he wants to love her as much as she deserves to be loved

A List of Important Things

”I still care about you, probably more than I care about myself.”

-  “She’s afraid if you know the depth to her anxiety, you won’t love her as much. You’ll decide to find someone else. Someone with less baggage. A girl a bit easier to love.”

“ Depression tells you no one cares about you, so you become comfortable in silence. It tells you you’ll spend the rest of your life alone. It tells you you’ll never amount to anything and everything you’ve accomplished you’ll lose one day or you don’t deserve.”

“She wants you to tell her that she is strong and capable — and reminding her that she’ll always have you on her side too.”

“You feel like you don’t deserve unconditional love because you’re struggling to love yourself and you don’t see why anyone would either.”

“So, show her that it’s not a burden on you. Show her that it’s not a problem for you. Tell her that you love her, no matter what she has going on in her brain. Kiss her when she is struggling and tell her you aren’t going anywhere. And mean it when you say these things. Mean it when you tell her that you love her. Please, please don’t lie to her.”

“She gets scared sometimes, thinking that she is too much for you. She gets worried that you will one day leave her.Show her that you won’t. Show her that you’re the type of guy to stay. The anxiety doesn’t matter. Show her that you love her too much to go. Show her that, you care too much to ever leave.”

“I fear that I don’t deserve your love and affection. I fear that you’ll change your mind, and the love and happiness I experience with you will be yanked from underneath me. I fear the dark place where I will end up if that happens.”

“She worries because she cares.”

“She’s afraid of being perceived as a burden.”

“That is love. And in that moment, that was all I needed.”

“If they can’t handle it, it’s not the disease at fault, it’s the person who gets scared and runs.”

“It’s not a switch I can turn off.”

“Depression is loving people so much, but feeling like you don’t deserve their love in return.”

“Another time I had someone cry to me about how badly my depression was affecting them. It’s as if making me feel guilty for hurting them over something I can’t control is supposed to miraculously snap me back into reality.”

- “Depression is the only friend you will let close enough to destroy you, because if you let anyone else close enough, your depression will destroy them too.”

1. Don’t love your food less because you want him to love you more. When he holds your hipbones in his hands, he is not holding your heart.

2. Delicate flowers can’t survive on water alone. Don’t drop yourself in a skinny vase until you wither. You deserve so much more.

3. Don’t confine yourself to the scars on your thighs; you are more than that.

4. If you feel insignificant, sketch stars on your skin. Do not count them. You created a universe on your body. As you live, planets are born. Stars implode. You are so powerful.

5. When your eyes scan your reflection for flaws, know that you will always find them. This does not make you terrible. The stripes on your hips are there because you are alive and your universe is expanding.

6. When your best friend is admitted to hospital, reassure her. Tell her she is beautiful. When she does not believe you, hold her quietly.

7. When you are admitted to hospital, let mom cry. When she tells you you are beautiful, try to believe her. Let her hold you quietly.

8. Do not hang onto his words. You mean so much more than “fatass.”

9. Do not count the calories you eat. Count the smiles and the tears and every time the sun lights your face. Do not count the calories you eat.

10. By the time you write this, you will have made a decision. Reading this, I know it seems like the road to hell never ends. But when you get to write this poem, you know that it does.
Because you turn around and walk away.

—  Notes to myself in 10 parts

My heart shatters every time I watch the scene where Padmé tells Anakin that she loves him and he screams ,“LIAR!”. It shows how truly twisted and dark he was at that point, how much Palpatine had gotten into his head. This was his wife of three years, the woman who was pregnant with his children, the girl who he thought about everyday since he was 10 years old, the person who haunted his nightmares with her death, the soul reason he wanted Palpatine’s help to begin with. And she’s standing there on Mustafar, after he just slaughtered all of the separatist senators, saying that they can run away from all of this and raise a family - for both of them to leave their old lives behind and start a brand new one. She’s watching the love of her life, the father of her children, lose his mind, and as she says, “I love you!” He screams, “Liar!”. And that’s one of the last things she’ll ever hear from him. Yet still, after everything, her last words are saying that there’s still good in Anakin.


Finn Collins Appreciation Week: Day 4 - Finn/Raven (Favorite Finn OTP)

“I never meant to hurt you.”
“I know. Truth is things change. Maybe that’s for the best.”
“Don’t let me off the hook so easy.”
“We’ll always be family.”


