he wants to not care about the future

Juvia isnt reina

I know her death seemed very similiar to reinas in rave master and it does pain me to say it but reina and musica never had the chance of development gruvia did,and not only that but if sensei does keep juvia dead ,hell kill a major part of grays development as well,juvia staying dead would kill gray,we saw just how much he cares for her,wants to protect her and is serious about her now,losing her would finish him off.And not only that but we cant be sure he did indeed give her his answer,and mashima sensei said that gray will give it to her,how can you give an answer to a dead person?And have more faith in Gray and Fairy Taik everyone,i truly belive that gray would do everything in his powers to bring her back,if theres one person he wont just let go ,thats juvia,she is his future and he sure as hell aint giving that


This is a video of Michael doing an impression of Bob Zemeckis and also casually ruining my life.

because I thought he was a serious, brooding actor, why the heck would I care about some 80s guy, and then I saw this video. and boy. whoo boy

I saw this video and knew I was in big. trouble.

i’m meeting him tomorrow.

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Jamie POV after hearing Claire will be leaving Leoch with Mr. Petrie.

The polite smile was painted on Jamie’s face and he knew the lass was talking but didn’t hear or care about anything she said.

Mistress Beauchamp was leaving.

No doubt she would forget him upon passing through the castle gates, if not sooner. But he already knew there would be no forgetting her in his future—her gentle touch… warm, kind, whisky eyes… the command she wielded in the set of her head and tone of her voice. He didn’t want to forget her—didn’t want to lose her.

But it was her choice whether to go or to stay.

Story time

My ex called and asked if I could come over to talk one on one at 6am this morning. I said why not. I got there and we got in his car and he drove me to our old spot. We talked and talked about the past and the future. We talked about the pain and the joy. He had me considering giving him a second chance. I cried my eyes out and I wanted so badly to tell him that 6months later I still love him. BUUUUUT then I remembered 1. He has a gf 2. He has no car it’s his dad’s 3. He sleeps on his dad’s girlfriends couch 4. He has no job 5. He has no ambitions 6. He doesn’t care about me 7. He probably just misses all the things I use to do for him 8. He just wants to have sex because he kept hinting 9. He still doesn’t understand why we broke up even tho I explained it and 10. He just isn’t the one for me. Gotta be quicker than that to pull me in. OUTTA HERE BOY BYE

another sonborg, requested by @anotheryaoigameblog, along with something more about them :D 

So i thought that Genos could talk to the doctor and voice his sadness for the fact that he will probably never have kids. He thought a lot about it, and since Stench obviously knew all about his undying love for Saitama, Genos explained that it’s not only because he’s a cyborg, but also the only person with whom he would want to raise a child with in the future, is completely uninterested in him. 

Hearing that, the doctor was very moved. Sad for his boy, but happy seeing Genos having dreams and goals that are not revenge-related.

He decided to take the matter in his own hands, and built him little android kid to take care of. Doctor thought about how his boy was 23 already, and very mature for his age. He stated that he wanted children, and maybe it would be a good way to keep him grounded and more careful when he fought?

 It was supposed to be a surprise, and one that Genos didn’t take well -at first. When the doctor revealed his plan, the cyborg had all kinds of doubts- what would sensei say? Would he let him live with him? What would he think of him? how would this affect their life?

But when he saw the project of the kid, he really couldn’t say no to that. Maybe it was his feelings for the hero talking, years of /seemingly/ unrequited love and angst, when he saw a child that looked like theirs…….. like his, and his beloved sensei’s………. he just caved in and decided to accept the offer. 

He just had to tell his sensei now, oh boy.

And when he did tell him, oh did the teacher freak out. They talked about it countless of times, but Genos stuck firmly to his stance. And mentioned that he’s already made the decision, and if Saitama throws him out of the house, he’ll understand. And that thought made Saitama feel fear creep into his veins. 

So he agreed just to meet the child,  and then they’ll see. 

If he noticed the kid looked kind of like the both of them, he chose to say nothing about it. He also chose to let go of the fact that Genos occasionally called the child their son. And that their son called him papa.  

Well he did harbour feelings for the cyborg for past few years and well, raising a child with the love of your life wasn’t half bad. 


I\m sorry this is so cheesy and cringy??? i got carried away ah;;;

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Hi! I wanted to know your opinion about Zaya. Do you think Zay is good for Maya? (because I do) I'm a new subscriber and let me tell you that I love your blog. Thanks for answering.

hi!!! thank you for such nice words and for asking my opinion. i love zaya tbh. i’m 100% here for it. zay is the only boy other than farkle (but i don’t ship markle romantically) who is worthy of my daughter maya. zay cares so much about maya and her feelings and he’s absolutely adorable with her. i’d love to see them together in the future bc disney needs more representation of interracial couples.

