazzi to find a way on a island even if it was private.
The only thing that came to his mind was a yacht. But the problem was that Y/N disliked all that ‘celebrity stuff’. She hated all that luxury and spending thousands of dollars on stuff that’s unnecessary. But the two of them needed that trip. They spent so much time apart lately and even when they were together they felt like they were missing each other because there was so much on their minds. So he rented a yacht.

They were standing in a port where their yacht would take off and well, Y/N still didn’t knew where he would take her.
“We’re going on a boat trip?” she asked excitingly.
“You could say that, yeah.” Harry answered with a chucke.
“And where is the boat going to take us to?”
“The middle of the sea, m'love. Nice and private. Now c'mon, I don’t think the captain of our yacht likes to wait forever.”
Y/N looked at him with wide eyes and gasped,
“A yacht? You rented a yacht for us?”
“I did, baby. A yacht is as private as it gets.”
And so they went on that yacht. It wasn’t that big but it had a swimming pool and a nice big bedroom and bathroom for the two of them.
They spent the time driving, on the water until they were literally in the middle of the sea on the deck, talking, eating a few snacks and just enjoying their time together.
After they went for a quick swim in the pool they decided to take a little nap before they would have dinner.
Y/N woke up before Harry and took a quick shower, did her makeup and got dressed. When she was finished though, Harry was still snoring away and Y/N really didn’t want to wake him up because he looked like a little angel with his messy curls on top of his head and his pink lips slightly parted. So she went out of their room to the railing at the front of the yacht, where she watched the beginning of the sunset.
After a good fifteen minutes she heard someone walking up to her from behind. She turned around and looked at Harry, and she would be lying if he didn’t take his breath away. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a light pink silky button up. His short hair was still wet from the shower he took only minutes ago. He looked so handsome, she could cry.
And little did she know that he felt just the same when he looked at her. She was wearing a long black dress and he was sure he never saw something on her that hugged her curves better than this dress. Her hair was flowing down her shoulders and framed her face perfectly. She did her makeup the way he absolutely loved, naturally but still sexy.
He needed a few moments before he took a step towards her and took one of her hands in his to kiss her knuckles.
“You look absolutely breathtaking, darling.” he whispered as he pulled his lips away from her hand and looked into her sparkling eyes.
“Thank you. You look absolutely handsome yourself.” she replied and smiled at him.
Harry turned her body around so her back was pressed against his chest and his arms were wrapped around her front.
“Could have woken me up, y'know?” he nuzzled his nose into her neck and breathed her scent in.
“Didn’t want to. You looked so cute.”
And so they stood there, in each others arms enjoying the sunset. But most importantly, enjoying each other.
“The sunset is so beautiful.” she whispered and laid her head back against his shoulder.
“Doesn’t even come close to your beauty, my lovely.” he said lowly and pressed a lingering kiss to her temple.
Harry wrapped his arms around her even more, intertwined their hands together and hugged her closely to his chest. “Oh stop it, you little sap.” she giggled lightly.
“I’m not trying to be sappy. It’s the truth, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You take my breath away every time I see you.”
She turned in his arms so that she could look at him. She cupped his cheek and kissed his lips so softly he almost didn’t feel it.
“Thank you so much for all of this. Usually I don’t like extravagant stuff like this but I love it.”
“No problem, beautiful. I just wanted to be alone with you. I missed you so much lately.” he whispered and stroked a stand of hair out of her face.
“I missed you too. Even when we were together, it felt like we were miles apart. I hated that.” she said and pressed her forehead against his.
“You know how important you are to me, right?” he asked her lowly and pulled his forehead from hers.
“Yeah.” she said.
“And you know that I love you?”
“Yeah. What’s this about, hm?” she asked and stroked his cheek.
Harry wrapped her hands in his and looked at her seriously,
“I just want you to know that no matter how many miles are between us or how much stuff we have to do and we haven’t got time for each other, nothing is going to separate us. I love you so much, I’d do anything for you. I want you to know that no matter what happens you never have to be worried, I’ll never let go of you.”
Y/N looked at him with tears brimming her eyes,
“Goodness, you’ll make me cry.”
Harry chuckled and kissed her forehead,
“Didn’t mean to, m'love. I’m sorry.”
Y/N shook her head lightly and just hugged him tightly towards her body.
They stood like that for a few more minutes until Y/Ns tummy rumbled.
Harry laughed lightly and pulled back from their embrace,
“Hungry darling?”
“A bit, yeah.” she blushed.
“C'mon then. Let’s go and have dinner, m'lady.”

“If you care about people, there are people to protect, there are people that you will kill for. If you don't want to kill... or if you can't... then you have to get away from them. You do not get both.”

Instead, Morgan goes after Carol, to protect her.  He didn’t want to get away; he knows her.  And he understands, through Carol, he can’t have both.  Because he cares for her, he decides to kill for her.

I mean, if that’s not a set up for their relationship, I don’t know what is.

And then, I realized–

After Abraham’s declaration of love to Sasha, the next day he is asking her if she would want to have his kids.  My god, they only had a day of happiness.

Carol and Morgan will keep; I am fearful for Sasha and Abraham.  Goodness, there is something to love about all of these pairings…Nards.


I’ve always imagined her relationship with Goten to be a little rocky. At a young age I feel she’d of been like a bossy mother to him, always going on about how immature and ‘annoying’ he could be. Despite this I think Chiyori would also be over caring and act like he’s one of her ‘cubs’. By the time they get to teens I think Goten would get irritated at her over bearing personality and they’d begin to fight a lot, especially with Chiyori’s stubborn ways. She’d be slightly jealous of her brother and how good he was at making friends and going on dates - I think Goten would get annoyed by how petty his sister was about it. 

So I do think their personalities would clash every so often, especially while they are going through their teen faze and get the usual ‘angst’ that goes with it. But even so, I think they’d be protective over one another. Goten would be far more open about it while Chiyori would show it in ways that may seem bossy or restrictive. I think unless you know the two, it would be hard to see Chiyori as anything but another mother to him. Behind closed curtains they get on surprisingly well. 

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You are absolutely right about david playing the 'bad cop'. He doesn't care because he loves her & wants to protect her. Public image would suggest he's stand-offish about gillian's antics, but it couldn't be farther from the truth. He's her biggest fan! Very sweet, supportive and attentive.

Yes, that’s what I think to. I believe they have this good cop bad cop facade for the public. But I have the feeling that it’s somehow different in their private lives.

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I know this probably won't make any sense, but how do you think Keith and the other paladins would react if he found out he has a little sister? personally i think it'd be pretty cute. :')

Yoooo Keith would be the best older brother like once he finds out he has a sister he goes into Protective Older Brother™ mode because he does NOT want her to have the same life he did (living alone in a shack in the middle of the desert) he’d be very confused as to how to handle the situation in the beginning but he puts his all into protecting her because she’s the only family he has left (other than his Paladin family)

Bonus points for everyone else to assemble the Protect At All Cost From Lance’s Shameless Flirting Squad™
Lance: “So, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
Pidge (probably): “Lance you flirt with Keith AND his little sister. Pick one you useless bisexual.”

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what would calum do when recent ex girlfriend drunk calls him that she needs his help.

He’d go help her in a heartbeat. Even if they did just recently break up and seeing her made his heartache a little. If she really needed his help he’d definitely go out of his way to go her. Especially if she was drunk. He would still be protective over her and wouldn’t want some strange man taking advantage of her condition. And after he helped her, he probably wouldn’t leave her at home alone for the night if she was really drunk. He wouldn’t share a bed with her probably just lay out on the couch just to make sure she’s safe for the night. Then leave in the morning.