”I don’t have time for your little crush on Carter”


As much as I love the kiss, I love Emma’s behaviour beforehand almost just as much. I mean, look at her face!

Now that she’s finally realized her feelings for Killian, she’s so open and gentle. The way she looks at him with such tenderness, with love just pouring out of her.

And the way she speaks to him, so softly, and smiles. She just wants to talk to him and hear him talk, it’s as if all of a sudden she can’t get enough of him and she just adores him in every way.

I’m so happy that Killian finally gets this from her, the appreciation that he deserves. He always knew that beneath the hard exterior, Emma could be this person and I love to see her like this.

My babies are so adorable, please never change. 


“A shape-shifter, yes, but it’s - it’s not right. It’s like a-”

“An abomination”

And this may be the moment Derek fells in love with Stiles. 

Derek’s whole world literally burned down because someone thought he and his family were an abomination. Something so abhorred that doesn’t deserve to live and must die. Derek’s parents must have taught their children to love themeselves for they were, must have said that they were perfect and beautiful like they were. And Derek believed them. But then Paige, who was his first love, died because of who Derek was. Because of what he was. And then there was Kate who he believed to be in love with. And Derek opened up to her, and confessed to her what he really was. Kate probably made him believe that she was okay with it, that she didn’t care, that she loved him. But all those words were lies, she just wanted to get impossible close to him. Made him trust her to the point that she told her everything about his family, his house. Derek was probably happy that finally, finally someone who wasn’t pack accepted him for what he was. 

He trusted Kate and Kate betrayed him.

She killed his whole family because she thought someone like them didn’t deserve to live. Derek not only went on with his life knowing that he was the reason why his whole family died. But he grew up thinking that something was wrong with him

And then he meets Stiles, who is a brat and a spazz and Derek really doesn’t like him. At all. But for some reason they keep saving each other and Derek starts to see that behind the brat there is a smart, loyal, young man.

And when the kanima, which is a shape-shifter but it isn’t right, happens Stiles so easily and naturally acknowledges it like an abomination. Which presumes that he never thought about Derek like one. 

And after his whole family died, Peter’s plans to kill everything and everyone just to reach power, Scott who doesn’t understand that being a werewolf isn’t a curse but it could be something good. After everything, Stiles is probably the first one who makes Derek feels right and not wrong after a long time.

“I can’t give you what you want!” he says passionately, frustrated by the lack of words to express what he’s attempting to say. “You deserve so much more than what I can give to you!”

She tilts her head upwards to stop the tears flowing down her pale face and laughs quietly, sadly.

“Don’t you understand? I don’t want anything more than you- I’ve never wanted anything else. I wish you’d listen to me.”

He looks up then, the muscles in his jaw working to conceal the emotion he claims he doesn’t have, and she wipes a stray tear, wondering how it managed to escape onto her face when she swore she wouldn’t cry.

“All I want is you.”

—  j.f // and the stars continued glowing comfortingly as her world cracked around her • excerpts of stories I will never write

I think everyone generally thinks of Emma as having a communication problem; she puts up walls, she couldn’t say I Love You for the longest time, she’s kept this secret, etc.

But Killian has major communication issues, too. And I think it stems from still feeling, maybe even subconsciously, that he is still bad, still full of shame, still undeserving of anything good, and still hasn’t earned the right to have a say in what happens to his happiness.

Emma wants the shears gone? He could have easily said ‘Hang on, I’m not comfortable with throwing away my true love’s only chance to survive quite yet, let’s talk about this for a bit please.’ That would be a perfectly reasonable objection, and I’m sure Emma would have listened.

He has no problem telling Emma how much he loves her, and no problem supporting people when they have emotional distress. 

But he doesn’t seem to ever think that his own emotional distress is deserving of attention or merit. I love that about him because it’s so real. So many people are like this. But it’s a problem that he hides very well and that really needs addressing.