mmm no i dont think he would! i think mostly sidney having much longer hair is a pretty dead give away. neither of them would be very happy if it did happen tho, to say the least

telekinesis! theres a lil more info on his powers here: http://686971.weebly.com/mitchell.html

hmm i don’t think they really have an idea of where they’ll end up in the future. for jonas, the present is enough to worry about without having to consider the future on top of it. the thought of having to go off to college on his own and choose a major and a career is a lot to handle. too scary

mitch pretty much never thought he’d make it past the 9th grade (it’s a miracle tbh) and doesnt consider education a priority. it’s less that he doesnt want to think about the future and more like he just doesnt care LOL. i am enjoying the image of mitch workin at a fast food restaurant or somethin and gettin unreasonably pissed off at every customer tho


yknow i cant argue with that. mostly bc i dont know shit abt math. get these numbers away from me (THANK U LOL)

YEAAAAAAAAAAA SONNN i wish i could give an estimation on when i’ll be posting the pages. SOON.. theres just some details i gotta work out first hahaha

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I have a weird question is ludwig ever fearful of the futur? With the brexit and the level of anti-eu feeling and parties all over the continent (even in other big countries like italy and france) i find it harder and harder to be optimistic.:(

Oooh, he’d be very fearful - there’s a reason I like to call him Anxiety Man. One of Ludwig’s obvious characteristics is that he’s pedantic and constantly frustrated by the people around him; which is honestly his way of expressing that he cares a lot. He cares about details, he cares about the people around him and he wants them to be alright, he cares to the point that he would just take over responsibility for them because he’s sure he can get things done without causing issues for anyone. It’s not particularly pleasant or charming, but it’s his way of coping with his fear of what could go wrong! If he didn’t care or were not scared for the future, he wouldn’t meddle like that.
And heyy, Germany back in its empire time at the beginning took a “mediator” role on the continent and that would have left quite the Impression on Ludwig I think.

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Oh man, I want to be happy about that Rogue One trailer finally dropping but...why the fuck are they not showing Bodhi anywhere? He's literally becoming Finn 2.0 in terms of how much LucasFilms seems to "care about" him. (not so coincidentally both characters share similar story arcs, it would seem).

I only got to watch the trailer this morning - the curse of timezones strikes again - and yeah it’s really odd. I know it’s build up around Cassian and Jyn, but we both hear and see Saw, Chirrut, Baze and K-2S0. Bodhi is a blink and you’ll miss him appearance and we never hear his voice.

So yes I share your disappointment.

And truth be told, as much as I’m exited, I’m also filled with a great deal of apprehension.

I talked to a lender at the library where I work about Rogue One yesterday. She a Star Wars nerd like me and one of the few real life people I know I can geek out with.

Her family from Iraq and when the conversation fell on Bodhi her first words were “I just hope they (LucasFilm) doesn’t pull a Middle Eastern terrorist on him”.

I wish there had been something I could say to allay those fears, but so far nothing I have seen does. I hadn’t considered it before - too busy squeeing about things in general - but after she brought it up I couldn’t unsee it.

It’s not just that Riz Ahmed have Pakistani roots, though I’m wondering if that is part of why he got the part as Bodhi. I mean look at how Bodhi’s home planet is described:

The historical and spiritual significance of Jedha led the moon to become a world of worship for those who believed in the Force, and a holy site for pilgrims who sought spiritual guidance. Some time before the Battle of Yavin, the Galactic Empire occupied the moon to control its resources that were once used by the Jedi Order to build lightsabers. The occupation later provoked an insurgency to oppose the Imperial tyranny, coordinated by the Rebel extremist Saw Gerrera.

Ffs, they even named the place Jedha. The Middle Eastern coding is strong here. Add his personality and character background and yeah, I share her fears.

And should Bodhi miraculously avoid being portrayed as a Middle Eastern terrorist type in canon, you wanna make a bet at how fast fandom can apply that trope to him?

i love how cheesy he is and how he’ll say whatever he needs to to make me smile and i love how he gets upset if i buy him anything and how much he loves working out and i love his eyebrows even if he doesn’t and i love how much he cares for his parents and his sister and i love how he used to joke ab naming our kid jack daniels and how much he loves my nose and how much he hates his own and how insecure he is about his skin even though it’s literally perfect and how dedicated he becomes when he puts his mind to something and how comfortable he makes me feel and how much he’s loved me and how we can laugh when we’re fully naked together just because my mouth made a funny noise and i love that he wasn’t scared when my dad beat me but he wanted to protect me and i love how much he cares about me but i need to stop having hope for our future because it’s over right now

the fact that tabi said this: “ and this would be a far future, but i want to see members’ kids! i do imagine it frequently, how fun it would be for each of us to get married and all five families go on a trip. imagining those things makes me happy” tells me a lot of things:
  1. for one, he plans on staying contact with the other members forever.
  2. he’s a family sorta guy.
  3. bigbang’s friendship shall last forever.
  4. he’s caring, he thinks about his members often.

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i think tumblr ate my message cause i don't think it sent. i wanted to ask you what you think albus would be doing in his future since in CC we learn he's really not very good with magic and he doesn't really care about hogwarts and stuff. what kind of career do you see albus doing? i can tell albus wants to prove himself and likes adventure but i don't know if it's enough to follow his dad's footsteps as an auror. what you think?