Hahahahahahahah Root busting in on every operation to tell people that THAT MAN IS NOT [whatever undercover alias], HE’S THE ARCHITECT OF THE FUTURE

And Harold be like “please…root no…y u gotta blow my cover”


he’s the ARCHITECT

of the FUTURE

“root pls”


  1. When your best friend ignores you and you see her outside with someone else, just wave at her. She doesn’t deserve shit leaving you without explanation. Don’t call her at 2:42 am when you’re about to fall apart. She might not pick up and even if she does, she won’t be there for another 2:42 am.
  2. When he screams he loves you whilst wasted and drunk, cry and leave. Let him know what it feels like being eaten alive by love. Let him know what it feels like wanting to rip off your skin because he touched you there. Let him know what it feels like ripping out your ears because his voice is the only thing you hear. He kissed her, let him know how much his lips will burn every time he’ll someone who isn’t you.
  3. Don’t smoke cigarettes. Your lungs will get destroyed either way. When you’re swimming and you can’t breathe or when you’ll scream in pleasure while his tongue is there. When your best friend stabbed your back or when your father calls you a slut. All you wanna do is scream and scream and scream. When you die and you want help. It’s a nightmare you’re living but there’s no voice coming out of that mouth.
  4. If his eyes are blue, don’t trust him. The ocean is blue and its full of dark secrets. It’ll drown you. If his eyes are green, don’t touch him. There are plants that eat you alive as soon as you touch them, he’ll break your insides. If his eyes are hazel, don’t love him. You’ll end up screaming in pain when he decides he doesn’t love you anymore.
  5. When you fail a test, it’s okay to fall apart. It’s okay to relapse. It’s okay to crush down on the floor, pulling your hair out. It’s not okay when someone calls you useless and lazy and that you didn’t try enough. Because it’ll make you think you’re not enough and that’s not okay. It’s not okay when your brother who’s a doctor looks at you with disgust because you had a 64% at Chemistry. He may know what’s love’s chemical formula but he doesn’t know where to find love like you do while reading Hemingway with your boyfriend.
  6. You want to die, but please baby girl, don’t. I love you. Not everyone has to love you and that’s okay. You’re not in this world to be lovable by everyone. Love yourself because if you don’t, who will when I die? Love yourself and treat your body like a temple. Do not cut open your wrists again, let them heal. Do not put a cigarette in your thighs again, let them heal. Let your body treat itself and you’ll get better, I swear. But don’t hate it the other day when you’re full of scars and burns and love marks. When a temple has many broken features, everyone’s trying to understand why they’re there. And it makes them famous. Someone will wonder why you have cuts and he’ll kiss them when you wanna scratch them.
  7. Don’t drink too much. I know after 3 glasses of vodka, your mouth tastes like his, like love. But it’s not worth it. His mouth kissed so many others after you, you don’t wanna taste those. Kiss another guy or even a girl. Don’t drink because it’ll damage your liver and you need to it so you can live and fall in love again. I know you can’t go on kissing others pretending it’s him but you’d better do it than destroy yourself. Your thoughts are already doing it, why destroy more?
  8. If she offers you heroin or meth, slap her. The fact she decided to ruin her life does not mean she should intrigue you into doing the same. Spit on her face because your life is worth so much more than those narcotics. They will make you feel happy and free and your heartbreak will hurt less but it will end you. It will kill you. Look at Kurt Cobain; he ruined his life with drugs and ended up shooting his beautiful head. Those blue eyes will never see his daughter. Imagine her pain, now imagine mine when you’re gone.
  9. Let the rain fall into your skin. No, don’t wear a jacket when it’s raining and mildly windy. Go out and live every nanosecond that amazing thing that’s called nature. Let the wind blow your hair and your eyelashes. Let the rain wash off the places he hurt you or kissed you. I hope when you come back home, you’ll be free as ever because nature will work its way back to being okay.
  10. When you send him nudes and he shows it to his friends, slap him hard and kick his balls. Hard. So next time he shows his dick to some girl, it’s deformed. Let him feel the embarrassment you felt when your body was exposed. No, I’m not saying don’t send nudes, it’s your body. But I’m gonna say that you should send them to the right person. The person who will keep them safe and use them for his own pleasure, not showing off to others.
  11. When the whispers get louder, put on some music. The Neighbourhood know how to help through these situations. When the figures get more vivid, watch Supernatural. The Winchesters know about monsters and ghosts. And next day, visit a doctor, get meds so Placebo won’t have another reason to sing that again. Seek health, get better. If you want them to stop, this is the only way.
  12. Before you kiss that guy, make sure you’re pure. Not down there, no. But in your heart. Don’t kiss that guy if you belong to another one, because you’ll hurt him in the most awful way. He trusts you and loves you for a reason, don’t give him a reason to leave. If the guy is very hot and his fingers would feel so good inside you, look him in the eye and see that it’s not the boy you love, it’s just a boy you crave. You’re going to have cravings in your life but you must learn to say “no.” Don’t make a mistake you can’t undo. Time, unfortunately, doesn’t turn back and feelings disappear.
  13. Lastly, when your life is holding by a thread, make sure your nails are cut short. When your cut is too deep or when your weight is minus 30kgs than you normally were, don’t “one more cut”, or “one more kilo.” It’ll be the end of you. You’re amazing and beautiful and god, god, you’re so much more than this. You can be yourself again, you have people who care about you. You’re so amazing, I’d give my eyes to everyone so they can see you like I do. I would give my heart so they can feel how I feel towards you. Your life is a gift, don’t throw it away.

-13 things I wish my mother had taught me before I turned 17 (z.g)

round table discussions
  • Sasuke: I'm going to ask Sakura to marry me.
  • Naruto: Oh my god. Finally. Wait, I'll be right back.
  • --
  • Naruto: Sasuke is going to propose to Sakura.
  • Kakashi: What?! He didn't tell me this.
  • Sai: That's wonderful. I can see how happy she is each time she is around him.
  • Ino: As sad as it is to lose to my rival...as Sakura's best friend, I can't think of anyone else for Sakura besides Sasuke.
  • Tsunade: I don't care. I'm not giving my precious apprentice to him that easily.
  • Lee: How about me, Tsunade-sama?
  • Hinata: I am rooting for Sakura-san 100%. I believe that Sasuke loves her as much as she loves him.
  • Gaara: Sakura did jump out to stop me and even risk her life for him.
  • Kankuro: She saved my life from that poison. She deserves the best. I'm not sure if that someone is Sasuke.
  • Lee: Maybe someone who embodies youth?
  • Shikamaru: Sakura's a smart girl. She'll be able to figure out for herself if Sasuke is the one.
  • Kakashi: Why did Sasuke only tell Naruto and not me as well? I was their biggest shipper.
  • Chouji: If the man cooks meat for his woman, he's a keeper.
  • Kiba: She went to great lengths to save Sasuke. Even knocked me out with smoke bombs.
  • Shizune: Sakura cried so much for him. If he hurts her, I'll never admit him to the hospital.
  • Shino: Seeing how much Ino cried over Sasuke, I can only imagine how much pain Sakura went through over him.
  • Kakashi: Do you think Sakura will tell me first about her engagement?
  • Ino: No, I think she'll tell me first.
  • Lee: Sakura-san might still realize that she actually loves someone in green spandex.
  • Tenten: You should give up Lee.
  • Pakkun: Sasuke was really worried about the girl when he caught her from the crumbling sand.
  • Kakashi: I should at least be the second person.
  • Tsunade: Nah, that's probably me.
  • Kakashi: Oh, come on! I was her sensei!
  • Tsunade: I was her shishou.
  • Kakashi: I knew her first.
  • Yamato: Senpai...
  • Lee: I can't give up on Sakura-san! I'm going to propose to her first!
  • Everyone: Wait! Lee!

My hopes for Blindspot s2B:

1. Don’t kill Roman

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2. Get back to Kurt making *heart eyes* at Jane

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3. Get back to Jeller doing more than making *heart eyes* at each other

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4. Give Patterson a frickin’ break when it comes to her love life. She is teh adorbz and deserves good things!

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5. More Roman

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Totally no ulterior motive in that last one, nope. *whistles innocently* ;)

6. More of the team being a team again

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8. Let them be happy at least SOME OF THE TIME PLZKTHX?

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9. And lastly, some more Rich Dotcom because he’s a card, I enjoy him and especially because he’s a beautiful Jeller shipper and the world needs more of us, especially when they’re ACTUALLY ON THE SHOW

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Signed with love xoxoxoxo,

Aislynn, faithful fan since day 1 whose fangirl heart TPTB has been relentlessly stomping for far too long now ♥♥♥

Let’s get one thing straight, Sakura didn’t end up with Sasuke because she deserved him, wanted to have him,won him or because he was given to her as a prize by Kishi. Sakura’s love has always been selfless and she was more concerned with saving him than having him. Sakura tried to kill him because she thought he was beyond saving and quite frankly he was. The same path Obito and Madara went down, Sasuke went down. If it were not for the impossible miracle of main character Naruto then Sasuke would have stayed evil and Kakashi and Sakura had no idea, no one did, that he would be saved by a miracle.