I don’t see Albus as an auror at all, i think that would make him very unhappy.
He’s a really emotional person so writing could be a good way him to regulate them? Maybe an author or reporter? Being a reporter would allow him to still have an active and adventurous life but without the added danger and stress. He seems to have Harry’s righteous streak so he might enjoy that. Magical law could similarly be well with that. Albus seems to be really fierce and passionate, he would kick ass in court. :)
Albus following his uncles footsteps and working with dragons would be really cool, and i think he would’ve find that fun and it’d be good for him but i don’t think he’d want to stay that far away from Scorpius or his family after everything.

The world would remember his name.  He was a muggle born from nothing and nowhere and he never wanted or needed the fame but he achieved it.  The world wouldn’t necessarily remember him fondly but he didn’t care about that.  

The world remembered Galvin Gudgeon as a good Seeker turned lousy, a player with promising talent who continued to play long past his prime.  In his youth he was something to marvel at, someone with a future.  But after an attack during the final years of the first war, Galvin’s eye sight began to go.  The once great Seeker turned into a has been, washed up talent without the good sense to quit.  He became the laughing stock of the Quidditch world, one of many on the Chudley Canons roster.  

But Vinny Gudgeon didn’t care.  

Vinny Gudgeon was a brother, a boy who learned and grew thanks to his older brother and his younger sister.  Vinny Gudgeon was an uncle, a man who doted on his niece and learned how to love unconditionally by loving her.  

Vinny Gudgeon was a husband, a man who loved someone so completely and so well that he built a world for her when the world around them wasn’t good enough.  

Vinny Gudgeon was a father, the kind of father a son could be proud of.  He smiled when his son smiled, laughed when he heard his son laugh.  He took him flying and taught him about quidditch.  When they learned their son was magicless, the squib son of a muggleborn and a pureblood, Vinny didn’t hesitate.  He taught his son to play soccer, he used little magic around the house.  He did everything he could to make sure Abel knew that, magic or not, he was absolutely perfect.  He cheered every drawing, stood on the sidelines of every game.  He taught him to read and did all the voices.  

When he was angry, his voice was calm and stormy but it was never raised.  Vinny Gudgeon never yelled and while his son respected him, Vinny Gudgeon was never feared.  

The world remembered Galvin Gudgeon as the disgraced seeker of the Chudley Canons but that was not his legacy.  His legacy was summed up in one perfect word, spoken in the voice of an enthusiastic toddler, an excited young boy, a rebellious teenager, and a proud man.  


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"Lupin III, a treasure, even as luxurious as that is not worth it! Do not be so foolishly folly in the future!" ~Franziska

{ My muse just did something stupid that almost got them killed. Yell at them. }

Lupin could hardly care about how close he came to losing his life. The fact is, he managed to get away just fine. The problem, however, lies in the fact that he was unable to steal what he wanted. “Yeah, yeah, so I’m a fool. What else is new? Now, I gotta find another way in if I wanna get my hands on the treasure!”

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and what if the person you date does truly respect your beliefs and don't think it's wrong- but just has a different religion, view etc?

I still can’t do it. He needs to be on board. Where we are headed requires faith in Jesus and if he cares about a future with me- he would need to know God on a personal level. This is a man I want to marry. Someone who will ride with me and encourage my beliefs. Someone I can pray with and someone who will actually engage in my faith. I want a man who will pray for people prompted by the Holy Spirit. I want a man who will say grace before meals- I want a man who will believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ and pray with me for miracles. A person who doesn’t believe in God won’t do any of that. And that’s not where I’m heading in life. Sorry.

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There's one thing that's been confusing me about TiC, though. Why is Tom so willing and determined to help Ginny defeat Voldemort? It sounds like he wants to replace him, in a way, and be more than a horcrux...but it seems a bit puzzling that he doesn't care about his future self at all. Is he just really selfish, or is there something I'm missing?

He IS a sociopath who wants to rule the world. Why would he prefer that his ‘future’ self do it instead of him? The diary is written as an independent actor in canon, so, as half the soul of Lord Voldemort, able to talk and reason and desire things, I can’t think it would be happy to be nothing but a fail safe for the other half of his soul instead of the one who rules it all.

Does that make sense?

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Reading your post makes me so sad because you can do so much better for yourself. It isn't about how you feel, it's about how he treats you. He'll always treat you badly or worse in the future. He has shown he doesn't care about you and you don't want that kind of person around you. Get out while you can, no matter what! Never justify his behavior to stick around. And you don't like how it hurts, it's just your way of coping and justifying his behavior. Be strong and move on!

Thank you so much 😊 there is more behind it as it may seem so come off anon so we can have a chat if you want!

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All these asks about Alois and now I'm just imagining deep into the future when Ciel and Sebastian move in together they have a little apartment over their garage just for the precious little lamb. Idk if this would actually happen, but I just can't bear the thought of him being ALONE alone for the rest of his life! I mean, Ciel does love him, just not in the way he truly wants him to, and you've said Sebastian becomes protective of him, so he does have people who care about him a lot!

oh pleaaaase sebastian would totally let alois live IN the house with his own bedroom and everything for free. well i mean, before alois betrays him i guess. maybe even after, sebastian still has a heart even when its broken