Karin’s love is marred with obsession and Kishi stated that. Also Karin has showed feelings of lust and obsession in them manga. One moment of trying to save him doesn’t entitle her to end up with him. They talk so much about Sakura deserving Sasuke but they try to paint it as Karin being the one who did so much and DESERVED Sasuke. How hypocritical. They talk about SS fans not caring about Sasuke but Sasuke chose Sakura and they are the ones fighting that decision. Sasuke never loved Karin and he and Sakura are in love. 


Can we drop this “Subaru doesn’t deserve Rem” nonsense?

Love is not about deserving (and that goes for Re:Zero, but also for life in general)

Even if it were, Subaru is as deserving of love as anyone else. 10 episodes ago everyone was screaming about how Subaru needed to be protected and loved for all the shit he went through. Whatever happened to that? Don’t want to protect him anymore now that he’s shown how ugly humans can be and how much tragedy can break a person, huh?

Here’s a few facts about Subaru:

  • he absolutely despises himself (hell, he’s probably the leader of the ‘I hate Subaru’ movement)
  • has gone through hell and back to save everyone, from his beloved Emilia to Rem (by jumping off a cliff) or the villagers
  • he’s 100% honest with Rem (doesn’t take advantage of her and is straight with her before she can get hurt even further)
  • cares a lot about Rem as not only his friend, but also as the only person who truly believes in him and is willing to help him in this situation. He’s NOT disregarding her feelings, he’s fully aware of them (eg: hugging her after breaking her heart)

So stop with this “deserving” BS. I’m pretty sure if you asked Subaru, he’d agree with you that Rem is best girl and that she’s the person who has helped him the most. Friendzonging her has nothing to do with it. Imagine a friend came up to you and confessed to you in a similar way, but you rejected them because you didn’t return their feelings. How would you feel if that person later complained about you not returning their feelings (the typical “fuck girls, I’m a nice guy, why can’t they love me?!”)? You cannot control who you fall in love with.

AND Rem acknowledges this. She knew from the beginning that Subaru loved Emilia, which is why she rejects running away with him: he would just be settling for her. Rem doesn’t break down in front of him, nor does she tell him to fuck off. They say love is about making the other person happy, even if you have to sacrifice something. Rem literally sacrificed her own happiness to help Subaru and save everyone else. Bottom line, this is the most humane, mature love scene I have ever seen in an anime.


Jon as King in The North

I love Sansa. Ok I love her so much and I want her to have power. She understands manipulation and politics and that’s really good. She DESERVES to be queen, but atm it’s more advantageous for Jon to be king. This way, LF’s plan to marry Sansa to gain power crumbles and LF knew that when the other houses proclaimed Jon King in The North. Now marrying Sansa will have no advantage politically for LF.

However, Jon now has a giant target on his back and Sansa is going to have to protect him from LF and his conniving ways. And when Sansa finally ends LF’s insignificant life, her and Jon can rule with out Weaselface interrupting. And I also don’t think that Jon is as dumb as everyone thinks he is. He knows not to trust LF. Sansa told him not to and I honestly think that he’s finally learned his lesson about trust. He’s going to be wary as well.

Edit: I also am 100% not worried about Sansa being manipulated by LF into betraying Jon. She just got her home back and she’s not going to let LF deny her of that. She flat out denied LF’s advances when he brought up his “pretty picture” and told Jon that trusting him would be foolish. If she really wanted to betray Jon, she wouldn’t be telling him these things. Jon also recognizes Sansa’s position and HE LITERALLY THANKS HER FOR SAVING THEM ALL. The look she gave LF was one of concern and fear, not “hey, let’s kill my brother that I just reunited with”. She’s worried about Jon and wants to protect him.

“The great thing about Gwen is that she fights for how she should be treated by Peter. As much as he loves her, they have rough patches where she doesn’t want to sit around and wait because of his lack of clarity. That’s true of everyone—you deserve to be with someone who knows they want to be with you and is able to be there for you and support you.” - Emma Stone

Happy Birthday, @hheimdall!

Dan and Matt Boyd-Wilds.

I just have all the feels for these two. All of them. Like, Andreil for life, but Dan and Matt are both so precious and deserve each other

  • When they get Married, Matt wants to hyphen their names. He never wants Dan to feel like she has to give up anything, and if she wanted, He’d take her last name.
    • This is confusing in ExyWorld at first, because two Boyd-Wilds, but then Matt shuts that shit down because you best not be calling his wife “Mrs. Boyd-Wilds” instead of “Coach Boyd-Wilds”. Respect, bitch.
  • They’re both so busy with college and Exy, and then jobs and Exy! That most nights, date night is takeout and a movie.
    • Disney movies are their favorite. Matt loves them more than Dan, but Dan loves how much Matt loves them.
  • Matt has this complete internal monologue (complete with starry kawaii eyes) every time Dan does anything.
    • “This woman. I love her so much. How did I get a woman like this. She is so out of my league. I am the luckiest man alive. Fortune shines down upon the kingdom of my life and has blessed me in love with this Woman. There is no one else as perfect as this goddess.”
    • also, “SHIT! She is so out of my league! Step the game up son!”
  • Dan loves the fact that Matt never takes her for granted. She loves surprising him to show her appreciation.
    • Some surprises are renting out a gym to have private boxing lessons for his birthday.
    • or having his favorite protein shake mix shipped overnight when the store runs out.
    • Some surprises are the surprises we don’t talk about in public. (They do anyway. Matt always walks in on Dan giving Allison tips on that thing she’s does with her tongue. Or Allison telling Dan where to buy the really classy sexy lingerie. Or Renee giving out advice on how to safely spice things up in the bedroom.) 
  • But lets be real, Dan loves the way Matt makes her feel sexy but not cheap. And he never expects anything out of her.
    • so if she’s in workout gear and smells like the locker room he’s just like “Wow. My girl is on fire! Is she hotter today than she was yesterday? I didn’t think it was possible, but yes!”
    • And if she’s dresses up to go out, he’s just like “Wow, this girl! Gorgeous and graceful on and off the court! Is there a more perfect captain or more beautiful woman! No.”
    • And if she gets sexy with some stilettos and thigh highs, he’s like *cries* “This beautiful woman! Such confidence, such beauty! How did I get so lucky!”
  • Matt ends up with a copy of Dan’s dorm key. He uses this to buy breakfast, and sneak inside in the mornings before the girls are up.
    • Renee and Allison would find this creepy, if they didn’t find the fact that he stares like a dope at sleeping!Dan adorable. (it’d be creepy if it wasn’t so cute. And he brought muffins, so they deal with it.)
  • Dan has her copy of Matt’s key too. She just doesn’t like using it. Matt lives with other dudes (who are gross and dude-ly) and it’d be weird because they’re not upperclassmen, and she’s not very comfortable with them.
    • Instead she makes breakfast at her place, and then texts Matt. He comes over grumpy cause its like, an hour earlier than he needed like “What’d’you need babe?” and like, Dan is standing there still in pjs with a stack of chocolate chip pancakes, coffee and a protein shake, and he’s like “This woman. Is it possible to love her more? Yes. Yes it is.”
  • Dan loves going dancing with Matt. With her skills and his athleticism, it’s great to have a guy who can keep up with her on the floor.
    • Matt loves going out with Dan, but seriously. She wipes the floor with him, but he fights to good fight.
  • Once, after a couple of altercations with assholes and Dan, Allison, and Renee at the club, Matt decides to teach Dan the basics of self defense that he knows.
    • Dan ends up loving it, and starts taking kickboxing or Krav Maga.
    • Sparing is now basically flirting for them. Matt loves the fact that Dan could possible kick his ass.
  • “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by JT is their jam.
    • Along with all the other sickly sweet upbeat songs about being in love and happy. Everyone else dreads their ringtones.)
  • They use stupid couple-y nicknames for each other whenever they can on the court (usually just to annoy the team as much as possible.)
    • Great pass, sweatheart! Good hustle, babe! Honey, can you toss me the…”
    • It becomes an unintentional habit, so even when the practice or game goes south, and Dan has to be captain-y and chew everyone it’s like  “BABE! YOU COMPLETELY MISSED YOUR MARKS TODAY!” and Matt’s like “Well, DARLING! If Kevin would pull his racket out of his ASS!”
  • Their fights are epic. Lets face it, they love each other, but they’re both strong willed.
    • Renee and Allison are basically the judges in these fights. When Dan and Matt storm off, they’ll each pick a person and go talk to them.
      • Renee usually gives sage advice for strong relationships, regardless of whose side she is on.
      • Allison is more blunt. “The fuck Dan? Totally uncalled for. Yes, he’s clueless, but you could’ve explained it better.” or “Go buy some of that cheesecake she likes, asshole, and say you’re sorry. “But I don’t even know what I did?!”  “Just go to the bakery and say you’re fucking sorry!”
  • When they get married, Allison wants to Plan It! And Dan doesn’t know how to say no to her. Sooo…Matt bites the bullet and takes Allison aside and explains that, yes, she can plan the wedding, but Dan and him aren’t going to be happy with some big over the top Kardashian style wedding.
    • Allison knows this. She’s not dumb, she just wants to make them sweat.
  • They end up getting Married in North Dakota.
    • It’s beautiful. There’s open fields of wild flowers. (Allison paid a farmer a lot of money to grow wildflowers instead of crops)
    • It ends up being very vintage country chic. (Not something Dan would ever think she wanted, but it’s so classy and relaxing compared to the Extravaganza she was dreading that she loves it so much.)
    • There’s this old barn for the reception, and Andrew is Not Happy to be practically in the middle of nowhere, but he and Neil end up spending half the night smoking in the hayloft regardless.
    • Neil catches the bouquet. Andrew tells him no. and then throws it back at Dan’s head. (they end up the next to get married anyway.)
  • Matt totally starts bawling the first time he sees Dan in her Dress. Like, full on ugly cries.
  • Dan is so happy, that she and Matt ruin half of their wedding pictures by kissing each other or laughing.
  • Matt tries to plan this whole synchronized dance for the reception (like you see on youtube! It’d be awesome!), but Andrew and Kevin said No and Neil is hopeless. So, he gets some of the kids that Dan coaches to sing her their wedding song.
  • and Dan loses it. Like. so happy she’s sobbing, and then mad because Matt made her a hot mess, but so happy because he loves her enough to do that for her.
  • Their wedding song can really be anything, if you want. But in my mind it’s “I see the Light” from Tangled.

anonymous asked:

Exo's reaction to his mom not approving of his gf and always putting her down (making her feel like she's not good enough) bc she's a foreigner even though his gf is really nice and respects her? PS: I LOVE YOUR BLOG THANK YOU

Sure thing! And thank you so much! I’m sorry this took so long! Please don’t be mad!

Xiumin: Do you really have to be like that? What did she do to deserve this?

Luhan: *complains to Xiumin about it* Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, but I’m getting tired of hearing them say such awful things right to her face. I don’t know what to do. 

Kris: Why are you being so rude? I mean, everyone is allowed their own opinions, but you really aren’t being fair to her. 

Suho: *wants to say something to them but knows if he does they’ll just hate her more*

Lay: Jagiya … don’t listen to anything they say. I know it’s hard, but you don’t need their approval - you’re already perfect in my eyes. 

Baekhyun: Is that really necessary, mom? I know you don’t approve, but this is just beyond ridiculous, bringing her down like this. 

Chen: I really don’t think I can put up with this anymore. I’m going to explode if I hear them say one more bad thing about you. 

Chanyeol: I know that deep down your intentions are good, but all these accusations you’re making about her are completely ridiculous and unfounded. Can’t you stop?

Kyungsoo: Stop it. Stop it right now. You’re my parents and I love you, but I won’t put up with you disrespecting her like this, especially when she’s been nothing but nice to you. Your prejudice shouldn’t be effecting our relationship like this, and you’re going to have to accept sooner or later that y/n and I are together. 

Tao: Jagi, why are you so nice to them? Especially after all they’ve done to you! It’s not fair to you!

Kai: Y/n … I’m so sorry they’re like this. You don’t deserve to be talked down to like that. Never you. 

Sehun: Why are you all like this? Why? Why why why! You know that I love her, and none of your disrespectful attitude is going to change that! 

Hope you liked this! Feel free to send in reaction/scenario requests, as well as any questions/thoughts you have! My box is always open!